Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 25

The medicinal gardens in the mountains behind the pharmacy were roughly several thousand acres, they were merely looking around the outermost perimeter, deeper into the area they had to have a jade tag issued by the pharmacy to enter.

Dongfang Minghui felt a strong medicinal fragrance emanating from the pharmacy and was so impressed by the spiritual energy contained in it that she didn’t want to leave.

Who knows how Situ Hao convinced the Dean of the Pharmacy to allow her to enter the pharmacy, but this pharmacy didn’t seem to be on the same level as a general pharmacy.

Since the pharmacy is a key area for the whole Royal Academy, people from different faculties often come to ask for medicines, for this reason, the dean specially set aside a small garden for the auxiliary medicines of the students, and Dongfang Minghui became one of the medicine gardeners in this garden.

Situ Hao pulled her aside and whispered, “Don’t underestimate the medicine gardeners here, many pharmacists started as medicine gardeners. Start one step at a time, just do your best, I will then help you put in a few beautiful words in front of the dean, just feel at ease while staying here.”

The identity of a Medicine Gardener was extremely low profile within the academy, but Dongfang Wanyu was very satisfied, “You take care of yourself first, I’ll see you when I’ve settled everything.”

To be able to be a Medicine Gardener, and also to have personal contact with these medicinal herbs, she actually always wanted this sort of opportunity so she moved into the Angelica Garden that same day. The pharmacy directly provided a bedroom and other living equipment for her as well.

“Little Sister, this is your room.”

The steward of the Angelica Garden brought her into a remote small garden with several rooms side by side, with a separated independent hut on the far left.

“Situ Hao has previously ordered to specially arrange this room for you.”

It seemed that this Situ Hao was quite reliable sometimes, she hadn’t had much hope of being able to enter the Royal Academy, after all, her cultivation was only so so.

Dongfang Minghui took a look around and found that this room was a few points better than the shabby inn she had stayed in before, there were not only beds but also wardrobes, tables, and chairs in it.

“Little Sister, you must gather in the forecourt at 3:00 AM tomorrow to collect dewdrops.” The steward also gave her a special reminder, “You must be tired today, rest well. Good luck for tomorrow, Pharmacist Xu will occasionally test you with questions, just be smart.”

“Thank you, brother.” Dongfang Minghui actually somewhat couldn’t understand what the other party was saying, because the opposite party purposefully reminded her she thought it’d be fine to just keep a good relationship even if he probably only mentioned it because of her backing.

The bedding for the bed was all brand new, she rolled up on and lied her body down not wanting to move.

Her recent worries were solved, the next step was to wait for the Female Protagonist to pass the entrance exam, there were three rounds, and it seemed like the first round of assessments would start the day after tomorrow.

Should she sneak over to check it out?

Dongfang Minghui fell asleep thinking about it.

“Bang, bang, bang.”

Dongfang Minghui was woken up by the rude knocking on the door, she looked outside and saw that it was still dawn, rubbing her sleepy eyes, she yawned and went to open the door.

“Aiyo, my little sister, everyone is gathered in the front yard, why are you still sleeping.” The one who came to call the door was still the steward senior brother, he looked anxious, “Didn’t I tell you yesterday, assemble at 3 AM, everyone is waiting for you in the front yard. ”

With a jolt, she remembered that the steward had indeed instructed her to do so yesterday, but there were no alarm clocks in ancient times, and she always slept until she woke up on normal days.

“What are you waiting for? Quickly clean up, there are many rules in Angelica Garden, if you are late, you will be punished.”

Dongfang Minghui changed into a set of clothes worn by the Medicine Gardeners and hurried over, who thought that she’d be late on her first day.

Standing in front of the Medicine Gardeners was a woman with long hair tied up, her breath was overpowering and she looked a little unruly. Dongfang Minghui felt the stare from her as she arrived, her head hung low, her hands were quickly stuffed with a small porcelain vase by the steward.

“As usual, whoever collects the most morning dew, I will reward the person with a Poria Root.”

Dongfang Minghui watched stupidly as everyone rushed inside the Medicine Garden after she said that, and the steward on the side even tugged on her sleeve, “Everyone has gone to collect the morning dew, so why aren’t you going?”

