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MIWW Chapter 158 Part 2

“Use your vines, Little Colour.”

The vines of Little Color hung down from the middle part of the iron fence in disgust, splitting into many strands to bind the hands of all the merpeople and lifting them up. As soon as they got out of the water, their tails turned into festering smelly legs.

Dongfang Minghui checked her space ring. Although she didn’t have many medicinal plants, she had made a lot of pills.

“Ninth Sister, let’s get out of here first.” Qian Wanyu was deeply afraid that the other party would make another move. The group of merpeople were injured and disabled. If they had to escape, they might not be able to escape far.

“Let’s go.”

Wei Junlan didn’t have anything on her. Her fish tail was also much larger than that of other merpeople so she walked in front to explore the way.

The formation on the isolated island was still there, and the merpeople on the island shrank back instinctively when they saw the other merpeople.

Seeing this scene, Wei Junlan believed what Qian Wanyu said before. Although they were all merpeople with the same appearance, their essences were different. She reassured, “Don’t be afraid, this group of merpeople have left their hometown and are seriously injured, so they need to be here to heal.”

Healing is one aspect, but a more important thing was to deal with Dongfang Minghui’s ear problem.

Dongfang Minghui was busy all by herself, first she healed the little mute’s legs, and then there was the other merpeople. The only merman who was reprimanded by Dongfang Minghui before for being disobedient also offered to help when he saw that she was too busy. It saved her a lot of effort.

After treating the wounds on everyone’s legs, Dongfang Minghui crushed the pills and bandaged them…

Wei Junlan knew that she couldn’t help, so she simply pulled Qian Wanyu aside, “Even some of the merpeople have turned into undead. Could it be Qing Lan Sect who is behind the scenes?”

Qian Wanyu glanced at her and said frankly, “I don’t know if someone from Qing Lan Sect did it.”

Back in the return town, they encountered a series of undead because someone had set up a trap to catch Ninth Sister. Thinking of this, Qian Wanyu fixed her worried eyes on Dongfang Minghui.

This time……

It should just be a coincidence…

“Wei Junlan, everyone’s fish tails were pierced by iron hooks, why is yours… all right?” Qian Wanyu looked up and down the other’s jade feet with interest. If she didn’t know her before, there would be no way she could connect the beautiful merperson in the sea with the person in front of her.

God really knows how to joke. He gave her the identity of a human, and then deprived her of it, then gave her the identity of a mermaid again.

Wei Junlan rubbed her nose for a while, and said very narcissistically, “Probably because my fish tail is too beautiful, they can’t bear to use an iron hook on me?”

Qian Wanyu nodded in agreement, “Your fish tail is beautiful, but it’s definitely not for this reason.”

“The merpeople must know the issue. If you have time to ask them, maybe you can get the answer.” Qing Mo said quietly in her sea of ​​souls, “I can tell Wei Junlan has just accepted the identity of a mermaid. There shouldn’t be much issue.”


There were more and more merpeople on the isolated island. The merpeople however were split in two, as if they both had a deep hatred. They each found a big tree to protect them. The road in the middle became a dividing line.

The expected peaceful and harmonious atmosphere was not there. On the contrary, the atmosphere was even gloomier than before.

The little mute’s legs were injured, but he still didn’t forget to remind Dongfang Minghui. After gesticulating for a long time, the other party’s black and white eyes were still blank. He then pointed to his ear and then to the medicinal materials. The meaning was very obvious.

“Little mute, you want to remind me not to forget the medicinal plants to heal my ears right?”

The little mute nodded happily as if a chicken pecking at rice.

“If you hadn’t reminded me, I might really forget.” There were too many patients, and Dongfang Minghui forgot as soon as she got busy. What’s more, from being unaccustomed at the beginning she was now slowly adapting, it seems that there was nothing actually too much wrong with a quiet world.

However, in the end it always felt like something was missing.

Dongfang Minghui took out the purple companion plant and wind king plant from her bosom,. The little bean sprout happily jumped out of her space ring. It was much taller than before and its buds were very full. In the blink of an eye, it looked like two soft balls.

“This time let me.”

