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MIWW Chapter 114 Part 2

Qian Wanyu listened to the outside, Anton was still outside and did not leave, she reentered the straw bed and sat down cross-legged closing her eyes until the other party had gone. She took out some drawing materials and quickly depicted the map that had just been printed in her mind.

Everyone didn’t understand what she was doing at first, until she drew down half of the general’s residence, even indicating where there were posts and several other huts similar to theirs, Jing Ke looked on in amazement and surprise, “Girl, is this true?”

Qian Wanyu’s deep eyes looked straight at him, making the other party very embarrassed.

“Ahem, since it’s true, then we’ll have a bit more certainty to escape.” Jing Ke was a little embarrassed by her look, although the other party did not speak, that look made him have nowhere to hide.

There was a brief silence in the room.

“It’s useless, there’s no escape.”

“With this map, we just need to plan well, we can definitely find the opportunity to escape, everything is up to each person.” Jing Ke encouraged everyone from the side.

“There’s no way to get away.” The man was annoyed and even disgusted with Jing Ke for making this proposal, he even glared at him fiercely, the eyes of everyone looked at him fiercely.

There were some people who stood by Jing Ke’s side, and the room was divided into two factions at once.

Qian Wanyu looked on and thought it was quite funny, before even going to the battlefield these people hadn’t bravely stood up but now when someone proposed a way to escape there were suddenly two factions of leaving and staying, the mentality of humans was really strange.

Jing Ke didn’t pretend to be the boss, he’d been convinced by Qian Wanyu not for anything else but just being able to get such a detailed map, she was more powerful than him.

“Girl, you have not thought of how to get out?”


Qian Wanyu’s method was simple and violent, simply kill that general, disrupt the patrols and take advantage of the chaos to escape. There were five houses in total, and including theirs it added up to about a hundred people. There was a forest nearby which could easily hide that many people.

“The number of people is still large, I can’t save so many of you by myself, since you all want to stay here, just continue to stay.”

Then, the group of people who were still determined not to escape were suddenly a little anxious, annoyed and restless.

Qian Wanyu easily halved the room separating the two parties, some people tried to sneak up to pry on the map but found themselves bounced back by an inexplicable force, after trying several times they panicked.

“Are any of you Fire Spiritual Masters?”

Qian Wanyu found that they were all bound by chains under their feet, these chains were made of some unknown material that could suppress one’s spiritual power. When these people were captured, the beasts would give all of them a pair of chains.

“They didn’t give you one, probably because you looked too dirty at the time.” Qing Mo speculated but he couldn’t say that the other party actually looked like black charcoal before.

It didn’t matter, even if she was forced to wear it she could find a way to take it off.

Qian Wanyu took out a sword from the space ring and chopped at the iron chains tying Jing Ke, the chain made a clanking sound and a deep sword cut could be seen. She tried a second time with fifty percent force and the chain on one foot was easily cut off by her.

“These chains should be purposely built by Dwarves to capture prisoners.” From Qing Mo’s words, the sword that Dongfang Minghui had taken out of Sharp Knife Mountain seemed to be of good quality, it could actually cut through chains built by the Dwarves.

As for the other chain, Qian Wanyu gently waved, and the chain was chopped open.

Jing Ke’s face was fully of joy and he thanked her repeatedly.

Qian Wanyu, picked up the iron chain from the ground and checked it out, “You said this is a weapon built by the Dwarves?”

“The Dwarf race and the Beast race have always maintained good relations, the Beast race has closed its doors for a long period of time since signing a pact of peaceful coexistence with humans a hundred years ago, all the weapons were probably exchanged from the Dwarf race.”

“The Dwarves are very powerful.” Not only good at forging but also very powerful formation masters, “This is the smallest formation I’ve ever seen.”

“Formation?” Jing Ke was surprised, he never knew that this iron chain contained a formation.

Qian Wanyu did not explain, she needed to spend some time to penetrate this formation.

The rest of the people saw that the chains on Jing Ke’s feet were cut off and looked at Qian Wanyu with anticipation. When they saw that Qian Wanyu did not care about them, they immediately gathered around Jing Ke’s side, “Little brother, since we are discussing how to escape, you are close to that girl, ask her to help us too. After being tied up our spiritual power can’t be used…”

Jing Ke saw her sitting cross-legged on the ground, her whole mind was on the chain, he said in a low voice, “Don’t worry, she must have her own concerns.”

Qian Wanyu indeed had her own plans, if she cut off all the chains, many people with poor self-control would certainly release their spiritual power, which would be very troublesome. Not to mention escape, the whole plan would just fail and end up with them being killed.

“Seriously, little brother you can’t deceive us ah, take us with you, we will contribute.”

“Don’t worry.” Jing Ke did not dare to disturb her, he took the group of people who followed him and sat opposite Qian Wanyu.

Qian Wanyu’s whole person was buried in studying the formation, after the study she had to feel that the Dwarf race was indeed uniquely gifted in craftsmanship, so gifted that if this ability were applied elsewhere it would be very…scary.

