Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 126

The old man Larkin is also famous in the beast person tribe. He is alone and has a very violent temper, but he is friendly to the beast people. He usually sells some medicinal materials for a living, and occasionally treats dying people. Adult beast people or little beast people who have not yet awakened to a certain age, those beast people who have been rescued by him will occasionally help him so that his life will not be too poor.

Because of some of his weird behaviours, and the numerous beast people who were healed by him, he was honoured as Larkin Shaman.

“Conan is still young, and the child has a very serious mind. The more you force him, the more he resists.” Larkin wore a coat, which wrapped him tightly from top to bottom, even with a pair of thick gloves covering his hands.

A little boy, about seven years old, stared at the old man in front of him with blinking eyes. In fact, he couldn’t see anything, because the person on the other side had wrapped himself up, he could occasionally only see a pair of black hole-like eyes staring at him. That look made people shudder, so he sat still and didn’t dare to move.

Hal nodded again and again, with a pious expression on his face, “What the shaman said is very true, what should I do? Let him grow up like this?”

“You can take him to experience occasionally and give him more love.”

“Thank you, shaman! Conan, come and thank the shaman.”

When Karu brought Qian Wanyu over, there were still several people lining up, waiting for Larkin or something, he pointed to Hal and Conan who had just left facing Larkin, “This is Hal from the Howl tribe, he has always been worried about his child, he probably came to ask Larkin for help.”

“Why did he wrap himself so tightly, has anyone seen what he looked like before?” Qian Wanyu’s dark eyes were only focused on the hunchbacked old man who was staggering.

“Probably not.” Karu leaned against the tree, “I heard that some people were curious about the appearance of Larkin Shaman before, and took off his hat while he was busy, and that person died not long after. I heard that he died of illness, plus that person lived alone, and he died at home for a long time without anyone finding out, so he became a bone.”

Qian Wanyu raised his brows and watched with Karu in this remote place for an afternoon, “Let’s go.”

“Ah?” Karu looked inexplicable, “Didn’t Miss Qian say that she wants to find a Larkin Shaman?”

“Yes.” Qian Wanyu turned around and walked towards the road where he came, and came to a conclusion that this Larkin Shaman is very mysterious and has some medical skills.

“Rajin Shaman may have a way to save Young Master Wei. There is an beast person who escaped from the battlefield and his condition is somewhat similar to your friend. He went to Larkin Shaman to save his life. Qian girl, we are here, why don’t we try?”

“How is that man now?”

Karu was asked down. After he went back, he deliberately asked someone to ask, only to realize that although the man saved his life, it was because of his long-lost cultivation. Those enemies knew that he was a cripple, so they made things difficult, humiliated, and tortured him everywhere. Torture people.

Two days later, Karu brought the news from Leon to the Little Shaman and the others, but he still failed to see the Little Shaman as he wished.

“Leon said that if you need him, you can go to the guard area to find him.” After Karu said, he was still confused and had no idea what Leon meant. “Are you going?”


Karu dawdled for a long time, looking around, he touched the furnishings in the room no less than three times, but he just wouldn’t leave. Even Wei Junlan and Xuanzhu on the side couldn’t stand it because of this awkwardness.



“Is there any news of Jing Ke?” Qian Wanyu saw that he was too idle, so she brought up old things again. “Has he been found yet?”

“No, many people say they haven’t seen him.” Karu was a little embarrassed after speaking, and after a while, he expressed his opinion, “At that time, the crowd was big and it was impossible for a big living person to suddenly disappear out of nowhere. Miss Qian, could he have gone away by himself?”

“Karu, if you find it troublesome to find someone, this is the end of the matter.”

“No, no, that’s not what I meant, Miss Qian. I-I’d better go take a look. Maybe he’s trapped somewhere.”

Karu ran away as if something was chasing him.

Wei Junlan applauded again and again, “Third Miss is so talented, just a few words can scare people away.”

Qian Wanyu raised her eyebrows, Wei Junlan liked to gloat at her misfortune, “I never asked you, how did you know that Ninth Sister and I were here, and how could you convince people to pass on information to us?”


After Wei Junlan was sent to that base, before she could be sent to Arena, the strangeness of her body aroused the interest of those people behind the scenes. No one has ever been able to continue to live after pouring two kinds of blood into their body. The beast state is also very special. She heard everything that happened in the arena from people in another room, especially when it came to interesting things outside, the thief incident that happened in the audience before the match in the arena was big news. When it came to the human race, she spent a lot of time researching any news she could find. With a bit of energy, she managed to get clues from a person’s mouth and sent this letter to try her luck. She never thought that good luck would actually come to her.

