Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 118

“Little shaman.”

As soon as Karu opened the door, his heroic voice started to growl. When he saw Jing Ke and Leen in the yard, he even joked, “Leen seems to have grown a lot.”

Jing Ke glanced at him and then continued to pour the water spirit energy into Leen. Leen was standing naked under the cold water. He closed his eyes and said with all his strength, “Bigger, bigger…”

The relationship between Jing Ke and Leen has also developed from bickering and quarrelling to the present scene of harmony and love. Since Leen found out that the other party’s water system spiritual power can change the direction of his archery, he had no idea how to break through the impediment which and it turned into this “Torturing” him with the water.

Jing Ke was naturally rude. Out of the indignation between the human race and the Beast People, he really wanted to teach the unruly Leen a lesson at first, so that the other party knew that their human race was not easy to bully.

He accidentally learned about Leen’s miserable life experience from the mouth of Little Minghui. Putting aside the grievances and grievances between the two clans. The other party was still a kid who just lost his family so being a little wild was normal. A little kindness in his heart kept him from being too hard, he only released water when competing for the only bed in the room. After all, the kid wanted to train his body, right?

“What are you in a daze for? Can’t you do it, right?” Leen glanced at Jing Ke, who was in a daze, dissatisfied when the water stopped abruptly.

“What’s wrong! I’ll let you see my ability.”

A jet of water thicker than his wrist forced Leen back outside the door. If Leen hadn’t stepped on the threshold with one of his hind legs, he would probably have been pushed directly out the room, and into the cold.

Karu was amazed on the side, Leen’s stubborn energy was very suitable for his taste. He knew a little about this kid, but it was a pity that he and Leen had taken a different path. It would take a long time to get Leen to train properly again, it was not necessarily better than what he was doing now.

“Stop shouting.” Little Minghui ran out angrily. Although she was angry she looked like an adorable kid throwing a tantrum with her big grape-like eyes twisted in a scowl. She was a pharmacist and a so-called shaman to the Beast People. Why do these big Beast People like to call her that? She had no clue.

If it weren’t for the difference in status, Karu really wanted to hold the little girl with a face full of anger and protest in his hand, but when he thought about business, he said anxiously, “There are a few Beast People in the living area who are sick. It’s a very strange disease, and the leader asked me to come here and ask you to come and take a look.”

Since Ah Mo from old Buka’s house woke up, old Buka came to the door to thank her in person. The living area was not very big, and this matter was soon known by other Beast People. Later, she met the little Beast Person Alfonso, the little guy who was trampled and injured his leg inadvertently and healed him as well. Little Minghui soon became famous in the Cass tribe.

Many Beast People knew that humans were hateful, but the position of shamans in the Beast Person tribe was second only to the leader. Even if the other party is human, the shamans were very respected in the tribe. Since Mervyn disappeared, there had been no shamans in the tribe except Mervyn’s apprentice Garen.

The former shaman of the Cass tribe, unfortunately, disappeared while picking medicinal herbs outside. It is unknown whether he’s dead or alive. In addition, there were fewer shamans in the Beast Person tribe as a whole compared to the human race, and pharmacists in general even in the human race were also scarce animals in the entire seven-coloured continent.


As soon as she heard that someone was sick, Little Minghui’s occupational disease started again, but she still managed to hold back her curiosity, “Don’t you have shamans in your tribe? You should invite them.”

The last time she helped Ah Mo from old Buka’s house was because of the five-coloured flower. This five-coloured flower has a great background. The five-coloured flower is a tailor-made medicine for Seventh Sister. When Seventh Sister steps into the Spiritual Sage realm one day, she needs to use this thing, so she felt that she had just traded one thing for another, and there’s not much involvement. As for the little Beast Person Alfonso, it was a complete accident. Could it be that she could stand by and watch a kid who was injured and crying?

“Little shaman, your medical skills have been approved by the leader. Besides, Galen has not officially started his apprenticeship, and his master has disappeared. A life is at stake, little shaman, just come with me quickly.”

“All right.”

“I’ll go with you.” Qian Wanyu was worried about Ninth Sister going out alone, there were too many dangerous factors in the Cass tribe.

Several Beast People who set up stalls in the living area didn’t know what happened. They vomited blood collectively, and they were all weak. They lay down on the ground. A group of Beast People surrounded the place, and many little Beast People wanted to go up to help their relatives.

