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MIWW Chapter 110 Part 1

“He has fused himself with the entire formation, he is both the heart of the formation and the entire formation itself!” Qing Mo lamented before he had thought that the formation could be broken with one hit. He didn’t know that the person in front of him was a madman who even dared to fuse his body with the formation!

Qian Wanyu was flabbergasted, her perception of Meng Yixiao rose to another level. Any formation master would know that if you were crazy enough to fuse with the whole formation, you have to sacrifice your heart, a Spiritual Master who loses their heart will not survive…

“Hahahaha – Qian Wanyu, thank you for helping me open the path to the ninth peak.” Meng Yixiao had a wild and dashing expression as if the heart refining formation was not using his heart as the core.

Qian Zhuoxi’s face was pale in the face of death, no longer glowing like before as if resigned to her fate. Even her struggles stopped, she watched her spiritual power dissipate little by little while her soul sea was invaded by those black lines…

Qian Wanyu’s fingers gently wiped away the blood at the corner of her mouth, sneering. To open the ninth peak, this Meng Yixiao indeed had a few skills, but who would benefit wasn’t certain yet. After all, ninth sister’s map only arrived at the sixth peak. She was still thinking about how to get to the ninth peak and this person delivered the opportunity.

The only pity was that she couldn’t kill him now.

“Since he sacrificed his heart, how will he get the inheritance?” Qing Mo thought while feeding the question back to Qian Wanyu, “You need to be careful, the Five Elements Body is also a coveted physique.”

“He wants to try to possess me?”

Qian Wanyu had a not-so-good feeling, perhaps as Qing Mo said, the other party had this plan in mind too.

When the ground started to shake, everyone didn’t dare to move. Especially Dongfang Minghui and Lu Xing, their two ankles were still frozen by the ice, feeling her legs gradually go numb, the ground shaking felt stronger and stronger.

The fat doll grabbed the roots of the pig fairy grass with one hand and whooshed into her soul sea, reminding quickly, “Quickly wake Toothless up, its fire should help with that pile of ice under your feet.”

“Toothless, come and help me.”

If the ice system only froze her legs she could still accept it, but the key’s that the dark spiritual power hidden inside was wrapping her body tightly like the taste of death it was far more terrible than just being frozen.

Toothless flew out of the space ring, it looked at their feet covered by the nearly black ice and issued a low roar. A small group of flames spewed out making sure it was only carefully melting the ice.

The ice diminished at a fast rate revealing a cloud of grey, sticky smoke, which clung to the calves of the two people.


Toothless’ paws had suffered a similar pain before and once it saw these threatening things, it arched its back and walked around in front of them slightly annoyed, even carefully probing its forelimbs to try to touch them again.

“Toothless don’t”

Minghui shook her head disapprovingly.

Just then, a dazzling light emerged from the ground, there was a vague hexagonal mark on it and the light became brighter and brighter. In the end, the light flashed and no one’s eyes could open, she could feel the strong wind whistling in her ears and there was a cold thing around her waist. She touched it and it felt like a water thunder whip, knowing that the other end of this whip was the hands of Seventh sister, her heart immediately settled down.

But eyes still couldn’t open, until the fluctuations of the teleportation array stabilized, she could still feel the pain of the wind slapping on her face. When they opened their eyes again and sensed the surroundings, they found that the surrounding spiritual energy in the air was a little thin. There was a round tomb in front, with the door open. It seemed they were no longer on the fourth peak.

Could this be the ninth peak?

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes were wide with disbelief.

Qian Zhuoxi’s pupils had turned all black, not even a bit of white left in her iris’. Her eyes were dull as she stood behind Meng Yixiao, completely and utterly turned into a puppet, devoid of her consciousness.

Qian Wanyu frowned and drew back her water thunder whip flinging it onto the ground. Had she known this would be the outcome she would have killed Qian Zhuoxi first and saved her from being the puppet of an outsider.

“Meng Yixiao, what do you want?”

