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MIWW Chapter 120 Part 2

If the two killing gods Hilary and Cyril are not solved, the road to unifying the Beast People is still early.

Karu looked at the hospital thoughtfully and seemed to understand a little bit. He grinned and laughed, “Little shaman, you are wise and foolish.”

Little Minghui rolled his eyes, “Karu, please don’t use idioms and tell me quickly.”

Her heart of gossip has long been ignited, and Karu turned to her.

Karu took out the necklace, put it in front of his eyes and looked at it again, “This is the necklace on my father’s body, when I was about the same age as you, there was a quarrel with my father about Cass, and my father went out. He never came back, I always thought he was angry with me and didn’t want the two of us anymore.”

“Are you and Cass brothers?” She explored cautiously.

“Right, we’re brothers.” Cass took a deep breath, “Recalling carefully, my father’s death may have been caused by me. If he hadn’t gone out, would my father’s death have happened? But he’s the most powerful warrior in the clan, how could he…”

A lot of things still weren’t clear unless they went back in time and go back to that day again.

“Karu, do you want to find out who killed your father?” Little Minghui asked suddenly.

“Yes, I want to smash him to pieces, but I don’t know who it is…” Karu irritably turned his hair into a chicken coop, “Little shaman, do you, do you know something?”

Dongfang Minghui wrinkled her small face, looking at Karu seriously, and squeezed out a sentence for a long time, “What do you think?”

She was soft-hearted just now and almost told him. The pervert who dared to use the people of the five clans as specimens is probably also a research madman, but an evil research madman, “Why did you choose this place for the tribe at that time?”

The Cass tribe, named after Cass, could be the name given by Cass. With the relationship between Karu and Cass, maybe they know something.

“Actually, this place was not called the Cass tribe before, it was called Kata City. Since my father left, Cass and I have become orphans who depend on each other. My father has a distant brother in Kata City, so we came here. That man was a popular man under Kata, and seeing that our brothers were pitiful, he recommended the two of our brothers to Kata as officials.”

It was originally an inspirational story that the two brothers had to work hard to make a living. In the end, it developed Cass. Cass received the support and support of many Beast People in Kata City, and was hated by the leader of Kata, so they made things difficult and even developed into an assassination. In the end, the two brothers couldn’t stand it anymore, so they stood up to fight back, overturned the previous leader of Kata City, and rebuilt it into the Cass tribe.

“So, Karu, you don’t know the source of Kata City?”

“What source? Isn’t Kata City just Kata City?”

Little Minghui glanced at him, too lazy to bother with him, she stood up, patted her pants, and said very solemnly, “Karu, I don’t recommend you going to the ice cellar again, if you insist, something bad is very likely to happen. I’ll give you a quick example, take Kerry and the others who got poisoned before. To save you last time, all the medicines in my inventory has been used up, do you understand the danger?”

“Ah?” Karu heard the little shaman’s suggestion before he recalled the memories of Kata City. He smirked embarrassedly, “Are there no medicinal herbs? I will report back to the leader when I go back later.”

“Let’s go.” She clearly meant don’t go to that place, who knew Karu would just distort it and go somewhere else.

The problem of running out of materials was quickly resolved, and Cass asked Karu to send Galen to Dongfang Minghui.

Galen was the new apprentice of the Cass tribe shaman Mervyn. He has just entered the apprenticeship for three months. In an accident, his master Merwin disappeared searching for medicinal plants. Due to his ordinary qualifications, he still hasn’t been able to identify herbs properly. Because of this, Cass has never made him qualified as a shaman of the tribe.

“Little shaman, Galen knows where there are medicinal herbs. If you want to find medicinal herbs, you can ask him to lead the way.” Karu took action and quickly sorted out this matter, “However, if you want to go out to find medicinal herbs, Be sure to tell me and you must not go out alone.”

These days, shamans were considered the common property of the tribe.

“Hello shaman.” Galen’s a very shy little boy, a head taller than Dongfang Minghui, but standing with Leen, the two were about the same height with a slender figure. Compared to Karu he looks very thin. A word that was especially suitable for Galen suddenly appeared in her mind – weak chicken.

“Hello.” After Little Minghui said hello, she pulled Karu aside, “Is this Galen from your Beast People?”

“Yes, according to Galen’s mother, Galen was a premature baby, born a month earlier than normal children, probably because of the difficulties in the family, the child developed this way, Galen is already sixteen years old, can’t you see it?”

Little Minghui shook her head, sixteen years old? At most thirteen years old by the looks of it!

Seeing Galen’s small eyes looking here, she wanted to pat Karu on the shoulder like a little adult, but the height difference between her and Karu was so great that she could only be depressed, “Karu, I know, I’ll find you when I look for medicinal herbs another day.”

“Anytime little shaman.”

After she sent a group of people away, she returned to her small courtyard. In the small courtyard, Jing Ke created obstacles for Leen, and after knowing that the other party had awakened the wind element spiritual power, he shared his experience with Leen and helped him.

