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MIWW Chapter 109 Part 2

Dongfang Minghui heard this and immediately knew what was wrong. Meng Yixiao was probably the craziest person she had ever met in the seven coloured continent, an outsider who wanted to get the inheritance of the Qian Family!

“Wait, Seventh sister, he wants to use the body of Qian Zhuoxi to get the Qian Family inheritance!”

Qing Mo also thought of this aspect, the only thing that could allow Meng Yixiao to give up the Qian Family, this big pie would be the back mountain inheritance. It is said that this Qian Family heritage has been handed down since ancient times. Any person who got the inheritance in the Qian Family had the supreme right to speak.

This Meng Yixiao is ambitious!

Qian Wanyu, holding her water thunder whip, watched Lu Xing in mid-air being flung around in the formation by Meng Yixiao like a toy, “Want to get the Qian Family inheritance? Hmph, Meng Yixiao is not worthy.”

She rushed into the formation, using the wind blade to try to isolate the thick black thread behind Qian Zhuoxi, Qian Zhuoxi was floating in mid-air, behind her neck there was a thick black thread trying to suck everything from the surrounding people.

It was these black threads that were devouring their lives little by little…

“It’s so big…”

It wasn’t the first time for Qian Wanyu to see this worm but the previous mucus worm taken out of Ninth Sister wasn’t as thick as the one in front of her…

“Qian Zhuoxi, you are no good…”

Qian Wanyu’s face was very ugly, the Qian Family internal fighting wasn’t a big deal to her but seeing someone from the Qian Family bullied she couldn’t just stand by.

Qian Zhuoxi couldn’t move, she could not help but smile bitterly and had to admit that all of this was self-inflicted. Remembering how Meng Yixia fooled her before, she felt that she was naive, the whole situation was ridiculous. She quickly felt that the consciousness in her soul sea was being stripped away little by little.

“Why don’t you take the opportunity to kill me?”

“Kill you?”

Qian Wanyu sneered, even if she wanted to kill her she had to kill Meng Yixiao first then she’d settle accounts with her.

“Seventh sister, be careful.”

Meng Yixiao with white hair leaning to his side, and eyes turned white gave off a sense of weirdness. He suddenly appeared behind Qian Wanyu with a very evil smile. Qian Wanyu dodged, and the thunder whip in her hand swung towards the back.

“Very good, everyone is here.”

When he said this, Meng Yixiao showed an evil smile towards Dongfang Minghui.

Dongfang Minghui shivered, before she had time to react, her whole body went towards the formation as if sucked by something.

“Little Colour!”

The fat doll had reacted before Meng Yixiao made a move and extended the vines. Vines wrapped Dongfang Minghui’s waist, blocking her and some other vines tried to rush into the formation to cause damage, but no matter how they tried to break in they were bounced back.

The pig fairy grass took a look at it and whipped its tail on the fat doll’s face, “It’s a formation.”

Two forces pulled her on both ends, Dongfang Minghui felt her waist was about to break and a little bit of blood seeped into the vine, “It hurts!”

The fat doll was so frightened that it let go, in that flash, it was pulled into the formation together with Dongfang Minghui.

“Ninth Sister!”

Meng Yixiao had just appeared and disappeared, Qian Wanyu suspected that he was currently hiding in the eye of the formation. Finding the eye of the formation would lead to the person. She reached out her hand and tried to pull Dongfang Minghui’s hand.

“Seventh Sister, I’m fine.” She looked at her waist, a little skin was abraded by the vine branch and it was only bleeding a little. Now, the wound seemed to be healed again, “Seventh sister, I felt a fluctuation when I entered the formation just now.”

If she wasn’t paying attention she would’ve ignored it.

“It seems to be a teleportation formation.”


“I wanted you guys to run, what are you all doing running in here one by one?!” Lu Xing looked like he hated that iron couldn’t become steel. He was furious and had only just learned his purpose from Meng Yixiao’s mouth, it turned out that the ninth peak in the back mountain of the Qian Family hid the major inheritance. The seventh and eighth peak’s inheritance was only one-third of the ninth peak’s inheritance. The way to enter the ninth peak was lost so Meng Yixiao did not know where to find it and then had the idea of using the blood of the two heirs to trigger the teleportation array to send them to the ninth peak.

“It’s all my fault.” Lu Xing secretly blamed himself, if he hadn’t gone missing and left an important message for Minghu and Wanyu they wouldn’t have pursued him. It turned out that it was Meng Yixiao who deliberately let him put out the message to attract the two of them…

“I’ll break the formation, you guys find a way to untie the binds on Qian Zhuoxi and that group of people.” Qian Wanyu didn’t want to waste a single minute, all she could do was to find the eye of the formation and kill Meng Yixiao before the teleportation formation opened.

“Okay, Seventh Sister, I’ll lend you Pig Fairy Grass.” Pig Fairy Grass was a medicinal plant that could mess with formations, she instantly let Fat Doll protect Seventh sister while Pig Fairy Grass collaborated to break the formation.

She took Lu Xing and moved to mid-air, looking at Qian Zhuoxi’s pale face floating and not moving, not knowing whether to sympathize or be sarcastic, “Lu Xing, I remember the sticky worm needs the blood of Meng Yixiao to come out?”

