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MIWW Chapter 165 Part 2

Naturally, Qian Wanyu also knew that it was pointless. After walking a few times, they returned to the village chief’s house.

“What should we do now?” The pseudo-dragon looked at them worriedly.

Dongfang Minghui felt weak, seeing Seventh sister’s serious expression as if she was thinking about something, she shook her head helplessly, “A way can definitely be found…but it’s a matter of time.”

As long as there’s Seventh sister, she felt that any difficult problem could be solved, as long as there was enough time.


Toothless coquettishly arched his big head on her body, and Dongfang Minghui simply lay on its back, which was warm and comfortable.

The pseudo-dragon on the side was dumbfounded. Is this really a cub left behind by the dragon god?

After everyone fell asleep, Qian Wanyu walked around Ninth Sister, then stood outside again. Toothless, who was sleeping beside her, quietly narrowed one eye, and then closed it lazily, not even the slightest sound was issued.

She stood under the night sky. Tonight’s night was rather dark, and the light cast by the moon was covered by dark clouds. Qian Wanyu raised her head and found that there were no stars in the sky. After going around the village a few times, she still couldn’t find the right way.

“Looks like we’ll have to wait until that night for a starry sky.”

“Not necessarily.” Qing Mo interrupted her, “Don’t let yourself be blinded by appearances, if you can simulate a starry sky at night, it would be fine.”


Qian Wanyu finds it inconceivable, although she had a photographic memory, but the entire starry sky was so vast, how could she simulate it. She shook her head, “Qing Mo, your idea is too whimsical.”

Qing Mo didn’t say anything more in the sea of ​​souls, because even he himself felt that the proposal just now was too unimaginable, no one could do it.

Qian Wanyu was walking around in the village chief’s yard. She waited all night, and the morning light gradually replaced the boundless night, but the starry sky still did not appear. For two consecutive days after that, the starry sky was covered by dark clouds, and the entire sky was pitch black.

Qian Wanyu had to calm down and rethink Qing Mo’s impossible proposal before, because as long as there were no stars in the sky, they would remain trapped in Longxian Village.

Simulate the entire starry sky in the mind…

“Toothless, Seventh sister seems to be studying something recently.” Dongfang Minghui didn’t dare to disturb Qian Wanyu, she found that as long as Qian Wanyu was studying something in one place, she could persevere, and her whole soul would be devoted to that matter. She would ignore everything around her and focus on the single task. Even she’s been ignored so many times, bleh bleh!


The pseudo-dragon watched Qian Wanyu take out a stone and draw it around in his yard, as if marking something. Wanting to go up to have a look, Dongfang Minghui stopped him in time, “Seventh sister may be trying to find a way out, so don’t disturb her.”

When the pseudo-dragon heard this, he nodded again and again.

Dongfang Minghui put her eyes on him, and said for a long time, “If you’re doing fine, why don’t you help me go to Mrs. Hua’s house to get the ingredients for the molar stick. If possible, can you bring back some small fish, I want to make small fish for Toothless as a snack.”

When the pseudo-dragon heard that it was for Lord Dragon God, he went out without saying a word.

Dongfang Minghui was sitting on the steps of their room, watching Seventh sister with her head lowered and moving in circles, she felt dizzy after watching for a while, and shook her head hurriedly, “Toothless, do you think Seventh sister discovered something?”


Before she could finish speaking, Qian Wanyu suddenly stood up straight and walked towards the door expressionlessly.

Dongfang Minghui hurriedly avoided those things in the yard, and followed closely behind, step by step. She watched Qian Wanyu walk around the village ten times, each time ending at the village chief’s house, looking for the original starting point.

After following ten times, Dongfang Minghui has become familiar with the road from the Hua’s house to the village chief’s house. No matter how the road changes, she could always find this road in the end, “Hey, Toothless, have you noticed that the road is changing?”

Toothless followed unhurriedly, as if to accompany her for a walk.

“I knew that Seventh sister would definitely not give up.”

Ten times later, Qian Wanyu frowned and returned to the courtyard, continuing to draw something on the ground alone, circling in circles. Dongfang Minghui was sitting on the steps outside the gate. In order not to disturb Seventh sister, she left the house as well.

When the false dragon brought the things, Mrs. Hua followed.

“Village Chief, let me tell you that these two little girls lived in our house at the start, you can’t do this…”

Before the people arrived, their sound arrives first.

Dongfang Minghui rushed over to greet her, and made a silent gesture towards Mrs. Hua, “Sister-in-law Hua, please keep your voice down. Seventh sister is thinking about important things and cannot be disturbed.”

Mrs. Hua poked her head in for a look, then shrank back, and pulled Dongfang Minghui aside, “Little sister, did Mrs. Hua treat you badly because you just chose the village chief’s house to stay, what do you think I did wrong? ”

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but feel ashamed and waved her hands again and again, “Sister Hua, you misunderstood, we have important matters to discuss with the village chief, so we stayed at the village chief’s house.”

