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MIWW Chapter 132 Part 1

“Seventh sister, what are you looking at?”

It had been three days, and Dongfang Minghui had never seen Seventh sister study other things like this, except for formations and enchantments.

“Larkin’s… autobiography.” Similar to what you would expect from a diary, it was a report of the first half of his life experience, Larkin wrote his experience in the form of a self-report, a thick one. For more than 20 years prior, Larkin’s life had been smooth sailing, combining luck and willpower. But ever since the other party awakened his dark spiritual power, he became hesitant and uneasy. He was chased and killed because of placing trust in a good friend, and finally fled to the land of the beasts. He lived in here for many years, got married and had children. There were shortcomings in his life but because he had found a beast lady and had a daughter born from their love, he managed to live a happy life.

Unfortunately later on, the situation of the beast people infighting continued. There were countless small battles. In an accident, because of saving his daughter, his dark spiritual power was discovered once again. Afterwards, there was a man named ‘Johnny’ who always came uninvited. In Larkin’s autobiography, Johnny taught him a lot of things and helped him a lot. He would always protect the family of three when they were harassed by outsiders. The grace of saving his life many times made him become friends with him gradually. Especially since Johnny liked his daughter very much, always teasing her with gadgets and making her laugh.

Life seems to be very happy. After he practised the Bone Handle Meditation, his strength gradually became stronger, but his personality and appearance changed a lot. He looked at his pale face and his appearance that had changed greatly. He didn’t want to scare his wife and daughters, so he always put on a black robe. Using that to cover up the changes in his body. For this reason, he gradually grew alienated from his wife and daughter. Before he realised it he was only pursuing strength, in the face of strength, everything suddenly became unimportant…

For the first time, he tried to turn a beast person who had been harassing their family into little more than bone, and felt a little stimulation. This weird combination of feelings and some fear made him restless.

“They deserve it, you just wanted to protect yourself,” Johnny reassured him over and over again.

Under the comfort of this sentence, he gradually got out of his ‘inner demon’, but he didn’t know that it was entirely because of Johnny’s ‘urging’ him that he began to become cruel and bloodthirsty. He didn’t even realise when he started to enjoy murder.

Looking at the mountains and seas of corpses piled up, he felt very happy and relieved of his hatred.

“So, Larkin is really a Death Spiritual Master!”

“It should be said that he is a dead priest.” Larkin’s autobiography said that those strange exercises would eventually turn him into something that was just half-human and half-ghost.

Qian Wanyu raised the thick book in her hand. There were many empty spots in the middle. The connection between the previous and the following content was probably the reason why Larkin’s daughter and his wife disappeared in the current timeline. As for him being able to wake up from his increasingly erratic behavior, a lot of things should have happened in the middle.

“Is this why he hates the human race so much? Just because of the guy named Johnny who made him practice that evil technique…?”


All guesses were meaningless. Only by finding Larkin can they find the place where the group of people came from.

Qian Wanyu took out the transaction information from her space ring, it was a map of the base of the arena headquarters in various places, “Look at it, and then tell me your decision.”


Little Minghui glanced at it and exclaimed, “So many?!”

Large and small, there were more than 20 bases in the land of the beasts.

“These people are really… amazing.”


“I meant Qian—uhhh Aunt Mo and the others!” Little Minghui immediately corrected herself. It must have taken a lot of time to find these. She asked tentatively, “Seventh sister, should we—”


“Reward them, uh, at least let them feel our gratitude.” Little Minghui said solemnly.

Qian Wanyu lifted her eyelids lightly, but still said calmly, “Okay, you can make a decision on this matter.”

As for which base to target, Dongfang Minghui intended to ask Wei Junlan about this beforehand, which one to take revenge for so she can solve the hatred by herself.

“Hey, Young Master Wei, do you understand the truth of being modest at someone else’s place?”

“How did I entertain you when you were in the Blood Fiend Alliance? Whatever was delicious was given to you, I almost made you into a Buddha! Hmph, when I’m down now, you’re going to turn your back on me?” Wei Junlan immediately scoffed while reading a book, she continued to read it seriously, without even giving her a look.

Little Minghui stepped forward and closed her book with a snap, “Can you listen to me carefully?”

“Speak.” Wei Junlan was sitting against the wall. There were a lot of books scattered around her. Her spirit was not very good, but her eyes were very bright.

“I just want to entertain the people from the guard camp.”

“You are really worried about the strangest things. I said before, do you have nothing to do, why do you want to mind other people’s business?” Wei Junlan knew what she was going to do next when she saw her face and then felt that her tone was a bit bad and joked, “She hasn’t become your mother-in-law yet, what do you want to do mixing into that muddy water?”

“You don’t understand.”

