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MIWW Chapter 110 Part 2

“To kill her, have you asked me?”

Qian Wanyu gave him a purple lightning strike without mercy, and the dark spiritual power in the lightning also entered his body, devouring the opponent’s spiritual power and life force.

Meng Yixiao was struck by lightning several times, although the other party had a five elements spiritual body, only a level nine Great Spiritualist was not enough to do damage to him. He didn’t think about blocking and he wanted to control Qian Wanyu in one fell swoop. However, when he tried using his spiritual power, something changed and his whole body’s spiritual power became chaotic.

“What’s going on?”

Qian Wanyu saw the other party showing a frightened expression and was extremely pleased. She spread her hands and sped up the absorption of the other party’s spiritual power, the other party’s dark spiritual power was too refined and the spiritual power was huge so she only swallowed about half and already had a vague feeling of breaking through.

“What is your dark skill? Why is my spiritual power gradually weakening?!” A rare tension, as well as madness, appeared on Meng Yixiao’s face as he swung ice and snow to try to chop down Qian Wanyu.

But, halfway through, he stopped his hand.

He stared at Qian Wanyu viciously, “You think I can’t do anything to you because of this?!”

Qing Mo had been watching him when he saw him raise ice and snow, his spirit sword, he said to Wanyu, “What does he want to do?”

Qian Wanyu was also curious and raised her eyes to look at him, she saw a weird smile on his cheeks, she could see that he was mouthing the words – you will regret it!

Ice and snow were facing her, but Meng Yixiao suddenly turned directions and poked towards his own heart. Ice and snow quickly fused into his body.

Qian Wanyu raised her eyebrows at this self-harm.

“Not good! Quickly stop him.” Qing Mo yelled loudly.

Trying to stop it not was too late, however… Qian Wanyu suddenly saw two Meng Yixiao’s wickedly looking at her, the two were almost identical. Even the spiritual energy fluctuations on their bodies weren’t very different. However, she knew that the one on the left was fake.

The fake Meng Yixiao smiled towards her, turned around, and in a breath had gone into the cave.

“Ninth Sister!”

Qian Wanyu almost didn’t think before trying to cross over, but the real Meng Yixiao that remained in place moved quickly and blocked her. Smiling and shaking his head towards her, “Want me to get out of the way? Kill me first!”

Qing Mo could feel the spiritual power rioting in the soul sea, it was only now that he found for the first time that the power in Qian Wanyu’s soul sea was so powerful, it was like being in a rough and strong sea.

“Calm down, calm down.”

The spiritual power in the soul sea tumbled, directly lifting Qing Mo off the ground.

It’s useless to say anything now.

What a blunder, Qing Mo stroked his forehead, he never expected that someone actually had this inherited secret method. This secret method used the power of one person to split into two bodies, but the premise was that he had to have split his soul before. He saw Meng Yixiao use that spirit sword before and remembered that such a thing existed. He didn’t expect him to be so decisive and play with his own life before they could react.

“Wanyu calm down, if you advance now and draw the peak master of the ninth peak, not to mention inheritance, your dark spiritual power will be exposed, you and your Ninth Sister will have to encounter people hunting both of you to the ends of the earth.”

Qing Mo anxiously kept persuading her in the soul sea.

Qian Wanyu would not be Qian Wanyu if he could still hold back at this moment.

A grey vortex above her head, accompanied by thunder and lightning, she opened her hands, only one thought left in her mind. Kill! When she advanced to Spiritual Scholar, she would not be so passive.

Looking at the lightning, Qing Mo simply covered his eyes.

On the other side, Dongfang Minghui and Lu Xing went all the way into the tomb, she saw a lot of strange human figures in the tomb, she called them people…well they had the same size as people, the same face, but they were all motionless, like terracotta warriors. They were in all sorts of strange postures, standing, sitting, squatting, lying down or whatever else.

“Lu Xing, what do you think?”

