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MIWW Chapter 52 Part 1

A little while later, Qian Wanyu saw the two people come back dressed in male attire, eyebrows lightly raised she asked, “You both went out?”

Dongfang Minghui smiled, happy to see Qian Wanyu and then her expression turned sickly, she felt that before she didn’t seem to have consulted her seventh sister before taking on a thief as a teacher. Who knew if the other party could accept it?

“Yes, I took her out to see some famous places in our Yundu City, anyway, since you’ve come here, going out to sightsee is no loss, right Minghui?” Xuan Zhu smiled and asked.

Hugging Dongfang Minghui’s shoulders affectionately, Xuan Zhu always hooked up her shoulders like this regardless of occasions ever since she identified this little junior sister.

Being dragged down by Xuan Zhu’s lie, Dongfang Minghui could only fake a smile and let the matter continue.

When Qian Wanyu saw how intimate they were her heart felt a little stuffy and she had the impulse to separate them immediately!

“Seventh sister, you seem to have broken through?”

Minghui noticed that the aura on the Female Protagonist’s body had become even more intense, seems that she had accidentally broken through while receiving the enlightenment at the Phoenix Pond.

Qian Wanyu was also sizing up Dongfang Minghui at the same time. After not seeing her for a few days, the aura on Ninth Sister was getting softer and softer, making her to want to get closer.

“Y-you advanced? Congratulations.”

Xuan Zhu congratulated absentmindedly, she took a look at Qian Wanyu, but the other party did not even look at her, her whole mind was set on Qian Minghui’s body, that look was so gentle it was like water was about to flow out.

These two were real sisters right? Is this the same Qian Wanyu that could kill people out of nowhere? Are you sure she didn’t get swapped???

Why did she feel that something seemed wrong.

“Princess Xuan Zhu, thanks for taking care of my sister, I think you are tired, go back and rest early.”

Qian Wanyu smiled and looked at the other party.

That kind of face had a kind smile but a cold gleam in her eyes, it made Xuan Zhu’s entire body shiver…

“I-I’ll leave.”

Xuan Zhu stomped her foot indignantly, she had long been used to this cold Qian Wanyu but before leaving she turned to Dongfang Minghui to whisper a few words.

She thought that the other party could not hear her, but she did not know that Qian Wanyu had heard her words word for word.

“Ninth Sister, you come with me.”

As soon as Xuan Zhu left, Qian Wanyu dragged the person back into the room and pressed her into a chair.

“Remember what I said to you before?” Qian Wanyu’s voice was cold and icy.

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t see the other party’s expression, so she couldn’t stop the beating of her heart, not knowing at all which sentence the other party was talking about.

Female Protagonist had said so many things to her, how could she remember which one it was?

“Seventh sister.”

She tried to turn around, but was pressed by Qian Wanyu on her shoulder, “Don’t move.”


Qian Wanyu unravelled her long hair that was tied up high, a strand of black hair fell down, her five fingers gently rubbed it, she picked up a small handful and sniffed it gently.

It was the same as that memory.

Dongfang Minghui did not know what the person behind her was doing, but she could feel the other person’s breath right next to her ear, and her eyes rolled wildly, and her heart was beating uncontrollably as the burning breath behind her drew nearer, and her ears could not help but redden.

Dongfang Minghui swallowed her saliva.

“Why are your ears red?” Qian Wanyu gently pinched her earlobe and asked in a low voice.

Dongfang Minghui’s whole body trembled lightly after being touched like this, and the redness covered her whole face. Unlike the cold and icy voice of the past, the low and sexy voice of the female lead just penetrated her eardrums.

“Seventh sister.”

Qian Wanyu wanted to just press her on the bed directly and kiss her licking and biting her lips till she begged for mercy. But she didn’t want to scare her away, according to her knowledge of Ninth Sister, she would most likely run away…

Her Ninth Sister was bold something and other times timid.

“Shouldn’t you explain to me about the thief master? Hmm?” Qian Wanyu let go of the hair after a few moments of regret.

She didn’t feel too relieved regarding Xuan Zhu.

“Ah.” Dongfang Minghui tried to turn around, but she could not move as she was pressed down by the other party’s two hands.

Speaking with her back to the Female Protagonist, she always felt weird.