Thinking of the reward the other party had just said, she immediately followed as well.

Angelica Garden’s medicinal herbs were planted according to a grid, and each plot was always separated by a special aisle of paths for the Medicine Gardeners to pick them.

She saw that everyone was bent over inclined to the tips of the leaves of each flowering plant, and moving their hands up and down the leaves to let the dewdrops drop into the porcelain vase, collecting them drop by drop.

“I am your most faithful friend, so can you give me face.” Dongfang Minghui brought the porcelain vase to the tips of the leaves of those herbs, and let them scatter their dew into the vase themselves. Even so, it took her more than half an hour to fill up the porcelain vase.

The steward was still supervising them, walking back and forth to see if they were slacking off, and then he saw Dongfang Minghui swing her waist and stretch out a great deal, and then suddenly come running over with the porcelain vase in hand.

“Brother, I’ve collected it.” She looked around, everyone was bending over to collect it, so she should be considered the first.

The steward was stunned, taking her porcelain vase, he weighed it, and said in surprise, “Little Sister did a good job.”

Because she was the first to complete the task, Dongfang Minghui was brought in front of Pharmacist Xu.

“Did you collect this bottle?” Pharmacist Xu opened the porcelain bottle and sniffed it, then asked, “How did you, a little Spiritualist, do that?”

“Because I collect a lot in my own time and I’m used to it so I move fast.” Dongfang Minghui’s face was not red and her heart was not jumping as she made up nonsense, she felt that she was now a first-rate liar.

When Pharmacist Xu saw her reacting normally, she didn’t ask any further questions, but said, “Today you were late for the gathering, you were supposed to be punished by picking up fallen branches for a month, but you collected the morning dew and won first place, the merits and demerits are equal, you’re clear now.”

Dongfang Minghui pouted, and reluctantly answered, “Fine.”

In her heart, however, she couldn’t help but curse at her, the other party must have been reluctant to give her the Poria Root, and that was why she used it as an excuse to try to confiscate her reward.

TL: Grrr bullying our Minghui >:(

After that, she followed the other gardeners under the hot summer day to clear weeds, catch insects, and water plants, completely transforming into a medicine slave.

From dawn till late at night, she was so busy that she was dizzy before she had a moment to rest.

Once back in her own room, Dongfang Minghui simply freshened up, changed her clothes, and lay down on her bed not wanting to move a step again.

But still, she remembered that tomorrow was the Female Protagonist’s entrance exam, how was she supposed to sneak out under such strict supervision?

After hugging her blanket and rolling over, she went to sleep.

The next morning, she was woken up again by the noisy knocking on the door.

“Little Sister, why are you still sleeping?” Dongfang Minghui was confused as soon as she heard the steward’s senior brother’s voice, she cried out, “Senior brother, oops I overslept again.”

Biological clocks weren’t built up overnight, and besides, she was so tired from her first day of work yesterday.

“I guessed that you would oversleep, so I came to call you earlier, quickly change your clothes.” The steward also had a headache, if it wasn’t for Situ senior brother asking him to take care of her, he really couldn’t be bothered.

Dongfang Minghui was not late this time and she lined up with everyone else, the steward gave each Medicine Gardener a porcelain vase, according to the same old rules, the one who came first would get the reward.

This time the reward was half a Crow Dipper plant.

She wasn’t sure how much spiritual energy these herbs had and upholding the principle of just wanting everything, she rushed to the Angelica Garden with vigour, still spending a little over half an hour to collect a porcelain vase full of morning dew.

Before she could get the Crow Dipper plant, she saw the steward senior brother hurriedly bring her outside, “Big Brother Situ has an urgent matter and wanted me to find you.”

Great, she also had an urgent matter to talk about with him…

“It’s not good! Now that you’re gone, Blue Star Dream is attacking people again.” Situ Hao dragged her out.

Dongfang Minghui sort of saw that this guy was planning to take her to his mansion, “Hey hey, let go first, I haven’t claimed my reward yet.”

She didn’t want to get into the Royal Academy with great difficulty and then be replaced by a word from him.

Situ Hao was patient, “What reward?”