“If you and junior sister hadn’t shown up, we might really die in that place.” Xuan Zhu still had lingering fears when she thought of it.

“Hmm.” Qian Wanyu didn’t believe in coincidences.

“What are you talking about?” Dongfang Minghui’s spiritual power became pure while refining the potion. After practising for a while, she came out to see Wei Junlan, “How are you today?”

Wei Junlan still had a headache when she saw Dongfang Minghui.

“Ninth Sister, come here, I have the details of Wei Junlan’s beast transformation, thanks to Xuan Zhu’s carefulness.” Qian Wanyu was a little upset when she saw Wei Junlan’s frown and hurriedly protected the little guy, “Look here.”

Dongfang Minghui also habitually cuddled in Qian Wanyu’s arms, the two of them put their heads against each other, cuddling close together, their cheeks almost pressed together.

She didn’t think it was strange before, since Qian Wanyu’s domineering personality was there but now Wei Junlan only felt that she not only had a headache but also a lot of helplessness, “Xuan Zhu, the weather seems to be good outside, let’s go outside to see. ”


Xuan Zhu glanced at them before leaving, and the problems that she didn’t understand before suddenly became clear. No wonder there was always a feeling that there was no way to intervene between them. It wasn’t an illusion, it was because their relationship was so “close” that they could ignore everyone around them.

Qian Wanyu also somewhat believed what Karu had just said. A big living person couldn’t disappear without reason. Jing Ke could be considered a Spiritual Master. If he was kidnapped, he should have at least had a chance to call for help.

“Ninth Sister?”

Seeing that she was looking intently, Qian Wanyu stretched out her tongue and licked her dry lips, then moved closer to her ear and bit her a little bit.

“Seventh sister.” Dongfang Minghui hurriedly covered her ears. Although her body was only eight years old, she was an adult inside! Seventh sister’s slow-moving hooligan tactics made it difficult for her to look at things with peace of mind.

“Now you can finally listen to what I have to say.” Qian Wanyu pinched her nose lightly. Seeing the red face of the other party, she couldn’t help but leaned in and take another bite.

“Seventh sister, just say I’ll listen.”

“Leon said that if you want to trade, go to the guards to find him.”

The two set off immediately and went to the escort team, but they encountered a beast person guarding the gate. They were in a bit of trouble. Little Minghui raised her head and clucked like a duck for a long time but got nowhere.

“Seventh sister should we get Karu?” As a result of the language barrier, she really needed a translator!

“No need.”

Qian Wanyu released a little spiritual power and shouted at the guards, “Leon!”

Soon, a group of beast people came out of the guard housing who thought someone was coming to challenge them, even Mickey, the translator Barry found that day, was there.

Dongfang Minghui stepped forward in a hurry, “Hello, I want to find Leon.”


Knowing that these two were Leon’s saviors, Mickey did not dare to neglect. The news of Lord Leon’s resurrection had already spread in the escort team. They have always respected shamans, not to mention that Lord Leon had also ordered them to treat them well before. He mentioned if there was a short looking human looking for him, she must be well entertained.

“Seventh sister, your method is very effective.” Dongfang Minghui dug her little finger in her big palm, staring wide-eyed to observe the surrounding environment. After taking a closer look, she found a lot of details, “Seventh sister, the base camp of this guard team is built according to the specifications of our human inns.”


“Do you think the people behind the scenes are from Yuntian Pavilion?” Dongfang Minghui speculated wildly. After all, after she came to the beast people, she met people from Yuntian Pavilion, but then she rejected her guess, “Looking at it. It’s not the same way of doing things.”

With Nangong Yuntian’s personality, if he opened a trading market, he would definitely put the Yuntian Pavilion logo everywhere.

“You two, come in please.”

Following the guide, turning around a corner along the stairs, she saw a row of beast people standing on both sides, and Leon stood in the middle of them to greet them.

“Little Shaman, Miss Qian, please this way.”

As soon as Qian Wanyu stepped into the room holding Little Minghui’s hand, the whole room was blurred in front of them, and Leon was still walking in front of them. Qian Wanyu held Little Minghui in her arms and followed in the footsteps of the person in front.

