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MIWW Chapter 164 Part 1

Toothless always protects its food, unless it gives something on its own initiative, otherwise the grilled fish that is stolen from under its nose, it will try its best to get it out of any thief’s mouth.

Dongfang Minghui watched from the side as Toothless’s forelimbs kneaded back and forth on the stomach of the little gold pseudo-dragon. If you don’t watch the reaction of the little gold pseudo-dragon rolling his eyes and spitting bubbles, this scene almost looks like a massage.

This movement was very skillful, but it reminded her inexplicably of that pitiful rabbit in the beast tribe… it had only been with Toothless for a few days, and was played by Toothless to death.

Anyone who is familiar with Toothless’s nature knows that this is to make it spit out the grilled fish it just ate.

Dongfang Minghui covered her eyes, feeling that her stingy Toothless was too much.

Qian Wanyu also glanced lightly at the little gold pseudo-dragon, and said lightly, but with a hint of gloating in her tone, “It has nothing to do with us that you got caught this time.”

Dongfang Minghui also pretended not to notice.

The little Pseudo-Dragon spat out a mouthful of foam, rolled his eyes, and really wanted to die like this, but the claw on his body just couldn’t make it feel better, its internal organs shrank into a ball, and he was about to vomit.

But the other party seemed to be enjoying it.

Dongfang Minghui smacked her lips, “Seventh sister, I heard a legend before, it is said that goldfish are all spiritual creatures, eating them can not only prolong life and give you immortality, but also keep your yout forever, what if we secretly kill and eat it? What do you think? Anyway, it is impossible for those villagers to go to the lake to disturb this goldfish.”

Qian Wanyu watched the other party winking at her, she responded softly, and said casually, “If we divide this goldfish into two parts its spirituality may be less. Aren’t you afraid that it will affect your eternal youth and immortality?”

This topic is very tempting, and it could outline the deepest desires of the heart.

Many people’s lifespan will be shortened when they stop practicing. In order to survive, they would turn around and pursue any way to extend their lifespan, and their minds would be lost, not to mention that they were just two young girls with little experience. Qian Wanyu didn’t actually care about this, she believed that when she cultivated to the realm of Spiritual God, she would definitely have a long lifespan, what she worried about was the person in front of her…

“It seems to be like this. Divide it into two parts, and the spiritual energy will definitely be less. If you eat it, you can live to a thousand years old, but if you divide it in half, you will live for five hundred years…” Dongfang Minghui wrenched her fingers in distress.

Qian Wanyu hated her frowning the most, and said generously and humbly, “If you are reluctant, Seventh sister won’t eat, and I will give you the whole fish.”


The most beautiful thing she’d dreamed of was to grow old slowly with Seventh sister. What is longevity, when the time comes, wouldn’t she just be alone and die pitifully? Dongfang Minghui’s hand pressed on Qian Wanyu’s back, muttering, “Seventh sister , How about this, let’s divide this goldfish into four, you, me, Toothless and Little White, what do you think of my division?”

Little Whitewhose name was called leaned close to her and rubbed against her. As a result, the weight of Dongfang Minghui’s entire body was pressed on Qian Wanyu. Qian Wanyu was afraid that she would fall, so she gently supported her with one hand.

Qian Wanyu made a sharp look, and Little White sadly ran to rub Toothless.

“Yes, so then Toothless and Little White can also accompany us.”


The little golden pseudo-dragon that they had been discussing about how many pieces to divide into almost died of anger. These two human beings with fishy lips dared to make a move on it!

“How can this be enough? I haven’t discussed with Seventh sister whether to steam, bake or grill, and I don’t know which way to eat can best preserve the spiritual energy of this goldfish, and the taste should be good. Seventh sister, don’t you think so?”

“I think the way to not destroy spiritual energy is probably to eat it raw.”

“Eat it raw?” Dongfang Minghui really sketched a beautiful scene of eating raw fish in her mind. After thinking about it, she couldn’t help swallowing, and she secretly licked the corner of her lower lip, “Seventh sister, next time I will give you some toppings, let’s try making sashimi.”

“You’re just bullying this dragon too much!”

A golden light suddenly appeared, the light was dazzling, Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu instinctively blocked it with their hands at the same time, a huge force knocked Toothless back several steps, and Toothless’s hair exploded all over his body, “Oh——”

Little White still followed behind, “Ho Ho——”

The two voices were very loud and penetrating, like a signal in this silent night, Dongfang Minghui cried out inwardly, “Seventh sister, Toothless and Little White must have alarmed the villagers of the village, now……”

Before she finished speaking, the little golden pseudo-dragon transformed into a human form, standing naked in front of them, without any cover, and his gleaming white skin was very dazzling.

Talking about shame with this fish was probably useless, and he wouldn’t understand.

