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MIWW Chapter 140 Part 2

“Seventh sister!”

Qian Wanyu and Wei Junlan were looking a little distressed. When Little White saw Toothless, it took the lead and ran towards Tootheless rubbing it first then went to make trouble with Toothless. But this time Toothless obviously didn’t have the heart to play with Little White, so it simply snorted.

Little White obediently returned to Qian Wanyu’s side, very aggrieved.

After Toothless finished getting rid of Little White, it roared at Qian Wanyu again, and it even put on a fighting stance, looking to be quite angry.

Qian Wanyu looked at the hot water pool, and then looked at the two beads placed in front of Dongfang Minghui. She guessed that this might have something to do with Little Toothless, and said seriously, “If you want to go into the pool to look for something, I can help you, but I want another bead that I don’t have.”

Dongfang Minghui also had a headache. Little Toothless and Seventh sister had always been like cats and dogs, she stroked little Toothless’s head, “Little Toothless, I’m sorry, I gave the beads to Seventh sister without asking, don’t be mad at me.”

When Toothless was touched by her, its tense body relaxed, and it turned around to lick and leave some saliva on her face, without showing any signs of anger.

Wei Junlan wanted to laugh, she understood Toothless’ thoughts a little bit. She stroked Lulu, who had just woken up, in her arms. Lulu half-squinted her eyes and looked dazed. Lulu obviously didn’t know where it was at all. It opened its mouth, yawned, stuck out a little tongue, and moved closer to lightly lick Wei Junlan’s chin for a while, then found a safe place to sleep.

“Seventh sister, Toothless is looking for something in the pool.”


Qian Wanyu looked at the pool. She took out the lightning whip, and it penetrated into the water little by little. She put the whole whip in and still couldn’t reach the bottom. It could be seen how deep the pool was. When she took out the whip, she gently touched the tip of the whip that had reached the farthest inside the bottom of the pool.

She just touched it, and soon released it but her fingers were hot and red.

“You all stay here, I will go down with Toothless.”

Dongfang Minghui looked puzzled. Just as she was about to protest, she thought about how she was a land whale and couldn’t swim… She turned to Wei Junlan, “Are you also a land whale?”

“How is it possible, when I was eight years old as old as you right now, I would go fishing in the river, and my swimming skills are 100%. However…” Wei Junlan hesitated, after being stunned by the other party, she simply said, “If it’s this body, you know… it probably has never touched water, I think…”

“Being so arrogant for nothing hmph.” Dongfang Minghui rolled her eyes.

So the duo who couldn’t swim were left on the shore.

Qian Wanyu followed Toothless into the pool. Toothless put a blue bead in his mouth and threw another yellow-orange bead back into Dongfang Minghui’s space ring. It reluctantly carried Qian Wanyu on its back and jumped into the pool with a splash.

A dark blue rippling energy shield appeared, covering her and Toothless inside. Qian Wanyu felt a coolness blowing towards her face and felt much more comfortable. One person and one spirit beast, dived little by little just like this with the water ripple energy shield.

“That dark blue bead should be the tears of the mermen.” Qing Mo really felt that the situation was incredible. Everything that Toothless found was always shocking. He thought it was a coincidence that the black dark type soul bead was found by Toothless as well… But, it turns out the little guy can always surprise them.

The difference from the dense white fog above was that the pool underneath was a fiery red. The farther they dive, the more Qian Wanyu could feel the change in water temperature. There was no problem with the water, the problem was that there was a fire dragon vein under the pool!

This fire dragon vein was not an ordinary dragon vein.

This fire dragon vein is a collection of innumerable years nourished by heaven and earth. It is said that many years ago, at least a hundred thousand years ago, a fiery red meteorite fell and shattered into several pieces of fire meteorites of different sizes. After millenia of precipitation, the meteorite contained fire crystals the size of a fist that had sunken to the bottom of the pool.

There were also three water and fire lotuses at the bottom of the pool. One of the lotuses has already opened a flower, red and white, it looked beautiful, there’s also another bud that about to bloom.

Toothless came for the fire crystal.

As long as there were treasures born from heaven and earth, there was always a guardian.

