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MIWW Chapter 123 Part 1



The furnishings in the room were kicked down by Wei Junlan, and she swept everything on the table and chairs to the ground.

Wei Junlan’s slender hands desperately scratched the scales on her face, and neither Xuan Zhu nor Xiao Minghui could hold her hands down. The person who was still weak just now was so powerful at this moment that she sent two unprepared people flying out.

Xuan Zhu was smashed on the stool, and her back was burning with pain. She wanted to get up but found that her ankle was swollen. She tried to get herself up, “She will hurt herself!”

Qian Wanyu caught Dongfang Minghui and saw that Wei Junlan had torn off the scales on her face, the bloody scales was pulled down together with the flesh. Seeing that she also wanted to scratch her hands, the whip in her hand tied her wrist, forcibly dragging her to the front and locking her two hands with her immortal-binding lock.


Wei Junlan went crazy, banging her head against the wall frantically, until her smashed was full of blood.

“Stop her!”

Qian Wanyu carried her by the back of her neck and pulled her away, but she didn’t care, breaking free she rammed, and hit the corner of the table that she overturned on the ground. The corner of the table was made of bamboo. If she hit it, Wei Junlan’s eyes may be stabbed blind! Little Minghui jumped over to block it without thinking, and the force of the impact slammed her into the bamboo corner.

Qian Wanyu’s pupils shrank rapidly, and the whip in her hand swept across the corner of the table and slammed into the door quickly, her hand trembling.

Little Minghui hit her head on the ground, and the pain caused her little face to wrinkle into a bun, she felt that her internal organs were displaced by the collision.

“Ninth Sister, how’s it going?” Qian Wanyu hugged her directly.

“Cough, it’s okay.” She had no doubt that if Seventh Sister didn’t block that blow, she would be courting death with Wei Junlan’s strength, “Seventh sister, put me down.”

Qian Wanyu felt cold all over, and reluctantly put the little person down.

“Bang bang.” Karu, who was guarding outside the door, was lucky to dodge in time. He was really startled by the action inside. After waiting for two breaths, there was no movement inside, and he hesitated whether to go in.

“Wei Junlan, look at me, it’s me.” Little Minghui held her head, and found that the other’s eyes seemed to be filled with blood. The blood was blurred and all over her face, looking a bit scary, “It’s me, I promise you that I can definitely cure you.”

Qian Wanyu meanwhile glanced at Xuan Zhu on the side and yelled, “Xuan Zhu what the hell is going on?”

Xuan Zhu was frightened, she mumbled, “It’s those people…”

Those people from the arena. They use the name of caravans, but in fact they were doing things like human trafficking. They sent the people they caught to different bases. Afterwards, just like treating slaves, they gave them a potion to make them feel powerless and then treated them like cats and dogs. Anyone who was given potion would have different levels of beastification.

She and Wei Junlan met in the same place where they were detained.

Little Minghui had seen a beast-like person in the arena, and she was very distressed to see Wei Junlan become like this as well. She waited until Wei Junlan calmed down then unlocked the immortal lock behind her and gently wiped her face with a cotton cloth. , “Wei Junlan, don’t be afraid.”

Wei Junlan was already somewhat awake now, her eyeballs have changed significantly, the blood red colour has gradually receded, and a little bit has turned into a light blue, she stared at the little loli in front of her without blinking, “Dongfang Minghui..?”

“It’s me.”

“You’ve become a little loli grandma?”

If it weren’t for the wrong occasion, she should have laughed. Little Minghui sullenly asked, “Why did you come to the beast person territory? You have ended up in such a state…” Isn’t this shocking? This person who could call the wind and the rain controlling a group of cold-hearted killers ended up being caught to fight in the arena…If not for them saving the two people they might be forcibly injected with more medicine.

It was fine if Dongfang Minghui didn’t mention it, but when she mentioned it now Wei Junlan felt that she was really unlucky, especially when she met her…

“Isn’t it because of you? What if I said you passed the bad luck to me?”

