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MIWW Chapter 112 Part 1

The hut structure looked very simple, it was made of hardwood and plants. Things that were originally not very for Little Minghui such as this house now became huge. It seems like how people perceive things does depend on a lot of things including height! Seen from afar this hut looked quite spacious.

The door was opened by Little Colour and the contents of the house were easily exposed to their eyes.

She insisted on walking alone and Qian Wanyu was considerate enough to slow down the pace, the distance of 20 to 30 meters was covered in half an incense stick of time.

The arrangement of the house seemed very normal at a glance, there’s a bed, table, and stools… everything looks like what a single person living in the place would need. The bed also looked like it could only accommodate one person.

Little Colour didn’t wait and immediately went over to check everything. It pouted when it found nothing and unhappily untied the wrapped up Lu Xing onto the bed.

“Be careful!”

Little Minghui glared at Little Colour with disapproval, and her little human hand had to go and hold it up so it wouldn’t roll off the bed.

Qian Wanyu has been watching from the side, looking at the little adult with a serious frown before taking a big step forward to help. She moved Lu Xing towards the bed and spoke, “Ninth Sister, what else do you want to do? I’ll help you.”

Little Minghui was dumbfounded, then she puffed her cheeks and ran out of the door with her short legs with flustered eyes as her mouth kept muttering, “Toothless, Toothless where did you go?”

Seventh sister was treating her as a little kid that needed help with everything, it was quite sad for her ah!

Qian Wanyu didn’t know what kind of subtle mood Little Minghui was feeling, watching the little person rush out she always worried if Ninth Sister would fall. Looking around she saw a little something above the bed where Lu Xing was placed, it looked like a random sketch.

Toothless was practising its usual skill of digging holes. After hearing Minghui’s call, he turned his head and roared twice. Seeing the person cross over, he looked wary. Mother looked so small. She needed its protection, so it swished its tail and rushed to her squatting down and sitting on the ground in front of her. Everything outside seemed peaceful so Qian Wanyu got closer and found that the randomly drawn line on the scribble continued from the edge of the bed to the bottom of the bed. It seemed as though half of the wall was covered with this painting.

Qian Wanyu shifted the plank bed to the side with one hand, and only then could she see the whole picture clearly, there were words on it!


There was a small mound of earth next to the hut, and there was a wooden sign erected on top of the mound, Little Minghui was dragged over by Toothless to the side of the grave mound, the writing on top was blurred and Toothless squatted down to continue digging.

This is a grave!

Toothless was digging a hole into a grave…

“Ugh, Toothless, stop digging!” She dragged and dragged, but could not stop Toothless, the little guy had a special obsession for digging holes, it was especially so when it felt that there were good things hidden in the hole.

Little Minghui sat on the ground giving up and found that her strength was not as good as Toothless, “Little Colour, come and stop Toothless.”

Little Colour cast her an are you stupid look and did not move, but then somehow she abruptly stood up, squatting next to Toothless and encouraged, “Silly Toothless, did you find something good? Do you need my help? Come come I can help you dig faster.”

Looking at the evil look on her face, Little Minghui got angry out of shame but then on second thought, Toothless normally didn’t dig holes for no reason. There must be something good hidden underground.

“Seventh sister, there’s a grave here!”

It looks like the wooden sign above it had a name, Little Minghui stood up and examined the wooden sign erected on the mound. She could vaguely see a Qian character but the words after that were fuzzy. The only legible word was the Qian character.

Qian Wanyu read the writing on the wall quickly, the ten line painting on the wall from top to bottom formed a coherent whole.

It seemed like a love story.

The drawing seemed a little rough, but the general appearance of the people in the painting showed that the person who made this painting was very attentive to the details, from the initial meeting to the final parting…

“Seventh sister?”

After shouting once, Qian Wanyu hadn’t come out so Little Minghui used her short legs to run to the house to take a look, “What are you looking at?”

“The owner of this house liked to draw.”

Little Minghui squatted on the floor and found that if she wanted to draw she would have to lie down to draw like this… the painting was quite weirdly positioned. She immediately pointed out her doubts and said, “No one could’ve drawn in such a low position unless they lied on their back.”