Until the distorted virtual scene suddenly became a bit real, and the feeling of stepping on the ground made Qian Wanyu know that the place was here.

They came to a small courtyard with a strong antique smell. The courtyard is very elegant. It can be seen that the people who set it up were very attentive. Ribbons floated in the octagonal pavilion. There was occasionally fish rippling in the water in the crystal clear small lake. There were several ice lotuses floating on it in the middle, and the ice lotus has opened buds ready to be released.

“Seventh sister…”

“It’s a formation.” She was wondering why there were so many people guarding a room. She dared to be it was not just a room, but a place similar to a teleportation formation, however, this formation was also very cleverly set up. Without anyone to lead the way, they could easily get lost in the aisle.

The two watched the change, following Leon all the way, and walked straight to a vegetable garden full of vegetables.

“My lord, I’ve brought the people.”

The lord was veiled and they could not see anything but a figure. She was wearing a black dress with a hat on her head, and her fingers shuttled through the wet vegetables, quickly picking a basket of vegetables.

Dongfang Minghui got off Qian Wanyu and walked to the side of the vegetable garden, looking at the vibrant vegetables, “Wow, so beautiful. Miss, did you grow these?”

Thinking that the other party was a child, the person with the bucket hat really answered her, “Yes.”

Dongfang Minghui looked at the vegetable basket in her hand. The food was enough for two people. As she got closer, she could clearly see that the skin on the other’s hand was a little rough. Then she looked at the shoes under her feet, which were covered with mud.

“Miss, why are you picking so much, are you going to let us eat here?” Little Minghui asked softly, looking at the person innocently with big eyes. From her point of view, she could clearly see the chin under the hat.

The person who was called lord by Leon was stunned, “If you like it, you can stay and eat.”

“Ninth Sister!” Qian Wanyu deliberately took the child back into her arms and said to her, “I’m sorry, Ninth Sister is rather greedy, so she likes babbling.”

Dongfang Minghui buried her face in Qian Wanyu’s arms, she smiled secretly, Seventh sister is too bad. She could guess that the person was just being polite to her, but now she has to change her mind and she couldn’t help holding back her smile.

“Let’s go.”

The small courtyard has everything, a kitchen, a hall, and a backyard.

Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui were playing in the front yard, and they had already seen that the person who served and cooked the food in front of them was not the real lord Leon mentioned but only someone who was meeting them in place of the lord.

“Miss, you have worked hard for you today.”

Saying it was hard work, in fact, only Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu ate at the dinner table. The miss was wearing a bamboo hat all the time.

Little Minghui took the initiative to bring food to Qian Wanyu. This kind of food can only be eaten by humans. Beast people were not as delicate.

Qian Wanyu also had a bowl of rice, and it wasn’t until all the food on the table was eaten that everyone started talking about business.

Leon was responsible for cleaning up all the meals, and he felt incredible when he came back to his senses.

“Leon told me about your situation, what do you want to know?”

“First of all, what information can you provide us, and secondly, what are your trading conditions?” Qian Wanyu estimates that there were a lot of people behind the trading market, it may involve more than just beast people and dwarves.

“This girl, if you ask for it, we will do our best to satisfy it.”

This boast was a bit big, but it was somewhat close to what she had guessed. Qian Wanyu estimated that the trading market is actually an exchange of goods on the surface, but in fact, they collect information through the people of these tribes to sell.

“I want to know who is operating behind the scenes of the Arena and how many bases they have.” Qian Wanyu threw out her needs.

The person sitting in front of them froze, “Why?”

Qian Wanyu observed her without changing expression, frowned and said, “Don’t you normally not inquire about other people’s privacy when you are dealing with others?”

“The girl has misunderstood. The reason for asking is to gauge the bargaining chips of this transaction.” As everyone knows, the venue for the arena is also provided by the trading market. Strictly speaking, the behind-the-scenes operator could be regarded as their customer. If one of their customers had an accident wouldn’t it be their loss?

“We have a human friend who was filled with unknown things by the people behind the scenes so we are going to settle accounts with them.”

“Yes.” Little Minghui nodded solemnly in anger, her little eyebrows were wrinkled together.

After thinking quietly for a few minutes, the miss said, “I understand, go back first, and when the news arrives, I will let Leon tell you what the cost is this time.”

Just as Leon brought them in, he also took them out.