“Rumor has it that the Qian Family has thousands of years of family history, are these the Qian Family’s clan members?” Lu Xing knew something about the ancient Qian Family’s thousand-year history, this was thanks to his mother emperor sending a group of elves to the purple jade empire to do business with the Qian Family. Although the business ultimately did not happen, they more or less investigated the Qian Family’s history.

Dongfang Minghui wasn’t afraid of the dead, but the feeling of being among a pile of ancient corpses wasn’t too good ah. She felt her whole body had goosebumps, “Toothless, don’t touch the things here.”

The essential common sense of experience – don’t touch what you shouldn’t touch, don’t take what you shouldn’t take, don’t be curious about what you shouldn’t be curious about.

It was all a bloody lesson from her past experiences… a painful realization.


A dark shadow flashed in front of her, she stopped in her tracks in shock and gulped, “Lu Xing, Toothless, did you see anything strange?”

Lu Xing shook his head.

Toothless was lying on his back, wailing lowly at a place. She hadn’t seen such a fierce posture before.

“There must be something there.”

Toothless was an expert at treasure hunting, especially sensitive to the dangers of the outside world, seeing its posture to Seventh sister it was easy to tell that it was sensitive to danger and didn’t like Seventh Sister. Dongfang Minghui immediately took out the silk umbrella, she clutched the umbrella handle and pointed in that direction shouting, “Who?! Come out!”

Lu Xing was also on guard, but one of his wings was almost yanked off, now it was still half hanging behind him, the bloody mess behind looked scary.


“Cough cough cough.”

Lu Xing was inexplicably thrown out by a force, hitting two ancient corpses behind him in succession before coming to a halt.

“Lu Xing!”

“Be careful!” Lu Xing spurted out a mouthful of blood.

“Heh.” She turned around and drew a breath backwards, the one who appeared in front of her was none other than the pervert Meng Yixiao whom seventh sister had been fighting! Seeing that he was here and Seventh sister wasn’t, she looked shocked, “Meng Yixiao how are you here?!”

Toothless lunged trying to pounce over to bite him, only to be kicked away.


Toothless wailed.

Meng Yixiao’s current appearance was particularly weird, especially his eyes, which turned all black, “A dragon cub, an elf prince, and you, just you guys and you think you can get the inheritance?”

“He… he’s not Meng Yixiao.” Lu Xing covered the injury on his back and stood up, he had confirmed the identity of the other party before as part of the elves. That Meng Yixiao had white eyes yet this one had black eyes.

Dongfang Minghui’s heart shook, “Where’s Seventh sister?”

Seeing her nervous face, Meng Yixiao suddenly smiled, “Qian Wanyu?” he suddenly felt that teasing the person in front of him felt  quite good, if the other party was willing to go back obediently, he could ignore her previous actions, “I am here, but she isn’t, what do you think?”


Dongfang Minghui absolutely could not believe the other party’s words, she knew Seventh sister’s methods, if she was well then she would never let Meng Yixiao appear here. Her whole body’s spiritual power suddenly released, vines appeared from behind Meng Yixiao’s waist and bound him everywhere.

Meng Yixiao looked at his body bound by vines in mid-air.

“Heh, small skills.”

The vines broke into pieces and Meng Yixiao flew down from mid-air and choked Dongfang Minghui’s neck, “Seeing your appearance, I was going to pity the jade, but now I’ve changed my mind.”

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes rolled and she felt she was going to suffocate.

Dongfang Minghui suddenly opened her mouth wide and moved towards his neck.

“Go to hell.”

She ran all the spiritual power in her body, and all the flying needles and poison darts in her space ring shot into Meng Yixiao’s body. She even kicked hard before feeling as if the strength on her neck had loosened, she hurriedly stumbled towards Lu Xing, “Run!”

Toothless even got down and took the initiative to get them both to sit on it.

She didn’t even think before pulling Lu Xing onto the back of Toothless, who carried them away in a cloud of dust.

She looked through the things in the space ring, in addition to the silk umbrella, there was only one finger knife left.

