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MIWW Chapter 63 Part 1

From the back, the other party was not tall and wore a Medicine Gardener’s clothes, but this courtyard of hers had always been cleaned by senior brother Yong Xing, how could she freely let others in?

The other party was probably startled by her, and the watering-pot in his hand spilt on the ground.

Dongfang Minghui’s sharp ears heard the complaints of the medicinal plants, she held Toothless with one hand and picked up the kettle that was still flowing out liquid with the other hand, and looked at the other party suspiciously, “Who are you? Why are you in my small courtyard?”

She was also a veteran in the pharmacy, she’d seen all the Medicinal Gardeners in the pharmacy courtyard. The person in front of her didn’t look familiar so it must’ve been a newly recruited one to the pharmacy this year.

The other party was a boy, good-looking, about 15 or 16 years old, his face was abnormally white and his lips were a tinge of purple, look at this weak look it was the typical look of heart problems. The other side had a pair of wet eyes looking at her pitifully and answering with a timid voice.

“I, I, I am the one who-”

After trying to explain for what felt like half a day he still hadn’t said a reason, she saw the other party nervously twine his fingers on the ends of his shirt nervously, “Forget it, this small courtyard is not a place you should be in, leave.”

“But, but senior brother asked me to take care of these medicinal plants here.”

So originally it was brother Yong Xing who wanted him to come over to help her take care of the small courtyard, Dongfang Minghui squatted down to communicate with the medicinal plants one by one, only to know that the other party was indeed a new Medicine Gardener and was probably eliminated from the pharmacy examination but wanted to stay in the Royal College, brother Yong Xing made him do this probably because there was no one to attend to her plants!

Normally, a pharmacist should have been assigned four gardeners, she had refused because she was afraid that the pharmacy gardeners would kill her medicinal plants, but now she found out that she was worried about something dumb if she’d gone out and left the plants unattended for so long they would’ve also died!

It seems like it’s really time to get a few medicine gardeners behind.

Dongfang Minghui hugged Toothless, Toothless crooked its head and stared at the person who suddenly appeared in the courtyard, and showed him its sharp teeth making the other party shiver, “How long have you been here?”

“Ten days.”

“Why do you want to be a medicine gardener? It’s very hard to be a medicine gardener.”

As for how hard it is, she’d only need to refer to her previous experience, morning and night slaving away but also suppressed and exploited by other people, encountering a bad pharmacist and a whole lot of trouble it was simply not human work. But as usual, there were always people jumping forward to want to get a chance at being a pharmacist.

The youngster pushed up his chest, “I’m not afraid.”

Dongfang Minghui looked at his little body and thought it was particularly funny, she had not seen a person so weak yet still full of fighting spirit like this little guy in a long time, “Letting you remain here is not impossible.”

The other side waited for her next with an expectant face.

“I’ll test you for a month, if you don’t pass I will have to hand you over to senior brother Yong.”

“No problem.”

The little guy’s voice was a little hoarse, he should be in puberty.


“Jun Yi.”

Dongfang Minghui pointed to the Blue Star Dream on the side, “Junyi, you should not water Blue Star Dream in the future, it does not like too much water.”

The location of Blue Star Dream was in the nook of the courtyard, which wasn’t exposed to the sun. With the land around it being all damp, the roots of Blue Star Dream was like being soaked in water, which was very uncomfortable.

As soon as she came back, it complained to her.

“So it has a name.”

Little Jun Yi found it very interesting that a big tree actually had a name.

Dongfang Minghui left for more than two months, probably because there was a gathering spirit treasure under this small courtyard, the growth of Blue Star Dream became uncontrollable, it had grown taller but it looks smaller than when it was in the courtyard of the Situ family before, the thorn branches were spreading through the wall and almost half of the courtyard was full of thorn branches.

Looking at it another way it seemed to occupy a weird spot in the courtyard where everywhere was full of green and lush vitality, Dongfang Minghui felt that the surrounding spiritual energy seemed to be a little denser than before as well.