Little Minghui could see from a distance that it was very lively here. Milo, who had just completed his half-month sentence, was standing beside Cass.

“Make the Beast People all disperse.”


As soon as she spoke, Karu immediately executed. The Beast People surrounding them made way.

There were six people in total, all of them lying on the ground, and they vomited blood next to them. A few of them were pale and had no consciousness at all. Without saying a word, Little Minghui first looked at the two who had lost consciousness and could not draw any conclusions. She used a silver needle to detect traces of poisoning in the blood they vomited.

“Shaman, why did the silver needle turn black?” Cass brought Milo and the other Beast People to Little Minghui, staring at the tiny needle and thread in her hand.


She checked the rest of the people, and the reactions of the Beast People were almost the same. She searched for a long time before she found a small red spot on the back of a Beast Person’s neck. The Beast Person’s skin was dark, and the hair was messy. It was only after repeated verification that she could confirm that this was the wound. She compared the silver needle in her hand and found that the wound on their neck was smaller than the silver needle. “This is the wound.”

A little wound that was too tiny to see.

She didn’t know the Beast People very well, but one thing is certain, if Cyril or Hillary wanted to attack them, these people wouldn’t be able to come back alive.

“They acted together today? Where did they go?!”

“The people in the tribe will go out every two weeks to find something useful for the tribe.” Some native products needed to be excavated by themselves, and some would be exchanged with the human race or the dwarf race.

Today, they happened to be digging treasures in the woods more than 2,000 miles away from the tribe.

“Who else went?”

Karu asked around, and soon a thin Beast Person squeezed out of the crowd, “I went as well!”

Seeing his flickering expression, Little Minghui asked Karu, “Generally, how many people are there in your team, how many went out today, and how many came back?”

“Shaman, don’t delve into these matters for the time being, can my people still be saved?” Cass understood her question but suddenly interrupted.

After hearing what Cass said, Little Minghui raised her head and looked at him. Cass was the first Beast Person she recognized. In the process of getting along, Cass acted like a gentleman. It seemed a bit inappropriate to call a Beast Person a gentleman but compared with other Beast People with no culture and no brains, Cass was indeed a top-notch Beast Person.


Qian Wanyu squeezed her palm lightly, pulling her attention back. She had an idea, and said with a serious expression, “They were stabbed by something smaller than a needle. The best I can do is to relieve their pain. To completely detoxify their bodies, we need to find what hurt them.”

Cass couldn’t help frowning, and discussed with Milo and Karu again, “Since that’s the case, I’ll trouble the shaman to relieve their pain first.”

Instead of taking pills, Little Minghui took out a small packet of needles similar to flying needles, arranged them from large to small, and stabbed several needles on their acupuncture points. A few Beast People who had fallen into a coma were stabbed by her needle and woke up.

“Huh?” The group of Beast People were still a little confused.

“Little shaman, they woke up, your medical skills are amazing.” Karu looked excited, and he worshipped the little shaman more and more.

Dongfang Minghui was not too happy, she nodded lightly, “I can only do this for the time being. They will feel numb and unable to exert themselves. If you want to alleviate this situation, you still have to go back to the source.”

“Hey, kid, do you really want to make sure they’ll all get better?” Milo asked suddenly.

“I don’t talk to rude people, Cass, since I have nothing to do here, I will go back first.” Little Minghui’s attitude towards Cass was a little cold. When she turned around, she coquettishly faced Seventh sister Said, “Seventh sister, I’m tired, carry me back.”

Qian Wanyu squatted in front of her without saying a word.

“Seventh sister is still the best.”

“Hey, why are you ignoring me. What did she say Karu? Tell me!”

“The little shaman said that she refused to speak to the unreasonable barbarians.” Karu triumphantly translated a sentence for him.

Milo’s face turned black immediately, he clenched his fists tightly, and let go after seeing the figures of one big and one small disappear, “Cass, is this kid doing it on purpose? Did she get a false reputation and couldn’t cure them at all? Why don’t we…”

Karu gave Milo a displeased look, “The first two times she devoted herself to the treatment of old Buka’s family and Alfonso were said to have ulterior motives. This time, the leader asked him to invite her.

“The little shaman was kind and wanted to treat Alfonso, you had to intervene and get in the way so you deserved the punishment. This time she got invited by the leader and you’re still complaining?”

Milo felt the whips on his back start to itch again.