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t figure out the whole situation until the two walked out of the base camp of the guards, “Seventh sister, will those people be with the group of people from the arena? Deliberately delaying the time to catch people in a net?”

Qian Wanyu pinched her little face, “Your little head thinks a lot. She hurried us away because she couldn’t handle this transaction, the people behind this market isn’t that person.”

There should be a woman behind the trading market, only women can grow such beautiful flowers.

“Seventh sister, how do you have such a brain? Why do you seem to know everything.” Little Minghui kept muttering, “Let’s make a bet, if I guess right, you have to promise me something. ”

Qian Wanyu was a little surprised, but her proposal to Ninth Sister was heartwarming, “If I win—”

Dongfang Minghui listened to Seventh Sister’s bet, her face flushed, she let go of her hand and cursed in a low voice, “Pervert.”

The hustle and bustle of the trading market gradually approached the middle stage and the market became saturated, and there was less tension compared to the beginning. Everyone was idle together, joking, talking about sexual jokes, talking about their own girls. As soon as the topic opened, no one could stop it.

Dongfang Minghui was busy refining pills every day. The amount that the dwarves asked for is not much, but it was still substantial. She tried to find time to understand Wei Junlan’s physical condition every time, and most of the pills were made on the way.

Qian Wanyu was not idle either. After Wei Junlan became a beast, she would spend part of her time wandering around Larkin Shaman’s site. Sometimes she saw one or two people looking for him constantly, and sometimes she saw beast people carrying the bloody part of random beasts to gift to him.

On this day, Qian Wanyu calculated the time, and when Shaman Larkin finished watching his last patient, she walked in front of the other person without any hassle.

At this point, Shaman Larkin was normally going to pack up and go home to rest. Basically, everyone who knew him knew this rule, and he would not see anyone after sunset. However, there was actually such a person who liked to break the rules and play unreasonable cards.

“Larkin Shaman.”

When Qian Wanyu said these four words, the person who was still arranging things calmly suddenly became angry. He pulled a knife out of nowhere, and slashed at her, “Ah—”

Qian Wanyu stepped back quickly, dodging the opponent’s knife with ease, thanks to Karu who kept talking about how bad his temper was.

“Larkin Shaman, I am a human.”


Like crazy, she saw the person who was hobbled and hunchbacked before suddenly straightened up and kept chasing behind her with a knife. The distance between the two was a little far away, Qian Wanyu relaxed but after chasing and chasing, the distance between the two was slowly shortening.

This made Qian Wanyu very curious about his limits, she simply increased the speed again, and the other party soon caught up in the time of an incense stick to burn. After repeating this, she was sure of one thing.

She simply took out the lightning whip and sneered, “I didn’t expect that Larkin Shaman is actually an Earth Spirit Spiritual Master.”

The person who was wrapped in cloth until no one could see his original appearance showed a pair of extremely dark eyes, “Who are you?”

This time, it is finally in the language of the human race.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is that you hate the human race. The funny thing is that you are also a human!” Qian Wanyu looked at him mockingly.

“Hmph, this aggressive method is useless to me.” Larkin Shaman put the knife away and walked towards his house with a hunched back.

Qian Wanyu shrugged, this old man had a very eccentric temper. She did have some thoughts of wanting to stimulate him, but she didn’t expect to be seen through by the other party.

The next day, Qian Wanyu pulled Karu over.

“Girl Qian, aren’t you…”

Hadn’t she given up long ago? Why is she here again?

“Today you go see this Larkin Shaman.”

Oh my god, Karu’s legs were weak and he almost sat on the ground. He pointed to his nose in disbelief, “Me?”

“Yes, it’s you.”

Kalu was kicked by Qian Wanyu and turned back three times with a single step of sorrow like a hero leaving to go to a battlefield to die.

Qian Wanyu just sat on the tree and watched until it was Karu’s turn.

Karu’s muscles stiffened, “Master Shaman, Shaman, I, I have a friend who has…”

Stuttering and stumbling like this, after Karu finished talking about Wei Junlan’s situation, a thin layer of sweat broke out on his back, and his old face was flushed with embarrassment, “Master Shaman, looking at this situation. What can I do?”

Larkin didn’t even lift his head, “What clan?”

Karu got stuck on the spot.


Karu was chased out by Larkin, and this time Qian Wanyu could see clearly that when Larkin was chasing Karu, the ground changed a little. It seems his spiritual level was also very high.

