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MIWW Chapter 111 Part 1

Dongfang Minghui had a hard time finding a place where she could hide temporarily, after walking deep into the tomb, there was a chamber where a sarcophagus was placed. The chamber was found by Toothless in a panic, and it was possible to enter without any obstructions. After entering, Toothless even sniffed around.

She also asked Little Colour to find a boulder from somewhere to block the entrance so that it could become a sealed space.

The stone door shattered into crumbs and she watched the man step in slowly, at this moment, her heart was desperate.

“Be a good girl and come with me, I promise you can still see your Seventh sister”

It was obvious that Meng Yixiao had overheard their conversation from outside.

“You’re dreaming.”

Dongfang Minghui would never give in, she placed Lu Xing on top of the coffin, not caring if she disturbed the tomb master’s sleep, “Lu Xing, rest for a while, I promise I will take you back to the Elves.”

Lu Xing’s eyes were lifeless, his eyelids struggled feebly, but he struggled to keep his eyes open, he shook his head at her trying to grab her but his hands were weak. Those hands full of pockmark spots hung down weakly at his sides, the corners of his mouth quivered, she roughly heard his meaning from his hoarse throat, “Get out of here. ”

Dongfang Minghui felt that Lu Xing had done enough for her, she couldn’t help but straighten out that head of white hair for him, “Lu Xing, we all have to face reality.” Unless she could tear apart time and space then return to modern times, she wouldn’t be able to get away from the result of being chased everywhere she goes, she can’t escape.

From the moment she met the dead Spiritual Master outside the Royal Academy, she had a vague feeling that things were beyond her predictions. She had Seventh sister to protect her so she led a carefree life but sooner or later, she would have to face it all by herself.

“I remember that the white silk spat out by the man-eating grass possesses some sleeping powder, let it do its job.” She put two drops of her blood into the long withered remnants of the Tree of Life, covered the brocade box and slapped it in Lu Xing’s arms, “This is your heirloom, keep your things safe, don’t lose it again.”

Since it is said that her blood can play a role in bringing plants back to life, she wanted to try to see if this stump can still be restored to its former vitality. For the time being, consider it a peace charm to protect Lu Xing.

The man-eating grass was pulled out by the fat doll and began spitting out silk in earnest, soon Lu Xing’s entire body fell asleep curled up inside the white silk-like child.

Watching the other party squander her blood without hesitation, Meng Yixiao’s eyes began to glow red, he gritted his teeth, “It doesn’t matter what you do, he still has to die.”

“Nah, Meng Yixiao, do you think you want me alive or dead?”

Meng Yixiao eyes swirled, the black pupils wavered like ocean waves, the temperature inside the tomb room dropped quite a bit, “Heh, you think you can bluff me like this, I have a way to keep you alive, naturally I also have a way to make you want to die but remain alive.”

She threw out a finger knife from the space ring, playing with it in her hands, with a relaxed face, “A person who wants to die, there are millions of ways to find death, you can block me for a moment but you can’t keep an eye on me at all times?”

She dared to do all this because the other party did not dare to touch her.

At first, she was quite afraid of this pervert, but, seeing Lu Xing act recklessly she suddenly felt that life was short and she no longer had much fear. The only thing you could do was march forward boldly.

Meng Yixiao’s face fell, “Dongfang Minghui, don’t you want to know where your Seventh sister is? If you die, she can’t live either.”

Dongfang Minghui finger knife suddenly paused, thinking of Seventh sister, her heart could not stop trembling but she was unusually firm, “If I die, Seventh sister will still be alive.”

Seventh sister was a very sensible person, she may feel pain but she will continue to do the same things she needed to do.

That was good…

Meng Yixiao gave an angry laugh, “Good, good, really good, since you want to die, I’ll help you.”

The other party’s speed was very fast, like a sword he instantly arrived in front of her. She was a bit surprised, she thought the other party could not let her die, now she doubted Lu Xing’s words before.

Maybe her blood isn’t that effective?

