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MIWW Chapter 115 Part 1

Little Minghui and Leen stayed in this forest for almost five days before they went out, the two little ones who couldn’t speak the language understood each other’s needs by using hand signals, barely making the days less boring.

Leen was curious about everything around Little Minghui, like what Little Colour was carrying on her back. What breed of little orc Toothless was, why it never changed back into human form, and why there was a little bean sprout inside that helmet she was holding in her hand.

He was still a child, full of curiosity about everything, especially Dongfang Minghui, a group of people who suddenly appeared in his life.

After experiencing the death of Luther and the others, Leen no longer treated Dongfang Minghui as a princess, he began to look at this little sister, half a head shorter than him as a warrior.

Dongfang Minghui, who was treated like a little sister: “……”

The two of them went over this hill and saw a town a long way away, which was very old, as evidenced by the plaque outside the town gate, which had a few badly written words written on it, making it confusing to read.

As soon as their odd little group set foot in the town, they received a lot of attention from the beast people for none other than the fact that the kids were too young. Especially the little girl with her hands clutching her helmet, her pink and rosy face and black grape-like eyes looking around curiously, the little beast boy next to her, all dirty and in stark contrast. There was also a slightly taller girl along with the tender Toothless strutting down the street. They quickly attracted a large group of beast brats who were on the verge of beast transformation, and some even trailed behind them.

“Ow–” Toothless twisted around and opened his mouth to reveal his sharp teeth and roared. The group of various beast-shaped brats were scared by Toothless and did not dare to go forward, they felt an unknown danger from this beast-shaped thing.

Little Minghui squatted down and stroked Toothless’ little head, “Toothless, I really didn’t expect that you were actually so popular in the beast race.”

“Ow.” Toothless proudly waved his tail and lightly licked her little hand.

“Little Colour, do you think this town will have the elixir we want?”

Little Colour scratched its head extremely troubled, it was only a magic plant, even if it had seen a lot, it couldn’t change its magic plant’s status in the continent.

“Find the human race, maybe we can get one of these elixirs from them, but this town is too small, the possibility of being able to meet it is extremely small.”

Human merchants, in the land of the beasts were not easy to find. The beast people were no different from normal people before they bestialized, the difference could only be seen after they bestialized. If there really was a difference, there was a little height difference between humans and beast people, beast people were generally more than 1.9 metres tall up to 2.5 metres.

Little Minghui carefully identified the logo of a store, suddenly her eyes turned bright, holding the helmet and running in that direction. It turns out that at the corner diagonally opposite them, there was a not very conspicuous sign, a piece of canvas, with a black and white “cloud” character scribbled, as wild and unrestrained as its owner. If you didn’t look closely, it would be easy to overlook.

“What luck!”

She ran into the small room with her helmet in her arms and short legs, she really saw a human inside who had nothing to do.

Leen did not know what she was looking for and could not help but frown when he saw the sign. His father and mother had taught him how to recognize these signs. They knew which one was a human trader’s store in their beast clan, his father and mother often said that the human clan were very vicious and had taken their clan members captive and sold them, they even hunted them down to get the spirit cores that their beast clan members could not easily cultivate. All up the human clan were bad people and they told him to always stay away from such stores and stay away from humans.

Human traders on the other hand were also extremely disgusted by the beast people, if not for any emergency, no beast people dared to set foot in a human store.

He did not want to go in but saw little Minghui went inside and worried that she would be trafficked by evil humans, so he also followed, even his face had an overly tense expression.

The eyes of the beast people following them, after seeing them set foot into the Yuntian Pavilion in this small town had a contemptuous look on their faces.


The person in charge of this Yuntian pavilion was set here by young master Nangong Yuntian to be in charge of the store in the town inside a nest of beast people was He Jian. He felt suffocated living here because the contradictions between the human race and the beast race were very high. As a merchant even he was also often threatened and discriminated against. The ambition he had to do business in this kind of place was about to be worn out, if not for young master Nangong insisting he would have left long ago.

Beast people and humans conflicts could be traced back to a hundred years ago, the human race found that the beast cultivation had spirit cores which were a great use for them so they often tried to hunt and kill beast people, even wanting to capture the smaller beast people to raise as pets or cultivation resources. After the beast people found out, they also launched a war against the human race.

You kill me, I kill you.

The conflicts continued to accumulate, accumulated to a certain extent until the two tribes were at a point of either you die or I die.

After that, although they signed a peace coexistence pact, the beast people still hated humans and the human’s greed for the beast race simply did not ease.

When He Jian saw the small jade-like person, his tiny eyes almost collapsed from their sockets, “You are–”

He took another look at the small beast child beside her. He Jian, who had been in the beast race for nearly twenty years, saw through Leen’s identity at a glance. Don’t ask him how he recognized it, he relied on his intuition. A human and a beast person, this odd combination really broke his years of knowledge.

