Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 24

Nan Nan was stunned and couldn’t help but laugh bitterly, “Wanyu you’re flattering me too much, I’m just a person struggling in the mud! Such a person like me, how dare I play mind games with you.”

Dongfang Wanyu lifted her eyelids, gesturing for her to continue.

“I want to beg you to save my brother.” Nan Nan suddenly kneeled down towards Dongfang Wanyu, startling her, “I know what I’m asking for,” she said. It’s going to cause a lot of trouble for you, but I can’t help it. If you can heal my brother’s legs and get him back on his feet, I’ll do whatever you want me to do.”

Dongfang Wanyu sneered, “I’m not a pharmacist, you’ve got the wrong person.”

Nan Nan shook her head, “I didn’t get the wrong person, I know you’re not a pharmacist, but you’re a Triple System Spiritualist and will definitely be able to enter the Royal Academy.”

Dongfang Wanyu’s pupils instantly widened as she grabbed Nan Nan’s neck and barked, “How did you know that I’m a Triple System Spiritualist?”

She hadn’t even informed Ninth Sister of this. it was unbelievable that a stranger would know, she had really underestimated her.

Nan Nan’s neck was pinched so hard that she couldn’t breathe, she laughed bitterly, “Relax – relax, I, won’t tell – tell anyone.” She also wanted the other party to heal her brother’s legs.

Dongfang Wanyu saw that she didn’t seem to be faking it before she loosened her hand and let go, “How did you see it?”

Nan Nan coughed several times, she was deeply aware of the other party’s killing intent, if she did not answer to her satisfaction, the other party would surely show no mercy.

Nan Nan stretched out her hands and muttered a few words, a small fiery red figure suddenly ran out, jumping on her palm with one leap. It was rubbing her cheek affectionately, “This is my magic pet civet.”

“Fire Civet Cat, Fire Variant Evolved Demonic Beast, currently only rank two, it has a pair of penetrating eyes, no wonder you were exposed so early.” Qing Mo muttered.

The little beaver seemed to have an animosity towards Dongfang Wanyu, it’s tail wagging as if it was going to meet the challenge head-on.

“If you’re a Spiritualist, why don’t you try to enter yourself into the Royal Academy?” Putting your hopes on someone else was an act of utter stupidity.

Nan Nan hung her head and touched her magic pet, “I’m not gifted enough, even if I get to the Royal Academy, they won’t want me!”

“In your current situation, if you don’t go to the Royal Academy, you will surely continue to be humiliated by that guy from yesterday, not just you, your brother will suffer along with you.” Dongfang Wanyu knew the other girl was a good and strong girl, but in the face of absolute power and strength, the reality was cruel, “My suggestion is that you try out for the Royal Academy, and if you are favored by the Academy, they will at least grant you a certain level of protection. After that, we’ll talk about whether your brother’s legs can be saved.”

“We can save you once, but we can’t save you a second or third time. Think about what your brother will do if you die.” Dongfang Wanyu finished, leaving her alone on her knees.

Dongfang Minghui kept poking around the door, idly ‘chatting’ with the weeds outside.

From them, she learned that there had been a massive explosion here a long time ago, and the fire had burned everything to the ground, and only two children had survived.

When she was about to ask again, Dongfang Wanyu returned.

“Ninth sister, we’ll go scout around the Royal Academy today, we won’t go to the Northern District for now.”


Although Dongfang Minghui promised quickly, her heart was miserable, if the Female Protagonist entered the Royal Academy and couldn’t be seen for at least a month, how was she going to brush up her presence? How would she brush up some goodwill?

After saying goodbye to Nan Nan, they headed straight to the Royal Academy.

Dongfang Minghui was sullen on the way home, with a big fat word for “sad” written all over her face.

Minghui’s pout is cheating!

Dongfang Wanyu thought she was throwing a tantrum because she didn’t get to go to the Northern District, for that reason she ordered Snow Capital’s signature snacks and tea to cheer her up.

“Ugh, the queue outside this Royal Academy is two blocks long, look at the weather, it must feel terrible for them.”

