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MIWW Chapter 121 Part 1

As the trading floor grows, the little morning episode is quickly forgotten.

At noon, there was the sound of gongs and drums beating right in front of their tent. The drums rhythmically struck three times, like some kind of signal. Little Minghui stretched her neck and watched for a long time but except for the tall Beast People standing in front of her, she saw nothing.

“Little shaman, the show is about to start, do you want to watch it?”

“What show?”

Dongfang Minghui’s heart was interested in Karu’s words.

However, when Karu thought of the show’s content… the humans, he suddenly felt that it would be cruel if he took the little shaman to see it. After getting along for so long, he almost forgot that this little girl was also a human. He hesitated for a moment, “It’s actually a kind of entertainment show. If the little shaman doesn’t want to go, it’s also very good to rest in the tent.”

There’s something wrong!

She didn’t know Karu very well, but the two completely different attitudes caught her attention. Little Minghui pulled Qian Wanyu’s clothes, “Seventh sister, I want to play, come with me to go and see.”


“Hey, actually there’s nothing interesting in that place. If we really want to play, let’s go to the dwarves for a walk? Do you know the dwarves? There are only people who are about the same height as you, and their noses are big. If you see them don’t say they are ugly, otherwise they will chase you forever.” Karu thought of Qian Wanyu’s fighting power with the whip and disagreed trying to turn around and distract them. It’ll be miserable if she starts fighting, breaking the rules of the trading market, no matter who it is the guards will not give any face.

Little Minghui’s eyes twinkled curiously, “Are they really only as tall as me?”

“Yes, the dwarves are fun, but they are thick-skinned and difficult to deal with. When they fight, they like to play tricks. If they can’t beat you, they like to burrow underground and then attack when you are not prepared.” Karu had clashed with the dwarves several times, and the fight was a big one. He suggested, “Why don’t we go to the dwarf area to look”

“No, let’s go to the place you just mentioned before.” Little Minghui was not tempted at all.

Qian Wanyu raised her head and gave Karu a puzzled look, “Let’s go to the place you mentioned before, if Sister Ninth doesn’t find it fun we can go to the dwarf area.”

Karu choked, it had to be said that he really shot himself in the foot…

The sound of the drums came from behind a wall. They walked to the back of the east area and walked around from the outside, there was an independent room. Karu was familiar with the way and brought their group into the room. The Beast Person guarding the gate asked for five spirit stones per person to enter.

The layout of the room looked simple and rude. A very large arena was made in the middle surrounded by railings made of some kind of wood. There was no high platform just the dirty ground. There was also a row of cages covered with cloth in the corner. One cage was left out in the corner. They could see that a monster the size of Toothless was colliding frantically with the railings of the cage.

Dongfang Minghui frowned. She felt a strong smell of blood and mixed stench in her nostrils. She raised her head and looked at Seventh sister’s face that never changed then she looked at Karu and Little Colour. They also performed very well and didn’t show any emotion.

Thinking to herself, she pulled the hem of Qian Wanyu’s clothes, “Seventh sister, I can’t see, carry me up?”

“If you see something terrible, just close your eyes and don’t make a sound.”

Qian Wanyu immediately knew what was in this place from the moment she set foot inside. The construction pattern of this place was somewhat similar to the Battle Arena in General Armand’s mansion. In the filthy and dark arena, those naked Beast People carried buckets made of wood on their backs washing the ground. Once the water and soil mixed together it made it look like a muddy swamp.


Little Minghui grabbed Seventh sister’s clothes and buried her whole little face in her chest, greedily breathing in the cold fragrance of the other party’s body.

Under the leadership of Karu, they found a position on the edge where they could squeeze in, the surrounding Beast People shouted and shouted before a Beast Person appeared on the battlefield.

The man stomped his legs, and with a few stomps, the muddy ground turned into dry land again.

“Seventh sister, how did he do that?” Little Minghui asked in a low voice.

“He’s a water system Spiritual Master.”

There was also a bit of trickery involved. He condensed all the water on the ground and transferred it to another place little by little.

Qian Wanyu looked around and saw a Beast Person gesturing in the corner. The Beast Person was calm and measured. He should be a true Earth Spiritual Master. He stomped his feet, and the dust around his feet seemed to have a soul slowly floating to the arena and covering it again, making the arena look as clean as ever.

“Really a place of crouching tigers and hidden dragons…”

Not long after the words were spoken, it was time for the good show in the arena to start.

“Why are you grabbing my hand?” A Beast Person roared at Little Colour, staring angrily with huge eyes the size of copper bells as if he was going to eat her.

“You tried to steal something.” Little Colour was not afraid. It never thought that such a short-sighted person would take the initiative to run into it. It was expecting a better show than the arena, and it felt a salty pig’s hand move towards its back. Lu Xing reached out.

“Steal?!” Karu shouted with anger immediately.