Meng Yixiao just got close before he was surrounded by thick vines, he struggled a little but the vines tore into his body.

“We’ve been tricked by him!!!”

Little Colour threw him hard to the ground in anger, “He’s just a damn a spirit body!”

There was a difference between a spirit body and the original body, its vines soon discovered the difference after they pierced in.

The so-called spirit body was just a spiritual condensed body with the same thoughts and memories as the original body, if properly cultivated, it could become a spiritual shadow, in other words, a doppelganger. One person with two bodies, this technique should be long lost, it did not expect to see it appear here. The spirit body didn’t have the cultivation of the original body and everything had to be practised from the beginning.

Maybe Meng Yixiao’s strength was too high but right now his spirit body’s cultivation was only at the Spiritual King level, Dongfang Minghui’s current strength was a big level higher!

The fat doll thought of this annoying fact more and it wanted to kill him and take this skill.

When she heard Little Colour say that, her first thought was that Meng Yixiao main body was still fighting with Seventh sister, so Seventh sister was delayed. This spirit body of his appeared right here to trick her?

“Fuck! Kill him!”

No matter what, Dongfang Minghui was determined to get rid of this scourge, this timing was just right.

“Little Colour, release the seal.”


A huge spiritual force erupted from her body, the vine bound Meng Yixiao was directly shaken by the spiritual force into the rubble, the fat doll under the seal’s release turned into a flower-like young girl.

“Little Colour?”

Dongfang Minghui wanted to spit, her memory of Little Colour remained in the cave where she was sheltered from the rain, the other party’s voice was a male’s voice, and it was the old kind! How did it turn around and turn from a fat doll into a cute girl?

Even if you want to change it should still be a fat beauty right?!

“Are you cheating?”

“This grandfather should originally look like this, no… more handsome than this!” The pupils of Little Colour’s eyes were as big as copper bells. If it hadn’t been injured and struck by lightning at that time, it wouldn’t have felt that its time was up and been forced to contract with a human. How else could it have been in this situation today?


She really couldn’t imagine, a wonderful young girl called herself this grandfather with no sense of contradiction… Aiya never minds the current business is important, she nodded, pointing to the person almost buried by the debris, “This person should be dead but isn’t that too cheap?”

“Let Toothless out.”

The other party’s an ice Spiritual King, naturally, it is only right to give him a cremation.

Toothless still remembered what was stolen by him before, his spirit was a little weak, but those beast eyes were bright and shining, it stepped on the ground and walked up to Meng Yixiao, “Ow–”

“Damn demon!”

A red flame spurted out from Toothless’ mouth, only to encounter a dark spiritual power in mid-air, two spiritual powers collided and exploded, followed by ice that quickly blocked the entire chamber.

Two people who were instantly frozen looked at each other along with Toothless whose feet hadn’t had time to retreat into the space ring.

Dongfang Minghui in the soul sea scolded Little Colour, “You damn thing, what Spiritual King, that burst of the spiritual power just now created this consequence?!”

Little Colour was silent for a while before explaining, “It’s just because Meng Yixiao is too treacherous, who could have predicted that he could transfer spiritual power from his main body to this one, that big commotion just now is because he did that! Think of it this way it can deal with this stronger one than your family’s girl can deal with that weakened real one.”

The thought that Seventh sister could easily deal with the weaker version instantly comforted her.

Meng Yixiao shrugged his shoulders and his eyes sinisterly turned to Toothless, Toothless’ mouth of flames was still gathering, “A dragon hatchling still wants to swallow me, let me see if your skin is so thick!”

Dongfang Minghui used her spiritual power to cover her body and shatter the ice. The fat doll followed her, “Aiya, we almost got done in by Meng Yixiao’s trick.”


Toothless also complained, the mouth of fire sprayed everywhere the ice was but the ice was infused with the qi of death. Toothless hung its head and remembered that sticky evil thing from before…

It jumped back to Dongfang Minghui like a child wailing and raised its forelimbs looking pitiful.

“Don’t be afraid.”


