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MIWW Chapter 136 Part 2


Nangong Yuntian spat out a mouthful of blood.

Dongfang Minghui leaned over and took a look, “Now you know what it means to humiliate yourself.”

“It’s too evil!”

“If you didn’t touch it nothing would have happened, you have to listen next time.”

Dongfang Minghui caught Chubby who was with the green sand leopard, and checked its bear claws. There were many scars on the bear claws, and even its forelimbs were cut. She carefully treated its wounds. After a moment she said, “Chubby, thank you.”

If Chubby hadn’t bit the man in a hurry just now, she might have been injured. She rubbed Chubby’s big fat head, which was fluffy and very comfortable.


Toothless pushed her hand away with his own head and stuffed his head in, “Toothless! My Toothless is also great.”

Everyone sat near the river to rest for a whole day, and the next morning, everyone set off again.

“Seventh sister, you shot that arrow earlier?”


Dongfang Minghui only saw the blood hole but didn’t see any arrow at all. Thinking of the small arrow that Seventh Sister had condensed with her spiritual power before, she already had a rough guess in her mind on how she did it.

Qian Wanyu didn’t explain it either. She had never used the Samsara Bow before in combat. She had taken it out out of desperation and concentrated her spiritual power into the bow and arrow to shoot at that time.

In order to avoid the Hillary tribe, they had to choose a more difficult and dangerous road. Along the way, they encountered beasts, poisonous snakes, and various monsters. The more Qian Wanyu fought, the more unstable her aura became.

“Seventh sister, aren’t you going to advance soon?”

Qian Wanyu would rather travel long distances than stop practising. But now, every time she encountered a big fight, she had to stop and sit still. Dongfang Minghui felt that her spiritual power fluctuated a lot, and made a bold guess about her actions in the past few days.

“There are at most three more mountains to cross.”

“Seventh sister, Leon and the others’ injuries are not yet healed. If you want to advance first, we will protect you.”

“No.” Qian Wanyu touched her little head, “If Hillary’s and Cyril’s people attacked us at the same time, it would be troublesome.”

“Could they–?”

“Don’t worry, I know my own situation.” Doesn’t Qian Wanyu know her worries?

“Hey, do you think of me as a dead person?” Nangong Yuntian was shaken by the bow last time, and suffered a little internal injury. Based on his intuition, he felt that the attitude of the two “sisters” and their relationship was a bit strange, “Little devil, my chest hurts, come and help me take a look.”

It was only when he was chatting with Leon and others that he realized that this kid was actually a pharmacist.

When did the human race have such a stinky little girl pharmacist? How could he not know about her?

“Relax, you will live well for the time being.”

“If Young Master Nangong hadn’t mentioned it, I would’ve forgotten actually. We will need to send you somewhere else.” Qian Wanyu suddenly remembered that if Nangong Yuntian was brought to the trading market, it would cause great trouble if Hillary and Cyril found out.

Nangong Yuntian pointed to himself, and then pointed to Qian Wanyu, “Of course, escort me to the safest place. If my life is lost, the transactions and rewards from Rose House will be lost!”

Dongfang Minghui squinted at him, secretly wanting to put a sack on Nangong Yuntian and beat him to relieve her anger.

Instead, she mentioned with a smile, “Yes, there is an absolutely safe place, where there is no strife, and no one will force you to marry a wife.”

Nangong Yuntian looked doubtful but agreed, “Ok?”

As soon as she heard Ninth Sister’s proposal, she knew what bad idea the other party had made. If Nangong Yuntian was sent to the Cass tribe, Cass would definitely treat him as a guest and treat him well.

Moreover, the Cass tribe was indeed considered a safe place for the time being. Before she figured out why Hillary hadn’t taken down the Cass tribe yet despite the seemingly large difference in power, it was a decent place to live.

Nangong Yuntian glanced at them suspiciously, “Is everything you said true?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Let’s go.”

They walked all day and night. When they reached the top of the mountain, snowflakes suddenly floated in the sky, and the snowflakes fell piece by piece. Dongfang Minghui felt it was very strange, “Seventh sister, look, it’s snowing.”

“The snow fell a little early this year.” Leon reached out and took a snowflake, “Hmm, why is this snowflake a bit strange.”

