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MIWW Chapter 119 part 1

“No, this time try in the northeast direction.” Qing Mo said.

Qian Wanyu did not agree with Ninth Sister’s suggestion of double cultivation. The soul sea is a very important place for a Spiritual Master, also the other party’s consciousness is very strong. If they failed there’s a possibility both her soul sea and Ninth Sister’s soul sea will be attacked. Naturally, she does not agree with such risky behavior.

After Qian Wanyu drove her out of the room, she sat alone in the room to meditate, and carefully released a ray of her consciousness, which covered the entire Cass tribe. The tribe occupies a very large area and it’s not easy to find people.

The first time she encountered the opponent’s counterattack was in the southwest direction, the second time it was in the north-south direction, and now it’s the third time.

“This man is quite cunning.”

Qian Wanyu retracted her consciousness, she was simply testing the bottom line of the other party, and the other party was also testing her, “It’s a bit difficult.”

There was a lot of excitement in the small yard. This was originally the place where Cass gave them a temporary residence. Beast People walked around outside on weekdays, wanting to see the scene inside, but because they were brought back by Cass, no one dares to break in. Except for Karu, who has no grudge against humans, the rest of the people have the mentality of avoiding them as far as possible.

After Kerry, and the rest who were poisoned in the living area, were healed by the “little shaman” and left intact, the Beast People observed this place again, and the resistance in their eyes was much less.

“Little shama help, please save my baby!”

Jing Ke and Leen were cultivating in the small courtyard. They were startled by the sound of someone slamming the door and crying outside. The water could not be controlled, so Leen got wet from the uncontrolled water. Leen immediately took out his bow and arrow and faced the outside with vigilance.

“What’s that sound?” Dongfang Minghui was kicked out of the house by Seventh sister and ran to Little Colour’s room to talk to Little Colour. She was so frightened by the sudden knock on the door that she almost fell off the stool hugging Little Colour’s legs, “What happened?!”

“Should be someone coming to seek medical attention.”

“Seeking medical attention?” Little Minghui’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Someone looking for medical attention dares to smash my door?! Aren’t they afraid of offending me and getting poisoned?”

Jing Ke wiped some cold sweat, he didn’t think the little guy was so willful, “The little doctor is right.” He then asked, “Then we won’t open the door?”

She was also a little upset. Karu had not appeared in front of her since the day she discovered the ice cellar, and she couldn’t find out anything she wanted to inquire about. Even Cass who took a necklace drawing from her also disappeared.

She couldn’t help with Seventh Sister’s thing and she could do was sit here eating every day and waiting to die… She felt like she was going to get rusty from all the boredom.

“Open it.”

“Little doctor, are you sure?”

“Open open open.”

Jing Ke and Leen were alone. After opening the door, a group of Beast People surrounded the door, blocking the door. In the centre of the crowd, a Beast Person man knelt on the ground with his little Beast Child in his arms. The little Beast Person covered his stomach and wailed a few times from time to time, as if the pain was unbearable.

“Shaman, please save my baby.”

“Get the other Beast People to spread out, don’t watch the show around here, Jing Ke, tell this Beast Person, take the child into the room for treatment, and the rest are not allowed to enter.”

Jing Ke discussed it with the Beast People, the Beast People nodded again and again, the man carrying the child followed them in with the child in his arms. Leen guarded the door with a bow and arrow, aiming the bow and arrow at any Beast Person who wanted to come in. So long as this group of people took a step he would shoot, that fierceness did make some Beast People fearful making them obediently linger anxiously outside. Of course, some were also hard stubble, and seeing that Lien was about to make a move, he waved his weapon.

“Let’s all stop here.” Milo heard the voice and saw that Leen was fighting with his men, a kid that wasn’t afraid of adult Beast People? This courage made Milo look at him with admiration. He took a step forward and stopped the crowd, “Everyone wants to rebel? Have you all forgotten the rules of the tribe? Put away all your weapons for me.”

