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MIWW Chapter 117 Part 1

“Brother Jing, I have a few questions to ask you.” Little Minghui seized the opportunity and blocked Jing Ke at the door.

“Lit-little girl.” Jing Ke felt very strange, “Are you looking for me?”


Little Minghui glanced at Leen in the room, smiled at him, and pulled Jing Ke aside, “Brother Jing, how did you meet Seventh Sister?”

Jing Ke’s face was blue and purple, especially with a scratch on his chin. Clearly, he and Leen had been fighting the night before in the room.

The matter of Qian Wanyu was a little strange for her so she decided to ask Jing Ke.

“Your Seventh sister?”

“Oh, you mean my lord.” Jing Ke recalled carefully and recounted the situation in great detail.

“Seventh sister was in a coma?” She murmured.

Seeing the little girl muttering by herself, Jing Ke went back to the room after talking to the other party, but when he opened the door, he was greeted by a wooden arrow from Leen.

“A hidden arrow? Hmph, real heroic of you!”

“I’ll beat you today!”

The two agreed that whoever won would sleep on the bed, and the matter was negotiated yesterday. Leen felt that the opponent’s victory yesterday was because of Jing Ke’s height and the room being too small, causing him to sleep on a cold floor all night.

Jing Ke had lived in the beast race for a while, and occasionally there were people in the caravan who spoke the Beast language very well. When there’s nothing to do, everyone would come to say a few words. Over time, even he could understand the beast race’s simple communication. Yesterday he tried to communicate with the little guy Leen, but the little boy didn’t care.


Jingke made use of the water in the well, and a jet of water was sprayed directly on Leen’s face, at the same time, the wooden arrow Leen shot changed direction, and accidentally shot at the position where Little Minghui was standing.

“Little girl, be careful!”

Dongfang Minghui was thinking about a very important matter. When she realized that the wooden arrow was shooting towards her, she blocked it with small bean sprouts in her hand without even thinking about it.


After the arrow and the helmet collided, there was a sound, the helmet was intact, and the arrow was broken.

“Brother Jing, Leen, are you guys trying to learn from each other?”

Jing Ke smiled awkwardly. He couldn’t say that they were fighting in order to get the only bed, he and a little kid…it was too shameful!

Leen was soaked with water and his whole body was soaked. He looked at little Minghui guiltily, bent down and apologized, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be shooting arrows at the entrance of the small courtyard.”

The arrows were shot at least three meters away but the yard was not that big, the room felt crowded with three people.

She waved her hand, indicating that she was fine.

Leen glanced at his broken arrow on the ground. The sharp part of the arrow was blunt. He looked at his wooden arrow in frustration, thinking that the quality of the wooden arrow was so bad it couldn’t even shoot a potted plant.

Jing Ke touched his chin and looked up and down the little bean sprouts in her hand, “Little girl… that’s a helmet, right?”

He didn’t think of it before but it looked like a potted plant. It was dark on the way back yesterday, so he couldn’t see it. He tried to reach out and tap the lower layer but was avoided by Little Minghui.

“It’s mine.” Little Minghui glared at Jing Ke with an unhappy look on her face. She might be a little dull, but she’s not stupid. The helmet that Seventh Sister praised must be a good thing. How could someone touch it randomly?!

The little girl expressed her displeasure, and Jing Ke retracted his hand in embarrassment, “Yours, yours, I’m just curious.”

Why’s the helmet so powerful, even the arrow heads were flattened. But after thinking about it, he remembered that yesterday the lord was holding hands and pulling this little girl that was someone he couldn’t offend. He glanced around and asked curiously, “Strange, why didn’t the lord come out today?”

“Seventh sister is practicing.”

As a qualified twenty-four filial lover, Little Minghui felt that Seventh sister’s reaction yesterday was too strange.

She’d been dating Seventh sister for so many years, and Seventh sister had always been unable to hold back teasing her. But surprisingly the result yesterday was Seventh sister gave her another kind of reaction yesterday! A cute shy reaction!!!

This reaction was very possible for anyone, but absolutely impossible for Seventh sister!

“Hmm.” This matter seemed a bit difficult. Seventh Sister’s mouth was too tight. If she just asked rashly, she wouldn’t be able to find out why but even Jing Ke who had been with her for almost half a month wasn’t clear on the reason either.

The only insider left now was Qing Mo.

Just when three people were standing in the small courtyard, the door was suddenly pushed open.

All three of them turned their attention to the beast man.

“I will follow the leader’s orders and take you around the Cass tribe. I don’t know if you have time?” The beast man was tall, with a beard covering most of his face, and his eyebrows seemed very rough. At a glance, he looked burly and powerful, and his height was about three centimetres taller than Cass.

Moreover, he spoke in a very loud voice. As soon as he spoke in such a loud voice, everyone passing by the door could not help but stop and watch.

Little Minghui raised her head, but couldn’t see his whole profile clearly.

“Of course, there’s time, too much time.” Jing Ke had been looking forward to studying the situation of the Cass tribe, Jing Ke looked expectantly at the man with a big axe attached to his back.