Snowflakes were formed by the growth of small ice crystals and looked mostly hexagonal.

“Why is it strange?” When Little Minghui leaned over to look, the snow had melted away. She stretched out her little hand and took one, “It’s a bit strange, Sister Seventh, look, five-pointed snowflake!”

Qian Wanyu glanced at it and quickly asked Leon and the others, “Does your beast tribe often have snow?”

Leon specially selected a beast person who could speak human language fluently to follow, and after hearing Qian Wanyu’s question he replied, “Yes, in the coldest season, there are always a few heavy snowfalls that cover large areas, and the snow will accumulate thickly on the roofs as well as on the trees, everywhere will turn white.”

“When it’s snowing, it’s hard to find food, so we all huddle together and eat a big pot of rice in our houses.”

“Yeah, at that time, my sister-in-law even stewed such a a big porridge for us. That would last for at least two months. The snow at that time was so thick that it reached my calf.”

When it comes to snow, everyone was happy to talk about their story with it. Although the life of the beast people was rough, they were very enthusiastic, and they had a heroic spirit when they ate. Compared with the human race, they only needed to take medicine pills with spiritual energy or other things to survive, which made Dongfang Minghui happy.

“When we return to the trading market safely this time, the snow must have fallen a thick layer, I will cook a big hot pot for you.” Speaking of cooking, she was still very happy, to cook, especially hot pot which was easy to make.

In fact, in winter, hot pot is the best food. When you close the door, pair the hot pot with a little wine, eat meat, and drink a lot, it feels really good.

“The food made by the little shaman is really delicious.” Leon, who was fortunate enough to eat it once, praised her.

“Listening to what you said, I especially miss the meals cooked by the ladies at home.”

“Bart, your daughter-in-law is about to give birth to a little boy by the end of the month, right? First of all, congratulations on your becoming a father.”

Qian Wanyu ignored them and channelled spiritual power into her eyes. When she looked at the world again, the white snow falling from the sky changed. It was mixed with a bleak colour, making the whole world before her eyes clouded in a type of gray.

“No, it’s an ambush.”

Dongfang Minghui took out the silk umbrella almost subconsciously and opened it to block in front.

Everyone was on guard, even Nangong Yuntian subconsciously looked at the two war beasts. It is said that war beasts were more sensitive to ambush predictions than people, and they would be alerted immediately if there is any trouble.

However, Chubby and the Green Sand Leopard didn’t react at all.

“There’s something wrong with this snow, everyone move forward quickly and protect your—”

before Qian Wanyu could finish saying, “fatal organs”…

“What th-!”

Bart covered his throat, his eyes widened and blood spurted out of his hands, he couldn’t cover it and stop the flow of blood from his body.

Leon was stunned for a second, and quickly took over the fallen body of his comrade, he saw a very deep mark in his throat, like a sharp blade slashing his neck, but in fact there was nothing embedded inside.


He covered Bart’s neck hard, and he could feel a biting cold continuously flowing from the other’s fatal wound, as if the warm blood in his body had turned cold, Bart’s eyes widened and he grabbed Leon’s hand tightly. His mouth squirmed a few times, then he let go of Leon’s hand little by little as he lost strength and finally it fell to the ground.

“Ah ah!” Leon roared, the beast warriors were not afraid of sacrifice in battle at all, but this kind of death where the enemy was unclear and they couldn’t even see how he died felt the most embarrassing and useless for them as warriors.

“There is something wrong with this snow, everyone try to avoid letting this snow touch your body!”

Dongfang Minghui grabbed Nangong Yuntian and let her silk umbrella give him some protection, “Seventh sister, what should I do?”

Qian Wanyu continued to channel the spiritual power in her eyes, she could clearly see the snowflakes moving, she quickly flashed to Leon’s side, and pulled him away, “It’s useless to be sad now, first we need to find this person then we can avenge your friend.”

“How do we find them?”

Qian Wanyu looked at the sky and the ground. She threw a few formation stones and soon as the formation stones were placed around, an area that will not be attacked by snowflakes activated. She dragged the corpse of Bart who was killed before and threw it into the formation. On the snow, there was only one formation and a lone Qian Wanyu outside.

“Seventh sister, what do you want to do?!”

