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MIWW Chapter 132 Part 2

Leon was shocked when he saw the lord washing the dishes in person. Afterwards, they each got together to do the housework and cleaned the outside of the house before leaving.

Wei Junlan forgot to eat and sleep, and Little Minghui made her a meal and brought it to her.

“How is she?”

“She’s just been sitting there reading a book.”

Dongfang Minghui breathed a sigh of relief when she heard it. It would be fine as long as she didn’t transform into a beast, it meant that the medicine from Larkin still worked. When Karu arrives at the beginning of next month, she could inquire about the Eagle Tribe and the Mermaid Tribe, she needed to make plans as soon as possible.

When she came in, Wei Junlan looked up at her.

“How is the progress?”

“It’s still the same.”

Wei Junlan sneered and continued to read her books as if she had known the result for a long time.

“I have a piece of information here, about the Arena, I don’t know if you want to take a look.” She asked tentatively and saw Wei Junlan suddenly put down the book and stared at her with a very serious expression.

Dongfang Minghui hurriedly put the food she brought with her to her hands, “I made it for you myself. I don’t know when  you want to eat it next time, so eat it now.”

Wei Junlan reluctantly took a few bites of the rice, but she couldn’t taste the taste at all. After eating a few bites, she put the tableware and chopsticks aside, stretched out her hand and said, “Show me the information.”


The time consuming effort put in by Little Minghui, and the information exchanged at a large price from Qian mama was thrown to Wei Junlan as if it was worthless. She took advantage of the opportunity to pick up the book Wei Junlan put aside and read it, and then said in surprise. “What?!”

She thought Wei Junlan was reading some weird book recently, but it turned out to be a memoir which recorded a lot of bizarre cases, and the research on the secrets of the beast people’s bodies was also written very clearly, but the handwriting was a little fuzzy, and there were still gaps in the corners of the page.

As soon as she saw it, she was fascinated and finally understood why Wei Junlan stayed in this cave without returning day and night.

Although this Larkin Shaman was indeed a death priest, he had also done a lot for the beast people and left behind a precious wealth. Whether he was right and wrong, she really can’t tell.

“There are more than 20 places!” The veins on Wei Junlan’s forehead jumped violently after reading it. There were so many places that were harming people. It was no wonder that the human race has been oppressed by the beast people within these lands, were these people looking for and kidnapping all the humans here?

“The physique of the beast people is different from that of the human race. Besides, how do you know that they are only just looking for the humans to imprison them? Don’t forget where the blood you drank came from.” People of different races were used as samples, how could they only use the human race for their experiments.

She already had a hunch that the future villain BOSS must be a psychopath, only a psychopath with a high IQ would use people as samples for experiments, just to get a result…

“You mean they are detaining people of different races in different places?”

“Yes, Seventh sister and I dug an ice cave not far from here. Guess what we found in it?” Speaking of which, Little Minghui deliberately sold out Karu’s secrets.


“Someone kidnapped the clansmen of the five great clans and hung them there, all of them died miserably.”

Wei Junlan pondered for a moment, “Since this is the case, we have to find the major tribes and tell them!” With one person’s strength, they could only take down one of the 20 bases at most. If the other party noticed it, maybe they would even pay a big price, “Isn’t it surprising to anyone that so many people are missing?”

In today’s sparsely populated era, people who went missing just went missing…

“You’ve been missing for a long time, has anyone from the Blood Fiend Alliance come to look for you?”

“Of course.” Wei Junlan rolled her eyes, still very proud of this point, “Otherwise who do you think brought the letter out for me?”


“Mo Ze.”

Bai Xuan, she had no idea if he was dead or alive but Mo Ce was one step ahead and managed to find her. At that time, she was still worried about Xuan Zhu, so she couldn’t let Mo Ze take out only her and she asked him to get help.

“Wei Junlan, did you have a grudge against me in your last life?!” Sending Bai Xuan was enough, but Mo Ce was also sent. Dongfang Minghui was so angry that she almost smashed the book directly on the her forehead.

“What are you excited about? If Qian Wanyu had already hooked up another man, it means she has no true feelings for you at all. You should thank me. I am helping you!” Wei Junlan spread her hands, Mo Ce later joined the Blood Fiend Allianece. On the rankings, he was even on par with Bai Xuan and she knew his name as soon as he mentioned it.