“It’s useless to queue any longer, my good brother is a teacher at the Royal Academy, he revealed the news to me that their department is only hiring 100 people this time.”

“Think about it, according to this ratio, the college’s enrollment is probably less than last time.”

“Hmph just a cow that knows how to blow his horn to heaven, buddy I can also say the dean is my father.”

A group of people from the three empires were talking constantly in the teahouse, their voices so loud that the people downstairs could hear them.

Dongfang Wanyu didn’t lift an eyelid as she took a sip of tea.

Dongfang Minghui propped her head upon her hand and looked out as if she wasn’t listening at all. She tapped her fingers lightly on the table, her countless thoughts floating in her mind.

“Seventh sister, I think we’d better take a look around the academy.” She suddenly suggested, it was useless to hear any more information, they might as well go find out on their own.

Dongfang Wanyu gestured to the snacks and tea on the table, “It’s hot outside, have a couple of sips before you go.”

“Wow, this is my favorite hibiscus cake.” Dongfang Minghui picked up a piece and tasted it, quickly feeling the silky energy entering her mouth, she looked in amazement at the Female Protagonist, “Seventh sister, try some of these. The pastry actually contains spiritual energy within.”

Dongfang Wanyu also tasted a piece of it, “Worthy of being Snow Capital’s tea house. The things in this teahouse should be made from materials with spiritual energy, your spiritual energy has not yet recovered, so eat more.”

There were just four pieces on one plate, and three pieces all went into her stomach, taking another sip of tea, she instantly burped, Dongfang Minghui felt a little embarrassed.

When they came near the Royal Academy, they saw two long lines.

Dongfang Minghui caught a gentle-looking person and asked, “This big brother, I would like to ask why you’re here in line.”

The man looked at the two of them, “In three days, the pharmacy will start recruiting people with exceptional talent across the board, but only five thousand people, I see other people lined up, so I just followed the line.”

Dongfang Minghui thought, “…it’s not like they’re hiring the first 5,000 people…”

Two people were asked, and the answers were odd, others lined up, so they lined up.

Dongfang Minghui spread out her hands and scratched her head, “Seventh sister, I think that people with brains definitely won’t do stupid things like this, they’d probably hide in a tree and rest or sleep or something.”

Anyway, the worldly people in the novels she read didn’t go out of their way to queue up for days.

Dongfang Wanyu pulled her over to the shade of a tree, “You stay here for now, I’ll go check the other gate .”

“Okay.” Dongfang Minghui nodded good-naturedly.

As soon as Dongfang Wanyu left, she desperately wanted to try climbing the tree. It was cooler up there and she could see a lot more.

A piece of bark hit her right in the head.

“Weird.” Something hit her, and Dongfang Minghui looked around and couldn’t find what it was. Guess it was probably some naughty little animal.

Dongfang Minghui continued to climb, but before she reached the top branch, she was hit by something again, with the same force as the one she’d just been hit on before.

“Who is it.”

Dongfang Minghui patted the tree and whispered, “Big tree big tree, tell me which mischief-maker hit me, I’ll fill you with more energy later.”

Without even considering it, the tree swayed its posture and mischievously circled her with its branches, moving slowly to the top so that she could sit against it. Then the slender branches moved two or three trees away.

Dongfang Minghui stared as she saw a young man with his hands resting behind his head, his feet up, and a blade of grass in his mouth, sleeping with the tree as his bed.

“Big Tree, let me borrow something from you.” She negotiated with the tree, which gave her some stripped bark, and Dongfang Minghui headed toward the direction of that person and threw it over.

As a result, the young man whirled around, jumped from that tree to another, and sat down, smiling and winking at her, “Little girl, how do you have the power to make this tree listen to you?”

Dongfang Minghui glared at him, “I won’t tell you.”

The young man held one hand to his chin and tsked at her, “Seems like a Wood Spiritualist, but you’re a bit strange especially your spirit power…”

Dongfang Minghui dangled her legs, she looked a little guilty but turned her head, ignoring him.

The other man made a leap and jumped directly from that tree to her face, scaring Dongfang Minghui until she almost fell, but luckily the tree used its branches to curl around her waist.

