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MIWW Chapter 123 Part 2

“Ninth Sister, what do you want to say?” Qian Wanyu did see how much Xuan Zhu has changed, but that is Xuan Zhu’s own business. If the other party doesn’t want to say it, no one can force it.

“Actually it’s nothing, I’m just curious about how she and Wei Junlan met, I feel like there are many stories between them.” Dongfang Minghui wanted to gossip. The most important thing is that Xuan Zhu and Wei Junlan have a lot of things they didn’t say. They only talked about the most important things very briefly.

Qian Wanyu suddenly stopped and crouched down in front of little Minghui, “Ninth Sister, do you want to know what happened to Xuan Zhu? Or just want to know what happened between her and Wei Junlan?”

“Well, does that make a difference?”

“Yes, I don’t want your attention to always be on other people.” Even knowing that Wei Junlan is from another world and there would always be an insurmountable intimacy between the two, the experience she had also allowed her to experience everything in that era so she could understand, “I am the person you are closest to, your eyes have been looking at other people, at Lu Xing, at Wei Junlan, at Qian Ziyan, you feel sorry for her, but it’s hard for me here too.”

Dongfang Minghui was stunned for a while, unable to recover. It was the first time she saw Seventh sister showing weakness. She wrinkled her little nose, stretched out her hands, and hugged her. She carefully recalled what she had done, and unexpectedly learned that Wei Junlan came from the same world as her, the feeling she had for her was more as a family member. She was very moved by the other party’s help and really regarded Wei Junlan as a relative and a close friend, “Seventh sister, they’re just friends.”

Whether it’s Lu Xing or Uncle Wood, it’s because they are the indispensable and important people of Seventh Sister that she got to know them in the first place.

“Like Lu Xing, he is the kind of friend who can lay down his life for me.” Thinking of Lu Xing, she couldn’t help feeling a little depressed, “Of course, Seventh Sister is the most important thing in my heart, and no one can replace you.”

Seeing how sad she was, Qian Wanyu felt a little guilty, and took the little guy into her arms and patted her, “I was wrong.” You shouldn’t be forced to do that.


Little Minghui hugged her tightly. In the process of self-reflection, she seemed to be living the life of an old married couple since they established their relationship. It was not as vigorous as when young people fell in love. Their emotional foundation was so weak, if she continues to maintain this kind of mentality, how will she live in the years to come?

It’s easy to love but hard to stay together. This sentence was really true.

“Seventh sister…”


“Seventh sister, have I ever told you that I like you very much.” Dongfang Minghui lay on her neck and exhaled hot air. She seriously thought about an extremely important question – how to maintain love with her lover?

Too warm is not good, Seventh sister may not be able to take it, too cold is not good, Seventh sister is colder than her.

She can only retreat and advance following her momentum.

Qian Wanyu stopped abruptly, her voice was a bit cold, “No.”

“I didn’t hear what you said just now, please say it again.”

Dongfang Minghui: “…”

Qian Wanyu waited for a long time, not waiting for the little guy in her arms to respond, she couldn’t help but wonder if she was asking too much, her mouth squirmed, and just as she was about to speak, she felt a warm touch on her cheek.

The corners of her mouth couldn’t help rising, and her steps became faster, but these were far from enough, she would ask Ninth Sister for some more benefits later.

When they got back to the dwarf camp, they met again with Wei Junlan and Xuan Zhu.

“What’s going on with the beast people now, do you know?” The beast people weren’t at their own base camp, and Wei Junlan didn’t know who was making decisions.

“This is the trading market of the beast people, the largest one. The tribes that have gathered are the three major powers of the beast people, as well as the dwarves, goblins, and possibly other races we don’t know about. They can trade here but in the trading market, there are three large tribes, the Cyril tribe, the Hillary tribe and the Cass tribe. Occasionally fighting break out between these three tribes. The Cyril tribe has always wanted to unite with Hillary to destroy the Cass tribe, and then divide the territory but his final purpose is really to also annex the Hillary tribe and become the only large tribe. The ambitions of these two people cannot be underestimated.”