“Where did he go?”

The one who knocked Leen down last time was Mo Ce.

Wei Junlan spread her hands, “He went to chase after that damned woman!”

After such a big ups and downs, anyone would want to slash that damned woman with a thousand swords, her teeth itched with hatred even now when she thought about it.

Dongfang Minghui breathed a short sigh of relief, she would block any coquettish bitches who had a purpose from approaching Seventh sister, and resolutely wouldn’t let them approach. She pointed to the intelligence in Wei Junlan’s hands, “It is very likely that Qing Lan Sect’s people are behind it. What are your plans?”

If this matter had been placed a few days ago, Wei Junlan would have chosen to not hold back and fight to the death with the other party. But since Xuan Zhu was taken away by Larkin, Wei Junlan’s negative emotions have been swept away, and she had to cheer up.

“You’re stupid, you still ask me such a simple question?” Wei Junlan waved her hand and threw the information back to her again, “Put it on hold for now, you have to make a good plan first, it’s best to catch them all in one go, so we don’t let a fish escape.”

Wei Junlan did what he said and went out with Little Colour and Leon the next day to inspect some of the bases and didn’t come back until it was dark the next day, full of dust.

“Probably because we made too much noise last time. There are more than twice as many guards now than before.” Wei Junlan went to the three bases to inspect the situation and came up with a warning that the other side should be cautious.

“The number of people inside is a lot more than last time.” Little Colour’s vines tried to climb over the wall, but there were too many guards inside, they were even almost discovered! They managed to survey the terrain and counted the number of guards.


Qian Wanyu nodded lightly, similar to what she had guessed. She remembered when she asked Aunt Mo last time, Aunt Mo said that the guards had already found out that there was at least one Spiritual Monarch or above powerhouse in the bases behind the Arena. There was no sign of the people in charge. Except for sending the beast transformed human beings they cultivated to the Arena every month, no one could see who they were in contact with during the rest of the time.

Aunt Mo had actually just discovered a mysterious person when the Trading Market at the time was in full swing. Leaving there, she was noticed by the other party while she was following and under the black hand of the other party, she almost died. In the end, she was in a coma for several months.

“At the beginning of next month, they will send people to the trading market again to compete, to make everyone laugh…” At that time, the defence of the base must be at its weakest, “If this matter goes wrong, it may cause a stir and a war among the beast tribes.”

The situation had become a bit more complicated from the fact that the Cyril tribe was also involved behind the Arena.

“Don’t they want to train a group of obedient beast humans as ready dead men?” Dongfang Minghui said suddenly. When the war broke out, those crazy half beast people were optimal candidates for destruction. They were definitely fighting machines, and the Cass tribe would almost certainly lose against a group of them…

Everyone was stunned for a while, all staring at Little Minghui blankly.

“What are you all looking at me for?”

“When did you become so smart?” Wei Junlan thought carefully about what Xian had said before, then thought about the current situation. It was really possible that Dongfang Minghui had guessed it.

After that, Dongfang Minghui and Wei Junlan also deliberately squatted in one of the three bases they had been to. It turned out that the closer to the trading day, the more people in the arena, and the beast people inside were carrying some black cloth covered…things in and out.

“It should be corpses.” She had seen the way these beast people carried people, but this base was different from their last base, the corpses were simply thrown everywhere at that one. When they surveyed the surrounding terrain here, they didn’t see any corpses at all.

“Let’s go and check it out.”

One big and one small, the two secretly followed the group of beast people, watching them discard the black cloth at will, and after they left, Little Minghui walked over, “These are the beast people who failed to transform? “

As soon as the black cloth was torn apart, rotting human faces were revealed, and there were tufts of black hair on the exposed arms, which looked like they were grafted from some animal. The other few corpses were in similar conditions. They died very badly. One of them had a half crushed skull. When Dongfang Minghui opened it to see and didn’t notice, she almost died of fright.

“This is a person who couldn’t successfully transform into a beast. He was tortured to death.”

