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MIWW Chapter 62 Part 2

Dongfang Minghui actually couldn’t find a way to describe that person from before, the other party moved slowly, his face expressionless and vacant eyes staring at you, when looking at people he seemed to not even see them obviously he didn’t look old yet he was shuffling while walking almost like a…

“Seventh sister, don’t you think that person was like a living dead person?”

“A living dead person?”

Qian Wanyu was flabbergasted, the word “living dead” really made people uncomfortable no matter the era. How could the dead live again?

“I also feel like that person was very strange, but your Ninth Sister described it very well.” Qing Mo popped up at the right time and gave his opinion.

Since both of them said so, Qian Wanyu was even more cautious, “Let’s find out, if the other party is really a living dead hmph we’ll know soon.”

The two people went downstairs again but found that the person eating extremely slowly in the corner was gone, Dongfang Minghui grabbed a waiter who was sending out some water to a customer, “Little brother, just now in the corner that person, do you know where he went?”

The waiter twisted his head to take a look and said extremely casually, “He’s not here anymore so he must have left.”

They were only upstairs for a moment with how slow the other party was eating, how far could he have gone? The two people chased out, looking at a road leading in two directions, they really did not know where to go.

“Love flower, can you track the scent of that person just now?”

Love Flower shook its flower head, who knew why they had encountered so many abnormal things recently. The…thing just now couldn’t be called human ah, he had a corrosive smell and almost made Love Flower faint.

Little Colour tried to use some vines to communicate with the surrounding plants but they all seemed afraid and pointed in random directions.

“Forget it.”

The other side appeared once, and then twice he will certainly appear again.

“Seventh sister, let’s go back.”

Dongfang Minghui was completely unaware that just after they returned to the inn, the person she had previously called the living dead carried a meal and sluggishly arrived at a simple hut where Lu Xing, whom they had been trying hard to find, was tied by him with an unknown rope. The elf ears on his face and the wings on his back were all revealed, even the colour of his eyes had become different from before. Long green hair fell on both sides of his body, his whole body was dirty, even his face was black but even then it could not hide his status.

He pulled the rope away and put the food he had just eaten in front of Lu Xing, then stood like a tall mountain in front of the doorway, blocking the light while giving an invisible pressure.

Lu Xing tried to change back the elf features but somehow, it just wouldn’t change back, every time he tried, he had a feeling that his spiritual power would be drained.

He felt like his body was withering ever since he met that group of people, he seemed to have been tainted with some strange things by that group of Dark Spiritualists that should not have been touched. If the person in front of him had not saved him, he would probably have died long ago… But the other party was also brutal and unreasonable, not letting him leave and on top of that, he had a smell that he didn’t really like.

Lu Xing had never heard the other party say a single word since he was saved, so he gave him a name of his own – Wood because his face never changed like a wooden block.

Every time he tried to take advantage of the opportunity to escape, he was carried back by the other side like a chicken and then thrown aside.

Over time, Lu Xing did not bother doing these kinds of fruitless things, anyway, his situation hasn’t changed. Escaping the tiger’s mouth and then accidentally falling into a wolf’s den.

As usual, Lu Xing desperately tried to get himself to eat more so he wouldn’t feel so weak but when he ate he immediately vomited again several times until a black shadow came in front of him.

Wood knocked the meal right out of his hand, and despite Lu Xing’s protests, he gently threw the man over his shoulder.

His shoulder was hard like a piece of iron, Lu Xing’s stomach just knocked on it and he couldn’t help but vomit again. A lot of filth fell directly on Wood’s body but he did not care, and continued to walk.


Lu Xing muttered, he was still the prince of the elves, being treated by such a barbarian in this way like baggage made him get angry but it was like hitting a ball of cotton since the other party had no idea what he was angry about…

During this period of time with Wood, he felt that his temper had become much better. At least now he’d learned to give up on getting pointlessly angry at such matters.

Wood directly threw him like a sack of rice into the water and with a plop sound Lu Xing’s head came out.

Lu Xing grinded his teeth in anger but the other side stood there and did not move.

