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MIWW Chapter 166 Part 1

The water was rushing, and soon the water in the porcelain bottle was gone.

The little golden false dragon had only been active for a while, and after there was no water and the sun was gradually rising, it immediately became sleepy again, looking like it was dying, and began to roll its eyes in Dongfang Minghui’s hands.

He was still an uncle before, but when she turned around, he turned into a small golden fish,  lying weakly in her hands… This contrast somehow made her feel very strange.

Dongfang Minghui struggled for a long time, looking at Seventh sister who was sitting cross-legged not far away, she said helplessly, “Toothless, I’m going to find a place with water source, you stay by Seventh sister, don’t let anyone get close ok?”

Toothless shook his head, chasing his own tail in circles, being naughty.

“Toothless.” Dongfang Minghui grabbed one of its ears angrily, “Don’t lose your temper, Seventh sister is very important to me, you have to guard her well.”

Toothless gave her a sad look, reluctantly choosing a place not too far from Qian Wanyu, and lay down listlessly on his stomach.

“Little Colour?”

A vine was tied thinly to the big tree behind Qian Wanyu, and the other end was tied to Dongfang Minghui’s hand. The vine stretched little by little. As time passed, the sun was shining, and the little golden pseudo-dragon was gradually becoming weaker, the breathing frequency of his little belly gradually decreased.

She watched, nervously as the frequency of its belly bobbing up and down was slowing down.

“Why did you suddenly become like this? Is it because you left Longxian Village?”

After a long time, the voice of the little golden pseudo-dragon came to her intermittently, “It takes half a month of soaking moon in the lake before I can come out. I haven’t had half a month to soak moonlight this time…”

In this way, this matter had a deep relationship with them, and they were the culprits… Dongfang Minghui felt a little guilty, and murmured, “Little False Dragon, you’d better hope that there is water nearby, otherwise—— “

Otherwise she’d have no clue what to do!

She glanced at the space ring, there was no water, and the spiritual liquid was about to run out. It was a dead end. After a while, the little goldfish might turn into a dried-up dead goldfish! That would be too embarrassing of a way to die…

She walked a little further and asked the grass and trees on the side of the road. Under their guidance, she found a clear stream. The stream was relatively shallow. Not only could she see her reflection clearly, but she could also see the small fish wandering underwater and the stones under the water. Those small fish were swimming to and fro underwater, full of vitality.

Dongfang Minghui hurriedly put the little goldfish into the water slowly.

As soon as the pseudo-dragon appeared, those shallow fishes ran away in fright. The stream was very clean. After the pseudo-dragon, which was already dying, had water, its gloomy color suddenly shined brightly, especially the gold scales which were especially bright like the sun.

Dongfang Minghui stared at the pseudo-dragon in the water in a daze, and waited until the little gold pseudo-dragon played in the water before she said coolly, “You’d better not tell me that you need to absorb half a month’s worth of moon essence to last half a month in human form…”

“No, I need to absorb for up to five days, but I can maintain my human form for up to ten days.”

“…” What’s the use of you!

Dongfang Minghui observed the surrounding area. This creek was the only water flow in a hundred miles. Both monsters and people may pass by this place.

“Don’t show your whole body or other humans might catch you to cook.”

The head of the little golden pseudo-dragon popped out and spit out a bubble of water in horror.

Longxian Village was isolated from the outside world, and the people in the village were quite dumb and simple. The little pseudo-dragon wasn’t stupid but after spending many years with those unsuspecting villagers, it had no idea how cruel the outside world could be.

Hearing such cruel words from Dongfang Minghui’s mouth, it almost choked on its own saliva.

“Also it’s impossible for me to accompany you for five days. Seventh sister is currently cultivating so it’s very dangerous at this time. Even with Toothless guarding her, I don’t feel at ease.”

The implication was that you have to find a way to solve your own problems.

Just as she and the pseudo-dragon were staring at each other, the vine branch in her hand suddenly tightened, “Little Colour?”

