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MIWW Chapter 116 Part 1

“That’s what you call a gentle reaction!?”

Little Colour’s face was blue and furious, she roared fiercely in Little Minghui’s ear.

The reason was none other than Cass this beast-man being in heat, along with emitting that…strange smell, the smell made the closest Little Colour suffer, not only that, there were some unknown things coming out…

Good thing it was relatively quick.

The accused little Minghui was holding little bean sprouts her large teardrop eyes blinked at Little Colour with a silent complaint, “How would I have known?”

I didn’t know he would rub himself on the tree trunk to cool off…

“Y-you! Ruthless!” Little Colour gritted its teeth, seeing this innocent look of hers full of bitterness and accusations made it all look like it was bullying her.

Leen came back with another rabbit from the woods, he was born sensitive and came back feeling that the atmosphere between Little Minghui and Little Colour was a little off, he used the straw rope to send the rabbit to Little Minghui, “Here you go.”

The rabbit’s fur was curled up, fat, and especially interesting. A pair of crimson eyes surveyed around, looking a little timid.

Toothless, who was bored at one side, immediately put up his ears and took advantage of Leen’s inattention to open his mouth and take the rabbit into his mouth.

Leen was directly scared, this was his first time seeing Toothless eating, all the way, besides roast meat Toothless rarely ate anything else, even along the road when it hunted it would bring the prey to Little Minghui to cook.

“Toothless, spit it out.”

Toothless opened his mouth and spit out the curly rabbit again. A chubby mass sticky with saliva came out looking dead.


“Little mother.”

Toothless used its forelimbs to poke the curled up ball’s belly, a little lighter than a little heavier, curly rabbit was ravaged by it for a while until the ‘corpse’ really moved a little! It abruptly turned over and wanted to flee.

However, Toothless’ speed was faster, a flying pounce easily pressed it under two paws, as if finding a new fresh toy, Toothless wanted to play.


Just after venting intimately with the trees, Cass felt the pain between his inner thighs, along with the numerous previous injuries, Cass grunted twice and soon came to his senses, he saw a large tree with mottled marks, the tree was quite familiar… then he saw a small beast boy and a little girl three meters away from him.

“Did you save me?”

He thought of what happened before he passed out, he decided that the reason he hadn’t been eaten by that python yet was probably because of the two little ones in front of him. He looked strangely at the little girl who was holding a helmet, no matter how he looked this little girl seemed to be…a human?

He had spent some time in the human race and could identify the differences between humans and beast people, a glance was all he needed to tell the identity of the other party.

“The kindness of saving a life should be repaid, how do you plan to repay me?” Hearing the other party’s unskilled language which was a mix of beast and human, Dongfang Minghui was a little wistful, she had always thought that Cass was special, now she was even more sure of that.

Cass looked at his legs, he looked at the wet things on his pants and quickly he knew he was poisoned, an embarrassed look flashed across his face but he spoke quite frankly to little Minghui, “I have two enemies that have setup a lot of ambushes along the way, now I do not have anything on me to repay you. If you can’t wait, you can go ahead and find my man Milo in the Cass tribe, he will pay you accordingly.”

Little Minghui tilted her head, pretending to be thinking for a moment, “Cass tribe? How do I know if what you say is true? Besides, you’re asking me to ask someone else for payment, what if the Milo you’re talking about doesn’t believe me?”

“The Cass tribe?” Leen sized up Cass suspiciously, he had often heard about the Cass tribe from his father’s mouth, it was a very powerful tribe, one of the three major tribes along with Cyril and Hilary tribes.

He heard that the leader of the Cass tribe was very good and treated his people well. If he defected to the Cass tribe, would he have a chance to kill Cyril? A crazy thought swirled in Leen’s mind.

Cass leaned on the tree to stand up, he was overwhelmed by the clean and beautiful little girl in front of him. He thought of the degree of Milo’s hatred for humans, there was a possibility that not only would he not pay the payment to these two little kids, he might even do something disastrous…

“Are all beast people like you, making empty promises?” Dongfang Minghui cocked her head to survey his momentarily embarrassed face, she thought that Cass was too funny, it was fun to tease him and Cass’ half-baked human words were too awkward.

Cass’ face burned red for a moment.

“Ahem, what do you want?” Cass looked through his space ring and found none of them suitable for Little Minghui.

