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MIWW Chapter 116 Part 2


She reluctantly threw the curly-haired rabbit that Toothless was about to play with to it from the space, and couldn’t wait to walk in front of Seventh sister. She tilted her head and looked into the other’s eyes, feeling a little uneasy in her heart, why did she feel that Seventh sister was acting a bit weird?

“Seventh sister?”

The other party’s whole body was dirty, like rolling through the mud during military training. If she wasn’t very familiar with her, she wouldn’t dare to recognize her.

“If you don’t answer her she will become suspicious.” Qing Mo reminded her kindly, “You can also find a place to confess to her that you have lost a small bit of memory… which happens to include her.”

Qian Wanyu: “…Shut up”.

“Ninth Sister!”

Her eyes lit up. Just now, Sister Seventh stood in front of her, making her feel as if she and Sister Seventh were separated by thousands of mountains and rivers, “Seventh sister, what happened?”

Qian Wanyu looked around and finally set her eyes on Cass, “This is not the place to talk.”

Cass walked over with Milo step by step and also looked at Qian Wanyu, he said gently to little Minghui, “It seems that the person you are looking for has been found. Is the reward calculated separately? My tribe is here not far away, do you want to come to my tribe as a guest?”

“Of course.”

At first, she counted on Cass to help find Seventh Sister. The beast tribe is very large, and it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack by herself. Now it’s different. Seventh Sister has been found so she should consider deeper issues.

“Seventh sister?”

Qian Wanyu’s hand was suddenly held by a soft little hand, her heart suddenly jumped wildly and she didn’t want to let go, she gently squeezed the other’s little hand, if it wasn’t for her being too dirty, she really wanted to hug her up.

“Why do I have such a strange idea?”

“Seventh sister, how about we visit the Cass tribe?” She smiled and looked at Qian Wanyu with black grape-like eyes.


“Very good.”

After she agreed, she realized what she had done. Qian Wanyu felt that she had become less like herself. Her original intention was that if Cass couldn’t come back alive, she would find a way to take everything from the Cass tribe and establish herself as ruler. But now that Cass had come back, her first plan failed. She wanted to find another way, at least she couldn’t let herself live as to be as useless as other humans, she wanted to open up a fourth tribe by herself so that the beast people would no longer dare to abuse the human race.

Of course that was before…

After meeting little Ninth Sister, she did a lot of things that even she couldn’t understand time and time again.

Little Minghui dragged Qian Wanyu and followed Cass at a distance, when she turned around, she saw Leen standing still, looking lonely, she said in the animal language Cass had taught her, “Leen, keep up.”

Leen’s gloomy eyes suddenly brightened again, he picked up an arrow stuck in a beast man’s throat and trotted after her.

Jing Ke kept waiting under the tree and saw the return of the Cass tribe. He tried hard to find Qian Wanyu’s whereabouts among the beast people and soon saw Qian Wanyu at the end. There was a white and tender girl beside her. A little girl, and a young man with something on his back.

He gritted his teeth and thought deeply left and right on whether to follow Qian Wanyu. Seeing that they were about to enter the Cass tribe, if he didn’t keep up, he might be left to wander alone!

“Boss! Bosss!”


Beast man guards quickly surrounded him.

Qian Wanyu raised her eyelids slightly, surprised that Jing Ke hadn’t left yet.

“My lord, my lord, I want to follow you.”

“Seventh sister, he seems to be talking to you?” Little Minghui looked at Jing Ke strangely. He looked like a dirty man in his twenties or thirties, it seemed that he knew Seventh sister, “Cass, he is also with us. A friend.”

When Cass heard this, he gestured towards Milo.

Seeing that these beast people retreated, Jing Ke immediately ran to Qian Wanyu’s side.

When the tribesmen of the Cass tribe saw their leader returning safely, they all let out a roar, the whole tribe was boiling for a while, and the spies who were hiding in the distance immediately went back to report.

“Hey, who’s this person behind the leader?”

“It’s a human race.”

“They should be the prisoners of our leader.”

It’s nothing more than rumours because they have never seen four people walk in in such a grand manner, so they believed it was the captives of their leader.

Mistaken as a beast person Toothless snorted twice at the group of ignorant beast people.

Little Minghui pulled Seventh Sister without any pressure, she scratched her fingers in her hands mischievously, just like every time they held hands before.

Qian Wanyu’s face was tense and her whole body felt stiff. She felt itchy in the palms of her hands. This itchy feeling spread from her hands to her whole body, making her heart tremble numbly but she tried to keep herself calm.

“So strange…”

Little Minghui didn’t know what was wrong, she always felt that after she and Seventh sister met again, Seventh sister became strange…

“Look, there’s a little beast boy.”

