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MIWW Chapter 163 Part 1

A golden fish was jumping up and down on the ground, trying to jump back into the lake from the shore. It jumped quite high, a height of one meter!

Dongfang Minghui looked astonished, she thought Seventh sister would drag up some small fish, but in the end there was only one… with a very conspicuous color! Her eyes stared back and forth at the golden shadow. The goldfish was about to return to the embrace of the lake but she swooped down and pinned the little goldfish together with the net under her body.

Don’t ask her why she moved faster than her brain could think, she was just wondering how could she let a fish escape when she finally managed to catch one!

“Seventh sister, what kind of fish is this?”

There was also a crack on Qian Wanyu’s frosty face. She thought she caught a bunch of small fish, but it ended up being only one fish. This level is simply unacceptable.

“Seventh sister, quickly help me hold this fish down.” She was about to lose her hold, obviously she was holding a fish, but she clearly felt like it was a heavy stone scurrying around in her arms. She was going to be knocked out by this little goldfish of unknown origin!

Qian Wanyu watched Ninth Sister rolling on the ground after being hit by the little goldfish, stepped on the net that was moving towards the lake, she picked it up with her hand, and grabbed Dongfang Minghui at the same time, pulling her from the ground to stand up.

The little goldfish also seized the opportunity trying to jump through the proverbial dragon gate…uhh lake?. However, halfway through the flight, it was pulled back by the net and fell heavily to the ground with a flutter, both its fish eyes were full of stars.

Qian Wanyu slammed the net and the little goldfish on the ground several times, until the golden fish shook twice and stopped moving, she secretly breathed a sigh of relief, unexpectedly she found that her wrist was a little sore from that workout.

“Ha, Seventh sister, did we only catch one fish today?”

Dongfang Minghui was full of disappointment.

Qian Wanyu’s face blushed inexplicably, but fortunately she was standing in the shadow, Dongfang Minghui didn’t notice any changes on her face, “Hey, how about… we grab another net, this time we must be able to catch some other fish!”

The little goldfish pretending to be dead shook its tail, what a good idea.

Dongfang Minghui was a little hesitant, her big eyes turned on the little goldfish for a moment, and she felt that this fish looked strange, with a small and slender body. It’s scales were golden, very eye-catching, and people’s eyes can’t help but shift to it, “Seventh sister, I think today’s catch is good, let’s go fishing together when my hand injury recovers, and I can help pull it. ”


Qian Wanyu gathered the net and was about to carry it back, but failed to pick it up, she secretly asked Qing Mo in her sea of ​​souls, “What kind of fish is this, why is it so heavy?!”

“From just the appearance, it looks like a golden carp, but it doesn’t look like it.” Qing Mo was not sure, he had never seen this species of fish, not to mention the strange atmosphere everywhere in this village, he said helplessly, ” Just play by ear.”

“Seventh sister, why aren’t you moving?” Dongfang Minghui took two steps before realizing that Qian Wanyu was still standing still.

“You go first, I don’t seem to remember the way to Mrs. Hua’s house.”

Qian Wanyu released the spiritual power of her whole body, and circulated the spiritual power to her hands and feet. She gritted her teeth and pressed the little goldfish in the net behind her back. With this huge weight even her entire waist leaned forward, and bean-sized sweat beads appeared on her forehead. She grunted, “Tsk, what a damn heavy fish.”

As if this goldfish was the weight of the world, Qian Wanyu had to use her spiritual power like crazy crazy to move and straighten her back, to at least look like an ordinary person…

Dongfang Minghui felt a huge amount of spiritual power emanating from Qian Wanyu. She turned her head to look, and saw that Qian Wanyu ‘s face was flushed and she looked a little more charming than her usual cold appearance. If she hadn’t seen the sweat dripping down her forehead, she would probably be drooling at this rare sight.

“Seventh sister, you’re sweating a lot.” Dongfang Minghui said a little nervously.

Spiritual Master usually doesn’t sweat! She glanced at the golden fish behind her, “Seventh sister, is it because of this little golden monster?”

The little goldfish in the net bag trembled from the beard with the word “monster”. Qian Wanyu only felt the weight on her back became heavier, and the foot she just stepped out creaked, as if a bone was broken. Qian Wanyu’s delicate brows could not help but frown.

“Seventh sister, why don’t we clean it up by the lake, thenwe don’t have to use a knife when we get back.” Dongfang Minghui also felt that this fish was strange, also Seventh sister seemed to give the impression it was ridiculously heavy. After returning home, if Mrs. Hua saw it and wanted it… should she give it or not?