“Seventh sister, things are actually like this.” Dongfang Minghui told Qian Wanyu what had happened in the last few days, and at the end, explained, “Seventh sister, I actually feel that my Heavenly Maiden Scattering Flowers Skill is somewhat similar to the fast and ruthlessness method that the Thief Master uses.”

Thief Master wanted to find someone to be his successor, and he and Xuan Zhu both tested her and even cheated her just to make her accept.

Coincidentally, Dongfang Minghui just happened to want to dig a little deeper into her skills and wanted to ask for some lessons from Thief Master, so she went along with it and naturally accepted their arrangement.

Qian Wanyu laughed, Ninth Sister had some bad ideas again, always smoothly scamming other people by accident. Thinking about it, Xuan Zhu and Thief Master thought they had gotten a bargain, but little did they know that Ninth Sister was the winner in the end.

“Since you have decided to learn, learn it well, and don’t lose the reputation of the Thief Master.”


Nine people came, Bai Lu was sent away so only eight people were left when they went back. The teacher considered everyone’s safety, so he divided the eight of them into two groups of four, one group led by Lu Chen, and one group still led by Qian Wanyu.

Dongfang Minghui was originally assigned to Lu Chen’s group by the teacher, Nan Nan however offered to swap before returning to Qian Wanyu’s squad.

“Everyone, see you at the academy.”

The two teams got on the flying beast in groups, and Xuan Zhu looked at Qian Wanyu and Qian Minghui with reluctance.

“Wanyu, Minghui, I will go to Snow Capital to see you guys some time.”

Seeing the flying beast take off, Xuan Zhu shouted.

Mu Sheng poked his head out curiously and said, “Isn’t this girl the one who came to see Sister Wanyu last time?”

Dongfang Minghui squinted at Female Protagonist and inexplicably came up with, “Yes, she is more familiar with Seventh sister.”

Qian Wanyu gave her a puzzled look, Dongfang Minghui immediately pretended to look elsewhere, but in her heart, she could not help but spit.

The day before they left, the two of them were still meeting secretly, they really had an intimate relationship.

No wonder she always feels that there is a secret between the two, and fortunately, she doesn’t need to sleep at night now, otherwise, she couldn’t follow the Female Protagonist.

As a result, she discovered the topic she and Xuan Zhu had to talk about.

Thinking that Female Protagonist had to cooperate with Xuan Zhu in order to get the formula, Dongfang Minghui felt uncontrollable anger in her heart.

She remembered the elixir given by Female Protagonist inside her space ring, the Mixed Heaven Pill but she didn’t know what herbs were used to make it.

Because Nan Nan had said that the two pills had a common ingredient, Dongfang Minghui had asked Lu Xing about it secretly.

Lu Xing’s answer was that the medicinal plants of their clan were grown by soaking in special water, the spiritual spring in the sacred pond.

This increased the difficulty of identification because the Mixed Heaven Pill was made from more than a dozen medicinal plants, not to mention identify which medicinal plants were watered through the spiritual spring, she didn’t even know which spiritual spring was used.

“What are you thinking about in your little head?”

Qian Wanyu was still wondering what the other person’s glance meant. Se couldn’t settle down. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw the other person frowning and didn’t know what she was thinking about.

Dongfang Minghui looked at the Female Protagonist and wanted to say something, she obviously knew that the other party was a dark spiritual master, just like Xuan Zhu, and even knew more than the other party, but why couldn’t she be as frank as Xuan Zhu?

Suddenly, Dongfang Minghui was a little jealous of Xuan Zhu’s openness.


Qian Wanyu’s eyes were slightly dark, the more the other party said nothing, the more it meant something was wrong if only she could read the other party’s mind how good would that be… she always felt that the other party was hiding something from her.

This feeling was terrible.

“Don’t think too much, practice, you just broke through Great Spiritualist, but you don’t have enough experience in real combat, you still need to solidify your foundation.”

Qian Wanyu was already ready to find a chance to take her out for some experience when she returned to the Royal Academy this time.

Dongfang Minghui nodded, she also felt that this time she broke through a little too fast, there was a bit of an unreal feeling to it.

When night came, the flying beast automatically slowed down, Qian Wanyu found an open place in mid-air, and the four of them landed there for the time being.