“Who said I wanted to steal something? Which eye did you see me stealing something?” The Beast Person was already guilty, and now seeing that many people’s attention was all on him, he wanted to get rid of Little Colour’s grip but for some reason the girl who looked delicate was extremely strong!

“L-let go, you’re just a human, you dare to make trouble in the Beast Person territory?!”

A small scuffle immediately got elevated into a big one between humans and beast people from!

“Hey, this brother, if you didn’t steal it, why did she grab your hand?” Karu couldn’t see it, when he saw the person, bah, this kind of person is not worthy of their Beast People! When the other party was trying to be evasive and shouting unrelated things aloud, anyone would immediately know he had a guilty conscience.

“Hey, where did you come from, you nosy person?”

“Little Colour, what did he want to steal?” Dongfang Minghui looked at Little Colour and couldn’t see what Little Colour was hiding, unless…

Little Minghui got off Qian Wanyu in a hurry walking behind Little Colour. Lu Xing, who was wrapped in white silk was fastened on her back she breathed a sigh of relief and complained, “This is my thing, how did you dare steal it?!”

“Yes, how can you steal our…er her things!” Karu rolled up his sleeves and got angry. It turned out that this short-eyed guy wanted to steal the little shaman’s things! Little Colour let go of her grip and the man was pushed by Karu onto the ground. He was red with anger, “You people are bullying me! Don’t leave if you have the ability, you wait for me to come back!”

After uttering a harsh word, the man rolled and crawled away.

“Who is that?” Little Minghui frowned.

“Little shaman, in fact, where there are many people, these thieves are very rampant, but the security of the trading market is already very good under the guards’ management.” Karu squatted down apologetically, comforting, “You don’t know how chaotic this place used to be, if anyone disagreed there would immediately be a fight, let alone trading people couldn’t even protect their own goods!”

She shook her head helplessly, this place was truly chaotic enough.

“Don’t worry, I planted a seed in the palm of his hand, we can catch him even if he flees to the ends of the earth.” Little Colour snorted coldly, daring to bully her and steal her things? She would make sure to leave him with nowhere to run!

“Yes, since he dared to try to steal Lu Xing, Little Colour we should kill him.” Dongfang Minghui nodded.

Qian Wanyu had no idea that this person and a plant had reached some kind of agreement, she picked up the little guy and patted her little body, “If we see this person next time, Seventh sister will help you kill him. ”


Karu listened to the conversation between the two sisters, and looked in the direction the thief ran lighting a candle for him in his head.

While they were arguing with the thief, the warriors on the battlefield were ready. Qian Wanyu looked suspiciously at the Beast Person who was fighting with a fifth-level beast in the arena. The Beast Person was a fire-type Spiritual Master, but his fire was a bit strange and the flame was unnatural, “He is…”

“Seventh sister, what’s wrong?”

Qian Wanyu shook her head without saying a word, she felt that this person was a bit familiar, but if it was him, the change was too much. The group quietly watched the end of the competition. In the end, although the beast man defeated the beast, he was seriously injured. A hole was blown out in his stomach by the beast’s claws.

The second fighter was also a Beast Person. When he transformed into a beast, fur covered his face, making him look a bit like a savage, but the game was still exciting. After he got away with one game, he moved on to the next game.

“Is this a warrior of your Beast People, or…a human?” Qian Wanyu stared at Karu coldly.

Karu shuddered inexplicably, he glanced at the little shaman in her arms, and found that she was also staring at him, he spread his hands helplessly and said, “It’s… a human.”

Dongfang Minghui was very surprised, “But the humans can’t show the characteristics of beastization?! The one who just became a beast is clearly your Beast People!”

“They are indeed humans.” Karu didn’t know how to explain, “A group of humans with the characteristics of Beast People appeared a few months ago, they must survive by winning battles or they will end up being used as food for the monsters in the cages…”

In the beginning, this arena was just simple mutual learning from fighting but then it turned into a battle of life and death. A few months ago, the mode of the battle changed again. It suddenly became a group of humans fighting beasts and the Beast People below could choose to bet…

This kind of bloody fight made the Beast People more excited, sometimes they would even fight against the humans in the arena and found it more exciting than fighting another beast person.

Last month, Milo said that there was a human who defeated the Beast People three times in a row, provoking many competitive Beast People to challenge, finally, the human was eaten by five beast people…

In the next fight, Qian Wanyu’s face was cold, she held Little Minghui in her arms and watched without saying a word, until one person’s head was broken… Qian Wanyu stretched out her other hand and covered Dongfang Minghui’s eyes, “Let’s go.”

On the way back, no one spoke.

Little Minghui hugged Seventh Sister’s neck, and the two of them were skin-to-skin. For the first time, she faced the brutality of the Beast People against the Human Race. It was absolutely impossible to see such a brutal fight in the Cass Tribe, but Seventh Sister had experienced it at that General’s place where she lost her memory. She hugged Qian Wanyu’s head distressedly and rubbed her face on her chest.