“En.” Leen nodded. He only saw a little bit of the tribe yesterday, so he couldn’t miss the opportunity today.

“Little Colour.”

The middle door was opened, and Little Colour had some pigtail grass on her head, with a stern face, as if someone owed it three hundred taels and had not paid it back.

“Seventh sister is cultivating, you’re responsible for guarding her outside.”

“Yeah.” Little Colour agreed, and then communicated with her in the sea of ​​​​souls, “The beast people hate humans very strongly, be careful of someone trying to plot against you.”

The three of them followed Karu. They first place they went to was the arena. The arena was the high platform built by wooden sticks that they saw when they first set foot in the tribe. The beast people on the high platform were wrestling. One of them squeezed the opponent’s arm fiercely, burying his head very low.

“This is an indispensable sport for the younger beast men, many of them like it very much.” Jing Ke explained in a low voice.

Although Leen didn’t like Jing Ke, the two of them looked at each other badly along the way, but after Jing Ke finished speaking, he nodded in agreement. He recalled the past through the two beast people wrestling, his father taught him wrestling skills when he was at home, and he was the best wrestler in Cyril’s small tribe, many little beast men had lost to him.

But… all the good things were ruined by Cyril. He looked into the distance and muttered, “Father.”

Karu gave him a thoughtful look, the little guy’s expression was too sad, he didn’t explain much, and took them to the beast man living area to take a look. There were stalls all over the floor with adult beast people as well as some naughty little ones that were half in a state of beast form. One little lion or a little cheetah leisurely walked past them.

“Karu, why are you free to come here today?”

“It’s the leader’s order, this is the honoured guest that the leader wants to entertain.” Karu foolishly handed out the truth, and he giggled after speaking.

As soon as they heard that it was the leader’s distinguished guests, the beast people who were setting up the stalls immediately turned their attention to Jing Ke, Little Minghui and Leen beside Karu. When they saw that they were two humans and one beast boy, they made up their minds that the important guest was Leen.

How could the guest of honour of their leader be human? What a joke.

Little Minghui’s black grape-like bright eyes swept across the area. The beast people who were setting up a stall in front of her were all very weak. She took small bean sprouts and walked in front of one of them who set up a stall and then stopped in front of a stall.

There was a medicinal plant on the stand, with five-colour petals and a little gap in the petals, it was clear the person who picked it had been careful enough. In addition, there were a few plants that she didn’t know no matter if it was grass or something else. She couldn’t identify it. She was attracted by the colour of this flower.

The inexplicable first reaction she had was that this five-coloured flower matches Seventh sister very well.

“Which little beast child is this? Don’t make trouble here.”

The stall owner’s eyes didn’t seem to be able to see clearly and mistakenly judged her as a beast person, probably because of her small size, the other party classified her as a child.

“Brother Jing, this flower is really beautiful. Could you communicate with him, I will exchange it for something else.” She first asked Jing Ke to help translate.

“Old Buka, the leader’s distinguished guest likes your flower, offer a price.” Karu could understand the words of Little Minghui. He knew clearly that the distinguished guest of the leader, Cass was actually the little girl a little shorter than his waist.

Now that the little girl had spoken, he had to help.

“Karu, you can understand my words?!” Like a child being deceived, Little Minghui accused him angrily.

“Hey, don’t be angry.” Karu quickly reassured the child, squatted down and looked at Minghui’s beautiful eyes, “If you let the leader know that I made you angry, I will definitely be beaten when I go back.”

After becoming a child, she finally enjoyed the respect that a child should have for the first time so she decided to be nice to the beast man in front of her, “Okay, I want to spend money.”

After negotiating with the other party, Karu found out that Old Buka planned to have this flower be exchanged for medicinal plants to treat his family. Old Buka had been setting up a stall here for three days, but unfortunately, because he asked for medicinal plants instead of money, no one in the tribe was willing to trade a life-saving plant for a flower that only looked good.

“Karu, tell him that I’m a pharmacist, I can help him check on his family’s condition.”

As soon as Leen heard what Karu said, he looked at Minghui with admiration on his face, and even Jing Ke was surprised.

Old Buka looked excited. He half-kneeled in front of the stall and groped to deliver the five-colour flower.

Little Minghui took the flower, admired it, and quickly put it into her space ring. The appearance of being afraid of suffering a loss and him potentially going back on his words amused the people present.

The group followed Old Buka back to where he lived, and they heard a “dong” sound from far away. Old Buka was in a hurry and ran fast, almost tripping over the threshold of his own house. After entering the room, they discovered that it was old Buka’s wife who had been lying on the bed accidentally rolled off the bed.

“Ah Mo, is there anything wrong?” As soon as old Buka touched something under the ground, he squatted down and put her back up.

“Were there only the two of them in old Buka’s house?” The two beast people, one was blind, the other seemed to be sick, they felt pitiful no matter how anyone looked at them. Little Minghui couldn’t help feeling a little sympathy for them.