“What are you doing?” Dongfang Minghui was furious, her face twisted, although the person in front of her seemed gentle but she decided that she hated him.

The young man just looked at her from top to bottom with a teasing glint in his eye, “Little girl looks so good, why don’t you follow me home. ”

“Help-” Ah.

Dongfang Minghui thought she had encountered a pervert, and of course, the first thing she did was to call for help. Unexpectedly just as she was about to shout those two words, her mouth got muffled.

“You, you, you.” Dongfang Minghui pointed his finger at the bridge of his nose, looking incredulous.

“Little girl, I’m joking with you, why do you have to take it so seriously. If you shout like that, my innocent reputation will be ruined in your hands.” The other party winked at her.

Dongfang Minghui had never seen such a cheeky guy before, whose innocent reputation was ruined? Obviously it was her that’s being bullied!

She simply patted the tree and told it to let her down.

The tree rolled up its branches and slowly lowered her to the ground.

“Hey, hey, don’t run, little girl.” The young man was dumbfounded, probably not expecting the other person to just run off.

Dongfang Minghui reached the bottom of the tree and hugged the trunk and patted it, “I’ll come over tomorrow and fill you with some spiritual energy, okay, make you grow up fast.”

The tree shook its branches in delight, nearly dropping the young man.

“Hahahahaha, good job.” Dongfang Minghui hugged the tree, with a gloating smile.

That night, they continuously looked for several inns but they were all overcrowded, they finally chose one that looked more humble, and booked two rooms.

In the inn, they saw some mostly fierce men, tall and big, strapping and powerful, they were in groups, there was a strong smell of blood on their bodies, most of their exposed arms had all kinds of scars, they were probably mercenaries living on the knife’s edge constantly tasting blood.

Most of the people staying at this inn were from the three empires.

Dongfang Minghui asked the inn for a medicine grinder, closed the door and crushed the last red peony and purple grass in her collection into juice, she used the porcelain jar with the pills in it to fill them all up and prepared to water the tree tomorrow.

Looking through the inventory inside her spatial ring again, she felt that if she bought a few more herbs, she probably wouldn’t even be able to sustain her life.

The herbs outside were insanely expensive, and just the last few herbs that had restored most of her spiritual energy had cost her most of her savings, it seemed like she had to find a job to have a comfortable life in the future…

With this thought in mind, Dongfang Minghui had a nightmare where she dreamed of going to someone’s teahouse to do odd jobs and being teased by people.

How could she have such a boring dream? Dreaming of serving dishes…

“You don’t seem to have slept well yesterday.” Dongfang Wanyu looked a little strangely at the faint dark circles under her eyes.

Dongfang Minghui nodded, yawned, and complained, “Yeah, yesterday I had a bad dream. I’m exhausted from dreaming and running around inside the dream all night.”

Dongfang Wanyu couldn’t help but laugh, “Why don’t I go to the vicinity of the Royal Academy by myself today, and you stay at the inn to get some rest.”

She immediately shook her head, “No, I’m going too.”

Leaving her here alone to face these big men was the most terrifying thing, right?

The two of them grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed out.

“Seventh sister, you go and do your work, I’d better go cool off in the trees over there.” Actually the morning sun wasn’t so bad, she was just looking for an excuse to go and water the tree with some energy, she was a woman of her word after all.

Dongfang Wanyu saw that she stayed well under the tree and went to do what she needed to do.

As soon as she left, Dongfang Minghui immediately took out the porcelain vase from her space ring and watered the roots of the tree.

“Big Tree, that’s all I have, all of it is yours.”

The tree shook its branches, and the green leaves swished down as if they had been blown away by the wind.

When she finished watering, the branches rolled up around her waist and placed her on the trunk, playing with her hand by scratching with its’ leaves.

“Oh, don’t scratch don’t scratch, I actually have something to ask you.”

All the branches of the tree retracted, waiting for her to ask a question.

Dongfang Minghui figured that with her useless qualifications, she was limited in what she could do, and she wanted to find a job that she was capable of doing.