After saying that, she tried laying down to imitate drawing, her white hand caressed the bottom of the first painting and then she tried to make herself lift a little higher to reach some of the higher paintings. She had to keep shifting her body to reach properly.

Qian Wanyu’s eyes lit up. No wonder she felt that there was a little bit of weirdness with this room. It seems Ninth Sister was more attentive and had found the cause. Now that she analysed the room again, all the furnishings in this room looked a little shorter than normal, the stool only reached her calf and even the bed wasn’t on a high frame, she needed to bend down to reach it.

In Little Minghui’s eyes, these discrepancies did not exist at all, so when she initially walked in there didn’t seem to be anything wrong.

“Could it be that the owner of this room was paralyzed?”

A bold speculation emerged in the minds of both of them at the same time.

Little Minghui sat on the ground using her hands to prop up her chin and carefully examining the diagram all over again. She also looked at the order it was drawn and noticed it was different from what Qian Wanyu had seen. For her, it was arranged from top to bottom

Qian Wanyu did not disturb her, just silently watching from behind.

“Seventh Sister, this couple is quite sad.”

Little Minghui’s skill at examining pictures was also first-class, she read it and could already picture the stunning and unbelievable love of the couple in the story. This sort of flaming love was timeless and legendary with the statuses of the two people.

This love story depicted a human and a monster. The two met by accident just like one of those sappy dramas, the hero saved the beauty and the beauty began to warm up to the hero. However, because of their different identities and different races, this ordinary love story rose to the point of a national event where both races couldn’t co-exist. Their love intensified the battle between humans and monsters, yet it was uncontrollable…

“Look this is a monster race!” The picture of the monster race looked very tough and wild, they were very animalistic especially the ones who could transform into the shape of a beast, those were the heroes of the beast tribe. The women in their society did not have very high positions so it looked like a primitive patriarchal.

She didn’t know about the current situation of the monster race, but the entire seven-coloured continent now reveres strength, the status of the people within the monster race now should be about the same. Whoever has the bigger fist has the right to speak.

“As far as I know, the monster race has been closed to outsiders for a long time ever since they signed a hundred-year pact with humans, these weapons look to me like they were used hundreds of years ago, now the orcs have learned to make deals with dwarves so they should be using those weapons. These don’t look like dwarven made weapons.” Qing Mo was also amazed, this painting which was probably made hundreds of years ago had been preserved so well, how did they do it and what was the use?

This story involved the core problems between the two tribes so the content was quite heavy.

Little Minghui pursed her lips, she was seriously thinking about an important question, since this place was the back mountain of the Qian Family, who carved these things on the wall?

“Ooo-” Toothless who had finished digging a hole outside suddenly howled with excitement.

“Good good Toothless, let me see what’s in there.” Little Colour headed over and wanted to reach into the hole but a fireball shot from the side towards the unsuspecting Little Colour and burned her clothes a little.

“Stupid Toothless! You dare to injure this master’s hands!”

Little Colour got angry, hmph it had gone to the trouble of accompanying this little thing to play but the result was this little thing didn’t know good from bad and attacked her!

Toothless was carefully guarding the hole as if it wouldn’t give way to anyone and would attack again if she got close. If Little Colour dared to move forward it didn’t hesitate to shoot another fireball!

Qian Wanyu looked at Little Colour going crazy then looked at Toothless who was guarding the hole and wagging its tail like a loyal guard dog for Ninth Sister.

She sensed that in her soul sea when she advanced, the little white tiger seemed to feel nothing, it seems she still had to wait for it to wake up.

“Seventh Sister, that grave seems to belong to your Qian Family’s people, maybe it’s an elder.” Her little Toothless dug a hole into someone’s grave which seemed a bit shameful, “Let’s give it a kowtow and admit our mistakes first.”

Qian Wanyu looked at the coffin that was dug out by Toothless, there was a big gap between this and the noble and solemn coffins seen outside. Judging from its material, it was built of the same material as what was used for the hut so evidently whoever had built the hut had built the coffin as well.