Love Flower dragged Lucky out and habitually smacked Toothless in the face, Toothless was aggravated by the beating, but soon it didn’t feel that way anymore. As soon as they came out, the tomb was filled with pollen from Love Flower. The death qi on the ground retreated like a tidal wave as soon as it touched that pollen, the process was amazingly fast.


Toothless cheerfully danced around Love Flower, only to be smacked again two more times.

“The love flower seed is also in your hands?” Meng Yixiao was slightly surprised before coming back to his senses, once he thought of her special nature, it seemed to be nothing unusual. However, it reinforced the idea that he needed to bring this person back.

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t be bothered with his nonsense, the seal unlock had a time limit, plus she also wanted to solve this person and help Seventh sister, the silk umbrella’s hidden weapons shot out one by one, Meng Yixiao could dodge, but Little Colour’s thick and long vines unceremoniously attacked at the side drawing him to the ground.

Watching Little Colour’s vines grow thicker and longer, her eyelids twitched several times, is this vine going to keep growing?!

Meng Yixiao incredulously pointed at the fat doll, he wanted to say something but suddenly his whole person froze as if the soul had been pulled out.

“His original body seems to be converting spiritual power, let’s take the opportunity to kill him.”

Toothless jumped up and down it wanted to bite the man, but once it remembered that Meng Yixiao had the Qi of Death, it could only roar and spit fire at him.


Little Colour’s vines were burned by Toothless’s flames, Toothless’s flames were not quite the same as those from a normal Fire Spiritual Master, its flames were much stronger than normal flames, and they couldn’t be extinguished.

Little Colour looked at Toothless with disgust, wanting to go up and smack it a few times.

“Toothless, there is no hurry.”

She instructed Little Colour to break the vines that were binding Meng Yixiao, and only then let Toothless go up and attack with fire.

Outside the tomb, Qian Wanyu was closing her eyes to enjoy the pouring down heavenly thunder, since she wasn’t suppressing it, she advanced. The five elements of spiritual body advancement were gorgeous, five colours overlapped in layers, plus she also had some greenish spiritual energy from Dongfang Minghui to cover her dark system. Now the grey spiritual power looked blue-ish, and with the several other colours, they all blended into a different colour altogether. If no one paid close attention it wasn’t possible to tell that she had dark spiritual power.

Qian Wanyu fully concentrated, she enjoyed the impact of lightning, that long-lost pain made her soul sea unusually clear, she looked at her dantian which contained five small orbs sucking each other’s spiritual power and becoming more rounded.

The spiritual energy contained in the lightning invaded her body and was directly absorbed by the small balls of the thunder system, one after another.

Meng Yixiao was weakened because of the spiritual energy in his body being devoured by Qian Wanyu, while encountering the baptism of lightning, he was also affected by the lightning waves, his ice and dark system could not resist the lightning from this advancement. This kind of lightning seemed to split his body into two, cooking him from the inside and the outside! Plus his own spiritual body was also using his spiritual energy, at this rate he would die!

“Qian Wanyu!!!”

He hated the thunder system, Spiritual Master, the most right now! This damn person could advance anytime but chose to advance now…

“You’re going to be exposed.” Qing Mo said silently.


Qian Wanyu’s eyes flashed and the Water Thunder Whip in her hand smacked towards Meng Yixiao who was stunned, “There’s a ready-made scapegoat here.”

“Hmm? His spiritual power seems to have returned now.”

She felt the fluctuation of Meng Yixiao’s spiritual power, but her whole body and mind were focused on the promotion so she did not bother to probe more. She pulled him inside the zone where she was being struck by lightning and admired Meng Yixiao’s wretched look of bitter resistance.

“You are a dark system, Spiritual Master, while I, Qian Wanyu, am a four system Spiritual Scholar.”

As if wanting to spit blood, Meng Yixiao’s eyes turned back to white, his eyes just stared at her fiercely, “Do you think you can hide it? Damn Qian Wanyu you will be exposed, soon!”