Of all the professions in the entire Seven Colored Continent, she thought that the only one she was still somewhat qualified for was a pharmacist.

“Do you think there’s any place in Snow Capital that has a large pharmacy?” When Dongfang Minghui talked about medicine, she thought that she still had a few red peony seeds. What a beautiful dream, thinking that when she got to the Snow Capital, she could buy a house and grow a whole lot of herbs in it. The result was she couldn’t even find the money to buy a wooden toilet Boo hoo!

“There’s a huge medicinal garden just a hundred miles away. But every day, there are many people walking around the medicinal garden.” An old voice from the tree passed into her mind.

Dongfang Minghui sighed, wasn’t a hundred-mile radius exactly inside the Royal Academy? She knew the answer without asking, but the point was that that’s the Royal Academy is that a place she could enter whenever she wanted?

“Big Tree, I can’t get into the Royal Academy, is there anywhere else?”

The tree shook, “I can only sense intense life energy over there, the rest of the world is too far away for me to feel it.”

“Okay.” The big tree was just as weak as she was, the tree’s spiritual strength was too weak.

Dongfang Minghui rubbed against the tree for a while, but before she could lament the pitiful academy, she took another hit to the back of her head.

“Who’s that.” Dongfang Minghui, who was depressed at not being able to find a job, glared.

Just a foot away from her, yesterday’s young man reappeared with a blade of grass in his mouth, smiling at Dongfang Minghui, “Want to enter the Royal Academy? Are you a student who came to apply for the test this time?”

Dongfang Minghui pouted and wrinkled a small face, “What’s wrong, are you eavesdropping on people?”

“What eavesdropping, I’m lying here openly, can’t you see it yourself?” The young man also shook his leg, looking like he’d been here for a while, “Are you trying to get into the Royal Academy?”

Dongfang Minghui became even more unhappy, her dislike for him kept rising on her internal hate meter and she grunted in a bad tone, “What’s the use of you knowing.”

“Indeed, with a qualification like yours, you’ll be eliminated before you get past the first round.”

The young man threw another piece of bark over, but this time it was thrown directly into her arms, “Do you want to enter the Royal Academy?”

“Do you have an idea?” Dongfang Minghui mocked him.

The Royal Academy’s enrollment was quite broad, both commoners and nobles could apply for the exam. However, 99% of the people who entered the academy were all extremely talented. There was nothing sadder than someone like her who was a Spiritual Master but fell down a rank back to grade five Spiritualist.

“Of course.”

Dongfang Minghui brightened up, “How do I get in?”

The young man teasingly looked her up and down, “Tsk, the little girl is quite good looking.”

Dongfang Minghui immediately put her hands around her chest and blushed furiously, “Bah, perverted man.”

The young man saw that she was really angry, he sat up straighter, and the superficial smile on his face was reduced by a few points, “Little girl I really can’t you help teasing you, bringing you into the Academy is fine, but I have one condition.”

“You tell me.” Dongfang Minghui couldn’t figure out which of the other’s words were true and which were false.

“I own a Blue Star Dream, but unfortunately it’s not in good shape lately, and I’ve had a lot of Wood Spiritual Masters check to see how it was doing but they were all attacked by it. If you can get it back to its old state, I’ll help you with your business as well.”

Blue Star Dream? What the hell is that?

She sort of understood that the other party wanted her to help heal a plant.

Dongfang Minghui struggled a bit before agreeing. Whenever there was the slightest hope of setting foot in the Academy, she had to give it a try. Day to day, she had to keep trying in order to establish a strong friendship with the Female Protagonist!

“Now come with me.”

The young man took Dongfang Minghui by the hand and leaped off the tree in a single bound.

She took a step back and hurried away from him, she thought the man was so prudish, “Not now, I have to wait for someone.”

“Huh? Do you know what it means to save a life? Time waits for no man.” The young man advised.

Dongfang Minghui shook his head, “No, later on my Seventh sister won’t be able to find me and she’ll get anxious.” Definitely anxious and also angry…

It wasn’t easy for her to brush that little bit of goodwill, and she would never allow anyone to ruin it.