The object of their discussion immediately changed to Leen. Leen felt that the Cass tribe was a little different from what he imagined. It was not as dirty as the Cyril tribe, and there was no fighting all the time. The streets here looked very different. They were all clean, and there’s even a city wall not far away. Everything looked even grander than that of the Cyril tribe.

He walked and looked all the way, unknowingly coming to the reception.

The reception was a simple courtyard with three rooms. Cass mentioned that they were temporarily staying in this place for one night.

“You stay here for a while. If you have anything, you can ask Milo to come to me.” Cass had a lot of things to discuss with his subordinates, he definitely needed to find out who set up the ambush.

“Eh?” Little Minghui pouted and said dissatisfiedly, “He doesn’t like us. If I look for him and he doesn’t notify you, are you going to break the agreement between us?”


Qian Wanyu was inexplicably displeased when she heard the word, but she didn’t show it and let the other party lead her.

“Hahaha.” Cass was amused by her and wanted to stretch out his big palm to touch her little head, but she keenly avoided, “You can take this and make anyone bring you to see me directly. ”

Milo couldn’t understand what they were talking about, but he could see from Cass’ laugh that he valued this human being so he snorted softly.

“Forget it, I’ll barely believe you this time.”

Little Minghui took the things he delivered. The workmanship was rough. There was a lion engraved on it which seemed to represent Cass’ identity. She waved her hand, “Go go, I will find you if I have something I need.”

Cass nodded, and then he and Milo left without a trace.

“That beast man named Milo is very hostile to us.” Little Colour reminded.

“Hmph I’m sure he doesn’t dare to act under Cass’ eyelids, or I will make him regret it.” If it wasn’t for Seventh sister, she would have no feelings for these beast people and their fate but Cass was a good beast man.

“Brother, what should I call you?”

As soon as she turned around, she began to wonder about Jing Ke, seeing that the other party wanted to follow Seventh sister to the death, Seventh sister must have been with this person these past few days.

“Ah!” Jing Ke looked at the jade-like little girl, “My name is Jing Ke, you can just call me Big Brother Jing in the future.”

“Brother Jing.”

Qian Wanyu inexplicably disliked him being too intimate, so she gave Jing Ke a cold glance and pointed at Leen, “You share a room with him.”

“Ah?” No matter how blind Jing Ke was, he knew that Leen was a little beast man, he felt jittery being in the same room as him…

Leen glanced at him and went into the room first, closing the door as he entered.


Leen and Jing Ke had to fight over a room. Of course, this had nothing to do with Dongfang Minghui and the others.

Little Colour and Lu Xing occupied a room and she threw Lu Xing on the bed in the room at will. It suddenly felt that it was not fun to stay outside so she had the idea of ​​pulling out pig fairy grass to tear the tiger’s skin together.

The room Little Minghui and Qian Wanyu chose was simpler than she had imagined, but it didn’t matter. Seventh Sister was by her side, and she felt that every cell in her body was excited, “Seventh sister, are you injured? I think you urgently need a hot bath!”


Qian Wanyu was a bit overwhelmed at the enthusiasm of the little person next to her.

“Seventh sister, wait, let me see if I can get some hot water for you.”

There was a large wooden barrel in the room, and the wooden barrel seemed relatively clean. There was a well dug by the beast people outside the house. She ran outside and took a look. Occasionally, a few of the tribe members passing by would look inside. She guessed that the beast people under Cass knew the rules better, so no one came here to find trouble.

She went and picked up some branches by herself then moved a large boulder to place under the barrel, the branches were pressed under the stone.

Little Minghui closed the door again. She filled a small bucket with some water and poured the water into the big bucket.

Qian Wanyu wanted to see what she was doing, but when she saw a little girl carrying water back and forth, she frowned in displeasure. She walked over, grabbed the small bucket, and scooped five buckets of water in a row, “This amount of water is enough yes?”

Little Minghui climbed up the barrel and looked at it, then shook her head, “I need two more buckets.”

Qian Wanyu followed her again and got two more buckets of water.


When Toothless came out, his mouth was bulging, and he seemed to have swallowed something.

“Lend me some fire.” Little Minghui pointed to the dry branches under the barrel, “Just a small fire, don’t burn the barrel!”

A small ball of fire spat out from Toothless’ mouth along with a whole wet and shaking rabbit. If it wasn’t that she knew it was the curly rabbit that Leen caught she wouldn’t be able to tell! The hair that was rolled up before was now all sticking tightly to its body, obviously covered in saliva.

Little Minghui thought it was a little pitiful, but at the same time it was fortunate that it was still alive. She thought that Toothless wanted to eat it, but she didn’t expect it to just want to play. It seemed Toothless liked to put the poor rabbit in its mouth spit it out and fiddle with it with its claws.