“Quickly let go of him! He’s going to blow himself up!” Qing Mo roared in her soul sea, damn, this Meng Yixiao was a complete and utter madman.

Qian Wanyu immediately cut off the remaining trace of dark spiritual power she left on Meng Yixiao’s body then fell backwards tens of meters with a swift movement.

“Boom boom boom boom boom-”

A Spiritual Monarch person blowing themselves up was tantamount to a level five explosion, with Qian Wanyu’s promotion, the thunder was still bombarding as if it was out of control. The ninth peak was filled with pale spiritual energy and it seemed more like a Spiritual Emperor level battle…

The ninth peak master, Hong Lao, heard a loud bang and arrived to find a huge 15-meter-deep crater at the peak of the ninth peak, with a ditch about several dozen meters long next to the crater. The sky was full of grey fog mixed with blood, he knew as soon as he saw the situation that it was from someone exploding.

The Qian Family back mountain was at peace for many years, exactly how many years, Hong Lao probably could not remember. For so many years, as the peak master he couldn’t leave the ninth peak, because the ninth peak contained the Qian Family’s thousands of years of heritage, he had to guard this place carefully. Of course, while guarding he also grew bored, at his age he no longer had any pursuits so most of the time he was playing around.

He didn’t know if it was ten years ago or how long ago but there were also a few daredevils who broke into the ninth peak at that time, however, because he saw that their cultivation was too weak, he did not take it seriously.

This time, Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui came to the ninth peak because of the transmission array, Hong Lao had long known about it and taken a glance but didn’t interfere. How could he have expected that such an oversight would have caused so many things?

Looking down into the bloody ditch, he found a puddle of blood on the ground.

“What a mistake…”

“No, there is a Dark System Spiritual Master breaking into the back mountain!” Hong Lao took a moment to feel around and found out that those greyish fog clouds in mid-air were the death Qi the Dark System Spiritual Master had made, polluting the whole mountain. He was trying to shake out the filth when his naked eyes saw a fat black thing flying towards him, he pinched the slimy insect with two fingers accurately and scanned it with his eyes, “What is this thing? How dare you try to attack me.”

Once the slimy insect found a suitable host for itself, it opened all its tentacles and tried to wrap one of his fingers tightly.


The slimy insect’s invincible tentacles didn’t know what it had encountered, but it felt that the man’s finger was like a stone that was invulnerable to swords and spears, it couldn’t pierce!

“Hmph, just another dirty thing.”

He gently squeezed, the slime worm felt a huge threat and started struggling constantly, it also issued a very small shrill sound, but to no avail. Hong Lao crushed it easily and extinguished the remains with fire, not even crumbs were left.

“Ugh ugh ugh, Little Colour, not good, the ground moved, is this tomb going to collapse?!” Toothless’ flames had just burned Meng Yixiao’s spirit body and turned it into a puddle of ash when she felt a shake.

“I don’t know.” Little Colour used vines to solidify the tomb and Lu Xing, this damn Meng Yixiao even in death he’s an unlucky star!

Think about it, she was still in shock from the fight.

“Little Colour, I want to see Seventh sister before the backlash from the seal” Dongfang Minghui was powerless when she thought of what might come next, she had a feeling of being struck by lightning.

“Maybe the commotion outside was the result of your Seventh sister.” Little Colour would have casually put her off, but after saying it out loud, she thought it was extremely likely that, according to Qian Wanyu’s routine, she indeed would have caused such a big stir.

“Boom boom boom-”

“Not good, this chamber is going to collapse!”

Dongfang Minghui and Little Colour quickly grabbed Lu Xing, who was wrapped like a silkworm and squeezed into the tomb coffin, which looked so solemn that Dongfang Minghui didn’t dare to open it after entering fearing that she had desecrated the Qian Family ancestors. She didn’t expect the tomb was empty, the three of them crowded in and it felt cramped, “Little Colour, you go back to the soul sea first, it’s too small to squeeze.”

“No, throw this thing out.” Little Colour was referring to Lu Xing, who was bundled into a ball with white silk.