She quickly took out a small bottle of half the blood that remained when she sucked the worm out before.

“But there are no more plants to attract it…”

At that time, she didn’t expect to encounter this thing again and hadn’t stocked up.

Lu Xing didn’t even think about it and blurted out, “Use my blood.”

“Your blood?”

“Yes, I heard from mother emperor, when I was sick as a child I drank the sap of the tree of life and the spring water of the holy spring to gradually get better, my blood will most likely be the favourite thing of these insects, with my blood it may be able to attract them out.”

He said and even hopefully stared at Dongfang Minghui, resulting in the other party thoughtfully nodding, “No wonder Uncle Wood could soak in your blood to improve, so it is the effect of the tree of life and the holy spring.”

This would explain what she didn’t understand before.

Lu Xing withdrew his gaze with some disappointment, “Let’s hurry.”

Meng Yixiao’s blood plus Lu Xing’s blood did make the worms stir, but they still hid inside the host’s body and refused to come out.

Qian Zhuoxi had a grimace on her face, the worms were scurrying around inside her body, it was too painful! If she had looked with her naked eye, she would have seen a very fat mucus worm squirming around almost bigger than the one on Dongfang Minghui.

The two people looked for a long time but the result was the worms still hiding, Lu Xing suddenly remembered the piece of ice dyed with a little blood in the space ring, he hesitated for a moment, This ice has some blood on it, try it maybe there will be unexpected gains.”

Dongfang Minghui had long forgotten about this thing and where it was from, she took the ice block from Lu Xing’s hand with a disgusted look, “What kind of blood is this?”

Lu Xing thought to himself, “This is your blood…”

“Minghui, it’s from your fight before.”


With one less medicinal plant, the effect was bizarrely poor.

She thought she would have to rely on other methods to attract the insects out, but she did not expect that just after the blood on the ice came near, Qian Zhuoxi and the others showed an expression of unbearable pain, but also a lot of worms came out from the mouths of all the people following the black threads…

It was a gross densely packed spectacle.

“Lu Xing, use spiritual power to protect yourself, don’t let these worms get into your body.” These things were like vampires, once they latched on they wouldn’t stop until they sucked you dry…

“Ugh, but the ice you gave me is quite good.”

Lu Xing didn’t know if to laugh or to cry, this was the first time he’d seen someone have such a big heart. It’s also good that the discovery of how her blood was different from other people was from the observation of him and Mu Sheng. If it were Qian Zhuoxi or Meng Yixiao who had found out they would’ve already planned something…

“Dongfang Minghui, you dare to oppose me?!”

“Boom Boom.”

She was expecting the slimy worms on Qian Zhuoxi’s body to burrow out, only to see the two nearest bodies burst into a sphere-like shape and explode, scattering blood around her along with other messy things.

Lu Xing hadn’t seen such a bloody scene before. Perhaps to Meng Yixiao, these people were all just objects to abuse at will.


Qian Wanyu caught Meng Yixiao and threw a lightning bolt on him, lightning flashed and Meng Yixiao’s figure disappeared again, “It’s just a shadow.”

Qing Mo had talked to her before about spirit shadow, some people will have a shadow clone from their cultivation technique. This was a weird thing that didn’t disappear as long as the main body was alive. It wasn’t a big deal to destroy this shadow and at most, it would just weaken the main body’s spiritual power a bit.

For Meng Yixiao, Qing Mo guessed that most of the use of the formation itself is projected through the shadow while his main body hid far away but he couldn’t be sure.

The scary thing was that because the host burst, the sticky worms without a host flew towards Dongfang Minghui and Lu Xing, she quickly drew out her silk umbrella, looked at those disgusting things she wanted to vomit and asked behind her, “What now?”

“Attack with fire?”

Both of them were wood, talking about fire, she suddenly thought of something, “Toothless, wake up.”

Toothless, who was snoring in the space ring leapt out of with a jolt, “Ow–”

It saw the group of small worms and its face turned angry spitting out a large fireball sweeping through the place. The trees and ground were all burnt up by the fireball.

“Those insects should – ah, no!”

Even though she feared the fireball, these things weren’t afraid, they just stopped for a moment, even the ground was burned black by the fireball yet they were quietly lying there. No one could tell if they were dead or alive but when they started moving again, Dongfang Minghui and Lu Xing could only step backwards.

Toothless showed a dumbfounded expression, and then after opening its mouth again, a small ball of fire with golden streaks spewed out, “Ow-”

She also seemed to smell the smell of roasted meat, Toothless stepped and raised its big head proudly in front of her. The worms were soaked in the fire but they slowly got smaller and smaller with Toothless looking weaker afterwards.

“Toothless, awesome, go back inside.”

Qian Wanyu used Qing Mo as a radar to try to find the six locations, he managed to find the eye of the formation where Meng Yixiao was. This formation was rather evil, it’s a heart refining formation, no one expected that Meng Yixiao placed the formation inside a corpse, this corpse was hanging in mid-air and didn’t look different from people who had been sucked dry of spiritual energy.

