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MIWW Chapter 120 Part 1

Qian Wanyu took Dongfang Minghui’s hand, bent down and walked in from the cave. The cave was very solid. Even if she blew open a hole, everything in the cave was not destroyed. This is not a secret room, but a room similar to a torture room. There were many punishment tools she had never seen hanging on the walls. Some were thrown aside at will, and some were thrown on the stone table. The stone table was so high that it almost reached the position in front of her chest. From the walls of the cave, it can be seen that the chamber is several years old, but the iron chains that fit into the walls are brand new.

Little Minghui huddled behind her and looked at the person in the centre sitting cross-legged on the ground. That person was tall. Even if he was sitting, his waist was taller than her. He lowered his head, hair covered everything. His arms, wrists, waist and ankles were wrapped with iron chains. If counted, there are more than ten, and the thickest one is tied around his waist and neck. The other ends of those chains were embedded in the wall, blocking all routes of escape from left, right and behind.

Qian Wanyu glanced at the things on the table. The paper was dry and covered with a thick layer of dust. When it was touched lightly, the paper turned into pieces. There were many bottles and jars next to the paper filled with dark liquid, “Ninth Sister, come and see what these are?”

Dongfang Minghui wanted to see but the key was that she couldn’t reach the height of the table! She could only beg Qian Wanyu to pick her up. As soon as she saw the porcelain bottle, she put on her gloves from the space ring with great alertness and stained some of the liquid in the porcelain bottle with a thick cloth. She didn’t expect that all the medicine bottles contained poisonous medicine, “Strange…”

“What’s so strange?” Qian Wanyu asked.

“This venom is a bit similar to the venom inside Uncle’s body.”

What she mainly looks at is the colour. In order to avoid the accident that happened last time, she didn’t dare to sniff the potion bottle.

Qian Wanyu frowned, similar to the venom in Qian Ziyan’s body… isn’t that the poison on the living dead?!

“Are you sure?”

“Not sure, I’ll have to do a few tests to find out.”

“Take these back.”

“I advise the two little girls not to move, otherwise the consequences…” The man deliberately said half a sentence and stopped.

“Who are you?” Qian Wanyu took out the lightning whip, wary of any sudden attack.

“His two eyes…” Little Minghui made a gouging motion towards Qian Wanyu. What she accidentally saw outside the cave just now was this man’s eyes. There were no pupils, they were all white, scaring her to death.

Qian Wanyu patted her little hand, “You lured us here with your singing to let you out?”

“He has ulterior motives.” Little Minghui nodded in agreement. If it was a normal singing voice, it would be fine. The other party’s singing can inspire the listeners with unlimited potential, but when the spiritual violence is uncontrollable, the party involved will explode and die.

Compared with the voice control that can control Uncle Wood, this kind of singing is more dangerous because it covers a very wide area. To use an analogy, if the two armies were at war, one of them has such abilities and can definitely encourage their soldiers to fight to the death continuously just like a cheating device.

“Yeah.” The man admitted frankly. He shook the chains and said disappointedly, “It’s a pity that I brought in two little girls. You can’t open these chains, so leave here as soon as possible.”

There was no disappointment or depression, the other party’s tone was light as if he was talking about a normal thing.

“What do you mean by little girl!” Dongfang Minghui almost showed her sharp fangs like a cat. She pulled Qian Wanyu’s sleeve and said, “Seventh sister, since the other party doesn’t appreciate it, let’s ignore him.”

Qian Wanyu leaned closer. She held up a small iron chain and felt a pure spiritual power, “This iron chain is from the hands of the dwarves.”

It is similar to the iron chain encountered last time at General Armand’s mansion. The iron chains contain a formation. According to the thickness of the chain, the formation is also from simple to difficult. She can undo the smaller chain, but the thicker chain was a bit more difficult, the arrays were staggered and interlocked.

“The core formation is within another formation.” Qing Mo said and immediately shook his head, “Wanyu, look carefully, this iron chain is a nine-ring chain, also known as the extinction chain. It is said that this chain disappeared after being auctioned a hundred years ago. I didn’t expect it to be found here.”

Qian Wanyu has also heard the name of this chain, the nine rings were linked to each other, and the formations were intertwined, forming a large formation.

“It’s difficult to crack it.” Qing Mo shook his head again and again, the nine-ring chain was more famous than the helmet Little Minghui used for the little bean sprout, “Who took the trouble to chain this person with this chain?”

“We have to try to find out anyway…” Qian Wanyu is definitely not a person who easily admits defeat. Let’s not mention the identity of the person in front, the nine-ring chain is actually also useful as a weapon, it ranks very high on the weapons list!

“Oh, the girl is actually a person who understands the formation method?” The man spoke the beast language, but his human race language was also spoken very well, even better than Karu and Cass! If he hadn’t used the battle song to attract them before Qian Wanyu might even have mistaken him for a human.