“These people are so cruel…”

Dongfang Minghui once heard Wei Junlan describe the feeling of beast transformation. It felt like the whole person was split into two halves, one half still rational, and the other more insane, especially when the beast features covered their body, it felt like being covered by sharp needles breaking her body, breaking her bones, and emerging forcefully from it, the process was very painful.

“Someone’s coming!”

The two of them dodged and hid in the bushes again, with Little Colour’s vines blocking them, no one could find them.

“Five in total, take them away.”

It was a tall beast man who gave orders. He carried a corpse by himself. He was very fast. He carried the person and went in another direction. Dongfang Minghui and Wei Junlan followed slowly, and when they followed them across a mountain, In the blink of an eye, the people were gone.

“What about the people?”


Wei Junlan pulled her down. The mountain were relatively sparse, and there was basically no place to hide. “Be careful of them pretending.”

“They must be on this mountain.”

“I’ve been guarding this place for so many days and haven’t seen them transporting bodies, so why did they suddenly bring them here?” Wei Junlan muttered, “Forget it, let’s squat for two more days. As long as they move, we will definitely see it.”

Little Minghui thought secretly, next time she had to bring Seventh sister over. Seventh sister was more knowledgeable and can definitely find the nest of these people, “What do these people want corpses for?”

“You don’t even know this as a doctor. You must have heard about organ harvesting right?”

“Please, can you have some common sense? That is a decision made by the living when they died. Who told you that the organs of the actual dead can still be used, unless the person is a corpse lover… No, if the organs of the dead are well preserved and can be used…” Dongfang Minghui widened her eyes and couldn’t say any more, “Could it be to steal those—”

“Don’t disgust me, let’s go.”

The two of them groaned all the way, mainly because they were disgusted by the pictures in their minds.

For several days after that, they didn’t encounter the group of people carrying the corpse, but watched the door that was closed all the time suddenly open. Batches of small iron cages covered with black cloth were carried out by powerful beast people. After coming out, there was a super-large iron cage that had to be carried by reptiles. Wei Junlan’s expression darkened when she saw those iron cages.

“Where are they going?”

“To the market.”

There is still a day or two left in the trading market. The venues of the Arena were all rented on a fixed basis. According to Leon, rent is collected once a year, but before the trading day, the trading market was not open. So when she and Wei Junlan followed them to the vicinity of the trading market, they saw this group of people parked in place with iron cages, and there were about a dozen beast people patrolling.

It wasn’t until the sky was getting dark and the moon was in the middle of the sky that she felt her calves were going numb, and then she saw a group of people walking out of the darkness without knowing it.

“Welcome, Elder Zong.”

“Open it.”

After batches of black cloth were torn apart, the people in the iron cage were exposed. They were very short, about the same height as Dongfang Minghui now, they were just curled up in the small iron cage which looked completely tailored for them. There was a pair of iron chains under their feet, and the iron chains exuded a light blue colour under the light of the night, which looked a bit weird.

Dongfang Minghui suddenly remembered that the first time Karu brought them into the arena, she had also seen many small iron cages covered under black cloth.

Looking at the frightened eyes, the man known as Elder Zong nodded with satisfaction, “It seems to be better than the last batch, not bad.”

“Last time was an accident, so Elder Zong can be satisfied with this batch.”

“For the sake of doing things beautifully this time, I will plead with the Lord.” Elder Zong reached out and patted his shoulder, then ordered, “Take them away.”

The black cloth covered it up again, and the group of people who came out of the darkness just now took over the iron cage, leaving as hurriedly as when they arrived.

This…to chase or not to chase?

What remained was a large iron cage, about the height of several adults. The two squatted for a whole night, and saw another group of people bring two or three tall iron cages. The height of the iron cage was as high as the iron cage placed there.

Wei Junlan thought for a while before saying, “You are addicted to squatting here? Get up, let’s go back.”

“Drag me.” Dongfang Minghui sat on the ground, her legs were numb. In order not to attract the attention of others, she didn’t dare to use her spiritual power. She squatted for at least six or seven hours with just pure willpower! If they still didn’t leave, she may have already been exposed.


Wei Junlan grabbed her, stood up and turned around, closing her eyes for a while, “These group of people are really brave, the previous group were actually dwarves, do they want to start a war between the beast people and the dwarves? ?”

