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MIWW Chapter 114 Part 1

“Stomp, stomp, stomp…”

In the distance, the sound of heavy footsteps from far and near resounded. An old wooden door accompanied by a creak quickly pushed open.

The long-lost sunlight refracted into the room, the people inside as if hearing the sound of a bird of prey were desperately trying to retreat deeper into the gloomy room but the people inside weren’t willing and pushed forward blocking this person’s means of survival.

A tall figure suddenly appeared outside the door, the stale air in the room blew on his face and he frowned in disgust, “Who today? Come out, General Armand is very excited today and wants to choose a robust human from you to compete in a match, whoever wins will get a heavy reward.”

The humans cowering in their shells could not understand what the tall beastman was saying but once they heard the word ‘Armand’ they trembled, it’s no wonder because General ‘Armand’ had used a dozen bloody facts to engrave something called fear in each of their hearts.

As long as this beastman appeared, anyone taken out of the room never came back, once they had seen through the window of the small room, the bones of some person being carried out and thrown to god knows where.

Seeing their retreat, Anton’s eyes flashed with a trace of ridicule, if not for being afraid of delaying the General’s business, he was very interested in watching this group of humans kill each other. He covered his nose, just now, a very bad smell came from the room, just then a man was pushed to the ground by the crowd for fear of them being the next most likely to face death. Shit and urine stained his pants and the room was closed. The 20-30 people in the room looked at the man with disgust.

The man shivered with fear and his face went white.

“Bring another one.” Anton felt he had bad luck, he held his breath and instructed the beastmen standing guard outside the door, “The general can’t wait, you guys go in and pull up a random person who’s cleaner, don’t disturb the general’s mood.”


“Ah, I’m not going, what are you arresting me for, I’m not going, please, spare me–”

The heavy wooden door was closed again, this time isolating everything from the outside world, but they could still sporadically hear the constant struggle of the man that was carried out.

For a long time, a sigh sounded in the room, and the person sitting on the floor realized afterwards that he had escaped bursting into tears.

Qian Wanyu woke up from this noise, she was born alert, once she opened her eyes and found herself in a strange place, she abruptly sat up straight, an uncomfortable feeling of vertigo forced her to close her eyes again and recover. When she opened her eyes she couldn’t help but frown.

What kind of place is this?

There were too many people, too much noise and the smell was too terrible.

She was brought here unconscious, with injuries all over her body, plus her face was also blackened. Those people saw that she was a girl and moved her to the back, where there was a pile of grass which she was lying on top of before.

The people next to her saw that she had woken up and didn’t know what to say. Everyone who was placed here would eventually die in the end after all…

Qian Wanyu felt a great pain in her head, she lightly rubbed it a few times, that kind of heart-breaking pain was only slightly alleviated. Her sleeves were still tied to a small vine but it was soaked in mud and had become greyish so no one could see the original appearance.

“You should be glad that you fell into that mud puddle when you fell out of the sky.” Qing Mo had already observed this place before Qian Wanyu had even woken up. He watched the group of beast people pick up Wanyu and throw her like garbage into a cart, otherwise with Wanyu’s real good looks she would’ve been in a lot of trouble.

“Who are you?”

Qian Wanyu was startled, she felt that someone was talking to her, viewing the reaction of others no one seemed to be able to hear that person’s voice. She didn’t know why but something that should have been frightening felt quite familiar. Somehow she felt more at ease.

“It can’t be…? The aftermath caused by tearing space is so serious?” Qing Mo stroked his forehead, that Qian Family teleportation array was a huge trap, the teleportation had only half been completed before the array stone was exhausted. For the rest of the journey, Wanyu had to use her spiritual power to complete it. She struggled to support both of them so she could only push Ninth Sister to the end to land safely while she stepped off early and endured the spacial tear to get out halfway.

“What else do you remember?”

Qing Mo secretly thought in his heart, if she forgot her Ninth Sister, should he remind her?

Qian Wanyu seemed to read his mind and coldly hummed but did not answer, “What kind of place is this?” She felt that she couldn’t stand the smell of this place more and more so she stood up.

“You’re in the land of the beasts.”

The final location of the teleportation array was most likely set somewhere in the beast land, Qian Jing’s painting hinted that her beloved person was from the beast race so it would mean the other half of the inheritance would be with the beast race as well? It’s a pity an accident happened so the teleportation array deviated from its position in the middle.

“Beast race?”

“You wouldn’t have forgotten even the most basic things about the Seven Coloured Continent, would you?” Qing Mo also wanted to try having his mind get amnesia from the spatial tear as well in exasperation, “Wanyu, listen to me, even if you have temporary memory loss, it doesn’t matter, finding your Ninth Sister is the most important thing.”

