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MIWW Chapter 139 Part 2

“Little girl, what do you think our relationship is? You said earlier that you wouldn’t pay it back anyway.” Wei Junlan actuall didn’t really think about collecting debts with Dongfang Minghui, “However, this woman Xian is definitely a big problem and must be solved as soon as possible. We have to get rid of her.”

When mentioning Xian, Dongfang Minghui touched her nose with a guilty conscience. Since the Seventh sister came back, she hadn’t asked about Xian’s fate.

“She’s dead.”

Qian Wanyu walking in front, heard the sudden silence, and simply explained, “The girl I met in the Hillary tribe is Xian, she happened to be looking for Nangong Yuntian, so I simply killed her.”

“Great!” Wei Junlan’s anger was halved but thinking that she had lost so many brothers in the alliance for a single woman, she felt that she couldn’t let her off so cheaply… Then after thinking about Qian Wanyu’s way of doing things, she felt that just relying on the things that Xian had done before, it wasn’t enough for her to die a hundred times more.

“Yeah, that’s great.”

The ‘fourth sister’ who had been entangling her for so many years finally disappeared but she didn’t know what happened to her cousin.

Seeing that everyone was in a sombre mood, Qian Wanyu walked for dozens of miles and simply suggested, “Let’s rest here for a while, and I’ll go see if the way ahead is ok.”

They were in an uninhabited place at the moment, and occasionally saw a few dilapidated earthen houses, which were all places where some hunters temporarily lived.

“I suddenly found out that your Seventh sister isn’t that annoying.”

“Do you know how to say anything good? Seventh Sister has always been very good. Otherwise, where did your Lulu come from? Even the Little Toothless was given to me by her.” Dongfang Minghui didn’t like to hear bad things about Seventh Sister. Her Seventh sister was outwardly cold but inwardly soft-hearted, a typical child who lacked love growing up and had to foster a tough exterior to survive.

Seventh Sister showing kindness to a person was to give things. She felt that Seventh Sister must accept Wei Junlan as a friend to a certain extent for her to give Lulu.

Seeing Wei Junlan teasing Lulu heartlessly, she sorted out some leftover goods in the space and threw it all to Wei Junlan, “Toothless has passed the age to eat spiritual fluid, these are all for Lulu.”

“Thank you.”

“Didn’t you say just now that we are all from the same world, except for Seventh Sister and Lu Xing, you are also one of my irreplaceable friends, understand?”

Wei Junlan wrinkled her nose, “You actually put Lu Xing to such an important position? If you let your Seventh sister know, she will definitely want to eat vinegar.”

“No, Sister Seventh knows.”

“Don’t worry, Lu Xing will definitely not die.” Wei Junlan would not comfort others, she could only use this clumsy method to make the fellow villager in front feel less sad, “What’s more, we will find the elves, and the elves have the tree of life. This may be able to help him recover.”

Thinking of the scene Wei Junlan said, Dongfang Minghui couldn’t bear to look directly, and felt happier, “I hope the tree of life will keep him safe and sound.”

Qian Wanyu leaned her back against a big tree and quietly listened to their unrestrained conversation. She held two beasts with crooked necks in her hands. After a while, she came out from behind the tree and deliberately stepped on the branches on the ground, “Ninth Sister, probably because of the sudden cold weather, I found these.”

“These are…” Dongfang Minghui looked at Toothless and Little White, “It’s enough for us but Toothless and Little White will be hungry, well it doesn’t matter if they eat or not, they can go and hunt some food on their own.”

As soon as they heard there was no food to eat, both Toothless and Little White’s furry ears stood up.

Seeing her quickly processing the ingredients, Qian Wanyu leaned forward in a funny way, “Ninth Sister, you are getting worse and worse. Toothless and Little White are going to fight for their food!”

Dongfang Minghui smiled, “Toothless and Little White are very good, they should go out and find food together, it should be fine.”

Even if something happened, Toothless would issue a warning to remind them, so she was more at ease.

About a stick of incense later, Toothless and Little White hummed and dragged a round little pig beast up to Dongfang Minghui acting like a spoiled child, “Ouch.”