“It’s like this, Pharmacist Xu said that whoever is the first to collect the morning dew will be rewarded, and today it’s a Crow Dipper plant, and I haven’t claimed my prize yet. If I pull out now what’s gonna happen if she doesn’t acknowledge it?

Situ Hao almost spat blood when he saw her saying this so seriously.

“Which is more important the Blue Star Dream or your reward? Didn’t you promise me before?”

The other party’s eyes were about to spit fire, so she immediately retreated, “You guys are the ones that are wrong! When I went there before Blue Star Dream didn’t want to attack at all! Rather it’s you guys that keep causing trouble for it.”

Situ Hao: “…”

He actually thought that she was quite right.

Dongfang Minghui saw him staring at her with a sunken face and immediately smiled again, “I can help placate Blue Star Dream but it’s only a temporary solution.”

“Go on then.”

“To solve the underlying problem, you must respect its choices.” Dongfang Minghui looked confusedly at his face and couldn’t help but explain, “Let me give you an analogy, for example, it doesn’t like to drink the spirit water you’re feeding it but you still keep feeding it, would it be happy?”

Situ Hao shook his head.

“That’s right, you guys always do things that upset it and it gets angry, so naturally it attacks people.” Dongfang Minghui finally explained the Blue Star Dream’s situation clearly.

As far as she was concerned, Blue Star Dream was a little kid, isolated in a small courtyard, very lonely, and only raised by Situ Hao so it was natural to have a violent temper and beat up people whenever it was upset.

This was a situation that required humans to give it enough space and love.

“I seem to understand a little,” Situ Hao agreed, before tugging on her wrist, “But it’s important that you appease it first.”

By the time Dongfang Minghui was dragged by to Situ Hao’s house after getting her reward, several people had been carried out, drenched in blood and with hideous looking wounds.

“What the hell did you guys do?”

Dongfang Minghui was a little angry, she hadn’t been in contact with Blue Star Dream but it was obviously a good and obedient plant.

She had only disappeared for a day, and look at what this group of people had done.

“Don’t even step in here, all of you.” Dongfang Minghui gave Situ Hao a hard stare.

Situ Hao, baffled by the order, touched his nose and stared at her  incredulously, “Hey, this little girl really is a character, she actually went on top of me to order people.”

Tsk, he couldn’t figure out why Blue Star Dream was being nice to this little girl, it was clearly the wrong plot, he was the one who was taking care of it with care ah!

“What are you looking at, all of you give me an honest account of what you’ve been doing for the past two days. There was a trend of improvement in Blue Star Dream’s condition before, how come it’s gotten so bad now?” Situ Hao turned around and took out his anger on the medicine gardeners guarding Blue Star Dream.

Dongfang Minghui’s aura was soft, and even though she was irritated at the moment and pouting, it didn’t prevent Blue Star Dream from sensing her presence.

The thorny branches on the entire tree all stretched out, spreading step by step to the entrance, quickly blocking the entire entrance, the medicine gardeners on the wall who wanted to peek were directly smacked out by the thorny branches, some branches even spread from the entrance to the entire wall, all the exits were instantly blocked.

Only the path that Dongfang Minghui used to come over was clean.

“Blue Star Dream, you seem to have become stronger.” Dongfang Minghui touched its trunk, not sure if it was her illusion or not, she could sense a powerful violent force stirring within Blue Star Dream’s body.

“Hii, I’m so miserable.” The thorny branches reached out towards Dongfang Minghui, but it seemed to have scruples about something and smacked the ground twice instead before shrinking back.

She hugged it, stroking it gently and reassuring it, “Don’t be afraid.”

With just that short contact, she could feel a huge energy drilling into her meridians through her pores, and she used her spiritual energy to bring guide that aura into her meridians and actually opened up three more meridians.

“Not good.” Dongfang Minghui was dumbfounded, not only did her spiritual energy rise back up, she actually had the feeling of breaking through. This was simply bad timing.

Because she had sucked up most of the excess spiritual energy, Blue Star Dream felt much more comfortable.

“Hui Hui, what’s wrong?” The thorny branch tugged at her sleeve.