Cass glanced at Karu unexpectedly. In a short period of more than half a month, Karu actually spoke up for a human being? This could be attributed to the little shaman being very charming. “Karu, what do you think?”

“I must find the person who injured Kerry and the others.” Karu volunteered, “I will send a team to that place tomorrow to see if it was done by Cyril or the others?”

Karu who was kept in the dark by them suddenly got angry, “What the hell is this Cyril going to do? If you want to fight, then fight, why does he want to use these secret tricks…”

Cass gestured with a look, and the thin Beast Person left just now. He suddenly smiled and said to Karu, “Karu, they are the heroes of the tribe, they are great.”

“Naturally.” Milo was extremely proud.

Karu had no idea what they were talking about and was extremely confused, then he suddenly felt a shudder on the back of his head, “You’re stupid, forget it. Cass means that they voluntarily risked poisoning for the tribe, understand? ”

Karu took a long time to react, looked at Cass and Milo in disbelief, and asked after a long time, “Why?”

Cass waved his hand, ordering the Beast People on the patrol to send the poisoned people back, and left.


Karu roared at his back angrily.

Milo stopped the arrogant guy who looked like a bull, and punched him fiercely, “Do you know how many deaths have been in the entire tribe since Mervyn disappeared? It’s increasing every day, now that he knows that human has great abilities, what’s wrong with Cass wanting to keep her? I ask you if Kerry was really poisoned today, is there any way you can make them survive?”

The answer was no…

“Don’t forget that you are a part of the tribe, the tribe should be the first in everything.”

“Ninth Sister.” Qian Wanyu keenly felt that the little guy on her back was making a fuss. As for why? She had some idea. After a long time, Qian Wanyu said, “He is the leader of a clan.”

“Seventh sister, you are smart.”

Cass covered up the behaviour of the Beast People to cover up something, the wounds of those people were strange and she suspected that the people in the tribe were poisoned them. Cass was acting abnormal and most of them seemed aware of it, it is very likely that the whole thing was planned by him. However, this is their tribe’s business, she shouldn’t interfere. But when she thought of how the original simple friendship now had an added weight because of this incident, she couldn’t say how disappointed she was…it just felt uncomfortable.

“Ninth Sister, in the face of interest, whether humans or Beast People, many people choose the side that is beneficial to them.” Qian Wanyu said softly, “Many times we have to stand up and look at it from an objective viewpoint, you will find that these things will affect your mood if you continue to dwell on them.”

“Seventh sister…” She hugged her neck tightly, “Seventh Sister, I also deceived Cass before…”

“I know.”

When she and Cass met, she saw him as a person, so she appreciated the good things in him. But the other party was in the position of Beast Tribe leader, and the other party did nothing wrong. If it was her, she would have done the same.

But she also deceived this friend. She didn’t tell him her true identity even until now.

“Seventh sister, I think they will allow me to follow them, we’ll have a chance to get in touch with the world outside the tribe.”

The Cass tribe was more strictly defensive, no one was allowed to go out unless there were special circumstances. There’s a group of Beast People headed by Milo constantly patrolling around the tribe, and it is impossible to sneak out.

Plus there’s also Leen and the others to consider…

Sure enough, after learning that Cass did it on purpose, Karu felt a little sorry for the little shaman, he was too embarrassed to come over. But in the tribe, except for him and the leader no one else can understand the language of the human race so only he could do this work. Fortunately, there was a thick beard on his face, as long as he doesn’t speak no one could tell he was blushing from the embarrassment.

Little Minghui gave Karu a strange look, “It’s not impossible for me to go, but I have no fighting ability. I want Seventh Sister to join us.”

Jing Ke was confused and interrupted, “Wait, little pharmacist, where are you and the lord going? Do you want to leave us here? I want to go with you!”

“We’re going out to find herbs, you can’t help much if you go.” Little Minghui refused without thinking.

If a few people don’t stay, Cass definitely wouldn’t believe that they were only going out to find herbs, so Jing Ke and Leen must stay.

The next day, when the sky was still dark, Karu and Milo was waiting outside. The group set off on foot and walked out of the tribe’s custody. They turned into beasts one by one.


“Little white!”

It was rare that Karu didn’t talk with Little Minghui, he and Milo walked in the front.

“Seventh sister, last time He Jian put a note for me, saying that if I have any difficulties, I can go to him.” She mentioned it again. After the memory problem of Seventh sister a few days ago, she had forgotten about Yuntian Pavilion.


