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MIWW Chapter 137 Part 1

Before Qian Wanyu meditated, she took back all the formation stones, and after she warned Dongfang Minghui to be careful, she set up a barrier for herself.

Those memories that did not belong to her were chaotic and complicated. She peeled them off one by one, only to find that the growth of this person named Zong Pan in the Qing Lan Sect was inextricably linked with Qing Mo.

Of course, she also took advantage of the opportunity to spy on Qing Mo’s true thoughts a hundred years ago, and she felt that this person named Zong Pan was confused and did not know what to do after Qing Mo’s death.

It was the first time she was affected by the memory of an outsider when she started with this absorption ability.

“It’s about you.”

Qing Mo also peeped openly in the soul sea for a long time, and silently agreed when he was accused by Qian Wanyu. After his death, his soul was severely injured, and he followed others from Qing Lan Sect around. It took a long time for him to remember the fact that he was dead, after that, because of his incomplete soul, he couldn’t remember what happened to him back then.

It’s just that when the outside world occasionally had rumours about things like Qing Lan Sect, there will be an inexplicable familiarity. When he heard that Elder Yichen died in battle, he felt inexplicably saddened. These unfamiliar emotions were entirely because he was born and raised in the Qing Lan Sect.

He was like a lonely soul, wandering for a hundred years, until he was about to dissipate, he was sucked in by a fateful colourful stone, after being nurtured in Qian Wanyu’s soul sea for many years, he gradually found a little memory of himself.

Back then, he never doubted Zong Pan, but the current Zong Pan was no longer the one who simply thought about making his parents proud when he first entered the Qing Lan Sect. The current Zong Pan was nothing more than a walking dead man. Alive physically, but dead emotionally.

“Thank you…”

Qing Mo said with a smile, he felt that Zong Pan, the real Zong Pan in his memory who had disappeared, was truly relieved at this result. He stood in the sea of ​​souls and stretched out his hand, touching the vigorous Zong Pan in his memory, and those memories all receded like a tide.

Probably because of the guilt of Qing Mo and some hidden regret within Zong Pan’s heart, Qian Wanyu had no obstacles in accepting Zong Pan’s majestic spiritual power. As a result, the previously suppressed spiritual power poured out, and she was about to advance immediately.

The snow outside had stopped, and after Zong Pan was struck to death by a thunderbolt, the snowflakes that had accumulated underneath all turned into water, gradually restoring the original appearance of the mountain little by little. After a little time, some white bones could be seen.

“Bart was about to become a father soon…” Leon knelt on the ground and was a little overwhelmed by Bart’s corpse. The only thing he could do now was show his respects and be thankful that Bart did not lose his life in vain.

It was the first time Dongfang Minghui had seen Leon so emotional. Leon had always been calm in his work. He had never cried even after so many people had passed away on their journey. When this big man cried, she really felt sorry for him. In particular, this corpse which suddenly turned into white bones, the beast men thought it was caused by the snow, but anyone who knew about the Dark Spiritual Master would know that this was not because of the snow but from the Dark Spiritual energy corrupting and absorbing the corpse and leaving only bones.

Bart’s throat had turned a dark gray. He lost a lot of blood when he was attacked by that Dark Spiritual energy and it was used as a way to kill and absorb him.

“What are you looking at?” Dongfang Minghui faced Nangong Yuntian, blocking Bart’s corpse from his view.

“How long are we going to stay here?” Nangong Yuntian didn’t know that these black-robed men belonged to Qing Lan Sect. He just felt more and more that human beings seemed insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

In this unpredictable future, there were countless dangers waiting for him, even if he controlled the trading lifeline of the empire, so what?

“There should be two hills left before the trading market. The journey back will be quicker, and we will arrive within five days.” Dongfang Minghui replied to him.

“That person was a death priest?” Nangong Yuntian suddenly mentioned. He couldn’t cultivate, but he had a lot of knowledge. In the early years, he knew that human beings were afraid of the Dark Spiritual Masters, any people with this attribute were killed immediately. He had studied this in depth and knew a little about death priests and their abilities as well as appearance in text. When he first saw Zong Pan’s whole body covered in gray smoke, he already had a guess in his heart but he died in the end.

Dongfang Minghui was not surprised at all after hearing his words.