She subconsciously thought that if a fish was heavy just dissect it, and take out all the contents then it will definitely become lighter.

Before Qian Wanyu could speak she saw that the weight behind her was suddenly much lighter, and her back could straighten up. She was taken aback for a moment, and a bold guess formed in her mind, “Ninth Sister is right, it is a little heavy, hmm, can you bring the sharp knife?”

The goldfish on her back sank a little more, as if protesting what she had said.

“This fish is too intelligent, could it be it has gained spiritual essence?”

“You can try it out a little later. If it’s really true, we might find out the situation of the whole village.” Qing Mo also kept paying attention to this village all the time. It had a radius of hundreds of miles. Apart from this village called Longxian County, there was no other place. up.

Longxian County, Longxian County, could it be Longxian Village…

As soon as she mentioned the knife, Dongfang Minghui’s small face instantly elongated and turned into a bitter face, “Seventh sister, do you have a knife?”

She remembered that the long sword of Seventh sister’s seemed to have been given to Wei Junlan, so the two of them didn’t even have a decent sword on them!

Qian Wanyu carried a goldfish that suddenly became heavy and then light on her back, saying calmly, “I think it’s better to take this fish back for the time being.”

“Let’s do it like that then.”

Next, Qian Wanyu obviously felt that the weight on her back had lightened a lot. The two returned to Mrs. Hua’s house along the same road. They met many villagers on the way. When they saw the little goldfish on Qian Wanyu’s back, they were all stunned.

“Seventh sister, why do they look a little strange?”

Qian Wanyu followed the trend, and found that the villagers looked terrified, and all the reasons seemed to come from the golden fish behind her.

“Sister Hua, we’re back.”

The door of Sister-in-law Hua’s house was half open. Dongfang Minghui pushed it lightly, and saw thick smoke coming from the direction of the kitchen, and there was a smell of something burnt in the air. She quickly covered her nose , broke into the kitchen and saw Mrs. Hua holding the kitchen utensils she used yesterday, tossing a big fish back and forth in the pot. The size of the big fish took up more than half of the pot!

Sister-in-law Hua exerted all her energy and puffed out all the surrounding smoke to the outside.

After being sprayed with smoke all over her face, Dongfang Minghui choked a few times, coughing until she couldn’t straighten up.

“Hey, little girl, do you think my dried fish is alright?” Mrs. Hua’s face turned ashen, and her face, which was already painted red enough, turned pitch black, leaving only two very big eyes that could still see. She held a wooden spatula in one hand and a fish as black as her face in the other.

Dongfang Minghui was really embarrassed to say that the skin and meat of the fish were burnt… she bit her head and covered her nose and said, “Sister-in-law Hua, try it yourself.”

The appearance of the dried fish was unappealing. Sister-in-law Hua felt a little disgusted, but she still pretended to be nonchalant. She took the fish out of the pot and gnawed it. If she hadn’t eaten the small dried fish made by Dongfang Minghui yesterday she might even be able to still swallow it with difficulty. But after trying the ultimate delicacy, it was truly difficult to swallow the previous fish! No, just after sniffing it, she felt that the whole thing was different, so she took a bite with difficulty, and after chewing twice, she vomited it all up…

Dongfang Minghui stepped back while fanning the smoke around her.

“Cough cough.”

“What happened?”

“It’s okay.” It’s just that sister-in-law Hua almost burnt down the kitchen. No wonder she said last time that it would take a long time to make a small dried fish. Dongfang Minghui understood completely now.

The sister-in-law Hua who loved to eat big dried fish is bonafide kitchen killer.

Qian Wanyu didn’t need to go inside to see what was going on inside. She threw the net out, and a small goldfish fell from mid-air.

“Where are the fish you caught?” Sister-in-law Hua threw away the dried fish in the basket in distaste, and poohed a few times. When she looked up, she saw a hint of gold. She thought her eyes were dazzled, so she rubbed her eyes.

“We only caught one today.” Dongfang Minghui stopped in front of Seventh sister with some embarrassment, blocking Sister Hua’s eyes that wanted to investigate.

“Hey, little girl, don’t get in the way, I thought I saw a glowing fish just now.”

Mrs. Hua’s hands were very strong. When she pushed Dongfang Minghui aside, she almost fell to the ground. When Mrs. Hua saw the golden fish under Qian Wanyu’s feet, her eyes widened. Her eyes were staring like two copper bell and even her whole body looked like it was having convulsions as she pointed at Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu with trembling fingers, “You, you——”

She didn’t catch her breath, and Sister Hua’s eyes rolled back as she fell to the ground, fainting.