Dongfang Minghui immediately crossed her legs, “Blue Star Dream, I’m about to break through, I can’t be disturbed, help me guard the entrance and don’t let anyone in, okay?”

“Fine.” Bluestar Dream didn’t understand what she meant it understood to not let anyone bother her and reached out again with its thorny branches to add another blockade to the blockaded entrance, now forget a person even a fly couldn’t get in.

Almost as soon as she finished speaking to it, Dongfang Minghui sank into her own inner consciousness, she was in clearly seeing the six meridians that she had opened up, after being washed by the energy, they actually emitted a faint emerald green glow. The remaining eight meridians were all a dark grey colour.

The external Spiritual Energy kept rushing into her body, and she wasted no time in directing it into her meridians, cleansing them one by one, and quickly another meridian was opened up.

She remembered the cultivation method Little Colour had given her, which mentioned that she after she opened fourteen meridians and then breaking through seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points, her cultivation speed will soar straight up.

Today, it seemed that the training method Little Colour had given her was indeed right. She had only opened seven meridians, and she had regained all the spiritual energy she lost she even had a vague feeling of breaking through again.

Just when she was hesitating to make a breakthrough, Little Colour suddenly woke up, “Don’t breakthrough too fast, it will not help you in the future! Raising realms so quickly will only bring a hundred harms, you might as well suppress it for now and breakthrough when the opportunity arrives.”

“Little Colour, you’ve woken up.” Dongfang Minghui was pleasantly surprised, she couldn’t help but complain, “How come you lost your voice again after one sentence last time!”

Little Colour sighed, “You’re so stupid, I’m tired of talking to you.”

Stupid Minghui: “…….” the friendship boat was about to capsize…

“Hey don’t go away yet, the spiritual energy is about to burst out, quickly suppress it.” Dongfang Minghui immediately used her own spiritual energy to force the incoming spiritual energy into her dantian. The two of them worked together to crush them into a ball the size of a fingernail.

Only then did this spiritual energy storm stop.

“Thank goodness I woke up just in time, or you wouldn’t even know how you died.” Little Colour yelled at her in anger, it had seen stupid ones before, but not ones as stupid as this, only knowing how to absorb spiritual energy but not knowing if she could handle it.

Dongfang Minghui’s soul sea was a bit confused by the sonic boom-like roar, but listening to Little Colour, she was relieved that its voice was clear and strong now.

At last, Little Colour whined to her, “That Golden thorn outside is a perfect match for you! Pure stupidity! It has been fed too much spirit liquid by humans and is about to die, in the words of you humans, it was about to drown from too much watering.”

Dongfang Minghui looked as if it was dazed, “So that’s how it is.” That would explain Blue Star Dream’s towering body, yet it was still a young child inside.

Little Colour humphed proudly, “Luckily I woke up and ended up helping you absorb some of the spiritual energy, otherwise, I would have had to brace myself for death. Stupid girl.”

Dongfang Minghui wasn’t happy to it make fun of her but her little friend had only just returned. Not wanting to piss it off she just said, “Little Colour is awesome, so according to you, Blue Star Dreams will be fine from now on, right?”

“What do you think?” Little Colour looked like it didn’t want to say.

Dongfang Minghui was still trying to figure out what it meant, but her head was spinning, and she couldn’t help but ask, “Do we need to pull it out of the ground?”

Usually pulling out something like that would kill the plant right?

“No way, Blue Star Dream is a good kid, it would be sad if it couldn’t keep growing.” Dongfang Minghui muttered.

Little Colour snorted twice in displeasure.

Dongfang Minghui woke up from her cultivation, her spiritual energy had now returned to level one Spiritual Master, to breakthrough to Great Spiritualist, she needed to cultivate more, in Little Colour’s words, the foundations had to be laid firmly.

“Hui Hui, how are you?” Blue Star Dream was still guarding, the people outside were anxious seeing how it sealed the courtyard, Dongfang Minghui was also slow to exit, but none of them dared to attack for fear that what greeted them would be an even crazier attack.

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but feel distressed at the thought of its tragic life, stroking it and asking, “Are you still sad?”

Bluestar Dream shook the thorny branches, “Not sad anymore, I’m very comfortable with you.”