“Ninth Sister…” Qian Wanyu murmured, the name seemed to be carved into her soul, while muttering, a shadow appeared in her mind, but quickly flashed away, she tried to catch but failed, “Okay, I will find Ninth Sister. ”

Qing Mo wanted to choke himself, a mention of Ninth Sister and Qian Wanyu’s whole attitude changed…this damn sex-crazed woman!

“The most urgent thing now is to find a way out, how much of your spiritual energy has recovered?”

Qian Wanyu was stunned and didn’t give any reaction to Qing Mo for a long time.

Qing Mo already guessed what happened. He showed her how to check her soul sea to check her dantian and also showed her how to cultivate. The two of them seemed to have gone back to the beginning where they first got along with each other.

Qian Wanyu, who had been bullied for a long time still had stubbornness in her bones. It was at that time when she accidentally picked up a seven-coloured stone and an egg, the stone had a wisp of Qing Mo’s soul inside and he coincidentally entered into her soul sea. Ever since then, the two people lived a miserable life of co-dependence.

“Qing Mo.”

Qing Mo was startled, “You remembered?”

“No, I seem to remember what you just said before, you’ve taught me before, haven’t you?” Qian Wanyu’s voice did not rise and fall, it was still clear and cold. She saw a wisp of green clothes in her soul sea and a small white ball of something curled up in the corner, she also saw five small orbs in her dantian rotating in a very regular manner. The speed was a little slow which should have something to do with her injury.

“I need to cultivate as soon as possible to reach the peak period you said before.” After saying that, she quietly cultivated her mind, and all the outside noises had nothing to do with her.

This gloomy hut was filled with all kinds of negative energy, especially since Ada was taken away and never came back, the fear in their hearts has climbed to the highest, the next time that Anton opened this door again…they all shivered at the thought.

Qing Mo always remembered a saying, the world of poor people must be a hateful place. He had seen that there was no shortage of well-qualified people among this group but after being suppressed for such a long time, any little ambition in their hearts had been ground until they were just weak chickens waiting to be slaughtered at will.

The so-called ‘next time’ in their hearts came soon, almost just three days apart in fact… During this period, Qing Mo had been watching everyone and found that there were two or three of them with some talent and will, their eyes flashed with a different light.

However, without someone to take the lead, it still didn’t help.

In the same situation as last time, the tall beastman stood at the door, invisibly forming an aura of oppression, like a god looking down on everything below him. He had one eye greyish brown eye and one black and white eye. He swept through the people shrunken into balls and finally fixed his gaze on Qian Wanyu’s body.

Qian Wanyu’s skin had been blackened from the injuries and no one could see her face, she sat quietly seeming unafraid.

The last time the person selected was too weak and was frightened to death, these humans were fragile… Just because of this he had been blamed by the general before so Anton made up his mind to pick up a stronger person this time. He swept Qian Wanyu with a probing gaze for a moment but gave up decisively after seeing her thin arms and legs.

Anton’s gaze shifted around and any person sitting where he looked would subconsciously shrink, hanging their head and not daring to look directly. They were all deeply afraid of being picked and having bad luck.

“You, come here.” He pointed to the one next to a person who stared back at him but that person had already stood up, Qing Mo was anxious for him but the result was that Anton pointed to the one next to him, “Not you, the one next to you.”

“No no, brother Jing save me!”

After Anton selected the person, he stopped talking nonsense and directly ordered the gatekeeper to drag the person away, the door closed again, after their footsteps could not be heard.

The man who was called Brother Jing stood up violently, he was tall and just a few centimetres shorter than the man just now, he gritted his teeth and said, “These beasts, I can’t stand it anymore.” He came in a few days earlier than Qian Wanyu and had roughly figured out the pattern inside. Every three to five days these beastmen would pick up one of them to kill for fun…most of the people who walked out from inside this house were killed and died without a body.

They could not even return to their homeland and had to die in a foreign land!

Brother Jing could stand up but the others did not dare to join him, nor did they have the will to escape. There were people before who encouraged them to escape but the result was the beastman’s sharp claws directly quartered his body into pieces, even more disgusting…he had fed them his body parts…

Qing Mo shook his head, these people trapped in long-term captivity had been here too long. The hostility of the beast race to humans was a little out of his expectations. If it was like this everywhere, it would be very hard to find the true heritage of the Qian Family among the beast race.

Everyone was anxious but after three days of waiting for a whole day with fear and trepidation, aside from a few daily deliveries of meals, Anton didn’t re-appear.

“It seems that either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow…”

In this dark and sunless place, they could only lie outside the palm-sized window to know that another day has passed, Qing Mo couldn’t be bothered even looking at it.

Qian Wanyu was still affected by his random thoughts, “Aren’t you a soul from a hundred years ago how can you get angry so easily?”