Meng Yixiao looked down at the countless flying needles and poison darts on his chest and collapsed to the ground.

“Minghui, don’t let that guy bite you, your blood is a great tonic for people…” Lu Xing covered his chest and spat out a mouthful of blood, coughing several times before saying, “Your blood contains a lot of life force, it can bring plants back to life.”

Ever since he had a secret exchange with Mu Sheng, he remembered Mu Sheng mentioning that the last time he and Minghui were injured by Wood, the grove that was supposed to be harmed by the Qi of Death still had a place that contained life…it was all because of Minghui’s blood.

“Also, Wood, the reason he could regain his sanity is that that sample was accidentally stained with your blood, your blood is more useful than mine!” Lu Xing was afraid that if he didn’t say anything now he wouldn’t have a chance to say anything down the road.

Dongfang Minghui was trying not to interrupt him but couldn’t help it when he saw his miserable state as he spouted these things, every time he spoke he coughed out another mouthful of blood…


“Minghui, if you ever reach the land of the elves, please be sure to take this to see mother emperor if we…”

If we are all still alive.

Lu Xing, as if giving his last words, hastily shoved a brocade box that he had taken out many times before into Dongfang Minghui’s hand. Then he suddenly rolled over from behind Toothless, kicking Toothless in the butt to move it forward.


Toothless whispered a protest but ran faster.

Lu Xing’s skill at listening to the wind was first-class, he felt a spiritual energy fluctuation in the air, Meng Yixiao this thousand-year disaster was still alive…

“Lu Xing!”

“Toothless, quickly stop!”

Toothless pretended it couldn’t hear and kept running.

“Lu Xing!”

She looked at the brocade box that still had Lu Xing’s residual warmth in her hand, this was not the one containing the remnants of the Tree of Life, she saw Lu Xing had always treated this as a treasure, but now it was handed over to her.

The elves, the tree of life, her blood, the extermination of the Dongfang family… what exactly was the connection between this series of events?

She scratched her scalp and begged, “Toothless, let’s go back, okay?”

Lu Xing was still there and there was also Seventh sister.

Toothless whimpered but continued to run forward.

“Don’t give it a hard time, it doesn’t want you to die in that pervert’s hands.” Love Flower was quite knowledgeable but it was just a medicinal plant. This Meng Yixiao was the evilest pervert it had ever seen.

“Your blood is indeed good medicine.” Little Colour silently added it was when it discovered this fact about the other party that it decided to seal its spiritual power to bind a contract with an ordinary person. Of course, it would never admit it!

If it is not exposed, it simply does not want to let people know the real situation of this silly little partner. Because exposure was the same as having to run, it had lived comfortably and for too long for that sort of life!

“It’s not impossible to save him.” Little Colour could feel the stupid little partner’s mood the best, it felt that the other party’s mood had fallen to rock bottom.

“What method?”

Meng Yixiao was a little surprised to see a person stopped in the centre, he was already vulnerable yet he chose to still stand there, “Qian Wanyu couldn’t stop me, you think you can stop me?”

Lu Xing had a face as pale as a corpse, “I have to stop you even if I can’t.”

He was prepared for the worst-case scenario when he was taken to the fourth peak by this man, at the end of his life if he could leave his hope and dream to Minghui, mother emperor would not blame him.

“If you want to die, I can make it possible.”

Meng Yixiao rushed forward like a sharp sword, but Lu Xing fluttered his wings, the sporadic points of light on his wings scattered on his body onto Meng Yixiao. Meng Yixiao suddenly felt peaceful and calm, he closed his eyes and quietly immersed in the beautiful dream, his evil expression gradually become less annoying as well.

Lu Xing spurted out another mouthful of blood when he saw his opponent standing right in front of him as if he was having a beautiful dream. He leaned against the wall in dismay, sliding down as he gasped for air, listening to the wind in his ears, waiting for Minghui and Toothless to be able to walk farther away.

