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MIWW Chapter 111 Part 2

Qian Wanyu did not speak she stretched out her hands and embraced the person fiercely sucking in a deep breath. She knew her Ninth Sister would be okay, now her anxious heart could finally calm down.

Dongfang Minghui, however, did not dare to move, she was afraid she might accidentally touch Seventh sister’s wound, “Seventh sister, your wound looks very serious, let me deal with it first, OK?”

Qian Wanyu shook her head, these wounds weren’t that serious she did not care much and wanted to just hug the person in front of her at the moment.

Little Colour, who finally came out of the tomb saw these two people showing affection as if no one else was around, and shook her head with a tsk, “Really don’t consider anyone’s feelings at all.” Ah, it’s just too bad that it was lacking a furnace as well…

“Who is she?”

“Huh?” Dongfang Minghui followed Seventh sister’s gaze and saw Little Colour sitting on the tomb cover with its legs shaking around, with a look of watching a good show. Mainly because the expression on Little Colour’s face was lustful she realised it was thinking of something bad again…

“Little Colour.”

Thinking of the questions Seventh sister might ask, Dongfang Minghui suddenly said, “Seventh sister, let’s double-cultivate.”

Qian Wanyu wanted to shake her head, but as soon as the other person touched, a very soothing spiritual energy went straight to her soul, even the fluctuations in her soul sea couldn’t help but ripple out. Qing Mo had long erected a barrier to shield his eyes so naturally the spiritual energy exchange between the two could not be seen.

Dongfang Minghui saw the five small orbs dried up in Seventh sister’s dantian, she painfully injected her spiritual energy into them, and soon the five small orbs became active and followed her spiritual energy playfully without Qian Wanyu’s command.

It turned out that it was just her spiritual power being depleted.

“Seventh Sister, I’m hiding one thing from you.” Dongfang Minghui hesitated before she wanted to bring this matter up, but-

Before she could say it, she felt a pang of dizziness, and then she couldn’t remember anything.

“Ninth Sister!!!”

The double cultivation disconnected as one party lost consciousness, and Qian Wanyu looked at the vulnerable person who had fallen into a coma in her arms.

Little Colour covered its eyes, about to look away, and met Qian Wanyu’s gaze that was about to kill, it waved its hands, “Don’t you glare at me like that, if she hadn’t begged me so hard, I definitely wouldn’t have done that.”

Lu Xing had already burned his life force, plus Meng Yixiao had rushed in so she released part of the seal and was able to snatch Lu Xing back from Meng Yixiao otherwise how could it be so smooth?

Qian Wanyu tried to suppress the anger in his body, “Speak, how did Ninth Sister suddenly faint?”

“The seal backlash.”

Everything has a price, unlocking the seal naturally also has a price, it has long analyzed the pros and cons for Dongfang Minghui. If they did not pay attention to Lu Xing, its ability alongside pig fairy grass could help seal her breath so that Meng Yi xiao wouldn’t notice so quickly. Too bad she refused to leave Lu Xing behind.

Then she had to unseal Little Colour’s powers to temporarily borrow the power and finally snatch Lu Xing’s life from the hands of the other party. After that, she also ended up fighting against Meng Yixiao this damn pervert.

Qian Wanyu’s aura was a bit unstable, no wonder Ninth Sister was so eager to propose double cultivation just now, was it because she wanted to heal her before the backlash? The moment she thought of the seal, she thought of the last time Ninth Sister also raised her level in this way, she couldn’t move or speak for a few months at that time…

Little Colour shook her head indicating it wouldn’t be the same this time, “You will soon know.”

Dongfang Minghui woke up particularly quickly this time, she opened her eyes to see Seventh sister with an anxious face in front of her, “Ninth Sister, you-”

She remembered, she just wanted to confess about releasing the seal with Seventh sister when the seal backlash appeared. She tried to get up and a pair of large hands helped her sit up straight. She stretched out her hand to try to rub her eyes, aiya she must be too tired she suddenly felt Seventh sister seems to have become bigger…

Then she looked down, her hands were covered by the sleeves of her clothes, she had to desperately pull the sleeves up before freezing.

Qian Wanyu carefully wrapped her arms around her, deeply afraid that she would move too much, “Ninth Sister, no matter what you become, it doesn’t matter.”

These are only temporary after all…

Dongfang Minghui gave Little Colour a hard stare, Little Colour said that the seal could backlash in two ways, one quickly become old, the second, regression to infancy, she was prepared for the possibility of turning into an old woman but the result was she became a small child!

Qian Wanyu saw her staring at her sleeves and thoughtfully folded them up layer by layer until she revealed a pair of small white hands, which she placed inside her palms and covered tightly.

She looked lost and had to look at her hands again before she was sure she had become a child. She looked at her spiritual power internally and it did not regress like last time, which was a great blessing among misfortune.

“Ninth Sister?”

“Seventh sister.”

Dongfang Minghui spoke in an especially childish voice, aiya this made it seem like she was a little girl having a crush on an elder sister ah!

Qian Wanyu saw her sighing like a small adult and simply hugged the little person on her lap kissing her fat cheeks, “No matter what Ninth Sister turns into, I’ll still like.”

When she heard Seventh sister’s consolation, she did not feel better but just thought Seventh sister didn’t want her to be too sad.

“Seventh Sister, I just can’t accept it for the moment, I’ll be fine after a while.”

“Pfft.” Little Colour on the side saw Little Dongfang Minghui giving a serious talk and really couldn’t hold back laughing. No matter what this situation was pretty funny, it still had the previous physique, but the other side has become a small bean.