Little Color appeared in her soul sea, her complexion was quite grim, with a rare flash of anger in her eyes, “There’s someone.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the vine branch in Dongfang Minghui’s hand loosened, “Who cut off the vine branch?!”

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t find a container that could hold a pseudo-dragon in her space, and the only helmet she had had become little bean sprouts’ personal property. She looked helplessly at the water monster that had been dead just then and thinking of her empty space ring…

“If you don’t feel wronged, you can stay in my space ring for a while.”

“Okay.” Pseudo-dragon begrudgingly, he was terrified by what Dongfang Minghui said just now, so he was determined to follow their footsteps and absolutely not be left alone.

The blue liquid filled a separate space, and besides that, there was a large water monster that was half dismembered by Little Color, which occupied most of the space. When the Pseudo-Dragon first entered the space, it popped out its head again and again and spit bubbles.

“Hey, what is this water? Why does it have a fishy smell?”

Dongfang Minghui pretended not to hear. The blue liquid seemed to be thicker than sea water. It was the blood of a water monster. Since Little Color threw this thing into the space ring, the water level of the blue liquid in the space continued to rise, reaching a certain stage before stopping.

She guessed that the blood on the water monster’s body was exhausted, and Little Color would occasionally enter this space for a stroll.

First she needed to link Little Color’s vines’ two ends, for fear of getting lost again.

On the way back, Little Color quickly led them. They quickly found the part of the broken vine. The vine was hanging from the branched trunk of the big tree and was still dangling weakly. The other end was tied to the trunk behind Qian Wanyu also swaying at this moment.

Dongfang Minghui jumped up, took back the vines, and recovered them little by little, all of this could be refined into liquid medicine to save people!

Little Color’s eyes turned red, “These people are looking for death!”

Dongfang Minghui felt uneasy. These group of people seem to have followed some traces. However she didn’t meet anyone along the way, which meant that someone was following the direction of Seventh sister. “Go, Seventh sister is in danger.”


Hearing the warning from Toothless, Little Color grabbed Dongfang Minghui when she was walking halfway, “There is an ambush.”

Dongfang Minghui was already in a state of dismay, but being dragged by Little Color like this, she had to force himself to calm down. Seventh sister was surrounded by Toothless and Little White group, so she should be fine for the time being, “Come out, don’t pretend to be fools, I know you are all here.”

A few figures came out from the grass, all wearomg green clothes, holding a long sword in their hands, all looking at Dongfang Minghui with interest, one of them looked excited, squeezing out from behind the crowd, and pointing at Dongfang Minghui.

“Brother, it’s them!”

Dongfang Minghui looked at the man in awe, and it took her a long time to find a sense of familiarity in the corner of her memory. The man was covered with wounds, his face was torn, and his feet were limping. She still couldn’t recognize him but she could boldly guess that it should be that person Seventh sister went down the cliff to look for. The lucky one who they couldn’t find after a long time searching.

Unexpectedly, he was lucky enough to survive long enough to meet with the Qing Lan Sect’s people.

So this group of people obviously now knew that she and Seventh sister were the culprits who killed Qing Yan’s group.

She didn’t have much enmity with the Qing Lan Sect people, she just had to kill Qing Yan to cover up her true secret back then and  didn’t want to be entangled with these people… however now she found that she was really too naive.

It’s not her choice to not get entangled with them. These people were everywhere and the hatred between them and Qing Lan Sect would only become deeper and deeper, until there was no reconciliation.

After hitting the young one, the old one would come, and after hitting the old one, a higher level one would come. After all, before the hatred is resolved, they would have had to kill the other side to the end in order to resolve their hatred.

“Hand over the treasure, and we can let you live.”

Dongfang Minghui smiled playfully, “A bunch of idiots.”

“Little Colour!”

Little Color was even more angry than Dongfang Minghui, the vine branches had already taken advantage of that time to hide in the grass, these people had hurt her vines before so they were simply unforgivable.

