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MIWW Chapter 117 Part 2

As a result, Qian Wanyu still hadn’t had a frank talk with her like Qing Mo suggested before…

“Seventh sister?” She turned around and found that after she threw a question, Seventh sister was in a daze, which was impossible before!

“Little Colour, do you think Meng Yixiao is still causing trouble in her soul sea?!”

Seventh sister’s acting so abnormal, will there be a problem with her soul sea?

“You can give a try and see if she’s Meng Yixia or your Seventh sister.” Little Colour joked, in fact, this girl was just suspicious all day long. It couldn’t feel any problems so how could there be any real problems?

Little Minghui put down what she was doing, propped her head up, and thought about what Little Colour said.

“Seventh sister, I want to double cultivate.”

Qian Wanyu opened her mouth, and before she could speak, she felt a spiritual power that did not belong to her rushing into her body. Little Minghui’s goal was very clear. She wanted to see Qing Mo, if Qing Mo was still there, it meant that Seventh Sister’s fine.

As soon as Qing Mo saw Dongfang Minghui, he stood in front of her and smiled.

Dongfang Minghui greeted politely, “Senior Qing Mo.”

“Your Seventh sister suffered a little blow to her brain because of the space storm and has temporary amnesia.” Seeing that the other party called him senior respectfully, he didn’t tease her.

“Seventh sister!”

As soon as she heard what Qing Mo said, she immediately left Qian Wanyu’s soul sea and stared at Qian Wanyu angrily.

Qian Wanyu was a little guilty when she was stared at by her. She coughed a few times to hide her discomfort. She didn’t expect that she and Ninth Sister’s relationship would actually be so close! Well, it actually felt like a special sort of enjoyment.

“Seventh sister, you didn’t tell me about such an important thing!” Dongfang Minghui tugged at her hair fiercely. She was originally a delicate little princess, but she just destroyed her beauty.

“Seventh sister, look at me, do you remember me?”

“Is there a difference between remembering and not remembering?” Qian Wanyu answered truthfully when pressed.

She didn’t remember, but she was familiar with Sister Ninth instinctively. She would occasionally think of Toothless, and she would always think of some other random things from time to time. If she fbeast maned it she would get a splitting headache.

Little Minghui was depressed for a while but then she gained motivation. She jumped off the bed and took the other person’s hand, “Seventh sister is right, I shouldn’t be so mean.”

No matter if Seventh sister has amnesia or not, she’s still her Seventh sister. It’s not bad at all this way. If Seventh sister couldn’t remember the past, she would just bring Seventh sister to create more memories. More good memories that only belong to them.

“Where are we going?”

“I’ll take you around the Cass tribe for some fun.”

When they opened the door, they saw that Jing Ke was actually drenching Leen with water.

“My lord, are you going out?”

“Yes, Sister Seventh hasn’t seen the Cass tribe yet. I want to take Sister Seventh for a walk, you guys continue playing.”

Leen’s bow and arrow were put aside, so it could be seen that they were not fighting. It was most likely that Jing Ke was teaching him how to defend against the Spiritual Masters of the water system?

“Yes, my lord.”

“Come again.” Leen lifted up his body, gritted his teeth and stood still under the impact of the water.

One big and one small held hands, and under the golden light of the setting sun, the two people drew long shadows.

“Seventh sister, Cass has been to our human race before, you must not remember?”

Qian Wanyu shook her head, she really didn’t remember.

“Seventh sister, Brother Jing said that you came here after you killed some beast people from the Cyril tribe. How do you think the tribe built by Cass compares with them?” From Jing Ke’s mouth, she saw a cruel world.

Qian Wanyu gave her a serious look. She used her spiritual consciousness to wander around the tribe and suddenly hit something, she groaned, “Huh?”

“Seventh sister, what’s wrong?!”

Seeing Ninth Sister’s extremely worried eyes, Qian Wanyu shook her head, her consciousness had hit something, she was afraid that she would be injured and took it back, “It’s okay, the Cass tribe is more civilized than General Armand’s mansion.”