The young man smacked his head, “It’s the girl you were walking with yesterday, isn’t it? Your Seventh sister? I’ll order someone to wait for her under the tree later, just tell her later.”

Dongfang Minghui faltered after being rushed several times, and before she knew it she was taken to a large separate courtyard with a large collection of medicinal herbs, they were all in good spirits and greeted when they saw her.

There were many medicine gardeners in the courtyard, they were all there to serve the herbs, and they were the ones who took daily care of them when they saw a stranger enter, they actually continued with the work at hand without looking away.

“Follow me.”

The young man’s name was Situ Hao, and all of these medicinal herbs belonged to him. Dongfang Minghui watched and couldn’t help but drool, she also wanted to have such a large patch of medicinal herbs.

She followed Situ Hao into a small courtyard within the bigger courtyard, where there was a thorny plant full of thorns that reached into the sky, towering completely unlike sort of small sapling. The ground was full of twigs and blue liquid spilled in large clumps.

“Blue Star Dream?”

Situ Hao and her were standing right at the entrance, “Yes, it is the Blue Star Dream I told you about. What’s on the ground are all the branches it broke when it attacked the Spiritual Masters, and the blue liquid is flowing from out from its body and lying everywhere because it won’t allow people to go near to clean it up.

Dongfang Minghui was surprised, “You said before that it was only a kid?”

Stuart nodded, “It is my personally planted herb, I dug it up before to check the age but half a year ago it suddenly started to fiercely grow up. Anyone approaching would be attacked by it, so we’re not sure how big it is now.”

Dongfang Minghui shook her head slightly at his words, the Blue Star Dream had grown so big and tall that the roots under the tree wouldn’t have been able to support its’ entire body if they were short.

“I want to be alone with it for a while.” She suggested.

Situ Hao was very surprised and reminded, “It has attacked a Wood System Great Spiritual Scholar before! You’re not a Spiritual King, are you sure you want to be left alone?”

“Yes, do you want to treat it? If you want to treat it, listen to me.” For the first time, Dongfang Minghui spoke with confidence, but she was actually afraid, in case the plant violently reacted what would she do if it was the same type as that perverted Little Colour?

“Okay, okay, but if there’s any danger you’d better scream.” Situ Hao told her after being assured by her repeatedly.

After he left, Dongfang Minghui sat down on the ground, just a short distance away from it, “Hey hey, little plant. What’s your name?”

After asking three or four times in a row, the other party wouldn’t answer.

This was the coldest kind of plant she had ever seen, covered in thorns on the outside, not to mention how terrifying it was, it didn’t match its name at all, she even suspected that Situ Hao had raised a mutant plant.

“I’m so bored by myself if you don’t talk, my name is Dongfang Minghui, you can call me Minghui. “Dongfang Minghui propped his head up and nagged, “I’ll tell you a secret, I’m a runaway, I’ve only been at Snow Capital for a couple of days, and I was looking for a job, but I haven’t found anything…I’m so useless.”

Blue Star Dream shook its branches which ended up being too big, causing it to end up dropping a few leaves, which floated down in front of Dongfang Minghui.

She picked it up and found that Blue Star Dream’s leaves were very strange, its tree pattern was actually round, “Wow, your leaves are so beautiful, can you give me two pieces as a souvenir?

The tree shook hard twice, dropping more leaves.

Dongfang Minghui gathered them up one by one and put them into the space ring cherishing them and thinking in her heart that she’d exchange these with Situ Hao for silver later.

Anyway, the other party also treated Blue Star Dream as a treasure.

As a result, there was a tremor in her space ring, and all of the leaves that were just put in were sucked up by another energy.

“Quickly ask it for more leaves.” Little Colour’s feeble voice sounded out.

“Hey, Little Colour, you’ve woken up.” Dongfang Minghui was pleasantly surprised, she thought Little Colour was going to wait for her to reach Spiritual Scholar before it could wake up.

After calling out for a long time, Little Colour didn’t respond again.

“Leaves?” Dongfang Minghui was amazed and took a slice out of the ground, he put it in his mouth and tasted it. Tasting it she felt a burst of strong spiritual energy.