“Do you have a potion here that can make me understand beast people words?”

Dongfang Minghui tilted her head up and raised her little head, asking with an innocent face.

He Jian was about to be melted by her black grape-like eyes, could such a cute little girl have been abducted by the beast race? A bold thought came to his mind, “Yes, but I am the only one in the store so you need to wait a moment.”

There was a small room at the back of the store, He Jian lifted the cloth curtain and went in.

The elixir was easier to find than she thought, she had thought she would need to use the summoning order of Seventh sister’s Rose House to get it from the Yuntian Pavilion. She surveyed the store, which was simple and probably only occupied ten square meters. Objectively it could be seen that even the strong Yuntian Pavillion in the seven coloured continent had to admit defeat in the beast race.

“Nangong Yuntian, this cunning businessman, dares to do any business.”

The beast race was so prejudiced against humans, how did he develop his Yuntian Pavilion in this small place? It had to be said that he really had a little skill.

He Jian returned to his hut, wrote a note and stuffed it along with the pills stuffed into the porcelain bottle, he did not know if he was right to be so nosy. He had seen many humans enslaved by the beast people wanting to help but not able to. This led to him having a deep sense of frustration. He felt that the flowery little girl in front of him should not be trampled by the beast people. This tiny bit of kindness in his heart fermented and he wanted to lend a helping hand. If the other party was not as he suspected then the matter ends here. If the other party was really unfortunately taken by the beast people, he had to find a way.

“I’ve kept you all waiting.”

After she delivered the spirit stones to him, when she got the porcelain vase, she glanced at He Jian suspiciously, there was something in this vase.

He Jian nodded to her with a smile, “You’re welcome to my humble abode again when you have time.”

“What did he just say to you?” Little Colour was curious, it thought that the shopkeeper of this store was scheming something.

“Nothing.” Dongfang Minghui checked the ingredients of the elixir and swallowed it as if no one else was around, only after swallowing it did she have time to read the note that the other party had stuffed into the porcelain bottle, “Heh, the people cultivated by Yuntian Pavilion don’t seem to be that bad.”

The note simply said, “If you are in trouble, look for me.”

She thought carefully and could probably guess the other party’s mind, she had to say, being in a land filled with beast people being able to find a human willing to lend a helping hand made her heart warm.

Leen watched her swallow a potion and asked in a small voice, “Are you sick?”

It is only when you are sick that you need to buy an elixir after all?

Dongfang Minghui understood what he was saying this time, she smiled and shook her head, indicating that she was fine, the problem of listening to the beast people had been solved, but she could not speak the beast language yet. She gently swept a glance at Leen’s blood-stained and tattered clothes, then looked at her own clothes that did not look like an adult’s but also didn’t look like a child’s.

“Let’s go get food, clothing and shelter first.”

“Shouldn’t you make a trip to the Elves?” Little Colour reminded, although the matter of getting Lu Xing to the elves wasn’t too important to it it wasn’t good to keep having to lug this baggage around.

The first thing she needed to do was find a way to get to the elves but she needed to wait for Seventh sister. Besides, where were the elves? The elves lived a secluded life and ordinary people simply couldn’t find them.

Lu Xing’s problem she did not know how to solve, after burning his life force, she gave him her blood to replenish life force. The remnant root of the Tree of Life was really as Lu Xing said, because of her drop of blood the withered wood had sprung back to life and green leaves re-emerged. The last time Lu Xing was attacked by the Qi of Death, this remnant of the Tree of Life saved his life, she could only try this method again and let Lu Xing continue to hold this family treasure, hoping that even if it couldn’t cure Lu Xing it could at least maintain his life.

Little Minghui picked out four sets of clothes for herself, two small versions and two large versions. After that, she picked out two more sets for Leen.

“Here you go.”

Knowing that he couldn’t understand, Dongfang Minghui simply put the clothes in the hands of the overwhelmed Leen and pushed him to the changing room. Leen looked at the clothes in his hands for a long time, he hadn’t gotten new clothes for a long time ever since his mother had made a set of clothes for him years ago.

This was the first time he had received a gift from someone.

Leen wiped the corners of his somewhat moist eyes, he straightened his chest and pounded his chest with his fist, he admonished himself to be a man and a true warrior of the beast race, one day he would avenge his father and mother.

“Quite good.”

The other side changed a set of clothes and looked much more energetic like a real little warrior. Leen was actually quite good looking, his eyes were very bright, if he smiled he could attract a lot of little girls.

