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MIWW Chapter 139 Part 1

“Wow, Seventh sister, look, look!”

Early in the morning, Qian Wanyu heard Dongfang Minghui’s excited voice, and the little girl trotted over with a big helmet in her arms, almost blocking her happy and excited face.

Qian Wanyu’s eyes paid attention to her feet until she was standing in front of her, and then focused her eyes on little bean sprouts again. One red and one yellow bud actually opened up and bloomed. It was after the tempering that day that it became more and more gorgeous…especially the red buds which bloomed a little bit.

Even so, this was enough for Dongfang Minghui to be happy. This was a seed she sowed herself, and she never borrowed the hands of others during the growth of little bean sprouts. This process is like raising a child. She was very proud and happy about it.

Qian Wanyu’s expression darkened. Since she knew that it was actually the soul-quenching furnace, she wanted to find an appropriate time to tell Ninth Sister that the little bean sprouts… might have been replaced by the soul of the gold rat that fell on top of it… But, every time she didn’t know what to say to those eyes that shone with pure light.

“The flowers of the ghost face tree family should be as big as a human face when they bloom, why is this flower bud so small?”

“It seems you’re right!”

After being reminded by Qian Wanyu, Dongfang Minghui also began to worry about whether she gave the little bean sprouts something wrong. Maybe it was because of insufficient nutrients, or she didn’t have time to bring it out to bask in the sun, yes, little bean sprouts stayed in her space ring all the time, maybe this was simply her fault for not taking it out more often…

“Seventh sister, look at this, since it finally has two buds on it, it must be valuable. I heard the old grandpa ghost-faced trees say that each ghost-faced tree only has one fruit… Do you think it’s because of this that the size of the two buds are different?”

It was like having two babies, one big and one small, the big one will grab the nutrients of the other.

Qian Wanyu looked at her anxious appearance, “Don’t worry, it’s all normal, we’ll know when the little bean sprouts bears a ghost face tree fruit.”


Seeing the other party go back gloomily holding the small bean sprouts, Qian Wanyu felt that she couldn’t say anything…

“It seems that things are quite tricky.” Qing Mo’s tone was mixed with a brisk ridicule, and his mood was much better now.

“Yeah, Ninth Sister treats little bean sprouts like a child. If she knew that the child’s soul was likely tempered by something else… she would probably feel sad and blame herself more.” Qian Wanyu knew her Ninth Sister too well.

“Since that’s the case, I think you should tell her earlier, let her be mentally prepared, at least it will be better than after the fact.”

“I need a good time…”

The group decided to say goodbye to Qian mama as they needed to urgently find the elves. When Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu were both welcomed into the courtyard by Zhilan, they looked at each other and saw the helplessness in each other’s eyes.

“Seventh sister, Qian mama will be reluctant to part with us.”


They had just met again, how could she be willing? When Qian Yiling heard them say goodbye, she didn’t even know that the drawings in her hand fell to the ground.

Dongfang Minghui crouched down and picked them up one by one. The wrinkles on the paper were too obvious. It seemed that Qian mama really liked these so she stacked the papers on the table again.

“Does even Little Nine want to go with you?”

“Yes, mother.”

Qian Yiling pulled Dongfang Minghui in front of her, “You said you were looking for the land of the elves, but what clues did you find?”

The clue was the map that Nangong Yuntian had drawn for her before, whether to tell Qian Mama or not, Dongfang Minghui turned her attention to Seventh sister for help.

“Young Master Nangong has already told me where they found the elves, this time we are looking for real elves.” Qian Wanyu looked directly into Qian Yiling’s eyes, “Do you want to help us look at this map, mother? To check if it’s real?”

Qian Yiling stretched out her hand, “Show me the place to find the elves you mentioned.”

Dongfang Minghui took out the drawn map in her space ring, which was the hand drawn by Nangong Yuntian, and handed it to Qian Yiling looking forward to what she would say.

After seeing it, Qian Yiling didn’t say anything, she only said, “Go early and come back early, mother will be here waiting for you to come back.”

“Thank you Mother!”

“Mother, on the premise of not causing trouble to the trading market, if the Cass tribe encounters difficult problems, I hope you can help.”

Qian Yiling had a smile in her eyes, still telling them to return early and safely.

The two of them walked a long distance before Dongfang Minghui said, “Seventh sister, why is mother unwilling to agree?”

Qian Wanyu gave her a puzzled look, “Why do you think that all of a sudden?”

“Because Qian mama deliberately diverted the topic just now and didn’t agree?”

“Fool, who said mother didn’t agree?” Wouldn’t it be that she agreed but didn’t speak or refuse?”