“Wood, come here.”

Lu Xing cleaned up a bit, and then waved to the shore, the slight smile with his long green hair and crystal clear skin shone in the sun.

Wood looked straight and stupidly stepped directly into the water, step by step to the other side. Lu Xing clicked his tongue, he was going to trick him into the water and tease him.

The other party was so obedient, not only that, the weight of the iron box behind him must’ve been even heavier in the water but the wooden expression did not change. Even Lu Xing secretly felt as if he had gone a little too far.

“Take off your clothes and wash them.”

Wood shook his head and didn’t take off the iron case behind him either.

Lu Xing couldn’t help but just wash off the filth from the outside of his clothes, and then he dragged the person to the shore.

“Wait until the clothes are dry before leaving.”

His current spiritual power was showing signs of regression. Drying clothes was normally something that could easily be solved, just using some spiritual power to dry it instantly but now he was like an ordinary person, sometimes worse than an ordinary person…


Lu Xing likes to call his name even if the other party didn’t respond. He saw himself from the reflection of the lake, how could he return to the Royal Academy like this?

Perhaps, not going back is the best choice.

Lu Xing was a bit down, he missed his friends in the academy, and he didn’t know how Minghui was doing. More than anything else, he missed his clan, once he disappeared, Empress Mother must have been very worried and might have sent many clan members to look for him.

Once his clothes were dry, Wood put Lu Xing on his shoulders and shuffled step by step until they disappeared without a trace.

Dongfang Minghui was completely unaware of her brush with Lu Xing, and how close they were to meeting him…they picked up their pace on the way back, never encountering the living dead from before again. But when they arrived at the Snow Capital, she didn’t go straight back to the academy.

“Seventh sister, if you are not in a hurry to go back, accompany me to visit my master.”

This is the first time she’d seen her master since the last parting, the other party had given her the plum blossom nails and she had made great use of them. They had saved her life many times. Originally it was that she got tricked by Xuan Zhu to go to the Thief Master but she then took the opportunity to strengthen her own skills.

Now that she thought about it, she felt a little sorry for this master.

Qian Wanyu also felt the other party’s change in attitude towards the Thief Master and was happy for her, “No rush, let’s bring them something.”

Last time, although she did not go in, she had used her ears and heard the group of small kids in the yard call her seventh sister…little sister… Meeting again, they can’t bring nothing, right?

“Seventh sister is thoughtful.”

The two of them strolled around the Snow Capital and bought a bunch of food and supplies, as well as toys that the little ones should play with. Only when Dongfang Minghui said enough did the two of them arrive outside the courtyard where they were last time.

Dongfang Minghui went up and knocked on the door with the unique knocking style.

Someone soon came and opened the door, Lu Zi sized up Qian Wanyu behind Dongfang Minghui for a moment, “Little sister, we have rules, we can’t let strangers in.”

Dongfang Minghui looked back at Female Protagonist and found that the other party had a stoic face emotionless to what was said and put her mind at ease then she came up to Lu Zi’s ear and said, “She is not an outsider, she’s my family member. I brought her to meet the master.”

Qian Wanyu’s face was still cold and icy but the corners of her eyes and mouth couldn’t help but curl up especially when hearing the other party to introduce her like this, the expression on her face also became much softer, heh since she was considered Ninth Sister’s family, well, she’ll remember.

When Lu Zi heard her say the word ‘master’, his eyes lit up, “Ok ok, if old master blames me you have to take the blame.”

Dongfang Minghui almost laughed at him, this ‘older brother’ of her’s ah, “OK, do not worry, the master will not blame you.”

As soon as she entered the small yard, the other little kids saw that they came and surrounded her in a circle, squeezing Qian Wanyu aside. Everyone was chattering, and her eardrums were buzzing.

“Little Sister.” Xiao Mao directly hugged her leg, he was too small, considered the shortest one among them so he couldn’t squeeze his way to the front and squeeze the bottom instead, hugging the other’s legs and not letting go.