Little Minghui was holding little bean sprouts and after walking back and forth, she finally knew what was wrong. Leen’s weapon, that bow and arrow were made of wood, on the way he had used this a lot to respond to the enemies and the bow’s strings were worn to the point of breaking, there were also only a few arrows left.

No wonder he looked miserable.

She made up her mind to give Leen a bow and arrow made of a little better material. She took Leen to the weapon store and wandered around twice, the weapons made by the beast people were not only weird in shape, but even the material was too much for her to look at.

“Seventh sister wouldn’t be able to guess what the use of these weird weapons are either.” Speaking of this, she inevitably missed Seventh sister, “Little Colour, this place is unfamiliar, how can we find Seventh sister?”

“Not only do we not know the people well, we also don’t speak the language. We just have to keep looking blindly.” Little Colour chirped.

Walking out of the weapon store, Dongfang Minghui and Leen went back to the Nangong family’s store, this was the first time she had met such a relatively friendly human in the beast race so far.

He Jian looked at her with a surprised face, “Little girl is there anything else you need?”

Little Minghui nodded, “I want a map of the distribution of the beast race.”

“There are three kinds of maps, the most detailed-”

“I need a topographic map with the most accuracy.” Little Minghui interrupted him, “I also want to know a bit more about the beast race.”

Handing over the spirit stones with one hand and taking the map with the other, Little Minghui asked a few vital questions about the distribution of the beast race’s several major powers. During the conversation, He Jian seriously thought about his extremely stupid behavior just now.

The other party seemed clear and organized, not at all like a child who had been abducted by the beast race.

“Many thanks.”

He Jian had survived in the beast race for twenty years and knew quite a bit, the situation of the beast race was as she expected… very bad. After signing a peace pact with humans, the beast race closed the door and a civil war erupted, the beast race was quickly falling apart and split among three extremely strong powers, Cyril, Hillary and Cass who were snatching territory and wanting to seize the throne. Among them, Cyril was the most ferocious, all the way he wanted to join forces with Hillary to kill Cass.

But Hillary wasn’t a fool, on the surface he accommodated but secretly her was also trying to prevent Cyril.

He Jian told her the latest gossip, Cass had apparently been assassinated on the way back to the city, his current whereabouts were still unknown, the pawns Hillary planted in Cyril’s army were also suddenly exterminated, even Cyril’s distant cousin’s family because of a little involvement with Hillary, had been mercilessly abused and killed, even his youngest nephew was not spared.

Little Minghui listened and heard the name Cass. Among the orcs, she actually knew Cass, “If he was assassinated, the power of the beast race would need to be re-divided. Most likely, the next war would be between Cyril and Hilary in a fight to the death.”

But, Cass was one of the male protagonists! He should not have been killed so easily, if so what was the point of what she did before when she saw him in the human race?

“I hope Seventh sister is not in the territory of these two death gods, it is better to be saved by Cass’ people.” Little Minghui prayed secretly, but the heavens could not hear her prayers.

At the moment, Qian Wanyu had been surrounded by Cyril’s decadent general Armand’s mansion.

“I was wrong to look at you as weak before.” General Armand looked at Anton, who was lying motionless on the ground and kicked his corpse, useless thing. His sturdy body and muscles were shaking. He approached Qian Wanyu step by step, his magnificent height gave a powerful pressure, his rough voice shouted and the whole general’s residence seemed to hear, “Did you kill Anton?”

Qian Wanyu didn’t budge, she turned to Jing Ke and barked twice, “Follow the previous plan, rush out and remember fight a quick battle and run, do not drag your feet.”

Jing Ke looked at Armand and the other guards with a gloomy expression, “You must come out alive, we’ll wait for you thirty miles outside, you must come!”

“Get lost!”

Qian Wanyu was most annoyed with people who were too talkative, with a sweep of the water thunder whip in her hand, she flung back the guards who wanted to chase after her, allowing Qing Mo to scatter a boundary throughout the small courtyard, “You can’t get out.”

The surrounding guards were bounced to the ground one by one by the boundary and tried several times but didn’t dare to break through again. A group of a dozen beast people surrouded Qian Wanyu in the very centre, they were all in their beast form and surrounded her like a wall.

Armand’s bloodshot eyes looked at Qian Wanyu with excitement, he licked his lips, shaking his bear back and tiger waist, he felt extremely excited.

Qian Wanyu took advantage of his warm-up to blast out several thunderbolts to blow these guards to pieces, water thunder whips shot out often directly strangling their necks, the tip of the whip partly pierced into their brains, shattering their beast cores and after a few rounds, dozens of them fell to the ground.

Armand coldly watched his men die one by one and never get up again, he moved his thick neck and pounded his chest hard. In front of Qian Wanyu Armand had turned into a tall black bear, almost as tall as twice of her with a bloody mouth that seemed to want to eat her.

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