She really felt sorry for the curly-haired rabbit who was about to be scared to death by Toothless’ “playing” as it kept shivering every time.

Qian Wanyu didn’t pay attention to the rabbit. She watched Toothless spew out a small ball of flames. Little Minghui patted its big head to soothe it. Seeing the scene in front of her, she suddenly felt it was extremely familiar. She squinted her eyes and racked her brain thinking hard.

A picture flashed in her mind before finally becoming clearer. However, when she wanted to see more, her mind went blank.

“Seventh sister?”

Little Minghui moved a stool and stood at the same height as her, so she could see the other person’s expression clearly, “Seventh sister, what’s wrong with you, are you uncomfortable?”

Seeing the little girl’s concerned gaze, Qian Wanyu shook her head. She stretched out two hands and hugged the other’s slender waist. Her hands accidentally touched that cold jade face. “It’s dangerous to stand like this.”

“Seventh sister, I’m not a child.”

Dongfang Minghui reluctantly stressed that because she felt that Seventh Sister was raising her as a daughter! No one but herself could understand this sour feeling.

“Okay okay, you’re not a child.”

This kind of doting tone was what you used for a child ah!

She reluctantly tested the water temperature and placed some medicinal plants in the water, “Seventh sister, you can go in and take a bath.”


Qian Wanyu undressed, when she was halfway through undressing, she felt a scorching gaze behind her, she said uncomfortably, “I want to take a bath…”

Little Minghui nodded seriously, “I know, Seventh sister.”

Qian Wanyu: “…” You’re still not going out even though you know?

Qian Wanyu took a deep breath and untied all her clothes before stepping into the wooden bucket. She had to say that the other party was very considerate. The temperature of the water in the bathtub was just right. She had escaped from the Cyril tribe and been surrounded by danger all the way until now, her nerves had remained tense all the time.

Warm water really made one feel drowsy.

Qian Wanyu simply washed once and didn’t want to move after staying in the water.

A small hand caressed her shoulder little by little, it was warm and itchy, Little Minghui leaned over and tried to keep her eyes from squinting, “Seventh sister, I’ll wash your hair for you.”

She used the method just now to heat the water in the small bucket. Since Toothless could spit fire at any time it was much easier to make the water stay hot.

The hair on Qian Wanyu’s back had already floated behind her back, she had been so busy running for her life that she didn’t have time to pay attention to the filth.

Little Minghui washed her hair with hot water over and over again, and she didn’t give up until there was no soil left on her scalp, “Seventh sister!”

The other party seemed to already be drowsy, Little Minghui looked at her and there was a wicked smile on her innocent face. She added some soothing medicinal herbs to the tub, just to let Seventh sister relax her mind. When she held Seventh sister’s hand before, she found the other party’s whole body had stiffened, looking at her and Jing Ke’s distressed appearance, she couldn’t help guessing that Seventh sisters and him had gone through a hard time. Looking at the sleepy eyes that were close at hand, she dipped a cloth with warm water and it slipped down from the centre of her eyebrows. Until a blood dot symbolising the blood oath in the centre of her forehead was revealed.

“Seventh sister…”

Little Minghui stood on tiptoe, closed her eyes, and put a pious kiss on Seventh Sister’s forehead. She would definitely try her best to find the other half of the inheritance, to find Qian Ying’s son so that Seventh Sister’s blood oath could be broken early.

Qian Wanyu’s cold eyes suddenly opened only to meet the panicked eyes of the little guy. Although she was tired, she had all the vigilance as normal, not to mention that someone was rubbing against her secretly, she could feel her gaze and she felt complicated. Looking at the other party, she wanted to speak but the result turned out to be… she felt dissatisfied?

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes stared at her like small black grapes. She felt ashamed and angry then finally, she burst out laughing. She immediately began to tease Seventh sister.

“Seventh sister, we haven’t done anything like that for a long time. I’m really a little dissatisfied. Why I satisfy you once?”

She leaned closer to the back of Seventh sister’s neck and imitated what the other party had done to her before. She was extremely patient and teased. She wanted to tease her, but the kiss made her out of control.

Qian Wanyu’s whole body was shaking, and her tender voice kept ringing in her ears. She felt like she was going crazy. She was being picked on by a little girl?! She couldn’t help but breathe quickly clenching her fist.


This wasn’t right!

“Shh, Sister Seventh, don’t talk.”

A pair of small hands gently stroked her shoulders from her neck.

Qing Mo had erected a barrier to the outside world when Qian Wanyu was bathing, otherwise, he would have a dignified expression on his face now thinking about how these two couldn’t get tired of being together all the time…

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