Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 113

The surroundings were full of dazzling light, and she couldn’t open her eyes. She didn’t know where she was so she moved forward instinctively.

Little Minghui’s sleeve was bitten by Toothless, and she felt the illusion that she was a lost child. Little Colour was also amazed. When they were outside just now, they didn’t feel the slightest bit of spiritual power. When they stepped into the thatched hut, the spiritual power that was so full of annihilating pleasure kept circling them. It’s a pity that the inheritance has a master so it can’t be absorbed, Little Colour felt sad. Little Minghui was too upright and gave everything to her Seventh sister which was worrying.

“What is this place?”

“It should be the place of inheritance.”

Little Minghui had a little regret, feeling that she was a little too impulsive, how could Seventh sister ask her for help for no reason? This was not like Seventh sister’s style at all.

“Seventh sister, where are you now?”

“Ninth Sister.”

She wanted to try to see if there was any connection between her and Seventh sister, to her surprise she heard Seventh sister’s voice, Little Minghui got excited and asked, “Seventh sister, where are you? Are you okay?”

“Go, get out of here!”

After saying this sentence, there was no more sound.

Little Minghui pulled Toothless to turn around but after a few steps stopped and muttered, “Something doesn’t seem right.”

“What a nuisance, if something doesn’t feel right go up and take a look, we’re already inside anyway.” Little Colour said helplessly.


If there was no danger, why did Seventh sister make her leave?

Qian Wanyu was only half-conscious at the moment, she has to accept the inheritance baptism on the one hand, on the other hand, she has to distract herself to deal with a hidden danger in her soul sea, this soul felt dark and familiar, if she wasn’t wrong, it was likely a soul imprint left by Meng Yixiao in her soul sea!

“His soul power is very strong.”

The first person who found Meng Yixiao’s existence was Qing Mo, he originally wanted to see the little white tiger advance, but ended up being attacked by it, to be precise, Meng Yixiao hiding under the little white tiger attacked. It was just that at that time, Qian Wanyu was channelling the inheritance power, her soul sea was attacked so her brain was painful enough to explode, Qing Mo was also defenceless, almost being eaten alive by this mass of soul power.

“No wonder he chose to explode himself.”

Now that they thought about it, all the strange actions done by Meng Yixiao before could be explained, a Spiritual Monarch level Dark System Spiritual Master chose to self-destruct, he had ulterior motives and wanted to take advantage of Wanyu while she was accepting the inheritance to capture her body in one fell swoop, really a good evil plan.

This person specializes in doing some underhanded things but Qing Mo has seen stranger things.

“Keep your heart steady, don’t be affected by Meng Yixiao.”

Once her soul sea was taken over, her consciousness will be erased, meaning she will completely disappear.

Qian Wanyu almost suffered a backlash when she accepted the inheritance, her first reaction upon hearing Ninth Sister’s voice was to tell her to leave immediately.

“Seventh sister.”

Little Minghui closed her eyes and followed her senses forward. When she reached a place, she felt a little fluctuation of spiritual energy around her and decided that Seventh sister was in this place. Since the two of them had double cultivated, her sense for Seventh sister had become stronger.

“Seventh sister.”

“Go!!!” Qian Wanyu let out a loud shout, and waves surged in the soul sea as Meng Yixiao took advantage of the fire to take over her subconscious mind in one fell swoop.

The human subconscious mind was very weak, although her soul sea improved a little after her dual cultivation with Ninth Sister, it is still far from the Spiritual Monarch Meng Yixiao.

Little Minghui heard this tone and couldn’t help but shiver, Seventh sister was really in danger. She bit her index finger in an emergency, a drop of blood floated in front of her, she muttered, “Lu Xing said you can make the even dead trees spring back to life, since you are so magical, help me find Seventh sister.”

A drop of bright red blood slowly faded and the surroundings refracted light, she saw Seventh sister sitting cross-legged at the corner, frowning with a pale face, her clothes had spots of blood and her forehead was bleeding.

“Will it be dangerous if I use my spiritual power to invade Seventh sister’s body at this time?” Little Minghui murmured in thought.

“Dangerous, she is also in danger now, the spiritual power within her body is chaotic, even her soul sea is extremely unstable.” Little Colour judged critically, seeing Qian Wanyu so miserable, it couldn’t help but feel that the inheritance wasn’t so easy to take.