“Just wait in there.”

Qian Wanyu could almost see a pair of black hands pushing these snowflakes, they were not so much snowflakes as they were “ice” flakes made by an ice-type Spiritual Master. She dodged the iceflakes and reached another one meter with another dodge.

Everyone in the formation, including the two restless war beasts, watched Qian Wanyu move around.

The sharp-eyed Nangong Yuntian quickly discovered a phenomenon. He pointed to the place where Qian Wanyu had moved, “Look, the snowflakes are starting to gather. Every time Qian girl stands in one place, the snowflakes will gather together.”

Hearing it in the fog, Dongfang Minghui simply looked at it for herself. She channelled her spiritual power into her eyes, and soon she saw the snowflakes quickly condense into the size of a finger size knife. It wanted to insert into Seventh Sister’s back, neck, and heart, but every time those condensed snowflakes want to make a move, the steps under Seventh Sister’s feet turn quickly, sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right, and sometimes she would take a few steps back, making people not able to find any rules to her movement.

Knowing that Qian Wanyu was wary of these snowflakes, Dongfang Minghui breathed a sigh of relief.

The faster the opponent condenses the ice-type spiritual energy, the faster the pace under Qian Wanyu’s feet. The two seemed like they were playing hide-and-seek.

“Hahaha, I really underestimated you.”

The voice of the other party was particularly hollow in the empty mountains, and it was impossible to identify where the other party was.

Qian Wanyu was not distracted at all. When the whip in her hand flew out to one place, it scattered the snowflakes. Even the thick ice that had accumulated on the ground was shattered by her long whip. She stomped her feet, and she cleared the snow below the ground.

Since she has mastered the shrinking the ground into an inch, Qian Wanyu’s footsteps have grown faster and faster, soon, everyone could only see her afterimages.

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes almost straightened, she felt that Seventh sister had become more powerful than before.


A black-robed figure was suddenly dragged from mid-air to the ground, he was dressed in black but his skin was pale as snow, as if purposefully emphasizing the contrast in colour, he looked like a walking corpse.

He looked confused at how he had been found, “How did you discover me?”

Qian Wanyu showed a smile and sneered, the lightning-covered whip in her hand suddenly pulled towards the man.

“Hmph, a tender little girl, it’s a pity to be a specimen, why not be my puppet instead?” The other party’s chin hidden in the black robe looked very white, similar to the white of a dead person, and his words always had a gloomy feeling.

There was almost no need to guess, Qian Wanyu knew who the other party was.

This man was like Larkin Shaman, a death priest.

“Wanyu, try his tricks.” Qing Mo, who had been silent in the sea of ​​souls, suddenly said.


The whip in Qian Wanyu’s hand became more and more fierce, and the tricks were ruthless. The afterimages left by the whip in the air was like a blooming flower. As for what kind of flower, Dongfang Minghui couldn’t tell at all. Because her whip was too fast.

“Who are you?!”

Dongfang Minghui could not see the technique of this whip, but the man in the black robe had a clue. It was the Huayun whip technique that the Qing Lan Sect had not spread to outsiders. This technique was only taught to inner disciples, so the moment he saw this whip technique he was shocked and couldn’t help subconsciously shouting.

Qian Wanyu quickly brought out a few thunderbolts, forcing the opponent to release his whole body’s spiritual power to resist. When the man in black robe released his spiritual power, Qian Wanyu’s whip ripped the opponent’s hat. His half-white, half-black hair was exposed.

Just like the yin and yang diagram, half of the other party’s hair was white and the other half, black. What’s even weirder is that half of his face was the same as his hair.

“Heh—.” Qing Mo’s emotions fluctuated slightly in the soul sea, and then there was no sound.

“I didn’t expect that the Qing Lan Sect and the Death Shamans were secretly colluding together…” Qian Wanyu laughed mockingly, “I’m also really curious now. I wonder if everyone in the Qing Lan Sect knows that you are Death Priest?”

Qian Wanyu’s words hit almost all of his dead ends!

“Hmph, I can’t let you live.” The man in the black robe was no longer hiding himself now that Qian Wanyu had exposed everything. The thick dark spiritual energy permeated his body, and even his face was shrouded in a dark gray fog .