Wei Junlan listened quietly, occasionally asking some questions, and finally concluded, “So the Cass tribe is the weakest among the three tribes?”

It couldn’t be considered truly weak. It was mostly that the Cass doesn’t like to fight. They only retaliated when bullied by Cyril and Hillary tribes so, in the eyes of others, the Cass tribe was inferior to the Cyril tribe and the Hillary tribe. Little Minghui thought silently to herself.

“Yes.” Qian Wanyu agreed with Wei Junlan’s conclusion. In the Cass tribe, she has also seen them training soldiers but compared with the group of beast people in the General’s mansion she escaped from the beast people of the Cass tribe were like sheep while the Cyril tribe is like a group of bloodthirsty wolves. She has not seen the people of the Hillary tribe yet, so she could not comment.

The wolf and sheep facing each other, the latter had no way out but to be swallowed.

“We are staying in the Cass tribe now, you remember him?” Last time she told Wei Junlan that Cass was one of the Seventh sister’s harem members in the original plot and Little Minghui hinted that she had met him.

Wei Junlan understood everyone’s current situation and needed to find a way to survive for the human race.

“In this case, let’s choose a clan among the three major tribes, make good friends with them, and strive to reduce their resentment against the human race. I heard from you that the Cass tribe is the most suitable candidate.” Her idea was very simple, since some people wanted to provoke a conflict between the beast people and the human race, they needed to try to dissipate the resentment between the human race and the beast people by assisting Cass to unify the beast people.

“You’re trying to push Cass into that position?”


Qian Wanyu listened with relish, this was a good idea, forming an active retailiation and not being passive they could also temporarily put aside the bad things like Xian and the Qinglan Sect’s involvement waiting for them to make a move so they can take advantage of the situation,” Cass is indeed the best choice.”

“How long are you going to be in the market?”

“About ten days.” Little Minghui hesitated, “Wei Junlan, we need to find the elves or a way to the elves.”

“What are you going to do with the elves?” Wei Junlan’s complexion changed greatly, her face looked very bad.

“I want to send Lu Xing back to the elves. He has burned his life force, and now he has only one breath left…” Dongfang Minghui scratched her head in frustration, if she had another way, she would not be in a hurry to find the elves now.

Wei Junlan looked cold, “I don’t know, the beast people are so chaotic now, the elves are probably also another place full of right and wrong mixed up. Can you not go for the time being or not go?”

The original plot had a lot of traps in the land of the elves and Wei Junlan was somewhat resistant to it.

Seeing that Wei Junlan looked a little excited, Xuan Zhu stepped forward, “Don’t be excited, calm down, yes, slow down and take a deep breath.”

Qian Wanyu and Little Minghui looked at them suspiciously, and Xuan Zhu had to explain it again, “Emotional agitation will speed up her chances of getting sick, the time for her beastilisation is gradually shortening, which means that if there is no way to cure her, she will become a…”

A madman who could turn into a beast anytime, anywhere…

Xuan Zhu’s eyes were slightly red, and she couldn’t continue, “You’ll be fine.”

Wei Junlan laughed weakly and patted the back of Xuan Zhu’s hand in a soothing way, “Yes, Xuan Zhu, don’t worry, with Minghui, the pharmacist here, even if the King of Hell wants to accept me I’m afraid he won’t be able to.”

“It’s all my fault.” Xuan Zhu’s tears fell uncontrollably and fell on the back of Wei Junlan’s hand, she quickly turned around.

“You’re still laughing! Do you think I’m a god, robbing the king of hell?” Xiao Minghui immediately took out a finger knife from the space ring to cut a hole in Wei Junlan’s wrist to let out a little blood. As the blood flowed out a hint of blue appeared within the bright red blood, “There are two kinds of blood that have been mixed together.”