Seventh sister’s temperament was like Qian mama’s. It’s really not an easy thing to make two people with such awkward personalities recognize each other. The higher the IQ, the lower their ability to really show their emotions.

“I don’t understand? Let me tell you, the two of them are too awkward. One has never been with her mother and doesn’t know how to be a good daughter. The other is lost and doesn’t know how to spoil her daughter. Besides, there are still other unsolved knots in their heart and they lack a step to reconcile, the key is who goes down this step first.”

“If you know, why don’t you help to find a way?” Little Minghui glared at her, the mother and daughter were close at hand, but it seemed as if they were far away.

“Do you think this step is easy? Why do you think they’re like this now? Your Seventh sister and her mama are still at a stalemate. No one wants to bow their head first.” Wei Junlan spread her hands, who could force the two stubborn donkeys to bow their heads?

It simply wouldn’t work.

“Your Seventh sister is very intelligent. It’ll be difficult for you to find a breakthrough in her.” Wei Junlan commented.

“What can we do then?”

Seventh sister really did think ahead more than others, and she was also more serious and awkward when it came to feeling, Little Minghui thought for a long time but and couldn’t help sighing heavily.

“If you’re gonna sigh then sigh outside, don’t disturb me.” Wei Junlan gave her a small kick, and she kicked the shoes under her feet, “There might be a way to create memories and time for the two of them to get along.”

Sometimes time was the best tool for healing. It could dilute all grudges and relieve all tension.


Little Minghui squatted outside, counting the ants, watching the ants under the grass with something on their back trying to move forward, the big pieces were even bigger than their bodies and it looked very hard. After watching for a while, she moved to another place, muttering and repeating what Wei Junlan just said, “What the hell is making time and making memories?”

There were no memories at all between Qian mama and Seventh sister.

She suddenly remembered what she was good at, and in a hurry, she took out a pen and paper from her space ring and began to draw on it until it was dark, and the only light was swallowed by the darkness.

She raised her head, looked around blankly, and then remembered that she had wanted to ask Wei Junlan to go invite Qian mama and the others.

As a result…

“Forget it, there’s still a bit of a gain anyway.”

Three days later, early in the morning, Little Minghui began to work in the rough-built kitchen. All the kitchen utensils were borrowed by Leen and Little Colour from the guards but there were some other tools that had to be replaced, so cooking a meal was limited to basic stuff, fortunately, she has good control of the wok.

“You two can go to the guards and call.” The little shaman stood on the small stool and commanded, and the appearance of that little adult made Leen unable to take his eyes away.


Little Colour grabbed Leen and carried him away without a word.

“Let go, let me go.”


Little Colour really let go obediently, and Leen sat on the ground obliviously, like a little beast with no energy, chasing Little Colour to shoot arrows.

Qian Wanyu stood beside her, handing over the pots and pans, with a light expression and no expression on her face.

Leen only came with three or five people, including Barry, Job and others, all of them were familiar people, Zhilan supported Qian Mo and walked very slowly, but it was good seeing that Qian Mo was recovering quite well, Qian Yiling was the last to arrive.

“Everyone is here, please take a seat.”

She prepared meals for two large tables, Qian Mo wanted to sit at the table with Leon and the others, but was helped by Qian Wanyu to their table. She placed the people according to her own custom. As for the food, Leon and the others had already grilled meat. Their table was relatively light. Dongfang Minghui had discussed Qian Mama’s preferences with Sister Zhilan earlier and also Aunt Mo’s preferences, the table was full of colour and fragrance.

“Lord, Aunt Mo, eat quickly.”

“You prepared this?” Qian Mama was a little excited. She had taken off her mask, and only a black veil was still on her face. Those exposed eyes were staring at Seventh Sister.

“This is made for you by Sister Seventh. You can try it.”

It was just a very simple stir-fried water lily with celery. It was very hard to find celery in the beast tribes but thanks to sister Zhilan she managed to get them. The guard team had actually grown these wonderful plants in their base camp.

Qian Wanyu glanced at her, picked up a piece of chopsticks and stuffed it directly into her mouth. If it wasn’t for the little guy begging and begging that she had never eaten the food she made with her own hands, how could she have cooked it but she was courteous and didn’t expose her.


Little Minghui and Qian Wanyu have been together for a long time, so long that she knew which dishes Seventh sister liked at this table and how much should be served. She put a few of her best dishes into her bowls, “Seventh sister, eat quickly.”

Qian Mo found it very interesting to watch from the side, especially the interaction between the little lady and the little shaman, which made people feel warm inside.

Qian Yiling stared at the dishes, she already knew that when Qian Wanyu was about to finish eating, she took some and put it in her bowl, “Yu’er, eat more.”

