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MIWW Chapter 141 Part 1

As a result, the Flood Dragon was blasted into two pieces.

Qian Wanyu’s thunderbolt contained five spiritual powers, and the lightning element included wind element, dark element, earth element and gold element. Most of the lightning was actually made out of pure spiritual power. From the outside, it looked no different from ordinary lightning. If you look closely however, you can distinguish the purple lines within the lightning.

The Flood Dragon had underestimated the enemy and looked down on these two humans alongside the dragon cub from who knows where.

When it felt the extremely huge aura of death hidden inside the lightning, it was already too late to retreat.

“Seventh sister, it’s still moving?”

“Forget it.”

Qian Wanyu was bruised and bleeding from her body, arms and waist. After she retracted her whip, she asked, “What about the little thing?”

“Toothless is in my space ring, Seventh sister, have you found the treasure that Toothless wanted?” Before Dongfang Minghui couldn’t speak talk to Toothless, the little guy hurriedly got inside and his body temperature was amazingly hot. Even Love Flower didn’t want to go close to him so she was really worried.

“It swallowed the fire crystals at the bottom of the water, he will recover later.”

“Fire crystal?”

Qian Wanyu suddenly gasped and fell to the ground suddenly.

“Seventh sister, what’s the matter with you?” Dongfang Minghui saw that she was covered in blood and was frightened that she didn’t know what to do so she turned her body over in a hurry and saw that a huge piece of flesh on her waist was torn open and bloody. There was also a wound on her arm that looked scary and it looked like she had been bitten by something as well, “Seventh sister, did you get bitten?”

“Yes, by a little red snake.”

“She’s been poisoned by the snake.” Wei Junlan interjected, she kept hiding in the distance, watching the three-meter-long Flood Dragon cut in two pieces turning over for a long time until it stopped moving before coming over, “You bandage her wounds first and we’ll study the snake venom she was poisoned with after.”

Wei Junlan saw that she had been keeping her back straight, and glanced at her curiously, “Quickly, your Seventh sister also has a wound on her back.”

The injury on her back was very serious, even the bones around her waist were torn. She was slammed by that Flood Dragon just now and had been holding up on pure adrenaline until now. Once her spirit relaxed, she felt pain everywhere. Qian Wanyu’s face turned pale but seeing the little guy who was at a loss, she hurriedly tried to comfort her, “It’s just a small injury, don’t make a fuss.”

Wei Junlan touched her nose very innocently. For the first time, she felt that Qian Wanyu had a sweet side, although it looked like she was close enough to dying from the pain she still wanted to put on a brave front for Dongfang Minghui.

If it was another person, she wouldn’t be so shaken given her experience, but when it was her Seventh sister, Dongfang Minghui wanted to calm down but still couldn’t calm down, “Seventh sister, I’ll help you deal with your back injury first.”


Qian Wanyu didn’t frown, letting those little hands clean the wound on her back, applying medicine and bandaging, “Seventh sister, help me tighten front.”

A piece of white cloth passed through her back and under her armpit, and Qian Wanyu raised her wrist to help her pull it.

“Seventh sister, why don’t you say a word even though you’re injured…” She also knelt on the ground, with her knees on the ground, and leaned in front of her in a hugging gesture, tying the two ends of white cloth into a big bow.

“I forgot.”

Qian Wanyu glanced at the Flood Dragon, at the critical moment just now, if the Flood Dragon hadn’t been dealt with, let alone this injury, they may have lost their lives, “Ninth Sister, the body of that Flood Dragon is full of treasures, take it away later into your space ring.”

“Seventh sister, why don’t you… keep this dragon?”

“This Flood Dragon is not very useful to me. It’s main element is water but it’s been near the fire crystal for so long so it might be useful to Toothless.”


Qian Wanyu took the initiative to raise her arms to make it easier for the other party to clean up.

Dongfang Minghui cleaned up all the wounds before moving to the place where she was bitten by the little fire snake. The skin was red and swollen, and there seemed to be no major problems.

“Seventh sister, how do you feel?”

“It’s a little itchy, and the wound feels hot.”


She has never seen any snake bites that would feel hot. She touched Qian Wanyu’s forehead and found that the temperature on her body was still a little high. It was likely caused by being soaked in water for too long just now though.

“I’ll give you a detox pill first. If you still feel unwell, you have to tell me.” Dongfang Minghui took out a pill for detoxification and fed her one, “Seventh sister, the snake that bit you. Can you describe it to me?”

Qian Wanyu took out the snake from her universe bag. As soon as the bag opened, a fiery red shadow came out. She was quick-witted and pinched its head.

The small fire snake looked ten centimeters in length and very compact. The pattern on the snake head seemed beautiful, like a blooming red lotus flower. The snake’s eyes were also very strange, red and white. When looking, there even seemed to be a hint of pleading in the bottom of those eyes.

“You better not touch it, it will be bad if you get bitten again.” Qian Wanyu gave her a look and threw it into her bag again.

“I’ve never seen such a strange snake, how did you get bitten?” As far as she knew about Seventh Sister’s character, the other party was cautious and careful when doing anything. Normally she wouldn’t encounter such an accident.

