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MIWW Chapter 163 Part 2

In the lake, the sound of splashing water was all that was heard, and the fish were so frightened that they all slipped away, further away from the shore.

Sister-in-law Hua tiptoed around, and after they all fell asleep, she sneaked near the basket made of vines next to the campfire. She wanted to take the basket away, but she couldn’t even lift it. The basket seemed to be rooted… The next best thing she could do was take five grilled fish and slowly just like when she came, she tiptoed away.

“This taste is absolutely amazing, it’s simply too delicious.” Sister Hua stuffed her mouth full, finished it and then took another for her mouth to eat.

After a while, there was a small goldfish fluttering in the water by the lake, and a golden light flashed.

Qian Wanyu felt her eyes dim, and a ray of spiritual consciousness quietly covered the lake. After seeing the golden light flashing, a middle-aged man appeared beside the campfire. He picked up two grilled fish with his fingers and opened his mouth stuffin two grilled fish into his mouth.

One after another…

After he finished eating, he stood with his hands behind his back, gliding in front of Qian Wanyu like a big brother.

Even without opening her eyes, her consciousness could see what the other party was doing. If she hadn’t wanted to explore the secrets of the whole village, Qian Wanyu would have given him a good beating.

She sat sideways on the tree and subconsciously snorted softly. The man was as frightened as a frightened bird. With a plop, his figure turned into a golden fish and fell into the middle of the lake.

“Sneaky guy, you can actually transform into a human form.” Qian Wanyu remembered being teased by this fish before, after thinking about it, she found Qing Mo in the sea of ​​souls, “What exactly is it?”

“Looks like a false dragon.”

“False dragon?” Qian Wanyu heard this word for the first time, and she still thought that the golden phantom that appeared during the day yesterday was real, so she was happy for nothing.

“False dragons, were in fact a kind of dragon that is somewhat similar to a common dragon of the dragon clan in its infancy, but the differencs showed when they grew up. This little goldfish has always appeared here in its infant form. I am afraid it is really like they mentioned before, it is here to protect this village.”

“Besides, you just saw that it can transform into a human form. If the False dragon does not have a particularly good opportunity, it should never have been able to transform into a human form in its lifetime. It must have secrets that can be discovered, but… it may not cooperate with you.”

“That’s uncertain.”

After sleeping until dawn, Dongfang Minghui was woken up by being licked by a wet tongue. When she opened her eyes, she saw a pair of black eyeballs moving nimbly and a mouth full of hair. She stood up quickly, and saw a big head crawling into her arms coquettishly, she was hit and sat down again.



Toothless stood majestically on the spot, and had grown a lot. After standing up, his height had reached Dongfang Minghui’s chest. The hair on his body was smooth and smooth, and he looked stronger than Little White.

She looked around in a daze, only to realize that they had spent the whole night by the lake near the bonfire yesterday, she didn’t even know how she got here. She rubbed the big head of little Toothless casually, and Toothless suddenly became so big… She felt somewhat uncomfortable.

“Toothless, didn’t I sleep on the tree, why did I fall asleep and get down here?”

Seeing her wake up, Qian Wanyu said casually, “Toothless suddenly left the ring early in the morning, and Little White was mumbling to come out, so I carried you here.”

Dongfang Minghui didn’t pay attention just now, but now she realized that Little White was chasing Toothless’s tail around. If her Toothless wasn’t a male little dragon, she would think that Little White was trying to court him, “Seventh sister, is Little White like this because he’s in heat?”

Qian Wanyu was next to the lake to fill a bottle with a little lake water. Hearing what Ninth Sister said, she paused, and more than half of the lake water in her porcelain bottle was spilled. She looked pensively, “Little White…”

If counted according to time, Little White should be considered an adult. After winter, it will soon be spring again, and it seems reasonable for a white tiger to be in heat.

“Little White was tricked to leave his mother by my Toothless when he was a cub, so it stands to reason that Toothless should be responsible for the rest of its life.” Dongfang Minghui muttered to herself, with a tangled look on her face, “But, Seventh sister, Little White is a white tiger.”

Not to mention it’s also a white tiger with dark attributes.

“Toothless is a little dragon.”

Probably knowing that Dongfang Minghui was troubled by this affairs, Toothless thoughtfully laid aside and let her lay on his back. A pair of spirited dragon eyes were staring at the fish swimming by the lake, and its claws also hooked in.

Frightened by its natural aura, the group of fish shrank into a ball, fluttering like fleeing for their lives in the water, but everyone bumped into each other knocking a large number of them unconscious.