There were humans in the Beast Race in the Yuntian Pavilion, which means there must be some in the Rose Pavilion. However, Aunt Mo has been missing for a long time. According to Li Jing, Aunt Mo only disappeared after following her mother to the outside of the Beast Person tribe, this matter seemed inseparable from the Beast People.

The two of them held hands and started to cultivate halfway along the way in order to talk with their spiritual conciousness, “Seventh sister, the map shows that after another 3,000 miles, you will see a town. There is a very large trading market in the town. I asked Jing Ke about this trading market. Brother Jing said that the man behind the trading market is a very powerful person. The leaders of the three major tribes have to give him face, and the merchants can live in peace under his protection. I guess he is probably a human.”

Qian Wanyu understood what she meant, “I won’t leave you here alone.”

“Seventh sister, we have been in the Cass tribe for more than a month.” She was a little anxious.

“Cass won’t let you go. You have to be a good shaman of the tribe. I will find a way to find out where that strong consciousness is hiding in the tribe.” She had a feeling that if she found this person, she would be one step closer to finding the inheritance and solving the blood oath.

“We’ve arrived.”

The sun slowly rose, and their group had arrived at the place where Kerry was injured last time, which was a forest surrounded by mountains.

Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu came to their senses from the double cultivation. Little Minghui gave Seventh sister a deep look, and the complex eyes of an adult showed in her smart eyes, which did not match her small body at all.

“Ninth Sister looks a little tired.” She smiled and gently hugged the person on Toothless’s back, “Would you like Seventh Sister to carry you?”


This forest was very rich in spiritual power, it can be seen that there were many good things in it. She searched carefully and could find many treasures.

Milo and Karu looked at each other, feeling like they were shooting themselves in the foot by purposefully poisoning their people, but they had to do what the leader Cass ordered. In order to build momentum for the little shaman, they had to sacrifice a few people to make the scene realistic…

Little Minghui also knew that everyone was putting on a show, so she simply dragged Seventh sister to stroll in the woods, “Seventh sister, look this is a bird’s nest, and there seems to be a bird’s egg on it.”

After speaking, she climbed the tree like a little monkey, and stretched out her hand to dig out the bird’s nest.


It was also the first time that Qian Wanyu saw her playful appearance, climbing trees, digging out bird nests, but when she saw the smile on Ninth Sister ‘s face, she couldn’t help laughing, “What is it?”

“Seventh sister, it’s a little bird!”

Little Minghui sat on the tree and held a bird in her palm. Before she could discuss life with it, she heard a swooshing sound. She pulled out a silk umbrella in time to block the attack and stepped on the tree trunk to jump down.

“Ninth Sister!”

Qian Wanyu took out her whip, stepped on the tree trunk, and sliced the snake into two pieces.

“So close!”

In the blink of an eye, Karu and Milo rushed to the side of Little Minghui, “Little shaman, are you alright?”

“This, this- is she looking for an antidote for Kerry?” Milo saw that the bird in her hand exploded. After all, this bad idea was proposed by the leader, Cass.

“Go away.” Karu pushed Milo aside, he was still ashamed of what the Cass did, seeing that Little Minghui was almost injured, the guilt deepened, “Little shaman, just look for it here, it is undoubtedly-”

“Call that person and re-walk the route they travelled that day, and then we can find a clue.” Little Minghui was referring to Kabu, the thin Beast Person who she wanted to question yesterday.

When Karu heard it it made sense, he carried Kabu to the front, and the three Beast People murmured.

“Ouch.” The Beast Person named Kabu suddenly fell into a field of grass.

She wanted to give the actors in this drama the maximum score! She walked over slowly and turned him over. Unsurprisingly, she found a little redness. The redness and swelling had not yet appeared. She carefully observed the grass.

“I didn’t expect to find small eye grass here.” The small eye in Love Flower’s mouth is a grass, the grass was extremely thin, and this kind of grass was what stabbed the group of Beast People, “Generally speaking, this kind of grass itself does not contain anything toxic, look carefully to see if there is anything else that is different.”


“Little shaman, what happened to him?”

“Poisoned, lift him out of this place and don’t stand close.”

She used her finger knife to pry open the soil under her eyes, “Love Flower, the colour of this soil doesn’t seem right.”