“Me?” Little Minghui carefully wiped the wound for her, and found that the scales seemed to grow back from her skin. The ones covering the left half of her face were more serious, “What kind of medicine have you been injected with, how did you become a  merperson hybrid?”

Wei Junlan stroked the half of her face, her eyes were a little sad, “I don’t know, I only saw that they poured a blue potion into me, and then scales grew.”

Dongfang Minghui saw that she said it so easily, and guessed that the process at that time was probably very dangerous. Last time in Sharp Knife Mountain, the two servants of the Qian Family offended her. She insisted that the Qian Family give an explanation. Now that she was tortured like this…

“What about you, how did you become like this?” Wei Junlan stretched out her hand not afraid of death and pinched Minghui’s tender face. After pinching it, she felt good to the touch and stretched out her hand again.

Qian Wanyu was emitting cold air all over like an air conditioner and pulled Dongfang Minghui to stand, “After squatting for a long time, your legs will become numb.”

Wei Junlan moved her legs lazily, glancing at Qian Wanyu who looked like a hen protecting her chicks, she stood up and smiled at her, “Thank you Third Miss for saving my life.”

“Thank you.” Xuan Zhu nodded slightly towards Qian Wanyu, she quietly approached Wei Junlan and subconsciously grabbed Wei Junlan’s sleeve saying softly, “Don’t hurt yourself next time, if you really can’t stand it, you can bite me.”

Wei Junlan smiled and shook her head. Every time she turned into a beast, the heart-piercing pain made her lose her senses, she wished she could die immediately…

Qian Wanyu looked at the way they both knew each other, “You two knew each other from before?”

Little Minghui looked at Xuan Zhu and Wei Junlan, “You said it was because of me, what’s the matter?” She seemed to owe Wei Junlan a lot of money as well and she was afraid she couldn’t afford it…

“It’s a long story, is there anything to eat? Let’s talk while we eat.”

Karu was always on call, and who knows where he brought a lot of freshly roasted monster meat. A group of people sat around a very low table, sitting cross-legged. Wei Junlan was completely devoid of elegance as if she had been hungry for ten and a half days. She devoured three large pieces of barbecued pork trotters that were a little bigger. After eating, she slowed down and tore a piece and handed it to Xuan Zhu, “Eat, only when you’re full can you have the strength to take revenge.”

“Yeah.” Xuan Zhu replied in a low voice, her eyelids drooping, looking a little absent-minded.

After not seeing her for a while, Dongfang Minghui felt that the Xuan Zhu in her memory was no longer the same as the one in front of her. She pulled Qian Wanyu’s sleeve and put a piece of barbecued meat into her mouth, “Seventh sister, eat. ”

After Qian Wanyu finished eating, she said with a blank expression, “It’s not as delicious as your roasting.”

Little Minghui’s eyes suddenly lit up. This seemed to be the first time Sister Seventh praised her for her cooking skills. She tore off a small piece of meat and tasted it.

“Next time when I have a chance, I will roast it for Seventh sister.”


Wei Junlan supported her chin, her fingers were rhythmically afraid of hitting her left cheek, and she looked at the two sisters who were feeding each other with doubts in her eyes. The other side was obviously chatting normally but she felt red bubbles flashing in front of her eyes…

Must be an illusion…

“Xian fled to the beast person realm.” In order to kill this scourge, the Blood Fiend Alliance dispatched many killers, all of whom were killed one by one. In desperation, she took Bai Xuan and Mo Ce to design an encirclement and suppression plan, but she stepped on a trap set by this woman.

She had to admit that this woman was the toughest woman she has ever seen.

“The damn ghost doesn’t go away.”

Xuan Zhu was probably the only one who didn’t know who Xian was. She sat quietly and didn’t ask much, eating the barbecue with a lot of thoughts swirling in her head.

“Where is she now?” Little Minghui asked anxiously, hearing Wei Junlan say this, it seemed that the other party really suffered because of her!

