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MIWW Chapter 51 Part 2

She was now feeling amazing, she hadn’t studied the acupuncture points in her body ever since she had opened fourteen meridians.

She watched as all the spiritual energy in her body poured into the acupuncture points on her left and right hands, and began to hit them again and again, her spiritual energy skyrocketed, and the entire Sea of Souls felt the sensation.

Little Colour even stretched out vines and branches from the sea of souls.

The stronger she was, the faster Little Colour could transform back into human form.

With this knowledge, she focused all her attention on her left and right hands.

As if for the sake of competition, her spiritual energy split into two strands and entered the circumference of the acupuncture points in her left and right hands respectively, and began to sprint tirelessly.

She was watching from the sea of souls, and found that soon she had rushed through five acupuncture points, with a total of twenty-eight points on her hands, and every time she rushed through an acupuncture point, she felt her hands becoming lighter.

In her mind’s eye, she read the first part of her Heavenly Maiden Scattering Flowers Technique, which she had been practising in the past few months repeated in her sea of souls.

After she had rehearsed the first part several times, the twenty-eight acupuncture points on her hands were cleansed by her spiritual energy.

Each time she cleansed them, her spiritual energy fluctuation became one point stronger, and soon she broke through from a Rank 1 Spiritual Master to a Rank 9 Spiritual Master.

The spiritual energy from the outside world still continued to enter her body, except for the more than 600 acupuncture points that had not yet been broken, causing some of the spiritual energy to be wasted. From now on, as long as the spiritual energy is abundant, she could practice anytime and anywhere, absorbing the spiritual energy around her automatically.

As Dongfang Minghui was flushing her meridians, she was considering whether she should break through to Great Spiritualist in one fell swoop.

The contents of the second volume of the book, which was previously recorded in the Heavenly Maiden Scattering Flowers, suddenly passed through her mind like a movie.

Dongfang Minghui immediately took the time to read them, memorizing them one by one in her mind.

Little Colour in the sea of souls smacked her with a vine, and Dongfang Minghui actually understood what it meant.

Little Colour had said before that she could only continue with the second part if she had practised the first well, and that every time she practiced a skill, she would break through one level.

She immediately stopped absorbing the spiritual energy around her, and compressed all the spiritual energy in her own dantian.

When Dongfang Minghui opened her eyes, she was shocked, mainly because her small courtyard was in disarray, as if a tornado had struck.

Xuan Zhu was even farther away from her, and she saw a plant beside her, and then Toothless was lying on the ground chewing on a teething rod.

“Xuan Zhu?”

Xuan Zhu has been guarding her for three days, and these three days have scared her to death.

Before it was fine, she was meditating quietly, but after one day, she felt spiritual energy sweeping over her, she as a dark Spiritualist couldn’t approach Dongfang Minghui’s side, so she sat farther away, sitting on the steps outside the room.

After that, she saw a terrifying scene, all the flying needles in the jade belt flew out, centred on Qian Minghui, they flew into the air, formed a circle, and then the needles shot everywhere, almost piercing her and turning her into a bunch of holes!

It was fortunate that she ran away quickly and hid in her room, or else the outcome would have been really hard to say.

“Oh my, you really scared me to death.” Xuan Zhu couldn’t help but complain, she was kindly guarding her, but this promotion of the other party was too strange and unheard of.

“Why are you here?” Dongfang Minghui picked up Toothless in the corner, who was dirty and looking at her with sleepy eyes.

Love Flower also took advantage of the moment when Xuan Zhu’s back was turned to quietly slip back into the space ring.

“Ugh, since you’re fine, I’m going back to bed.”

After being on guard for three days and three nights, Xuan Zhu felt that she had done her duty very well.

“Hey, that’s right, we haven’t been to Master’s place for three days, so when I’ve rested enough, we’ll go there tomorrow.”

Xuan Zhu thought to herself that Master would have waited until they were all there before announcing the news of his departure, rather than just disappearing without a word.