Therefore, as soon as she came back, Little Minghui saw an arrow shoot into the water curtain, the wind direction turned one side, and the arrow moved with the wind as flexible as a curved snake.


If Cass was here, he would definitely know what the word Minghui represented. Unfortunately, he wasn’t.

“Leen, you are getting better and better.” She gave Leen a thumbs up and praised him.

“Hehe.” Leen showed a row of white teeth, smirking happily at her but then a basin of cold water poured above him, he glared at Jing Ke, but Jing Ke didn’t care and shrugged.

Seeing how good the relationship between the two people had developed, Minghui was relieved.

She smiled and went back to her room. Qian Wanyu studied the formation in the room, the ground was covered with calculation stones and notes deducing the different reactions brought about by the formation. She quietly walked around the open space to the bed, took off her shoes, and looked at the jumbled rocks on the ground with her small head in her palms.

Formation and enchantment… these are two things that she will never be able to understand.

“Seventh sister!”

When Qian Wanyu raised her head, she made a muffled voice, “In a few days, it will be the beginning of the month, what else do we need to prepare?”


The last day before the beginning of next month, Karu gathered ten tribal warriors in the Cass tribe and finally went to the little shaman’s courtyard to explain his purpose.

“Next month is the winter trading market, normally it will last a few days longer than usual, but it depends on the situation.” Karu’s meaning was very clear, the previously scheduled ten days may be postponed.

“Okay.” Little Minghui felt that it didn’t matter, she turned to Jing Ke and Leen, “Do you want to go out and see?”

Jing Ke hesitated for a moment and asked, “Little doctor, is the boss going?”

“Of course, Brother Jing can stay to watch the house?” She suggested badly, “Also you can take care of Leen for me.”

“This—” Jing Ke looked embarrassed, “If the boss goes, I want to go too.”

On this trip, she actually has a lot of things to do. The fewer people she brought, the better. She smiled and walked back to the room to discuss it with Sister Seventh then she came out, “Okay, Sister Seventh said Leen can follow us if he wants to go.”

“Five people?”

Little Minghui also counted in Little Colour.


The number of people was fixed, and Karu had to prepare tents and other things for them, so he left quickly.

At the beginning of the month, before the morning light came out, a group of people were already walking on the way to the trading market. Little Minghui had short legs and was small so she was carried by Qian Wanyu on the back of Little White. Jing Ke who had no spiritual pet could only rely on two legs to barely keep up with Karu and the others.

Karu walked very fast at the forefront, the Beast warriors who were responsible for escorting them followed behind Karu. It is said that Milo led the team last month, and they often rotate, this time it happened to be Karu. The ten Beast People in the living area were behind them. They brought a lot of materials, hoping that they could exchange materials that they or the tribe needed in the trading activities could be found so the speed was very slow.

Little Minghui and Qian Wanyu sat on Little White, Little Colour walked beside them without any pressure, neither hurried nor slow, “Seventh sister, is that consciousness still making trouble now?”

“No.” In addition to studying the formation technique, Qian Wanyu occasionally took time to practice. Since she has fully accepted the inheritance of the Qian Family, she has always felt that the experience is missing. “It should be him.”

The two of them knew that he was the Beast Person who was chained by the nine-ring chain.

“Seventh Sister, this time we are going to inquire about the elves. If possible, we should send Lu Xing back first.” Looking at Lu Xing like this, she was full of guilt. It kept coming out to torture her.

“Don’t worry, it will be found.”

Dongfang Minghui thought that they had arrived earlier, but when they arrived at their destination after Karu paid a certain ‘fee’, they could only find a very small site in the corner, the rest of the sites were taken by people already there. From other tribes, there were more than 20 crowded in such a place, everywhere was surrounded by people, mixed with various languages, it felt like a vegetable market.

Karu watched her staring blankly into the distance, and said with a smile, “Little shaman, you can go to the market first, when you come back, I promise you will have a place to rest.”

“Don’t you need my help?” Little Minghui asked innocently.

She looked at Karu cutely, until the man’s heart was about to soften. The Beast warriors next to him shook their heads, waved their hands, and said in horror, “No, no, little shaman, go play, we will handle these things. It will be done soon.”

Jing Ke stayed behind to help them set up tents and put supplies, and Leen went to the morning market with Little Minghui and Qian Wanyu.

The morning market was very messy. Everyone was in a hurry to set up tents and eat to fill their stomachs. Many good things brought from the tribe had not yet been placed on the stalls. Qian Wanyu took her hand and went to the East District she read on the map and then went to the West District after.

“Did we come too early?” Dongfang Minghui asked in dejection. Karu’s eyes glowed green when he talked about the trading place. He kept saying that the exchange was the most fun place he had ever seen. She didn’t know that hiwdisappointed she was after watching it. This place is actually just a market place. It is full of people but everyone who goes to the market knows that the market is just a boring game where you squeeze me, I squeeze you, and everyone squeezes each other for money.

“Don’t forget that we are here for business.” Qian Wanyu saw that she could hang a kettle with how much her mouth pouted, and tapped her head, “We will stay here for about ten days.”