Toothless and Qian Wanyu didn’t move when they saw the treasures because there was a sleeping flood dragon beside the fire crystal! The crystal surrounded the most central part. The flood dragon had a single corner on its forehead, and on the upper brow of the corner of the eye, there were bumps of flesh that cross between the eyes, which looks very strange.

“No one can use spiritual power in the Tanu Forest, this is probably related to this fire crystal.” Qing Mo sensed a huge spiritual power in the fire crystal. If Wanyu had awakened the fire-type spiritual power, he would be a little jealous of the little guy for having this big chance, “If you can, you’d better pick one of the water and fire lotus and lotus seeds back.”

The water and fire lotus looks like a fire lotus that had grown with the fire crystal. It contained both the fire element spiritual power and water spiritual power. In terms of attributes, it is truly contradictory. However, it can be regarded as a special medicinal plant as well since it bloomed in such boiling hot water.

Qian Wanyu naturally would not let it go.

She patted Little Toothless on the head and pointed to the water and fire lotus. The water and fire lotus bloomed on the edge. It was easy to collect. The key was the fire crystal in the middle with the flood dragon circled around it.

Toothless paddled over obediently. Because of the energy shield, the water surface did not fluctuate. However, they had a little accident when picking the water and fire lotus. There was a small fire snake wrapped around the root of the water fire lotus. It was very thin, almost like a root itself, plus it had the same colour as the bottom of the pool. Qian Wanyu didn’t even have time to distinguish it and was bitten by the small fire snake wrapped around the root causing a few drops of blood to immediately fall into the pool water.

“There is actually a spirit beast guarding it. It seems that this thing has become a treasure as well! Don’t waste it, just leave two plants.”

Qian Wanyu grabbed the little fiery snake by its tail. She thought of squeezing it to death directly, but Qing Mo stopped her, “Look at the redness of your wound, it could be poisonous, you should keep it for now and wait for confirmation. It’s never too late to kill it later.”


Qian Wanyu threw the little fire snake into her space ring, and then transferred the spiritual power in her body to the wound, temporarily sealing it.

When everything was done, the two sneaked in front of the flood dragon again. Qian Wanyu was thinking about how to take the fire crystal away without any trace, but she didn’t need to because flood dragon who was sleeping, smelled the blood of human beings and suddenly opened its big lantern-like eyes. There was still a little confusion in those big eyes.

“Roar—” Little Toothless flew over without hesitation and spewed a small fireball with golden flames towards it.

The flood dragon was still coiled around the fire crystal but because of the flame it was now completely awake, it quickly swept its tail and roared, “Dragon!”

Qian Wanyu stroked her forehead, this little dragon cub always causing so many problems.

She jumped down from Toothless’ back, took advantage of Little Toothless distracting the flood dragon’s attention, and quickly threw out her whip. It was originally aimed at the fire crystal but was blocked by the flood dragon’s tail on the way.

This flood dragon body was as hard as steel and there were hard fleshy spikes on the tip of its tail. The tip of the whip in Qian Wanyu’s hand didn’t get any advantage when she pulled it over, which showed how hard its body is.

“A little cub of the dragon clan, hahaha.”

Toothless, who was thrown out by the flood dragon’s tail, roared twice, like an angry cub. Newborn cubs were not afraid of tigers and the same goes for Toothless as it rushed over again spraying flames at it several times.

Qian Wanyu was slightly bumped by the flood dragon’s body and could feel her internal organs shifting from the impact, “This flood dragon is so powerful.”

“It can even speak human words, I think it is close to transforming into a human form. This flood dragon’s cultivation level is at least several hundred years.” Qing Mo said lightly.

Hundred years…

Qian Wanyu felt as if she had been fooled by Little Toothless, but now she was on board the pirate ship. She took out the lightning whip again and tried to throw a thunderbolt, the sky rumbled and there was really a lightning bolt!

“Who, who attracted the lightning!”

The flood dragon looked panicked, but while it didn’t pay attention, and was knocked over by Little Toothless. Qian Wanyu took this opportunity and wanted to snatch the fire crystal. As a result, the flood dragon reacted very quickly and swept its tail over. Qian Wanyu’s wrist was scraped off by a flesh thorn on its tail, and then she heard it say viciously, “A little human dares to act under my nose?!”