“Dragon and Tiger…”

Dongfang Minghui had heard of dragon and tiger fighting, but has never seen dragon and tiger matching. Little Toothless and Little White’s lifelong event was really mind-boggling.

“Don’t think about it for now, let’s grill some more fish this day, and treat it as an accommodation payment for Mrs. Hua.”

“Ah?” Dongfang Minghui stood up abruptly, “Seventh sister, are we planning to leave today?”

“They don’t welcome us. If we don’t leave, they’ll just ignore us here.”

The Hua family couple were actually hiding in the dark listening with some guilt in their eyes. Before going to bed last night, they also said that it was an accident that the two girls had caught the mascot of the village. What’s more, outsiders wouldn’t know the rules of the village. In fact, they were also responsible since if they were not allowed to fish by themselves, this kind of thing would not have happened.

What’s more, last night, sister-in-law Hua stole the other party’s grilled fish again… and this time when she heard the two girls planned to give them some more grilled fish…

Immediately her heart softened.

The couple came quietly, and tiptoed to go back.


Toothless felt someone, stood up suddenly, shook the hair on his body and flew over to the two people pinning them on the ground, grinning and showing its sharp fangs to the couple.


Dongfang Minghui hurriedly ran over, and when she saw Sister Hua and Brother Hua, her eyes widened, “Sister Hua, Brother Hua, why are you here?”

“Ah, uhhh, we came here to catch fish, but we didn’t expect to see you guys—”

“Sorry, Mrs. Hua, we will leave now.” Dongfang Minghui hastily pulled Toothless’ head back, “I’m sorry, Toothless scared you, it didn’t know it was you, otherwise it wouldn’t be like this. ”

“No, no.”

Sister-in-law Hua waved her hands again and again, she quietly tugged Brother Hua’s arm, but instead of holding his arm, she pinched his flesh, causing Brother Hua to grin in pain.

Seeing that the couple’s faces were calm, Dongfang Minghui didn’t notice that they were panicked by Toothless at all, so she couldn’t help wondering what was wrong. She glanced at Toothless and shook her head, “Toothless, you seem to have lost a lot of your cuteness after you have been in seclusion for a while.”

Toothless gave her a sad look, as if silently protesting.

Sister-in-law Hua and Brother Hua whispered to each other behind Dongfang Minghui,

“Do you think it looks familiar?”

“No.” Brother Hua shook his head in a daze.

Both of them had loud voices despite whispering, and the words they talked about fell into Qian Wanyu’s ears. Qian Wanyu glanced at Toothless who was staring at the little goldfish in the lake, and threw the whip in her hand towards the lake water. In the process, one or two fish were brought up, and sometimes a string of three were brought up, there are a lot of fish at her feet in no time.

Dongfang Minghui specialized in lighting the fire.

Toothless and Little White were in charge of handing over the fish to Dongfang Minghui. The group had a good division of labor, and quickly put together the entire assembly line. The speed was so fast that Mrs. Hua and Brother Hua were dazzled.

“Little girl, do you want me to help?” Mrs Hua kept staring at Toothless, and wanted to find out more about the him, but unfortunately there was a nasty Hua Yi next to her, she hated iron for not being steel, “Ah Hua, they look very smart.”

“Sister-in-law Hua was referring to Toothless and Little White. They were both spirit beasts, so they’re naturally smart.”

“Toothless… so it’s called Toothless. But the name sounds a bit…” Sister-in-law Hua wanted to say that the name had no strength at all, but she couldn’t explain why for a long time.

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t tell what they were talking about but she wasn’t really stupid, she rubbed Toothless’ big head, “Toothless didn’t have a single tooth when he was born, so I named him that. At that time, he agreed isn’t that right, Toothless?”

Toothless glanced at her resentfully but allowed her to rub his head head affectionately, who made her his mother after all?

The fire was still very hot, Dongfang Minghui roasted for a while, and the aroma of grilled fish was released. Toothless wandered around the bonfire twice, looking like a hunter staring at his prey.

Dongfang Minghui guessed that if she handed this bunch of grilled fish to Mrs. Hua and the others first, she wondered whether Toothless would grab the food from them. After hesitating, she said, “Sister-in-law Hua, this skewer will be given to Toothless and Little White for the time being.”

Dongfang Minghui also felt sorry for Toothless. Toothless has been in seclusion for so long, it should be a long time since he had eaten anything she made, as for Little White he hadn’t been eating anything except the spirit liquid.

