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MIWW Chapter 127 Part 1

Larkin grabbed Xuan Zhu’s neck and tightened his fingers.

Xuan Zhu felt that it was difficult to breathe, and when she wanted to struggle, she became more and more powerless. She believed more and more what Qian Wanyu had said before. Since the other party could see at a glance that she was the Spiritual Master of the dark system, he could definitely save Wei Junlan.

“I-I just—cough, I want to stop you.”

Her Dark attribute was useless, it has no use at all except that it can fascinate people in an emergency.

“Let go of her!” Wei Junlan’s eyes were red, and she was on the verge of transforming into a beast.

“Beast human?”

In Larkin’s eyes, these half-human, half-beast, beast-like humans were collectively referred to as Beast humans.

Wei Junlan’s animal claws and the scales on her face showed on her body one after another. The person who was still weak just now, like an agile cheetah, flew in front of Larkin, and her sharp claws turned towards the face of the other side.

Larkin dodged and dodged, he was able to dodge Wei Junlan’s strong pounce. The knife in his hand hooked up with Wei Junlan’s sharp claws. The blade surface was scratched by Wei Junlan’s claws.

“Eagle Claw.”

“Sure enough.”

Qian Wanyu stood by the tree and looked carefully. Wei Junlan’s strength after transforming was probably on the level of a Spiritual King of level 5, yet he didn’t even catch a piece of the other party’s clothes. The more powerful Larkin appeared, the more it meant that the difficulty of things will increase, “It’s a bit difficult to handle.”


Wei Junlan became more anxious when she saw that she missed. The more negative emotions she felt, the worse she looked.

“Master shaman.”

Qian Wanyu fell from the sky, and when she turned around, she suddenly threw out the lightning whip toward the hand that was holding Xuan Zhu. In the end, he would rather get hit by the whip than let go of the hand that was holding Xuan Zhu.

“You again?!”

The disgust of the other party could be heard in the tone. He turned around and spread open the distance between them in an instant. After chasing him again, a knife flew toward her, and then his figure disappeared.

“Wei Junlan!”

Seeing that Wei Junlan was going crazy, Qian Wanyu knocked her unconscious and took her back.

“Seventh sister, what’s wrong with Wei Junlan?” After finishing the experiment, she looked up and found that the room was empty, leaving Little White’s huge body blocking the gate, making sure no one dare to set foot in this place.

Dongfang Minghui asked Toothless to accompany Little White for a walk outside, he sat outside the gate and waited, and then saw Qian Wanyu carrying a person then throwing Wei Junlan into the room.

“She became a beast again and almost fell into madness, can you check on her?”

“Didn’t she just turn into a beast this morning? The time has shortened again?” Dongfang Minghui looked at it and found that Wei Junlan’s breath was extremely unstable. The sharp animal claws were inserted into the palm of her hand, but she didn’t know pain and the fist was still tightly clenched.

“W-wait, Seventh sister, where are you going?”

Qian Wanyu was yelled at by her, so she hurriedly threw the Immortal Binding Lock to her, “After she transformed into a beast, her strength is higher than yours. Tie her with the Immortal Binding Chain to prevent her from going mad.”


“You stay here, if she goes crazy and doesn’t recognize anyone, temporarily enter the barrier.”

“Seventh sister, where are you going? Also, where did Xuan Zhu go?”

Dongfang Minghui didn’t even have time to ask a question, when she saw the other side’s vanishing back, she wrinkled her little face, feeling that Seventh sister was acting strange, she turned her head to meet a pair of blood red eyes.

Larkin threw Xuan Zhu into his room at will, and ignored her. Xuan Zhu was also worried that the old man would kill her, and was uneasy for a long time, but the old man buried himself in his own business.

When she mentally relaxed, she felt that she was hurting everywhere. She didn’t even need to look at her neck to know that it had turned blue, as well as the back of her elbow. Xuan Zhu took advantage of him turning his back to quickly prepare to run.

“One more step and I’ll break your leg.”

Xuan Zhu was stunned, and when she turned around, she saw a pair of dark eyes staring at her like a ghost frightening her to death! Larkin stretched out his hand and easily threw the person back, continuing to work in the house.

Xuan Zhu was thrown into a random spot by him.

She stood up and looked around carefully. Larkin shaman’s house looked a little crude, but it looked very solid. The houses of the dwarves were made of wood, and the house of Larkin was piled up with dirt. The soil under her feet was a little damp, and the whole house was chilly.

Xuan Zhu poked the cold room wall with her hand, and the mud on the wall seemed to be frozen.

“Come here.”

“Larkin shaman, you called me?”

After Xuan Zhu finished her question, the old man ignored her again. There were only the two of them in the room. She thought it was her so she walked over slowly.

Larkin didn’t even look at her, pointing to a pile of weeds on the ground, “Tie these together.”


Xuan Zhu felt strange. She had never been forced to do such menial work by others. She thought that she had nothing to do anyway, so she just started to work. There were a lot of weeds, about a dozen or so. It took Xuan Zhu a long time to tie them one by one.