“You haven’t told me who you are?”


Little Minghui looked carefully at the corner of the wall and found a pile of corpses behind the man. She pouted and motioned Qian Wanyu to look over. The skeletons of those corpses were uneven, large and small, all piled up on the side, just blocked by the tall body of the man, if you don’t look carefully, you can’t really see it.

She rubbed her fingers secretly and let the vines roll up the corpses and rolled them out all at once, but when the vines slipped in front of the man, they were grabbed by his hand.

“A Wood Spiritual Master?”

“Who is this old man?” Little Colour came out of Minghui’s soul sea angrily. Its vines were pulled by the other party and it couldn’t break free. Naturally, it was very angry!

“Let go.” Qian Wanyu pointed her sword at him and she swung towards the iron chain violently, covering it with lightning. After the lightning touched the iron chains, sparks were generated and crackled.

The man was struck by lightning but looked indifferent, however he suddenly let go for some reason.

“Seventh sister, let’s go first.” Although they seemed to be somewhat free in the Cass tribe, they were actually under the surveillance of others all the time. If they disappeared for a day, they’d probably attract Cass’ attention.

“Let’s go.”

On the way back, she also suffered very much. Little Minghui held her breath again and fainted. As soon as she got to the shore, Qian Wanyu hurriedly performed compressions and artificial respiration for her.

“Cough cough.”

“I told you, don’t come next time.” Qian Wanyu picked her up and rushed back with a few fish, walking fast. The people patrolling on the side looked at the embarrassing appearance of the two of them and made up a picture of the little girl accidentally falling into the water.

“Seventh sister, do you want to have a next time?” Little Minghui pouted, “That savage must be someone with status, otherwise why would he be imprisoned in that place, he can solve the problem of survival himself. From what I can tell from those bones, maybe he killed them all.”

“Okay, don’t think about it.” Qian Wanyu flicked her forehead with her fingers, “In the past few days, wander around the tribe to see if you can find out the origin of the two mountains.”


“What’s the matter, little doctor?”

Seeing that the two of them were all wet, like falling into the water, Jing Ke hurried up and asked.

“I went fishing, and suddenly a small beast came out of nowhere. Ninth Sister was so frightened that she fell into the river. Get the tub ready and let her take a bath.” Qian Wanyu explained it quickly. After explaining, she summoned Toothless to boil the water.

Little Minghui shuddered, “Seventh sister that savage…”


Only after taking a hot bath did she feel alive. Sitting in the tub, she pondered, and suddenly asked, “Seventh sister, do you think Cass and Karu are brothers?”

Qian Wanyu was immersed in the study of the formations, without raising her head she replied, “Why do you suddenly think like this?”

“I heard Karu and Cass arguing when I was out yesterday. The reason for their abnormality was because of the necklace found underground. Could the frozen beast person be Karu’s relatives?”

“Ninth Sister, what are you trying to say?” Qian Wanyu didn’t get the point after hearing the chatter for a long time, and simply clicked her tounge, “Did you find something?”

“Seventh sister, if Qian Ying’s child was still alive, how old would he be now?”

Qian Wanyu put down what she was doing and counted seriously, “Almost a hundred years old.”

“If that’s the case, are we going to set our sights on those elderly beast people?” It’s not easy to find a son. Little Minghui noticed that the temperature of the water in the tub was fading a little bit, so she quickly put on a set of clothes and crawled to bed. Going into the bed, “Actually, I don’t think we will be able to find Qian Ying’s son…”

Qian Wanyu frowned, “Do you suspect that someone among Karu or Cass is a descendant of Qian Ying?”

“I guessed.” Little Minghui spread her hands helplessly, “The main reason is that there are too few beast people who can speak two languages.”

“We’ll find an opportunity to inquire about their origins.”

The next day, the two worked together, and Qian Wanyu continued to study the formations, especially the more difficult formations. There were also two copies of the books from the Royal Academy in her space ring. Qing Mo guided her by the side, but the wisdom of the two alone could not unravel the formation of the nine-ring chain.

“There are obviously ten chains…”

“Yes, one of them is used to kill people.” It was the thickest chain wrapped around the beast person’s neck and waist, “If you continue to study like this, you may not be able to study it for decades, go to the market early next month and see if you can find anything.”

Qian Wanyu immediately understood Qing Mo’s plan. The nine-ring chain was so strong, it must be the masterpiece of the dwarves. If she wanted to unlock the mystery of the chains, she had to know the essence of the formation that the dwarves engraved it with and how they forged and refined it.

At the same time, Little Minghui rode on Toothless’ back and walked leisurely within the tribe with Leen. She was famous now, and most of the beast people’s wariness of her had gone away. They all became indulgent with the “little shaman” but there were also many little beast cubs eager to come forward to play with her, however they were extremely afraid of Toothless.