After saying that, she felt strange, obviously, she was the one who couldn’t remember anything, but there were always fragments flashing in her mind, “Getting angry does not help, look at this situation most of them are captives, it is clear that the status of humans in this land is very low.”

There was only one way to change the situation, flip the tables and become the master.

Qian Wanyu’s eyes flashed with a hint of sharpness but it was soon hidden in the darkness.

Two days later, Anton appeared in front of everyone with a refreshed face, he was still like before, pointing to whoever looked strong, then he pointed to the person next to Qian Wanyu.

“He previously covered you with straw when you were unconscious.”

Qing Mo remembered him, this person was careful and craft. He had been hiding behind a tall man so you really couldn’t see him if he lay down and pretended to be dead but he had bad luck this time.

Qian Wanyu saw that the man’s whole body was trembling, full of panic as if he had just learned how to walk. She sighed and stood up, clasping his shoulders and pressing him gently to the ground, “You sit, I will go.”

When she made a sound, the room was full of silence.

No one expected that the last person thrown in was a girl, she was all black and her hair was tied behind her. Her size was not small and she was about the same height as other men in the room but the cold and indifferent voice couldn’t hide her gender.

Qian Wanyu didn’t like to owe anyone favours, even if that person was timid and cowardly.

Anton was surprised, the other party came towards him step by step like an empress, every step was extremely steady and her aura was too distinct. She was different from everyone else present, especially her pair of calm and cold eyes, it was almost as if he was looking at the General!

“Sister, you can’t go! Even if you go you’ll just bring death.” Qian Wanyu walked out from the back while Jing Ke fiercely wanted to tug her back. He suddenly felt surprisingly angry, in a room full of big men, none of them were as courageous as a single woman, they would rather live in shame than die with a strong will.

When his hand was about to touch the other side, Qian Wanyu knocked him back with a gentle slap and forced him to take a few steps back. From this small content, everyone could tell this woman was powerful, even Anton.

When the person left, Jing Ke froze looking at his shaking palm, the other party was a master, but he couldn’t feel any spiritual power ah!

“You are very special.”

The beast race were also like human beings in that they admired the strong, especially after seeing the other party showing her hand, he appreciated the other party’s courage. Suddenly he didn’t feel like letting her go, General Armand had a sadistic habit and if she was simply killed it would be a pity.

Qian Wanyu could not understand the other party’s words and did not want to listen, her eyes were fully focused on the surroundings, she had to estimate the fighting strength of these beast people and find a way to escape.

“Do you want to take that group of people with you?” Qing Mo asked out in her mind.

“Mhmm.” They were all human, they could ignore the death of others and even push other people to their deaths but this was probably because of being enslaved for a long time and couldn’t see any hope…she would definitely change that.

Qing Mo was tempted to ask… what if one day everyone stood against you because you were a Dark System Spiritual Master, what are you going to do?

After Anton asked a question and didn’t hear a reply, he didn’t ask any more and took her to the battling arena without any haste. It was more like a ring of beasts than a battling arena, with towering buildings around the grounds and a scarlet red field, she smelled a lot of blood even though it had been washed away an unknown number of times.

Inside the venue, there were chains on the iron poles erected around the field. Compared to a human arena, this place was filled with the aura and sounds of violence.

She stood there quietly as if her whole person had fused with heaven and earth, her spiritual consciousness covered the whole area where she was little by little. In her mind’s eye, the place looked like a general’s house, in addition to the small house where they were imprisoned, there were several similar houses, and there were even many children in one of the houses.

Qing Mo also saw these scenes but was surprisingly calm, “He only comes every other day, I was wrong to think he was trying to give this group of humans a little breathing time, I didn’t think he was just picking and choosing from a new room each day…”

General Armand was sitting on a seat higher up and could see the people below with a glance. When he saw Qian Wanyu’s thin arms and legs, a few traces of dissatisfaction appeared on his face, and he beckoned to Anton, “Change to another.”

She felt a force tug on her arm and move her forward.

When an inquisitive gaze lay on her body, Qian Wanyu eyelids blinked lightly and she found the target. Twenty meters in front of her, a burly man was sitting on a stone chair, the man had a tiger’s head and his arms were thicker than her two legs.

Anton hadn’t wanted Qian Wanyu to be killed by the general so he nodded and went back into the house again to find another person to replace her.

“It seems he doesn’t like you very much.” Qing Mo had a few moments of gloating, people who underestimated Wanyu tended to be particularly unlucky.

“I came out today only to scout.” Since the road’s been scouted…

Seeing Qian Wanyu return to the hut unharmed, everyone was dumbfounded, this was the first person to have ever gone out and returned alive.

“H-he didn’t do anything to you, did he?”



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