No wonder Cyril and Hillary wanted to join fbeast manes to kill Cass. It turned out that Cass’ behaviour was considered abnormal. This change not only made everyone unhappy, it also scared them because many people were afraid of change.

“Seventh sister, I’ll take you to the living quarters of the beast people.”

When the beast people in the living area saw her, they all cast their curious eyes, some bold little beast people even approached them in the form of beasts and surrounded them in a circle.

Qian Wanyu instinctively pulled out the her whip.

“Seventh sister, they shouldn’t be malicious.”

“Just be careful.”

After all, this was the territory of the beast people, they were the human race. She’d clearly seen the status of human beings among the beast people in Armand’s mansion.


“Little white!”

Seeing the performance of the group of beast people, Little Minghui immediately summoned Toothless, and after Toothless, the little white tiger appeared majestically to the stunned sight of the beast people, “Roar!”

Being roared at by the little white tiger, the little beasts fled in fear.

With a dark face, Qian Wanyu saw her contracted spirit beast softly rubbing Ninth Sister. She didn’t know why this tiger acted more like a dog!


A little beast boy was trampled by other beast people who fled and immediately turned into a little boy of eight or nine years old. The little boy sat alone on the ground crying and wiping his tears. His left leg was bleeding, and it seemed that it was quite dangerous when beast people to step on each other.

“Hey, don’t cry.”

Hearing the unfamiliar voice, the little boy raised his head blankly and looked at Dongfang Minghui, who was about the same size as him. He had never seen such a cute girl. The girl smiled at him, and he even forgot to cry for a while.

“Your wound will heal soon.”

“It turned out that it was you making trouble.”

Milo led people to patrol around the Cass tribe today. He heard some beast people reacting to the chaos in the living area, so he immediately rushed over with a team of patrolling beast people, and then saw two humans surrounding Jonah. At the very centre, Jonah’s eyes were still red, obviously crying because he was bullied.

“Human, don’t bully people too much!”

As soon as the other party saw the scene, they flew over, Toothless and Little White growled and stared violently at the beast people Milo brought.

The whip in Qian Wanyu’s hand flung out and a beast man flew away. The beast man rolled on the ground, causing chaos in the stall on the side. He was thrown by Qian Wanyu and was somewhat confused.

“Seventh sister, show mercy!”

Little Minghui opened the umbrella in her hand and pointed at the beast people but didn’t fire.

“Milo if you don’t let your people stop, don’t blame me for being rude.”

After the fight started, it would be very difficult even for Cass the leader, to give his people an explanation, if that happened it would be more difficult for her to inquire about the inheritance.

Qian Wanyu threw three lightning bolts at the group of beast people, and they exploded from the side, deterring them.

Milo turned into a black leopard. The leopard’s claws kept scratching at Little Minghui’s umbrella. She simply held the silk umbrella to resist and grimaced, “This mad dog.”

From the moment she entered the Cass tribe, this beast man seemed to have a lot of opinions about her, she didn’t know where she had offended him.

“Milo, stop.”

Toothless and Little White were playing around with their own enemies and their forelimbs stomped on the belly of a group of beast people. It frightened the group of beast people to not dare to move and make them think who are these people?!

Karu saw little Minghui from a distance. He wanted to come up to say hello, but saw Milo’s people rushing over and fighting without saying a word. Milo was a strong beast man and had a stubborn temper. It was a deadly flaw. Every time he would easily get into fights and no one could handle him. Thinking that there was only one person in this tribe who could manage Milo, he went to get Cass immediately without saying a word.

When Karu and Cass arrived, the living quarters were in ruins.

Toothless and Little White were guarding a beast boy and they yelled at them from time to time. Toothless would spit fire and a section of fur would get burned off any beast man approaching making them look extraordinarily funny.

Little Minghui’s silk umbrella was used to the extreme. Milo was trying to break through the defence but when a lightning bolt struck him, he fell on the ground and turned back into a human shape.

