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MIWW Chapter 115 Part 2

Qian Wanyu took out her sword at the right time, she felt that the whip was of no use against this bear man. She took several steps back and took advantage of the black bear’s claws slashing at her, she jumped into midair above the black bear and slashed down hard.

The purple thunder and the sword combined together, Armand was able to avoid it, but his left arm was cut by Qian Wanyu’s sword, an arm flew out sideways, bleeding all over the place.

“What a pity.” Qian Wanyu sighed, she thought she could quickly get rid of Armand but did not expect the other party to dodge. His attack speed was much higher than these guards, no wonder he had the strength to sit in this position.

Armand frowned, he felt he had been too careless getting his arm chopped off by the other party.

“You won’t be so lucky next time.” Qian Wanyu sneered, a small ball appeared in her hand, the colourful spiritual energy sphere revolved inside and she threw it up using her own sword to poke the ball. Five lines of spiritual energy gushed towards Armand crazily.

Wind blades and earth spikes, condensed in the air and attacked continuously from the sides and the front.

“Roar–” Armand was annoyed, beast people enjoyed fighting with their strong bodies unlike humans who used concealed weapons and colourful tricks. He hated these things that forced him to go on the defensive. Flames shot out from his eyes.

Like a fire dragon, Qian Wanyu was surrounded the fire.

This was the first time Qian Wanyu had seen a beast man with spiritual power, it was also the first time she’d seen someone shoot fire from their eyes! No wonder his eyes were blood red…

Earth wrapped her whole body and the fire could not get close to her body at all.

“It’s over!”

Five streaks of lightning rolled down from the sky, each one towards Armand’s body, Qian Wanyu’s sword jabbed covered with purple lightning compelling the sturdy black bear into a dead-end…

After the dust settled, the black bear had been turned into black charcoal and collapsed to the ground with a bang.

Qian Wanyu separated his head with a sword and took out the fire spirit core in his head, it was a very large nucleus and a fierce vicious animal suddenly flashed in her mind.

“Forget it, put it away first.”

After Armand’s death, the whole general residence was boiling, the group of beast people surged out and Qian Wanyu had a blood road out, killing any of them she saw. She was like a god of death standing atop a pile of bodies making the beast people not dare to go forward.

Meanwhile, Jing Ke and a hundred people rushed out from the general’s residence, many people scattered halfway like lost birds fleeing the nest, some died and others were wounded. In the end, there were only about forty people left. They were all exhausted and walked to the location agreed to by Jing Ke and Qian Wanyu, they found trees and rocks to lean on as they comforted each other.

“Ah Jong….”

Jing Ke waited for two incense sticks worth of time but couldn’t wait any longer.  He thought he was a coward, knowing that General Armand killed people like mowing grass and leaving it to a girl to deal with…he felt extremely useless.

“If I don’t come back in two incense burning time, you take them to escape, don’t be afraid of anything in the future, resist everything bravely and find a way to live.”

He patted Ah Jong hard on the shoulder.

“Ah?” Ah Jong’s jaw dropped he didn’t know anything, how could he take care of so many people?!

“Brother Jing, y-you, you do not go ah, how am I going to deal with these people? Even if you go you’re just courting death…”

Jing Ke waved his hand and dashed back to the General’s manor. That back seemed incomparably tall at that moment to Ah Jong. He sniffled and rubbed his nose. Although they were not familiar, they had just experienced life and death together and could be counted as half comrades, he felt he should do something for brother Jing.

Jing Ke originally intended to take advantage of the chaos to enter the muddy water but the result was he had just arrived outside the general’s residence door before actually seeing Wanyu! He hurriedly ran up to her looking her up and down, “You’re okay?! Great!”

Qian Wanyu looked at him strangely, “What matter can I have? This sentence should be from me. I made you lead the team properly, how is it that you’re alone?”

Jing Ke immediately waved his hand, “Don’t worry, there are still more than forty people, Ah Jong is looking after them.”

“Very good.”

More than forty people, it was slightly better than the worst she expected, “How many of them are injured? How many children? How many without fighting ability, have you counted?”

“Yes, a total of eighteen people have the ability to fight, four children, twenty-two people injured, and twenty-two people who have no fighting ability.” Jing Ke told all the figures without missing a beat.

“Ah Brother Jing you’re back, that’s such a relief!” Ah Jong who was about to prepare a grave for Jing Ke was happy to see him return rushing up to give him a bear hug. A big man crying with everyone’s black faces really seemed funny.

The group of people saw Qian Wanyu appear as well and they were all surprised as well as fearful. None of them dared to meet her deep, bottomless eyes.

Qian Wanyu saw the group of sick and wounded people and had a big headache. She needed to rush and find Ninth Sister as Qing Mo said, if she took these people with her, it would definitely affect her progress. If she didn’t take them then…most of them would surely die on the way.

As the saying goes, good people do good things to the end…she sighed deeply.

“Jing Ke come here.”

Jing Ke was also crying and laughing at being a survivor of the disaster. Being hugged by a big man was strange so he eventually work up and pushed Ah Jong away, he respectfully walked to Qian Wanyu’s front, “My lord, what do you need me to do?”