Dongfang Minghui saw that Seventh sister wasn’t moving so she had no choice but to go forward herself and kowtow to admit her mistakes.

She kneeled three times to this small grave, Little Minghui sincerely apologised, “Senior do not get angry, Toothless did it unintentionally if there is any offence please forgive it, I will sincerely worship your grave with incense for 15 days.”

Qian Wanyu stood beside her and did not bother to stop her, she knew Ninth Sister cared about these things. Listening carefully to her various prayers she carefully identified the words above the wooden sign – The Grave of Qian Ying.

“Qian Ying…this name seems familiar.” Qing Mo was also looking at the simple tomb, he tried to find out who could’ve been buried here.

“This is probably the grave of the most controversial woman among the ancestors of the Qian Family.” Qian Wanyu remembered that before Aunt Mo had told her about the ancestral generations of the Qian Family. She heard it once and remembered everything, “Qian Ying’s name was removed from the Qian Family tree, Aunt Mo was only a maid who grew up in the Qian Family so she wasn’t sure how she knew about this history but she probably learned it from her mother Qian Yiling. This Qian Ying, it is said that she had made a grave mistake and was killed by the Qian Family.

When Qian Wanyu mentioned this, Qing Mo immediately beat his legs, “I remember now! A hundred years ago, when I was just a wisp of soul, I saw the Qian Family round-up one of their descendants, at that time it was a huge fuss and the Qian Family child was accused of collusion with the monster race and acting as a spy. In fact, this Qian Ying was really hidden, she was not only the most outstanding Spiritual Master in that generation of the Qian Family, she was also a strong Dark System Spiritual Master.”

He was still in the midst of his own revenge from betrayal, the taste of being betrayed by those closest to him made him paranoid and unable to trust people, seeing this Qian Ying who caused public outrage and was betrayed by her own family he saw a bit of the same kind of grief in her. The Qian Family actually betrayed by her and must have used her emotions towards the Qian Family to capture her. Otherwise, with her skills and abilities, she would not have easily been captured by them and externally killed off but secretly hidden by them in this grave prison.

“You never said that there was another Dark System Spiritual Master in my Qian Family ancestors?”

Qing Mo sighed, “Wanyu, it’s not that I didn’t want to say it, but you never allowed me to say it.”

When Qian Wanyu awakened her dark system Spiritual power, once she felt anything negative her mood swings would be quite big.

He was afraid that she could not easily do this and might have any trauma so he wanted to wait, after all, how many years had he waited before he found a destined person? He couldn’t let Qian Wanyu die for anything. In addition, at that time, the Qian Family had little to do with them. Afterwards, he simply couldn’t remember meeting anyone from the Qian Family, after all, it was a hundred years ago.

Qian Wanyu’s mood was a little subtle. When she first awakened her dark spiritual power, she felt that heaven and earth were unjust and deceitful. Now, having met one Dark Spiritual Master after another, she had a kind of realization that it wasn’t that Dark Spiritual Masters were born guilty, the shackles imposed on them by the group of people around them full of their self-proposed benevolence and morality were the root cause of the current situation.

Toothless saw his mother ignore everything else and moved over to rub against her before prodding her back, “Mother mother, hug hug.”

Little Minghui was quite happy after kowtowing and asking for forgiveness to the senior but once she heard Toothless her veins throbbed and she gritted her teeth, “No Toothless!”

Toothless pulled her clothes and signalled for her to get on it.

Qian Wanyu couldn’t look away, this stupid thing was indeed brutal at times, she pulled Ninth Sister up to her feet with one hand, “Did Toothless find the treasure?”

When Toothless heard her, he roared towards Qian Wanyu, that fierce little look was actually a warning to her.

Qian Wanyu held Minghui’s hand and stood at the edge of the pit, Toothless’ front claws were still very sharp, ta

“Ninth Sister, I’ll go down first to have a look.”

Little Minghui saw the height of the hole and rolled her eyes at Toothless. When Toothless saw Qian Wanyu going down it kept restlessly moving around, “Toothless Toothless just wait, Seventh sister will help us find the treasure.”