Dongfang Minghui saw the puppet Qian Zhuoxi between Seventh sister and Meng Yixiao, she hurriedly poured her previously refined potion on her and Lu Xing’s legs, those things that were sticking on their legs were soon swallowed clean, the effect was immediate.

Meng Yixiao glanced at her without a care, and placed his focus on Qian Wanyu, “Since I’ve arrived at this ninth peak, naturally it’s to take the inheritance.”


Not to mention this was the Qian Family’s inheritance, even if it wasn’t, since Qian Wanyu identified the inheritance as her own how could she give it to others.

“Boom boom boom…”

Purple lightning poured out.

The frost under Meng Yixiao’s feet spread over rapidly.

“Hurry up!”

She and Lu Xing were Wood Spiritual Masters and were most afraid of this ice, if the other party was a Spiritual Master with slightly more Spiritual power, they would not have been able to get rid of it. The Spiritual power that Meng Yixiao had shown since the Qualifying Tournament was Spiritual Scholar.

“No, he’s spreading this frost so quickly!”

The two retreated, even with Qian Wanyu’s lightning bombardment, Lu Xing had to use his wings and take Dongfang Minghui into the air. If they were only slightly slower they would have both probably been frozen.

Qian Wanyu paid attention to Ninth Sister and Lu Xing’s dilemma, but could not divide her mind. The Spiritual Power displayed by Meng Yixiao had skyrocketed from Spiritual Scholar to the level of ninth level Spiritual King, “Meng Yixiao, you bastard!”

“Hahahaha, what’s the point of saying all this now?” Meng Yixiao deliberately suppressed his spiritual power just for this moment.

“Vile person!”

The fat doll’s vine swished and found a landing point in that round tomb, pulling Dongfang Minghui and Lu Xing through mid-air and almost being struck by Qian Wanyu’s lightning.

Meng Yixiao saw the two people sneak towards that direction and immediately ordered Qian Zhuoxi, “Go, stop them.”

The person who was still standing there with a dull face suddenly turned and quickly swept towards the figures of Dongfang Minghui and Lu Xing.

“Qian Zhuoxi!”

“Turning into a puppet and still being a pain in the ass.” Dongfang Minghui just stopped herself and almost got hit by the other party’s hand, thinking that Qian Zhuoxi was just a corpse being moved around by a big slimy insect, she felt a sense of nausea.

Qian Zhuoxi was expressionless, she stood in front of them like a robot performing a task. Behind her was the circular tomb, and the tomb was pitch black. Just a glance inside made ones’ body cold all over, and her heart couldn’t stop trembling. She felt that there was something very strange inside this tomb.

“Is the Qian Family heritage in this tomb?” No wonder she thought so, Dongfang Minghui felt that Meng Yixiao was too obvious with his movements. She hung her head and whispered to Lu Xing, “Meng Yixiao wants to use Qian Zhuoxi’s body with the Qian Family bloodline to seize the Qian Family heritage if we destroy Qian Zhuoxi’s body that should foil his plan. Hmph better kill her here and avoid doing more harm to the Qian Family.”

Lu Xing felt that this plan was feasible and nodded his head in agreement.

From a distance, Qian Wanyu couldn’t help but smile when she heard the conversation between the two of them, seeing that Ninth Sister could still make good judgments even without her by her side.

Meng Yixiao was furious when he heard them, “Kill Lu Xing for me!”

Qian Zhuoxi received the instruction and quickly executed it. She was originally a level eight Fire Spiritual Scholar, far above Dongfang Minghui, she could catch Lu Xing easily but Lu Xing’s speed was extremely good with his wings and his ears had inherited the elven skill of sensing the wind.

The moment he heard Meng Yixiao speak he had already fluttered his wings and ran a good distance.

A red-hot fire chain shot out immediately afterwards, heading towards the trajectory of his flight.

“Lu Xing be careful!”

A fiery red chain turned two turns following the arc of his flight.

