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MIWW Chapter 158 Part 1

Little Colour’s vines disliked the water from the sea, it then found a place where the corrosive smell was not very strong and took root.

Dongfang Minghui saw ten merpeople through the water barrier. The strange thing was that these merpeople floated so gently in the sea without flicking their tails. They had something very familiar to her tied to their wrists. Their net pockets were golden, and the aftermath of the purple lightning was still rolling in the sea, but the group of merpeople seemed to be unaffected.

Qian Wanyu was besieged at the very center, those net pockets were wrapped around her, and the surrounding mermen were constantly closing the distance, trying to intercept the person in the middle of the net pockets.

“Seventh sister!”

The silver needles in Dongfang Minghui’s hands flew and shot into the merman who was closest to her. She wanted to use this to attract the merman’s attention. To her surprise, the merman didn’t even hide, and didn’t react at all.

“It’s the undead.”

As soon as Little Colour’s vines came into contact with the thunder and lightning, it trembled. The vines shuttled through the seabed, splitting into many strands, and secretly wrapped around the waists of the group of merpeople from all directions then instantly exerted force to pull them away a long distance again.

This golden net bag is indeed different from the normal ones. It is made of some kind of soft metal, which is completely different from the net bag that was broken by the tip of her mine whip before. Qian Wanyu didn’t notice and had been suppressed in the center by the golden nets.

Fortunately, Little Colour’s vines quickly pulled the distance open and the golden net pockets were opened.

Qian Wanyu took the opportunity to turn around quickly, her whip hit a merman closest to her, successfully twisting the opponent’s neck and catching a corner of the golden net pocket. Purple lightning and dark spiritual power quickly spread from the golden net to the rest of the merpeople.

The remaining nine mermen did not respond at all. The merman whose neck was twisted by Qian Wanyu just now was caught by his own golden net pocket by chance. Then they unexpectedly gathered the net pocket and swam away to the deep sea.

“This group of merpeople seems to be controlled by someone.” Qing Mo hesitated for a moment before saying in her soul sea, “They are unconscious, and can’t tell the difference between themselves and you. They seem to be the lowest level among the undead since they lack thinking ability.”

“In that case, we will count on them being stupid.”

Qian Wanyu really wanted to see whose hand stretched so long, from the human race to the merpeople race, thinking of the Qing Lan Sect people who had been rummaging around in the Water Dragon Palace before, she almost had a clue as to who it could be, ” Follow along and let’s see.”

Dongfang Minghui watched for a while, and found a problem. The merman who was injured by the silver needle did not respond at all. On the contrary, Seventh Sister replaced one of the merpeople in the group and the group of mermen didn’t realize it…

If it was a group of normal mermen, how could they watch their own kind being killed by Seventh Sister and remain indifferent? There was an eerie vibe to the whole thing.

They quickly swam to a deep cave under the sea. Outside the cave, there was a group of seaweed as a barrier. There were also some old remnants of wood lying around. The environment looked very messy and dirty. They didn’t expect that the cave these merpeople had come from was hidden in such a sloppy place.

Qian Wanyu gently shook her head at Dongfang Minghui before entering the cave.

Dongfang Minghui only muttered to herself when the group disappeared before his eyes, “What does Sister Seventh want to do?”

Little Colour rolled her eyes, Qian Wanyu clearly wanted to find out more about the situation.

“Little Colour, let’s go in and take a look.”

“No way.”

Little Colour’s vine branches tied to a big rock that sunk to the bottom of the sea, wanting Dongfang Minghui to pretend to be dead.

Dongfang Minghui thought for a while, and as soon as she put away the dark blue beads, the water cover disappeared. As she walked along the cave, she smelled a strange smell that almost stunned her. She held her breath and moved forward resolutely.

Qian Wanyu watched as the mermen carried the corpse and walked silently in front. The cave went in quite deep, although the ground was still damp, there was less and less water, but the mermen in front were still using their fish tails to walk, twisting their skin away on the ground yet they didn’t notice it.

“The undead merpeople have probably lost the function of transforming their fish tails into legs.”

“I’m not sure.”

Qian Wanyu followed them closely and walked into the deepest part. There was a water prison. The water in the water prison was a murky colour. Compared with the deep blue water outside, it was simply night and day. The stench was extremely strong as well but along the way, Qian Wanyu simply blocked her sense of smell, so her face didn’t change.


The group of living dead mermen threw the corpse in the golden net pocket into the water prison. All the people detained in the water prison were merpeople. Their fish tails were penetrated by iron hooks and swayed weakly in the dirty water.

As soon as the corpse was thrown down, there was a bang on the ground, the chain tightened, and a hook pierced through.