“Ninth Sister, let Toothless carry you down.”

Toothless cleverly lay next to Little Minghui, the number of times it flapped its tail accelerated a lot so it seemed it was quite anxious. This was the first time she had seen Toothless so impatient, she helplessly tugged its ears and gently ruffled its head a little before climbing onto Toothless’ back. Toothless’ back felt very soft and very comfortable, she wrapped her two small hands into a ring around its neck in case it was bumpy.

When Qian Wanyu jumped down, she did not see anything outstanding but she did see a well-sealed iron box that was intact. She wrapped her hand with spiritual power and picked up the iron box to weigh it, she shook a little but according to her judgment, there should be nothing valuable inside.

“Is this it?”

Toothless roared and squeezed away Qian Wanyu with his own body, then went to the side, picking up the lid of the coffin buried there and poking around. First looking at the person inside before clawing and fishing around.

Toothless paws tried to hook its claw onto a jade pendant on the waist of the female body. If only it had hands it wouldn’t have needed such a stupid method!

Qian Wanyu was slightly surprised, Toothless’s action made her realize something, Toothless’ treasure hunting skills were really outstanding. It could even sense things hidden inside the coffin, did it have eyes that could penetrate everything?

Little Minghui sitting on its back couldn’t see anything but she could feel the hair on Toothless’ back stand up indicating that this was dangerous. She held her breath and concentrated, not daring to disturb it.

She carefully pulled out her silk umbrella, planning to block in front of Toothless once anything went wrong, digging someone’s grave and incurring the wrath of God wasn’t worth the loss!

Toothless hooked the jade pendant little by little fishing until its claws grew a little tired. It stood still to rest for a breath of time before quickly going back in with another claw, persistently trying to hook the jade pendant before finally grabbing it!

Toothless bit the jade pendant with his mouth and turned around, with a swish of its tail the coffin lid closed again.

Although the whole process seemed simple, everyone present was still alarmed because this act of taking the jade pendant would definitely have offended the person in the coffin.

The group of people climbed out of the hole and Toothless put down Little Minghui taking the initiative to hand her the half jade pendant before thinking of how to fill the hole again.

Little Minghui felt Toothless’s actions were very strange, in the past when Toothless dug holes it never bothered to fill them back again. Now, for some reason, it decided to fill back the hole it had dug it was quite abnormal… She looked at the jade pendant, half of the jade pendant was chipped and cut very neatly, in the end, it looked like a broken product, “This jade pendant is only half a piece.”

Qian Wanyu shook the iron box in her hand, she was more interested in what was in the box, why was it placed on the same high level as the coffin, could it be that the owner of this room wanted to bury the most precious things in her life with her hands? They went back to the hut, Qian Wanyu simply opened the iron box, there was a lot of paper inside. It was quite dusty from how old it was and each one had been folded into a flying crane, no wonder she felt the iron box had some weight yet wasn’t heavy.

As Qian Wanyu expected, after opening the first letter she knew that these were the most valuable things of the owner of this room, these were letters that could never be sent, the letters were written in a very wild font so it was clear that the person who wrote them was also loose and unrestrained.

Little Minghui’s face was confused, it was because she was lazy and hadn’t done any homework so she couldn’t read this wild font at all!

They looked even harder to read than the notes she had to read back when she was a doctor! She could only watch as Seventh sister read one after another.

Qian Wanyu’s expression was serious while reading it was as if she was dealing with a matter of great importance.

“Seventh sister, what do the letters say?” Dongfang Minghui wanted to talk and had to raise her head.

“The one buried in the grave is Qian Ying, she said that if you promise her a condition, she can give the Qian Family’s heritage.”

“What does she mean by giving?” This made her confused. How could she give it? Was there someone still alive in here? Why did it need to be given like this?

“A person buried underground still wants to influence the world, hmph what condition did she want?”

Qian Wanyu looked at the letters with complicated eyes, she didn’t fold it back nor did she put it back in the grave or burn it with fire…

“She said that she still has one son. If future generations promised to find and protect her son she would give them the heritage…”



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