“She is a wood-type Spiritual Master, release the bugs quickly!”

As soon as Little Color’s vine moved, it found a lot of bugs lurking in the grass, and those bugs were familiar to it, they were rushing towards them. Little Color’s vine shrank back all of a sudden. , “Damn, blood scabies!”

Dongfang Minghui’s scalp was numb, “Didn’t you say that these kinds of bugs only live in the dark?”

When she and Seventh sister entered the Blood Fiend Alliance secret prison by mistake, they had experienced a dark area, where she encountered in that place were blood scabies, “There’s also a stench, these insects have been controlled by people.”

Little Color was so frightened that she climbed onto Dongfang Minghui’s back. Before she could show her mighty side, she got terrified by the bugs. Those reptiles swarmed and quickly surrounded them from all directions.

“Man-eating grass!”

Dongfang Minghui raised her feet and saw them still advancing on them one by one, thinking that if Toothless was there, she would surely have gotten it to wipe them all out by spraying some fire.

The man-eating plant was pulled out by pig fairy grass. Seeing this group of insects, it also trembled with fright. It had its mouth forced open by pig fairy grass and spat out a lot of silk threads. Those silk threads slowly built a line of defense. It temporarily blocked the group of bugs from moving forward, but there were other directions to attack from…

Dongfang Minghui felt that this idea was terrible. They were trapped here surrounded by the white silk and she wouldn’t be able to reach Sventh Sister in time…

Seems they had just dug themselves into a hole!

“Little Colour, don’t be in a daze, we can use the power of the trees to escape, quickly pull me away.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she felt vines sweeping around her waist, and when she was being pulled to leap, she saw countless water balls and fire balls all attacking her but the silk umbrella stopped their attacks in time. “I’ll give you some presents!”

The leaves on the branches swept around her one after another, as if they had eyes, they aimed and swished towards the group of people below.

The man-eating grass quickly retracted the silk thread, and the group of blood scabies with no barriers gathered together densely, making people scared of looking at them.

Dongfang Minghui released the spiritual power to control the flying leaves but after a certain distance, she could no longer control them and they fell like normal leaves.

“That was dangerous.” Little Color was most afraid of blood scabies. As soon as she was afraid she would immediately stop being able to fight and start running… “Someone must be controlling those bugs.”

“Stop talking, let’s go.”

When Dongfang Minghui arrived, Toothless and Little White were guarding Seventh sister. The smell of burning meat, corrosion and blood mixed together made people feel very uncomfortable. Qian Wanyu closed her eyes tightly as before, completely unaware of everything happening outside.

Seeing this, Dongfang Minghui secretly breathed a sigh of relief, because she was most afraid of a sneak attack, she hadn’t let Toothless and Little White stay too far away from Qian Wanyu.

When she arrived, she also saw the Qing Lan Sect’s Fire and Ice Spiritual Spiritual Masters constantly shooting hidden arrows in this direction, especially trying to aim at the cultivating Seventh sister sitting in the middle.

Toothless and Little White shielded her from left to right, that’s how the scratches on the back of their forelegs came from.

The wounds on Xiao Baituan’s body were more obvious, and his whole body was more bloody, looking very frightening.

As for Toothless, when it saw Dongfang Minghui coming, it yelled, its little eyes were a little downcast with its tail drooped down, like a little daughter-in-law who had been wronged all the time.

“Hmph it’s useless, you can’t change anything.” A Qing Lan Sect disciple who saw Dongfang Minghui appearing sneered, “Another one here to die.”

They muttered in their mouths, but their subordinates showed no mercy at all.

The silk umbrella in Dongfang Minghui’s hand opened, blocking those arrows aimed at Seventh sister. She counted their people, about fifteen, plus the people who were ambushing halfway before, there were about thirty people, their levels were around Spiritual Scholar.

“Little Colour, what are you going to do if there are more blood scabies from just now?”

“Kill them first.”