“Qing Mo, when you have time talk to me more about the dwarf race.”


As soon as Jing Ke saw her move, he immediately came over and said, “Girl, look at that group of people, will they take advantage of the opportunity to cause trouble?”

These days, the other group of people had been very agitated, the whole house had turned into two different zones, Jing Ke was the most worried about these people who not only didn’t want to help but also could even bite them back, or betray them.

Qian Wanyu looked at them lightly and threw the question back at him to test him.

Jing Ke looked at the group who were so numb that they seemed to be soulless, and gritted his teeth, “If they remain peaceful, we will take them along.”

“What if they make a move?”

Qian Wanyu pursed her lips, in front of life and death, many people would give up others to protect themselves, that was human nature.

Jing Ke hung his head and pondered for a moment, “If they dare to make trouble, kill them.”

Qian Wanyu smiled coldly, she expected that these people would make a move soon.

As she expected, when Anton came inside the room again, he brought behind him a group of elite guards of the beast race, that group of people had great bodies, majestic and tall with a cowering and familiar figure behind them.

This person was the one who had first argued against Jing Ke, the one who advocated staying behind. When Qian Wanyu was studying the formation, he was taken away by Anton and never came back afterwards. Everyone on Jing Ke’s side thought he was dead.

“He said that some of you wanted to escape from this place?” Anton’s sharp eyes gently swept over the group of people, lingering on Qian Wanyu and Jing Ke for some time, then dragged the man behind him in front, “Point me to who was trying to conspire to leave this place.”

This wasn’t the first time this kind of thing had happened, Anton had disposed of several groups of humans who were brave enough to challenge their authority like this.

The pupils of Jing Ke’s eyes shot wide open and his fists clenched, if not for the people behind him tugging him tightly, he would have rushed up to give him a punch.

A beast race man beside the person was translating Anton’s words, and the man’s fingers trembled as he raised them, finally pointing to Qian Wanyu, shivering, “I saw her use a sword to cut the chains under his feet, t-then draw a diagram to escape from here!”

Qian Wanyu’s eyes were filled with cold light, these people were really restless, but there wasn’t any need to dirty her hands, there would always be someone to clean him up.

Anton signalled to a guard behind him, the guard strided over to Qian Wanyu’s front, crossed her and looked to Jing Ke’s feet, he squatted down to check, “Answering the Lord, the chains aren’t cut.”

Jing Ke obeyed Qian Wanyu’s command, not moving and allowing the person to check.

“There’s no map on the ground either.”

“No, can’t, can’t be!” He had seen with his own eyes when Qian Wanyu used a very thick sword to cut the other side’s chains, he rushed to Jing Ke’s feet and tried to use his own hands to pull the chain off, but the chain wouldn’t budge.

“Coward, get lost.” Jing Ke could not endure any more, in the land of the beast race, humans betraying other humans was simply unconscionable. He had a stomach full of anger and it just so happened that the man’s head was sticking close to his feet, if he did not kick he’d have felt sorry for himself.

Qian Wanyu had wiped all traces clean and wasn’t afraid of being examined, this really made Anton interested in her again.

“The result of cheating me, do you know?” Anton stretched out his hand, the guard behind him handed him a sledgehammer, and he hammered in the man’s head, blood immediately burst out all over the room…

“This is the result.”


The group of people were so scared that they all crowded into a pile behind.

Anton pointed at Qian Wanyu, signalling her to follow him out.

“Don’t go, it’s dangerous.” Jing Ke tried to grab her in a hurry but was easily dodged by the other side, after failing he didn’t move again and could only look anxiously.

“This thing is sooner rather than later, you have to be mentally prepared.”

Before Qian Wanyu left, she slanted her eyes down towards his feet where the chains were.

Jing Ke still wanted to say something else but was instantly stopped in place. What seemed like a normal sentence was actually Qian Wanyu hinting at him that the opportunity had come to make a move.

Anton was walking in front, Qian Wanyu didn’t move slow or fast, this time he brought a group of guards who gradually returned to their posts as they made their way to the open space, walking to the front the man suddenly made a turn.

Sharp claws slashed splitting the air as it transformed into a sharp incomparable tiger claw.

Qian Wanyu lightly stepped back and her body floated in mid-air, easily avoiding the other party’s fatal blow, while in mid-air she flung out her water thunder whip, making a fierce lunge while discharging lightning.

Thunder boomed out like a warning sound.


Before Anton had brought any guards here, Qian Wanyu had erased the formations on the chain, when the chains lost the formation they were just ordinary chains that could be cut at will. After some time, the two dozen people easily freed themselves.

“Ah Jong, melt off this door lock.” They had already assigned each other tasks, it was the first time they cooperated so inevitably there was a struggle but with Jing Ke on the side they managed to break through the first level.

Qian Wanyu had given them a somewhat heavy task, in addition to their own escape, they also had to save all the people in the remaining houses.