“Yes, it is called Blue Star Dream, and this medicinal plant is called Beautiful Germanium, but I call it big beauty, and these …… when I have time I’ll tell you one by one. Just remember what I said before.”

Dongfang Minghui finished handing things over and immediately went into her room, little Toothless’ hind limbs had clawed her several times.

“Love Flower, shouldn’t we get that… medicinal plant that emitted the Qi of Death out?”

In fact, the other side with this Qi of Death could no longer be considered a medicinal plant, if people really classify medicinal plants into good and bad, this medicinal plant could probably only be called poisonous medicine.

“No, we have to find another place.”

This small courtyard was a place where spiritual energy gathers, and there was even a spiritual treasure, so it is considered a blessed place. If they put the poisonous medicine here, besides fueling the black smoke, it will not do anything to it and it will be counterproductive.

Find another place?

Dongfang Minghui racked her brains, the most secluded place in the pharmacy was probably the place where Fatty old man made his potions, if he saw her bring back that terrifying death qi emitting plant though, he’d most likely think she had evil intentions, right?

“I’ll have to think about this one more.”

It is best to communicate with Seventh sister, after all, they were now two grasshopper on a rope only if it accidentally dragged down the Female Protagonist can it become a real problem.

Qian Wanyu also found Jun Yi when she came back, and she knocked on Ninth Sister’s door directly after a faint glance at him.

Xiao Junyi immediately rolled up his sleeves and went to work.

“Who is the person outside?”

Dongfang Minghui was just thinking about her when she appeared and quickly pulled the other party into the room, “A medicine gardener that Brother Yong Xing arranged for me, his name is Jun Yi.”

“Jun Yi?”

Qian Wanyu murmured a few times, but her eyebrows frowned slightly.

“Seventh sister, is there any problem?”

Qian Wanyu shook her head, thinking that it should not be so coincidental, she remembered that the information on Wei Junlan had also shown that he had a brother called Wei Junyi, the second young master of the Blood Fiend Alliance, but because the other party’s presence was weak he’d been bedridden for a long time. Therefore there was not much information on this second young master from Li Jing. Could it be Wei Junlan likely left in a hurry to come to the Snow Capital to be in time for this registration?

A killer like him wouldn’t leave his brother in such a place, right?

“By the way, Seventh sister, just now I was thinking about finding a place to study that poisonous medicine, what’s your opinion?”

Qian Wanyu pondered for a moment, “Why not talk to Dean Situ openly, if it is related to the survival of the Royal Academy in the future, he will not allow himself to ignore it.” On the contrary, the other party would also try their best to refine a solution.

It saves them a lot of time by doing so since it would use the full power of the pharmacy compared to just them individually researching and checking. They can also wash their hands of responsibility as well lest there be the kind of situation where they were suspected like last time.

“Seventh sister, are you going with me?”

“Naturally, it would be better for me to explain this because I am the one who took you on the adventure.”

Qian Wanyu’s version and the one Dongfang Minghui had was naturally different, the two went inside the dean’s office and Dongfang Minghui explained the situation of the poisonous medicine to the fat old man letting the cause and effect be explained by Seventh sister.

Dongfang Minghui just kept nodding in response not knowing what was happening.

When did she learn about the fake love flower from Seventh sister’s mouth and then turn into stealing it for the sake of the Dean from the Blood Fiend Alliance? Then as a result of various unexpected things they were forced to rush back…

The words that came out of Seventh sister’s mouth completely changed the whole scenario but the simple explanation in turn made Situ Hongying have a happy mood.

“So that’s how it is.” The flesh on Situ Hongying’s face trembled twice, and his eyes narrowed into a slit.

Dongfang Minghui was close to covering her face, Seventh sister said the words too beautifully, the fat old man was so easily fooled.