“Hmph, of course it’s comfortable, the spiritual energy overflowing from it was all transferred into your body.” Little Colour held out a vine and smacked the branch.

“What are you doing hitting me.”

“I just want to hit you.”

Dongfang Minghui, “…” she didn’t understand at all why these two little kids were fighting.

The vine branches were flying in the air, and there was a visual sense of a group of demons, and both of them were fighting with their original bodies, so she just stayed where she was and didn’t move or more like didn’t dare move. The two little one’s vines and thorns she’d had a taste of the pain of both of them, it was painful on the body and even more painful on the face.

For her own safety, Dongfang Minghui cowered next to Blue Star Dream to watch the show, she had a sense of excitement seeing her little child pinning down other children and beating them up.

Naturally, there are winners and losers in a fight. The big Blue Star Dream was beaten up by Little Colour and finally cried bitterly, running to Dongfang Minghui for comfort.

“Little kid, you only know how to cry.” Little Colour scowled at Blue Star Dream. This plant liked to make fun of others for acting like a kid, but it was worse than them, it almost made Dongfang Minghui laugh her teeth off.

Dongfang Minghui’s shoulders shook, unable to hold back.

“Stupid woman, I’ve just broken up some of its excess energy, it’ll be fine for now.” Little Colour looked up proudly as if saying, go ahead and thank me.

“Little Colour Little Colour you’re awesome.” Dongfang Minghui gave Little Colour thirty-two compliments in her heart. Couldn’t help but feel emotional, this little friend was a bit arrogant, but never played around when it came to business.

Blue Star Dream that had been smacked seemed to feel even more comfortable, and it sobbed a few times before it proceeded to forget all that had just happened, pulling Dongfang Minghui’s sleeve, “Hui hui, was that your little friend just now? Could you let it play with me.”

As soon as it said that, her head spun and she felt the need to have a talk with Situ Hao about Blue Star Dream.

“You’ve finally come out.” Situ Hao had been waiting outside for a day, and if she still hadn’t come out, he would’ve wondered if Blue Star Dream had eaten her alive.

Dongfang Minghui glanced at him in a bad mood, “Just right, I also have something to find you for, find a quiet place and let’s talk about Blue Star Dream.”

She could tell from all this that Situ Hao was spoiling Blue Star Dream, but the point was that he had inadvertently nearly destroyed a plant that might have grown into a high-grade magic plant, the Golden Thorn Tree.

“There’s nothing wrong with Blue Star Dream, right?” Situ Hao ushered her into a hall, but was slightly apprehensive when asking her.

“Of course there’s a problem, what else would I talk to you about?”

Stuart Hao immediately tensed up, “What’s the problem?”

Dongfang Minghui looked at him in exasperation, “Did you use the spirit liquid to water Blue Star Dreams every day before. ”

“Yeah, I even had the purest spirit liquid refined just to make it grow properly. How else could it sprout so high all of a sudden.” Situ Hao said with a bit of happiness in his voice.

“What are you so happy about.” Dongfang Minghui snapped and slammed her teacup heavily on the table, scowling, “If it wasn’t for you doing that how could it be so irritable that it would just attack people.”

Situ Hao was dumbfounded and pointed at himself, “You think it’s because I filled it with too much spirit liquid?”

“Yeah, you don’t even want to think about why it’s been refusing to be fed the spirit liquid by you guys lately. The spirit liquid is already a burden to it, not only does it not allow it to continue to grow, but it makes it suffer.” Dongfang Minghui took out a bottle of spirit liquid from her space ring and placed it on the table, “This is the one you asked me to bring in that day, it didn’t want to drink it, so I took it away.”

Seeing that Situ Hao didn’t say a word, Dongfang Minghui added, “Actually, this time I mainly wanted to talk to you about this, if you’re truly concerned about Blue Star Dream, the best thing to do is to let it stay with me for a while.”

In the meantime, Situ Hao’s eyebrows tightened, “That’s no problem, I’ll just ask the servants to set up a room for you and you’ll stay with me, for the time being, I’ll get the people from the academy to grant you leave.”

