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MIWW Chapter 112 Part 2

“What else?” So many letters, should not have only said these things, right?

“This half jade is also called the key of hope, she said the other half of the key containing the Qian Family’s legacy was thrown into another space by her. Only with this key can anyone get the true legacy. If only half a key is used the person will only obtain half the inheritance and eventually die from an internal explosion.”

This was the first time Dongfang Minghui wanted to dig out a dead body and flog it. She was in awe before towards this Qian Ancestor but now she was mad enough to want to pull her hair out!

Qian Wanyu frowned but she understood at heart. The Qian Family’s vicious approach caused her and her lover to part forever on top of that they broke her legs and imprisoned her here. However, this person was gifted and not only managed to get the inheritance of the ninth peak but also came up with a good way to take revenge against the Qian Family. By throwing the other half of the heritage outside she managed to blackmail the Qian Family to work for her to get the true inheritance.

“Have you thought about it?”


Qian Wanyu had no choice, this Qian Family inheritance belonged to her she had to obtain it. If she only had half she would always regret not taking the opportunity.

Qing Mo, had to remind her again, “If you can’t find the other half then your body will burst and you will die…do you really want to do this? After a hundred years, who even knows if the son of Qian Ying was still alive?”

Wanyu’s life was really too hard. She was only twenty years old and was a five system spiritual scholar. Even in ancient records he had never heard of someone like her. Qing Mo felt a little regret at the moment, he should have praised her more so she wouldn’t take so much risks to grow stronger at the fastest rate. Thinking of it in his heart, he never seemed to even praise her once.

“Ninth Sister, I’m going to get this inheritance, you’ll support me, right?” Qian Wanyu suddenly squatted down and pulled the slightly confused little Minghui to her side.

“Yes, I will support whatever Seventh sister does.” Little Minghui stared back at her firmly.


Qian Wanyu gently kissed her forehead, then let her go and said, “Ninth Sister, don’t follow, wait for me inside the hut.”

Little Minghui stood with Toothless inside the hut, watching Qian Wanyu walk to the middle of the ground, a drop of blood came out of her hand and floated in the middle of the air. A figure appeared in the sky, if one looked closer you could see that the phantom in the sky and the person lying in the coffin looked exactly the same, the drop of blood returned to Qian Wanyu’s forehead through her fingers.

“The vow is complete.”

A sound suddenly came from mid-air louder than thunder. This kind of oath was the blood oath in the seven-coloured continent, the general oath wouldn’t make such a big noise, this could only be the blood oath.

Dongfang Minghui looked at the little red dot on Seventh sister’s forehead, and it felt very dazzling. She wanted to rush out and hug Seventh sister but she saw her draw the water thunder whip and walk towards the pile of earth with a gloomy expression. She saw the whip in Seventh sister’s hand swiping towards the place where Toothless filled the hole before and destroy it with one blow. Below, the mud flew out, and the lid of the wooden coffin flew far away because of her long whip.

Seeing Seventh sister’s ruthlessness that was willing to even take revenge on a dead person she felt it was better for Seventh sister to cool down first.

Qian Wanyu pursed her lips, jumped down and looked at the person lying quietly in the coffin. Seeing the ring finger in her hand, she cut it off and put it into her own space ring, “Since I have to find your son, don’t blame me for breaking your finger and taking this.”

Then she ignored the dead person’s coffin she had just blown open and swaggeringly went back to the hut.

“Seventh sister, your forehead…” little Minghui felt worried.

“No harm done, Ninth Sister, the inheritance is in this room, you’d better take Lu Xing outside to wait.”

“Aiya, I guess that’s the only way. Little Colour, quickly, take Lu Xing out and let’s get away from here.” Dongfang Minghui knew the importance of the Qian Family’s heritage, when she heard Seventh sister’s instructions she hastily summoned Toothless and Little Colour to her side and left the small hut in a hurry.

Qian Wanyu watched her leave and then boldly began to examine the house.

“No wonder this house has been standing for a hundred years, the heritage is hidden inside.” Qing Mo had to praise Qian Wanyu’s intelligence, what sort of situation did that girl have to become so vicious.

But, it seems that this couldn’t all be blamed on her.

“When I cut off her fingers just now, I didn’t find any problems with her legs.” Her body lying there wasn’t like a cripple at all. Since she wasn’t a cripple Ninth Sister’s previous deduction was moot.

Qian Wanyu pointed towards those paintings on the wall, “Don’t you think this painting is too deliberate?”

She had left letters so why bother with paintings? Although the whole hut seemed coordinated after overturning the assertion that Qian Ying was a cripple, everything that seemed to make sense before now seems weird. For example, the painting was likely a deliberate adjustment to the house.

“You suspect that the painting is actually a formation?”