“Dean.” Dongfang Minghui took out that poisonous medicine within the space ring. The wounds on the other side’s roots seemed to have healed automatically and didn’t leak so much everywhere it went, but it still contaminated a large area, like her space ring’s interior.

The chubby old man had not seen the real Love Flower before, when he first saw Dongfang Minghui take out the medicinal plant he was astonished and thought the other side finally took out the real Love Flower to let him open his eyes but his small eyes quickly picked up and tried to examine it, “This is the Love Flower species? It’s exactly the same as the one recorded in the books.”

Dongfang Minghui could not help but roll her eyes, if not for Love Flower being reluctant to come out of the small courtyard, seeing someone misidentify it with this poisonous medicine would probably make it throw a fit again.

“Dean Situ, please observe carefully.”

When Qian Wanyu saw this conversation, she suddenly realized that they had entered a misunderstanding. She and Ninth Sister were the only ones who had seen the real Love Flower, what about people who had never seen Love Flower before? The poisonous medicine would definitely be treated as a Love Flower candidate to be cultivated.

Once the other side grew up… she was suddenly afraid of what would come out of it. It could bring humanity’s extinction!

The auction where did they find such a poisonous plant!?

She mused that with Nangong Yuntian’s unbeatable character if he knew that he was also used like this… heh, that expression must be wonderful. Next time, she had to let Li Jing give this valuable information as a free gift to him.

Situ Hongying saw the expressions on the faces of the two people and realised something was wrong. He turned some books over and after careful comparison, he began to have a few moments of uncertainty as he walked around to examine the trapped poisonous medicine trying to escape.

“It shouldn’t be.”

Such a medicinal plant that resembles the Love Flower is actually a fake?

This was something Situ Hongying could never accept.

Dongfang Minghui saw his look of disappointment and pitied him but couldn’t help but remind, “Dean, watch carefully.”

She tossed out some flying needles from within her space ring which were not yet soaked in poison and she shot directly towards the poisonous medicine in the middle.

“Ugh, don’t.”

Even if it was a fake one, it was still a fake Love Flower, if it was ruined, the Dean felt his heart was dripping blood.

However, she moved extremely fast, ten flying needles were shot towards it and the other party tried to dodge, but found itself bound by spiritual power, unable to move, and watched as the flying needles shot into its body causing some faint damage.

The roots were pierced with ten small holes and some liquid flowed out. The original green liquid dripped out slowly and turned into a small puddle of green water.

Dean looked at the other side for half a day and did not see anything unusual.

“Huu huu huu -”

Its recovered wounds were pierced open again and it was almost like the poisonous medicine was crying tears and appearing extra sad.

Dongfang Minghui was indifferent, she felt that this poisonous medicine was more cunning than Love Flower.

“Is there a mistake somewhere?”

“No, Dean watch carefully.”

They probably waited for half an incense stick of time before they saw how the green liquid that just flowed down to a small drip slowly turned black, and after that even a black mist formed in the air, “Toothless’s claws just accidentally stepped on its roots and become like that.”

“It’s too strange, how can a Love Flower contain the Qi of Death?”

“Dean, it’s not a Love Flower in the true sense. At the Yuntian Pavilion auction that day, Miss Yue made it very clear that it was a Love Flower cultivated by artificial cultivation, which could also resist the Qi of Death. Her words brought a direct misunderstanding to everyone, and it was only by accident that we discovered that its sap would actually cause extensive damage to people. If, however, it continues to grow and grows to a degree that even you cannot capture, if it emits that black mist everywhere, this black mist is even more dangerous that the Qi of Death ever was.”

The Qi of Death, people could still count on cultivating the Love Flower to resist it but tsk this black mist, how would they resist it?

Situ Hongying couldn’t help but nod, indeed, for a Love Flower, so many people broke into the Valley of Death, the result was all in vain, and some even died in the Valley of Death becoming part of the Legion of Death.