Milo, who had just been whipped 50 times, still felt an itchy back, especially since Karu and Cass have been doing something in secret recently. Many things suddenly fell on his head to manage and he was honestly upset. He did know one thing however, the people in this room can’t be moved for the time being.

“Idle people remain outside you are all not allowed to enter.” Qian Wanyu held her whip in hand, the tip of the whip exuded a cold aura, she glanced at Jing Ke, who was beside her, and Jing Ke turned around and translated Qian Wanyu’s words. He told Milo and pulled Leen to close the door.

“I–” Milo couldn’t do anything about Qian Wanyu. He had also seen Qian Wanyu’s ruthlessness in the underground ice cellar, so he could only kick the stairs to let out his anger.

Dongfang Minghui checked the kid carefully. There was nothing serious about the little Beast Person. He just had to eat better. There was a small problem with his digestion. She gave him a digestive pill and sent him away.

“After returning, let him eat something easy to digest, and don’t eat too much at one time next time.”

“Thank you little shaman.”

The Beast Person hugged his child and bowed to her gratefully.

Dongfang Minghui wasn’t used to it but she doesn’t have a bad opinion on most Beast People, sometimes she even felt pity when she saw the simple and honest Beast People, she didn’t know if this was good or bad, “Seventh sister, let’s go out for a walk. ”


To the south of the Cass tribal living area, there is a large self-sufficient garden area. The garden area is so vast that you can’t see the end at first glance. There was also trickling streams that slid down from the mountains and formed a small river of their own. There were two more groups of guards in this pastoral area. The Beast People patrolled around it, when they crossed the mountain, it was another unfamiliar area.

Two figures, one big and one small walked slowly to this point. The Beast People who were patrolling glanced at them and stopped paying attention. Many Beast People in the tribe had heard about these people, aside from those like Milo, who was extremely hostile to humans, there were also Beast People in the tribe who wanted to live in peace and pursue peace. They hate fighting and only wanted peace between the human race and beast people despite the strong hatred between the races.

“You want to ask about that consciousness?”

“Hey, Seventh sister, you said it yourself.” Little Minghui refused to admit that she brought Seventh sister here to find out the outcome of this incident. The people in the small courtyard were so complicated, it’s better not to let them know about these things.

Xiao Minghui grabbed Qian Wanyu’s big hand and walked across the ridge. There were some grains grown by the Beast People in the field, and they seemed to be full of life. She took Seventh sister to the creek. The weather felt a bit cold now, but the water in the creek was still flowing down the mountain continuously. She stuck out her head and could see her own reflection in the water, it was a little loli.

“I originally wanted to catch a few fish and go back to make soup.” She hadn’t eaten normal people’s food for a long time. Little Minghui felt that her mouth was about to dull and she planned to support herself and find some good ingredients.

“Then? Don’t plan on eating now?” Qian Wanyu couldn’t help fluffing her hair, making the originally smooth hair a little messy. “It’s not easy to catch fish.”

Qian Wanyu took out her lightning whip, looked at the water surface, and with a swish, the tip of the whip penetrated a fish and dragged it out of the water. After a few breaths, she had already pulled out five or six fishes.

“Enough enough! Seventh sister, five or six fish is enough!” Little Minghui wasn’t that greedy, she just wanted to taste a little bit of it.

“Little White and Toothless also need a share.”

When thinking of these foodies, Dongfang Minghui suddenly grumbled.

Qian Wanyu hooked another dozen fish in a row, and then gave up. The two of them looked at these fish that were jumping around and were worried for a while, Little Minghui brought up the serious matter from before again, “Seventh sister, I want to help you.”

“Your Ninth Sister is very sensitive. If she helps you, your odds are higher,” Qing Mo reminded before but Qian Wanyu refused.

“Not needed yet.”

Little Minghui was helpless. It was difficult to change anything Seventh sister decided. Even she couldn’t persuade her. She planned to put this matter on hold for the time being, “Seventh sister, let’s go back to grilling the fish.”