“Soul sea?” She looked incredulous if not Little Colour looking extremely calm, she most likely would have thought it was a trick again, Seventh sister’s soul sea has Qing Mo in it, it can be said to be solid as gold, how can it be unstable?

Little Minghui wanted to go forward but found that the spiritual energy around Seventh sister was extremely exclusionary, it was not too easy to get close. She quietly released a small strand of spiritual energy, slowly mixing it with the group of spiritual energy, and entered Seventh sister’s body.

“How did it turn out like this?!”

“Seventh sister.”

The spiritual energy in Qian Wanyu’s body was scattered about, as if it had come to a dangerous area, with no one to block it, no one to manage it, and even no one to guide it, the five strands of spiritual energy in her dantian were riotous and chaotic.

She saw such a picture and had no choice, so she took on the battle herself, her soft and gentle spiritual power floated into Seventh sister’s body taking the initiative to guide and pacify the five strands of spiritual power in her Dantian. Afterwards, she also unblocked the inherited power absorbed by Seventh sister to improve the purity of spiritual power.

Seventh sister still hasn’t responded to her which made her feel strange so she carefully probed into the soul sea.

“Meng Yixiao!”

The two of them double cultivated, and from time to time, they would stay in the soul sea to cultivate. Therefore, Seventh sister’s soul sea had a certain familiarity with her and accepted her appearance without issue. Five different spiritual forces appeared in one soul sea, one of which carried an evil energy, the soul sea had split into two pieces, Seventh sister and Qing Mo held on to one piece, and the other piece was being held by an evil force.

“I made you leave, why are you back again?” Qian Wanyu looked serious.

Qing Mo saw Dongfang Minghui and his eyes lit up, thinking of Little Minghui’s unparalleled soul power, the other party’s ability was already dozens or even hundreds of times higher than Wanyu, the two people joining forces may be able to change the current situation.

“Wanyu, your soul sea will change a little after each double cultivation. You guys try double cultivation now, you might be able to salvage this situation.”


Little Minghui raised both hands and feet to agree, she wasn’t doing this for pleasure, she wanted to help Seventh sister exterminate Meng Yixiao completely, lest this eyesore comes out again to do evil deeds.

“Little Colour, can you go back into my soul sea now?”

Toothless howled and instantly returned to the space ring, Little Colour closed her eyes and returned to the sea of souls, “This place is evil.”

“Seventh sister’s soul sea is in the danger, Little Colour you need to guard my soul sea, do not let Meng Yixiao jump in.” She then looked to Toothless in her space ring, “Toothless, later if something strange comes out, remember to spit fire.”

“Little mother ah.” Toothless looked confused as if it didn’t understand what she meant.

“It’s something that you hate too.” There was no way she could talk to a confused little beast about such an evil existence as Meng Yixiao.

“What the hell, isn’t Meng Yixiao dead?” Little Colour wanted to ask some more, but it turned out that the other party had already transferred her spiritual power away.

She only left a tiny bit of spiritual power inside her own body. After the huge spiritual power dived into Seventh sister’s body, she familiarly scurried into the soul sea, and the gloomy soul sea brightened a few points because of her appearance.

The gloomy area was forced backwards a small portion.

“Dongfang Minghui!” Meng Yixiao turned into a human form and glared at her fiercely as if he wanted to eat her alive. When he saw her unexpectedly appear in the same soul sea, he was surprised, “Your spiritual powers can fuse?”

The prerequisite for this sort of fusion was to trust the other person and rely on them, if he still couldn’t see the relationship between the two, he would have been living in vain, “Hahahahaha, I miscalculated your relationship, very good…”

A hundred secrets would always have one mistake, and this one mistake could often cause the whole game to be lost.

Qian Wanyu pulled her hand, “Ninth Sister, don’t talk nonsense with him, he took advantage of the moment when I was blown out of consciousness by the power of self-explosion to enter my soul sea, trying to take my place.”

The other party used his explosion to prepare this sort of deep plan and take over her body. This Meng Yixiao was truly the most meticulous and frightening enemy she had ever seen.

Dongfang Minghui looked at her hands and feet, slightly surprised, she had thought she would still be a child but it seemed she was in her adult form so her heart was balanced again, she nodded in disgust, “If it wasn’t for him, Lu Xing wouldn’t have burnt his life force.”

“Seventh sister.”