“I can help you cure the poison, the only condition is you have to help me find someone.” She took a step forward and stood in front of Cass to negotiate the terms, “How about that? You want to think about it?”

“Find someone?”

“Yes, you have one incense stick of time to think about it.”

Cass felt that the little girl in front of him gave him a particularly familiar feeling, but he was quite sure that he had never had contact with this little girl when he was lurking in the human race’s land. He thoughtfully reminded Little Minghui, “The snake poison is not good to solve.”

“I’m a pharmacist.” She took out the badge she got from the union and showed it to him, “You can be cured.”


Little Minghui was full of joy, even if Cass didn’t agree, she would still cure his poison from a friend’s standpoint, but now with the help of Cass’ tribe, she could definitely meet Seventh sister sooner.

On the way back, Cass’ poison resurfaced back and forth several times. Little Minghui configured the cure as best she could, as she promised, the poison in Cass’ body was completely eradicated at the last stationing point nearing the Cass tribe.

Looking at the snake bile in her space ring, she had a sad face.

“I’m better.” After the detoxification, many old wounds on Cass’s body also slowly recovered, especially after using Little Minghui’s healing pills, he sat on one side and asked in a small voice, “Have we met somewhere before?”

Little Minghui looked at him with big blinking eyes.

“I met a girl in the human race who was as kind as you.” Cass had an enraptured look on his face, even the bottom of his eyes was tinged with a smile as if he was thinking of something happy.

“He’s thinking of lovey dovey thoughts about you in front of you!” Little Colour rashly communicated with her in her soul sea. Aiya this beast man that could understand the human language was really a special case.

“That’s a mistake, that’s definitely not love…” Little Minghui had a serious face. Love… this thing if you do not experience it you simply wouldn’t know how beautiful it was. Not to mention that she and Cass had only met three times including this time. She had approached Cass with a purpose in mind, if this person knew that then probably those illusions would be shattered, “If I just take out his token, he might not recognize me. What if he takes me for a monster and wants to study me?”

In fact, she just didn’t want Cass to know who she was, to save a lot of trouble. Besides, it’s a lot of trouble to explain.

Leen stayed silent as he watched Cass communicate with little Minghui in another language, with a bit of envy, he thought that when he got to the Cass tribe, he would also learn this language so that he could talk properly with little Minghui.

The night was silent, early the next morning, the group of them were on the road again, she had seen the map before and noticed the signs. Over a mountain, they could see the Cass tribe, “Before, you said you were ambushed and seriously injured before the python attacked you?”

“Yes, the warriors I brought out have all been sacrificed…” Kass spoke of them and pain flashed in his eyes, but soon, there was nothing but determination, “I will settle this score with them.”

She probably knew the situation between the three tribes fighting, she stood at the bottom of the mountain chirping, “If, I said if, they know you are still alive, do you think they will let you return back to your tribe so easily?”

She had warned Cass when she met him in the human tribe that someone was trying to kill him, she didn’t expect to come to the beast tribe and still find that someone was still trying to kill him. If Cass hadn’t done something that heaven and earth wouldn’t allow, he might have had the worst luck she’d ever seen.

“You mean that there is still an ambush ahead?”

“Most likely the strongest ambush you’ve ever encountered.” She reminded him with a smirk, now Cass owed her another big favour.

Cass looked furious as he clenched his fists, “Come then, I want to see how much more they have up their sleeves.”

This sentence, Leen understood because Cass was roaring out in the language of the beast tribe. He had more or less guessed the identity of the other party along the way, the man was Cass, the leader of the Cass tribe. His whole person was full of vigour, in his lifetime, he could actually fight together with the chief of the Cass tribe, this was an honour.

Looking at the two inexplicably excited men, little Minghui stroked little bean sprout and educated, “Being hot-blooded is the catalyst of battle and growing stronger little bean sprout, you also have to grow up quickly and become a real hero.”

Cass showed a big smile as he curiously pointed at little bean sprout and said, “What is this? Can it understand when you speak?” He found that along the way, the little girl always held this helmet and at first he thought it was something precious.

“You’re talking about this ah? It’s my baby.” She proudly tapped the rhythm on the outside of the helmet, and sometimes she hummed a tune while tapping when she was bored but the beat that came out sounded miserable. She added with a murmur, “It’s also the light of hope for a clan.”