“Seventh sister, what’s going on?!”

Before Dongfang Minghui could react, she saw Mr. Hua rushing into the room. The first thing he saw was Mrs. Hua lying unconscious on the ground. He roared, “What have you done?!”

The sound was deafening, as if the ground trembled.

Dongfang Minghui even covered her ears tightly. She was injured once, and she was afraid of the sound smashing her eardrums again. After all the lingering sounds dissipated, she quickly answered, “Brother Hua, you misunderstood, we didn’t do anything, Sister-in-law Hua suddenly fainted as soon as she came out…”

Brother Hua stared vigilantly at Qian Wanyu, then at Dongfang Minghui, and snorted softly, “Who knows if you guys have any bad ideas.”

Not caring about the other people he stretched out his hand to pinch Mrs. Hua fiercely, Mrs. Hua who was frightened so hard she fainted straightened up and she woke up, “Ah – it hurts so much! Hua Yi, you careless thing. I’ll kill you, if you pinch me like that again!”

“Okay, okay why did you faint all of a sudden?”

As soon as this was mentioned, Sister-in-law Hua jumped up, stood up quickly, and murmured, “Golden little fish.”

Hua Yi was reminded by her, he was working in the field, and he heard someone muttering that a guest from their house had returned with a small golden fish on their back. When he returned, who would have thought that he would see his wife lying on the ground first!

“Ah, yes, they all said there was a little golden fish.”

The little goldfish who was completely ignored spit out a water bubble, indicating that it was still alive.

“Is it this one?” Qian Wanyu followed their words and pointed to the little goldfish that couldn’t move under her.

Seeing her posture, Mrs. Hua wanted to faint again, “You, it, you—”

Hearing her incoherent words, Dongfang Minghui asked curiously, “Is there something wrong with this golden fish? It seems to be dead.”

When she said this, Hua Yi also turned pale, “It, it, it died?”

The little goldfish pretending to be dead spit out another bubble of water proudly as if to say, you group of fish brain humans.

Qian Wanyu was probably the person who could best tell whether it was dead or alive. She knew how to deal with it by herself. What’s more, this little goldfish has not made her feel good along the way, and so she changed her ways to punish it.

“I think it should be dead. It just so happens that Ninth Sister knows how to fry dried fish. Quickly take a knife, open it up, clean out the internal organs, and make a small dried golden fish.”

“Right, right.”

The little goldfish who was pretending to be dead immediately flicked its tail to show the stupid humans that it was still alive!

“Oh my God, it’s lucky it’s still alive.” Mrs. Hua hurried over and pulled Qian Wanyu’s feet away from the little goldfish, like holding a fragile doll, placing it properly in the basket, and quickly pulling it away quickly.

As soon as they left, the villagers who were poking around outside the house also followed.

Seeing this posture, Dongfang Minghui probably guessed something, she touched her nose guiltily and said, “Seventh sister, did we do something wrong?”

“No, there’s something wrong with that fish.”

Qian Wanyu retracted her whip, and the two followed the group of people hand in hand back to the lake.

By the lake, all the villagers knelt down on the ground, muttering some strange words, which sounded like a sacrificial language. Qian Wanyu couldn’t understand a thing or two after hearing them. They folded their hands together, prostrated themselves on the ground and kowtowed nine times, every kowtow was very pious, and looked like a group of believers.

A believer of fish…?

Sister Hua and Brother Hua respectfully and slowly released the little goldfish in the basket into the lake, muttering, “We offended you so much, please forgive us.”

As soon as the little goldfish entered the lake, its small body jumped up and down in the lake water twice. Each bounce was very high, as if it was showing off. The calm blue lake suddenly shone brightly, and a golden light suddenly appeared. The bowed villagers raised their heads one after another seeing the dazzling golden light.

The light and shadow of a vivid long-tailed dragon flashed in mid-air, like a phantom, and quickly disappeared.

Dongfang Minghui waited for them on the shore of the lake in a daze, before tugging at Seventh sister’s clothes, “Was that little goldfish just now a dragon?!”

Qian Wanyu’s mood right now was very complicated, it’s hard to describe… It is said that the whole body of a dragon is full of treasures, most valuable was the skin, tendons, and inner core of the dragon, she sighed with regret, “No wonder I couldn’t carry it.”

It took the villagers all afternoon to finish the sacrificial ceremony.