Little Minghui was sitting there roasting meat and was almost shoved into the fire by Toothless and Little White. Fortunately, Qian Wanyu grabbed her with one hand. Their fur immediately stood up seeing Qian Wanyu glare at the two of them.

Toothless and Little White gave Dongfang Minghui an aggrieved look, then retreated, lying on the ground obediently, resting their heads on their forelimbs.

Wei Junlan couldn’t help laughing when she saw the same grievances between the two.

Dongfang Minghui asked Qian Wanyu to stand by the fire and watch the series of barbecued meats, while she ran over to check the little pig beasts brought back by Toothless and Little White, starting to clean them up afterwards.

Soon, a gust of fragrance wafted out. Dongfang Minghui sprinkled her own condiments on top and gave Wei Junlan and Seventh sister a stick respectively. Then she tried it on her own, and she felt it tasted pretty good, so she gave Toothless and Little White some.

Toothless and Little White shared the whole little pig beast between them, the two starving beasts fought another fight for the delicious food!

In the middle of the night, it was windy outside, and then it began to snow. Dongfang Minghui took out a large tent and set it up simply. Everyone would live in the same warm tent. Wei Junlan put Lulu in her arms and fell asleep after a while.

Outside the tent, Qian Wanyu held Dongfang Minghui’s hand to welcome the first snow in the beast land.

“Seventh sister, can you squat down?”

Dongfang Minghui has always hated the height difference between them with her current body.

There was a smile on Qian Wanyu’s mouth, “If Ninth Sister wants to do something, I can hug you.”

Dongfang Minghui ignored her teasing, leaned over, and gently placed a wet kiss on the corner of her lips, “Seventh sister, thank you for being so kind to Wei Junlan.”

“Silly, I just wanted to see what kind of spiritual pet she could raise, so I gave her the flying wing elephant.”

Truly a hard mouthed but soft-hearted woman.

Dongfang Minghui would not be deceived by Seventh Sister’s appearance, she took the initiative to wrap her arms around the other’s neck, “Seventh sister, the snow is so beautiful, if only everyone was here as well…”

If Senior Brother Li, Senior Sister Bai Rou and the others were all around, it would be very lively.

Qian Wanyu wiped away the snowflakes from her eyelashes, “One day, they will all be here.”


“For sure.”

The next day, the few people were almost on their way. Toothless and Little White ran in front of them happily. The thick accumulation of snow could not stop their hearts that were about to get loose. On the contrary, Qian Wanyu and Wei Junlan stepped bravely with each footprint sinking their feet directly to their knees.

Dongfang Minghui had her head in Qian Wanyu’s arms. Spiritual power could provide a steady stream of energy. At least it guaranteed that they will not freeze to death in this icy snow, but the cold wind blowing was still chilling to the bones.

“Seventh sister, I thought of a good way to make you go fast.”

“You mean make a snowboard or skis? If two wooden boards are bound to our feet, we will move forward quickly, right?” Wei Junlan guessed right, she also wanted to find a warm place to stay for the night and not lie down in a tent with wet clothes.

The snow was still falling but there was a silk umbrella, Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu at least didn’t have that much snow on their bodies. Even though Wei Junlan was wearing a piece of thick clothing, it was almost covered up by the snow.

“Seventh sister, why don’t we sit on Little White’s back and let it take us for a ride.”

“What about me?” Wei Junlan’s voice sounded in her ear.

As soon as she turned around, she met Wei Junlan’s angry eyes, as if she was accusing her of something inhumane, “How about I let Toothless carry you for a while?”

“That tiny thing in your family? Don’t think about it.” The little Toothless was eccentric and tight-tempered, and Wei Junlan didn’t want to be troubled. We’ll stop and take a short rest, just in time for two pairs of skis to be made. When the snow stops falling, we will leave immediately.”

“Ah fine.”

Dongfang Minghui hated this kind of weather. It’s not cold when it snows, but it’s still annoying to keep going, especially when stuck on the road.

Little Colour took them to find a few sticks of the right size. Seventh sister split it into two according to Wei Junlan’s request, and Dongfang Minghui studied the cities that the destination would pass through.

Not long after they left the tribe, they passed the Muba tribe. This tribe is a small subsidiary tribe of the Cass tribe. The entire tribe only had about a hundred people. There were only a few strong warriors, and the weak ones made up the majority.