In the formation arts, in addition to the simple array formation, there were also drawing arrays, the transmission array they used to arrive here was actually one of those drawing arrays. General drawing arrays were normally just simple painted diagrams. Ones such as the painting Qian Ying had painted would likely be ignored as a real painting… According to the normal way of thinking, the more complex a drawing the more time is needed to crack it.

Qian Wanyu sat in front of the wall quietly, she released spiritual power in her eyes and the original deep eyes turned darker. Five colours floated inside in turns. This formation was very complex, each pattern extended to hundreds of patterns.

Little Minghui nervously waited outside, she knew that the inheritance wasn’t something that could be completed in a day or two.

“You’ve been walking around for a day, are you tired? Qian Wanyu is cultivating so you should be cultivating as well, otherwise it will be a matter of time before you’re thrown far away from her level, don’t shame me, okay.” Little Colour rolled her eyes. This little buddy’s always so silly, when normal people encounter opportunities they should push forward. It was still feeling regretful that the half of the jade wasn’t in her hands.

She thought about it and felt that Little Colour was right, after cultivating for an hour, she opened her eyes, “Little Colour, don’t you think there is something wrong with this space?”

“There is indeed a problem.”

She couldn’t sense any spiritual energy at all, as if everything was stagnant within this space.

Outside, everyone knew that there was a big problem on the Qian Family’s ninth peak, they had all seen the shocking situation that day, especially the grey smoke that filled the entire ninth peak.

Wood rushed upward but halfway there the fourth peak, fifth peak and even the sixth peak peak masters jointly suppressed him. Finally even the old lady heard about the big problem and rushed to the back mountain. The whole group of people inside were immediately taken out including Qian Ziyan who refused to go out.

“You guys are saying that Zhuoxi, Wanyu and Minghui all went up to the ninth peak?” Li Yunan was shocked, he could only be sure that Lu Xing and Meng Yixiao went up to the ninth peak, as for Wanyu and Minghui, only Mu Sheng guessed this.

The old lady’s face didn’t change, no one could tell what she was thinking.

The fact that a Dark System Spiritual Master appeared in the ninth peak and also ended his life by blowing himself up meant something that everyone present knew. Many speculated that the person who blew himself up was Meng Yixiao.

After all, with Bai Rou and Mu Sheng testifying, it was almost a foregone conclusion that Meng Yixiao was the Spiritual Master of the Dark System.

But to make a Spiritual Monarch level Dark System Spiritual Master blow himself up, there was room for a lot of suspicious speculation, “You are all tired, rest well, I will arrange for someone to go up to the ninth peak to find them then let Cai Qing inform you as soon as there is any news.”

“Thank you, old madam.”

After the old lady left, they all felt exhausted, Qian Ziyan was kept in her small courtyard in case he rushed up to the fifth peak again. The higher the peaks the more dangerous they were, the old lady didn’t want to lose track of her son before he recovered, just like Wanyu and the Minghui girl…

Yes, they had lost their trails…

She had actually personally climbed to the ninth peak to see the peak master since knowing that a dark system Spiritual Master had come out of the ninth peak. From the shocking scene at that time, she could see how much damage the dark system Spiritual Master’s self-destruction had brought to the ninth peak. At the same time, Wanyu and Minghui were most likely seriously injured by the impact of that self-destruction, currently, their status was unknown.

“Continue to have the people search below, maybe they fell straight down to the bottom of the peak because of the impact…”

“Yes, old madam.”

The group cultivated in the small courtyard while quietly waiting for news, but this wait suddenly turned into three months…

Li Yunan returned to the Li family to accept the arrangements from his uncle, intending to hone himself. Situ Hao also received Situ Hongying’s message, an urgent matter had cropped up needing him to return to the Royal Academy, Bai Rou didn’t feel relieved and simply joined him, before leaving she asked the Qian Family to send them any news if they found the missing people.

Mu Sheng chose to stay and continue to wait for news. He had no close friends in the Royal Academy, and the only people worthy of his friendship were lost in this adventure. He felt some remorse, but even more, he blamed himself. If he had been strong enough perhaps they wouldn’t have had to face this struggle.

“Old madam, there is still one of the third young lady’s friends who haven’t left.” Cai Qing reported the truth to the old madam, not knowing if it was her own illusion she actually felt that the old lady had aged quite a lot during this time.

“That’s a child with a good heart.” The old lady didn’t know what had occurred, only after a long time did she instruct Cai Qing, “Treat the third young lady’s friend well, if Wanyu comes back and finds out that we didn’t take care of her friend, she will be even more reluctant to get close to me, a strange old woman.”

Cai Qing nodded and then retreated.

Inside the room, Qian Ziyan, who was chained up, was muttering “Xing, Xing, Xing–”

He was still not fully recovered but his eyes were getting clearer and clearer every day.

The next day, Mu Sheng was taken by Cai Qing to the Qian Family’s martial arts arena. A total of nineteen trainers were waiting in the arena, then Mu Sheng started his hell-like training.