The colour of the soil had turned grey and black, some of which were white and grey, and some a combination of grey and black. Because the light in the forest was still relatively dark, the distinction was not clear.

“Look around.”


She turned the soil of the other grasses to one side, “The soil here is slightly less polluted than there.”

“Focus on digging up that piece of soil to see if there is anything underneath.”

“Seventh sister!”

Qian Wanyu took out the lightning whip, and  dust was sent flying. She simply used a thunderbolt and a huge pit was blasted open, there was a slight chill at the bottom of the pit, “There is something down here…”

“Why is there a hole underneath?” Karu didn’t understand what was going on, weren’t they just pretending to find something? How did they suddenly dig a hole?

“The hole down here is what caused their poisoning.”

“Hey, kid, shouldn’t you cure my brother first?” Milo couldn’t help but stop them when he saw that they were going to go down the hole.

Qian Wanyu pointed her sword at them, “The reason why they were poisoned is down below, if you have the guts then just follow.”

After that, she jumped into the cave with Little Minghui in her arms.

The temperature in the cave was close to the temperature of an ice cellar. It was very cold. As soon as they came down, both of them shivered, and Karu came down next.

“It’s really cold in here!” The elder Karu shivered, but he immediately shut up when he saw the calm face of the little shaman, why did he feel cold when she didn’t could it be that he couldn’t even compare with a child?!

“Seventh sister, this is an ice cellar.” Every time she stepped on her feet, she could hear a slight creaking sound, like stepping on ice cubes in the river, she was afraid of falling down with every step she stepped on. She leaned against the wall, cold to the bone.

Qian Wanyu threw two moonstones. The moonstones were embedded in the ice and shone a little bit of light. Little Minghui couldn’t reach her height, so she hugged Seventh Sister’s waist coyly and rubber her face on her back,” Seventh sister, hug!”

“You… you’re getting more and more naughty.” She was more coquettish than before.

“Nooo.” She couldn’t see past Seventh sister’s back clearly. Because of the shrinkage, the level of her vision changed and she couldn’t see high up. It will definitely take a long time for her to get used to it.

The two hurriedly approached, wanting to see the world behind the ice, but they met two eyes the size of copper bells, and there was pain and unwillingness in those eyes, she gasped, if it wasn’t for the warm embrace of the Seventh sister, she would’ve been frightened and fallen to the ground.

Qian Wanyu also saw it, and she stroked Ninth Sister’s back, “It’s a human being.”

“There’s also a Beast Person.”

“How could that be?!” Karu rushed over in disbelief. The Beast People were covered in hair when they were beastized. This is the case with the Beast Person who was frozen inside. His claws seemed to be locked by something. In the same way, his palms were facing up, showing a tension and his feet were spread out and leaning forward as if looking at someone he hated to the bones.

“Seventh sister, look, there are a lot of people here!”

Qian Wanyu embedded the moonstones in the space into ice cubes. Soon, they could see clearly. Every two meters, there was a person embedded in the ice wall. Skinny goblins, struggling dwarves hung by a thread through their necks, and elves with broken wings.

The more they looked, the more frightened they all became. In this small hole, there were unexpectedly people from all the five major races of humans, elves, goblins, dwarves, and Beast People gathered!


“Karu, don’t—”

They were immersed in shock, but they forgot that there was still a Beast Person here… Karu used the axe around his waist to aim at the ice cube several times, the ice cube was very thin, and he cut it off with a slash.

When Karu saw a familiar sign hanging on the Beast Person’s chest, he slashed it frantically and pushed aside the ice cubes around it one after another. Then, the ice cubes in the entire cave fell down.

“No, the hole is about to collapse!”

This feeling of shaking the ground felt too familiar, Little Minghui grabbed Seventh sister’s clothes, “Seventh sister, hurry up!”

“Karu, you’re crazy! Go away, or we’ll all be buried here alive!”

Karu wanted to dig the Beast Person out of the ice wall and was going crazy, but the other side was also close to the ice wall.


Milo and his party were waiting outside in a panic, “What did you find inside, where’s Karu?”

“Seventh sister!”

Following Qian Wanyu, Karu climbed out of the cave with a bang, and the hole they had just left was blocked again. This time the whole thing had caved in as if it was completely buried. Karu was ruthless and hit the ground twice.

“Karu, what’s wrong with you?”

Karu’s eyes were red as if he was crying, he clenched a chain in his hands tightly then he grabbed Milo’s collar and screamed fiercely.