“You seem like… Could it be that you know what a death priest is?” What surprised Nangong Yuntian was the attitude of Little Minghui, a nine-year-old girl, when she heard about a death priest she was still so calm, he had just wanted to frighten her. At least seeing the other person crying and chirping can calm his hurt heart.

“Of course, when it comes to this matter, it is all thanks to you.”


Dongfang Minghui looked at him with a surprised look, and reminded kindly, “Your Yuntian Pavilion auctioned a medicinal plant similar to a love flower a few years ago, do you remember?”

“Naturally I remember.” Nangong Yuntian was a little complacent when he mentioned this medicinal plant. This is one of his proudest auctions over the years. He had a hope that this would be the start of one day having humans not being afraid of encountering these death priests. If human beings could easily find an equivalent love flower plant, they could face those death priests bravely instead of retreating and being beaten helplessly.

“Do you remember who it was taken from?”

“This… I can’t tell you.” Nangong Yuntian shook his head. Yuntian Pavilion has always kept secrets about the providers of auction items, so he could not just simply tell Dongfang Minghui. But then he saw the Entangled Love at her waist and guessed that she was trying to imply something, “What exactly are you trying to say?”

Dongfang Minghui tilted her head and looked at Nangong Yuntian’s face. She could vaguely see a bit of solemnity on the other side’s face. It could be seen that the other side did not treat her as a child, “I want to remind you as a friendly reminder, you need to be mentally prepared. What I’m about to say next is likely to hit you hard.”

The more Nangong Yuntian listened to her, the more confused he became, now his whole brain was in a thick fog he was lost at what she was trying to imply…

“Your so-called love flower is not only a defective product, but also a plant that will bring harm to the three major empires. It is cultivated by death priests. Its true nature is a black medicine with the erosive power of death.”

“HAHAHA.” Nangong Yuntian seemed to have heard a big joke, “Little brat, don’t talk nonsense, your ability to lie has reached a peak, even I was almost deceived by you. Tell me, did your Seventh sister make up stories for you to tell me?”

Dongfang Minghui had a stern face and looked at Nangong Yuntian with sympathy in her eyes, and said, “You finally auctioned this black medicine to the Blood Fiend Alliance, and let them bring it back to one of their sub-headquarters. Later, I saw it by coincidence with Seventh Sister, and discovered its secret.” Speaking of this, she raised her eyebrows, “Do you want me to show evidence?”

“Evidence?” The expression on Nangong Yuntian’s face was about to collapse, he resisted the anger of being accused by a kid, took a deep breath, and warned himself that he was not afraid of tricks, “Little devil, you should be lucky you’re only nine years old otherwise with just those false words I can make you starve to death!”

“Little Colour.” Dongfang Minghui didn’t want to give him too much of a hard blow.

When the vine came out, it pulled out the black medicine that had been sealed in the space ring, and when pulled out, it couldn’t help complaining in her soul sea, “Damn it, don’t you know that if I touch it I have to find somewhere to wash my hands?”

“It’ll make you stink.” The Pig Fairy Grass raised its head and shrank back when it saw many strangers.

Nangong Yuntian’s attention was focused on the black medicine. When the black medicine was pulled out, it wanted to run away, but its roots were already partially rotten. That part had been trampled by Toothless a long time ago, black smoke started to spread out and even the land below seemed to be invaded and turned black.

“Take it back.”

The vines immediately brought the black medicine back into the space ring.

Nangong Yuntian only glanced at it for a moment and looked at it for awhile but immediately recognised it. He remembered that it was this medicinal plant. When he learned that someone had presented a very precious love flower seed, he was happy to meet this person in person, although he was a little disappointed when he found out later that this was merely a false love flower cultivated from the seeds of the real ‘Love Flower’, he gladly accepted it when he thought that it could make Yuntian Pavilion’s fame go farther.

“How is that possible?! Impossible!!!” Nangong Yuntian muttered, his eyes widened, walking back and forth on the ground.

Dongfang Minghui looked at him quietly from the side. She had speculated earlier that she could use this method to severely criticize Nangong Yuntian, but at this time, she was not in a good mood at all.

It was not until Nangong Yuntian was quiet and silent for a long time that he asked, “You just said that the corrosiveness of this medicine is like the Death Spiritual Energy corrosion… How did you find out?”


If it weren’t for Love Flower insisting on seeing the ‘defective product’ and Toothless stepping on it with both feet, there would be no later events. Even for her, it would be impossible to discover the sinister intentions of these people without a series of coincidences.