“You misunderstand, I wasn’t thinking of leaving the pharmacy.”

Situ Hao froze, he narrowed his eyes at her, incredulously asking, “You mean you want to let Blue Star Dream stay with you at the pharmacy in the academy?”

Dongfang Minghui nodded.

Situ Hao stood up suddenly, fidgeting and walking back and forth down the hall, “That’s crazy, the idea is fucking crazy! Blue Star Dream is so special to me, it’s never left my place for even half a step since being planted, now you want me to let you move it how can I let that happen? Not possible! Can’t be done!”

“Ok.” Dongfang Minghui stood up and smiled, “If you can’t let go of it, then keep it by your side. When Blue Star Dream withers, prepare a torch for it and set it on fire to completely solve its pain.”

With that, she walked right out of the hall.

Missing the first round of the Female Protagonist’s test was already annoying her. Not to mention the fact that she had a lot of follow-up work behind her for Blue Star Dream.

As a result, the other person didn’t care about Blue Star Dream because he couldn’t let go of it, so why should she care so much.

After returning, the person in charge didn’t give her a hard time, only instructing her to rest early and not be late the next day.

“Hey.” Dongfang Minghui tossed and turned, unable to sleep anyhow, “Little Colour, how do you propose we sneak out of the Medicine Garden? To see Seventh sister take the test…”

Little Colour: “Get cleaned up and go to sleep.”

Dongfang Minghui fidgeted and rolled over again, “If Seventh sister gets into the academy, the place she’ll be staying in will be too far away from this pharmacy of ours.”

Obviously being in the same academy, yet it seemed like two separate places. They couldn’t even see each other, so isn’t her purpose of entering the academy for nothing?

“Foolish woman, do you want another incident like with Mu Qing? You still haven’t learned your lesson from last time. Your Seventh sister is so annoying. You’re so useless, I tell you what you’ll just drag her down.”

Dongfang Minghui covered her mouth, Little Colour had just said what was on her mind.

“I’m telling you-”

“Pfft,” Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but stifle a laugh.

Little Colour’s image had become so ingrained in her mind that she pictured a little kid with forked arms teaching her with a serious face.


Little Colour held out a vine to directly bind her hand over her mouth, “From now on, I will supervise your training and not let you slack off.”

“N-no! Let go of me!”

Little Colour forked its waist and raised its head to the sky, “It is important that you find a skill so that your spiritual power can be used in a better way.”


Dongfang Minghui fell asleep from the lecture from Little Colour. It’s mouth dried up from the lecturing and it stomped around angrily, “You lazy girl.”

The next morning, without Dongfang Minghui having to think about how to sneak out and cheer the Female Protagonist, the opportunity presented itself at the door.

Pharmacist Xu had gathered them together, and she had several plants in front of her. When Dongfang Minghui took a closer look at them, she noticed that a few of them were sick.

“I’m sure you’re all well aware that the last few days were the busiest days for the Royal Academy, there’s the annual enrollment, and we’ll also be recruiting fifty people to enter the pharmacy. Half of yesterday’s first round of test-takers were eliminated, and there are still over 130 people who will participate in the second round. I called you guys over to explain a mission to all of you.”

As soon as Dongfang Minghui heard that there was a mission, she immediately perked up her ears, thinking that it was mostly related to applying for the test.

As expected, she soon heard Pharmacist Xu continue, “Ten of you will be on the list to bring these ten pots of elixir to the competition site, there will be pharmacists there to tell you what to do.”

There were just thirty pharmacists in the Angelica Garden, two steward brothers, twenty junior pharmacists, ten intermediate pharmacists, and three senior pharmacists, a vice president, a dean. Such an opportunity to show off in front of the bigshots, who did not want to strive?

As a result, among the thirty people, each one didn’t give in to the other, and for a time, the noise made Angelica Garden instantly turn into a vegetable market.

Once Pharmacist Xu saw this scene, she couldn’t help but cover her head and say, “All of you stop fighting.”

Her voice was cold, not loud, but enough to make all the Medicine Gardeners stop arguing to listen to her.

“I have ten pots of medicinal herbs in front of me, three of which are medium grade and one of which is high grade. If you can identify one or two of them, I will count you as a pass.”