“He is not weak, you should be careful.” Qing Mo reminded with concern.

“It seems like you know him?”

Qing Mo sighed deeply, and the memory was brought back a hundred years ago by the person just now. Qing Mo was the disciple of an Elder of the Qing Lan Sect, Elder Yichen and ranked third. At that time, there was no matter of inheriting the Qing Lan Sect. The eldest senior brother was gentle and elegant, he has always been in charge of the trivial matters inside and outside regarding the disciples of Qing Lan Sect. When the master went out to practice, he is responsible for taking care of the Qing Lan Sect.

The second elder brother was witty and clever. Everyone in the Qing Lan Sect liked this Second Senior Brother very much. As for him, he was picked up by the master on the street. He had the worst talent, a stupid mouth, and couldn’t speak properly. There are many things that his Senior Brother taught him.

Zong Pan was a young boy who had climbed the mountain in the fifteenth year of the Qing Lan Sect. According to senior brother, Zong Pan knelt bitterly for ten days and ten nights under the door of Qing Lan Sect, and finally moved Elder Guangxuan to make an exception to accept him as a disciple. Zong Pan’s aptitude is not bad, but in a place like Qing Lan Sect where geniuses were everywhere like clouds, he was inconspicuous, like a dusty pearl.

The first time he saw Zong Pan, the other party was being besieged and bullied by the brothers and sisters who were rejected by Elder Guangxuan, and enduring all kinds of humiliation and beatings. If he hadn’t come forward to stop it, Zong Pan would have very likely been beaten to death.

Due to their similar talents, and the fact that neither of them had a family background, they became friends after a lot of back and forth.

He even remembered the last time he saw Zong Pan, the other party smiled heartily at him, and said jokingly as usual, “Qing Mo, should I call you Sect Master in the future, or continue to call you Big Brother Qing Mo?”

So many years have passed, and the person who still had a smile on his face back then is no longer there, replaced by a person who is full of hideous eyes, caught in the snares of a devil and unable to extricate himself, forgetting his true heart.

Qian Wanyu eventually got the upper hand and inserted one hand into the opponent’s heart, sucking the death aura from the opponent’s body little by little.

Elder Zong looked incredulous, with an unbearable expression on his face, he opened his mouth in shock, “You, you are also—”

Zong Pan was shocked that not only was the other party privy to the practice of Qing Lan Sect’s inner disciples’ techniques, but she was also a person who had awakened the dark energy. He was different from her, he hadn’t awakened in the early stage and was not born with it. He was a Spiritual Master transformed by other people in the later stage, a so-called death priest in the mouth of the human race.

“Do you still remember Qing Mo?” Qian Wanyu frowned. Qing Mo’s emotional fluctuations in the soul sea would directly affect her. She asked this sentence on behalf of Qing Mo.

Zong Pan’s gloomy eyes suddenly widened when he heard the name.

“Have you ever regretted it over the years?”

“Who are you, who are you?!” Zong Pan struggled out of Qian Wanyu’s hands like a madman, blood-red light flashed in his eyes, “Qing Mo is dead, he’s gone, why are you still alive? Let me go!”

Qian Wanyu took out the whip in her hand and mixed it with Dark and Lightning spiritual powers before slamming it into him fiercely, “Since that’s the case, it’s your turn to die.”


Under the cover of the dark lightning bombing, the other party was completely swallowed up by Qian Wanyu’s dark spiritual power, and the memories of the past many years poured into her mind like a movie.

“You don’t look very good, do you want me to take you to big brother? What’s your name?”

“My name is Zong Pan, Zong as in hope, I want to be the hope of the sect and my parents hope that I can honour my ancestors and become a very powerful hero, so I came to Qing Lan Sect.”

“That’s great! My name is Qing Mo.”

“I know you, you are an inner disciple accepted by Elder Yichen. I heard from them that you were brought back directly by Elder Yichen. Many people envy you, you are lucky..”

“Master is really good to me.”

This is how the story of the two teenagers began… After a hundred years, it finally came to an end.

Qian Wanyu held her head with her hands, those memories that did not belong to her swept her soul sea again and again, probably because Qing Mo and this person named Zong Pan shared common memories, both of them were attached and caused a resonance between the two.


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