Seeing that Karu was about to be cut by the big knife in his hand, Qian Wanyu directly shot a bolt of lightning, blocking the opponent’s footsteps.

As soon as Larkin saw Qian Wanyu, he became angry and threatened Karu, “Boy of the beast person race, don’t let me see you again, or I’ll give you a good look!”

“Alright, the Shaman is angry, Miss Qian, I don’t think this method will work.” Karu patted his chest, being chased by Larkin Shaman holding a kitchen knife was indeed a terrible experience.


The other party was a master with a very eccentric temper, and Qian Wanyu couldn’t do anything about him for a while.

“Little Shaman, where have you been? Why can’t I see you every time I come here.” When Karu and Qian Wanyu went back, they happened to see Little Minghui sitting on the stone bench.

“Karu, all the pills that the dwarves need have been refined. Bring the warriors of the tribe along with Seventh sister to pick up the goods.” Dongfang Minghui handed a space ring to Qian Wanyu.

“Very good.”

Knowing that the people of the tribe will soon get a batch of weapons made by the dwarves, Karu seems to have lost his soul and wandered around Dongfang Minghui wondering if he should say who refined the pills when asked.

“Good thing Kurt didn’t know that Ninth Sister was the one who made these pills. If he knew, he would most likely welcome Ninth Sister and invite her to play in the dwarf land.”

When Karu heard it, he immediately rejected the thought. The houses carefully built by the dwarves were much better than the muddy ones in their tribe. In case, the little shaman falls in love with the houses of the dwarves, wouldn’t she leave the Cass tribe?!

Qian Wanyu didn’t bother to see his contemplative look, and held her Ninth Sister in her hands.

“Seventh sister, you bullied Karu again.”


Dongfang Minghui smiled and leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, “Seventh sister, you are getting worse and worse, but I like it.”

Karu, who could only watch, couldn’t hug, following behind, he eagerly watched the two sisters being greeted by Lord Kurt and a little dwarf.

Qian Wanyu personally inspected the quality of the weapons. In terms of material selection, the dwarves used above-average materials. She flicked it with her finger, “Very good.”

Kurt said proudly, “The weapons we build are not fake.”

“It’s good, but I’ve seen a better weapon. I don’t know if it came from your dwarves?” Qian Wanyu put the sword in her hand down and turned around to let Dongfang Minghui take out the little bean sprout from the space ring.

A bud emerged from the bean sprout, and the branches grew a lot.

Kurt looked surprised, and then his eyes were attracted by the helmet that Xiao Minghui was holding. The ancient patterns and the little bean sprouts in the helmet fluttered in the wind. He got closer, looked at the helmet carefully, and turned to Dongfang Minghui. Said, “This, can you show it to me?”

“Of course.”

Dongfang Minghui shoved the bean sprouts into Kurt’s hands generously. Kurt’s hands were almost unsteady. He looked at the Little Minghui holding it lightly, and it sank into his hands. The weight really made his heart skip a beat.

He tapped the helmet a few times with his thick and long fingers, and a crisp and pleasant echo came from the inside. Even if the helmet was filled with dirt, it didn’t affect the sound. Kurt placed it on the table very carefully, looking left and right, up and down, and even the top of the helmet, he looked carefully.

The more he looked, the more excited he became, and he didn’t know where to put his hands and feet.

“Vera above, what did I see!!” Kurt suddenly knelt and climbed to the ground, slapping his big hand, he knocked several heads towards the helmet.

“Seventh sister, what is he doing?”

“Probably kneeling to the god they believe in.” Qian Wanyu didn’t expect Kurt to be so excited by a helmet, she wondered, “Lord Kurt, you should believe that I didn’t deceive you before.”

“Yes, you have fulfilled a dream of mine, and I, Kurt, would like to be friends with you.” Kurt couldn’t put it down. This was actually a part of the legendary Tianyin armour!

It turns out that this helmet had a big history.

Dongfang Minghui widened her eyes and opened her mouth. She was almost frightened by the origin of this helmet. The Tianyin armour was a god-level armour, which was lost in the battle a hundred years ago. To be able to see the Tianyin helmet in his lifetime, Kurt was weeping with joy.

Can you imagine a dwarf crying while holding a pot of bean sprouts?!

“Seventh sister, why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Such a precious thing was actually in her hands. If she knew this, she would not use it to grow small bean sprouts! Little Minghui burst into tears from the bottom of her heart.