“Seventh sister, this looks like a cut off road.”


No one expected that so many things would happen on a simple trip out, especially Karu, who didn’t say a word on the way back, his whole soul seemed to have fallen in the ice cellar, Little Minghui couldn’t help but speculate that the Beast Person trapped in the ice must have been someone important to Karu or to the Cass Tribe…but how were they linked?

Milo didn’t dare to disturb Karu. He had known Karu for so many years, and it was the first time he had ever seen Karu act like this. Maybe he would know when he went back and asked Cass. Then he thought of the purpose of coming this time, he turned around, and said fiercely to Little Minghui, “Little devil, are you sure you can save my brothers?”

Little Minghui nodded.

“Seventh sister, does the ice cellar below still contain dark spiritual power?” If not, how could the soil quality be changed?

“Love Flower, why has the soil quality changed yet the needle-eye grass can still survive? The grass around it seems to live well as well?”

“The vitality of needle-eye grass has always been tenacious. Changes in soil quality will also change plants. Maybe you have encountered a mutated needle-eye grass. Didn’t you bring some back?”

“No.” At that time, she had forgotten everything and only remembered Karu’s painful cry and the collapsed ice cellar.

“There is indeed dark spiritual power in the cave below.” This familiar feeling made her feel uncomfortable. Xian she met before was an ice and dark dual Spiritual Master, and then she also met Meng Yixiao who was also an ice and dark dual Spiritual Master…

“Could it be that all the people in that organization are an ice and dark dual Spiritual Masters?”

“Seventh sister, what are you talking about?”


“Then we have to go back quickly.” She thought it was an ordinary poison because the trouble with Cass yesterday was not too pleasant, she couldn’t help but be speechless, “Cass is simply crazy.”

For the sake of a pharmacist, even the lives of his clansmen can be ignored. Should this be said to be righteous or stupid?

“Karu, they are all in danger, we have to go back immediately.”

As soon as he heard that Kerry and the others were in danger, Karu focused back on the situation at hand and translated to Milo, “Hurry.”

On the way back, Little Minghui was wrapped up and looked like a small white ball. Qian Wanyu put her arms around her and covered her cold little hands with both hands. She held them for a long time without warming them up, “Ninth Sister, they will be fine.”

The little girl sighed deeply, if they died, there was nothing she could do.

The group returned to the Cass tribe, and Little Minghui said to Karu, “Immediately send all the poisoned people to where I live.”

When Jing Ke heard that they were back, he breathed a sigh of relief. After getting along for so long, he was still a little afraid of the lord. He was deeply afraid that the other party would leave with the little shaman, and Cass would not treat him kindly at that time. After all, he was also a human…

“Shut up.”

“Hmph, what are you worried about? Isn’t this your Beast tribe? You just need to hold Cass’s thick thigh tightly, eat fragrant and spicy food in the future, and—”

As soon as they disagreed, Leen pulled the bow and shot an arrow

“Leen, don’t blame me for being rude if you don’t stop!”

Leen angrily aimed an arrow at him, Jing Ke dodged, but he found that the arrow was also evil, a wind from nowhere blew, and the arrow he avoided shot towards him again!

When Qian Wanyu and Little Minghui opened the door, they saw that the arrow had reached Jing Ke’s chest. Jing Ke was still backing away, but the arrow continued to follow.

“Little Colour!”

A vine swished from the room, accurately wrapped the arrow’s tail, and it stopped just one centimeter away from Jing Ke’s chest, the arrow shot was aimed directly into Jing Ke’s heart.

“Dangerous, so dangerous.” Jing Ke broke out in a cold sweat, but he quickly forgot about it. Seeing Little Minghui and Qian Wanyu, he said happily, “You guys are back? Thank you lord for taking action again!”

Qian Wanyu held the arrow and squeezed it hard, breaking it. She looked at Leen coldly, “You have awakened wind spiritual power…”

Just now at the door, she felt the weak fluctuation of the wind element, she thought it was an illusion. Seeing the arrow following Jing Ke like a shadow, she was almost sure that this kid was the cause. He was a good seedling.

Dongfang Minghui did not doubt Seventh sister’s judgment, she glanced at Leen.

Leen was a little ashamed. He was just a little angry at what Jing Ke said just now and wanted to teach him a lesson. He lowered his head and apologized in a low voice, “I’m sorry, I did not do it on purpose.”