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes widened in astonishment, and in the next second her eyes were covered by a pair of cool hands. Seventh sister’s low-pitched and displeased warning voice sounded beside her ears, “Don’t look, it’s obscene.”

“But—” You’re also staring Seventh sister…

“A bold human being who wants to cause trouble in Longxian Village, and even wants to eat His Royal Highness.” After the Pseudo-Dragon transformed into a human form, he was a head taller than Brother Hua Yi, who was 1.9 meters tall, and his body was muscular. The two mustaches on his face were trembling, presumably because he was very angry at Dongfang Minghui’s words before.

Qian Wanyu glanced lightly, “It would be good if the group of villagers came here, so that they can see your true face clearly. What mascot in the village? It’s just a fake dragon that has grown a spiritual intelligence.”

“How do you know—” said the fake dragon whose true identity was exposed, and quickly covered his mouth.

At this time, the lights in the village suddenly came on, and everyone ran over with their crops and tools, they heard a loud shout, “The sound is coming from over there.”

When everyone gathered by the lake, they found that the expected monster did not appear except for the smell of grilled fish coming from the campfire grill. The lake was quiet, as if nothing had happened.

“Strange, I thought I heard the sound of a monster.”

“Yes, I heard too.”

The villagers talked a lot, some even just got up from the bed, wearing only one shoe, some only wore their inner wear.

Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui randomly found a big tree as a cover, with leaves and vines so no one noticed. The two of them were close to each other, like conjoined twins. Dongfang Minghui’s heart was still pounding, and her breathing was very short.

Qian Wanyu lightly pinched the person with her fingers, and pulled the person closer to him, so close that the two bodies were intertwined, the smell of grilled fish also rushed into each other’s mouths.

Dongfang Minghui watched her nose with her eyes. She focused on the person in front of her without squinting. Gradually, their faces became closer and closer, so close that they could kiss each other with a light touch.

“Seventh sister…”

Qian Wanyu tilted her head forward, her lips touched the corner of the other’s mouth lightly, and the bright red tip of her tongue stretched out, delicately tracing the shape of the other’s intact lips.

Dongfang Minghui felt a little itchy, and wanted to avoid it shyly.

Sister-in-law Hua who was in the crowd looked around. She probably knew where the loud noise came from. She was somewhat disappointed when she didn’t see the two little girls, so she quickly poked Hua Yi’s arm with her elbow, ” They didn’t leave, did they?”

“Probably not.”

The scent was still wafting around, the bonfire was still burning, and there were a lot of dry branches next to it. Mrs. Hua coughed twice and muttered to the villagers, “Maybe I misheard, it’s midnight, everyone go back to sleep.”

The villagers looked at each other. They patrolled around the lake, but found nothing, so they met in twos and threes to go back together.

Sister-in-law Hua led Brother Hua Yi to the back, muttering in a low voice, “This group of people is getting more and more agitated, even the slightest movement will scare them out of their wits. Let’s go to the village chief’s house to see. Maybe that noise woke him up we need to tell him everything that happened.”

The two people squatting on the tree put their lips together, looking at each other.

“Seventh sister, Sister-in-law Hua said to go to the village chief’s house again. Do you think that she went to the village chief’s house in a hurry to confirm the identity of Toothless?”

“You’re getting smarter, let’s go, let’s go and see.”

After Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu got down from the tree, they followed closely behind the Hua family couple without any hurry.

Under the cover of night, Dongfang Minghui saw Mrs. Hua and Brother Hua Yi push the door in without hesitation. The corners of her eyes twitched slightly. Why did it seem like they were acting like thieves?

Were they too blatant?

Qian Wanyu pulled Dongfang Minghui and jumped from the wall into the village chief’s house.

The room connected by these five rooms was really big, and in the blink of an eye, they lost the trace of Mrs. Hua and Hua Yi.

The five houses were transformed into a compound, which made it look like many people lived there.

The two circulated their spiritual power to their feet, and silently went to the windows of each room to watch. When they passed four rooms, they didn’t sense any human breath. They couldn’t help feeling very strange. Until the fifth room, they heard the high-pitched voice that Mrs. Hua deliberately lowered.

“Aren’t you surprised? There is a bell hanging outside the door of the village head, doesn’t it mean that he is sleeping? But we checked every room, yet we haven’t seen the village head.”

“Shh, with your voice, the village chief will be woken up by you even if he was sleeping.”

“What do you mean! Do you dislike my loud voice, if that’s the case, why did you have the audacity to come to my house to propose marriage…” Sister-in-law Hua started to talk about the past as soon as she got angry.

It made Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu who were eavesdropping outside the door dumbfounded.

“Ah enough, we can’t find it, did you remember wrongly?”