As soon as Toothless was mentioned, Toothless ran out of the space happily, rubbing everywhere. Seeing the black smoke that was still spreading on the ground, it dug up a hole to bury it, so that it could not be seen.

“You have also seen how far Toothless has stayed from that black medicine ever since then.” Dongfang Minghui gave Toothless a small kiss.

“Toothless, good job.”

“Ow.” Toothless was still wary against the black smoke-eroded land.

Nangong Yuntian looked at Toothless who had been running around, “It…it looks like it’s fine?”

“That’s right.”

“Didn’t you just say that the erosive power of the black medicine is more terrifying than the Death Aura? How can it be fine if that’s the case?”

“You don’t have to worry about Toothless for now. What you should worry about is that this black medicine was from your Yuntian Pavilion. Could it be that your Yuntian Pavilion didn’t test it before putting it up for auction?”

Nangong Yuntian was extremely ashamed by what Dongfang Minghui said, after thinking about it, his face turned pale.

Since that auction, Yuntian Pavilion has held several auctions, and the auctioned items were all extraordinary. He remembered very clearly that the black medicine was appraised by a professional appraiser of the Yuntian Pavilion. The appraiser and Yuntian Pavillion had cooperated for five or six years, and logically he believed that they would not do such a thing. However now…

“What, what do you remember?”

Nangong Yuntian pursed his lips tightly, his face was pale, and even the colour on his lips faded completely, “I will investigate this matter thoroughly when I get back.”

“I’m guessing that now they must be cultivating this new ‘variety’ of black medicine, handing it over to your Yuntian Pavilion in the form of medical plants, and auctioning it off with the name of the Yuntian Pavilion for credibility. Even if something happens in the future, it is your Yuntian Pavilion’s business. What do you think?”

How could Nangong Yuntian’s brain not think of it, he remembered that Yuntian Pavilion’s large and small medical plants were all handed over to this same appraiser for appraisal. If every plant he had auctioned was also a similar black medicine, he-he simply didn’t dare to think further.

“Your medicinal plants have been sold for many years, it may be a little late to think about it now.” Dongfang Minghui actually wanted to know where the land of the elves was from the other party’s mouth, “I have a solution to your urgent needs, provided that you have do what you promised Seventh Sister first.”

“The elves?”


Nangong Yuntian stretched out his hand, “Give me a pen and a piece of paper.”

She was surprised that the other party let go of such a big secret so quickly, and quickly took out a pen and paper.

Nangong Yuntian drew on it, and nodded with certainty after finishing the painting, “I don’t know the specific location of the land of the elves, but the places I drew for you will often be visited by elves.”

“You don’t know the specific location of the elves?”

“Of course not, a hundred years ago, the elves chose to be isolated from the world. They set up a huge barrier around their living space and most people couldn’t get in, even if they got in they couldn’t remember the way.”

Dongfang Minghui pinched the map he drew, looked at it for a long time, and then asked Nangong Yuntian some more questions. After confirming the route, she took it back into her space ring. She felt a weight in her heart fall, Lu Xing might finally be able to go home.

Nangong Yuntian looked at her calmly.

“Actually, you don’t have to worry about it. As soon as we discovered the black medicine, we reported the matter to the Dean. I think most of the ‘artificial medicinal plants’ you have auctioned off over the years would have entered the Royal Academy.”

After listening to her words, Nangong Yuntian had a feeling of being played by someone. After struggling for a moment, he said awkwardly, “Thank you.”

He really didn’t have the heart to be a warrior, but he also never wanted to let the Yuntian Pavilion he took so long to build have a bad stink for thousands of years. Most of all, he didn’t want to take the blame for a giant disaster for the human race, “After I go back, I will explain this to the three major empires in the name of the Yuntian Pavillion auction house. “

This move would openly admit the negligence of the Yuntian Pavilion but it was the only way forward.

Dongfang Minghui held her chin and looked at Nangong Yuntian seriously. Nangong Yuntian’s appearance was indeed very handsome, after looking at it for a long time, she felt he was a little more attractive. She suddenly felt that Nangong Yuntian didn’t seem as annoying as she thought.

Nangong Yuntian raised his head and looked at the sky in annoyance. The sky was clear and bright, much brighter than before. He turned his attention back to Dongfang Minghui, and saw that she was sitting beside a fat bear painting a funny picture.