“Three days?”

She looked at herself, she picked up the silver needle on the floor and after firing it at long range, it easily punctured into the opposite wall.

“Wow, it seems to be much easier than before.” She looked at her hands in surprise, besides her skin being whiter, her fingers seemed to be the same.

But she just felt that something was different, in the past she had tried to shoot the silver needles further away, the current opposite wall was about ten meters away from her, and she usually practised three or four meters this way.

She also had to estimate the distance, weight, and softness of the needles.

She gradually increased the number of silver needles from one or two to ten or twenty. She saw thirty silver needles lined up in a row, and then all the needles fell into the wall.

She ran over to the wall and found a small, imperceptible crack in the wall.

She was so shocked that she quickly stopped the experiment.

Qian Wanyu, who had just advanced to the next level, was sitting at the nearest point to the center of the phoenix pool, receiving a spiritual awakening.

Qian Wanyu had already advanced to Great Spiritualist, but when she was receiving spiritual empowerment, she unexpectedly discovered that the spiritual energy in the phoenix pool contained the essence of lightning left behind by Heavenly Thunder.

In order to find out the source, Qian Wanyu sneaked into the bottom of the phoenix pond while everyone was in the process of promotion.

Without Qing Mo’s reminder, she had to play it by ear and approached the bottom of the pond cautiously but found that the bottom of the pond contained a huge thunderstorm.

Qian Wanyu sat down cross-legged at the bottom of the pond, closed her eyes and tried her best to absorb the essence of thunder from the thunderstorm.

When the essence of thunder entered her meridians, it swam around her body like several snakes, and damaged her meridians, bursting them open.

Qian Wanyu used all her spiritual energy to suppress them, but the result was a frantic fight between the two strands, with each heavy impact causing her excruciating pain.

Qian Wanyu gritted her teeth and endured their reckless destruction.

The essence of thunder was extremely overbearing, and every time it wandered around, it destroyed her entire body’s meridians so thoroughly that they were broken into pieces.

Qian Wanyu used her spiritual energy to reorganize her broken meridians and regenerate. But in just a few moments, the essence of lightning came back like a whirlwind, and the meridians she had worked so hard to repair were once again destroyed.

In order to take control of this essence of lightning into her own hands, she had been reduced to a bloody mess, with blood dripping down her body from all pores.

The blood droplets fell into the pool water, but were quickly evaporated, leaving no trace.

In order to deal with these strands of lightning essence, Qian Wanyu’s spiritual energy skyrocketed all over her body, and all of it was used up to cope.

First, she divided her spiritual energy into two small strands, luring the other two strands of thunder essence to other places, and the remaining huge spiritual energy was used to pack up the remaining strand of thunder essence, forcing it into her dantian, and then ruthlessly compressing it, over and over again, suppressing it until finally there was only a small point left, only when it stopped rioting did she leave it alone in her Dantian.

Following this method, she packed up the remaining two strands as well.

Only after that did she begin to repair her internal organs, which had just been destroyed by the essence of lightning.

When Qian Wanyu saw that there were still a lot of violent essence at the bottom of the pool, she boldly absorbed five more strands of the essence of thunder into her body.

Suffering from extreme pain, she gritted her teeth and separated them one by one, concentrating on one of them, until she had absorbed nine strands of the essence of thunder into her body.

It was as if she heard thunder echoing in her ears.

“Oh shit, I’m going to advance.”

She had already advanced from Earth Spiritualist to become an Earth Great Spiritualist before but she didn’t expect that this infusion would actually cause her Thunder Spiritualist part to advance as well.

She didn’t know if to be happy or sad at this outcome but normally when a Thunder Spiritualist advances, the sky would rain down lightning and if you could survive that only then you could reap the benefits.

If you can’t, you’ll mostly be broken into pieces. Therefore, the people of the Hall of Thunder paid special attention to this.

Qian Wanyu never thought that she would experience an advancement here…

“Ninth Sister, bless me!”