“I don’t know, I heard she told others that she wanted to use the hands of the beast people to provoke a conflict with the human race and trigger a war between the two races.” Wei Junlan didn’t know much. At first, she just wanted to clean up Xian so as not to be laughed at by her fellow villager, let alone, the entire Blood Fiend Alliance dispatched hundreds of killers and failed to  kill her, she would be ridiculed by others. However, after close contact with this woman, she knew that if she didn’t kill the other party, something disastrous would happen sooner or later in the world!

Now, the whole matter was not just a matter of Dongfang Minghui’s troubles but trouble for the entire human race…

“She’s crazy, is the war between the beast people and the human race so easy to start?” Dongfang Minghui stared blankly, the beast people and the human race finally ushered in a century of peace. It would be bad if war broke out now…

“It’s actually very simple.” Qian Wanyu pondered for a moment and figured out something, “It’s like the conflict between the two tribes has reached a certain level and it is easy to be provoked. What’s more, the peace between the human race and the beast person race is very fragile. I can imagine as long as a person with intentions creates a few more conflicts, they can easily provoke a war between the two races.”

But what good is this for them? This is where Qian Wanyu was puzzled.

“Does Xian have anything to do with your Qinglan Sect?” Qian Wanyu asked Qing Mo in the soul sea, Wei Junlan didn’t know who was behind the scenes but she knew, “Your Qinglan Sect also got involved with this mess…”

These things had never been associated with Qinglan Sect before, but now, with all the clues laid out in front of her, Qian Wanyu had a bold and crazy assumption, “I never asked you, but when you said you were about to inherit the position of Sect Master, why did you become a ghost wandering in the world?”

Qing Mo sighed faintly in the soul sea.

The current events one after another made her see a giant conspiracy forming. Qian Wanyu stared at Wei Junlan, “In other words, like the base we destroyed before, there are actually many more, right?”


Little Minghui’s face was bulging, her head was as chaotic as a lump at the moment, and she didn’t know what to do next.

After a brief conversation, Karu greeted the dwarves outside, and let the four of them stay in this small thatched hut. It was considered a temporary stay here for a few days, they had to avoid the limelight. The arena’s base was trampled on, and it would definitely attract the attention of the people above. If one did not get it right, the people of the Cass tribe would be implicated by them.

In order to let Wei Junlan and Xuan Zhu rest well, Qian Wanyu and Little Minghui took the initiative to leave the house to them and went to the dwarf tribe to appreciate the items they exchanged this time. Qian Wanyu expressed her curiosity about the craftsmanship of the dwarves. She was half-squatting in front of a stall, the night was already dark, and the colours of the things in the stall were dark. Except for one shape that could be clearly seen, the rest couldn’t be easily recognised, “Seventh sister, what is this?”

Qian Wanyu was holding a grey porcelain vase. There were holes of different sizes in the vase. It looked like it had been drilled artificially, and the handwork was relatively rough.

“Seventh sister, this looks like an ocarina.”

When the dwarves saw that they were human, they didn’t show any displeased and conflicted expressions. They randomly picked it up and put it on their lips to blow. The melodious tone spread far and wide, and all the dwarves on the stall nodded rhythmically. Some clapped their hands, and some dwarves in the aisle even danced. Their faces were full of smiles. The tone changed, and the tune became a bit sad, and some dwarves had a sad look on their faces.

Little Minghui’s mood also went up and down with the tune. Hearing this tone, her mood instantly hit rock bottom. She was worried about Wei Junlan, what if the other party couldn’t get better? Seeing her friends leave her one by one, her eyes instantly turned red.

Qian Wanyu closed her eyes and sensed it, and found that although the fluctuation of spiritual power was weak, it fluctuated with the tones. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw a drop of crystal clear tears sliding down Dongfang Minghui’s cheeks. She reached out his hand to catch the drop of warmth in time.

“Don’t cry.”