Meng Yixiao watched Lu Xing fly high and casually threw out a prism of ice, the ice prism spread across the air and sealed his fast wings.

Dongfang Minghui drew a breath backwards, in this short pause, Qian Zhuoxi’s fire chain instantly followed after his trail.

Completely untouched by any attack, Dongfang Minghui drew two breaths backwards, hesitating between Lu Xing, whose wings were about to be torn by the fire chains and the tomb behind her, she chose to stay put, “Little Colour, hold her.”

It is said a Wood Spiritual Master and Fire Spiritual Master were natural enemies, especially when their levels were so different. She didn’t even think about shooting out flying needles, the venom of the flying needles couldn’t kill this insect it would just make it uncomfortable at most.

The fat doll’s vines danced wildly in the air, blocking the way and the other part was stretched out in mid-air, trying to bind the fire chains, but after several attempts, not only did it not bind some vines also got burnt and broken.

The tied-up Qian Zhuoxi spread out fire on her body burning the vines that surrounded her, it looked quite miserable.

“No, there’s something strange about this fire spiritual power of hers.”

The fat doll bundled her up again and again but eventually simply carried out the man-eating grass.

“Spit some silk!”

A circle of white threads following the vine branches wrapped up Qian Zhuoxi, this time, no matter how she used fire spiritual power, it was useless, even if the first layer of fat doll’s vines were burned by her in the face of the second layer of white threads, she couldn’t move.



After Toothless entered the space ring, it drank two bottles of spiritual liquid from Love Flower and Lucky, now it looked much better than before. Toothless saw the fire in mid-air, and sharply roared spitting out a series of flames towards it. The flames covered the fire chain, and a burst of fire even covered the ice on Lu Xing’s wings.

Lu Xing’s face went white with pain, the series of changes just now almost tore off the wings on his back.

“Toothless, you’re going to incinerate him with that flame!” She wasn’t really sure what else to do though if Toothless’ flames couldn’t even attack Chijou Xi, there wasn’t much she could do.

“Does it work?”

The two people were discussing how to kill Qian Zhuoxi.

On the other side, the commotion of Qian Wanyu and Meng Yixiao’s fight was also resounding through the clouds, shaking the heavens and the earth. The entire mountain peak erupted with an overwhelming spiritual force that had vaguely transcended the limits of the Qian Family’s back mountain restriction.

Meng Yixiao found out that he had been fooled by Qian Wanyu into this dog fight. She seemed to have already approached the rank of a ninth-level Spiritual King and could even demonstrate the level of first-level Spiritual Monarch, “Qian Wanyu, you surprised me…”

“But even if you attract the old monsters of the Qian Family from the mountain peaks, it will not change your fate.” When Meng Yixiao pulled with his hand, the whole heaven and earth changed colour. The sky, which was still clear and bright, turned grey, dark clouds appeared as if polluted by something.

Qian Wanyu lifted her head and gazed at the sky in front of her, feeling tiny invisible dark powder floating down from the sky, those seemingly insignificant things, when they fell on her body, she felt the spiritual power in her body resonating, “Is this your dark skill?”

The snowfall appeared for a moment but was soon swallowed by her dark system spiritual power, swallowing everything, this was the true power of her dark system spiritual power.

“Come, let me see what your greatest skill is?” Meng Yixiao said with anticipation.

The other party was a Spiritual Monarch, there was no need to hide her ability anymore, one after another, spiritual energy was released from her body, five strands of spiritual energy exploded in radiant colour, with a little green mixed in.

“Wow, you and I are the same kind.” Meng Yixiao had a very wicked smile, from that pair of pitch-black eyes she could not see any surprise at all. There was only frenzy and a hint of indefinable desire, he stretched out his scarlet tongue and licked his lips, “Five elements spiritual body, rare to find in a hundred years, Qian Wanyu, I like you more and more.”

Since he found a better body, the life and death of another defective product no longer mattered. Anyway, they were both surnamed Qian but Qian Wanyu was a child of Qian Yiling.