She thought about it for a long time but couldn’t figure it out, obviously, Qian Mama didn’t agree with what Seventh sister asked?

Qian Wanyu saw that her little face was tangled together, and touched her little head, “For Nangong Yuntian, you must talk to Karu alone. As for Lord Kurt, we need to get a new delivery time.”

When Dongfang Minghui heard this, she felt still had a lot of things to explain before she left. Thinking of a certain little beast man, she could not help inquiring carefully, “Seventh sister, has Leen done something that made you angry recently?”

“Leen wanted to be my disciple, but I refused.” Qian Wanyu simply brought out the problem between her and Leen, “If one day, the human race and the beast people go to war, the two of us and Cass will stand on opposite sides. Ninth Sister, how would you choose?”

Dongfang Minghui frowned, her first reaction was that she couldn’t do it. Cass and the others were her friends. During the time when they lived with the beast people, she had almost forgotten that the disputes between the two races were often more cruel than she could ever imagine.

What if that day comes?

“Okay, Ninth Sister, I don’t want you to be embarrassed by this problem, you should understand the reason why I rejected Leen now.”


Leen was still a little beast boy, he will eventually find Cyril and avenge his parents. Then he can live a stable life, instead of following them everywhere to experience danger, even if he becomes stronger, they were only a part of his life. Dongfang Minghui didn’t bother after she figured it out. She even thought that Seventh sister was right to reject Leen quickly.

Without a beginning, there will be no difficult choices in the future.

The two worked together. Dongfang Minghui went to the tent of the Cass tribe in the East District. They chose a good location this time. Obviously, they could see the familiar faces at a glance, and Karu was also there. She didn’t know what to say or what happened but he was smiling brightly.


“Little Shaman, why are you here?” When Karu saw Dongfang Minghui, he smirked happily. He quickly stood up and squatted in front of her, “Little Shaman, is there something wrong?”

The two found a secluded place, and she said, “Now I have a valuable guest with me, I need you to escort him to the tribe and let him live in the Cass tribe temporarily.”

“Yes, the honoured guest of the little shaman is an honoured guest of our Cass tribe. Where is he, I will pick him up now.”

Karu was very enthusiastic. He was really afraid that the little shaman would be ‘confused’ outside and would not return to the tribe. As a result, the other party sent a friend to the tribe, which was a great good thing. Why not accept him?

“On the day you leave the trading market, go to the guard team to find Leon, and he will escort him to your Cass tribe.”

“Little shaman, I understand.” Karu had heard a little overtone from the other party’s words, and secretly decided that he would definitely entertain this distinguished guest.

Wei Junlan saw them tidy up everything resolutely, ready to pat their butts and leave at any time, and found an opportunity to stop in front of Dongfang Minghui. The other party looked at her with a confused look, “Aren’t you going to find the elves? I want to tell you I want to come.”

Dongfang Minghui blinked and looked puzzled.

“Karu said that he will pay attention to the matter of the Flying Eagle Clan and the Mermaid Clan. Anyway, I still have 90 months, just enough time to have a long experience.” Wei Junlan made a good excuse for herself, “Why don’t you talk?”

“Oh, didn’t you hate going to the elves before?”

“Who said I hate it?” Wei Junlan quickly retorted, the reason why she objected to them going to the elves was because the plot hole was in this place at the end of the plot. But when she found that her life was running out, she no longer wanted to speculate on unfounded things, let alone manage them. For the rest of her remaining life, she wanted to live freely and arbitrarily, and live for herself.

Dongfang Minghui looked at her with small eyes, making Wei Junlan angry.

“Take me or not, give me an answer.”

“Of course you can come, why did you think otherwise? I thought you knew that we were going to the elves together.”

After hearing her assurance, Wei Junlan nodded with satisfaction, and then asked, “Where’s Leen? How will you place him?”

As soon as Dongfang Minghui heard her mention Leen, “Seventh sister arranged for him to stay with the guard team for a while, and left Chubby and Green Sand Leopard to take care of him.”



This is the most reasonable arrangement, but looking at Leen’s eyes, Dongfang Minghui felt a sense of guilt, as if she and Seventh sister had joined forces to abandon him, “Aiya, I didn’t want to.”

The more she thought about it, the more painful it is.

The contradictions between the beast people and the humans couldn’t come out of her mind again.

As the early morning approached, the group left the market and walked step by step towards the place drawn on the map. Toothless and Little White were exploring the way in front. The relationship between the two was really good, but sometimes Toothless will get angry for no reason, and then rush to beat Little White. Little White’s temper was very good, and it wasn’t easy to press him to the.