Everyone was confused for a moment, you look at me and I look at you, they were all looking at each other.

This was a difficult problem, what medicine gardeners had to do was to take care of the medicinal herbs in the pots not learn about them, if they could identify the herbs, why would they be medicinal gardeners, they might as well apply to be pharmacists immediately.

Dongfang Minghui smacked her lips and was the first to step out, “I want to identify it first.”

“This is a high-grade elixir, these two are mid-grade elixirs, and there’s another one I can’t distinguish.” Dongfang Minghui left a little mistake, after all, she was currently a medicine gardener.

Pharmacist Xu didn’t look at her, she was a bit surprised deep down, but still asked, “Is there anyone else that wants to try?”

After Dongfang Minghui, others came up to identify them, but most were wrong, and only some got a few right. After all the thirty people were done identifying the medicinal plants, Pharmacist Xu directly whispered to the steward brother.

After that, including Dongfang Minghui, a total of ten people, each picked a pot of herbs to go to the test area.

They all each picked a spiritual herb that looked energetic, and when it was her turn, she was left with a pot of sickly looking beautiful geranium flowers,  the beautiful geranium flowers was a beautiful flower because it bloomed beautifully like a beauty’s smile, so it was called beautiful geranium, and the flowers could be used as medicine.

But this beautiful geranium flower was about to droop to its roots, so something was obviously wrong at first glance. “Hey, what’s wrong with you?”

Dongfang Minghui communicated with it in her consciousness as she followed the troop towards the test area.

The plant probably didn’t expect anyone to talk to it, and it barely had the strength to say, “I’m dying.”

“Why?” The medicine gardeners had regularly de-wormed these herbs and such on a daily basis, taking care of them properly, so how could it die for no reason.

The Beautiful Geranium bobbed its head, “I had a section of my roots amputated.”

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t figure it out, the most important part of the beautiful geranium was its flowers, but some guy directly cut off its roots, it was simply a big sin!

“Little Colour, the roots of the beauty geranium have been severed, can it still live?”

Little Colour felt the need to ask about the most basic knowledge about plants, especially elixirs, since she was going to become a pharmacist, identifying the characteristics, medicinal properties, uses, etc. of various elixirs was essential knowledge.

“What do you want now?” Little Colour already had some understanding of her nosy nature, “You’d better stop messing around for a while! Go see what the test area really needs you to do first.”

Dongfang Minghui touched the flowers of the beautiful geranium, “Hold on.”

When they arrived at the test area, Dongfang Minghui realized that the purpose of holding these elixirs here was to assess the pharmacist’s ability to recognize as well as judge the condition of the plants.

Ten different types of elixirs, each had different medicinal properties, and different spiritual power levels.

“Put the stuff down, you can leave first and come back in two hours.” A person in charge motioned to her.

That was too perfect for Dongfang Minghui, she had been waiting for this moment.

The medicine gardeners made their way back to the Angelica Garden, Dongfang Minghui was last, as she walked back she sneaked off onto a different road.

“Where would Seventh sister be?” She remembered that when she entered the Royal Academy, the Female Protagonist had awakened a third attribute, darkness.

However, this attribute cannot be exposed to the public, it would cause a big stir and bring a lot of trouble.

The remaining two attributes she had were thunder and earth.

“Let’s go to the Hall of Thunder.” Dongfang Minghui asked people all the way to find out where the Hall of Thunder was. But as soon as she got there, she was stopped by a group of people.

“This isn’t the Pharmacy little girl.”

Dongfang Minghui was taken aback, only to realize she was still wearing the Medicine Gardener’s clothes, no wonder she was noticed so quickly.

“What can I do for you little girl?” The stranger saw that it was someone from the Pharmacy and was particularly polite. If it was someone else who had trespassed into the Hall of Thunder, it was estimated that they would be unceremoniously beaten out.

The geniuses of the lightning attribute tended to be violent and one of them was very handsome, they surrounded Dongfang Minghui.

“This senior brother, it’s actually like this, I have a relative who came here to apply for the exam, you see I didn’t ask the dean for leave to sneak out. Just accommodate for a little please, after I see her pass I’ll get out.” Dongfang Minghui immediately took out yesterday’s reward the Crow Dipper plant from her space ring and stuffed it into that big brother’s hands.