The smell of the grilled fish was very attractive, the seasonings were readily available in her space ring. The two big pets, Toothless and Little White, squeezed Jing Ke and Lien, who were squatting on the side, out of the circle, shaking their heads and staring at the grilled fish. Saliva flowed all over the place.

“Seventh sister, this is for you.” Handing the first piece of grilled fish to Seventh sister, Dongfang Minghui felt the restlessness of Toothless and Little White, so she simply grilled five pieces together, and gave it to Toothless and Little White when it was cooked.

Watching the two big pets scramble to swallow the fish in one bite, after chewing a few times, it was gone then they looked at her with those pitiful eyes…

“Hey, both of you…” Little Minghui wanted to improve the taste but she never thought about feeding them till they were full with just the fish… She looked at the stomachs of these two big guys, even if she took out three or four more fish, it might not be enough to feed their appetite.

“Don’t let them get used to it.” Qian Wanyu glanced at them with a cold look. Little White was still a little afraid of his master, but Toothless was completely reliant on mother’s love for him, and hummed lying down beside her, he rubbed his big head against her.

Little Minghui sighed and roasted all the fish, dividing one for Leen and Jing Ke, and kept one for herself, the rest went into the stomachs of Toothless and Little White.

“The little doctor’s craftsmanship is great.” Jing Ke complimented her while eating, eating one bite at a time. Compared with the devouring Leen, he was more cultured and seemed to cherish the fish in his hand very much. He couldn’t help but sigh, “I haven’t eaten such delicious food for a long time.”

Ever since he was captured by the Beast People, he had only eaten something worse than pig food. Later, he ran for his life in a hurry, and he couldn’t even eat a good meal. He thought back and he couldn’t help but miss the old days.

“You should have gone with the rest to find the caravan group before, maybe you would have returned to a safe place by now.”

Qian Wanyu never thought about restricting Jing Ke. She didn’t know why he insisted on following her. Ever since she entered the Cass tribe, she hadn’t even said what her plans were, but Jing Ke still always followed her.

“That’s right, Brother Jing, why do you keep following Sister Seventh?” Little Minghui also felt very strange, didn’t many people leave after learning that Sister Seventh wanted to join the Cass tribe? It was clear that the human race still had a deep fear of the Beast People.

Jingke shook his head, “Now the Beast People are in chaos, it is dangerous to go anywhere. I have seen the strength of the lord, and I personally think that only by following her can I survive.”

Little Minghui praised his wit. Following the Female Protagonist is truly full of dangers, but opportunities and danger always go hand in hand. The bigger the danger, the bigger the opportunity.

“My name is Qian Wanyu, don’t call me lord.”

“Ah.” Jing Ke replied, and then began to struggle, “I’ll just call you, uhh boss?”

“Pfft.” Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help laughing, and gave Seventh sister a teasing look, “Boss Qian?”

The words “boss” and “lord” were sort of similar but boss was much more pleasant to the ears. Qian Wanyu looked awkward but nodded casually. It didn’t matter anyway, the name was just a nickname.

After Leen finished eating the fish, he wiped the greasy corners of his mouth with his sleeve. He couldn’t understand their conversation and looked a little lonely. He felt that he couldn’t fit into this small team, and stared at the bonfire in a daze.

“Leen.” Jing Ke patted his shoulder kindly, pointing at Qian Wanyu and said, “Call her boss.”

“Boss.” Lean imitated Jing Ke’s mouth shape, and the words he spoke were mixed with a strong beast voice.

“I’m Minghui.”


“Hahaha, Leen is great.” Little Minghui gave him a thumbs up, and then told Sister Seventh about Leen being hunted and the loss of his parents, “Seventh sister, we should let him continue to live in the Cass tribe.”

Humans were herd animals. Beast people were also the same, since he lost his homeland and relatives it was suitable for him to stay here. If he followed them, as they human and not beast people it may not be good for his growth. Dongfang Minghui thought very simply, she only wanted to find Qian Ying’s descendants and then find the inheritance, after that they would leave the Beast Race, what should Leen do then?

“Ask him.” Qian Wanyu said to Jing Ke, without Karu, Jing Ke would be the only human who could talk to the Beast People, among them, he would also become a translator.