By the pool, Dongfang Minghui and Wei Junlan kept pacing around the shore, because when they stopped, they felt like they were on fire. They had to do this to relieve the burning sensation that felt like they were about to be scalded.


“Can you please stop moaning?”

Dongfang Minghui sighed again, “Seventh sister and Toothless are both below, and they have been inside for so long, how come there is no movement at all?”

“You’re stupid. No movement means that they are all right. If there is movement, wouldn’t you be more worried?”

Not long after Wei Junlan finished speaking, she saw the boiling water in the pool rippling turbulently, and some of the boiling water even splashed directly to the shore.

Little Minghui looked like the sky was about to collapse, Wei Junlan quickly said, “This has nothing to do with me, maybe they are about to get some treasure… You have to believe in Qian Wanyu’s ability, she is the female protagonist after all, right?!”

As a result, very quickly, the boiling water quickly turned red.

Wei Junlan was speechless when she saw this, it’s as if everything was going wrong.


A lightning bolt suddenly flashed in the sky, but it flashed quickly, and there was no response at all.

The two looked at each other, Dongfang Minghui exclaimed, “Seventh sister is summoning lightning, they must be in danger.”

“Hey, I told you that if you want to look for opportunities, you will definitely encounter danger, but you have to believe that they can definitely turn bad luck into good luck, don’t shake in front of my eyes, and don’t even think about jumping inside as a land whale. Even if you jump inside you’ll just be a drag, your Seventh sister will be busy fighting and busy saving you.”

Wei Junlan’s words were a bit vicious, but they made sense.

Dongfang Minghui glared at her, she pulled Wei Junlan back a few steps, “Yes, you are right, Seventh sister is definitely fine.”

In fact, the condition of Qian Wanyu and Toothless in the pool isn’t very good. One person and one spirit beast were completely abused in the hands of the flood dragon.

“Roar—” Little Toothless had both ears drooping down. It was thrown ten times by the flood dragon’s tail, and of course, it managed to escape twice. Wanting to take the fire crystal from the opponent’s grasp seemed simply impossible.

“Toothless?” Qian Wanyu frowned. It was probably the first time that the little guy had met such a powerful beast, and its confidence was greatly affected. She thought for a moment, released all her spiritual power, and sent the lightning whip directly into the pool.

Then several lightning bolts rumbled non-stop.

Jiaolong had been fooled once just now, and this time it naturally thought that the other party was pretending it was even still waiting leisurely.

As a result, four purple lightning bolts hit the pool one after another.

“Seventh sister’s lightning whip!”

“I know, I know.” Wei Junlan didn’t know how to appease her. Hearing the thunder, she was busy pulling Dongfang Minghui away from the pool, “God, I’m most afraid of lightning, let’s hide far away so we dont’ get hit by it…”

After they dodged, the lightning quickly fell, and the water in the entire pool shot out. Dongfang Minghui and Wei Junlan, who were watching from the side, watched in awe, secretly glad they retreated quickly, and then looked at each other and said in unison, “Spiritual power can be used?”

The two released their own spiritual powers, but… looking at their empty hands, Dongfang Minghui was a little stunned, she still couldn’t use it.

“It should be something wrong about the pool.”

The flood dragon under the pool was struck by lightning, and the feeling of numbness was really painful. Qian Wanyu took advantage of the fact that the flood dragon was stunned, and dragged Toothless to the fire crystal quickly.

“Grab it! How do we grab it?”

Toothless tilted its little head, stared at the flame crystal thing twice, and swallowed it in one bite. After swallowing, Toothless turned over and over, rolling upside down in the boiling water.


The flood dragon was angry, especially seeing that the other party was still a dragon cub yet it actually robbed it of its chance right in front of it.

Qian Wanyu shot a few more lightning bolts and found that it was no longer afraid of her purple lightning. It can be seen that no matter how stupid a dragon was it is absolutely impossible to be fooled a third time.

“Water is the world of flood dragons. If you fight against it in this place, you will lose.”

Qing Mo woke her up with one sentence, Qian Wanyu once again took out a few lightning bolts to entangle the dragon, grabbing Toothless and swimming upstream.