It’s fine that Qian Wanyu didn’t remind her, but Dongfang Minghui’s head got bigger when she reminded.

After walking around, they returned to the Cass tribe’s territory with expressionless faces. The high tents were set up, the potatoes collected from the tribe were placed on the ground in piles, and some Beast women placed woven clothes on the ground.

“Little wizard, how is it?” Karu looked at her expectantly.

Seeing his eager expression, Dongfang Minghui really didn’t want to attack the other party’s enthusiasm. She nodded her head hard, making her expression look like it really was exciting, “There are quite a few people.”

Just imagine, what does it feel like for a little guy to walk around a group of men who are about two meters tall?

Leen’s face was sullen. In fact, they didn’t really go anywhere. They stopped at every stall and left. There were only about 200 stalls around.

“In the afternoon, there will be more exciting things, I will take you to play then.” Karu said mysteriously.


Anyway, Dongfang Minghui, who didn’t have any hope for the trading market, planned that if the next days were so boring, she would just walk around everywhere to see if she could find some useful medicinal herbs around the area or other good things to buy.

It was almost after they had a breakfast that the trading market began to liven up. Everyone’s doors were wide open and when they see something they would immediately start to discuss what to exchange, and most of them tended to barter for goods.

Sitting cross-legged in the tribe’s tent, she saw many tall Beast People exchanging supplies, they all glanced at her strangely. She touched her tender little face to make sure that there was no strange stains.

“I want this little slave, you can name a price.”

Suddenly there was a very rough-looking Beast Person with hard muscles. He was half a head taller than Karu, and his face was hard. When he said this, there was a brief silence in the Cass tribe tent.

Dead silence.

Dongfang Minghui supported her head, squinted and raised her neck, and saw a large shadow above her head. Qian Wanyu, who was sitting on the side and studying formations also stopped and stood up slowly, “I dare you to say it again.”

The Beast Person repeated what he just said without fear of death, and pointed his finger at Dongfang Minghui.

Little Minghui blinked extremely innocently. When did she become an item to exchange in the market?

“No exchange, get the hell out.” Karu’s face was gloomy, he stood up, although he was a little shorter than the Beast Person from who knows where but he was on par with him in terms of aura. He walked out of the tent and pushed the Beast Person aside with one hand, “Didn’t you hear me? No exchange, get the hell out!”

“Isn’t it just for the sake of trading that you put this human being here? Since it’s a slave, name a price.”


Qian Wanyu’s long whip swung out and swiped towards the beastman’s face. The beastman was also on alert, sensing the wind he immediately stepped back a few steps. Although he avoided the whip from scratching his face, he did not escape the second whip swung by Qian Wanyu.

The tip of the whip immediately scraped a chunk of flesh from his arm before returning to Qian Wanyu’s hand.

Karu almost applauded.

“You’re here to find fault?!” A Beast Person who could understand the language of the human race quickly yelled, Qian Wanyu’s whip slammed down towards the ground, causing dust to blow up in the air and a small pit appeared in front of everyone.

The injured Beast Person looked at his bloody arm, his upper body was completely in beast form, his short and long fingers turned into extremely sharp animal claws, and the arm was covered with a thin layer of hair. He lunged towards Qian Wanyu.

Qian Wanyu kicked him aside but seeing the sharp claws wanted to cut off her feet, she sneered. The movement of her spiritual power covered her legs, causing the Beast Person’s claws to grab a mass of soft things, this soft thing contaminated his sharp claws and he couldn’t shake it off.

Taking advantage of the other party’s rush, Qian Wanyu threw out her third whip, but the whip was easily grasped by another Beast Person who suddenly appeared. His hand gripped the sharp part, and blood dripped down his wrist on the ground.

“Why are you fighting on the trading floor?” He asked with a serious face.

Qian Wanyu looked at him and pulled the whip back with a swish. Karu next to him slapped the back of his head.

“Ah, sorry, sorry guard leader, we belong to the Cass tribe, in fact, the whole thing is a misunderstanding, he wanted to buy things from our place but we don’t want to sell yet he insists on pestering us and that’s what caused it. As you see, can we close off this matter?” Karu pulled the person aside like a good brother, taking something out of his clothes, and stuffing it into the other’s hand tapping it very enthusiastically.

Although the scene was hot, there was no big fight. At most, it was a small fight. Leon, a member of the escort team, heard Karu say that he belonged to the Cass tribe, which was related to the big three tribes and he nodded lightly, “Don’t let it happen again.”

“Don’t worry, if they won’t provoke us, we will never take the initiative to provoke them.”

Karu’s implication was that if next time someone comes to find fault, he would beat their teeth out!

As soon as Leon left, the Beast Person who was looking for the fault also gave them a vicious look before he turned away unwillingly, and walked to a corner. He glanced and saw no one following then whispered to another person at the corner, “You saw it too, the guards came too fast and I was just stopped before I could start.”

“Leon is too busy minding other people’s business.”

“I will teach you a way to kill two birds with one stone, not only the Cass tribe but also to provoke hatred between them and the guards…”

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