Could this be the reason why Little Colour woke up?

Dongfang Minghui woke up to the realization that if she had more herbs with spiritual energy, Little Colour could wake up sooner.

With this realization, she was even more determined to go to the Royal Academy.

“Blue Star Dream, I’ll discuss something with you, I have a little friend who is injured and your leaves seem to be able to help it.” Dongfang Minghui was well aware that creatures like plants were single brained fellows, the more you beat around the bush, the more you’ll confuse them, you might as well ask it directly.

Blue Star Dream shook the branches and the leaves swished down.

“Thank you, is there anything you need me to do?”

Dongfang Minghui diligently picked up leaves while communicating with it in her mind, the second principle of her friendship with plants was equivalence.

Perhaps it was the strong softness emanating from her body, but Blue Star Dream’s already anxious mood was actually eased, and it suddenly spoke, “I-I like the smell of your body, can you come and accompany me every day.”

Dongfang Minghui was dumbfounded, this voice was so tender, like a child, was it really as Situ Hao said, still a young kid?

“Yes I could, but when I go to the academy, I won’t be able to come over and play with you.” Dongfang Minghui patiently explained to it.

“Can’t you take me with you?” Blue Star Dream rolled Dongfang Minghui’s wrist with its thorns and she ended up with thorns sticking into her skin! Two holes were instantly pierced and blood flowed.

Once the thorns were dyed with blood, they quickly retracted.

Like a child who had done something wrong, Blue Star Dream did not say a word.

Dongfang Minghui tore off the hem of her shirt to stop the bleeding and touched its trunk, “Blue Star Dream, let me take you! It’s not impossible to take you but you need to turn into human form.”

Blue Star Dream actually wanted to know what she meant by a human form.

“My little friend Little Colour can transform into a little doll, it can’t come out now, but when it does, I’ll introduce you guys, okay?”

Bluestar Dream shook its thorny branch and was very happy. But as soon as the thorny branch touched Dongfang Minghui, it seemed to be frightened and immediately shrank back.

Dongfang Minghui patted its body and touched the thorns on the thorn, “Rest well tomorrow! I’ll see you again.”

Blue Star Dream’s entire body was wilted and not happy at all.

Seeing that she was about to walk out of the courtyard, Blue Starscream only let out a childish voice, “Are you angry?”

Dongfang Minghui wondered, “Why would I be angry and why would you ask?”

Blue Star Dream shifted the branch that was still stained with blood to her from earlier, “I just accidentally hurt you.”

There had been many people coming into this yard before, and once they got hurt they would attack it like crazy, causing it to break many branches and shed sap.

So it didn’t like them at all.

“No, it’s not like you did it on purpose.” Dongfang Minghui touched it, she had dealt with many plants, and their way of showing affection was to use their branches and green leaves to tease you and be affectionate with you.

Plants are simple by nature and usually don’t attack others unless they are threatened.

The Blue Star Dream shivered in pleasure, it felt comfortable being petted by her, “Touch me again, I like it very much.”

Dongfang Minghui soothed it for a while and talked to it for a while before it she let it go.

Situ Hao was quite worried that this little girl had been swallowed alive by Blue Star Dream, but almost rolled off the wall when he peeked outside the wall.

The bloody and violent images didn’t happen, instead, he saw Dongfang Minghui and Blue Star Dream’s cozy picture, she sat next to Blue Star Dream’s trunk and stroked it from time to time.

“Look, it’s doing fine, so don’t call out for some Wood System Spiritual Scholar to look after it again, it’s just lonely and wants someone to play with.” Dongfang Minghui covered her wrist and looked angrily at Situ Hao.

Situ Hao was speechless, how come the problem from her mouth sounded like a child having a tantrum, but he still praised her, “You are the first one that it hadn’t attacked aggressively.”

Dongfang Minghui lifted her injured wrist, “Compensation.”

“Okay, okay, what do you want?” Situ Hao was quite easy to talk to sometimes.

“First I want to enter the Royal Academy, that’s what we agreed on.” Dongfang Minghui looked at him.