It was tired of being in the soul sea all the time, also it could not easily transform into an adult body, it didn’t want to go back immediately, “Look at this.”

Little Colour’s hand pressed on the bottom of the coffin, the bottom of the coffin quickly gave a response…it sounded like echoing?

“It’s empty.” Dongfang Minghui was surprised, she couldn’t help but secretly guess that the Qian Family legacy was hidden in the tomb, being interrupted by Little Colour, she forgot that the three of them were about to become sandwiches!

“Let’s wait until the situation outside is a little more stable, and then come back to explore this tomb, just in case it’s a thousand-foot cliff below, without any preparation, we are bound to fall and die.” Little Colour loved to explore and swallow things that can replenish its spiritual power. Before in Dongfang Minghui soul sea it couldn’t feel it but now it could see that the world was too beautiful, it hadn’t appreciated it enough and wanted to grow up more!

Dongfang Minghui didn’t know what it was thinking of and waited patiently for the commotion to stop.

The booming sound outside always gave her a bad feeling, the thunder seems to be too loud?

It was hard to wait until the thunder stopped and the ground movement didn’t seem to be getting worse so she nudged and tapped Little Colour’s shoulder, “It doesn’t seem to be moving.”

“Shhh, someone’s coming.”

Dongfang Minghui opened her mouth wide, Little Colour shook her head towards her. She looked at Little Colour and pressed to the inner wall of the coffin, that strict look made her feel awkward, she was still not quite used to Little Colour’s current young girl from a cute baby.

She looked a little sick when she thought of the seal backlash coming soon.

Qian Wanyu had never looked so distressed. She had just advanced to the next level when she encountered a Spiritual Monarch level person who blew herself up. Although she fled very quickly, she was no match for the large range of Meng Yixiao’s self-destruction.

She was affected by the ripple and the huge spiritual force blew her out a few dozen meters. The ninth peak started to collapse and she almost fell off if not for the water thunder whip gripping onto a section of rock…

“Fortunately, you fled quickly.”

Qing Mo sensed a huge pressure in advance and warned her in time, he didn’t expect Meng Yixiao to blow himself up and attract the Ninth Peak Peak Lord.

Qian Wanyu nodded, she stumbled into the tomb, the original body of Meng Yixiao was gone, but he still had a spiritual body. She was anxious about Ninth Sister’s situation so Qian Wanyu did not stop for a moment as she quickly found the inside of the tomb collapsed beyond recognition because of the situation outside.

To find someone in this rubble would be difficult.

“Ninth Sister.”

Qian Wanyu hands moved the stones away one by one, was Dongfang Minghui buried alive in it?

Qing Mo sighed, “You are an earth Spiritual Master, look at your hands, they are about to be ruined.”

Qian Wanyu would like to use earth Spiritual power, but she just noticed that the Spiritual power in her dantian was empty, the five small orbs in her dantian showed a dry state for the first time and it was probably because of that self-explosion just now. She had drained all of her body’s Spiritual power to defend against it.

“In that case, you should quietly cultivate, there may be additional gains.”

“No, I want to find Ninth Sister first.”

Qing Mo knew her stubbornness and couldn’t help but mutter, Ninth Sister this Ninth Sister that, everything is full of Ninth Sister, how about she takes a look at her situation, “Forget it, I’ll help you once, but next time you have to rely on yourself.”

When Qian Wanyu walked to the tomb, the tomb was in a mess, it looked like it had been buried and she was sure from the debris and all the traces on the ground that Ninth Sister must have been here, “Ninth Sister and Lu Xing came to this place.”

She had searched many places but this was the only place where there were obvious traces of a fight. Although the traces were covered by most of the rocks, they were still discovered by the attentive Qian Wanyu.

“Ninth Sister.”

“It’s Seventh sister!”

“Seventh Sister, I am here!”

After Dongfang Minghui moved the lid of the tomb coffin, she saw a bloody person, she was so shocked that her heart was about to jump out, she leapt out of the tomb, “Seventh sister, you’re hurt!”

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