The helmet suddenly nudged her, and she thought she was hallucinating because she wanted the little sprout to grow up. Who would have thought that after that it would nudge her again! Dongfang Minghui was shocked beyond belief, after almost a year of raising it, this was the first time little bean sprout had given her any response.

“Hahahaha, little bean sprout, you’re awesome.”

While Seventh sister was receiving the inheritance she discovered the magic of little bean sprout, not to mention everything in that place wasn’t growing, even Toothless and Little Colour didn’t change. Only little bean sprout could break through the limits of stasis and shockingly sprout a small flower bud after sucking her blood.

Hearing Little Minghui’s pleasant laughter, Cass was in a very good mood and had a decision in his heart that if there was any real danger, he would definitely use his life to make sure she would escape alive.

In fact that danger soon descended, when the sky was getting dark, Cass and Leen has long been ready to rush through the night, they did not expect Little Minghui to ask to rest, and also light up a campfire.

“This will draw them all out!” Cass didn’t quite agree.

“Being passive is never as good as being active, there are many of them, and it’s not worth being attacked in a hurry.” Little Minghui let Toothless spew a flame, this flame was also mixed with a hint of gold, it waved against the wind, swinging in the wind’s direction. The strange thing was the more it burned the hotter it was. From her instructions, Little Colour’s vines also spread out little by little, setting up vine boundaries within a hundred-mile radius, just waiting for a group of beast people to throw themselves into their well prepared net.

“This is…?” Cass saw Little Colour vines and was wide-eyed, he had to rub his eyes twice, these plant vines were familiar, he had seen it from that human race woman before! He looked at Little Colour, surprised. “She is? You are–?”

Little Colour’s face was black, it let Toothless stay together with Lu Xing so it could pay attention to the surroundings.

“Shh.” Little Minghui did not expect Cass’ memory to be so strong, she made a quiet motion, in the distance, a group of beast people had been set up to ambush for several days. Seeing the light in the distance they identified the target of their ambush and couldn’t wait.

Cass was half lying on the ground, listening to the sound of footsteps from coming near, he looked cautious, “If you think you can’t cope, hurry up and leave, I’ll hold them off.”

Little Minghui used one hand to stroke little bean sprout, one hand from behind took out an umbrella, “You can’t get rid of me that easily, I still have to go back to the Cass tribe with you to make sure you pay me.” Every day she couldn’t find Seventh sister was a day she didn’t feel at ease.

“There’s an ambush.”

Leen’s pair of bright eyes were searching in the darkness, the hands holding the bow and arrow pointed in the distance.

She counted the people. There were actually about hundreds of beast people in ambush here! It seems that this Cass was quite hated, “Do you owe them something?! They really want you dead.” She wouldn’t believe it if he said there were no traitors within the Cass tribe.

Cass killed a beast person and crushed its head, “They owe me a life.” He had wanted to wait until the situation in the Cass tribe had stabilised before looking for Cyril to settle the score, but he didn’t expect them to try to end him halfway.


Along with his cry, little Minghui watched dumbfounded as Cass completely bestialized in front of her, an imposing yellow-furred lion appeared…at least it should be a lion if she didn’t misidentify it…

“I think I heard something.” Jing Ke’s head jerked up, Qian Wanyu beside him also opened her eyes, it wasn’t far from them, she heard the sound of fighting. From the sounds, the number of people fighting was more than a hundred people.

The people who were patrolling the Cass tribe also heard the sound and immediately went to report to Milo.

A small group of almost fifty beast people led by Milo quickly walked out of the Cass tribe and ran towards the nearest hill, they were all friends who grew up with Cass and knew Cass’ roar too well, that was clearly Cass’ voice!

They were all excited when the lost Cass suddenly showed up, they even completely ignored Jing Ke and Qian Wanyu who were on the sidelines.

In their opinion, these two humans were not important enough to be feared.


An even more amazing cry called out in the night, Toothless made a loud and clear roar when it was excited, maybe it was the nature of the dragon race, even when they were hatchlings their voice could travel far and wide.

The little white tiger in the sea of souls woke up leisurely, hearing this sound similar to a summon it ran out from within Qian Wanyu’s space ring excitedly.