Little Colour was afraid that the other party would accidentally lose the essence of the two medicinal plants, and it would be difficult to find another replacement, so it quietly took the two medicinal plants away. Pig Fairy Grass stuck out a head and swooped out.

Qian Wanyu saw Little Color sneaking into the depths of the forest with medicinal plants and she couldn’t help frowning. She was stopped by Wei Junlan as soon as she lifted a foot, “We haven’t found the treasure that the little mute was talking about. Weren’t we doing all that work for nothing?”

“Hey, tell me, what should we do?”

After being delayed, Qian Wanyu could no longer see Little Color’s figure, her face was a little cold, and she glanced at Wei Junlan with cold eyes.

Wei Junlan felt a little guilty and took a small step back.

“Don’t worry, the people from Qing Lan Sect will not let it go, and if the people behind the undead knew that you hid these merpeople on this isolated island, within three to five days, they will definitely come to our door.”

“No way…”

As soon as Wei Junlan turned around, she saw the merpeople brought back from the water prison blinking and staring at her, their eyes full of anticipation, “Then, why don’t we make them go back early after their leg injuries heal?”

Qian Wanyu didn’t respond, but said, “You think of a way yourself, I won’t interfere.”

“Hey, what do you mean by not intervening?” Wei Junlan felt that she had caused a big trouble, let’s not talk about this new group of merpeople, even the ones from before were a headache!

Qian Wanyu walked to Dongfang Minghui’s side, and found that she was holding the little bean sprouts in a daze. The little bean sprouts… couldn’t be considered little anymore. Seeing the little bean sprouts being so big she couldn’t help but doubt her eyes.

“Seventh sister?”

Qian Wanyu took the Tianyin helmet from her hand, her hand sank from the weight and she almost dropped it it. She found that the Tianyin helmet had doubled in weight compared to before, she weighed it, and quietly placed it on the ground seeing that the Tianyin helmet was swaying to and fro. The buds of the little bean sprouts were also swaying happily..

Dongfang Minghui poked the flower bud lightly with her finger, with a slight smile on her lips.

Qian Wanyu watched quietly, it seemed that she hadn’t seen Ninth Sister’s smile for a long time, it would be great if it could continue like this.

However, those quiet times wouldn’t come back just because of her wish.

Little Colour rushed over, handed the refined medicinal liquid to Dongfang Minghui, and took out a pill, “You can drink it directly or make a pill and swallow it.”

Dongfang Minghui sniffed the smell of the medicinal liquid, and there was a strong smell of grass, which was very strange, “Are you asking me to drink it like this?”

Little Color nodded, staring at the bowl with pale lips, “Drink it, you might be able to restore your hearing.”

Dongfang Minghui had no doubts about it, but she still used her spiritual power to refine two pills, swallowing one of them and placing the other in a porcelain bottle, she smacked his lips after swallowing, “Little Colour, this pill seems…”

Then there was darkness in front of her eyes, and Dongfang Minghui fell face down.

Qian Wanyu caught her and asked with a dark face, “What did you give her?”

Little Colour shrank her neck and said, “Naturally, it is the medicinal liquid made by the companion plant and the wind king plant.”

Plus some other things…

“Ninth Sister had better be safe and sound, or I’ll have to burn you alive.” Qian Wanyu rushed back to the tent with Dongfang Minghui in her arms. She checked and saw that the other party’s physical functions were still fine, she just seemed weak.

Little Color also transformed back and entered into Dongfang Minghui’s soul sea in a flash. Since the other party advanced, hr esoul sea was much more beautiful than before. The fake grass had become very real, and the green grass plains were endless. It sighed heavily, “The wind king plant has mutated, I hope the efficacy of the medicine will not change…”

Otherwise… with Qian Wanyu’s viciousness, it might really be turned into a magic plant roasted by fire.

Wei Junlan went into the tent to see Dongfang Minghui a few times, but because she had been sleeping all the time, she simply focused on the isolated island. She told the little mute about the situation Qian Wanyu had analyzed before, and the little mute automatically organized the rest of the merpeople tribe, everyone worked together to make traps and weapons.

On the other hand, because most of the merpeople were injured on their legs, Dongfang Minghui clearly warned them during the healing process to not go into the water so they rested obediently and took care of some things within their power, such as making spears.