“You think trapping me in the dream world could wear me out?”

Meng Yixiao moved his head and limbs, that dream just now was indeed very beautiful, he almost fell into it and couldn’t get out, he looked at Lu Xing appreciatively, “With a person like you who is willing to burn life force for her, I’m a little envious.”

“Cough–” Another mouthful of blood came out of his mouth.

“How do you know?”

Lu Xing’s beautiful hair gradually turned white, and his light blue eyes gradually lost their lustre, with a little light still clinging to his eyes, he was now very suspicious of the true identity of Meng Yixiao. His skill – Dream Space, was invincible and killed without any blood, it was the first time he had ever used it since coming to the Seven Coloured Continent, and probably the last time.

Unexpectedly it failed?

Meng Yixiao tsk’d, “Don’t look at me with that dead look, I won’t be able to resist telling you the truth. Too bad… you are not qualified.”

Meng Yixiao’s five fingers reached towards him, Lu Xing resigned himself to his fate and closed his eyes. His life force was about to burn out so he decided to self-destruct, perhaps he could drag him to hell with him.

“Lu Xing, don’t!”

Dongfang Minghui struck like lightning, kicking Meng Yixiao and dragging Lu Xing away before running back.

Meng Yixiao grunted and laughed, he didn’t manage to kill Lu Xing but Minghui had appeared again. However, just now, Dongfang Minghui’s spiritual power didn’t seem to be a Spiritual Scholar, “Really… you’re getting more and more interesting.”

Watching one of Lu Xing’s wings droop to the side, it looked like it was about to fall off. His beautiful hair also gradually turned white, not to mention the loss of lustre it also looked duller. Looking at his delicate features turn a little bit older, Dongfang Minghui felt very heartbroken, her eyes turned red and she raised her head to not let her tears fall.

“Love flower, Little Colour, what to do?”

“Calm down.”

Love Flower wasn’t optimistic, the other party had burned his life force, if it was only a little life force a normal person would be ruined, to see him this pale, it’s clear that he burned a lot of life force.

“This stump of the Tree of Life seems useless.” The fat doll sat on the ground seeing the contents of the brocade box, it put the remnant root of the Tree of Life in his mouth and took two bites, “Put some blood into his mouth, try it, but don’t get your hopes up, he just tried to pull that man with him into hell.”

Now Lu Xing’s body was already severely injured, if she had come even a little later she would only have collected a corpse.

Dongfang Minghui did not hesitate to take out her fingertip knife, wanting to give her wrist a cut.

“Don’t bother.”

Lu Xing was still a little sober, he felt Minghui was silly, since she managed to run then she shouldn’t have turned back. If he had blown himself up before, he might even have been able to take out Meng Yixiao, “Minghui, it’s useless, I think I’ve reached my limit.”

Dongfang Minghui still ruthlessly slashed her wrist and dropped her blood into Lu Xing’s mouth, “Lu Xing please, drink some, didn’t you just say that my blood can bring plants back from the dead? Then drink more, it will make you better.”

She didn’t have many friends in this world, Lu Xing was one of them. She didn’t want anyone to die for her.

A sweet smell of blood filled his mouth, blood ran into his mouth down his throat and he swallowed unconsciously. He raised his already withered hand to gently wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes, “Don’t cry, Wanyu will definitely be fine, she is the only one who can inherit the legacy right now, Meng Yixiao can’t afford to kill her.”

“I know, Seventh sister will definitely be fine.”

She had speculated before, but when she thought it through, Meng Yixiao cared most about the inheritance, if he really harmed Seventh sister, most likely the plan would be ruined.

What’s more, Seventh sister has a heroine’s aura, she was definitely fine.


The door of the stone chamber was broken by a blow, and stones were splashed everywhere.

“Meng Yixiao is here.”

Meng Yixiao ruthlessly sniffed the fragrance in the air, “It’s really different, just sniffing it made me feel like the pores of my whole body have opened up.”

Whew Lu Xing don’t die!

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