My lord?

Qian Wanyu was a little unhappy with this title, she lightly frowned but did not correct him, “How well do you know the beast land? Tell me everything you know.”

Jing Ke was a merchant, if not being caught by Armand’s people he would’ve been sent to exchange supplies with the beast race, halfway through they encounter the god-killing beast army burning and plundering everything in sight. Jing Ke thought he could escape but halfway through he was intercepted by Armand’s people again.

He analyzed the beast tribe’s current scramble for territory with Qian Wanyu, it was pretty similar to what He Jian told Dongfang Minghui.


“I really did not expect that after the beast race ended the external war with the human race, it began a new era of internal division, now the three forces keep each other in check. From what I see the most ruthless is Cyril who seemed to have gained a lot of territory. On the other hand, Cass seemed to be missing and known by your Ninth Sister.” Qing Mo analysed the situation in her soul sea.

The name Cass was familiar, thinking of Qian Wanyu’s loss of memory, Qing Mo did not expect her to be able to remember such a thing, “To be precise, your Ninth Sister should have helped Cass before.”

“Tell them to prepare, we will depart immediately.” According to what Jing Ke said, if this Armand was one of the great generals under Cyril’s rule, killing him would surely provoke Cyril, she didn’t want to wait for that mad dog to chase after her, “Do you know how to get the way to Cass’ land from here?”

“Uh, wait a moment, my lord, I’ll ask to see if any of them know the way.” Jing Ke awkwardly said, then asked a few questions in a low voice, soon one of them stood up, the man still had injuries and he was limping but his eyes were bright.

“My lord, his name is Amin, before he was a merchant doing delivery, he knows how to go to Cass’ tribe.”

“Good.” Qian Wanyu found a porcelain bottle of pills from her space ring, “You are injured, take this pill, it can heal the wound. If you can successfully take us to Cass’s tribe, this porcelain vial is all yours.”

The man named Amin nodded and bent down to thank her, immediately leading the way after taking the pill.

In the beast tribe, pills and medicinal plants were very scarce, many people who were injured could only find familiar herbs in the forest to stop the bleeding. Compared to the human world, the beast tribe’s various skills were lacking.

Amin was responsible for delivery in the beast tribe, he had been careful but didn’t expect to get unlucky enough to be caught by Armand’s people then thrown into a small black room. After feeling the pill given by Qian Wanyu, he quickly recognized the effectiveness of this pill, so he was very grateful.

The group encountered three or four waves of attacks on the way from Cyril’s people, and also from Hilary’s people, of course, there were dead and wounded among them, by the time they arrived at the border of the Cass tribe, forty or so people had become twenty-three, with one child left along with thirteen people with spiritual power.

“Cass and the others might not accept us either.”

One of them sighed, the beast people all hated humans, after seeing a human they hated that they couldn’t kill them immediately. It was really difficult to mix in the beast land.

Qian Wanyu had no idea why she wanted to come here aside from finding a clue to Ninth Sister. She didn’t need Cass to accept them, she only needed information.

“Will Ninth Sister appear here?”

Qing Mo replied in her soul sea, “If she knows the current state of the beast tribe, I think she will come to Cass’ tribe first.”

Cass tribe was still quite good, compared to the other two killer beast tribes, his land was ruled better and there weren’t captive humans being used as toys. Cass had always been relatively low-key, quietly guarding his tribe.

But despite being low-key, it didn’t mean the other two killing gods would let him go, this time after returning from the human land, on the way back he encountered an ambush by Cyril and Hillary’s people. His trail had been lost for half a month and the people under Cass was growing restless. If Cass still didn’t appear the three tribes might go to war immediately.

“In fact, the timing of our arrival is not right.” Jing Ke tugged on Qian Wanyu’s sleeve and said, “Or maybe we should take it slow and see how the situation changes next.”

If Cass really died, the three tribes would go to war, Cyril and Hilary would definitely divide the possessions Cass owned as fast as possible.

Qian Wanyu listened carefully to his analysis and nodded after listening, “In fact, it’s about time to go our separate ways. If you have a better place to go, you can go there, there might be a merchant group nearby.”

Among these two dozen people, she had taught them how to cooperate and use spiritual power, if two people cooperate they could at least survive, if two wasn’t enough then five.

“Ah?” Jing Ke thought he heard wrong, just now did she nod her head? Didn’t she agree with his words?

“Ah Ming, here you go.”

Qian Wanyu gave all the remaining pills to Ah Ming, the others looked at him enviously and discussed with each other with their heads down. A few of them actually stood out, “Lord, thank you for taking care of us along the way, but we’ve decided to going back to the merchant group. The caravans will give us a certain amount of shelter, this is the land of the beasts, they will certainly kill us.”

In the eyes of this group of people, the Cass tribe was similar to jumping out of a tiger’s den into a wolf’s den.

“Yes, you can all disperse now.” She had already brought the group of people out of Cyril’s territory, their fate afterwards was up to them.