They made simple spears by sharpening one end of pieces of wood.

Wei Junlan stared at these weapons that were hundreds of years behind, feeling a little headache. The combat effectiveness of the merpeople was a little too trash. She rubbed her chin and thought about how to improve the combat effectiveness of the merpeople, so as not to be swallowed by the humans without knowing what happened.

“Can you guys sing?”

The merpeople looked at each other in dismay, and after a long time someone nodded lightly, very slightly, “Yes.”

Wei Junlan had only heard their voices once, and it was because of that time that Dongfang Minghui lost her hearing. She asked very curiously, “Your singing is really like the rumors outside, it can hurt the enemy so can it help?”

Sound power is actually very lethal, especially when attacking a group.

As soon as she finished speaking, the merpeople lowered their heads one after another. Seeing their reaction, Wei Junlan inexplicably felt a little bad.

Sure enough, someone quickly refuted her words, “It was possible before, but…not now.”

Wei Junlan was shocked, if the merpeople lost their voice, would they still be merpeople? Wouldn’t they just become a fish at the mercy of others?

The merpeople fell silent, and no matter how she asked, she couldn’t find out the reason.

Wei Junlan was in a very difficult situation, after much deliberation, she decided to carry forward with the spears, a must-have in the hands of every one of them. However, this was still not enough she paced back and forth. After a while, she asked, “If the enemy comes, do you have any weapons to resist foreign enemies?”

The charm merpeople clan is good at using their eyes to charm the enemy but it can only be effective when they are on shore. Once they encountered water, people’s eyes would be blurry so it’ll be difficult for the charm technique to work.

As for the rest…

They shook their heads. If there was a way to save their lives, they would not have been caught so easily.

Wei Junlan forgot that even if there is an enemy attack, there was still the formation set up by Qian Wanyu on the isolated island to keep them safe for the time being.

“Ninth Sister…”

Qian Wanyu listened to the movement outside and probably knew what Wei Junlan was doing. As long as the other party didn’t barge in to disturb her and Ninth Sister, Qian Wanyu felt that whatever Wei Junlan did would be fine, “You’ve been sleeping for three days, it’s time to get up.”

Her fingers brushed her eyebrows, the bridge of her nose… and finally landed on the other’s lips, rubbing it twice.

Dongfang Minghui had a sweet dream. She dreamed that her and Seventh sister were sitting on a flying dragon, riding the wind and waves, enjoying the boundless wind, feeling joy she had never had before.

“Seventh sister?”

Qian Wanyu woke up quickly, and only when she opened her eyes did she realize that it was dark outside. The moonstones around Ninth Sister’s side illuminated the tent very warmly. The quiet atmosphere made her restless heart sink.

Qian Wanyu rubbed her eyebrows, it was probably an auditory hallucination.

The person lying on the tent was still asleep, and the corner of her mouth involuntarily raised a small arc. It was very quiet outside, except for the crackling of the campfire and the sound of very steady breathing.

Qian Wanyu stood up and planned to go outside to have a look.

“Seventh sister.”

Dongfang Minghui opened her eyes, and stared at the other party with burning eyes. The dream was so beautiful that she was almost reluctant to wake up so soon.

“Ninth Sister.” Qian Wanyu lowered her voice as much as possible, and carefully knelt beside her.

“Seventh sister.” Dongfang Minghui stretched out her arm coquettishly.

Qian Wanyu pulled it into her arms, “You scared me to death.”

Dongfang Minghui thought, it probably because of the effect of the medicine, she slept very comfortably this time, “Seventh sister, speak to me more, I want to hear from you.”

“If you still hadn’t woken up again, I’m going to leave you in this place.”

Dongfang Minghui inexplicably remembered that when she walked out of the Purple Devil Mountain range, Seventh sister had viciously said that she would be dumped in Ningyuan County.

“Well I’ll just keep relying on you shamelessly.”

Until the end of time.

“Fine fine.”

“Tsk, you guys are really boring.”

Wei Junlan sat outside for three days in the cool breeze, the isolated island near the sea was actually quite cold, especially at night. She wanted to come in to sleep but she couldn’t hold back the pitiful pleading eyes of the group of merpeople outside. In addition, the merpeople were particularly prone to disputes, probably because of the conflict between the various clans.