“Too slow.”

Xuan Zhu, who was despised, was stunned. Thinking of Wei Junlan’s situation, she immediately adjusted her state of mind and chased behind Larkin, “Shaman Larkin, the beast human you mentioned before, can my friend still be saved?”

Larkin ignored her and didn’t seem to hear her at all. He went out and took a very large medicine grinder and stuffed it into Xuan Zhu’s hand, “Go, grind this into juice.”

Weeding and grinding juice…

“Larkin shaman.”

After Larkin handed her the things, he disappeared into the night.

Qian Wanyu had long been standing on the roof, she was sure that Larkin had no intention of hurting Xuan Zhu, so she didn’t get down immediately. After seeing Larkin leave the house, she immediately caught up with him but lost him halfway through.

“Don’t think about it, you can’t catch up with him.”

The power disparity was too great.

Qian Wanyu returned to the house of Larkin Shaman, Xuan Zhu was still grinding grass juice, she heard the footsteps and thought shaman Larkin was back but when she turned around, she found it was Qian Wanyu, “Wei Junlan, what is she doing now? Is she alright?”

“With ninth sister there, she’ll be fine.”

“That’s good.” Xuan Zhu put down the stone in her heart, and then picked up the stone mill to prepare for the next round of grass grinding.

Qian Wanyu looked around and found that this place had nothing but some daily necessities, she said to Xuan Zhu, “Do you want to go back with me?”

She had seen that Larkin seemed to be treating Xuan Zhu differently from how he treated other humans, no one knows about Larkin’s past, let alone the reason for his hatred for humans which far outweighs his kind deeds to the beast people, “It’s very hard to stay here. Also very dangerous…”

Xuan Zhu nodded, “It’s really dangerous.” Having seen the whole process of the other party slashing people so easily, she was a little afraid of Larkin shaman, but the only hope in her heart was all on this person, “Qian Wanyu, go back, I want to stay here.”


When Qian Wanyu went back, she found Wei Junlan was still sleeping, with her hands tied behind her back by a bundle of immortal rope, and a big bow tied on her forehead.

“Ninth Sister!”

Little Minghui held the little bean sprouts, “Seventh sister, where is Xuan Zhu?”

Qian Wanyu pulled her to the side, and inadvertently glanced at the Tianyin helmet, which was stained with a trace of blood, and then thought of the large bow on Wei Junlan’s head, Qian Wanyu immediately understood, “Xuan Zhu is staying at Larkin shaman’s place. It will take a few days for her to learn so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“Oh, who is Larkin shaman? I don’t know him?”

“A shaman introduced by Karu, it is said that he is familiar with the situation of people like Wei Junlan, but his temper is a little strange.” Not only strange but very mysterious.

Dongfang Minghui nodded and said clearly, “I was wondering why Wei Junlan turned into a beast, it turned out to be because Xuan Zhu and her being reluctant for her to leave.”

Wei Junlan was still a little sober when she woke up. The most important thing was that she felt that her head was in unbearable pain, as if it was about to explode. She reached out to touch her head and found a piece of cloth, “I…what’s wrong?”

“No, nothing.” Little Minghui felt a little guilty, especially when she saw the piece of cloth on the other’s forehead, she hurriedly added, “You transformed before, don’t you remember?”

During the process of transformation, Wei Junlan would not remember what she had done, but she remembered that Xuan Zhu was caught by Larkin shaman.

“Xuan Zhu?”

“Xuan Zhu is fine now, she said that she wants to stay at the shaman Larkin’s place to learn more medical skills.” Qian Wanyu reassured her.

“Yes, so you don’t have to worry about her.”

Hearing the two talking about Xuan Zhu all the time, Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but develop a strong interest in Larkin shaman.

The next day, she took advantage of Seventh sister trying to take care of Wei Junlan, who was in the process of transforming into a beast, and slipped out in a hurry. She took Toothless and Little White to the trading market in the eastern area.

From a distance, Leen saw the little Shaman who was caught between two very strange beasts and could barely see her, “Little Shaman!”


“Why are you here?” Little Colour was carrying Lu Xing on her back and stayed in the tent quietly.

“I want to ask Karu something.”

Karu was busy reorganizing the tent. This month’s trading was coming to an end. It seems that no one has heard the news of any additional trading day. The most important thing is that there is a batch of weapons they managed to obtain from the dwarves in the tent. For this batch of weapons, he had to send tribal warriors to guard them and he was afraid that they would be stolen by someone who had greedy eyes. Whoever pierced a hole in their tent would immediately be able to see it so since he had nothing to do he kept counting the weapons to make sure nothing was stolen.

“Little Shaman, why are you free today?”

Dongfang Minghui waved at him and asked in a low voice, “Karu, do you know a famous Shaman nearby? He seems to be called Larkin.”

“I know, of course I know, this person is the one I recommended to Miss Qian. Why, is the matter of Young Master Wei settled?”

“Yes, it’s settled, take me to see him.”