“Ah, the corpse—”

The merpeople detained here have figured out the rules. Basically, in this water prison, from time to time, there will be people of the same kind thrown down. They will always ‘kindly’ come over to take a look, and this time was no exception.

But a pair of dead corpses…they were terrified!

Qian Wanyu was hiding behind the last merman, and a trace of doubt flashed in her eyes. Could it be that the purpose of the group of undead who brought the merpeople here was what she had guessed? Just as she was raising her hand, ready to break the necks of the undead, she heard a familiar voice coming from the water prison.

“Ah shit, didn’t even find the treasure and ended up being locked in such a dark, ghostly place. Is there anyone there?” Wei Junlan’s fish tail flipped over and over making water splashes rise and fall. Her fish tail is very obvious among this group of merpeople, it was a bright colour, a rare dark blue just like the color of the sea, and when the group of mermen who were held in the same water prison saw her, they were terrified. They all huddled in a corner, with fear in their eyes, as if they had seen something terrifying.

This attitude made Wei Junlan very unhappy.

She searched for a while but found that her ‘treatment’ was not bad, her fish tail was not penetrated by the iron hook, and she still had a free body, it was probably because the group of people who kidnapped her hadn’t had time to do anything.

She remembered that she should have jumped off the cliff… Somehow she ended up jumping directly into a net bag they had prepared, and she was knocked unconscious before she could call for help.

Looking around, she found that she was in a water prison. There were a total of forty-eight iron railings, which encircled this area from all sides. If she wanted to leave, she would have to climb out from the railings, maybe there was a chance.

As soon as she said it, Wei Junlan took out a piece of clothing from her space ring and wrapped it around her waist. She grabbed the iron railing with both hands and climbed up.

Once her fish tail got out of the water, it turned into two long legs. Fortunately, she had self-awareness and blocked it with her clothes. She seemed to be climbing a rock and reached the top of the water prison with one effort. Yes, there was also an iron net at the top of the water prison. She pushed her hand up, but there was a crackling sound, it seems the iron net was covered with lightning.


Usually, it’s fine to be struck by Qian Wanyu’s lightning twice. Wei Junlan’s hand that touched the iron net was blackened from the electricity, and there was a smell of burnt meat, as if it was cooked. If one didn’t notice, they’d probably fall all the way back down again…

What made Qian Wanyu feel really strange was the mermen who surrounded her from all corners, everyone reached out their hands together to pick up Wei Junlan, and then it seemed like they had touched some hot potato and they immediately let go.


As soon as they put her back in the water, they hid in the corner like turtles again.

“I originally thought that they hadn’t captured you Young Master Wei, but…it doesn’t seem to be the case.”

Qian Wanyu stretched out her hand and quickly twisted the head of an undead merman in front of her. One by one, the corpses soon paved the way to the water prison.

Wei Junlan took two sips of water…with a constipated look on her face, she spat out the water that made her sick to the stomach.

“Hey, you-”

Wei Junlan pointed her index finger at them, but the merpeople who were next to each other, stared at her in horror, like she was a heinous person, she reluctantly retracted her finger, looked at her scorched hands and took a deep breath. “This thunderbolt is even more powerful than Qian Wanyu’s thunderbolt.”

“Why don’t you try mine first before you come to a conclusion?”

Qian Wanyu stood above and suggested amusingly.

Wei Junlan was overjoyed when she heard the familiar voice, she raised her head, and saw a figure standing above, “Hey, think of a way to get us all out.”

Qian Wanyu threw out her whip, and the tip of the whip hooked the iron net. She took advantage of her strength to step on the iron net, and the expected electric shock did not appear.

“Looks like it’s only for the merpeople here.”

Wei Junlan flicked her fish tail, glanced at random and caught a glimpse of a familiar figure, she swam over quickly, grabbed the man’s arm and lifted it out from the water, it was the comatose little mute, the little mute still had injuries on his cheeks, Half of his face was swollen, she gently pulled him and she heard the sound of clattering chains in her ears.

The little mute who fell into a coma frowned slightly, as if uncomfortable.

Holding one hand, Wei Junlan easily walked to the iron fence with the help of the buoyancy of the water. Looking at the iron chain outside the iron fence, one end was still hooked on the fish tail of the merpeople and the other was tied to the fence, no wonder the group of people did not try to leave.

The iron hook was very sharp, and its shape was similar to the one used to hang a pig’s head. Wei Junlan looked at the little mute whose face was pale in pain and had suffered excessive blood loss wondering, “It’s strange.”

She remembered that before she fell into a coma, the little mute was still looking at the people above, she didn’t even know that he was also taken away by those merpeople.