“Damn human!” From the flood dragon’s point of view, the dragon cub was simply not strong enough to cause any waves. It is all because of that human’s repeated mischief, that its chance was swallowed by the dragon cub. Now the first thing it wanted to do was to kill the human and the second is to slowly skin the dragon cub and dig out its organs. Maybe, before it has digested the fire crystal it can swallow it alive and transform into a true dragon!”

“Toothless, hurry up.”

Qian Wanyu saw that something was wrong with Toothless. Its fore and hind legs were still pushing hard, but halfway through, Toothless didn’t seem to be able to push.

Toothless felt a fire rushing around in its body, it had no strength at all…

“It just swallowed the fire crystal, it must be the fire crystal that is causing trouble in its body.”

No need for Qing Mo to say that, Qian Wanyu also knew about Toothless’ condition. She threw Toothless ashore first, but she was tragically flicked from behind by the dragon and was hit in the back causing a mouthful of blood to spurt out.

“I’ll kill you first, and then I’ll clean that dragon cub up.”

“Full of nonsense!”

As soon as Toothless left, for Qian Wanyu, the temperature of the water below gradually rose, making it very uncomfortable. Fortunately, the release of her spiritual power can relieve her pain.


Toothless was thrown ashore by Qian Wanyu, but still felt uncomfortable, the little guy fell to the ground softly and kept humming looking for Dongfang Minghui.

Dongfang Minghui could no longer hold it, she tried to unleash her spiritual power instinctively, and as a result, a green gleaming spiritual power was really released from her hand!

“Toothless, where’s Seventh sister?”

Toothless spat out the dark blue beads in its mouth and entered the space ring.

“Seventh sister is still down there!”

“You don’t want to go down, you can’t swim.” Wei Junlan was also very anxious, watching the pool of water turn blood red unknowingly, even thinking with her toes, she knew that Qian Wanyu must be in danger, but she still had to remind her.

Dongfang Minghui held the dark blue bead in her hand, “I have this.”

She could only try it.

Putting it in her mouth, she closed her eyes and jumped directly into the water. With the deep sea beads, the temperature under the water felt very suitable, and there was a protective cover to cover her so that she could avoid the invasion of water.

“Seventh sister!”

Qian Wanyu was holding a sword which was being stopped by the flood dragon’s two front claws.

Seeing this flood dragon, Dongfang Minghui quickly pulled out her silk umbrella and released her hidden weapons.

“Another human being?!”

The flood dragon’s response was extremely sensitive. The hidden weapon was stopped by the resistance of the water so it couldn’t reach the ideal speed Dongfang Minghui wanted, it was normal for it to be detected, “Little Colour?”

Little Colour’s vines dived with her. When the pool lost the fire crystal, the boiling water had gradually stopped, and even the temperature was not as terrifying as before. Taking advantage of the flood dragon’s inattentive situation, it dragged Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui to shore together.

“Let’s go!”

As soon as the words fell, she saw the flood dragon’s long tail sweeping over quickly from the pool.

“Be careful.”

Wei Junlan watched in awe. No wonder Qian Wanyu couldn’t come up. She actually dared to fight such a big flood dragon under the pool. “This flood dragon is afraid of the calamity.”

Flood dragons were born with the hope that one day it could transform into a true dragon, but unfortunately, many flood dragons would never reach that level in their entire lives. After the Flood Dragons transcend their calamity, if it succeeded it can transform into a dragon. If it failed…it will remain a Flood Dragon forever.

Therefore, facing the calamity was something that all flood dragons looked forward to and feared.

Qian Wanyu reached the shore, released a strong spiritual power, picked up the sword, and slashed directly at the thorn in its tail, she used seventy percent of her strength. Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but shoot some hidden weapons and even threw out the only finger knife in her hand.

“What the?!”

The blade inserted itself smoothly.


Qian Wanyu had tried it three times before, this Flood Dragon wasn’t afraid of her purple lightning.

“Seventh sister, use your whip.”

Qian Wanyu had just thrown out the lightning whip, but those were like tickles to the flood dragon. She once again brought out five lightning bolts with the whip as the centre and five lightning bolts surrounding it. A thick lightning bolt shot down and a mysterious purple-black colour flashed in the lightning bolts, which made people shocked looking at it.

“Small insect techniques!”

Wanyu about to hit the flood dragon with her death aura! :hehe:


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