“For this water and fire lotus.” Qian Wanyu took out a beautiful lotus that was on fire from her space ring. When the lotus was taken out, it exuded a strong spiritual power, and then she took out eight lotus seeds.

As soon as Dongfang Minghui saw the lotus flower, she pointed to the little fire snake that Qian Wanyu had put into her bag just now, “The snake just now looks like this lotus flower, ah I see why.”

“It’s for you.”


Qian Wanyu smiled and said, “I’ll let you keep it for now, we’ll use it when it’s useful.”

She felt that this thing was even more profound when she held the lotus. There were two kinds of spiritual power in this lotus, one warm water-type spiritual power, and the other a scorching fire-type spiritual power. The two kinds of spiritual power alternated and changed colours on the lotus flower. The eight lotus seeds also seemed to contain a huge fire-type spiritual power.

Such a precious medicinal material must be packed in at least one brocade box. She tossed and turned in the space, and finally found a brocade box. When she took it out she was stunned.

This was the golden box that Qin Mu gave her back then. It contained the things that the second lady left to the original owner of this body. She threw it away at will, and never picked it up and looked at it again after throwing it into her space ring.

Qian Wanyu saw that she was holding something in a daze, stood up and took a look, her face darkened, “Don’t think about it, the second lady has her own methods, she will be fine.”

“Ha, no. I just remembered an interesting story that Aunt Mo said last time. I think it’s quite funny.” She wasn’t worried, she just didn’t know what the white cloth in the box was for, she quickly took out the white cloth and put all the lotus and lotus seeds into the brocade box.

“What interesting story? Tell it to me.” Qian Wanyu raised her eyebrows. She had known Aunt Mo for so long, but she had never heard any interesting story from her.

Wei Junlan also wanted to listen to the gossip.

Thinking of those shameful remarks about marriage, she simply turned her back, “It’s nothing, just some nonsense.”

Nonsense? Would nonsense would cause such a reaction?

“Seventh sister, you are injured, do we want to rest here for a while before leaving?” She put the two half pieces of the Flood Dragon into her space ring and then washed her hands, “The temperature of the water seems to have changed.”

“It will definitely change.”

The changes in the Tanu Forest were all because of the fire crystals under the water. Once the fire crystal disappeared this place will change greatly after a few years at most. Thinking of this question, Qian Wanyu couldn’t help but ask, “Qing Mo, since the fire crystal is no longer here, can the two water fire lotuses left under the water still bloom normally?”

“There’s only one left.”


“When your Ninth Sister went down just now, I saw that magic plant sweep away another water and fire lotus, so there is only one left under the water.” Qing Mo was speechless at Dongfang Minghui’s magic plant sneakily stealing several medicinal plants along the way.

Taking another look at Dongfang Minghui, who had no clue about how naughty her plant friend was she suddenly felt that sometimes it’s a blessing to not know anything.

“It will bloom, but whether it can grow like the other two plants is uncertain. This place will be completely useless after twenty years at most.” Qing Mo explained.

Qian Wanyu understood and turned to Dongfang Minghui, “You said last time that you need to collect medicinal plants, but what medicinal plants can grow under such high temperatures?”

After Seventh sister mentioned it, Dongfang Minghui remembered that there were really one or two plants, “Hmm there are some…”

“Find these medicinal plants and we’ll leave.”

The three of them set out on the road again. This time, the temperature in the woods had little effect on them. Qian Wanyu released a strand or two of spiritual power from time to time. It seemed back to ‘normal’ again.

But the so-called ‘normal’ was extremely ‘abnormal’ to the creatures that had been living in Tanu Forest. They were extremely irritable, violent, and making some noise at every turn.

Lulu, who had been in Wei Junlan’s arms, was woken up from time to time by a roar from a nearby animal. She felt uneasy and even Wei Junlan couldn’t calm her down.

“Pass it to me.”

Dongfang Minghui held Lulu in her arms, released her spiritual power little by little, and then teased it, Lulu was a little quiet under her comfort, and hummed comfortably, like an excited little child finding a comfortable position to sleep.

“How did you do it?” Wei Junlan was envious, even her own spirit beast had to be appeased by others. Even though it was her fellow villager, she was still jealous. She had just signed an equal contract with Lulu and she could naturally feel the other party’s irritability.

“Innate skill.”

Wei Junlan saw that the other party was serious and really believed it. Just like the last time when she asked about the properties of those medicinal plants, the other party also replied with the same thing. She felt that the other party was being perfunctory but later, when she observed, she found that Dongfang Minghui was indeed more likeable to these creatures in some ways.

No, actually if it’s just being liked by spirit beasts and medicinal plants. In this regard, even Qian Wanyu had to step aside.

This might probably be the so-called charisma?

Wei Junlan helplessly teased Lulu’s belly, which was soft and very comfortable.

“Little Colour, is that Cangyan Grass really in this area?”

“Should be.”

It only knew a rough location and not an exact one so it was hard to pinpoint.