The two held hands and doubled cultivated in the soul sea, an even more majestic soul power emanated from both of them, even Qing Mo was forced back to the side, he guarded the little white tiger.

The little one was still sleeping, he was surprised that Meng Yixiao did not take advantage of the opportunity to seize the little white tiger, why wasn’t this little thing more careful?

Toothless growled outside, waiting for the thing its mother mentioned to come out so it could spit out a mouthful of fire.

“Seventh Sister, your previous devouring power can’t swallow him directly?”

“The backyard is on fire, so I lost sight of him.”

Hearing Seventh sister’s words, Dongfang Minghui didn’t know if to laugh or to cry. Alright, now Seventh Sister’s backyard is also her backyard, thinking about the fire she mentioned she understood, Meng Yixiao wanted to take advantage of this to be a dove occupying the magpie’s nest.

“Ninth Sister, control your mind.” Qian Wanyu counted the hours, generally every half an hour she would be able to absorb a portion of the inheritance, just now that inheritance power into her body indeed caused her a certain amount of confusion and trauma. If not for Ninth Sister suddenly appearing, she really might not have had a good end.


To some extent, Dongfang Minghui’s soul sea was even wider than Qian Wanyu’s, her soul sea was full of verdant colours, and there was an unknown huge tree with roots rooted in the centre, vine branches hanging down and climbing all over the ground, not far from this big tree there was also tall grass, yes, only grass, lean and thin, from time to time curled looking natural and pleasing to the eye.

After Little Colour became bigger, the sapling turned into a gigantic tree, Dongfang Minghui saw the curled leaves and grass tail around it and knew it was the body of pig fairy grass, “Pig fairy grass how is your body so strange?”

“It’s malnourished.” Little Colour’s vines sometimes twined around the pig fairy grass to play with it.

The pig fairy grass rose in indignation and gave it a fierce smack as if to refute its words.

“I’m not accustomed to this soil and water.” It couldn’t help sighing, the previous living environment was too good, suddenly changing to a different environment would cause all kinds of discomfort.

This was a very serious problem for plants, once they screwed up, the plants would even wither, “Pig fairy grass, are you okay? Otherwise, I’d better send you back to the Royal Academy.”

There was a spirit gathering baby under her small courtyard which could help the pig fairy grass.

“No need.” Pig Fairy Grass was angry.

Since the other party was unwilling, she didn’t force it, keeping the issue in mind, for the time being, she focused on the main business, she discussed with them in a low voice, “A Dark System Spiritual Master has appeared in Seventh sister’s soul sea, I need your help.”

When the two people’s soul sea merged, the whole soul sea becomes an endless grassland, Qing Mo felt for the first time that in this, even the grass was taller and bigger than him…was this the soul sea of Dongfang Minghui?

“Little Colour, pig fairy grass, get to work.”

Little Colour’s vine and pig fairy grass’s grass tail intertwined together and the vine’s juice along with pig fairy grass’ grass liquid dripped down into the soul sea.

Dongfang Minghui kept looking at them, the finger knife in her hand cut open her finger at some point, a drop of bright red blood followed them and went into the soul sea.

Qian Wanyu felt a majestic life force, and the trauma he had just suffered was instantly healed. Seeing Ninth Sister skillfully using her blood, he couldn’t help but guess if the other party knew about her being part of the Longevity People?

“Dongfang Minghui!!!” Meng Yixiao’s energy was almost spent, when he met the other party’s spiritual energy-containing life force, it was like meeting a natural enemy, he could not give any resistance and could only keep retreating.

His pair of blackened eyes stared at the person beside Qian Wanyu, if possible, at all costs he wanted to bring this person back.

“Seventh Sister, force this thing out or kill it here?” For her, Meng Yixiao was no longer considered a person, how could this sort of evil creature exist?

“We’ll use spiritual power to wrap it and throw it out of my body.”

Qian Wanyu thought of devouring Meng Yixiao’s energy before but had gotten exploited by him afterwards, it was disgusting and hard to bear so she could no longer bear devouring this nasty thing. When Meng Yixiao tried to escape they gathered the strength of the two soul seas to wrap him into a ball, compressing it and then forcing it out of Qian Wanyu’s finger.

This method was exactly what Minghui had expected before and she had already instructed Toothless to guard outside.

Toothless also performed as she expected, as soon as it saw something emerge, he spurted out a mouthful of flame with full force and then another few mouthfuls until the thing had been burned to ashes in its flame.