Leen looked at Dongfang Minghui with pitiful eyes, full of anger and sadness, “Are you going to leave me behind?”

Little Minghui shook her head hurriedly, “Cass is my friend, I thought you would be more willing to stay with them?”

Leen turned around and went back to the house in discomfort. Jing Ke threw the fish bones and whispered, “I’ll go and comfort him.”

Dongfang Minghui, Qian Wanyu, Toothless and Little White were left beside the bonfire. The two big guys couldn’t be satisfied with the fish, so they lay on the ground, not wanting to move at all.

“Seventh sister, did I say something wrong?” She thought for a while, thinking that she shouldn’t have brought up the topic today. Leen was still like a young bird in shock, he was very sensitive to all the things of the outside world. What she said today was just like telling him they would leave him behind and it was harmful to his mentality.

However…a little Beast Person living among the human race…

“Don’t worry, he should think about it himself.” Qian Wanyu wasn’t worried about this little Beast Person at all, he was able to escape from a group of Beast People chasing him down, this showed that his mental strength was stronger than ordinary kids.

That night, while Seventh sister was meditating, under the protection of Little Colour, Little Minghui also released her consciousness. She first sneaked into Jing Ke and Leen’s room, Jing Ke laid a futon on the ground, and Leen slept on the bed without any alertness. She walked around and backed out. When exiting, Jing Ke’s confused eyes suddenly opened. He sat up straight and glanced at Leen, who was sleeping soundly on the bed. He didn’t seem to notice anything wrong, and then fell down and continued to sleep.

The Cass tribe was very quiet in the middle of the night, and everyone fell into a deep sleep. Occasionally, there were a few strange screams coming from the mountains and forests in the distance.

Little Minghui followed the Beast People on patrol and saw Karu and Cass who they hadn’t seen for a long time. The two big Beast People were sitting at the top of the city gate, with a few empty jars beside them. Every now and again there was a sigh.

Just as little Minghui was about to leave, she heard Cass suddenly say, “You found him?”

Karu burped and didn’t even give Cass a look. He raised his head and took a gulp of wine as if he was drinking water. After finishing the bottle of wine, he looked puzzled shaking the empty jug.


Cass touched a full jug of wine and threw it to him. Although Karu’s eyes were close to being drunk, he still caught it accurately and continued to drink.

“If you want to cry, elder brother can lend you a shoulder.” Cass patted his generous shoulder.

“Go away.”

Karu directly smashed an empty jug at Cass, and with a bang, the jar fell under the city gate and shattered to pieces. When the Beast People patrolling in the distance heard the movement, they glanced at it and went back to their posts as usual.

“I know you’re sad.” Cass also opened another jar of wine, he looked up at the sky, “But you should have been prepared for the sudden disappearance of that person…”

Little Minghui didn’t listen deliberately. Her consciousness was hidden in the dark but she could feel the deep sadness between the two of them. She wanted to walk away, but she was too curious. Maybe she could dig out the secrets of Cass and Karu.

“Yeah.” Karu burped again, “I still remember that after he left, we couldn’t find him, now I know that it wasn’t that he didn’t want to come back…” It was that he never got the chance to come back.

An ivory necklace shone dimly in the moonlight and could not be seen clearly, but it should be the one Karu retrieved from the ice cellar. Maybe he has some relationship with the Beast Person who was imprisoned in the ice.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be acting so abnormal.


“Don’t comfort me!” Karu stood up suddenly, and the tall figure cast a shadow in the moonlight, “Who are you? You are the leader of the tribe, and who am I? Do you remember how my father taught me? Taught us? Huh?”

Karu and Cass, who were able to communicate with the human race, suddenly fought, and Little Minghui felt that she had caught onto something.

“Karu, you know I’m not here to—”

“Huh?” Just when she wanted to continue listening, she felt a huge spiritual consciousness. She rushed that way and followed closely. She was very familiar with this spiritual consciousness, it should be Seventh sister’s!

The mystery deepens!

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