“Could it be that your two spirit beasts are in heat?” Wei Junlan felt that she couldn’t bear to look directly at them when she saw their friendliness. The two little ones were also feeding her a mouthful of dog food from time to time…

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Dongfang Minghui glared at her, her family’s Toothless is still innocent, not to mention Little White is also a little smaller than Toothless.

“These two little things are so bad, what kind of master keeps what kind of spiritual pet.” Wei Junlan remembered that when these two little things were only a year old, it used to use his butt to face her, tsk tsk, hmph, really no idea why she put so much effort before to save these two little guys.

Qian Wanyu glanced at Wei Junlan coldly, and then set her eyes on Little White. Little White was very big, a whole size bigger than Toothless, but Little White was actually still an underage child. Thinking of Wei Junlan’s teasing of them… It’s really that much.

“Master Wei, in order to thank you for your care for Sister Ninth over the past few years, I have a gift for you.”


Wei Junlan was still thinking about the two pets. She really hated this fellow countryman, she just didn’t think about her feelings of being single and showed her love everyday, then her pets were also showing their love!

Hearing Qian Wanyu’s words, not only Wei Junlan was startled, but even Dongfang Minghui widened her eyes curiously.

“I have a spiritual pet here, I’ll give it to you.” Qian Wanyu took out the flying winged elephant that was sealed in the barrier by Qing Mo’s ice before, and a baby-sized flying wing elephant flew away like this in front of Wei Junlan.

For Qian Wanyu, Wei Junlan has a lot of comments. Due to the halo of the heroine on her, she didn’t dare to say a word about those shortcomings since she was scared of her holding grudges. This holding a grudge aspect of Qian Wanyu was very clear in the plot!

Anyone who has offended her before will never have a good end…

She never hoped to get Qian Wanyu’s opinion or special treatment, as long as the other party didn’t come to trouble the Blood Fiend Alliance and her, she would even burn incense for her!

So when Qian Wanyu said that she wanted to give her a gift, Wei Junlan felt a little light and unreal. When the flying wing elephant cub which had not yet woken up, was brought to her, her heart was instantly filled with cuteness and melted.

“Although this spiritual pet can be given to you, it depends on whether you are willing to accept it or not.” Qian Wanyu then told her about the origins of the flying-winged elephant cub that she had snatched from the Qing Lan Sect, and finally, “Speaking of this, you and this flying-winged elephant cub can be regarded as strangers and unrelated to I and Sister Ninth who were both in the Purple Devil Mountains. If you accept it, I will unlock the enchantment and ice seal on it now.”

Wei Junlan pondered for a moment, thinking about her own short life, even if the Qing Lan Sect came to seek revenge, it would not matter, “I accept, thank you Third Miss for your kindness.”

Dongfang Minghui wanted to stop her, but after thinking about it carefully, although Wei Junlan took back the space ring stolen last time, the weapons and some precious medicinal pills were all looted. 

Qian Wanyu immediately asked Qing Mo to withdraw the spirit power that was freezing the flying winged elephant cub’s body, and then withdrew the enchantment.

Wei Junlan hugged it carefully. It was even more shocking compared to when she hadn’t hugged it personally just now. The little guy was soft, and when it woke up, it hummed and burrowed into her arms with eyes closed.

“It treats you as a mother.” Dongfang Minghui said indifferently, it was not a matter of a day or two for her being a mother to little Toothless. Spirit beasts were very close to the first person they sw when they open their eyes, just like Toothless.

“It’s still small, you have to prepare some food for it, and give it a name. When Toothless was a child, I prepared a bath of medicinal plants for it every day, and when it grew teeth, I prepared molar sticks for it to eat…”

All the learnings were cultivated from an early age.

Wei Junlan was a little stunned when she heard that she had to prepare something. She was a dignified young master of the Blood Fiend Alliance but now ended up in a state of embarrassment with nothing in her space ring… at least she could give it a name, “I’ll just call it Lulu.”

“It’s a very nice name.” Just like a pig… Dongfang Minghui praised against her will.

“Really? Well then it’ll be called Lulu from now on.”

Lulu was still young and wanted to find a warm place to stay, instantly cuddling deeper into her arms.

Dongfang Minghui glanced at her space ring. In fact, she didn’t have much stuff left in her space ring. Fortunately, this time, she swiped some medicinal plants and medicinal materials from the guard team but she couldn’t make a medicinal bath immediately, “I can give you a little of this stuff. Lulu needs spiritual liquid to eat and the things for bathing, but…”

Wei Junlan knew there was nothing good when she saw the treacherous smile on her face, “But what?”

“The debt I owed you last time must be written off, how about it? I can also give away the exclusive secret recipe of my molar stick for free, so that your Lulu will want to eat it again after eating it once! Then you’ll never lose to outsiders haha!”

LOL Minghui!!!

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