The soul sea soon returned to calm, Dongfang Minghui with Little Colour exited the hut and continued to live a boring day outside, quietly waiting for Seventh sister to finish training. She sensed in the Dantian before, Seventh sister should be a Level 3 Spiritual Scholar which was a higher level than her. She looked at the clouds in the sky that seemed to have remained untouched and couldn’t help but doubt this place, “Seventh sister is a five-element Spiritual Body, advancing to the next level should cause a lot of movement but this place doesn’t react at all, isn’t it too strange?”

“Not strange, the tomb above is the Qian Family’s tomb while this place is probably an independent space she opened up.” Little Colour lazily concluded, it had seen many space masters create an independent space at the drop of a hat, the more talented people could even create a world that made people jealous.

Opened up a space?

This was the first time Dongfang Minghui had heard of this skill,  she quickly thought about it, Qian Ying’s ability to get the inheritance first and then divide it into two already showed her ability was strong. Opening up an independent space didn’t seem that difficult for someone like that.

She ended up waiting a year living like this.

Qian Wanyu finally opened the door, the sky outside was still the same as when she came in before, the only difference was that a small person in the distance was holding a helmet and educating it, “Little bean sprout, you have to try to grow tall, or else you’ll always be buried in the soil and can’t go out to see the outside world.”

Right now Little Minghui was bored out of her mind, even looking up all you could see was the unchanging sky, the first day might feel good, the next day still good but after a month and even more months in a row, anyone would be very bored. She didn’t even want to look up at the sky now, “Little bean sprouts, let me tell you this world has a total of three thousand nine hundred clouds, of which nine hundred are wavy, the remaining -”

“Little bean sprout seems to have grown a little.”

Little Minghui’s head turned, she tilted to take a look and almost got scared enough to throw little bean sprouts in her hands, “Se-seventh sister.”

The person in front of her seemed to be five centimetres taller than before, her face looked light and the same as before, but she was still the same small person…

“This is impossible ah!”

Indoors, Seventh sister was growing taller, outdoors, little bean sprouts grew taller.

Why didn’t she grow taller?!?!

Qian Wanyu squatted down and hugged the person she missed in her heart into her arms, “Ninth Sister, I made you wait for a long time.”

In this place where even birds don’t shit even little bean sprout was able to thrive, it was clear that a long, long time had passed.


She was alone for a long time, in addition to refining potions all she did was educate Toothless and little bean sprouts, after a long time Toothless and Little Colour got tired of her and crossed the mountain to play but that place wasn’t much fun, she had been there before and didn’t want to go again. If not for that she wouldn’t be stuck just chatting to little bean sprouts.

The little bean sprout only emerged after she had waited for almost half a year, so she kept praising it, in such a place where spiritual energy was scarce it could still grow. This was certainly showing the strong ability of the ghost face clan.

Lu Xing was still asleep, lying quietly beside her. Before he fell into a coma she heard him talk about the magic of the sacred spring of the elves and the tree of life, she thought of waiting until she could get out to send Lu Xing back to the elves, this knowledge was a small silver lining from the fight with Meng Yixiao.

“Well, next we should find the exit.”

Speaking of the exit, little Minghui pulled the hem of Seventh sister’s coat and looked up, the height gap between the two annoyed her, “Little Colour and Toothless turned this place over and over, no exit was found, the place we came in before is gone too.”

In the year, they had all done everything they needed to do.

Qian Wanyu looked around for a second, “There’s another place you haven’t searched.”

“What place?”

“Qian Ying’s grave.”

Qian Wanyu knows Ninth Sister paid attention to things related to the dead, Ninth Sister would not touch her grave if it wasn’t the last resort. With this sort of master, even Toothless and Little Colour wouldn’t touch it.

“It seems so.” She had to admit that Seventh sister knew her too well.

Qian Ying’s grave was still the original appearance, the coffin lid was still in the old place, even after a year, the body in the tomb was the same and hadn’t changed at all, Qian Wanyu calmly looked at it before saying, “Let Toothless and Little Colour come back to help. ”



Little Minghui blew a whistle, only a moment later she saw a figure rushing madly over, behind it was Little Colour lazily lying on it to be dragged along comfortably.

“Ow.” Toothless first roared at Qian Wanyu, then braked and slowly walked next to Little Minghui, rubbing her.