This is the first time she has seen this.

“Xuan Zhu, there is a bed over there, you can rest with Wei Junlan first.” She still couldn’t grasp the times when Wei Junlan became a beast and how long each time would last.


In any case, this sort of transformation will gradually shorten her lifespan and wasn’t good. Wei Junlan’s life force was stronger than usual and would inevitably use up more of her life force. She thought of the human race who were fighting against monsters or beast people on the battlefield, and she said angrily, ” Seventh sister, the group behind the scene of the arena plotting to make Wei Junlan and the others beasts, is it just to get money?”

“Ninth Sister, you must calm down.” Qian Wanyu reassured her, “You also heard what Xuan Zhu said, the timing of Wei Junlan’s beast transformation is changing, it’s up to you whether she gets better or not, if you don’t calm down she will be helpless.”

“Yes, Seventh sister, I need to calm down.”

Little Minghui walked up and down the corridor, and after three rounds of back and forth, she calmed down.

“Love flower, what happens when the two types of blood are mixed?” Her knowledge in medicine told her that the two types of blood were fused together, indicating that they were highly fused, Wei Junlan has swallowed the potions for a long time, and the blood has already penetrated into her root. Maybe if she knew this result, she wouldn’t be so care-free?

“This blue potion is the blood they drew from the mermen. The blood of the merpeople is very domineering. If it fuses with your friend’s blood, there will be a very strong rejection phenomenon, it will be very painful for her.”

The stronger the rejection, the more beast-like reactions will appear in Wei Junlan.

“Will she die…?”


After a certain time of transforming into a beast, the beast person will become mad, and these factors contributed to the short life of the beast people. If she wants to prolong the life of the beast people the only way was to not transform their whole life and live as ordinary people, that way they might live longer.

Little Minghui held the bowl blankly, feeling that the thing in her hand was heavy, carrying Wei Junlan’s life.

Probably because of the frequent double cultivation, Qian Wanyu could actually feel a little bit of the other party’s current mood, that kind of despair mixed with a hint of hope, which made her heart hurt, “Qing Mo, have you ever seen a situation like Wei Junlan?”

“I have seen.”

In ancient books, it was recorded that a very powerful warrior appeared in the beast people. This warrior could single-handedly take on a Spiritual Saint at his peak, but he still died because he once hunted a merman and ate the opponent’s meat, sucking the blood of the other party. The blood of the merman made him very powerful, but it was only a flash in the pan…

The reason why Qing Mo didn’t say anything prior was because he had already envisioned that Wei Junlan would die. From the dense scales covering her cheeks, it could be seen that her body was already at the end and after the time of transformation turned shorter and shorter, she would eventually die.

“No way?”


Xuan Zhu stayed with Wei Junlan until the other party fell asleep, and then walked out the door.

“Junior sister, is there any solution to her situation?” Xuan Zhu’s heart was trembling when she asked this. The people who were detained in that place at the same time as Wei Junlan were also given the blue potion, but those people all ended up dead.

Only Wei Junlan was still fine, but as the time of her transforming got faster and faster, Wei Junlan’s beast characteristics were revealed, and she kept blanking out and going mad.

Dongfang Minghui blinked and looked at Xuan Zhu coldly, then she said a very cruel sentence after a while, “Why are you still alright?”

No one in the group was spared it was impossible that Xuan Zhu had no issues with her body. Unless Wei Junlan had helped to swallow the potion that had been given to her…

Xuan Zhu knelt down on the ground with a puff covering her face and began to cry in pain. It should have been her but Wei Junlan took it all on her behalf, “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.”

Little Minghui watched her cry quietly for a long time, then turned around expressionlessly, holding the bowl and going elsewhere.

Qian Wanyu saw Dongfang Minghui go out mysteriously with a bowl in her hand, she simply followed and saw that in the darkness, the little guy put Wei Junlan’s blood into a small porcelain bottle but there was still a little blue-ish blood left.