“Aiya don’t g! My lord may have other plans, ugh ugh.” Jing Ke tried to persuade them one by one, but none of them were persuaded. Even Ah Jong left with them, in the end only the two of them were left.

“Boss, couldn’t you just say what you planned?” Jing Ke wanted to pluck out the hair from his head.

“I have no plans.” She was ready to wait for Ninth Sister here.  When Ninth Sister came, she would know what to do next. She found a clean place to sit and closed her eyes to cultivate.

“Boss, can’t you find a place that’s not conspicuous? This place is where the Cass tribe’s beast people come and go, who can guarantee that those beast people wouldn’t attack you and interrupt your cultivation?!”

Qian Wanyu’s longsword was immediately pointed to Jing Ke’s neck, her eyes were lightly raised as she coldly looked at him, “One more word of nonsense and I’ll cut your head.”

Jing Ke shivered, the cold touch on his neck made him have a cold sweat as he raised his arms in surrender.

Qing Mo felt slightly relieved, he had a feeling that the old Wanyu was about to return, this was the Qian Wanyu he was familiar with.

Qian Wanyu’s sword was inserted back on the ground, she closed her eyes and continued to cultivate. After ten long days of fighting, she had to stabilize her spiritual power and quietly wait for the next promotion.

Jing Ke was scared of provoking her again and walked a few steps back, just a meter away from where Qian Wanyu was squatting. This was the road the Cass tribe’s beast people pass through. No matter what, he had to wait here and see if any of them would come.

Little Minghui and Leen’s luck was very good, they followed the map and found the nearest road to the Cass tribe, the road was short but full of thorns.

Leen as a young man wasn’t afraid of danger, Little Minghui and Toothless were also used to danger.

“Hey Leen, you’re great!” Dongfang Minghui raised a thumbs up in praise. Leen had just taken out a large python coiled in a tree by himself, the python’s poison sacs were all pulled out by him as well.

“Here you go.”

Leen handed her a snake gall that was bigger than the palm of little Minghui’s hand, full of expectation.

This gall bladder was a medicinal herb, in fact the whole snake was medicine. She blinked and looked at Leen with a smile, pointing to the snake gall bladder in his hand then pointed to the snake on the ground that was dead, then she showed two fingers, meaning she wanted both.

It took a while for Leen to react, he couldn’t hold the entire snake’s body. It was probably too heavy, and it was a bit difficult for him to hold it.

She directly put the snake into her space ring, at the moment the space had actually almost been used up, she felt she had to take time to organize the space ring a little.

“Let’s go.”


An extremely weak voice came from the top of the tree, if not for her good hearing she might have even ignored it, “Little Colour, are there people up there?”

Without her having to say much, Little Colour’s vines swished up to the very top of the tree, this was a big tree. Before when the snake was coiled up there she couldn’t see the top of the tree. Even now, she needed to raise her neck to see a tiny top.

The vines brought the man down in a bundle, Little Colour dropped him to the ground, “This man has wounds and snake poison.”

The man thrown to the ground was in a bad state, his face was almost unrecognizable, his whole body was injured. Only that face had a pair of charming eyes. Leen was glancing cautiously at the side, bow and arrows at the ready.


Little Minghui fished out a finger knife from her space ring, she approached the injured beast man who had fallen to the ground and failed to get up. The beast man offered no resistance to her approach, but she still whispered soothingly, “I won’t hurt you, I just want to see if you’re someone I know.”

She explained first, before letting Little Colour’s vines fix the other man’s neck and make him tilt his head up to look at. She used her finger knife to shave his face clean of any beard, revealing his otherwise charmingly handsome face.


Dongfang Minghui’s eyes widened, the apparently lost Cass was actually here?! Had he been kidnapped by a python?

Cass blinked feebly, he tried to see Dongfang Minghui’s face clearly but his mouth opened and closed a few times without a sound. Finally, his head rolled and he fainted.

“Ugh, Little Colour, how many times have I saved him now?”

“He must not know it’s you, don’t forget you’ve reverted to a kid.” Little Colour cruelly snickered and poked at her scars again.

Dongfang Minghui glared at her resentfully then quickly began to diagnose Cass, diagnosing his injuries her brow wrinkled.

“It’s not good, he’s been bitten by this snake’s poison and he’s about to go into relapse.”

A tribe leader who had been ambushed was now so weak that even a snake could bully him. She felt a little sympathy and patted Cass’ handsome face.


“Right.” Dongfang Minghui quickly stood up and hugged a large tree to hide far away, “Little Colour, quickly tie him up, he should only have been poisoned not long ago, the first reaction will be more… mild.”

She’d definitely cure him on the way to the Cass tribe. She needed his help to find Seventh Sister after all.

Soon the forest resounded with various voices, Dongfang Minghui was holding little bean sprouts, but also educating it from time to time, “Little bean sprouts, this is my life education course, it’s too early for you but the opportunity cannot be lost, I think if I don’t let you contact it early you’ll be cheated in the future.”

Leen was already a small teenager and sort of knew what was going to happen…he got embarrassed quickly bringing his bow and arrow to stand a little further away.

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