The four of them had a clear division of labour. Dongfang Minghui and Lu Xing prepared dinner, while Qian Wanyu and Mu Sheng went out to look for wood.

After the fire was lit, the whole place was much brighter.

Dongfang Minghui had placed insect repellent pills in various places long before they came back, hoping to expel the general insects and beasts.

“Did you guys still have a good trip to Phoenix Pond this time?”

Seeing that everyone was silent, Dongfang Minghui asked curiously while roasting some meat.

“Naturally it went well, but the only thing I didn’t expect was Sister Wanyu’s sudden advancement during the enlightenment, Minghui you don’t know, that scene at that time was simply…” Mu Sheng said with great fanfare as if it was him that was breaking through at the time.

Even if he didn’t say it, she knew that scene, but she still cooperated with Mu Sheng to act very surprised and curious.

“Haha, if I had known I would have followed.”

“You pharmacists, alas, it’s really a pity.” Lu Xing sighed and pointed at Mu Sheng, “This time, with the Spiritual Infusion, both Mu Sheng and I are about to break through Great Spiritualist. This annual freshman audition is really something for the freshmen to aspire to.”

Qian Wanyu sat aside and watched them chatting quietly, watching the other party laughing with Mu Sheng and Lu Xing, her heart inexplicably grew a bit annoyed.

“Ninth Sister, accompany me to go out for a walk.”

Qian Wanyu directly handed the chicken leg in her hand to Lu Xing and pulled the other party towards the forest.

“Seventh sister, you’ve been cultivating all day, aren’t you hungry?” Dongfang Minghui was surprised, she felt a creepy aura emanating from the other party.

Qian Wanyu did not answer but pulled the person deeper into the forest with big steps.

Dongfang Minghui licked her lips, she felt that the forest was too dark, and the Female Protagonist just looked a little bit wrong.

Qian Wanyu suddenly turned and used some force to push her against a large tree. Her long legs locked her in place and their skin touched directly as she kept her hands on both sides of her body.

The two of them were so close that they could feel the heat of each other’s bodies and the hot breath sprayed on each other’s faces.

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes widened, she did not understand what the Female Protagonist was trying to do, she instinctively shrank back, and found that behind her was a tree, there was really no way back!

“Seventh sister.”

Qian Wanyu saw the other party’s throat moved, her eyes grew even darker as she gently approached, so close that the tips of their noses were pressed together, she liked the scent and taste of Ninth Sister’s body.

They embraced each other like this many times in the illusionary world, and that feeling made her yearn for it every day.

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but swallow, her heart thumping as the other came closer.


Qian Wanyu saw the other party slightly open her vermillion coloured lips and without hesitation, she pressed her lips against Minghui’s.

Dongfang Minghui pupils widened so wide they almost popped out, she was so scared that her legs went weak and she almost fell to the ground.

Qian Wanyu smoothly fished her with one hand domineering wrapping her arm tightly around her waist, and using the other hand to press the back of her head against the tree as she stretched out her tongue into Minghui’s mouth, sucking her little lilac tongue with all her might.

This sucking, for Minghui it felt as if her soul was sucked away!

Dongfang Minghui felt dizzy, she subconsciously wanted to push the other party away, but who knows that the moment her hands reached out, she touched the other party’s chest along with two soft parts…


Qian Wanyu let out a short murmur and loosened her restraint.

Hearing such a sound, Dongfang Minghui shivered in fear and realizing what she had accidentally touched, she was so frightened that she retracted her hands straight back and put them behind her back, uncomfortable as to where to place her fingers.

“No more smiling at them in the future, hmm?”

As soon as the other party approached, Dongfang Minghui’s legs were weak, and she nodded vigorously, regardless of whether she heard what the other party was saying.

She felt her heart was about to beat out of her chest, and it kept thumping and thumping.

Qian Wanyu saw that she kept her head down and did not dare to look directly at herself. With the help of the faint light, she could see the other party’s red ears and her attractive lips. She subconsciously licked the corners of her lips. Next time she should just tie her hands up, lest she touches the wrong place again.

“Well, I won’t embarrass you, let’s go.”

Qian Wanyu held the person’s hand behind her, feeling that the palm was sweaty, she couldn’t help but laugh or cry at this timid ninth sister.

