Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 69

“Could it be a spy from the Blood Fiend Alliance?”

Dongfang Minghui thought as she walked, she had just gone out and turned a corner when she felt she was being followed,  thanks to her sharp reflexes she was able to get rid of them. She secretly praised herself for her resourcefulness, not knowing that Qian Wanyu was following her all the way.

She wandered around the grove twice without seeing Wei Junlan and wondered if she had been stood up.

“Little Minghui.” Wei Junlan smilingly leapt down from the tree, his already beautiful appearance looked more heroic with white clothes, the other side had his mouth curled upwards, the corner of his eyes contained a few traces of an evil nature, giving people an extremely frivolous feeling.

Strange, why did she always feel that Wei Junlan was too feminine.

“We don’t know each other well, stop shouting so affectionately.” Dongfang Minghui rolled her eyes in anger, the first two times they met each other, the other side besides having a little modern knowledge looked like a standard ancient person.

If he didn’t take the initiative to reveal himself, she wouldn’t have thought that the other party was also a traveller.

Wei Junlan threw out a piece of blue silk from his sleeve, the end of the blue silk just clasped her wrist, with a slight tightening, he pulled Dongfang Minghui over.

“Oi oi.”

He wrapped one hand around the other’s waist, one hand stroked the other’s hair and picked up a green leaf from her head, then he wiggled it in his fingers and dropped it, pulling out some flowers from nowhere and handed it to her, “A beauty is deserving of flowers to go with it.”

“What are you doing?”

Dongfang Minghui directly slapped away the flowers in the hands of the other party, she was not used to being this close to others, especially since the other party was a man!

Even a man from the modern era was too much for her to bear, she almost instinctively pushed him away, but she didn’t think Wei Junlan’s hand was so strong that it didn’t budge at all.

“Shh, don’t move.” Wei Junlan came close to her ear and whispered, “Li Yunan has come.”

Li Yunan did indeed come, he received a letter in the evening, asking him to come to the grove about something important signed by a man called – Nosy. He waited in the forest but unexpectedly saw Qian Minghui, his face was happy and just wanted to walk out, when he saw a man fall from the sky, land in front of Qian Minghui, and also affectionately embraced the person in his arms looking so intimate.

“So what?”

Li Yunan coming has nothing to do with her hair being held like this ah!

Dongfang Minghui still tried to push him away and accidentally felt a soft part. She touched a little, incredulously she squeezed it more, that soft touch, she was too familiar.

What the fuck!

She stared dead in the face of the other party, her eyes almost fell out of their sockets, she also forgot to immediately push the person away.

In the eyes of outsiders, it was like she was returning the favour by caressing the other person’s chest, no matter how you look at it it was like these two people’s relationship is not ordinary ah.

Qian Wanyu’s eyes turned dark, she looked with a deadly glare at the two people embracing each other in the woods, the water thunder whip at her waist was already in her hand, she had an urge to destroy everything.

“Wanyu, calm down. What you see is not necessarily true, there may be some misunderstanding.” Qing Mo, who had just obtained the Soul Infant Fruit, intended to say a few words for Dongfang Minghui but also mainly because he was worried that Qian Wanyu might get angry and accidentally demonise, it would be a problem if all those old demons in the academy were attracted…

Dongfang Minghui was dumbfounded, her head just turned blank.

How come no one ever told her that the young master of the Blood Fiend Alliance was actually a woman dressed as a man! This pitiful plot, what the hell!

Wei Junlan also couldn’t help but roll her eyes, how can there be such a person, IQ is so low isn’t an issue but even the emotional quotient is also low, she whispered, “Let Li Yunan see you and I together then he will give up, why don’t we add a little more fierce material?”

Dongfang Minghui had a bad feeling, she shook her head and said, “That’s not a good idea.”

Not good at all, if Seventh sister knew that she was pretending to be a couple with someone, she would probably be angry, very, very angry.

“Li Yunan is watching, the only way to make him give up is if you kiss me, or I kiss you, so that he can see clearly that you are already pleased with me then he’ll give up. “Wei Junlan proposed and her face also came closer.

Seeing that her face was closer and closer, Dongfang Minghui thrust Wei Junlan with a flying needle and pushed her away in a flash while the other party was wincing in pain.

“Kiss your head!”

“Wow, your concealed weapon is so fierce.” Wei Junlan did not expect the other party to react so greatly, just a kiss is actually no big deal, it was the same as a greeting abroad in their previous world.

Dongfang Minghui’s face turned black, this Wei Junlan was his head alright? She stomped her foot on the spot and took out several plum nails in her hand and raised them in front of Wei Junlan, “Wei Junlan, I’m warning you, next time you do this, I’ll be unkind to you.”

“Wei Junlan?”