The vine branches shuttled from the ground, and naturally they can also be used from mid-air. With so many trees around, Little Color’s vines opened its teeth and claws and started to attack them sneakily. They were also quite conceited, thinking that they could easily kill Little White and Toothless. Everyone’s positions were very sparse, giving Little Color an excellent opportunity.

The six fire-type Spiritual Masters took this opportunity to spit fireballs towards Little Color one after another. Little Color dodged left and right, dodging the six of them very nimbly.

Toothless roared and sprayed a lot of fireballs back at them. These fireballs were more domineering than the fireballs thrown by those people. Those people tried to block them with water, but they couldn’t stop them! One of them burned a flame from his sleeve. Before a water ball could even be thrown to extinguish it the fire spread from his sleeve to his whole arm, finally swallowing him whole.

Seeing this, Little White swooped forward, tearing off another man’s arm with his claws.

The scuffle got out of hand quickly.

Dongfang Minghui was standing right in front of Qian Wanyu, her spiritual power was almost exhausted by her flying leaves which were gathering around a radius of ten miles around her consciously, flying out like hidden weapons.


Suddenly a cold voice sounded from behind her, Dongfang Minghui turned around instinctively, and the hidden weapon in her silk umbrella was shot out spontaneously.

Dongfang Minghui screamed in shock, her spiritual power was exhausted. Who would have known there were wolves in front and tigers in back, the situation was too bad.

A slender figure quickly dodged her hidden weapon, but his wrist was still scratched by the hidden weapon. His beautiful eyebrows were twisted into a ball, and a look of astonishment flashed in his eyes, probably because he didn’t expect to be hurt by her.


When she saw the person in front of her clearly, she was a little surprised. She had seen this person before. It was the person imprisoned in the secret room that she met in the basement when she went to Cheng Mansion to steal the medicine. She had given him a healing pill. After many years, the person in front didn’t seem to have changed at all.

Dongfang Minghui looked complicated, and then the silk umbrella pointed directly at the opponent’s front, “Are you also from Qing Lan Sect?”

The man didn’t even look at her, his back was facing her, the long sword in his hand was out of the sheath, and he disappeared at once. When he reappeared, he was already in the chaotic battlefield, ending a Qing Lan Sect disciple with a single blow, extremely fast.


Dongfang Minghui was a bit dumbfounded, was the other party helping them?

This fight wasn’t over yet, the previous people from before had chased back to this location as well, presenting a two-sided attack, even though the man was helping them, they were still at a disadvantage in terms of numbers.

Dongfang Minghui flicked her waist with her fingers, and in an instant, plum blossom nails appeared in her hands, “If you all want to die, I will make it happen for you.”

The leaves flew up and swished towards the group of people, the plum blossom nails were mixed among them, truth and false were covered up easily making them let their guard down allowing her to stab a number of people. Seeing that they didn’t care, she chuckled lightly, one after another a batch of concealed weapons were all thrown out, and only six of the last thirty-six plum blossom nails remained.

She saw one of them fall victim to the poison, his face quickly turning blue making her feel relieved.


“Too careless, quickly—”

Dongfang Minghui didn’t have time to rejoice, she felt a huge burst of spiritual power. She didn’t notice, and was sent flying out. Toothless swooped and caught her in midair. It was only after she had a close contact with Toothless that she could clearly see the ice picks inserted into Toothless’s neck, and bloodstains covering her hands.

“Toothless you’re hurt?!”


She turned her head and saw that she was not the only one, the people closest to the encirclement where Seventh sister was located were all blown away by a wave of spiritual power.

The spiritual power was emanting from Seventh sister, the sky and the earth were changing colours as thick clouds gathered and thunder roared. This was the sign of spiritual promotion!

“Little White, come here quickly!”

Seeing this situation, one of the Qing Lan Sect disciples had a smug smile on his face, “Going to advance at this time is simply divine intervention giving you bad luck.”

Dongfang Minghui: “…”

Haha can’t wait for Wanyu to kill them!

Happy last day of CNY everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the short break, I definitely did 🙂

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