Everyone who had been around the academy for a long time knew that you could offend anyone but never offend anyone in the pharmacy, or you would have a hard time.

Everyone was willing to befriend a person from the pharmacy, the older brother smiled vaguely, “Little sister, looking at your face, I’ll let you go in but don’t make any trouble or you’ll be punished.”

“Absolutely not.” Dongfang Minghui repeatedly assured.

The other party quickly let her in, she sneaked in, and after looking around for half a day she still didn’t see the Female Protagonist’s figure, but she did see a familiar person.

As the older brother who was in charge of the exam, Li Yunan was also one of the legends in the Royal Academy, he was a Water and Lightning dual attribute genius who had awakened his spiritual power since he was a child, and was currently a Level 3 Dual System Great Spiritualist.

There are quite a few dual system geniuses in the Royal Academy, but to be able to make both departments reach Level 3 Great Spiritualist at the same time is remarkable.

Dongfang Minghui was aware that the Female Protagonist would encounter several members of her harem at the Royal Academy, but she hadn’t really expected to encounter one just a few steps away.

It must be because the author was lazy that he made such a coincidental situation.

“Seventh sister is definitely here.” Dongfang Minghui was sitting in a corner, waiting for the Female Protagonist to show up, one of the men, Li Yunan had shown up so there was no reason for her to be absent.

“This girl.”

Dongfang Minghui was tapped on the shoulder, startled, and even more so when she looked back, she pointed her finger at the other person and was incoherent in shock, “You, you, you-”

Li Yunan originally thought that he had a kind face and guessed that she must have seen him before, plus the other party was wearing clothes that belonged to the pharmacy, when he came over to ask about the situation, he didn’t expect that she would be so scared her face would turn white.

“This girl, have we met before?”

Dongfang Minghui immediately thought of the way she’d ended up dead in the original plot, by robbing the Female Protagonist’s men!

“Don’t know, I-I’ve never seen you before.” She shielded her face, deeply afraid that he’d remember that encounter with the woman at the workshop back when she was helping her Seventh Sister.

She didn’t want to mess with these men again, they were all beasts, it was horrible. The most important thing is that she doesn’t know when she’ll meet a man who will become part of the harem of her mistress, she still wants to live a long life!

Li Yunan’s appearance was magnificent, his temperament was extraordinary, and because of his extremely high talent, he had a great reputation in the Royal Academy, although he hadn’t been interested in any junior sisters he’d never before seen a girl who was as afraid of him as this. It’s like she saw him as a fearful beast!

He couldn’t help but smile and touched his handsome face, “Girl, I shouldn’t be that scary looking.”

Dongfang Minghui was already so worried her hair was about to turn white, how could she still listen to what he was saying, muttering. “Terrible.”

Li Yunan laughed, he had never seen such a straightforward and lovely girl before.

“Ninth sister, what are you doing here?” Dongfang Wanyu hadn’t noticed the people in the corner before, but Li Yunan, the referee’s brother, suddenly left the table. It attracted everyone’s attention, and that’s how she found out about her Ninth Sister.

The moment Dongfang Wanyu saw Li Yunan, she’d already remembered what happened before, the other party seemed to have forgotten, but it looks like he still remembered Ninth Sister.

Dongfang Minghui was shouted at by the Female Protagonist and woke up, feeling a bit guilty like a thief, she immediately got up from the ground, she grabbed Dongfang Wanyu’s arm and hid behind her. “I specifically came to see Seventh sister apply for the test.”

An image suddenly flashed in Li Yunan’s mind, as if somewhere he’d seen two sisters also blocking each other like this before. That’s right, he had come close to having a big fight with a girl while on an adventure, passing through a small town, just to get some justice for the two sisters.

In the end, before he could understand that matter, the two girls disappeared.

“Girl, I’ve remembered you.” Li Yunan smiled.

Dongfang Minghui jaw dropped, she didn’t want the other party to remember her at all. Are you kidding me, shouldn’t that be said to the Female Protagonist?!

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