Looking back on everything before, there were many signs in front of him showing that this kid was not an ordinary kid.



There was a sound of thunder on the ground, which shocked the group of people who had been resting.

The sky suddenly changed colour, and the clear sky just now was covered by a large cloud of dark clouds, thunder and lightning flashed in the air looking very terrifying. Dongfang Minghui saw the person in the centre of the vortex, and immediately ordered everyone to step back as much as possible.

“She’s making a lot of noise for this advancement…” Nangong Yuntian was stunned.

“Quickly get back!”

Nangong Yuntian has extraordinary knowledge and was well learned. If he saw something unusual, he would bring a lot of trouble to Seventh Sister. Dongfang Minghui simply led them back all the way. It was not so much a retreat but more of making distance between them and Qian Wanyu.

When she looked up at the sky, all she could see was the sky looked very different.

“Will there be anything wrong with Miss Qian?” Leon, who had just come out of the pain of losing his brother, began to worry about Qian Wanyu’s safety again. After all, the lord had instructed him to ensure that Miss Qian would be left unscathed.

Facts have proven that in many cases, they were the ones who ended up relying on Qian girl to get away to safety and think of various plans.

“Seventh sister will be fine, we’ll just wait here for a while.”

The ‘a while’ in her mouth lasted all day and night, the sky then turned clear. The long-lost sun was again shining on the grass, bathing these little beings on the ground warmly, even the depressed mood of Leon and the other beast people warmed up.

“Sorry for making everyone wait a long time.”

Qian Wanyu controlled her breathing and quickly found the group who were resting far away, “Everyone we can continue now.”

After that, everything went well, the people of Cyril and Hillary never showed up to block their path again.

The trading market ushered in another trading day of the new month, and there were a lot of voices. Leon took them to sneak back to the guard team’s base via another road.

After travelling back and forth for nearly two months, Dongfang Minghui had the illusion of returning back home when returning to this familiar place again.

“Seventh sister, Qian Mama must miss you very much, you should go see her.”

“Okay, let’s go together.”

Leon arranged a quiet room for Nangong Yuntian and pushed open the door, “Master Nangong, for the time being, I am sorry but you have to live here first.”

“Thank you.”

Nangong Yuntian liked this kind of silence very much, no one would disturb him and no one deliberately flattered him. He sat down quietly, and soon asked for Leon and the others to come. He handed a letter to Leon, “Please pass this on for me to the Yuntian Pavillion. It’s an important letter.”

Leon handed the letter to Qian Yiling, who happened to be with both Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui. Qian Yiling didn’t even look at it, “He has lost contact with Yuntian Pavilion for so long, it’s a good thing for him to report his safety, just go.”

“Yes, my lord.”

“Little Nine, come to my side.” Qian Yiling likes Dongfang Minghui from the bottom of her heart, especially seeing that she was such a small kid but always does things seriously, she would think of how she was like Yu’er if her Yu’er was a child like Little Minghui. Right now the current Qian Yiling wanted to relive some parts of the past she could never recover with her daughter through Little Minghui. It made her motherhood instincts overflow when she looked at her.

She took the other party’s hand and pretended to touch Dongfang Minghui’s palm unintentionally, feeling the change of the Trapped dragon seal.

When Dongfang Minghui was out of sight, Qian Yiling nodded slightly toward Qian Wanyu behind.

“After two months outside, you seem to have lost some weight.”

“The lord must be joking.”

“Little Nine, don’t call me lord, if you don’t mind, you can call me mother like Yu’er.”


Dongfang Minghui was so frightened that she didn’t know where to put her hands and feet. She felt that time seemed to freeze, and finally she looked at Qian Wanyu as if asking for help.

“Ninth Sister, be obedient, just call her mother.” Qian Wanyu squatted down and took the other’s little hand to comfort her. She thought it was cute and she was amused that Ninth Sister had always been calling her mother ‘Qian mama’ in front of her, but now that her mother wanted Little Minghui to call her mother as well she was suddenly scared.

After Dongfang Minghui blushed and calmed down, she also felt that she was making a big fuss over nothing. She was only taken aback but when she calmed down, it was obvious that Seventh sister had already directly informed Qian Yiling about the relationship between the two of them.

Aw Qian Mama and Little Minghui!

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