“Seventh sister, I don’t want to cry either.” Little Minghui looked aggrieved. She really didn’t want to cry at all, but she felt uneasy in her heart. Her own tears seemed to be out of control!

Yes, out of control.

Qian Wanyu turned around and saw that not only them, but also many dwarves around them had expressions of grief, and these were all due to the sad music played by the dwarf who set up the stall and sold musical instruments.

“Don’t listen to the tune.”

Little Minghui also felt the strangeness, “Seventh sister, is this…a musical spiritual skill?”

Just like the beast person who was imprisoned in the punishment chamber of the Cass tribe, his voice could control the heart.

“No, it’s a formation.” Qian Wanyu was curious about these things because she saw the formation fluctuations from it. It turns out that the formation did indeed exist, but it was very little. Otherwise, the effect of the flute wouldn’t be as good.

Qian Wanyu searched the space ring and took out a bottle of healing pills, which was made by Ninth Sister when she was in the academy. It was from the first time she gave it to her. It had been in her space ring for a long time. She pointed to the flute in his hand, meaning exchange.

The dwarf made a gesture with her, first stretching out his hand to ask for her porcelain bottle, Qian Wanyu handed it over without hesitation, and saw the other party pour out one and sniff it, with a dubious look on his face, even sticking out his tongue to lick it.

Qian Wanyu stopped him directly. This pill is specially used to treat trauma. If there is any wound on the body, crush the pill and apply it evenly. After a stick of incense, the bleeding can be stopped.

“Seventh sister, if you show the effect of the pill, maybe he will believe it?” She heard Karu say that in the beast person race, pills were hard to come by. She guessed that the dwarves were also a group of races that lack medical skills.

Qian Wanyu took out a sharp dagger from the space ring, and scratched a bloodstain on her wrist, the blood quickly spilled out from the wound.

“Seventh sister!” Little Minghui gave her a distressed look, she took the porcelain bottle from the dwarf’s hand, crushed the pill skillfully, and dabbed it on the wound, “Is this really so important?”


Qian Wanyu didn’t explain much. Not everything from this stall contained formations. She felt it was incredible that the dwarves could even hide formations on some objects. She wanted to find more objects like the ocarina.

It took about half a stick of incense, and the wound just now stopped bleeding. Little Minghui tore off a long piece of cloth from her clothes to bandage Seventh Sister’s wrist, and then tied a bow to wrap it.

Qian Wanyu took the porcelain vase in her hand, put it on the ground, placed it at the same position as the ocarina, and gestured again.

The dwarf saw everything that happened just now, he hurriedly stuffed the ocarina into Qian Wanyu’s hand, taking the porcelain bottle back, and found that there were several pills in the porcelain bottle still remaining he nodded excitedly.

“If only Karu was here.” Little Minghui had seen him talking with the dwarves. The language of the dwarves was somewhat similar to the language of the beast people, so there was no problem in the communication between the dwarves and the beast people. But when it was the human race, there was a big problem.

“Let’s go, I’ll accompany Seventh Sister for a walk.”


The two were hanging out in the dwarf area. Some dwarves were still hostile to Qian Wanyu who was an adult human, but when they looked at Little Minghui, their fierce eyes softened a little. Qian Wanyu kept her eyes on the stalls and didn’t pay attention to other dwarves at all, in her eyes, all dwarves look the same.

“Seventh sister, what are you looking for?”

“I’m looking for a dwarf who can refine weapons but it looks like I can’t find any today.” Qian Wanyu regretted in her heat a little, she heard Qing Mo say that the dwarves were good at refining weapons, and many of the weapons from the beast people were traded from with the dwarves.

Thinking of the weapon Karu used she remembered this fact.

“Seventh sister, do you think Xuan Zhu has changed a lot?” Since they couldn’t find anything interesting, they wandered around for almost an hour before walking back.

On the way back, Little Minghui suddenly mentioned some things that were inconvenient to say with both Xuan Zhu and Wei Junlan there.

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