Little bean sprouts seemed to feel her mood and tried very hard to shake itself as if she was telling her—haha, too late.

Qian Wanyu pinched her little cheek, “As long as you like it.”

“Lord Kurt.”

“Sorry sorry.”

Dongfang Minghui saw that he was holding on to her little bean sprouts and was about to jump in a hurry. She was also a child anyway, so it was always right to get her things back. The cheeky Dongfang Minghui stretched out her hand, “Sir, my little bean sprouts?”

Only then did Kurt have the mind to shift his gaze from Tianyin’s helmet to the little bean sprouts. He blinked, and Dongfang Minghui also blinked. Seeing a tender sprout growing out of the Tianyin’s helmet, no one could understand Kurt’s mood at the moment.

However, things belonged to other people, he had no right to speak at all, and in the end, he couldn’t put it down, reluctantly handing it back to Dongfang Minghui.

“Qian girl, to tell you the truth, the Tianyin armour is indeed from the hands of our tribe.” The Tianyin armour is the third-ranked weapon on the ranking of equipment. However, if the armour itself is lost and it was just the helmet, it was only a helmet and not the actual Tianyin armour.

“Lord Kurt, to tell you the truth, in fact, I accidentally found a kind of iron chain in the beast people’s land. The iron chain contains a strange power that can bind the spiritual power of the human race. I don’t know if Lord Kurt has seen it?” Qian Wanyu deliberately said it in awe, and then sighed slightly, “In pursuit of weapons of this quality, I have been shopping in the market for so many days, and I still haven’t found the slightest thing close to it, which is a pity.”

Lord Kurt pursed his lips tightly, seeing the other party’s sighing and disappointed look, his mind was full of thoughts.

“Lord Kurt doesn’t seem to have seen it either. After chatting for so long, it’s time for us to leave.” Qian Wanyu concluded, “Ninth Sister, let’s go, since Lord Kurt doesn’t have anything else here, I’m afraid the whole trading market will not have it, really a waste of the large number of precious pills that we prepared…”

“Seventh sister, it can’t be in vain. That pill can stop bleeding immediately. I think Karu and the others want it very much. We can exchange some other things with the people of the tribe.”

Dongfang Minghui secretly glanced at Kurt’s eyes, holding the bean sprouts, “Seventh sister, let’s go.”

“Oh, wait!”

Kurt’s heart was itching unbearably. As soon as he heard about the pill effects, his whole body was out of control. He subconsciously licked his lips and blocked the way of the two of them, “Miss Qian, the chain you just said is actually our special one product. This kind of weapon takes time and energy to make and under normal circumstances we will never take it out for trading.”

“It turned out to be like this, looks like it’s impossible.” Qian Wanyu looked stunned, “Thank you, Lord Kurt, for clarifying our doubts, it was also one of my worries.”

“Miss Qian, please wait.” Kurt said sincerely, “Miss Qian is a friend recognized by Kurt. If you want this kind of chain, it is not impossible to customize it for you, but—”

“Remuneration is not a problem. The pills I traded with you before are for daily use. I want to use these blood clotting pills as a bargaining chip for this transaction. I don’t know if Lord Kurt is satisfied?”

Qian Wanyu even demonstrated the effect, scratching her wrist again, and crushing the pill to stop the bleeding, without frowning during the whole process.

Dongfang Minghui had a face of disapproval. The last time she cut herself she felt so nervous! Thinking about it from another perspective, does she not know that she will feel distressed for her?

“It’s fine!”

Qian Wanyu looked at the little guy with a calm face and reassured her.

“It’s amazing!” Kurt was conquered by Qian Wanyu’s pills, “Satisfied, very satisfied.”

A deal has just ended, and a new deal came along!

The requirements and conditions that Qian Wanyu talked about were similar to the previous ones. Because the value of this batch of pills was raised by her, the quantity decreased and the medicinal materials increased. Even so, Kurt happily sent it to them.

Karu pricked up his ears and listened to what they had just said, and he still couldn’t believe it until now.

The dwarves were very arrogant, relying on their ability to refine weapons, they have never given them a good look. As a result, as soon as the little shaman and the others came, they obediently begged for a deal. This attitude and gap between people was really annoying…

Fortunately, the little Shaman was from their Cass tribe!

Karu also learned to find a sense of balance from that to comfort himself. After returning, he must talk to Milo well, so that he will never go find trouble with the little shaman and the others again in the future.