Little Minghui heard a lot of words from Karu’s mouth along the way. Little Colour and Leen followed them. The group went further and further away. This place was about ten miles away from the trading market. Soon, they saw a hut made of mud which was two connected huts. A lot of hay was added to the house, and it looked like a thatched hut from a distance.

“The house over there belongs to Larkin.”

“Who are the rest?”

“The little Shaman is pointing at this group of people who are lining up to see Larkin. They all came from afar to seek medical treatment from the shaman.”

Dongfang Minghui nodded clearly. With her vision, she could clearly see the situation outside the thatched hut. Xuan Zhu stood aside to help the wrapped up Larkin. She rubbed her chin, “Larkin… Is this shaman really so powerful?”

“He is.”

Karu had great respect for shamans and healers, he felt that these people were especially wise, and their skills cannot compare with rough people like him who could only fight.

“You guys stay here.” Dongfang Minghui was geared up to meet another doctor, “I’m going to meet with him.”

“Ah?” Karu was taken aback and dragged back the little Shaman who had walked a few steps ahead, “You must not go, little shaman, although shaman Larkin is a very kind shaman to beast people he is not very good-tempered. He hates humans, and every time he sees them, he chases them with a knife…”

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes widened when she heard this, she pointed at Xuan Zhu, “But look, isn’t Xuan Zhu fine?”

“Huh?” Karu was a little confused, then looking over as if he saw a new world, had Larkin changed?!

“Don’t worry, I will protect myself.” Wei Junlan’s situation can’t be delayed. Since the other party knew more about the situation of the beast transformation than she does, they could work together to heal her.

While walking, Little Minghui searched the space ring for any venom that could make her look like she really came to seek medical treatment…

“That’s it!”

“Won’t anything go wrong with the Little Shaman?” Karu was a little worried.

“She has her own opinion, we can just wait here.” Little Colour felt very reassured about her little friend, after all, she was an adult inside, and she wouldn’t do things that were too stupid.

Leen, who was on the side, pulled his bow and arrow, an arrow was firmly placed on the bow. His eyes were extremely focused on Little Minghui’s figure.

Little Minghui secretly poured the black medicine into her arm when she calculated that there were only three people left. Once the black liquid got on her skin, it slowly penetrated into her like a living creature. On her skin, it swept through her arm and made her shiver uncontrollably.

If she hadn’t already refined the antidote for this as well, she really would never want to encounter these things in her life!

“Uuuuuuuuuu, help.”

She rushed into the crowd at a running speed and shook her hands as she ran, but she couldn’t get rid of the black things stuck to her arms, so frightened all the beast people in line and made them scatter, she looked aggrieved. Running in front of Larkin, she stretched out her hand, wanting the other party to see clearly, “Master shaman, save me!”

As soon as Xuan Zhu raised her head, she was a little confused by Dongfang Minghui’s sudden appearance.

Larkin slowly raised his head, and when he saw the black sticky stuff on her wrist, he actually didn’t take out his machete! He stretched out his hand and wiped her wrist but those black things continued to spread, some of it fell on the hands of Larkin Shaman left.

“Uuuuu, I’m afraid.” Little Minghui curled her lips, trying to hold back her tears, which melted the hearts of a group of beast people.

If Xuan Zhu didn’t know the details of who the other party was, even she would also be deceived!

“What is this?”

“Don’t move!” Larkin roared, his low hoarse voice was like a broken gong, not only scaring Xuan Zhu, but even Dongfang Minghui was stunned by him. Even the beast people surrounding them retreated,


Dongfang Minghui had three drops of cold sweat on her forehead. She believed Karu’s words now. The other party was truly a lunatic.

“You come with me.” Larkin pointed at Dongfang Minghui and said.

Xuan Zhu was looking at her resisting the urge to roll her eyes but Little Minghui couldn’t care less and she became more and more curious about this Larkin shaman.

“The little Shaman was invited into the house of Larkin shaman?!” Karu became anxious, “Should we rush in and have a look?”

“Not for now.” Little Colour shook her head, it could sense if there was any danger.

Seeing that he didn’t care about the small amount of black medicine on her, she calmly followed him in. As soon as she entered, the door outside the house was instantly closed, and Xuan Zhu, who was one step behind, was also locked out, “Larkin shaman?”

Larkin slammed the door and stood in front of her, the two were almost face to face, and she was just a few centimetres away from the cloth-covered face. She suddenly felt that her whole head was heavy staring at the pitch-black eyes.

“Tell me, where did you encounter these things? If you had seen any strange people, bring them to me.”


Dongfang Minghui’s big eyes slowly closed. Just as she was about to blurt out, her soul felt some pain. Little Colour’s voice quickly entered her mind, “Stay awake, the other party is hypnotizing you.”


Dongfang Minghui’s dazed mind quickly came to her senses, her eyelids moved twice, and she randomly said, “I saw a man in a black robe in the trading market walking in front of me. I was curious and followed him…”

Storytelling has now become her forte, and she could easily do it at will!

“I see…”

Larkin laughed, then turned his back to Dongfang Minghui, removing the glove he was wearing and revealing a bone-like hand.

Woo the mystery of Larkin develops!

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