Leon’s table had wine to drink, meat to eat, and they were all beast people so their voices were particularly loud. It seems that their table felt a bit deserted in comparison and they were all abiding by the rules and regulations of what and how to eat.

After eating, Little Minghui took the initiative to help Qian Mo up, “Aunt Mo, I’ll take you out for a walk to see how well you’ve recovered.”

Qian Mo also knew that the other party was actually creating opportunities for the lady and the young lady, she was very grateful, “I heard the young lady keep calling you Ninth Sister, and you called her Seventh Sister, the young lady grew up in your Dongfang family?”

Dongfang Minghui was still a little uncomfortable with the stupid things that the original body did, she said with a scalp that felt numb, “Yes, my surname is Dongfang, and I am the ninth in my family. You can call me Xiaojiu or Minghui.”

Qian Mo had previously investigated the bad things that the Dongfang family did to the young lady. Of course, this was after Qian Wanyu left the Dongfang family. The information collected showed that this ninth lady was the second lady’s favourite and was arrogant, domineering, and abusive but now it seemed very wrong.

Qian Mo’s eyes were full of vigilance, no wonder she was thinking wildly. When the young lady was pregnant, the second lady was also pregnant. Their ages were also quite similar.

“The second lady, is she okay?”

“This—” Little Minghui thought about it a hundred times but never expected that the other party would mention the second lady, her mind turned around for a while, not knowing how to answer, she bit her lips lightly, and asked back, “Aunt Mo do you know my mother?”

There was a faint smile on the corner of Qian Mo’s mouth, “I know, the second lady had a relationship with the lady earlier on way back.”

The two talked very happily and formed a friendship talking and laughing with a child in their belly. They both wanted to get married quickly but unfortunately, things became unpredictable later.

“Such a coincidence…”

The second lady actually had a relationship with Qian Mama! That was simply unbelievable.

“Yes, at that time, the young lady also said that if a man and a woman were to be married later, would there be a brother on top of the ninth girl? Also are you sure you’re the ninth you look a lot younger…?”

“Aunt Mo is joking! It’s because I accidentally made a mistake in my practice, which caused my body to shrink and become like this.” Dongfang Minghui knew what she wanted to inquire about. It was because the intelligence she had and the information she knew couldn’t put the ninth lady in her memory and the current “ninth lady” together. To not make her suspicious she had to actually pull out such a lie.

If Qian Mama and the second lady knew each other, why didn’t she seem to know Seventh sister?

Qian Mo understood and didn’t ask further.

There were four people at the table, two people left, and there were two people left sitting face to face, more silent than anyone else, probably no one could compare to Qian Wanyu when it came to a fight at who could remain more silent…

“Yu’er, I have something I want to talk to you about alone.”

“I don’t want to hear from you.”

Nothing more than some hardships or any other nonsense. If it was placed before, she might still be willing to listen to it but now…

“Okay, if you don’t want to hear it, I won’t say it.” Qian Yiling was afraid of causing her greater disgust, and the atmosphere between the two fell to the bottom again. The people at the other table intuitively turned down their volume a bit.

Qian Wanyu sat for a while but suddenly stood up.

“Yu’er, where are you going?”

Qian Wanyu glanced at her indifferently, said nothing, she started to clean up all the empty dishes on the table and put the rest of the dishes aside.

Qian Yiling’s eyes widened, she couldn’t believe that her daughter could even do such things as cleaning the table and collecting the chopsticks. Yes, Qian Mo said before that she suffered a lot, “Yu’er, I-I can help you.”

“No need.”

After cleaning up, Qian Wanyu also took the used tableware and chopsticks into the water basin outside, trying to wash the tableware and chopsticks. Qian Yiling was also surprised at this but she soon got used to it.

“Let me help you.”

Qian Yiling didn’t want to force her to accept such an irresponsible mother as soon as possible, but seeing her daughter like this, she felt a little distressed, so she wanted to do something to ease the discomfort in her heart, “How do you use this?”

She held a ‘soap ball’ in her hand and looked at it curiously.

“This is made by Ninth Sister just for washing the greasy dishes.” For her lover, Qian Wanyu never hesitated to find opportunities to show her thoughtfulness and beauty!

“What the little shaman can make is also very strange.” Qian Yiling felt that her hands were much more refreshed after using it once, and there was a faint fragrance of lotus flowers in the air, so she asked tentatively, “You and the little shaman have a good relationship.”

Qian Wanyu’s hand that was washing dishes paused and she muttered, “I can’t live without her.”

Qian Yiling almost broke a bowl!

The two were squatting next to each other. From a distance, it looked like they were intimate, but in fact there was not much communication. Little Minghui supported Qian Mo and stood in the distance, saying, “Aunt Mo, I have a gift that I want you to hand over… to the lord”

Love needed time and space to grow for lovers and the same was true for family.

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