“Ouch, my goodness!” Jing Ke speculated whether that sound just now was conveying any meaning before turning around and seeing a huge white tiger appear in front of him! His eyes rolled up and he almost fainted, his butt fell to the ground, looking up at the chin of the little white tiger.

“It’s Toothless!” Qing Mo heard the familiar voice and was also a little confused before seeing the small white tiger whoosh out, he quickly said to the blurry Qian Wanyu, “Chase it, the small white tiger knows where your little Ninth Sister is. ”

After waiting for a few days, finally, there’s good news! Qian Wanyu was inexplicably happy and she didn’t know why.

“Hey wait my lord, where are you going?” Jing Ke wanted to chase but only saw a remnant shadow.

The small white tiger attacked like a gust of wind, it saw Toothless and it saw little Minghui, watching them being surrounded by a group of beast people in the middle, it ferociously bared its fangs and crazily killed a bloody path towards them. It was actually even faster than Milo and the other beast people who had come to help.

Milo’s jaw dropped seeing the new entrant and shouted, “Who is this brother?”

Little Minghui had Toothless beside her as well as Little Colour and Leen within a manageable distance from her. She fired a few concealed weapons occasionally, and also even used the little bean sprout helmet to smash them, but there were too many beast people and she without her pills, there was no way Cass could have fought against so many of them.

“Little white!”

As soon as the little white tiger heard her voice it was even more powerful, dashing all the way to the front and killing the beast people blocking the road. One slap made a beast person fly across the air!

Qian Wanyu arrived a little later than it did and stood at the top of the hill looking at the chaotic scene below, she quietly looked at the little girl surrounded by beast people in the most central position.

“You can’t recognise her right?” Qing Mo felt like gloating a bit at being the only one who knew what Little Minghui looked like now, who made these two people always not consider his old man’s mood and display their “sisterhood” in front of him all the time?! Then again thinking of Qian Wanyu’s ability to settle scores afterwards, he coughed dryly to make his voice sound normal, “If she knows you can’t recognize her, she will definitely be very sad.”

Qian Wanyu opened her mouth but her body reacted faster than her thoughts, she flew in their direction and the water thunder whip quickly snapped out.

With all the new people joining, the situation suddenly turned lopsided and they quickly ended the battle.

The wounds on Cass’ body were many and looked very serious, but compared to the wounds on his body before, these were flesh wounds that couldn’t kill anyone.

“Cass, I knew you’d be alive for sure!” Milo was very happy, in fact, Cass being missing during this period of time had also made him very stressed. A tribe couldn’t have a day without a master, also the rumours in the outside world were not very favourable to them.

“Seventh sister!”

Little Minghui was blocked by Toothless and the small white tiger, she almost couldn’t see Qian Wanyu, these two big guys were a lot bigger than her now and still growing! For her current height…they were considered behemoths, she excitedly waved towards Qian Wanyu.

With this cry, she attracted the beast people present.

It was actually a human!

“She!” Milo had a strong hatred for humans.

“She’s my savior.” Cass yanked his wrist back and said seriously, “If not for her, I would have died on the way back.” He had also seen the other party take out the snake guts and knew that the python had been killed by them, so the other party had actually saved him at least twice, “So for my sake, Milo, don’t.”

How Milo treated humans in private, he didn’t care. But the people he cared about, he had to protect to the end.

“Cass, you’re too serious.” Milo frowned, it was the first time he’d ever seen his brother put on a serious face for a human. He laughed out loud and said jokingly, “If she wasn’t only eight years old, I would suspect that you were in love with her.”

Cass gave him an angry glare, “Milo, that’s not a good joke.”

“Okay.” It seems that his brother was really serious about protecting that little girl, Milo said, “I promise, I will never do anything to her under your watch.”

“Seventh sister, Seventh sister, I’m here!” The closer she got, the more her heart was about to jump out of her throat, obviously it had only been a while since she had seen Seventh sister but she felt as if she hadn’t seen Seventh sister for a long, long time.

The closer Qian Wanyu got to her the darker the expression on her face, she felt that the little girl in front seemed to be different from the beautiful figure in her impression.

Little White gently bumped into Toothless, it was now taller and a little bigger than Toothless. Toothless felt sullen and ignored it running up to its little mother, “Little mother!”

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