Qian Wanyu swam back to the top from the bottom of the pool, had it not been for the growing thunderstorm, she might have continued to absorb the essence of lightning from below. She stopped because the risk was too great. The Thunder Spiritiualists had a harder time and risk than others when advancing however the power they could exert was also incomparable to the others.

“Someone is advancing!!!”

“Quickly pull the others out!”

The teacher guarding the outside was scared out of his wits, it was only a small spiritual energy top-up how could someone suddenly advance?!

When the lightning struck down, if there was someone next to the person advancing, they would be struck as well.

When they heard the noise outside, Mu Sheng and Lu Xing quickly opened their eyes. They had already touched a little barrier, so they thought they would be able to advance to the next level after a little more time.

But then looking at Qian Wanyu on the side, they immediately stood up.

“Sister Wanyu is going to be promoted again.”

The spiritual energy in the pool water had turned into a vortex, and several people looked at each other, and all of them immediately withdrew from the pool water automatically in fear.

Qian Wanyu exerted all her spiritual energy and formed a barrier around her body.

When the first bolt of lightning came down, it struck superficially on the barrier that Qian Wanyu had set up.

The second was even more menacing than the first, and struck more violently above Qian Wanyu’s head.

The barrier was ruptured by the impact and immediately became cracked.

The others didn’t dare to come forward to see it, they retreated far away, so they didn’t realize that Qian Wanyu was doing two things at once, absorbing the essence of thunder from the bottom of the pond, and also fighting against the second thunderbolt.

There were three thunderbolts in total to break through to Great Spiritualist for Thunder Spritualists, the higher the level, the more thunderbolts there were.

These three thunderbolts were just an appetiser.

After experiencing two, Qian Wanyu was basically relieved, but the third thunder was somehow delayed.

Everyone waited quietly with bated breath, and the sky cleared up, but the third thunderstorm did not come.

Qian Wanyu had almost compressed the strands of thunder essence she had packed into a small ball, and was refining the next few strands.

A few moments later, the sound of thunder was heard, and the sky, which had just cleared up, was immediately filled with dark clouds and looked very frightening.

“This is the third thunder, Qian Wanyu is going to break through the Great Spiritualist!”

Among the new students, there was only one Qian Wanyu who was a Spiritual Master of the Thunder System, apart from her, there really couldn’t be anyone else that could be promoted just from this small enlightenment.

Everyone knew very well the rules of cultivation, it was hard to break through for people practicing the Thunder System because if they didn’t cultivate properly and ensure a stable foundation they could die under the tribulation. However, Heaven is fair, a successful Thunder System Spiritualist was quite powerful, they had no issues steamrolling other experts from other systems at the same level.

This was why the other students had looks of envy on their faces.

So we were all envious and jealous.

The third bolt was much stronger than the previous two, it was like the previous two combined!

The sound of the thunder was thick and it shot directly toward the phoenix pool.

“Oh no, this pond is going to be destroyed!” The teacher from the White Moon Empire was distressed.

The Phoenix Pond has a long history in the White Moon Empire, almost every new student comes here to receive their initiation.

If it was destroyed because of this thunderstorm, he really didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

The barrier set up by Qian Wanyu was directly struck by the third thunderstorm, and not only that, all the treasures around her only managed to block the impact for a split second before everything was destroyed.

Qian Wanyu sacrificed one strand of the essence of thunder that she had just absorbed in her body, and directly confronted lightning strike with pure violence. When the two struck, a huge vibration blew out from the epicentre.

The sky and earth changed color and the entire earth shook. Everyone felt the water of the Phoenix Pond boiling from the powerful impact.

Qian Wanyu, who was in the centre of the vortex, was looking for opportunities within the lightning storm. She felt the joy from the essence of lightning in her body, it should have resonated with something inside the lightning.

Everyone stared at this scene, and they couldn’t see the lightning dissipate for a long time, it was as if Qian Wanyu had been struck by lightning and died.