“Xiao Mao?” Dongfang Minghui squatted down and picked him up, thinking of the last time he took the opportunity to stuff the plum blossom nails into her arms, she could only admit defeat at this little thief in terms of skill but in the end he’s still a child. She pulled out some things from her space ring and gave them to senior brother Lu Zi to distribute, after that she took out three finger blades from her space ring.

“It’s for you.”

The so-called finger blades were blades that clipped to the tips of your fingers. They were sharp and good for defending.

She had planned to buy this for her own use but seeing Xiao Mao, she intuitively felt like giving it to him.

Xiao Mao no longer hugged her thigh, he took the three fnger blades to study. Dongfang Minghui smiled and watched him go practice his hands, see what sort of skill these blades can be used for by the little guy.

Qian Wanyu watched for a long time and found that Ninth Sister was really good with people, especially with children. In the academy, she was also surrounded by a group of medicinal plants and Toothless. After this in the outside world, there was a group of little kids fighting for her attention.

Qian Wanyu now had some regrets about letting her go get a master now she had even more rivals ah.

“Seventh sister, we’re going to find the master.”

The thief master had sensed them as early as when they appeared outside the door and had been sitting in the room waiting patiently.

Dongfang Minghui pushed open the door and saw him trying to get up with his crutches so she hurriedly went up and helped him, “Master, what do you want to do? I’ll do it for you.”

The Thief Master smiled gratefully and gently patted on her with the crutches, “Since you have changed your way of calling me to master, some rituals of worship have to be prepared.”

“Master, the ceremony is actually irrelevant, as long as you recognize me it’s fine. Besides, I came here to tell you something.”

“Tell me something?”

Dongfang Minghui nodded her head, and she told them all about her encounter with the silly big man in Yundu City and his recognition of the plum blossom nails, including the fact that he wanted to hold her hostage to find him.

After that, the room was silent for a moment.

Qian Wanyu did not interfere in the matters between them, as long as the matters did not involve Ninth Sister.

The Thief Master was also surprised that the apprentice that went out to train had run into one of his old enemies, “Actually, I know they have been looking for me.”

Qian Wanyu opened her mouth but didn’t ask why. As Xuan Zhu said before, a person like the Thief Master who was so skilled would eventually run into an enemy who would hunt him down.

“But don’t worry, Master, the silly man has been killed by Seventh sister.”

The Thief Master smiled, actually, the reason he left Yundu City was partly also because the assassins of the Blood Fiend Alliance had traced him to that dark alley before, the only way he could evade them was to move places quickly and take this group of young apprentices with him.

Coincidentally Dongfang Minghui actually went back and confirmed his guesses, he thought that it might simply be better to settle down in Snow Capital, if he could get rid of them that would be best if not he would use his life to protect those children.

“Looking at how you all walked away safely I’m relieved, you don’t want to go back to the academy to report? The academy opened half a month ago, and the new students have been admitted. It’s time to go back. Master here will welcome you anytime.”

“Yes, Master.”

Dongfang Minghui originally came here to tell him about the matter, she subconsciously still worried that something might happen to them, after all, it was a group of children and a crippled master against a group of powerful assassins. If they really encountered them, the ending was already decided.

Qian Wanyu took a deep look at the Thief Master before leaving, the other party obviously wanted to send Ninth Sister away, her silly Ninth Sister could not see but she saw it, the other party should have known that he was being hunted, otherwise they would not have rashly left Yundu City and moved to Snow Capital just for Ninth Sister. When Ninth Sister mentioned the killers, his unmoved calm expression said a lot of things as if he was prepared to be chased.

The other party was a person with a secret and a story.

But if Ninth Sister would get into any danger because of him, she would never allow it.

The two returned to the academy and reported to their respective courtyards. When Dongfang Minghui saw the fat old man, she felt particularly happy and threw herself up for a hug, only to find that her hands were too short and the other’s waist was too thick to hold him.

“Lord Dean, why do I feel as if you have gained a lot of weight again?” She couldn’t help but cross her arms and glare, “Did you sneak off to the back of the mountain to taste medicinal plants again and accidentally become like this?”