Seeing Toothless’ flames devouring the white threads spat out by the man-eating grass little by little, Meng Yixiao was indifferent because he had found a better body, this ready-made puppet was a million times better than Qian Zhuoxi!

Qing Mo watched in the soul sea for a long time and silently sighed, his worst fears had happened, “Congratulations, you’ve been stared at by a pervert.”

Qian Wanyu glanced at him with disgust, “After I kill him, no one will know.”

“Meng Yixiao you disgusting pervert.” Dongfang Minghui spat while burning Qian Zhuoxi with fire and paying attention to Qian Wanyu’s side, “Seventh sister, finish him off.”

“No matter what you can’t kill me, as for her…I’ll also take her away.” Meng Yixiao turned his head, his eyes focused on Dongfang Minghui as he lifted a strand of long hair, “Her whole body is a treasure-”

“Boom boom boom-”

Three thick lightning bolts in a triangular position slammed on Meng Yixiao, the whole sky was full of lightning and thunder, with the sky full of dark clouds, it was like a great storm brewing.

Meng Yixiao collected his smile and easily avoided the first attack but more appeared and soon the wind kicked up sand and rock on the ground. The entire battlefield grew more chaotic.

“Wow, it’s so windy, I can’t see.” The wind and sand had confused her eyes, Dongfang Minghui only blinked slightly, and when she opened her eyes again, she could no longer see the battle. She did not even know where Seventh sister’s shadow was.

“I can’t see either.”

Lu Xing yanked her wrist and stepped back, “Don’t get close, Wanyu’s spiritual power is too strong.”

Toothless was still spitting small fires continuously as if it had found a fun thing to do, even the changes around it could be ignored.

The puppet, who had lost its value struggled but Toothless’ fire was even eviler than her fire.

Toothless was playing hide-and-seek while spitting fire at the other side, for the first time it found something funny to tease.

“Toothless, stop playing and hurry over.”

Dongfang Minghui urged, she did not want a thunderbolt to come down and turn Toothless into black charcoal, even though Toothless’s fur itself was also black.


A golden-red flame whirred up, the flame automatically scurried to the top of Qian Zhuoxi’s head and the smell of burnt meat could be smelled.

Thinking that it was Qian Zhuoxi’s meat, Dongfang Minghui stomach began to roll over and over, she felt that in this life she did not want to eat roasted meat…

The golden-red flame burned up very quickly, watching a person turn into a flaming puddle of…something from the fire Toothless kept staring intently and saw the fat slimy insect inside the flame.


“It’s the worm mother inside Qian Zhuoxi’s body.” Since the chosen host was already dying, with no escape it had to show its original body.

“Toothless, don’t touch it just burn it.”

The flames of other species were certainly of little use, but the flames that Toothless used might work. She remembered that Seventh sister had said that the slime worm was a cowardly thing, once the host died it would flee from the host’s body to find the next host as fast as possible so that it could continue to reproduce.

Since this insect couldn’t escape before, it’s obvious that something was holding it back.

Toothless spewed out another ball of flame until the writhing mass was completely turned into ashes, only then did it raise its neck and roar to the sky, “Ow–”

Both she and Lu Xing let out a sigh of relief.

Dongfang Minghui felt a chill behind her back, she looked back, the two of them casually went back a few steps but did not expect to retreat into the tomb, “This should be the Qian Family heritage, right?”

She said to Lu Xing with an uncertain tone.

“This…” Lu Xing was even more confused, if Meng Yixiao did not take the initiative to inform them, he actually wouldn’t even know the other party’s plot, the teleportation array sent them to this place so he must have had this intention.

“How about we go take a look?”

Meng Yixiao took the time to look that way, only to see the backs of Dongfang Minghui and Lu Xing disappearing into the tomb, his face changed and he roared, “Dongfang Minghui, are you thinking I won’t dare to kill you?!”

HAHA Minghui knows a great way to piss off the bad guys!

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