“Toothless, come help, keep digging graves, no I mean digging holes, let’s just dig holes.”

Toothless jumped to the bottom of the pit and used its strongest skill, the coffin and dirt were all dug up until a big hole was made and it hit something.

“It should be the bottom.”

Qian Wanyu signalled to Little Colour, the two of them jumped down and stepped on the place where Toothless’ claws had just touched, the dirt below seemed to be wrapped in something hard, “Lift the coffin, there’s something down there.”

It was not until the grave was moved and a bit of water was used to wash the dirt away that they knew what it was.

“Teleportation array!”

The three of them spoke in unison, then looked at each other, she could not figure out how and why Qian Jing placed the teleportation array under her grave, could it be that she was so obsessed with this that she buried the teleportation array along with herself…? Why didn’t she go out herself?

They were all puzzled.

“Seventh sister, can we leave through this teleportation array now?”

“I don’t know…”

Teleportation arrays were very dangerous, if harnessed badly, they could leave people stranded halfway and there’s no telling where anyone could fall along with what the destination was. They had no idea what destination Qian Jing had set for this array.

“Come down, I’ll catch you.” Qian Wanyu said in a doting tone, she always felt Seventh sister looking like this made her want to treat her as a child.

“Seventh Sister, don’t underestimate me.” Although this body was indeed annoying, she was full of spiritual power and didn’t feel that she was restricted too much. She commanded Little Colour to carry Lu Xing behind her, “Lu Xing is with you so you must guard him firmly.”

“Okay, I promise I won’t lose him.” If it wasn’t for the fact that the other party was injured like this because of this little master of her’s, Little Colour wouldn’t have taken the initiative to do this job.

They stood there watching Qian Wanyu walking around in the circular teleportation array. The teleportation array needed a teleportation stone but they never thought that they would need that thing to leave. Qian Wanyu took out a formation stone from her space ring, “Try this for now.”

“Seventh Sister, isn’t this a formation stone?”


Qing Mo told her in the soul sea some taboos of the teleportation array formation, it would be bad if the teleportation array went wrong and accidentally sent them to a chaotic space.

Qian Wanyu released his whole body’s spiritual power, emitting five extremely magnificent colours, Toothless was suppressed on the teleportation formation. Little Minghui also secretly used her spiritual power to resist this pressure, Little Colour was unimpeded sitting on the ground.

The vines tied Toothless and her up tightly.

Qian Wanyu poured spiritual power into each of the nine formation stones, and the nine-star pattern lit up at once, a yellow-orange light shot out from the centre of the formation, and the formation spun up, “You all take care of yourselves, don’t separate.”

“Seventh sister!”

Suddenly a wind blew and before she could say the words, the formation officially started, she felt the formation moving sharply and the vines tying her body grew tighter, she also vaguely heard Toothless scream.

By the time the teleportation formation ended and she hit the ground everything was over.

She opened her eyes and found herself in the middle of a forest, the roar of beasts constantly assaulting her eardrums, she suspected that she was back in the Purple Devil Mountain Range, but the magical beasts in the Purple Devil Mountain Range would not roar so rampantly.

“Seventh sister?”

There was no one else around except Toothless, Lu Xing and Little Colour.

Little Colour had an apologetic face, “There was a little problem with the teleportation array halfway through and she cut off my vines herself.”

It bitterly took out the cut part of its vine to show her, as proof that it was not her doing, it was really that the situation was a bit critical.

The formation stone was after all just a formation stone, not a substitute for a teleportation stone. There were bound to be issues in the process.

But at least they were finally out of that hellhole.

“Seventh sister can surely take care of herself.” She kept reassuring herself that the spiritual power Seventh sister displayed at that time was almost at the Spiritual Monarch level, Seventh sister was also accompanied by Little White and Qing Mo, so she should just think about how to get out of this forest and leave a mark for Seventh sister along the way.

The first thing she thought of was to use the mark of the Thief Master.

“Right there, go after it.”

She heard someone talking, but she didn’t understand much of what was being said, the other person was speaking fast as if they were using a dialect. Little Minghui looked up and said to Little Colour, “Did you understand what they were saying?”

“Let the stupid thing go back into the space ring, someone is coming.”