Previously, when she was the Fatty old man’s assistant, she was often beaten by him with bamboo sticks because she had a bad habit of always sticking her fingers to dip them in a bit of potion after refining it and trying it out herself.

Because of this habit, the back of her hand was red from being beaten by the other side, but she still dipped her fingers in potion out of habit. After she learned that the fat old man had also gotten fat because of this same habit she understood why he supervised her so strictly. The Dean had already accumulated decades of habits that were hard to change and it caused his body to be filled with various medicines changing his body shape as well.

The chubby old man was still rubbing his beard and not replying, seeing the other party’s exasperated look, he was in a wonderfully good mood.

“Damn girl, you really made me wait ah, when you said two months, now how many months has it been? I was expecting you to help me recruit some better freshmen, but as a result, I still have to do it myself.” The fat old man complained, but his mind was actually spinning, he just lost a bet yesterday, he said that when Qian Minghui returned from training, he would announce to the whole school teachers and students about the ceremony to accept an apprentice, but after he said it the other party hadn’t returned yet.

Making him worry about her safety, while also being teased by those old goats it’d be strange if he was happy with her being so late.

Dongfang Minghui knew that she was wrong and that Lord Dean had repeatedly admonished her to return on time, not knowing what was on the Dean’s mind she just said, “Accident it was an accident Dean, I almost could not return.”

Of course, this last sentence would definitely scare the old man.

The old man was really shocked, he immediately pulled Dongfang Minghui and sat down, “Come, when you went out to train it seems like your spiritual power has improved, quickly tell me. This journey what did you encounter?”

Dongfang Minghui told him all the key points including the Blood Fiend Alliance and she immediately told him about the false love flower as well, “Lord Dean, have you seen a black mist before? It’s the same as that one I saw the other day, the Qi of Death.”

She took a look around, “Dean, I hope what we are saying is not heard by others.”

The Dean nodded and immediately set up a small boundary in the room.

She carried Toothless out of her space ring, “Lord Dean, take a look at Toothless’s forelimbs, it accidentally got tainted with the sap of that plant and became like this.”

The Dean had been exposed to the aura of death long ago and knew about its features. The last time they encountered it and managed to escape, it was thanks to the Dean’s repeated assurances in front of the hall masters that they were not imprisoned by the academy.

However, despite his extensive experience, Situ Hongying’s face changed when he saw the black mist on Toothless’ forelimbs. “It seems that the other party has improved the Qi of Death by another realm.”

An advanced version of the Qi of Death, this was a bad situation. Even the normal Qi of Death was not something normal people could handle. Without Love Flower, they would have died eight hundred times before.

“So Dean, can Toothless still be saved?”

The Dean’s face was grave and he said, “Have you used Love Flower’s sap on it?”

Dongfang Minghui nodded, the love flower gave her half a leaf, she believed that the other party must have given her some essence, but that only delayed the black mist on Toothless’ forelimbs, the black mist did not disappear but stayed there like glue to a wound so it could not heal, Toothless just wailed in pain, and could not walk so it could only lay there every day.

This was another one of the reasons why she rushed back to the academy.

“If even Love Flower can’t help it, what can an old man like me do?”

Dongfang Minghui was expecting him to save Toothless’ life, but when the chubby old man uttered such a sentence, a deep chill went down her spine.

“Don’t believe his words.” Love Flower suddenly said in her consciousness, it was also fighting with that fake love flower before so it knew its properties there was definitely a cure… “Let’s go back to the small courtyard, we can cut up that defective plant and study it, then find the antidote.”


Before she also saw that the other party opened up some wisdom so she thought it was quite pitiful but when she thought about how this was a medicinal plant that emitted the aura of death, she felt speechless. To think that a plant could do this…

After bidding farewell to the Dean, Dongfang Minghui hugged Toothless and rushed back to her courtyard.

As soon as she arrived at the courtyard, she found an unfamiliar figure and Dongfang Minghui immediately questioned, “Who are you? Why are you in my courtyard?”

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