Even the black threads seen by the naked eye were real. If Meng Yixiao hadn’t floated unsteadily around her many times, she might not have been able to find the formation eye even after a long time.

“Good evil strategy.”

“Good skills.”

After complimenting her, Meng Yixiao suddenly lashed out, the entire space in the formation was covered with ice because he was in the eye of the formation, he was in charge of the entire land.

Dongfang Minghui and Lu Xing were frozen by the ice at the same time, but the cold spiritual power hidden under the ice made her hair stand up, “Seventh sister, this ice system has hidden dark spiritual energy! He’s a Dark System Spiritual Master!”

Dark System Spiritual Master!!!

No wonder senior sister Bai Ruo suffered such a severe injury before, this guy didn’t even think about leaving her alive, right?

Qian Wanyu was not surprised by this, she did not dodge the opponent’s attack, looking for Meng Yixiao, she released the five spiritual energies in her body at the same time, the huge spiritual energy was wild blowing into a huge tornado wrapping Meng Yixiao’s whole body.

Meng Yixiao did not panic at all, little by little from the whirlwind he tore open a hole and slowly walked out. He stood in front of them and shrugged his shoulders shaking his head relaxedly.

Qian Wanyu’s purple thunderbolt bombarded in mid-air, one after another, she took advantage of Meng Yixiao’s dodging to walk towards the eye of the formation, she wanted to destroy the place in one go.

“Qian Wanyu, a word of advice, don’t do anything stupid.” Meng Yixiao playfully warned.

“Seventh sister!”

Listening to Meng Yixiao’s words, Dongfang Minghui felt frightened.

Qian Wanyu was not moved at all, she would always do what she wanted to do. Destroying the formation was her biggest concern at the moment, she took out the long sword that Ninth Sister brought out from Sharp Knife Mountain and slashed viciously towards the formation eye.


A strong spiritual force exploded out, Qian Wanyu was not aware of it and was blown back several steps, blood fell from her hand that was holding the sword tightly onto the ground, and the corner of her mouth was stained with a trace of blood.

Gray spiritual energy fled into mid-air, like a signal, alarming the whole Qian Family.

“Hahahahahaha-” Meng Yixiao laughed wildly, “Qian Wanyu you really made me feel unexpected. I have to thank you for contributing your blood, the teleportation array is about to open, and the ninth peak’s inheritance is about to be mine!”

“Seventh sister!”

“Don’t let Qian Zhuoxi lose any blood.” Dongfang Minghui’s only thought was this.

“It’s useless.” Lu Xing shook his head, long after Meng Yixiao had shown his ambition, Qian Zhuoxi had had her blood drawn by the other party, the location was close to where Wanyu was bleeding, and he had even felt the activation of the teleportation array.

“What is that?”

It didn’t take long for the Returning Heart Formation to start before it was broken by Qian Ziyan. Bai Rou, Li Yunan and Mu Sheng looked at the spiritual energy fluctuation that emitted a cold aura not far away, the movement over there was really a bit big.

Bai Rou was most familiar with it, and felt it from a long distance, “It’s a Dark System Spiritual Master.”

“It’s Meng Yixiao!” Li Yunan frowned, his iron fan in his hands were almost deformed by him, if he had known that Meng Yixiao was so troublesome, they should’ve killed him before entering the back of the mountain no matter what.

Mu Sheng also sensed a very threatening aura around him, his little white was trembling along with the surrounding plants.

“Stop fighting, there are outsiders intruding in the back of the Qian Family, hurry and report back to the old lady.” Mu Sheng couldn’t understand this group of people’s heads! If this group of people did not stop, maybe they would’ve already found Lu Xing.

Yes, before in the cave outside the Hall of Eternal Life, they were charmed by the illusion of the insects, if it was not for Wood bringing them out it is possible that nothing would have happened. But, by the time Wood had finished pulling them all out…he had disappeared into thin air.

They followed Lu Xing’s trail to the fourth peak via Wood’s crazy pursuit through the hidden path.

Mu Sheng saw that the group was unmoved and pointed to Qian Ziyan’s face and said, “Ever heard of Qian Ziyan’s great name? He is Qian Ziyan, the most powerful genius of the Qian Family, you Qian Family people, are you all blind? How much effort did he use to break your formation?”

It took Mu Sheng a little bit of words to convince this group of people that they were guests from the Qian Family and went to inform the Peak Master on the fourth peak, but man’s plan was not as good as God’s plan, by the time the Peak Master on the fourth peak arrived, the earth shook and the mountains shook before everything went still. The teleportation array on the fourth peak was officially opened, Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu were transported to the ninth peak with the array!

“What was that commotion?!”

Everyone looked at each other and had no clue.

“Ugh, Wood wait for us.”

Wood quickly swept by and darted towards the place where the dark spiritual power erupted before, disappearing in the blink of an eye. Mu Sheng and the rest followed closely behind, if they hadn’t followed Wood, they wouldn’t have been able to find their way to the fourth peak.

The fourth peak master took a long time to react and slapped his thighs, “Not good! It’s the teleportation array!”

Whew that was full of suspense!

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