Sister-in-law Hua and Brother Hua broke out in a cold sweat. After all the villagers had dispersed, Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui came to the Hua family holding hands.

Dongfang Minghui was very apologetic, and firmly grabbed Qian Wanyu’s finger, as if she had the courage to bear the consequences, “Sister-in-law Hua, Brother Hua, I’m really sorry, Seventh sister and I didn’t do it on purpose, we just wanted to catch some small fish to make dried fish to eat, but I didn’t expect to catch such a small goldfish in the net…”

“Little goldfish? That’s the mascot of our Longxian Village,  everyone in Longxian Village knows this rule.” Sister-in-law Hua muttered loudly.

Dongfang Minghui picked up some key points from her words, and then understood the meaning of her words. It turns out that protecting the golden fish from being hunted was a village rule handed down from generation to generation in their Longxian Village. It turns out the gold fish was the patron saint that everyone must protect.

Fortunately, I didn’t kill it on the spot… If I did, wouldn’t this group of villagers who seem to be very devout to the little goldfish want to fight them desperately?

“Sister-in-law Hua, don’t be angry, am I innocent since I didn’t know?”

Sister-in-law Hua put on a blank face, watching the other party say something apologetically, after the other party finished speaking, Sister-in-law Hua patted Hua Yi’s arm, “Let’s go… go home.”

Dongfang Minghui watched them go away with some hesitation, “Seventh sister, it seems that Mrs. Hua is really angry.”


“Then, should we go now?”

Qian Wanyu looked at their backs for a long time before saying, “No, the dried fish and molar sticks aren’t ready yet though?”

“Yeah, if I knew this, I should have brought all the ingredients from Mrs. Hua’s house first!”

“It doesn’t matter. They are only temporarily angry with us. We have not done anything to harm the interests of the villagers. They will understand.” Qian Wanyu wasn’t not too worried. These villagers seemed to have no spiritual power. What she was interested in now was what kind of species this gold fish truly was, “Is it just a fish…or a dragon.”

Sister-in-law Hua didn’t see Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu come back with them, so she guarded the door for a while before closing the door.


“Why are you sighing, are you reluctant to part with those two humans?” Hua Yi cleaned up the kitchen and took out a basket of ingredients from the kitchen, “What are these for?”

Mrs. Hua was really reluctant to let the two humans leave. When she thought of the dried fish, she licked her lips and tongue, and her saliva dripped all over the floor. “Hey, the little girl before said she needed to make some molar sticks…” She hasn’t had time to try that yet though…

At night, Mrs. Hua, who was asleep, suddenly smelled a scent. It was the scent of dried fish that she had dreamed about in her dreams. No, there seemed to be other scents.

Dongfang Minghui, who was blowing cool wind far away by the lake, breathed out, “I have to turn over again.”

Qian Wanyu resigned herself to being a fish turner on the side. She caught many fish of different species in the lake with just her whip. They set up a makeshift rack, lit a fire, and started to barbecue the fish. Grilling fish was also a skill, Qian Wanyu was given the job of controlling the intensity, and the fish was burnt in the end. After that, she had to concentrate and start to deal with it slowly grilling until she actually gained a little experience in grilling.

“This one should be edible.”

Dongfang Minghui was a little overwhelmed. She had eaten no less than five grilled fish. After eating this one, she stood up and started walking around the lake. The green lake water and the round bright moonlight reflected on the lake was beautiful. She thought of the day’s events and the little goldfish, “Seventh sister, let Little White come out to watch the night as well, maybe it will be lucky today.”


Qian Wanyu still didn’t know how the group of villagers would treat Little White’s presence, it will be really troublesome if they were scared away by Little White’s huge figure.

Little White, who was staying in Qian Wanyu’s soul sea, lay down on the ground and pretended to be dead, “I’ll watch the night tonight. If you’re tired, you can sleep against the tree.”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.”

She said he couldn’t sleep, but Dongfang Minghui, who was driven to the tree, was particularly prone to sleepiness after her stomach was full and warm. After thinking about the little goldfish for a while, she fell asleep after a while. Qian Wanyu was very fast, turning all the dozen or so fish she caught into grilled fish.

She held up a grilled fish that had just come out of the fire, and sprinkled some spices on it to make the grilled fish taste more fragrant. She took a small bite, “It’s really delicious, but unfortunately, I can’t finish it. There’re so many more, pity it’ll be wasted.”

After eating, she also leaned against the tree trunk and closed her eyes. After a while, there were only a few sparks still shining and crackling beside the campfire.

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