Alfonso remembered her. The last time his foot injury was cured by the other party. He mustered up his courage, picked a purple flower from nowhere, put it in his mouth, and slowly rubbed against Dongfang Minghui’s side. Seeing the majestic Toothless, Alfonso took a small step back.

He threw the flower on the ground and fiddled with Toothless and Little Minghui with his claws.

“For me?”

Dongfang Minghui climbed down from Toothless, took the purple flower in his hand, and stretched out her hand with a smile, “Alfonso, come here.”

Alfonso boldly approached her little by little. Seeing that Toothless was still squatting obediently beside her, he became more daring. He tentatively stretched out his forelegs and put them in the hands of Little Minghui.

“Alfonso, you are so cute.” The other person was fluffy, and she couldn’t help reaching out and stroking his little head. During the growth process of the beast people, there will be a period of beastization, the length of time determines how long they can maintain the form in the future.

However, this form speeds up the consumption of their lifespan, so generally, they prefer to remain in human form unless in combat.

This human girl was so gentle…

Alfonso stared at Little Minghui, he decided that he would like this human in the future!

Starting from Alfonso, the group of little beast cubs also mustered up their courage one by one, getting close to Little Minghui, and surrounding her. Some even tentatively ran to Toothless’ side to rub.

Toothless ignored them coldly and went straight to the side of the little mother. There was no way to retreat! Those little beast cubs who didn’t understand at all were still trying to crowding around it…


The little beast cubs scattered in fright.

“Hahaha.” Little Minghui stood beside Toothless and smoothed his hair after laughing, “Toothless, you are so naughty.”

“Little mother!”

Dongfang Minghui tapped its nose, “You’re the little one.”

“Let’s go take a look elsewhere.”

After playing with a group of little beast kids, she ran to a lively place again. The most lively place was nothing more than the battlegrounds! The venue was on a high platform, and the two beast people on the stage wrestled in their human form. A savage and interesting sport, she didn’t plan to watch it and got bored after a few glances. This kind of masculine sport really didn’t suit her current character and interests.

“Little shaman!”

“Hi Karu! Are you awake?”

Karu blushed and was a little embarrassed, fortunately, there were enough whiskers on his face to block his embarrassment. He also heard from other people’s ears after waking up that Cass carried the drunken man to her asking for help however the little shaman asked Cass to carry the person back without even looking after saying he was just drunk!

The group of people spoke vividly, and he could almost imagine the disgusted and serious expression on the little shaman’s face.

“Hey, sorry for letting the little shaman see a joke.” Karu scratched his head.

“What’s the matter?” Dongfang Minghui saw him with a cramped-looking pestle in front so she squeezed out of the crowd and walked with Toothless, asking, “While I’m in a good mood today, if you have something to ask just ask After this there will be no such place.”

Karu made sure that there was no one around, so he whispered, “Little shaman, I just want to ask if there are any hidden problems in the ice cellar we visited last time? If I want to go down again, do you think it is feasible?”

Little Minghui stared at Karu for a while, until even the big beast man felt uncomfortable.

“Uh…what’s wrong?”

“What’s the relationship between the beast person who was frozen in it and you? You are so nervous about him?” She raised her eyebrows and looked at him, not expecting the big man to speak out.

“It’s my grandfather…”

Dongfang Minghui suddenly understood, this explains why Karu acted so abnormal!

“My condolences…”

“Little shaman, do you have time to listen my story?” Probably because he was too stimulated and his heart was too bitter, for the first time Karu wanted to talk to someone about what he had buried in his heart many years ago, he looked at Dongfang Minghui, who was half a head shorter and seemed to have found a confidant.

“I’m all ears.”

They walked to the ridge, crossed the mountain, and sat on the top of the mountain. The scenery on the top of the mountain was good, you can see the vegetable gardens and the patrolling beast people at the bottom of the mountain. Behind the mountain is an open field, Dongfang Minghui asked, “Is this your territory behind us?”

“No.” Karu felt that the heavy stone in his heart seemed to be much lighter after climbing the mountain. “Cass intentionally wanted to level the mountain and breed some animals, which he learned from the human race. He said that he wanted to be self-sufficient. Only then can a tribe develop gradually, blindly plundering and killing will make the whole tribal culture more backward than other tribes, war can indeed bring glory, but with it comes misfortune and suffering…”

Just like old Buka, a good family had been destroyed by war…

There were also many people in the tribe who have lost their trusted friends and lost their relatives.

Dongfang Minghui nodded and praised, “This level of thought is quite high.”

However, even if Cass wanted stability, the whole situation wasn’t up to him to decide. After all, in addition to Cass, the entire beast race also had Cyril and Hillary.

“Young shaman, do you also agree with the leader’s point of view?” Karu asked curiously.

“You think too much, I’m just a little pharmacist, I can’t influence Cass’ decision.” Dongfang Minghui spread her hands, “I think the most important thing for you now is to improve your abilities so that you can survive the war and make peace after the war.”

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