If Jing Ke was here, he would be able to recognize that these human beings who were kept in captivity by Beast People and were being used as money-making tools were all brothers who have experienced life and death with him…

“Something happened!” Al from the Cass tribe knew that Karu took the little wizard and the others to the Arena to watch the game, he rushed all the way and finally caught up with them. His whole face turned pale with fright, “Karu, something big happened!”

“After you left, the person who found fault in the morning came to make trouble again. Then, we made a move, and Leon of the escort team brought someone to stop us. F-for some reason we accidentally killed Leon!”

“What?!” Karu’s face changed.

Qian Wanyu was not in a good mood, but she could see that these Beast People were in trouble, “Who is Leon?”

Karu hurriedly dragged Al and walked towards the tribal tent, scolding, “What’s the matter with you, didn’t I tell you to hold back before I left, in the end is this how you hold back?!”

Leon was an enforcer of the escort team. He has been in the trading market for many years. Does this incident mean that they now have a feud with the escort team? Behind them was the Cass tribe but behind the guards was the one in charge of the trading market. If the one in charge gets angry and doesn’t let them set foot in the trading market, they will lose a lot of resources including this transaction with the dwarves!

On top of that, having a bad relationship with the people of the market would bring a stronger enemy to the Cass tribe… Although the person in the market has always remained neutral, no one could predict what would happen next.

Al didn’t know how to justify it. He stomped his feet in annoyance. The situation was very chaotic at the time. The few people who were looking for trouble were unrelenting so he couldn’t pay attention.

“Seventh sister, let’s go take a look.”


When they arrived, a group of people gathered around to watch the fun. Everyone knew Leon. Leon as a member of the guard team was also about to become the second in command. Seeing that he was to be promoted soon and suddenly losing his life really made one sigh at fate.

Karu saw Leon lying on the ground with an arrow stuck in his chest. He knew the arrow. It was a self-made arrow made by Saiya, who was best at using bows and arrows among the ten clansmen he had chosen. Saiya was downcast and looked at the ground. The men of the guard team had captured him.

“You are the representative of the Cass tribe this time?” Barry stood with his hands behind his back. He was a head taller than Karu, and he spoke with a hint of arrogance. After Leon was killed, he was the next one most likely to be the captain of the guards.

“Yes, I’m Karu.”

“Your clan wanted to take revenge and killed Leon, how should we settle this account?” Barry sneered.

“Sir Barry, you can’t talk nonsense. We don’t have any grudges with Sir Leon at all. How could it be revenge?” Karu wanted to slap the guards in front of him three meters away, “Besides, I just got back, I haven’t checked everything yet.”

“Also, this matter is obviously a dispute they provoked, why did you detain only my people instead of detaining that other group of people together?!” Karu became angry when he saw the people who came to find fault in the morning were standing idly by watching the fun.

“They…” Barry glanced at them and hummed, “They destroyed the order of the trading market at best, but your people actually killed Leon!”

“Take him away!”

“Wait!” Karu stopped Barry’s people, “Master Barry, how do you know that Leon was killed by Saiya, maybe some people deliberately provoked trouble!”

“Your people admitted it themselves, there’s nothing left to say. Take him away!”

“Who said Leon died?” Dongfang Minghui said suddenly.

“Little shaman, do you mean Leon is?!?” Karu was about to kneel to her. As long as Leon didn’t die, there was still room for negotiation!

“Hey, he’s not dead yet, but if you keep arguing like this, he’ll definitely be dead.”

It turned out that while the group of Beast People were looking at each other, she climbed off Seventh sister’s back and squatted beside Leon. Leon was hit by an arrow in the chest. The bloodstains should be traces from the whip when he grabbed Seventh sister’s whip this morning. She probed the other side’s neck and found that his pulse was very weak, almost impossible to detect.

Barry looked at the little guy who was squatting beside Leon in surprise, “Who is she?”

“She is a shaman of our tribe. The little shaman’s medical skills are very good. Since Leon can still be saved, why don’t you wait until Leon is rescued to determine whether we have injured him?” Killing and hurting people are definitely two different things and couldn’t be treated the same way.

Karu immediately tried to defuse the situation. He knew Saiya, this was obviously a stable person. How could he shoot an arrow at Leon for no reason? What’s more, they all knew Leon’s status in the guard team very well and wouldn’t provoke him intentionally.

Unless they were really courting death, it is absolutely impossible to make such a big mistake.

“Shaman? Her?” Barry glanced at little Minghui in disbelief, and hummed, “Don’t tell me you made up stories to deceive me in order to prevent us from taking them away?”

“Karu, let the crowd around here spread out, the patient needs fresh air.”

“Seventh sister, I need you to build a high platform.” She had seen Seventh sister congeal the soil into a block and into a wall, a high platform should be no problem.

Qian Wanyu chose an open place in the tent and released the earth-type spiritual power. A high platform similar to what Little Minghui wanted slowly rose from the ground. Jing Ke and Leen watched in astonishment.


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