Toothless whooshed into the space ring, she too was hoisted by Little Colour into a tree within a breath, well hidden by the lush foliage perfectly obscuring her figure. She just hid up there and saw a teenage boy a few steps away running, the boy carried a bow behind him and a few arrows with feathers on the ends behind in a basket. Because of his high jumping, his basket would move around and he’d need to arrange it back.

The little boy just ran away and in a few breaths, she heard the deafening roar of beasts, the next thing she saw was a thrilling thing.

Several bear-backed, tiger-waisted men ran barefoot, thick black hair grew on the surface of their bodies and their legs turned into the hind limbs of some animal, their hands were the shape of claws, their bodies were essentially half-beast and half-human as they leapt up tens of meters pursuing.

The boy turned back while running, but also pulled the bow towards any of them who was about to pounce on him, those wooden arrows were flung away by the beast race man’s claws, “Leen, you think you can still escape? Follow me back and maybe I can even plead with Cyril for you.”

“Bullshit, Cyril is the one who sent people to kill my father and mother, he’s asking you to come and cut off the grass.” The little boy’s dark eyes were filled with hatred, upon closer inspection, anyone could see that he had scars all over his body and his face was covered with dirt.

“Be careful.”

It turned out that while this beast race man was talking to the boy another one had gone around to intercept and surround the little boy.

Dongfang Minghui just saw the little boy watch out for the people in front, but forgot his own back, that’s why she spoke out to remind him when she opened her mouth, the little boy rolled to the left and managed to avoid the fatal blow, but his left hand was almost torn off by the claws of the beast-man.


Little Colour helplessly rolled up Dongfang Minghui and ran, it jumped down the tree before the tree they were hiding was scratched off by the beast man’s front claws, showing that the other side’s combat power’s very strong.

“That little kid just now, take him with us to escape.” Little Minghui looking at the kid felt rare mercy, since she had interfered she wanted to take care of it to the end.

Little Colour’s vines rolled and curled up the waist of the little boy, before scampering far away, successfully breaking through the siege.

She looked back and saw the group of wild people behind her howling while dashing, with a visual sense of being chased by apes and monkeys in the deep wilderness, it felt nostalgic to be chased around like this again.

“This way.” Leen saw them running around without direction, pointing at a corner pointing to the left.

Little Colour, without saying a word, led the three of them to flee to the left, until they lost the people behind them, and found a safe place to rest.

Dongfang Minghui was put down by Little Colour and saw Leen turn over with the bow and arrows in his hands at the ready, the arrow was pointed towards her with a serious face he barked, “Who are you people?”

Little Colour looked at the bow and arrows in his hands with contempt, and rolled her eyes at Little Minghui, “See? This is the little kid you meddled to save, so ungrateful.”

Little Minghui knew that Little Colour was right, she spit out her tongue, she also did not know that she saved such an ungrateful person, “I just thought he was in a bad state so I wanted to give him a hand, besides at least now we have a local person to lead the way for us to get out smoothly.”

“Did you understand what they’re saying though?” Little Colour looked at her with slanted eyes.

“No.” The words were too fast to understand anything, she only heard a few particularly awkward words. Thinking of the little kid being chased by several beastmen she thought it should be an important person, she might have caused a calamity by saving him…

“Those people were beastmen, could we have been transported to the land of the beasts by the teleportation array?”

If so, it would be a problem. The beastmen treat humans like humans treat elves, here the role of slaves was changed to humans and it was an unsolved problem throughout the races.


Ignored completely by two idle people, Leen could not stand it, in the end, he was still a thirteen-year-old child, “Who are you people?”

Little Minghui spread her hands as if to say she couldn’t understand and tried to make herself smile, “We mean you no harm.”

She couldn’t figure out how she could communicate with Cass without any problems. This little kid couldn’t be a child from the beast country, could he?

If she said she was human, this kid would probably have fled by now. She could tell from the other person’s step backwards that they were wary, and she felt slightly helpless, “Little Colour, is there any way we can understand them?”

“There should be.”

Little Colour’s memory, there was a potion that could make the language between the two races understood, but most of this potion was in the hands of traders, these traders were a link between the beast race to the outside world. The beast race also needed to exchange better things with humans or other races, to improve the standard of living of their race.

“What should we do now? If the little ghost runs away, we have to find another tour guide again.”

“What’s a tour guide?”

They talked silently in the sea of souls, Dongfang Minghui had no choice and simply chose to sit down under the cautious eye of the kid pointing his bow and arrow at her. She found that most of their food had been consumed in this year, “Little Colour, help catch some animals.”