At the next second, the lightning suddenly dissipated without a trace and Qian Wanyu jumped out of the phoenix pond, wrapped in a simple shirt.

Mu Sheng and Lu Xing were so worried about her that they were incredibly relieved to see her appear.

“Sister Wanyu, congratulations on your successful promotion.”


Qian Wanyu moved her right hand, which was just as active as before. Apparently, in this promotion, she had not only harvested a large amount of the essence of thunder at the bottom of the pool, but even the injury in her right hand had healed.

She felt that the spiritual energy in her body was very abundant, if she had to fight any magical beasts, confronting even a fourth rank should not be a problem.

“Looks like it’s time for us to head back to the Royal Academy.”

Qian Wanyu’s promotion to the Phoenix Pond ended with a great deal of discussion, a few people complained about the fact that she was the only one who had succeeded in advancing from the enlightenment.

Qian Wanyu didn’t say much about this. When the opportunity came, could she just let it go? What a joke! If she could advance then she would advance!

She wanted to be the first to tell Qing Mo the good news, only to remember that Qing Mo had to go into hibernation to cultivate because of the incident before.

Qian Wanyu clenched her fists and vowed to find out who that person was, in the meantime, she had to become even stronger.

Mu Sheng and Lu Xing, both of whom were of the Wood System and close to Qian Wanyu, were most able to feel the huge aura from her body, it exuded a thick aura of pressure.

When Qian Wanyu returned to the courtyard, she found that Dongfang Minghui was not there. She searched around outside, and even asked Liu Qi and Nan Nan.

It turned out that one of them was closing up to make medicine and the other was closing up to make pills, but neither of them knew where Minghui had gone.

She went directly to where Xuan Zhu was and found that the other party was not there either before she was slightly relieved.

She wandered around and saw silver needles all over the walls and floor, many of which were basically scrapped now.

She picked one up and looked at it carefully, and found that it was naturally bent, she became more and more sure that something had happened during her absence.

Dongfang Minghui and Xuan Zhu went to a dark alley where the kids were playing with each other instead of practicing, a rare occurrence.

Without saying a word, Xuan Zhu crossed the hall to her master’s room.


The Thief Master smiled at the two of them, “You’ve come.”

Dongfang Minghui opened her mouth, she only heard Xuan Zhu mention her master’s leaving on the way here, flabbergasted she did not know how to react.

“Well, Xuan child, Master is just moving, it’s not like I won’t come back later.”

The other party said so he must have already made up his mind.

The Thief Master saw Dongfang Minghui standing aside, “Minghui, come, come to me.”

Dongfang Minghui could only move over and explained in a low voice, “I didn’t mean not to come during these three days.”

“It’s all right, we’ll see each other more often in the future anyway.”

Dongfang Minghui nodded, that was right. Wait..!

“Ah, you mean we’ll have more chances to see each other in the future?”

Xuan Zhu gave her a hard stare, how was this person so slow…

She couldn’t help but explain, “Yes, master he’ll be going to the Venus Empire to stroll, if it’s good there, he’ll stay there temporarily.”

“Huh.” Dongfang Minghui was surprised, so the other party was going to follow her back to Snow Capital?

Observing her reaction with a smirk, the Thief Master joked, “Am I not welcome?”

“No noo, but if you’re going to Snow Capital, are you going to look for one of these houses as well?”

Dongfang Minghui was already wondering how much it would cost to buy a house. She was actually pleasantly surprised at the Thief Master moving closer, she thought she could only learn the skill of stealing from the Thief Master

Yesterday however, she was able to advance smoothly to the next level, obviously it because she had learned the skill of stealing and it had improved her cultivation as a byproduct, so she was able to break through to Great Spiritualist.

So she was still very grateful to this person in front of her.


Dongfang Minghui thought about it, and decided to ask Situ Hao to help her find a suitable place when she went back, she’d come out with the money as a sign of her respect to her master.

“Are you coming back to the Snow Capital with me?”

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