Wei Junlan flicked her blue tail, why was there nothing hooked to her fish tail?

“Did Dongfang Minghui come with you?”

“Stop talking nonsense.” How could Qian Wanyu allow her Ninth Sister to enter such a messy and dangerous place, “I’ll get rid of this iron net later, you bring the group of merpeople up.”

Wei Junlan rolled her eyes, she pondered for a while, but still felt that she had to get rid of the iron hook in order to successfully rescue the little mute. Resisting the strong smell of blood, she pulled out the iron hook from his fish tail very slowly, watching the expression on the little mute’s face from time to time.


The little mute woke up from the abrupt pain. He felt pain all over his body, especially his legs, which seemed to be broken. When he opened his eyes, he saw Wei Junlan’s blue fish tail.

“Don’t mess around, you’ll be fine soon.” Wei Junlan has done treatment for the disciples of the Blood Fiend Alliance before, so she was not intimidated by the smell of blood. It was only until she completely removed the iron hook from the fish’s tail that she breathed a deep sigh of relief, “I’ll let Minghui give you some healing medicine later, don’t get it contaminated with water, it will be fine in a few days.”

The little mute nodded, pulled an iron chain for a long time but unable to shake it before giving up and looking around for an exit.

Wei Junlan patted him on the shoulder and reminded kindly, “Don’t bother, look up.”

The little mute raised his head and saw Qian Wanyu pulling the iron net to a corner with her bare hands, she tore it open with force, and the iron net now had a big hole, “Come up.”

“Little brother, don’t go, help us!”

The merpeople who were huddled in a ball in the corner didn’t think about fleeing, every time they escaped, they would be caught, and their treatment would be even worse… Some of them were dragged away and never came back until now. However now with a huge hole in the opening and seeing how it was easy to climb up for Wei Junlan despite falling, they felt that they could finally leave completely this time.

They felt like their final opportunity was at hand.

However, it seemed everyone was afraid of Wei Junlan, so they simply begged the little mute instead.

The little mute had a kind-hearted nature. As soon as he heard the thoughts of the group of people, his bright blue eyes stared straight at Wei Junlan.

“Little mute, I told you, if you use the charm ability of your clan on us again, I will no longer consider you a friend.” Wei Junlan turned her head and struggled for a while, but she couldn’t stand the sad crowd’s wailing, finally she muttered, “Since you want to save them, it’s not impossible, but you will be responsible for taking them in later.”

There were about a dozen mermaids imprisoned in a water prison, each of which was hooked by an iron hook at their fish tail and they were all dripping with blood.

Wei Junlan took out one of the hooks to demonstrate, and said to Little mute, “Be gentle, or else their fish tails won’t be able to be used later, and they won’t be able to walk.”

The little mute nodded clearly and quickly got started.

Dongfang Minghui came along following the stench. Qian Wanyu was half-squatting above the iron fence, looking thoughtfully at the blue fish tail girl below. The mermaid on top was rolling her tail around and enjoying the freedom.


Qian Wanyu was talking with Qing Mo in her soul sea, when she heard the crisp ding sound of the iron fence, she raised her head only to see Sister Ninth waving at her.

She stepped back with a little force and flew from the iron fence to the top with one step, “I made you wait outside, how did you come in?”

Dongfang Minghui first nervously checked her up and down, and then she was relieved when she saw that Qian Wanyu was not injured, she looked at the corpses lying on the ground which were already festering and said, “Seventh sister, these merpeople… They don’t seem right.”

Qian Wanyu gestured back and forth with the words “Return Town” on her palm.

It took Dongfang Minghui a long time to recognize these four words. She thought about it for a while and slowly said, “The undead?”


“Hey, don’t keep chatting, help.” Wei Junlan divided the labor and cooperated to help the merpeople hooked there but there were still “old, weak and sick” merpeople and some had even lost the ability to escape even if they were freed, they couldn’t climb up the fence.

Even when their fish tails turned into legs, they found that the place where the iron hooks were hooked was just on the sides of their thighs which was exactly where they would need to use to climb up…

Wei Junlan racked her brains but couldn’t think of a solution. If her piece of white cloth was still here, she might be able to pull the group of people up. When she heard Dongfang Minghui’s loud voice just now, she immediately paid attention.

“Why are there so many merpeople here?” Dongfang Minghui smacked her head and found that Wei Junlan and Little Mute were also in the water prison, she quickly said, “Seventh sister, how will they get up?”

“Climb of course.”

Wei Junlan flicked her tail angrily, and her dark blue fish tail slapped heavily, inexplicably carrying a sense of majesty, and the group of mermen beside her instantly turned into obedient quails, habitually shrinking in the corner.

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