Sister-in-law Hua glanced at the village chief standing aside, “Oh, what important matters?”


“Well, sister-in-law Hua, don’t worry, I will definitely make a molar stick for you to try before I leave.”

“There’s also dried fish.” Sister-in-law Hua added timidly. In fact, she just wanted to eat grilled fish and dried fish. When the village chief went to her house to pick up things, she was in a hurry due to missing the taste. Usually, the two little girls were living in their house, and she had gotten used to it.

This time they lived in the village head’s house, and she thought all the benefits were taken by the village head.

“Okay, there’s also dried fish.”

Dongfang Minghui just begged her not to ask too many questions, she would make some for them later…

Seeing that Mrs. Hua was coaxed away by Dongfang Minghui a few times, the village chief couldn’t help but look at her differently, “She almost quarreled with me about dried fish before.”

The toughest person in the village was Mrs. Hua, she always ignored everyone’s opinion even the village chief.

Dongfang Minghui chuckled. She really did somewhat like Mrs. Hua’s hearty character, “Have you thought about how to explain to this village if you want to follow us? I’m curious, but are these villagers even human?”

The village chief pursed his lips slightly, and gave her a complicated look, “Do you really have a way to get out?”

“Of course, I believe in Seventh sister.”

“Longxian Village is just an affiliated village of the Dragon Clan. Since I came here, they’ve already existed like this. I have never seen anyone change forms before. If they were really dragons, the position of village chief wouldn’t be my turn to enjoy.”

Indeed, how could a fake dragon lead a group of real dragons?

“However, the quilts in your house are all made of ice and snow silk. Don’t tell me you don’t know about ice and snow silk.” Seventh sister said that it was a kind of ice and snow silk that grew on icebergs.

Pseudo-dragon laughed softly, “I didn’t expect that you are not only observant, but also meticulous in paying attention to detail. To tell you the truth, I don’t know what ice and snow silkworms are. I just know that the villagers in this village will go to the mountains to catch them every winter. They will bring a kind of transparent and cold silkworm cocoon came back then raise them to make silk which they use for clothes. Originally, these were to be handed over to the Dragon Clan, but no one from the Dragon Clan has come to collect the tributes for many years, so they had to use some of the excess stock, I just took some of it for myself.”

The corner of Dongfang Minghui’s mouth twitched slightly. If what the village head said was true, and the Seventh sister knew it, she would probably feel that it was a waste of money.

Was it really a misunderstanding?

Qian Wanyu walked straight in front of them, and Dongfang Minghui hurriedly said to the village chief, “You stay at the door, don’t go in and destroy those drawings Seventh sister made in the yard just now, if you can, please stand at the door and don’t let anyone enter.”

“This is all related to whether we can get out of Longxian Village.”


Qian Wanyu walked several times again, and when she returned, she kept talking to herself, “Impossible, the speed of change for the surrounding roads is a hundred times that of the village.”

Hundred times?

Dongfang Minghui heard this with her sharp ears, but she was still puzzled, and had no idea what Seventh sister meant.

This kind of life lasted for almost ten days, back and forth, sometimes in the middle of the night, she followed Qian Wanyu and accompanied her for more than a hundred back and forth walks. Dongfang Minghui felt that her legs were about to break. Now even if she closed her eyes, she can probably find her way from the village chief’s house to Mrs. Hua’s house.

With nothing to do, she used her spiritual power to refine some molar sticks, and the ball in her dantian also became more and more pure, with a faint feeling that she felt she was about to break through.

“Village Chief, you can give these to Mrs. Hua.”


The village chief took it readily. He had also secretly followed them back and forth, and probably understood what they were doing. It was the first time he had seen such a persistent person. She had walked no less than a hundred times in a few days trying to figure a route. He couldn’t help thinking, if he had tried like this back then, would he have escaped a long time ago?

Dongfang Minghui turned around and took out a few molar sticks from her space ring, stuffing them into Toothless’s mouth, “Toothless.”

Toothless chewed a few times before sticking out his tongue, still wanting more.

Dongfang Minghui looked at the short molar stick, then looked at Toothless’s big head, and felt that the molar stick was too small, and it was not enough for Toothless to fit between his teeth, “Sorry, it’s too small, next time I’ll make it bigger for you. ”

Her materials were limited and time was limited. Every time Seventh sister moved forward, she would follow, leaving half of the work aside.

“Seventh sister?”

Qian Wanyu looked focused, looking up at the starry sky.

Dongfang Minghui, who was following her, couldn’t help but worry for her, planning that if the Seventh sister bumped into something, she would rush over and pull her back.

The result was unexpected. Not only did Qian Wanyu not bump into anything, but she also walked from the village chief’s house to Hua’s house at a faster speed, and finally walked back to the original point. “I seem to be about to find a way.”