Qian Wanyu wished she could throw a few more lightning bolts, for this kind of beast man with evil intentions her murderous intent was overflowing through her eyes.

“Seventh sister…”

Little Minghui hurriedly stopped her. It wasn’t very good to kill a clan member under Cass’ eyes. She just wanted to create some good memories with Seventh Sister and it suddenly turned into this situation…

As early as they started the battle, many beast people had already packed up their blankets, and the little beast people who didn’t have much fighting power were also dragged home, so the venue was a little messy with only a few lying on the ground and screaming constantly, shouting at Cass for help.

Dongfang Minghui curled her lips. She blushed for this group of people. They just knew how to call for help when they couldn’t fight, they weren’t even badly injured! She held Seventh Sister’s hand tightly, “Seventh sister, if you’re not used to it, then we’ll find an opportunity to move out.”

But if they wanted to leave she didn’t want to leave in such a wronged manner.

After Cass came, he stood in front of Milo and looked down at him coldly, “Do you remember what you promised me before?”

Milo knew that he was wrong, “I am willing to be punished for violating the tribe’s rules, but, give me another chance, I won’t do it again.”

Cass was angry at him, and gestured to Karu with his eyes, “Milo defied my order openly, stay here and give him thirty whips. After that, you will take over the position in the patrol team.”

When Cass said this, he looked at Little Minghui and asked, “How do you think I handled it?”

Little Minghui pouted in displeasure, “Thirty times is too few, at least fifty lashes.”

Karu gasped, looking at Milo with a little sympathy.

Milo couldn’t understand what they were saying, but he soon knew what the other party had just said. When he was helped away, he gave Qian Wanyu and Little Minghui an angry look.

Interrupting her and Seventh sister’s first date since her memory loss and ruining their good mood, the other party’s simply unforgivable! Anyway, this beast man named Milo didn’t like her either. Twenty more lashes wouldn’t make any difference in the hate values.

Cass heard Karu talk about Minghui’s medical skills. He wanted to keep the other party in the Cass tribe and become a wizard for their Cass tribe, but before he could find the right time to talk about it, his plan was almost destroyed by Milo!

Fifty whips was really not much at all.

“Toothless, Little White, let go of them.”

Toothless reluctantly retracted his forelimbs, and when the poor best people turned to flee, it spewed out a small cloud of fire. The fire burned the other’s pants, revealing a big white butt.

Qian Wanyu helplessly reached out and covered the little girl’s eyes, she was doing it almost instinctively.

“Seventh sister?”

Little Minghui protested bitterly.

Cass stroked his forehead, “Sorry, you must be frightened, I promise nothing like this will happen again next time.”

“Cass, can I ask you, you have been in the beast race for so many years, have you seen any strange or unusual places?”

There were no clues about the place of inheritance. After staying in the beast race for so long, she was inevitably a little anxious.

Qian Wanyu squeezed her little tender hand to show consolation.

“Strange place?” Cass thought for a moment, “Do you need to find something?”

“I have a missing friend who said he was going on an expedition. After that, there’s been no trace. It’s like he had disappeared into thin air. We are very worried, so I wanted your help to find this person before.” Little Minghui did not even blink her eyes while lying and talking nonsense.

“I see.” Cass nodded, “I haven’t found anything strange for the time being, but I will tell my clan to look for it. If there is news, I will inform you. You can live here with your friends for the time being.”

It’s not Cass’ bragging but this was the safest place to live for humans. His tribe was a good haven among most of the beast race especially for humans who could only survive in the cracks. Deep down he actually hoped that his tribe could accept these human people, he also hoped that Little Minghui could stay and take care of them here. It was his dream and belief that beast people and humans could coexist peacefully.

“Thank you.”

Dongfang Minghui’s perception was actually very strong, just like how she could feel Milo had been hostile to her since the moment he saw her, she could also feel that Cass lied just now, she sneakily whispered into Qian Wanyu’s ear, “Seventh sister, the other party must know the place we’re looking for.”

“Hmm.” Qian Wanyu naturally noticed it as well with her own strong perception, “Don’t worry about it.”