“No way! I think I have to tell Sister Seventh about this.”

“Where did you go? You haven’t come back all night.” Qian Wanyu grinned seeing them return.

“Seventh sister, don’t be angry, there is a big discovery this time.” The two of them repeated Elder Zong’s words and at the end, Dongfang Minghui said with a pity, “If I knew earlier, I would have let Wei Junlan track them alone, maybe we would’ve found out where they sent those dwarves by now.”

Qian Wanyu snorted coldly, picked her up, returned to the room, and slapped her butt, “Now that your wings are hard you’ve gotten really brave?”

“No, no, Seventh sister, don’t fight.” The sound of slaps can be heard outside, okay?!

In the end, she begged for mercy, and Qian Wanyu beat her even harder.

“Seventh sister, Seventh sister, I beg you, don’t spank…Ow.” The back of the buttocks was hot, it was sore so she simply pretended to be dead, laying lazily on Qian Wanyu’s thigh, struggling.

“Do you know what you did wrong?”

“Got it.” She meekly replied.

Seeing that the other party didn’t seem to be moving, Qian Wanyu couldn’t help but wonder if she was hitting too hard. She quickly pulled her off and took off her clothes to check.

“Ow, Seventh sister, what are you doing?” Little Minghui turned over and bounced off her, hurriedly grabbing the clothes that were about to fall.

“Helping you to look at the injury.”

“This… I’ll do it myself.” It’s too shameful to look at her butt, not to mention that she is still a little loli right now!

Qian Wanyu saw that her face was flushed, and she was completely fine. She felt that she was worrying for nothing, “Do you know what you did wrong?”

“I shouldn’t be brave, I should have taken you with me.”

“It’s useless to bring me.” Qian Wanyu glanced at her with a sneer, pulled her to sit on her lap, and carefully massaged her with her spiritual power, “I told you last time, Don’t act rashly, everything has to wait until the time is right.”

“When will the time be ripe?”

“When the time comes to uproot the whole lot of them.”

Dongfang Minghui understood, Seventh Sister’s plan was either quit or to act like thunder and destroy them all at once, she was not interested in just solving petty problems, “But—”

However, the group of dwarves looked really pitiful.

“Since they moved the dwarves to other places. It can be seen that they don’t want to confront the dwarves for the time being. We just need to disclose the news to the dwarves…”

“Wait, where did they transfer the group of dwarves?”

“The most likely place is the human race.”


They looked at each other and made a decision.

Later on, both of them were sitting in the room they did their transactions in previously. They had made an appointment with Lord Kurt to meet at the beginning of the month. Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu sat in the room for a long time without waiting for Lord Kurt.

“Let’s go, they shouldn’t be here today.” Qian Wanyu said, she has contacted Kurt twice, Kurt is a person who knew how to respect other people very much, and the agreed time is basically not too late, unless there’s an emergency.

“Ah, shouldn’t we wait?” Dongfang Minghui was a little puzzled. She had prepared the pills and was waiting for the two sides to make a deal.

“Sorry, sorry.”

Just as her hand was held by Seventh sister and was about to leave, a little guy rushed in from the door and almost hit them.

“The two distinguished guests we’re so very sorry. Our Lord Kurt sent me to tell you that he is in a hurry today and may not be able to come. I hope you don’t get angry. He will apologize to the two distinguished guests in person after the incident.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Has something happened to Mr. Kurt?” Dongfang Minghui asked, tilting her head.

“Uh—” The dwarf was just a translator, and really didn’t have the guts to answer her question.

“If it’s difficult, don’t say it.”

Little dwarf thought that Lord Kurt regarded them as guests, and it should be nothing to let them know, “Actually, it’s Lord Kurt, his… his son is gone.”

“Two distinguished guests, please keep the secret for me and don’t tell it to anyone!”


Dongfang Minghui remembered the group of dwarves she saw last night. They looked very small, and they had iron chains specially made by the dwarves on their feet. It was a bit sad to think about it, “Seventh sister, you said that Lord Kurt’s son…would he have been kidnapped by those people?”

Qian Wanyu’s eyes narrowed and she shouted to the dwarf who was about to leave, “Hold on.”


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