Fortunately, the two tribes, Hillary and Cyril, did not consider expanding their territories into this area for the time being, otherwise, the Muba tribe would be wiped out in minutes.

“Next we need to get to the Tanu Forest.”

Tanu Forest… they have never heard of it, they thought of it as a small forest at first, but when they took advantage of the snow to stop, they quickly managed to ski for two days, and arrived at Tanu Forest without taking a break.

The towering trees were even bigger than the forests of the Purple Demon Mountains. The key is this forest was strange… as soon as they stepped into the forest, they found that the temperature in the forest was different from the temperature outside. “Seventh sister, why is the temperature difference so big?”

When things were strange, there must be something fishy.

“There should be a high-temperature hot spring below.” Qing Mo suddenly said in Qian Wanyu’s mind, “Tanu Forest is a forest comparable to the Purple Demon Mountains. The warmth below nourishes this land so the species inside have mutated in different situations, in other words, this forest is very dangerous.”

Hot springs?

Wei Junlan was attracted by the warmth, but when she heard about the high temperature… she felt a shiver down her back. She didn’t want to turn herself into a roast suckling pig for the time being.

Even Toothless and Little White were quiet after entering, they no longer ran around at will, but they were very irritable.


Little Minghui hugged Toothless but Toothless kept humming non-stop.

Qian Wanyu also felt Little White’s irritability, thinking of what Qing Mo said just now she said, “The high temperature below has had some impact on Toothless and Little White, let them return to the space rings for now.”

Because Wei Junlan has not signed a spiritual pet contract with Lulu, Lulu couldn’t enter the space, it was held by Wei Junlan and kept humming, “Is Lulu uncomfortable?”

“Even Toothless and Little White are a bit irritable when they entered this place, let alone this baby, how about you sign a contract with it.” Dongfang Minghui felt that one of the biggest advantages of entering this forest compared to the outside was that the white snow couldn’t penetrate. The green trees were still green trees and the ground was clean from snow. The temperature right now was  also very suitable, and very comfortable.

Qian Wanyu stepped on dry branches and held the whip tightly in her hand. She reminded both of them, “This is a high-risk place, you all need to be vigilant.”


Wei Junlan looked at Lulu acting so uncomfortable and she no longer hesitated. She bit her finger but before she could sign the contract, she saw a dark monkey attack from the front, she hugged Lulu and quickly moved towards the right.

This roll almost made her roll into the small pool of water on the side. There were a few pairs of emerald green eyes staring at her in the pool, and a red tongue shot out at her.

Wei Junlan quickly got up and saw that Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui were also attacked by the same creatures.

“Wei Junlan, are you all right?”

“I’m fine!”

It was a poisonous snake and a monkey. The animals living in the Tanu Forest all had one obvious thing in common. These animals had a very violent temper. When they missed they immediately screeched sharply bursting everyone’s eardrums!

Dongfang Minghui felt that her head was dizzy, and even her soul sea seemed to hurt.

“You idiot, get rid of them quickly, they are summoning companions!”

“Seventh sister, these things can attack our consciousness!” Little Colour roared at Dongfang Minghui, who was rashly being tossed around, and immediately woke up. She was no longer only defending but attacking, using branches and vines to swing onto the black monkeys while shooting them down with her hidden weapons.

Qian Wanyu tried to throw out a few shots of lightning, but the surprise was that her attacks couldn’t manifest at all! Qian Wanyu was very surprised and tried several times to no avail.

“Seventh sister, stay away!”

Dongfang Minghui picked up the silk umbrella in her hand and smashed the black monkey who wanted to sneak attack Qian Wanyu. These monkeys were very strange. They had no tail, and their palms and soles had sharp claws. Those claws when stretched out were all dark and shone brightly.

“This place is weird.”

“Yes…” Qing Mo had reminded her a long time ago. Seeing that she couldn’t use her lightning spiritual power to good effect, he suggested, “Spiritual power seems to be disabled in this place.”


Qian Wanyu looked at Sister Ninth, and at Wei Junlan, everyone seemed to be using no spiritual power to attack.