If the black fog spreads, it would really bring disaster to the entire Seven Colored Continent.

“Such a dangerous thing, the Yuntian Pavilion actually chose not to properly examine it and auctioned it off, are they not afraid of discrediting the Yuntian Pavilion because of this?”

“Dean Situ, the most urgent task is not to pursue the Yuntian Pavilion, I think the Yuntian Pavilion master also may not understand this fake medicinal plant, we have to speed up the time to refine a solution, at the same time we need to catch the person who cultivated this black medicine, if he still has several plants in his hands like this disguised as Love Flowers and scattered all over the place things will become more difficult.”

Anything involving the Qi of Death was something important enough to make the Royal Academy pay attention.

After listening to Qian Wanyu, Situ Hongying immediately went to meet the lords of the other halls and told them the general story of the matter. Soon, Qian Wanyu found out that all the people who had recently gone out to practice had returned to the Royal Academy, and the Academy’s vigilance seemed to be stronger than before with three shifts of patrols carefully patrolling every place outside every day.

“Seventh sister, you are really great.”

In a few words, the fatty old man was on fire and gave them permission to be able to refine an antidote in his refining room, while giving her access to the medicinal plants in the back of the mountain. There should still be almost a few years before this stronger variant of the Qi of Death spreads to the three empires.

It seems good for them to start taking precautions now.

Dongfang Minghui had just returned from the back mountain medicinal plants garden when she saw Blue Star Dream’s thorny branch pulling her to its side.

“Blue Star Dream, how are you doing?”

She was so busy looking for an antidote for little Toothless after she returned that she hadn’t soothed her little friend’s mood until now.

Blue Star Dream gently played with her fingers and poked some thorn branches directly to tickle Toothless’ small belly which made it tremble and want to lift its hind legs to fiddle with the branches.

“Don’t move, or else you’ll get injured on all four paws, then we’ll see how you’ll feel.”

Dongfang Minghui held its hind limbs to prevent it from continuing to be naughty. Since Toothless’ forelimbs were injured, it was even more clingy to her than when it first came out of its eggshell and refused to enter the space ring always asking her to hold it in her hands.

In order to appease its young heart, she walked everywhere with both hands, like holding a baby. Toothless was a lot heavier than before, and the size was also larger.

“Huh, you mean someone wants to break into this small courtyard of ours?”

Blue Star Dream hurriedly fiddled with the thorny branch and explained to the other party again.


Dongfang Minghui looked surprised, she and Seventh sister had just returned, who would be so bored to spy on them?

“Blue Star Dream you are great, today you are rewarded with a big meal. But next time if this person appears again, you must not scare the snake.”

“What do you mean by scaring the snake?” Blue Star Dream asked in a particularly juvenile manner.

“It is… you just have to keep still.”

If all the thorns branches on the wall of the small courtyard flung around it would probably scare people away. After all, a golden thorn tree with intelligence was relatively rare. Dongfang Minghui shuddered when she thought of the scene.

It is better to keep a low profile.

The next day, Dongfang Minghui deliberately did not go out, she secretly hid in the room, through the doorway to see the situation in the courtyard.

Little Junyi’s daily workload was much easier than what she used to do, she deliberately let him sleep for an extra hour since he seemed a bit weak, so every time the two of them were always staggered in timing, when she went out the other party had not yet come, when she returned the other party had already left.

She watched little Jun Yi water each medicinal plant carefully collected a little dew, and also picked up the leaves spilt on the ground by Blue Star Dream, and after doing everything in the morning, he took a book of some kind and sat on the stone bench outside the courtyard to study it seriously.

The other side is quite serious ah.

Dongfang Minghui legs were numb from squatting, she simply moved a small stool over and propped up her head to lookout for the sneaky snake. Seventh sister’s current schedule was very full, she was constantly battling then closing up, battling then closing up.

It had only been a few days apart, but she felt as if she had not seen Seventh sister in a long time.

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