A sudden voice woke up the three people present.

Qian Wanyu’s long whip was already rolled up in her hand, she walked out of the forest, step by step, with a gloomy look.

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes involuntarily shrank a little, her heart missed a few beats, she felt Seventh sister at the moment was very unhappy, there seemed to be a murderous aura around her. Was it from seeing Wei Junlan and her just now?

Wait the other point is where did she come from!?

“Seventh sister.”

“Wei Junlan is the young master of Blood Fiend Alliance, how did he get acquainted with your Ninth Sister?” Qing Mo couldn’t help but question.

Qian Wanyu waved her long whip, “This question, I will ask Ninth Sister properly after I finish cleaning up Wei Junlan.”

Qing Mo wisely kept silent, a jealous woman was quite scary in some ways.

“Young Master Wei, we finally meet.” From the White Moon Empire’s Blood Fiend Alliance branch to the Royal Academy, this person’s still really like a shadowy spirit, really annoying!

Wei Junlan felt a hostile intent making her surprised that Qian Wanyu was actually here, he looked at Dongfang Minghui with a questioning meaning in her eyes.

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes flickered. She did not know when Seventh sister came, no, now the important thing is Seventh sister how much did she see, if Seventh sister saw everything… Oh, God, she stroked her forehead and had an urge to go and hit the wall herself.

Qian Wanyu saw the eye contact between the two and the displeasure in her heart was even greater.

“Qian Wanyu, this is probably the first time we’ve met?”

Wei Junlan had a few moments of uncertainty in her heart now, the heroine seemed to have a great deal of hostility towards her…

“I wanted to talk to Young Master Wei before, but never found the opportunity, really rumours aren’t as good as seeing myself, why don’t I ask Young Master Wei for advice on your skills today.” Qian Wanyu was first courteous then just after greeting, swung her Water Thunder Whip towards him.


Wei Junlan did not expect the other party to strike so quickly, she dodged several times but did not dare to fight. She was deeply afraid of starting a battle with the heroine and becoming an enemy, this would be a massive detraction from the plot ah!

“Wei Junlan are you still a man?” Qian Wanyu saw that the other party was only defending but not attacking, and tried to provoke the other party verbally.

Wei Junlan rolled her eyes, she’s a woman of course she’s not a man, so she can avoid fighting right?

Seeing Seventh sister freak out, according to the Female Protagonist’s usual character to not like to actively provoke others, today seemed different, she’d just ended her fight from the arena and now she was fighting again…

Just now she must have been seen by her, aiya thinking of Seventh sister’s habit of settling scores, she immediately couldn’t care about Wei Junlan, step by step trying to leave this terrible grove.

“Hey – hey hey.” Wei Junlan saw the other party running away and felt the world was so unjust!

Qian Wanyu also saw the other party’s small movements, but it does not matter, after cleaning up Wei junlan she can go back to clean her up, anyway, the monk cannot escape the temple, “Your opponent is me, look here.”


“Holy shit, Qian Wanyu you’re actually trying for real!” Wei Junlan’s beautiful clothes were blown apart by the other party, half of her hair was standing up from the lightning, she felt like she was going crazy.


Hearing a thunderbolt, Dongfang Minghui ran even faster, she simply did not dare to imagine Seventh sister holding Wei Junlan down on the ground for a fat beating, she foresaw Seventh sister’s own punishment for her when she returned later too…

Li Yunan easily followed behind the other side and watched her rush back to the pharmacy yard. Just now he saw very clearly that Qian Minghui was not at all kind to that Wei Junlan person and was completely one-sidedly beating him up.

So, who was the person who sent the letter? Why did he want to provoke the relationship between him and the Qian Family sisters?

Li Yunan stood outside the door of the pharmacy for some time, he decided, no matter what, he was joining the small team.

Just a few moments after she left, Dongfang Minghui watched from side to side for a while and left the academy in a hurry, turning five or six streets on the street to make sure that no person could appear behind her before she knocked on the door of a small courtyard.

“Little sister?”

“Yes, yes, let me in quickly.”

Dongfang Minghui was sweating profusely and slightly out of breath.

Lu Zi opened the door and afterwards opened another slit to look around, making sure no one was there before locking the door.

“Little sister, why are you in such a hurry, are there people chasing you?”

“It’s worse.”

She did not want to talk to Seventh sister when she was irrational, Seventh sister always likes to take action first and talk later, if she does not escape, she’d be meat on the chopping board!

A large number of small children saw her coming and gathered around.

Dongfang Minghui rested a little for a moment then coaxed the little children and went to greet the Thief Master.


The first thing Dongfang Minghui did was to open all the closed windows of the room, tidy up the table, took out the pills to remove smells from her space ring and put two on herself then crushed the other and sprinkled it on the floor.