Sister-in-law Hua remembered that she came to the village chief’s house once and saw some paintings in the lobby, “How can I remember wrongly, do you think I am seventy or eighty, I remember the dragon god in the portrait I saw and the little girl from before. The girl’s one looks a lot like it.”

“Are you sure? Did you make a mistake?”

“It’s not a mistake, we just need to find that drawing and compare it.” Sister Hua felt that she was right no matter what, so she simply swept away Brother Hua who was procrastinating.

Dongfang Minghui sighed faintly after listening to their conversation, Sister Hua’s loud voice was really not suitable for being a thief.

“What’s that sound?” Although Sister-in-law Hua was a bit silly, she was still a little clever at the critical moment. Her eyeballs wandered around the room, and she grabbed Hua Yi’s arm in fear, “I seem to have heard something just now. The sound of the village chief snoring…”

“Don’t be scared, the village chief doesn’t live in this house.”

Dongfang Minghui could only sigh again, this time the sound of the sigh was a few decibels higher than before.

Sister Hua and Brother Hua looked at each other, then quickly opened the door and slipped away quickly, before even closing the door, presumably it was a guilty conscience.

“I didn’t realize that Sister Hua and Brother Hua would be so timid.” Dongfang Minghui sighed again, rubbing her chin.

“Maybe it’s not that they’re timid.”

Dongfang Minghui didn’t know why, and asked curiously, “Seventh sister, what do you mean?”

“That village head is probably the issue.”

They have been in the village for so long, and they have never seen the face of the village chief. If Mrs. Hua was not lying, it is the village head who lied to Mrs. Hua, so the information they got is that the village head is sleeping…

“Seventh sister means that the village chief has a problem.”


Qian Wanyu patted Dongfang Minghui on the shoulder, and the two walked into the fifth room openly. Compared with the previous four rooms, this room gave them a very messy feeling. It looked like a storage room, “Seventh sister, sister-in-law Hua just said that she saw a portrait similar to Toothless at the village chief’s house.”

Dragon God…

That should be a great existence.

Dongfang Minghui coukd already imagine that the little Toothless raised by her family would transform into a majestic dragon god.

“Well, let’s look for it, maybe we can find it.”

Probably hearing them talking about him, Toothless slipped out of the space, and the limited space became very narrow because of the addition of this huge monster. Everyone bumped into each other when they turn around, showing that Toothless had become too big.

“Toothless, what are you doing out here?”

Toothless stretched out his forelimbs, stretched his waist lazily, and shook his tail excitedly at Dongfang Minghui. With his forelimbs, he searched in a pile of debris, proving with his strength that it was helping to find things, and looking at Dongfang Minghui with big innocent eyes from time to time.

“Okay fine, but don’t make a sound.”

“Wow.” Toothless let out a soft sound of grievance.

“If you attract the villagers again, you can only stay in the space ring obediently until we leave this strange village.” Dongfang Minghui spread her hands.


Toothless flicked its tail, and diligently began to pick up things with its forelimbs, which was no different from picking up dirt.

Dongfang Minghui kept looking close to the door, fearing that the big noise from Toothless would attract someone again, but she was a little unsure in retrospect, “Seventh sister, could Mrs. Hua have misread it? How could there be such a thing in a small remote village?” Where’s the picture of Toothless?”

There was no image of Toothless in the books of the Royal Academy, how could there be one in such a place where even the birds don’t shit.

Qian Wanyu stood aside and watched Toothless busy, and pointed out, “Toothless is only so active every time he finds a treasure.”

The implication is that one kind of spirit beast had one kind of master.

Dongfang Minghui, who was inexplicably lying on the ground, shrugged helplessly. Compared with ordinary cultivators, she was indeed very lazy in cultivation. However, since Little Color gave her a unique method of cultivation, she was doomed to advance in a different way from others.

If Little Color hadn’t been reassuring her that there was no problem with her cultivation method, she would have been worried that her cultivation had stopped.


After digging for a long time, Toothless emerged from a pile of sundries, and called out to Dongfang Minghui softly.

Dongfang Minghui went to take a look, and found that there was a handle on the floor, which was covered by messy debris, so the Hua family had completely ignored it.

Qian Wanyu pulled lightly, but she couldn’t pull it away. She pulled the iron plate under her hand after using her spiritual power, and there was a dull sound. She pulled hard with both hands, and finally pulled up the iron plate When it opened, a gust of cold air rushed over.

“Seventh sister, should we go down and have a look?”


Qian Wanyu felt a bit strange. Generally, the air in underground secret rooms or passages built under the ground would be a little more humid than the air above, but the temperature difference alone wouldn’t make it so cold. She took the lead in walking down the tunnel steps step by step. Halfway through the journey, she found a pool of emerald green water, which was crystal clear.

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