After the trying the lightning, she began to release the wind-type spiritual power, but the expected gust of wind did not appear, as if she had encountered a barrier, it dissipated the moment she tried. For the first time in her life, it felt like punching cotton…

“This place is really evil, is it too late to leave?” Wei Junlan didn’t have anything to defend herself, even if Lulu in her arms was stolen, she would be in a lot of trouble. It was only thanks to Little Colour’s vine branches otherwise she would have been scratched by these black monkeys.

“It’s too late, let’s run.”

Alerted by Little Colour and Qing Mo, a large group of black monkeys and beasts like the ones that attacked them came towards this side. Wei Junlan was being pulled by Little Colour’s vines, and Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu sat on Little White’s back.

Everyone fled towards the depths of the woods.

“Hey, what’s the situation? Why does my spiritual power seem to be blocked?”

“Mine too.”

“Seventh sister, how about you?”

Qian Wanyu took out the sword from her space ring, “Don’t you find it too quiet here?”

Dongfang Minghui and Wei Junlan looked at each other, and they stood up slowly as if they were afraid of being disturbed, they didn’t even dare to take a breath. Dongfang Minghui automatically opened the silk umbrella and looked around cautiously.

Wei Junlan felt the little Lulu in his arms was even more irritable, squirming back and forth, as if it was not very comfortable. She tapped it with her palm, “Don’t move.”


Little White roared three times towards the depths of the forest, his entire back arched.

Immediately afterwards, the three of them felt a wave of shaking, the ground was shaking non-stop, and it was shaking rhythmically. She seemed to hear her own heartbeat, and it was beating slowly with the rhythm, but soon, the rhythm became faster and faster, and she felt like her heart was about to jump out of her throat as well!

“Seventh sister!”

“Close your eyes, calm down, don’t feel anything.”

Qian Wanyu found out earlier than them about this strangeness, she quickly calmed down under the guidance of Qing Mo, took out a voice control pill that Ninth Sister had refined before, and gave them one to swallow them one by one. When they couldn’t hear anything and couldn’t see anything, this feeling of panic and palpitation soon disappeared.

Wei Junlan breathed a sigh of relief, sweat came out from her forehead, her heart was close to Lulu’s and the heartbeats of one person and one spirit beast seemed to be synchronized with that thumping, “How long will it take us to get this out of this place?”

“Don’t know!”

The matter wasn’t over yet, even if they didn’t watch or listen, the shaking of the ground was real.

Soon, a huge figure came out of the woods. The height of the three of them together was not as tall as that of the heavyweight monster standing above their heads.

The other party probably couldn’t find them, and withdrew its outstretched claws.

“Seventh sister we need to hurry up.”

They turned around, and took three steps out, the other party flew towards them immediately so the three of them had to spread out, one on each side, left and right.

Qian Wanyu stopped Dongfang Minghui by her side, “I will lead it away, you and Wei Junlan need to run to the other side.”

“No.” Dongfang Minghui was firm, she said to Wei Junlan who was on the opposite side, “Run ahead, go straight to the place we passed, you may be able to exit and survive!”

Wei Junlan didn’t like this method of retreating, what’s more, it wouldn’t make any sense for her to escape alone. “If you don’t leave as well we will all just have to die together.”

In a way, it might be quite an ending to die with her fellow countryman and the heroine of the novel.

Qian Wanyu looked at the two of them helplessly, “Since you all don’t want to leave, we’ll have to find a way to get rid of it.”

If they couldn’t use spiritual power, they can only use their brains.

“There must be something in this place that has caused all the surrounding spiritual power to get blocked.”

“Why do you think so?”

Qing Mo has never heard of a device that could disable spiritual power, but he has heard of many devices that could absorb spiritual power. Similar to the gathering spirit treasure in the small courtyard of the Royal Academy, “You have to make sure that the spiritual power in your body won’t get absorbed.”

Qian Wanyu felt it in her body but found that the spiritual power did not flow away. It was just that there was no way to use it.

In this way, she guessed that the species living in this forest have not been nourished with spiritual power, they were most likely just common beasts. After thinking about it, she wasn’t as flustered seeing the giant beast behind them.

“Ninth Sister, come here, listen to me…”

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