“No problem, tomorrow you follow me to the Royal Academy. But you have to make sure that Blue Star Dream is well, otherwise, everything is out of the discussion.” Situ Hao lifted his chin again, “And?”

“I’m going to find some healing medicine from your medicine garden.” Dongfang Minghui deliberately lifted her wrist again, but actually, she wasn’t seriously injured, it was the plants in the medicine garden that made her drool.

Situ Hao was indifferent, “Go ahead, do you want me to ask the medicine gardeners to get it?”

Dongfang Minghui shook her head, “I’ll do it myself.”

Soon, Dongfang Minghui found out some of the most spiritually powerful herbs in the medicinal pouches, after she communicated with them, she took a few of their leaves and stamens and nothing else.

Situ Hao saw what she took and laughed non-stop, “Are you sure these will be enough to heal your wounds?”

Dongfang Minghui just ignored him and immediately put it inside the space ring when she got it, she quickly felt a vibration inside the space ring, and everything that was put there only a second ago was absorbed by Little Colour.

“It works!”

“What did you just say?” Situ Hao gave her a puzzled look.

Dongfang Minghui waved her hand, “Nothing, I’ll see Blue Star Dream tomorrow.”

Situ Hao sent her out the door and ordered two more guards to escort her to the inn.

Dongfang Minghui was wondering if she should continue her ruse of embezzling a bit of spirit energy strengthening herbs back tomorrow, and as soon as she pushed her way into her room, the Female Protagonist pulled her in.


Dongfang Wanyu tugged at her injured wrist.

“It hurts, Seventh sister, let go.”

“What’s wrong with you?” Dongfang Wanyu saw the blood on her wrist, so she simply pinned her down on the chair and untied the bandage herself. The wounds were a few small holes on the wrist,

“Explain it to me.”

Dongfang Minghui immediately told the Female Protagonist word for word about the matter of Blue Star Dream

“It didn’t actually mean to hurt me.”

It’s just a kid, ignorance is forgivable.

Dongfang Wanyu poured out some of the pills from the jar and crushed them, rubbed them on her wounds, “Tonight this will do, don’t get water on your wrists.”


Dongfang Minghui saw the Female Protagonist find a stool to sit next to her and blinked in confusion.

“So, Situ Hao has promised to take you to the Royal Academy tomorrow?” Dongfang Wanyu looked at her seriously, “How do you know he’s not framing you? What if he takes you to a strange place and kills you?”

Dongfang Minghui: “…” suddenly felt the world was full of malice.

“Forget it, you rest well today, I’ll follow you tomorrow.” Dongfang Wanyu threw down a sentence and went back to the next room.

Dongfang Minghui touched her head and thought for a long time, she still couldn’t figure out the Female Protagonist’s intentions.

But it was good, with the Female Protagonist at her side, she was at least safe.

The next morning, Dongfang Minghui was invited to the other courtyard by the guard sent by Situ Hao, Situ Hao sent some spirit liquid over to her, “Blue Star Dream is still playing its little tricks, refusing to let anyone get close.”

Dongfang Minghui nodded and quietly came to the entrance of the small courtyard, pretending to hide behind the wall, “Blue Star Dream, are you there?”

At the sound of her voice, the thorny branches of the Blue Star Dream swished and scurried to the entrance, touching her gently to express its delight.

“I brought you some goodies.” Dongfang Minghui shook the jar, and the liquid inside seemed to shake with it.

Blue Star Dream pulled on her clothes and dragged her to the tree, “No need, I’ll give it to you.”

Watered with spirit liquid, no wonder the other party kept growing straight up, Dongfang Minghui signaled, “You don’t need this? Are you sure?”

“It’s useless, it’s not good.” Blue Star Dream pulls her and wants to hear a story.

Dongfang Minghui said storytelling was her forte, she felt no pressure when she had to fool people, uhh to fool plants.

“Last time you talked about the monkey going up the mountain to pay homage.”

With such good memory, Blue Star Dream was really a great plant, and Dongfang Minghui wasn’t shy when praising it.