Little Minghui nodded, and then thought of He Jian whom she met in the small town, “Seventh sister, do you still remember Yuntian Pavilion?”

She didn’t care if Seventh Sister still remembered or not, she told her about her plans one by one, “If Cass has another purpose, I plan to buy news from He Jian. It doesn’t matter if Nangong Yuntian, the real master, knows about it.” Anyway, Nangong Yuntian also did a stupid thing before and she still had to settle accounts with him over the fake love flower.

“I seemed to remember who Cass was just now.”

Qian Wanyu smiled and looked at Sister Ninth steadily.

The other party’s endless words scared her to almost forget her next words. Little Minghui was uneasy, swallowed, and encouraged herself, “Seven-Seventh sister, what did you remember?”

Qian Wanyu stretched out her hand as if asking for payment.

“Seventh sister, what do you want?” Little Minghui’s eyes widened, and she continued to play stupid.

“The token of love.”

These four simple words made Little Minghui’s hair stand up. The Seventh sister in front of her was the Seventh sister she’s familiar with. But the other party’s token of love didn’t seem to be too suitable at this time? Little Minghui sighed, digging it out of her space ring, and the things Cass threw to her before leaving, “Hey, it’s all here.”

Qian Wanyu shook the bunch of things in front of her with disgust and confiscated them all into her own space ring.

“Seventh sister?!”

The other party suddenly picked her up in a princess carry and Little Minghui was so frightened that her heart trembled.

“What are you nervous about? With your small body, I can’t do anything to you.” Qian Wanyu put her in her arms and patted Ninth Sister’s small buttocks, which made her feel that this action was extremely familiar!

“Seventh sister, what are you doing?!”

In this bright sky, being held in her like this, she was constantly afraid of her dogshit luck and the evil factor of Seventh Sister appearing again!

Qian Wanyu didn’t care about it and slapped her butt while walking. She was wondering if something would pop up in her mind every time she hit it, so she walked back all the way while Little Minghui moved desperately trying to get out. Unfortunately, she was just a small girl now and Seventh sister’s big palm was tight. After realising this, she was so ashamed that she buried her head in the other’s chest.

Seventh sister, this is purely revenge ah!

“Lord you’re back!” As soon as Jing Ke saw Qian Wanyu’s figure, he immediately greeted her and saw the girl in her arms, “What’s wrong with the little girl?”

“Tired of walking so she acted like a spoiled child, and insisted on me hugging her up.”

Little Minghui wanted to die.

Once back in the room, Little Minghui jumped off her impatiently, “Seventh sister!”

“Ninth Sister, why is your little face so red? Come on, let me touch it.”

Little Minghui hurriedly dodged her hand. With her small body, she put her hands on her hips and she stared at Qian Wanyu with a glaring expression, “Seventh sister, tell me honestly, have you remembered everything?”

The person in front of her was completely different from the Seventh sister who was shy before.

Qian Wanyu grabbed her little head covering her ears and pressed her lips onto the chattering little mouth.


“Why did you forget even this after shrinking?” Qian Wanyu wiped her pink and rosy cheeks and pinched her nose, “Little fool.”

Huhu, little Minghui took a deep breath, it took a long time before she realized it, and she threw herself back into her arms, hugging her tightly, “Seventh sister, you really remembered! That’s really great!”

Qian Wanyu stroked her back, the little person in her arms was fine and that comforted her more than anything, “I remember, don’t worry.”

The power of teleportation arrays and space storms from being lost in space was too powerful. Even Qian Wanyu was scared thinking about it.

“Seventh sister, how do we find Qian Ying’s son?” What happened more than a hundred years ago, even if Qian Ying’s spiritual power was strong, the children born wouldn’t be so powerful, right?

“Seventh sister, will Qian Ying’s son already be dead?”

“Today, when I inspected the Cass tribe, I encountered an extremely tyrannical consciousness. It collided with my consciousness and caused me some pain, Cass lied just now.” She had an absolute reason to believe that the Cass tribe had a hidden master.


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