“Little Shaman, Miss Qian, what do we want those iron chains for?”

The two looked at him in unison.

Karu was a little puzzled by them, scratching his head, did he ask the wrong question? But what was wrong?

After sending Karu back to the tent, the two of them went back to check on Wei Junlan and Xuan Zhu.

“How’s the situation today?”

Dongfang Minghui first checked Wei Junlan’s condition, and then looked at Xuan Zhu’s neck. The scars on Xuanzhu’s body were very obvious. Because she didn’t take good care of it before, it left traces now, which probably has something to do with her Dark Spiritual Master physique.

Wei Junlan’s beast transformation has temporarily stopped at a certain stage, and the scales on her face and the beast claws on her hands have not changed too much.

Dongfang Minghui didn’t dare to take it lightly, she talked to Qian Wanyu, and went into the barrier again.

The room was quiet and everyone was thinking about their own things. Qian Wanyu suddenly threw out a bomb, “Someone might be able to save you.”

The so-called salvation was of course…

“Really?” Since being sentenced to death by Dongfang Minghui, Xuan Zhu didn’t know what to do every day. Now Qian Wanyu’s words were like a fresh breeze allowing her to find a way again.

“I can only say that this person may extend her lifespan and reduce the beast transformation.” Qian Wanyu actually had another purpose in her heart. She couldn’t stand seeing her Ninth Sister running back and forth for Wei Junlan, even getting into a fight with her for this matter.

Even if the two people in the room died, she couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Who is he?” Wei Junlan asked, sitting up straight.

“It doesn’t matter who he is, the important thing is that he hates the human race. When he sees a human, he will take out a knife to hunt them down.” Speaking of this eccentric shaman, Qian Wanyu’s face turned dark.

Wei Junlan suddenly burst out laughing, “You were chased by him?”

She mentioned it in a tone that sounded more like stating a fact.

“Qian Wanyu, you know where he is, right? Take me there.” Xuan Zhu wanted to grab her wrist in a hurry, but Qian Wanyu quickly took a step back, letting her hand fall.

“Yes, but Wei Junlan has to go herself.”

“She’s too weak, in case—”

“No buts, he is truly violent and when he gets angry it’s a huge problem.”

Wei Junlan gritted her teeth, this is revenge, what kind of heroine! Her heart was even smaller than a needle, but she tried her best to stand up and straighten her back, “Yes, I can do it myself.”

Qian Wanyu left Little White in the house to guard Ninth Sister, and she walked to the Shaman Larkin with Wei Junlan and Xuan Zhu.

The three of them watched from a distance as about a dozen people lined up, kneeling and begging the shaman to treat them.

“Who is he?” Wei Junlan asked.

“Larkin, according to Karu, there was a person who was in the same situation as you and was cured by him.” Qian Wanyu said lightly, not blinking as she lied.

“That’s great.” As soon as Xuan Zhu heard this, a new hope ignited in her heart. She stared at Larkin in the distance, as if pinning her last hope on him. It even made Xuan Zhu exude some sort of glow.

Wei Junlan frowned and wasn’t too optimistic from Qian Wanyu’s words, “You said earlier that he hates humans and has a bad temper?”

“Yes.” Qian Wanyu leaned against the tree and urged, “You two can try his temper, but be careful.”

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Qian Wanyu was holding a lightning whip as she straddled a tree staring at Larkin’s every move with a serious look. Once the other party behaved excessively, she would come forward to stop him.


Along with the shout, Larkin went wild. Compared with the previous two times, the anger this time was like a volcanic eruption.

Xuan Zhu saw that the other party took out a knife, and realized that what Qian Wanyu said just now was true! The other party’s temper was like the weather, suddenly cloudy and changing his face faster than flipping a book!

“Come on!”

One was a dark-type Spiritual Master with weak spiritual power, and the other was Wei Junlan, who has been ill for a long time. The two of them were about to despair as they ran because the other party was getting closer and closer to them. Xuan Zhu was sweating profusely in anxiety, and pushed Wei Junlan out, “You go, I will hold him back.”

Just when Larkin raised his knife, Xuan Zhu turned around and threw a cloud of dark smoke. The smoke that could stop people in all directions failed to reach Larkin.

Larkin’s eyes widened and he shouted, “Dark Spirit Spiritual Master?!”

Haha Larkin!

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