From shouting to minor brawls…

In addition, without the shaman Dongfang Minghui, she alone couldn’t suppress them, so she simply stayed outside and kept watch all the time, thus gaining a short-term peace.

Qian Wanyu snorted coldly, “What’s the matter?”

“Someone tried to break into this isolated island.”

It was similar to what Qian Wanyu predicted before, but it was much later than she expected in terms of time.

The people of Qing Lan Sect had been extremely unlucky after choosing the wrong direction. They walked farther and farther on the road to the left, and even encountered a monster left by the person who set up the palace at the start which was more difficult to deal with than ten eyed spider beast from before. Only four people made it back…

As for the water prison that Qian Wanyu broke into before, the reason why no one was guarding it is because they have more than one of these and after so many years, basically nothing happened…

Therefore, it was the other party’s overconfidence that caused them to ignore it until someone tried to go pick up the imprisoned merpeople after several days before discovering that the prison had been taken over by someone…

All the merpeople who were  caught escaped. It took them quite a while after as well to finally set their sights on this isolated island. After several trials, the island attack was officially launched today.

Qian Wanyu immediately stood up, “Is it someone from Qing Lan Sect?”


Wei Junlan has been preparing for the past few days, so she found that she did not panic much after the attack. Even the merpeople who temporarily lived on this isolated island were very calm and seemed to be mentally prepared.

“You’ve done a pretty good job of preparing.”

“Heh.” Wei Junlan was very proud. Apart from digging traps and making spears, she also led the group of merpeople to practice their accuracy. Even if someone really broke in, they could at least resist for a time. As for ideological work, she didn’t actually say much, she just strengthened their practice to give them more confidence.

“Seventh sister, is someone attacking?”

Dongfang Minghui stood up eagerly, and her eyes went black. Qian Wanyu caught her firmly, and wrapped her arms around her waist, “Ninth Sister, what’s wrong with you?”

“No, I’ve just been lying down for too long, I want to go out and have a look with you.”

“Let’s go.”

The scenery of the isolated island at night was very beautiful, the bonfire in front of their eyes, and the fiery light illuminated everyone’s face. In addition, the sea was sparkling, and the moonlight casted a silver reflection.

If there were not so many people besieging the island, there would probably be more people enjoying the beauty in front of them.

The little mute held a spear, bare feet, and glared fiercely at the stout men who were about to land on the isolated island. Obviously, the little mute recognized them, especially the familiar-looking ship.

Afterwards, they walked to the dark part of the forest again, because the island was very big, Qian Wanyu took this into consideration when she set up the formation. They simply walked around in circles in the darkness.

“There is no loophole in the formation, once they are inside, it can last for a while before they can find a way out.”

The lack of activation of the formation meant that no one had disturbed the group of merpeople when they left before, but now that the formation had activated… it was more than enough to entertain this group of people to chase ghosts on the island for a period of time.

When Wei Junlan heard this, she was half relieved.

“You mentioned Qing Lan Sect just now, maybe this group of people are wearing the same pair of pants as them.”

“It’s not impossible.”

Qian Wanyu returned to the campfire and dragged the little mute to the campfire. The little mute was a merperson so he still resisted the fire a little, he silently took two steps back. After Qian Wanyu saw it, she smiled and said, “You have also seen it. Many people covet the treasure you wanted to protect before. I hope you can tell me its exact location.”

If there were no undead, they would probably have arrived at the place the little mute was talking about.

The little mute scratched his head, he squatted down quickly, and drew a map on the ground which was crooked, and he gestured, Qian Wanyu observed seriously.

Dongfang Minghui was idle and bored, so she simply copied the little mute’s painting with a pen and paper. She looked at it for a while, then pointed to a half-sized island, “Little mute, is this where we are?”

The little mute nodded.

Afterwards, Dongfang Minghui and the little mute both slapped their heads as the two completed the whole map in a tacit understanding.

“You mean the treasure is hiding in this place?!”

Seems like Qing Lan Sect is looking like the main antagonist? Wakuwaku

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