Dongfang Minghui slashed her wrist with a knife, squeezing out a little blood and dripping into the bowl.

Qian Wanyu rushed out putting her bowl on the ground, and scolded, “Who made you hurt yourself so much?”

“Seventh sister…”

After the three different kinds of blood in the bowl were fused with each other, the colour of the blood changed a lot. A small bowl of pale blue blood became very beautiful, but also very strange. Qian Wanyu quickly bandaged her wrist, “Do you know what you are doing?”

The thing she was most afraid of finally happened, when did Ninth Sister know? She didn’t even notice it at all.

Meeting those worried and anxious eyes, Little Minghui said, “Seventh sister, I know.”

Her wounds can always heal quickly, and many people wanted to take her away, whether it was Death Spiritual Master from before, Xian, or Meng Yixiao, they all coveted the blood within her body. Even Lu Xing said that her blood could let the dead trees revive. She just wanted to give it a try, even if it was a one percent hope that was also good.

“Sister Ninth, you don’t know anything…” Qian Wanyu was about to go crazy, she walked back and forth, and then looked at her extremely seriously, “You must promise me that no matter what happens, you can’t hurt yourself like this in the future.”

Little Minghui felt that the bones of her arms were about to be crushed by Seventh Sister, she struggled, and found that the other party was holding her even harder, “Seventh sister, let go first, I feel a little pain.”

“Promise me.”

“Promise me that you will never use this method again.” Qian Wanyu’s eyes were deep and bottomless, which made people shudder. “If you don’t promise me, I will go in now and kill Wei Junlan immediately.”

Dongfang Minghui was frightened by her words. The Seventh sister in front of her seemed to have returned to her personality in the past. She couldn’t control her Seventh sister… She stretched out her hand and wanted to touch her, but unfortunately, the height difference made her unable to reach her.

Donfang Minghui: “…”

“Seventh sister, I’ll listen to you.” She wouldn’t use this method unless she had to.

“Really, Seventh sister, believe me.”

“Good, that’s how it should be.” After Qian Wanyu got her promise, she felt like she had put down a big rock in her heart and hugged her hard, “Don’t let me worry about you, don’t let me be afraid.”


Seventh sister was afraid because of her?

Little Minghui cried all of a sudden, she grabbed Seventh sister’s clothes and used all her strength, “However, Love Flower said that Wei Junlan will die if she continues like this, what should I do, Seventh sister, I don’t want her to die…”

After Lu Xing, another person was about to pay with their life to help her. She really couldn’t accept this heavy emotion.

Qian Wanyu didn’t know how to comfort her, so she hugged her tightly and let her cry. After venting enough, she said, “Don’t be afraid, Sister Seventh is always by your side.”

Little Minghui felt much more relaxed after crying. At least, she already knew the worst outcome, “Seventh sister, I don’t want to give up, there must be a way to save Wei Junlan.”

She put the last bit of blue potion left in the bowl into the porcelain bottle, and communicated with Little Colour in the soul sea, “Little Colour, how are you going?”

As the power of the seal gradually opened, Little Colour felt that the ties between herself and Little Minghui were stronger. The most obvious point was that it could act alone without being close to her. It carried Lu Xing on her back and leaned against the wooden pole outside the tent.

“Everything is fine, but Jing Ke has disappeared.”

After being squeezed away by the crowd, Jing Ke never came back.

Leen has been more irritable recently, probably because he hadn’t seen Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui, now even Jing Ke was gone. He was probably insecure and worried that he would be left behind, so he stuck close to her every second and followed her everywhere.

Just like now, it was leaning against the wooden pole, and Leen was also leaning on the side, a pair of beast-like eyes staring at it.

“Little Colour, why can’t I save Wei Junlan with my blood?”

Little Colour couldn’t bear to want to hit her, “Don’t be too sad, she has indeed encountered a dead-end under normal circumstances, but everything can’t be said in absolutes, there may be another way.”


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