“His eyes wer accidentally sacrificed while fighting the Cyril tribe.” Karu regretted, but didn’t tell her specifically, “Old Buka’s eyes were also blind that time because he didn’t know what it was. After losing two children, it became what he is now.”

In any place, as long as there’s war, it means that ordinary people are going to be unlucky. It’s the same for any nation, she whispered, “Can I go see her?”

Lying on the bed was a haggard woman. Her bones were thicker than the average person. After she was put on the bed by old Buka, she kept rolling over her stomach, looking at her pale face and blue lips it was possibly a symptom of poison.

Karu negotiated with old Buka again and then nodded to Little Minghui.

Karu and Milo were similar in rank, they were considered to be Cass’ generals. They naturally learned from Cass that he was seriously injured and poisoned, and it was all thanks to this little girl who saved him that he could return to the tribe. Karu volunteered to be a tour guide after listening about the story.

“Little girl, do you really want to see her?” Jing Ke’s three views were about to shatter. It was the first time he’d ever seen an eight-year-old girl say she was a pharmacist, it was also the first time that a human had ever wanted to help heal a beast person.

How did this rare thing happen right in front of him?

“I’ve got the reward after all.” Little Minghui responded, then slowly stepped forward and used her spiritual power to soothe the patient who was in unbearable pain on the bed, “I’m a pharmacist, don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you.”

Under her repeated comfort, the person on the bed completely relaxed, and her curled hands and feet gradually opened.

She ran her spiritual power into her eyes and saw clearly what was going on inside her body. There was a bluish-purple thing in the centre of her abdomen, and her other internal organs were also stained a little, “Poison.”

Just as she expected.

As the translator, Karu transferred the words to Old Buka, who became even more anxious after hearing it.

“Ask old Buka, has she been in this situation for several days?” It must have at least been five days or so otherwise the venom wouldn’t have spread to other internal organs.

“Old Buka said Ah Mo was his wife. She went to dig medical plants five days ago. After coming back, she felt uncomfortable. One day later, her abdomen was painful. In the past few days, she could not even walk well.”

Little Minghui nodded and said again, “Tell old Buka that I can heal his wife, but I don’t like to have extra people when I heal patients, it will affect me.”

Old Buka was a little embarrassed, he roughly knew from Karu now that the other party was a human.

“Give him about a stick of incense time to think about it.”

“I don’t need to think about it, I don’t need to think, just please treat Ah Mo…” Karu quickly helped to translate.

Karu took Old Buka and the others out of the house, the few people were walking back and forth outside. Jing Ke scratched his head, even if he drove the beast people out, how could he also be driven out?!

When she touched Entangled Love, she realized that she had neglected one thing. She used up all her flying needles the last time, and had no needles left! Finally, she took out a finger knife, and she drew two blood marks on her left and right wrists.

She turned the spiritual power into her hands, forcing the blue-purple thing in the stomach to bypass the heart, and a little bit of blood flowed out, “This poison is relatively mild, otherwise it would’ve killed her a long time ago.”

An hour later, little Minghui opened the door sweating profusely, “Okay.”

As soon as he heard the door open, Old Buka quickly entered the room with Karu’s support, “Ah Mo!”


Karu squatted down and saw the situation then he turned to the little girl and looked at her with admiration, “Little shaman, you are very powerful.”

A shaman was the name that the beast people used to call pharmacists. In every tribe, there would be a Shaman.

She quickly put the venom hidden in Ah Mo’s body into her own porcelain bottle, and said to Karu with some dissatisfaction, “Please call me a pharmacist.”

Karu looked directly at the other party’s beautiful and bright eyes, and was defeated, “Okay, my lovely pharmacist, do you have any other orders?”

“She has just woken up and is weak. She needs to rest for at least a week. During this time, remember to ask old Buka to give her some light things to eat.” Like a nagging doctor, she gave a ton of requests for the aftercare treatment.

Karu translated the other party’s words again.

Soon, there was a lot of buzz in the tribe that the little human girl had healed old Buka’s wife, but the person involved was indifferently refining potions in the house.

“Seventh sister, has your body recovered?”

Qian Wanyu returned to her previous cool-headed self. After bathing and changing, she felt much more comfortable.

When Jing Ke saw Qian Wanyu’s real face for the first time, he almost didn’t recognize it. If it wasn’t for the other party’s voice, he might have committed a crime!


“Seventh sister, what’s your plan?” Little Minghui asked this sentence without any pressure.

“Didn’t you say Ninth Sister knows what I’m going to do next?” Qian Wanyu asked Qing Mo in her soul sea. She felt that Ninth Sister’s eyes were like a pair of see-through eyes, almost seeing through some of her disguises.

Qing Mo spread his hands in her sea of ​​souls, “Just honestly tell her that you have lost your memory…” Otherwise, she’s going to throw countless questions until you can’t stand it!

Qian Wanyu: “…” Useless!

If she could speak, she would have said it long ago. The key of the matter was that those pair of smart eyes her Ninth Sister had made her subconsciously want to hide the truth first…

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