Due to the special living environment, the flowers, plants and herbs that can survive here were scarce. They walked across a large area, and the most encountered beast were the fire lizards they had seen last time, as well as a series of sand ants, all of which were quite large. Those flowers and plants which survived were also very arrogant, even their words can choke you to death, and their tempers were irritable.

“Seventh sister, your face doesn’t look very good.”

Dongfang Minghui had to change Qian Wanyu’s medicine every three hours, and constantly observed the changes and conditions of her injuries. She was secretly relieved when she saw that the redness and swelling of the wound from the little fire snake gradually faded.

Qian Wanyu didn’t feel anything wrong, she felt that she was full of spiritual energy, except for a little pain in her lower back, there was nothing wrong.

“Relax, if I’m not feeling well, I’ll tell you.”

Dongfang Minghui had a look of not believing her. She knew the Seventh sister’s character too well. She had so many injuries on her body before, and her whole body had turned into a bloody human but she still said she was fine. The last time she entered the gold-loving rat’s nest, her spiritual power was exhausted, and her forehead was sweating but she also just kept silent, “I can’t walk, I want to rest for a while.”

Wei Junlan looked for a clean place, “I don’t know how to walk either. Tell me how long Lulu will spend in this sleeping period.”

“It shouldn’t take a few months, it’s too small, it’s normal to love to sleep, just like Toothless, it slept for a long time.”

“How many months?”

“Just be patient. Each type of spirit beast is different. Maybe Lulu will come to play with you soon after getting enough sleep.”

Wei Junlan had no love for her after hearing her words. She thought it would be fun to keep a pet. After so many days, this little thing couldn’t be shaken. All it did was sleep every day and it wouldn’t wake up no matter how much she poked it. When it did wake up it was very dazed and sleepy still.

Dongfang Minghui knew what she was thinking, “Didn’t you sign a contract with it, just let it go to sleep in your soul sea, you will know when it wakes up. Then you can also help me find more medicinal plants.”


Wei Junlan’s recognition of medicinal plants was definitely higher than that of Qian Wanyu, so the two of immersed themselves in searching for medicinal plants, and sometimes they could discuss it for a long time. Instead, Qian Wanyu cultivated at ease under the protection of Little White.

“This one, this one.”

Wei Junlan saw a plant that looked like the medicinal plant Dongfang Minghui called Cangyan Grass, “I told you, it must be this one.”

Dongfang Minghui was also a little excited. She had found a lot of medicinal plants, but the Cangyan Grass was the medicinal plant that Little Colour wanted. If she could find it, she would have fulfilled one of the requirements that Little Colour had agreed to before.


“It’s strange, it was there just now.” Wei Junlan’s face wrinkled, her memory was definitely not wrong, “It’s just a type of grass and the leaves are a little yellow, and the tip is a little red.”

“That’s the one.” Little Colour said in the sea of ​​​​souls, “It’s possible that it slipped away.”

After medicinal plants have opened their spiritual domain, it depended on their cultivation status as to how intelligent they were. Some will not run away, while others run away when you mention them. Dongfang Minghui pondered for a moment, then deliberately complained, “It’s obviously not there. Really making me happy for nothing. Forget it, let’s go to another place and look for it.”

Wei Junlan watched her wink and it took a while to react, “It’s probably because I’ve been too tired these days, I must’ve remembered it wrong.”


Dongfang Minghui hid her breath perfectly, and chatted with Little Colour in her soul sea, “Does this grass have any special hobbies?”

Little Colour thought for a moment, “Probably not.”

“How long do you have to wait for the rabbit? What if it slips away and never comes back?”

“Look again.”

Because there was no grass around, and there were surprisingly few medicinal plants, Little Colour’s vines could hang from the tree little by little, like a cheetah, waiting for its prey to come to the door.

Wei Junlan lay on the ground and shrugged Dongfang Minghui with her elbow. She took off a yellow ant that fell from the tree. She didn’t pay attention at first, but after being bitten by these ants a few times, she had a long memory of them now. All these damn creatures in the Tanu Forest were annoying.

“If I knew it would slip away, I would have flown over and caught it.”

“Would have helped to know earlier.” Dongfang Minghui didn’t want to have any sympathy for this medicinal plant. She knew that Little Colour would definitely devour these medicinal plants to restore itself so she just let it go. She wasn’t trying to be a saint saving everything after all.

The two lay on their knees for more than an hour when they suddenly felt a shadow covering them.

After Qian Wanyu’s meditated, she saw two people, one big and one small, lying there, even their movements were the same, making people a little uncomfortable.

“Shh.” The two acted in unison.

Dongfang Minghui repeatedly made sure that the medicinal plant hadn’t appeared yet then she got up and whispered, “Seventh sister, we are waiting for the Cangyan Grass.”

Seeing how cute she was acting, Qian Wanyu pinched her nose, “If someone wanted to trap you, would you still throw yourself into the trap?”

She didn’t nod nor shake her head.

“I’ve given Little Colour a time limit, three hours at most. If that Cangyan Grass still hasn’t appeared, we will leave.”


Qian Wanyu pulled her, and the two found a place to sit down. She didn’t know what Seventh sister had done but there were no creatures around that dared to approach which saved them a lot of trouble.

Little Colour is naughty!

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