Jing Ke took a few Spiritual Master and sneak attacked the beast people from behind, taking the opportunity to find the second house, the smell of that house went straight into his nose and he frowned. After sniffing fresh air for a period of time he couldn’t adapt to it.

“Brother Jing, if we make so much noise, will that killer devil surround us later with that group of beasts?” Ah Jong, who was following him all the way, asked worriedly.

Surround them?

Jing Ke coldly snorted, “You want to stay here for life? Isn’t that the same as death?” One way they could die a good death while the other way they died in a trash bag. He had already chosen the way he wanted to die. He would rather fight a painful way out and die escaping.

Fuck these group of beasts, better not let him see them again or he’d quarter them and hang their tendons on the city walls.

Little Minghui still had no idea Seventh sister had been thrown to such a place, she was at the moment surrounded by a group of fierce beast people.

The lineup was a magic plant, a dragon cub that couldn’t fly, and two kids this combination was very odd. Little Minghui and Leen, one looked scarred, one looked like she couldn’t fight and was holding a helmet larger than her own head. There was also a bound up person wrapped in white silk tied up behind them.

“Aiya, so many monsters, Little Colour I’m afraid.” Little Minghui was tired and feeling uncomfortable, after turning into a small person she really felt uncomfortable with big visual changes, especially now when these five beast people turned into their beast form they really looked like behemoths.

So big that it was a bit unbelievable, she could see her own reflection in their gong-sized eyes!

Leen very humanely blocked her behind himself, bow and arrow ready, with a big fearless look, “Sorry this is my fault. You guys just go ahead, they’re aiming at me.”

After the barbecue, it really brought the innocent friendship between the two little friends closer, of course he was absolutely unaware that Dongfang Minghui had deliberately used the barbecue to lure the group over, in order to add more points to the friendship.

Little Colour rolled her eyes, this little master was being stupid again.

“Roar–” A huge tiger struck first, lunging towards Leen, who was indeed their target, but suddenly an umbrella blocked his big face directly, and even a concealed weapon shot out from the strange umbrella.

The strong and powerful shot hit him in the face and instantly turned him into a sieve.

“Oh, is it dead? Aiya that’s terrible, I accidentally pressed the wrong weapon.” Little Minghui was using one hand to hold the umbrella and the other hand was holding little bean sprout steadily, she didn’t have an extra hand to pat her chest in fright.

Leen was scared enough to jump, this big tiger was actually a great general under Cyril named Luther, he was the one responsible for cleaning up his mother and father. Among the people he had a hatred with there was this person but…he hadn’t even shot his arrows yet and the other party had died so easily…

The feeling that one’s enemy had died so easily was quite subtle.

The remaining four beast people all paid a heavy price as well, for one of them Toothless spewed out fire on the beast man’s hair and the whole person’s body turned into a walking torch. Toothless defeated a beast person three times larger and felt very confident chasing another beast person.

Little Colour carried Lu Xing, vines weaving through the trees, laying a heavenly net in the middle of two trees five meters apart and then enclosing them in it. The thorns on the vines quickly turned one of the beast people into another sieve.

There was another one that tried to sneak up on Leen from behind. Little Minghui sighed as if lamenting the state of the world, “Sneaking up from behind is bad behaviour, you need to change and learn some morals.”

She held the umbrella with one hand, stepped on a tree stump and threw the helmet in her hand smashing it hard into the opponent’s head, leaving a big bloody hole. She finally finished him off with another concealed weapon in her hand.

There was one last panther beast man left, he sensed something was wrong and turned to flee but Little Colour’s vines were right behind him, he ran and watched his feet get bound up. Finally, he was caught and thrown to Leen.

“There’s one left alive.”

Seeing that he was captured, the beast man turned back to his human form looking at Leen pleadingly, “Leen, spare my life, I will definitely go back and tell Cyril that you were killed by us then Cyril will definitely not pursue you.”

This was actually a good idea, but Leen wasn’t happy at all, Cyril had killed his family and made him have to hide like this. This blood feud…he would definitely find Cyril to settle accounts.

He angrily pulled up the bow and arrow, aimed toward the other side’s forehead and shot without saying a word.

The beast man saw the long arrow and wanted to hide, but the vine somehow, seemed to have sensed his intention, pulling him so he couldn’t move and he watched the arrow enter into his forehead.


Little Colour dragged them all together, and Toothless spat fire on their bodies, all the beast men were burned to the ground.

“This helmet is really tough.”

She smashed it once and there was no dent, even the dirt hadn’t fallen off not to mention little bean sprouts buried in the soil. The little guy recently had a tendency to sprout again, it seemed anxious to follow her.

“Thank you.”

Leen bowed formally to Dongfang Minghui. Although they didn’t know who each other were, she had killed the people who had been chasing him. They were Cyril’s enemies as well and the enemies of an enemy were friends.

Dongfang Minghui was startled by him, waving her hands, and found that her hands were full so she smiled and tilted her head, “Don’t give me such a grand salute, just take me out.”

The two people who had no idea what the other was talking about were like a chicken and duck blinking quacking at each other…

Haha Minghui is adorable!


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