“What a pain.”

Little Colour was a plant, it only needed to replenish its spiritual energy from other plants weaker than it to improve its cultivation, of course, if there were any heavenly treasures delivered to it, it will not reject.

Little Colour tossed the bundle behind her back which was Lu Xing wrapped into a dumpling and disappeared.

Leen seeing the big one suddenly disappear relaxed slightly, the injured left arm of his had been holding the bowstring and he could finally loosen his nerves. His whole body felt exhausted as he backed up several steps to stabilize his weakness.

While trying to escape, he suffered many injuries, large and small, Cyril’s people were like mad dogs, they would never let go till they bit someone to death. If not for… these strange people even he…”

He suddenly looked at Dongfang Minghui and found the other side smiling and looking at him.

Her face had a healthy flush and her skin was white with a tinge of red, the clothes on her body were strange but she was dry and clean like a spoiled little princess. Taking a look at himself, he just lost his father and mother while being chased for three days and nights, his whole body was dirty, he hadn’t even had time to eat food and was about to reach his limits.

“Here you go.”

Dongfang Minghui deliberately branched out her mind to pay attention to Little Colour, a person with a strong soul would find it easier to exchange information like this. She saw that the other party’s lips were a little white, and the pupils of his eyes were out of focus, it was a sign that he was about to faint so she carefully observed the other party again and found that he was most likely suffering from excessive blood loss. After all, his left hand was bleeding heavily, she threw one of the healing pills in her space ring to him, and crushed one herself to show how to apply it.

She did it a whole three times before the other party dropped his guard and put his bow and arrow back on his back, trying to crush half a pill and apply it on his left arm, her medicine has always been very effective, it took less than half an hour to properly stop the bleeding.

Little Colour suddenly appeared, it used its vines to drag a fat pig back, this fat pig was a boar beast and from the other side of its vines, some brain matter could be seen. It was an Earth Type Beast Core, “You don’t have much use for this, give it to me maybe Seventh sister can use it. ”

She had saved a lot of magic beast cores in her space ring, every adventure she would store and keep the magic beast cores which Seventh sister let her collect. After collecting for so long she accidentally accumulated a large amount, later on even if Seventh sister couldn’t use them she could also auction them off for a large sum of spiritual stones and pay off the debt to Wei Junlan. She didn’t know if Wei Junlan’s killers had already taken care of that evil woman Xian yet… If they have, it would be well worth the money.

“You and your furnace are really in love.” Little Colour was about to be blinded by this sweetness, no one was around and it had to deal with this damn lovesick master. Really a pain!

“It’s Seventh sister, not a furnace. “Dongfang Minghui patiently corrected, the little person giving a serious talk made her look quite cute.

She pulled out a finger knife from the space ring and used it to cut up the boar beast’s head and body. Next, she skewered some of the meat cleanly and prepared to make a fire. On the other side, Leen had finished applying the medicine, he hadn’t seen her make a move before and didn’t know what the girl was doing. He looked at her with unusual complexity wondering what she was planning.



Toothless pouted at her as soon as it emerged from the space ring, expressing its strong dissatisfaction with Little Colour for telling it to roll into the space earlier.

Leen was taken aback by Toothless’s sudden appearance. The bow and arrow in his hand accidentally shot out but it was only after he shot that he realized that the person on the other side was defenceless. He was about to make amends when he saw Toothless’s fierce mouth open up. A burst of flames spewed out towards the arrow and before the arrow could reach Dongfang Minghui, it was burnt to ashes by the flames.

Toothless roared at Leen and was about to attack but its neck was yanked by Dongfang Minghui, which prevented it from lunging.

She hurriedly broke off a branch and sat down soothing it, “Okay, Toothless is awesome, you’re getting better and better.”

Little Colour’s vines dragged back a lot of large trees back and placed them on the ground for her to start a fire, “If you light a fire like this, that group of people who were chasing the kid will soon catch up.”

“It’s fine, we need to eat enough to have the strength to fight.”

She got Toothless to ignite the wood and with no one else around casually started to grill the skewers of meat, a fragrant smell spread out attracting many greedy beasts. Even Leen sitting on the side watching the flames was attracted by the smell.

He was hungry and a pair of eyes looked at the meat on the skewer, his tongue licking his lips incessantly.

“Here you go.”

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