“Toothless, come here.”

Toothless walked up to Dongfang Minghui with his head held high, and squatted on the ground, waiting to be fed, staring at the string of food in her hand with piercing eyes.

“It’s okay, let Toothless eat first.”

Sister-in-law Hua waved her hands again and again, it was the first time she gave in to the fish, which made her also feel incredible, so she purposely leaned in front of her and asked, “What’s the matter, you look a little strange today.”

Sister-in-law Hua pushed Hua Yi’s big face away a little. Seeing Toothless eating two grilled fish gracefully, she asked curiously, “Does Toothless like grilled fish too?”

Dongfang Minghui laughed. After feeding two, the rest was given to Little White.

“Toothless has a picky mouth. He eats the food I cook, and he doesn’t touch other people’s things.” Speaking of this, she still ended up training Toothless as a dog. However, most of the food she cooked was different types of barbecue.

“Little girl, how can you make the fish so delicious?” Sister Hua felt a little frustrated when she thought that no one would make such delicious grilled and dried fish after they left. People in the village had very poor memory, what happened yesterday would soon be forgotten in a few days, if only they can stay in the village for a while longer…

“How about staying a few more days? Anyway, the village chief hasn’t woken up yet, he doesn’t know you both had arrived.”

Dongfang Minghui really admired the village chief’s sleep skills, he must have slept for almost three days…

“Thank you, Mrs. Hua, for your kindness. I have to ask Seventh sister about this matter.” Dongfang Minghui cleverly returned the topic to Qian Wanyu. She concentrated on grilling fish, feeding little Toothless and Little White.

Sister-in-law Hua ate a meal of grilled fish, then hurriedly dragged the blank Brother Hua away.

“I haven’t eaten yet—” Brother Hua felt very depressed.

“Forget about that first stupid.” Sister Hua lowered her voice, but their voices were not low.

Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu looked at each other, “Seventh sister, Sister Hua’s been acting a bit strange, why does she always stare at Toothless?”

“Probably to confirm the identity of Toothless.”

Toothless’s ears trembled twice, and when he was full, he would lay his big head on his forelimbs, and sometimes he would cover his ears if he thought it was noisy.

“The identity of Toothless…how could they recognize Toothless?” Dongfang Minghui still spent a long time, flipping through ancient books, speculating on Toothless from various aspects, before she came to the conclusion that Toothless might be a dragon.

How could the other party recognize Toothless the moment they met?

Qian Wanyu patted the back of her hand, “Don’t worry, I don’t think they have any ill intentions towards Toothless.”

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t fall asleep all night because of this, she tossed and turned, and couldn’t rest in her dreams. When it was midnight, the surrounding area became very quiet. A golden brilliance suddenly refracted in the lake water, interlaced with the silver brilliance projected by the moonlight, looking extremely beautiful.

She just leaned against the tree to sleep, the leaves completely covered her face and she was motionless.

She saw a hand stretch out from the lake and steal a grilled fish from the basket.

Toothless, who was lying next to the grilled fish, didn’t move, just sniffing the smell in the air, opening one eye halfway, and saw that a wet hand reached into the basket again and touched a grilled fish.

Toothless’s big head gently pushed the basket open.

That hand touched Toothless’s big head while searching for some fish for a long time, but instead of touching a grilled fish, he touched some soft fur, so he slowly poked his head out of the sea.

Toothless buried his head in the basket in this gap, took all the remaining grilled fish into his mouth, and when the middle-aged man poked his head out, he showed him a big mouth full of grilled fish .

The little goldfish met its eyes and immediately dived into the lake again in fright.

Toothless squeaked and chewed twice, then jumped into the lake following the little goldfish.

“Oh my god, Toothless jumped into the water!”

“Ninth Sister, don’t worry, Toothless can swim, and it’s going to catch thieves.” Qian Wanyu didn’t sleep at all. She had put the grilled fish next to Toothless a long time ago. According to Toothless’s narrow-minded view of protecting food, she was nintey percent sure he could catch the little goldfish.

Dongfang Minghui nodded and believed in her words.

The water in the lake was churning, as if boiling water, and soon, Toothless climbed onto the bank, shook off the water droplets, and then spit out a little goldfish from its mouth.

As soon as the goldfish rolled, it was held down by Toothless’s big claw, unable to move.

The miserable little goldfish’s face was full of tears, isn’t it just trying to steal one of your grilled fish…

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