Dongfang Minghui’s legs felt week, and each step felt like she was walking on clouds totally unreal. She hung her head like a little daughter-in-law and followed Qian Wanyu back to their resting place, only to find out after the fact that her tongue was a little sore and her mouth had a bloody taste.

She subconsciously licked her lips, there was a little tingling, she guessed just now that the Female Protagonist must’ve been very violent when she sucked on her tongue.

“Sister Wanyu, Minghui, where have you been, this roast leg is almost cold, come over and eat.” Mu Sheng enthusiastically handed something to the two.

Qian Wanyu directly took Dongfang Minghui’s portion over as well, she walked over and handed it to her, “Eat a little.”

Dongfang Minghui did not dare to raise her head, she just took it, squatted to the side of the tree and ate some small mouthfuls of food.

It wasn’t until half of the meat was in her belly that she realized exactly what had just happened.

She was kissed by the Female Protagonist!

Kissed by the Female Protagonist!


Dongfang Minghui’s eyes were wide and she was just squatting dumbly, the first time she accidentally kissed Female Protagonist, it was a total accident! Accident! Accident!

Now this situation, she secretly twisted her head and found that Qian Wanyu had closed her eyes and started cultivating.

There was silence all around, just the campfire crackling and burning.

She touched the corner of her lips, a little sore seems like it was all real.

Dongfang Minghui looked at the rest of the beast’s leg in her hand, completely lost her appetite, the thought of the other party putting her tongue deep into her mouth…

Her face tumbled into a complete red tomato, but it’s a good thing the light nearby was dark, and no one could see her red cheeks.

Why did the Female Protagonist kiss her?

This question, she thought for a night but did not figure anything out, naturally, she was spiritless come morning.

A group of four people were on the flying beast, and Dongfang Minghui picked a position a little far from the Female Protagonist.

Mu Sheng and Lu Xing have found it surprising that Qian Wanyu and Minghui had always been so close but today for some reason they seemed a little distant from each other. Normally the relationship between the two sisters was so good that it made onlookers envious.

This, what’s wrong today?

The two of them looked at each other and were surprised did they go and argue yesterday in the forest?

Dongfang Minghui was nervous when she saw the Female Protagonist, there were a few small twists in her heart. She did not know how to face it.

She didn’t know what was going on in Seventh sister’s head, the aura and feeling from the Female Protagonist’s body was a bit off.

She wondered if the other party was struggling because of the dark spiritual power breeding and couldn’t find a solution, the only current solution was the mixed heaven pill in her hands. Following the normal plot, the Female Protagonist should have had two men at this time, could it be that she was horny yesterday and took her for Lu Xing? Or someone else?

“Minghui, what’s wrong with you and Sister Wanyu? Did you have a fight?” Mu Sheng came up next to her and asked carefully.

Dongfang Minghui gave him a powerless look, this question was about to burst her brain as well ah!

But seeing that the other party wanted to say something else, she immediately interrupted, “Mu Sheng, Seventh sister and I didn’t quarrel.”

If it was just a quarrel it wouldn’t be so annoying…

This time they still landed in the wilderness, a pile of rocks surrounded this wasteland.

From time to time since yesterday, Qian Wanyu would observe her reactions in secret, admittedly her actions yesterday were on purpose. She was tired of watching Ninth Sister hooking up with another person, she’d always talk to Nan Nan, Liu Qi, Xuan Zhu or any other person and they all looked so intimate.

She knew very well about Mu Sheng and Lu Xing’s intentions, but there were still some misgivings in her heart. She didn’t mind letting the other party have time to think but she wouldn’t allow her to run away…

The good thing is that after that night, Dongfang Minghui was acting as normal, looking no different from other days.

“Ninth Sister.”

Qian Wanyu tried asking, “There is no wood, accompany me to collect some branches from other places.”


Without saying a word, she followed behind.

The two of them were walking one after the other, Qian Wanyu’s fingers moved, trying to hold the other’s soft little hand.

After struggling for a moment and not being able to grab it, she suddenly stopped turned to Dongfang Minghui and said, “The road is not good, I’ll hold your hand.”

Not caring about Minghui’s opinion, she domineeringly grabbed her hand.

Dongfang Minghui’s face was confused, the road was not quite good to walk on? The road was straight and smooth! Not to mention that there weren’t even any obstacles on the road just some large stones ah!

Ahahaha Wanyu!

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