“Jing Ke, you can solve the problem between you and Leen by yourself. If you are killed by him, Seventh sister and I will collect your body at most. Of course that goes for you as well Leen.”

Jing Ke was taught a lesson by a child, this felt very strange but it was as if it wasn’t a child lecturing him but an adult…

“Okay, you all empty out the rooms. Karu will send the patients over, we’ll go to the living area for a couple of laps, don’t get in the way here.” Little Minghui frowned.

Almost as soon as she finished speaking, Karu sent the patients one after another, and Cass also followed. Together with the ones who were poisoned today, there were a total of six patients.

“Send Kabu first, I’ll heal him first.”

“Little shaman, Kabu was poisoned last, why didn’t you treat the first one first?”

Qian Wanyu stood on the side and glanced coldly at them forcing them out.

Kabu was in close contact, so his condition were a bit more serious than others, and his face turned pale. Little Minghui poured out the potion she had treasured for a long time and then checked it carefully with her spiritual power. After making sure he was alright she moved over to another patient.

After an hour and a half, she rescued everyone and used up an entire pot of medicine…

“You never told me your name.” When Cass came in, Little Minghui slumped on the stool, rubbing her temples with her small palms.

“You will naturally know in the future.” Using spiritual power to check the internal organs of the patient was actually very tiring. She didn’t even want to talk to Cass at the moment, but seeing him come in now, it was probably a big deal.

“Sorry…I lied to you before.” Cass apologized for his behaviour, “Milo has told me what happened to you outside. I’m sorry for causing you such big trouble.”

“You are a leader after all… there’s nothing wrong.” Little Minghui suddenly thought of Karu, “You don’t need to apologize to me, we found a frozen world under the cave, and inside the ice we saw the people of the six clans being cruelly killed, Karu was very emotional when he saw the body of a Beast Person, and he took a necklace with him.”

Cass listened attentively by the side, and interrupted when he heard her mentioning a necklace, “Can you describe what the necklace looks like?”


Little Minghui took out a notebook from her space ring, and painted the necklace in her memory lightly, “It should look like this.”

Cass took her painting, and unexpectedly found that the other party’s painting was quite good, he recalled hard and the calm expression on his face was replaced by shock, “You mean, this Beast Person was wearing this necklace around his neck at that time?!”


Cass sat on the ground in shock, the atmosphere in the room suddenly became awkward, and it took him a long time to stand up, “Thank you for reminding me… I still have something to discuss with you, but—”

“You can talk about it next time.”

“Thank you, little shaman, you are more intelligent and gifted than ordinary children.”

Before leaving, he didn’t forget to praise her, Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help laughing, “Hey, two of them have this expression, this necklace obviously has a big story behind it.”

“What did Cass come to you for?” Qian Wanyu walked in right after he left.

Qian Wanyu was hostile to Cass. She also took away the token of love that Cass gave to Ninth Sister and kept it in her space ring. This rival in love was dangling under her nose, and she couldn’t help frowning.

“It’s about what happened in the ice cellar just now.” Little Minghui threw herself into Qian Wanyu’s arms, “Seventh sister, you said before that your consciousness has encountered a strong obstacle, if we both double cultivate, we can combine our two consciousness into one and find the whereabouts of that person, do you think you can lock the location of this person?”

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Nice job translating this. The story is pretty complicated/all over the place, so making it understandable in English must be a tough job

It is, I think what’s happening is Kass set up some kind of trap to get some of his people poisoned so that Minghui can cure them, thus earning the trust of the tribe and bringing the humans and beastmen a little closer. However, this plan goes awry becuase the place they chose has acutally more secrets and such. The whole dialogue with Kass, Milo and Karu is pretty confusing, but I think they are trying to win Milo over most of all, just I think some names might be messed up.

Pretty much what you said:
Cass wants Minghui to stay on the tribe, but for that he needs to provide a reason for her to stay and also reduce the hostility the tribe members have against her.

For that he decided to poison some of his tribe members since it would provide a chance to solve both problems.
He probably choose to use a place the tribe knew had poison, just that he didn’t know exactly how dangerous that poison was (it’s not poison but dark attribute)
AKA: he screw up.

The novel normally doesn’t have many problems in continuity, but this arc is particularly jumpy, the last 2~3 chapters have some jump between scenes that were pretty confusing, i even went back to check if I wasn’t missing a chapter or something

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