By the time the monkey story was halfway through, Dongfang Wanyu arrived and felt her heart skip a beat as she watched Dongfang Minghui sit smiling and laughing next to a large pile of thorny branches.

“I told you before that this Ninth Sister of yours is weird, she has the ability to communicate with plants, no wonder that magic plant wanted to sign a blood contract with her.” That would explain the previous series of oddities.

For example, Dongfang Wanyu had tried to lose her a few times when she initially entered the Beast Forest, in the end she managed to lose the Dongfang family guards but not this slowpoke.

Dongfang Wanyu still found it unbelievable. Rumor had it that only those with a pure nature could hear the call of nature, her ninth sister, was she such a person?

“Wanyu, I once read about a race of people in an ancient book, they are called the Longevity People, they were born with the ability to interact with nature, communicating with all living things, and because their abilities were so unorthodox, they ended up stirring jealousy and hatred, in the end they were all exterminated. It is said that they are called the Longevity People because they all have quite long lifespans.” Qing Mo suddenly said.

A cold light flashed in Dongfang Wanyu’s eyes, “You think that Ninth Sister is a member of the Longevity Clan?”

“I can’t be sure, but if anyone else knew she could communicate with plants, I’m sure it would spell doom for her.”

“I see.” Dongfang Wanyu looked away for a moment and then backed away.

“Seventh sister, what are you doing here?” Dongfang Minghui was surprised.

Dongfang Wanyu pointed to her scratched clothes, “What did you promise me yesterday?”

“But I’m not hurt.” Dongfang Minghui spread her hands, her clothes were scraped by the thorns from Blue Star Dreams but it was already very gentle when touching her, trying to control the intensity, otherwise, it wouldn’t just be a matter of clothes.

Situ Hao had a headache, “Qian girl, don’t worry I will compensate you for all of this, I won’t make you feel shortchanged.”

Dongfang Minghui glared at him, “I don’t want clothes, just let me go to the medicine garden to get some more medicinal herbs, the wound on my hand is still not healed.”

Situ Hao nodded evenly, “I’ll take you to the Royal Academy after you’re done with it.”

Dongfang Minghui was picking medicine in the medicine garden while the two of them stood on the edge of the garden watching.

Qing Mo couldn’t help but laugh, “This Ninth Sister of yours is also a knowledgable person, don’t just look at all the random leaves and stamens she picked, in fact, the ones I see her picking are all the ones that have condensed a high level of spiritual energy.

Dongfang Wanyu quirked the corners of his lips in pleasure, her Ninth Sister obviously wasn’t simple.

“Alright, let’s go.” Dongfang Minghui waved the medicinal herbs in her hands and threw it into her space ring.

The group of people entered through a small gate to get inside the Royal Academy.

Dongfang Wanyu looked normal, but Dongfang Minghui looked left and right, interested in every brick and every corner of the Royal Academy.

Situ Hao had already taken care of everything for her and led her to the pharmacy, asking the students that were guarding the gate in the pharmacy, “Is the dean available?”

The Pharmacy wasn’t considered to be under the management of the General Academy, it was a separate and independently established department, it was similar to the Alchemy Academy.

Dongfang Minghui blinked, and she suddenly remembered that the old man of the Pharmacy seemed to be called Situ Xiong, and both of them were surnamed, Situ.

“Reporting back to senior brother, the dean is not here. If you are in a hurry, you can go to his office and wait for him.” This student guard was very polite to Situ Hao.

Situ Hao nodded his head to show that he knew and then arranged for Dongfang Minghui and Dongfang Wanyu to go around the back of the pharmacy, “I’m telling you, our pharmacy is the largest of the three empires, there are tens of thousands of ordinary spirit medicines in there, not to mention middle and high-grade spirit medicines. In the entire Royal Academy, no matter the General Academy or the Alchemy Academy, they both have to look for our Pharmacy.”

No matter if it was a Warrior, Spiritualist, or Alchemist, all of them needed these unique types of Spiritual Medicine. This was something that Dongfang Wanyu still very much recognized.

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes lit up when she heard it.

With so many Spiritual Medicines, she should have no problem secretly advancing to the next level.

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