In this period of time, the most one who felt the worst was Dongfang Minghui, she originally thought that after three months, she would have changed back to her original appearance but the result was…she hadn’t changed at all!

Not to mention changing back, in the pas three months even the grass in front of her hadn’t grown an inch!

This place’s time was obviously strange, everything was static…

There was no spiritual energy for her to absorb so she, Toothless and Little Colour naturally couldn’t cultivate, a lot of time passed by and she got bored so she focused on refining her potion making skills to feed Toothless.

Little Colour wanted to return to the soul sea to play with the pig fairy grass but found that it could not return so it became frantic and annoyed.

Toothless was happy every day, running around the endless plains while wailing, and sometimes carrying Little Minghui along for a wild ride, it became their only daily fun.

As for the hut, ever since the door closed, Toothless got bored and wanted to go up and knock on it but when it got within three metres all its body hair stood up and it ran away in fear, never daring to go near that place again.

Qian Wanyu on the other side had entered into her own world, she followed each of the lines, trying to infuse her spiritual power, following the lines through the similar and unfamiliar paths, walking around and losing her way a lot of the time. If it were not for the constant vigilance of Qing Mo in her mind, she would not have been able to find the right path. Even so, she was still not tired and patiently walked through every path finding the correct way to solve the formation.

“It’s already at the end…”

This formation was peculiar and unusual, with three thousand paths, yet each one would lead to a different path. She couldn’t help but reflect on the fact that this formation was a formation sealed by the power of inheritance by Qian Ying…what was her intention when doing this?

She kept thinking and finally came to the conclusion that Qian Ying drew out her experience in order to wake up people in the future generations. Do not repeat her mistakes again, she hoped that the world’s lovers would finally be married and no tragedy would happen.

“I know, I have to go the other way, back to the beginning!”

Qian Wanyu’s bright eyes shone a light that broke through the formation confinement, and the door to the inheritance opened to her completely.

“Toothless, which one is the heartless herb, find it for me.” Little Minghui sat in the centre of a pile of medicinal plants, she talked to Toothless while it was lying on its back. Two pair of big eyes awkwardly looking at these medicinal plants, they all looked very mouth-watering, it just needs to find out the right plant and then it could get a reward from mother.

Toothless felt full of energy, sniffing this one and that before finding the heartless grass, it nudged it over to Little Minghui.


Light from the thatched hut suddenly shone in all directions. Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but close her eyes feeling happy, Seventh sister must have cracked the formation!

This light went straight to the clouds and covered the entire back mountain of the Qian Family.

“It’s the power of inheritance, quickly go and invite the old lady!”

The nine peak masters were all subdued by the commotion, they stood at the highest point of their respective peaks, standing with their hands behind their back, admiring the rare spectacle. They had been guarding these peaks all their lives and had almost forgotten how long ago it had been since the light of inheritance was last emitted.

The old man of the ninth peak was stunned, he had looked before, there were several dolls who had broken into the ninth peak, was one of them a descendant of the Qian Family?

The old lady seeing this scene came rushing with the Qian Family disciples, she stood on the fourth peak and said several good words, even Cai Qing was overjoyed, there was finally some news, but on second thought, was the person who received the inheritance the third young lady or the first lady?

“Congratulations to the old lady, congratulations to the old lady!”

Mu Sheng also benefited from the light of Wanyu and Minghui, otherwise for such a big joyous event of Qian Family, according to reason, as an outsider, he should have had no way to attend. However, as soon as the old madam heard that there was the light of inheritance, she allowed Sister Cai Qing to bring him here.

He had inquired about the matter of this inheritance, many people said it in ambiguous terms, the Qian Family family head was not necessarily the person who received the inheritance of the Qian Family. However, the identity of the person who received the inheritance overrides the Qian Family’s family head.

In the Qian Family, the only one who has ever caused an internal dispute between ranks after receiving the inheritance was Qian Ying.

Just as the crowd rejoiced, Little Minghui felt happy for Seventh sister and she was suddenly called over.

“Ninth Sister, Ninth Sister, help me!”

“Toothless, shh, be quiet, I think I hear something.”

Toothless immediately covered its mouth with its small forelimbs.

“Ninth Sister, Ninth Sister, help me!”

“Seventh sister! It’s Seventh sister’s voice!” Dongfang Minghui took one step forward, but Toothless stopped her with its body, wailing at her, the tail behind whirling in the air.

“You’re not hearing voices, are you?” Little Colour couldn’t hear anything but it also knew that people couldn’t be distracted during an inheritance. This could be some demon trying to fool people.

“Ninth Sister, Ninth Sister.”

“No, it must be Seventh sister, she’s in danger!” Dongfang Minghui was very serious and tried to coax little Toothless away, despite Little Colour’s obstruction, she ran straight to the door of the small hut. She pushed open the door and approached the person enveloped by light inside. Toothless and Little Colour wanted to follow but the moment she went in the door slammed shut!

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