Dongfang Minghui rolled her eyes and glared at Little Colour, “You just wait for me, I hold a grudge you know!”

Then, she changed the subject, tugging at Qian Wanyu’s sleeve, hanging her head, “Seventh sister, there seems to be a mechanism under the tomb, the Qian Family heritage may be below, you and Little Colour go check it out.”

Little Colour took the lead and moved Lu Xing out first then put him aside carefully, it tapped on the bottom of the coffin and fondled around for a moment.

Dongfang Minghui stood up and almost tripped over her large clothes. She looked sadly at the Entangled Love sent by Seventh sister and touched it with her hand. Qian Wanyu kept paying attention to her from the side and thinking of her set of clothes, she quickly picked it up, found a knife and cut off a part of the sleeves and trouser legs. Then she walked to Little Minghui, “Come on, change. Try on this set of clothes.”

In this place they can only make do, everything else had to wait until they went out.

Little Minghui was a little resistant to let Seventh sister personally change her clothes, she felt so ashamed even though she had the body of an eight-year-old child, she had the heart of an adult! She squirmed and did not allow her to put it on.

“Found it.”

Little Colour touched a mechanism at the bottom of the coffin, and when it was gently touched, the bottom of the coffin seemed to open a door, which was dark and looked like a secret passage to an unknown place.

Qian Wanyu took advantage of Little Minghui being distracted to immediately strip her clothes. Her original clothes had become very large so it only took a gentle pull to pull her out of it with nothing to cover, Qian Wanyu had a serious face the whole time and her eyes were clear knowing what situation they were in now.

“There is a concealed button inside Entangled Love that can allow it to be shrunk.” When she got it at the time she had thought that this mechanism would not be used for the rest of her life, she did not expect it to be useful so soon. She quickly set it up and tied it back on her waist.

“It’s still slightly large, if you feel it’s inconvenient we will put it away first, I’ll buy you a smaller belt.”

Qian Wanyu seriously looked at Dongfang Minghui.

“No, that’s fine.” Having used Entangled Love for so long she knew just how convenient it was. If not, she wouldn’t have gotten so sad at not being able to have it again. All her life-preserving things were also inside the spaces within Entangled Love. Dongfang Minghui looked at her outfit, the clothes were modified from adult clothes so the sleeves were wide, the pants were also like this. She looked a bit like a little villager girl dressed in some rags…it was kind of sad that it reached this point ah!

She shook her head in slight disgust, “When we get out, I’m going to get a new set of clothes.”

She touched the silk umbrella on her back, as she became smaller, the umbrella that was so dexterous in her eyes changed its flavour now that she had shrunk, now she looked more like some famous child actor. She looked at her boots with a lifeless look.

The clothes could be changed, but the boots probably could not.

“Ninth Sister, Seventh sister will hold you.”

“No, no, no–”

She really couldn’t imagine herself being hugged by her Seventh sister, but her protest wasn’t acknowledged.

Qian Wanyu said she would hug so she did, she did not give her a princess hug but just the normal way of hugging children in front before walking over to Little Colour.

“Little Colour, put Lu Xing on your back, we’ll go down.”

Little Colour wanted to retort that it could actually carry Dongfang Minghui, but it was glared at by Qian Wanyu’s eyes before the proposal was made. This damn bully was not cute at all! Its plan to tease Little Minghui was broken…

It helplessly used vine branches to tie Lu Xing to her back and followed Qian Wanyu down.

The steps under the tomb were not long and they got used to the darkness of the steps. The light soon appeared in front of their eyes, which was a little blinding. After they came down the steps, it was as if a door had opened, the world was no longer polluted by the death of qi and there was a blue sky and white clouds as well as large green grass.

The world beneath the tomb was one of the simplest and cleanest places Qian Wanyu had ever seen in any adventure. In the distance, apart from a simple thatched hut, there was only a small mound of earth and a mountain left behind the house.

“What kind of place is this?” Little Colour was astonished, where is the promised inheritance? How come it’s just a broken house! It even reluctantly carried Lu Xing down to check ah!

“Seventh Sister, the grass is soft and doesn’t stick to my feet you can put me down.”


The stiff Dongfang Minghui felt more relieved as soon as she touched the ground. Seventh Sister’s way of being loving is too weird with her small body she wanted to become big again ah!

Qian Wanyu did not poke at her little thoughts and she took the initiative to hold her hand, slowing down her steps. In her heart she could not help but think that in fact, although Ninth Sister has become smaller she’s become more emotional and shy, seeing this side of Ninth Sister is not too bad, much better than the previous seal backlash where she couldn’t move at all.

But still, it’s good to always squirm and not let hug properly!

Little Minghui ran the spiritual power to her feet and could feel the grass under her feet bringing her a comfortable feeling. She liked this kind of peaceful place.

Toothless also seemed to sense her joyful emotions and ran out from the space ring. In her eyes, the not too small toothless at this moment instantly looked a lot taller.

Aiya! This time she wanted to cry.

Toothless would have liked to rub against her, but found the size of Little Minghui was too…small so it gave up this intention and crouched down to wag its tail at her trying to comfort her young heart.

Little Minghui squatted down and sadly leaned on Toothless’ big head, then gently stroked it a few times, “Toothless you go play, don’t set the grass on fire, okay?”

Toothless let out a small voice and dashed out like thunder as if it were saving all its energy after being locked up for so long.

“Seventh sister, we should also go over and see.”

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