After saying this, Qian Wanyu walked back again.

Dongfang Minghui fidgeted after hearing that sentence, she kept staring at Seventh sister, fearing that if she didn’t follow Seventh sister, what if Seventh sister found a path and went straight out?! She was not as smart as Seventh sister and might truly be trapped here for the rest of her life.

When the village chief came back, he also sent a message for Mrs. Hua, “She said that the molar stick was not as good as dried fish, and she wants to eat dried fish.”

Dongfang Minghui didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, this was truly sister-in-law Hua’s style. After laughing, she watched the village chief quietly, and said after a while, “Seventh sister will find a way out soon, are you ready?”

They waited from night to another night.

Qian Wanyu’s eyes were red, a few strands of hair were hanging down, and she walked out of the village chief’s house with a tense face.

The two followed out with excitement and apprehension, and they arrived at Mrs. Hua’s house, just in time to meet Mrs. Hua and Brother Hua Yi who were walking home.

“What is there to do in the village, are you still shopping?”

Qian Wanyu walked straight past them without looking sideways, Dongfang Minghui hesitated for a moment, but still smiled and said, “Goodbye, Mrs. Hua.”

The village head nodded slightly towards Mrs. Hua.

“Little girl, don’t forget my dried fish.”

“Hey, they seem to be acting a little strange, why do they like to walk around the village?”

As they walked far away, they could still hear Mrs. Hua’s loud voice muttering, and finally heard the sound of a door closing.

Dongfang Minghui turned around and took a look, “Sorry, sister-in-law Hua, your dried fish is probably… gone.”

She imagined the scene after Mrs. Hua couldn’t find her. The picture was so beautiful that she didn’t dare to think about it any more. She quickened her pace and hurriedly caught up with Qian Wanyu.

Qian Wanyu successfully found that spot, and about half an hour later, a road appeared in front of her, “It’s here.”

Dongfang Minghui said a little excitedly, “Seventh sister, we’ve found the way?!”

“Yes, hahahaha.” Qian Wanyu burst into laughter suddenly. She looked up and saw a sky full of stars, which overlapped with the night sky she followed from the starry sky that day. After she finished laughing, she suddenly restrained her smile and sat cross-legged.

Dongfang Minghui was taken aback. She had known Seventh sister for so many years, and she had never seen her laugh so whole heartedly.

“There seems to be something wrong with her.”

“Seventh sister must have had an epitome.”

Time passed, after a whole night passed, Dongfang Minghui actually hadn’t slept for several days and nights. After taking a nap, she woke up completely refreshed. She looked around and saw that the road to Longxian Village had changed inexplicably. There was a large pile of rocks in place of the entrance and there was no way to go in. She stood up and asked doubtfully, “Could the road have disappeared again?”

It seems that it was an accident that they were able to enter Longxian Village before.

She looked at the spot Seventh Sister sat down before again, sure enough Qian Wanyu was still sitting there cross-legged, motionless.

Dongfang Minghui searched around, and found that only Toothless was left flicking his tail, wondering what he was doing, she scratched her head and asked strangely, “Toothless, did you see that fake dragon from before?”

She had just taken a nap so that fake dragon probably took this opportunity to sneak away.

Didn’t he agree to accompany Toothless to find the Dragon Clan?

Toothless, who was called, froze, did not wag his tail, and put it down extremely slowly, feeling guilty.


Toothless froze and didn’t move.

Dongfang Minghui felt that something was wrong with the other party, and slowly wandered to the front of Toothless, and saw that there was a golden tail in Toothless’s mouth, “Ah, Toothless, you ate that fake dragon?! Spit him out quickly!”

Toothless took a step back.

“Toothless, spit him out, or I’m going to get angry.”

Toothless glanced at her aggrievedly, and with a puff, spat out the little gold fake dragon that was in his mouth.

The little gold pseudo-dragon lay half dead on the ground, motionless.

“Hey, are you still alive?”

Toothless let out a groan, resting his big head on his two front paws, his small eyes kept wandering towards Dongfang Minghui.

Dongfang Minghui took a look at the little gold fake dragon, his stomach was still panting, it seemed that he was still breathing, “Why did you suddenly become a little goldfish again?”

“Uhh—I need water.”

Dongfang Minghui was in a dilemma, there were dirt roads all around, and there was no water, “I still have a porcelain bottle of clean water in my space, can you make yourself smaller?”

The fake dragon rolled his eyes and remained silent.

“Did he die?!”

Dongfang Minghui took out the water from her space ring and poured it on the little gold fake dragon. The fish was still limp, but his mouth was opening and closing, like a stranded fish. She hurriedly fed him some spirit liquid, ” You should wake up, or I’ll feed you to Toothless.”

Toothless’s sleepy expression immediately dissipated, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

LOL Toothless! Stop eating your friends!

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