Thief Master had heard from the apprentices and just rushed back from the practice field, as soon as he returned he found his house was organized and looked much neater, but his face slightly changed, “Who let you organise my room, you cleaned up my table too?! Where did all the things go?”

Suddenly being reprimanded by the other party, Dongfang Minghui was still a bit confused, she pointed to the floor where a pile of things she did not know about were lying, “All there.”

Luckily she didn’t throw them away, otherwise, it would be a sin.

The Thief Master nervously pushed his wheelchair to go over and check, really as the other person said it was all there, his gloomy expression slightly relaxed, “Go out, from now on without my orders you are not allowed to enter and leave my room at will, furthermore don’t move anything in the room.”

“Yes, Master.”

Dongfang Minghui put down the rag in her hand and gave it to him.

After going out, Lu Zi and the group of little kids stood in line one by one, seems like that they were listening to the wall.

“Little sister, master has a strange temper, don’t get angry.”

Xiao Mao went to her and hugged her thigh, “Little sister, you have to play with me.”

Every time she saw Xiao Mao, Dongfang Minghui felt like teasing him, she took the person in her hands and weighed him, “Xiao Mao have you gained weight recently?”

Xiao Mao puffed up his face, the expression on his little face was unusually serious, he frowned slightly, “Big Brother said I’m growing up, not fat.”

“Oh really.”

There are still people who make these excuses huh, Dongfang Minghui hugged him for a while before putting the person down and releasing Toothless from the space ring, “Xiao Mao, this is my Toothless, you can play with it for a while.”

A group of small kids saw Toothless and immediately diverted their attention from her.

Toothless came to an unfamiliar place and ran around happily, sniffing and sniffing with its nose, and after turning the whole place around and seeing nothing interesting, it lay down on the ground.

“Toothless, come on, play with us.”

Xiao Mao shouted several times, the other side was indifferent, he racked his brain the thought of a brilliant way, who knew where they found a piece of meat then tied it to a bamboo pole, Xiao Mao wiggled the bamboo pole with the meat to attract Toothless.

Toothless grew up drinking spirit liquid, its usual snacks were Dongfang Minghui’s specially selected expensive meat, it disdained to eat their low quality food and just turned its head to ignore Xiao Mao and the rest.

Dongfang Minghui wanted to laugh, she coughed dryly twice and ran aside. She made up her mind to stay here for a day or two, preferably for ten days or maybe eight months, until Seventh sister’s anger subsided, then all would be well.

“Little sister, master wants you to come over.”


Toothless saw her go, and also ran over with joy, circling around her feet several times and almost tripping.

Dongfang Minghui saw a group of small kids following behind her, picked up Toothless and discussed with it, “Just play with them for a while, and when I come out, I’ll let you go back to the space ring.”

Toothless pressed its paws on the palm of her hand, then crawled down her pants just like that, attracting the group of kids to follow it.

“It seems to be getting smarter and smarter.”

Qian Wanyu returned to the small courtyard and keenly sensed the other party’s absence.


She pulled the other party, “You’ve been staying inside the small courtyard, have you seen Minghui?”

“You mean Pharmacist Qian?”


Junyi thought for a moment, “Yes, but she went out again in a hurry.”

“Did she say where she was going?”

“No, but I saw that Pharmacist Qian looked panicked, I was standing here and she just walked away as if she didn’t see me, she looked a bit anxious.” Wei Junyi talked more.

From the other party’s words, Qian Wanyu could already imagine Ninth Sister’s reaction after she returned to the small courtyard, she definitely ran away.

After that, she looked for Yong Xing, and only with Yong Xing’s help did she learn that the other party had long since walked out of the Pharmacy, there was an overwhelming possibility that she was no longer in the academy. In the Snow Capital, Ninth Sister only knew a handful of people.

Either that Situ Hao or the Thief Master.

“Your Ninth Sister is so afraid she ran?” Qing Mo was about to die laughing, but he couldn’t show it.


Qian Wanyu’s face was as black as a pot, she went directly towards the path Minghui had taken before and recalled the rhythm as well as the action Ninth Sister did last time when she knocked on the door, she did it in a natural way.

“Who is it?” Lu Zi also felt surprised, there were quite a few people knocking on the door today.

“Looking for your Little Sister.”

Lu Zi heard a familiar voice before he looked to open the doorway and it turned out to be a familiar person, he remembered that when Little Sister introduced her, she said that this was her family and kept that in her mind.

“You have an appointment with Little Sister, right?”

Qian Wanyu nodded emotionlessly, “Yes, she’s playing hide and seek with me and I’m trying to find her…”

The last sentence was almost said through clenched teeth.

Lu Zi felt strange, he just seemed to hear the sound of teeth clashing, “Little sister is still inside master’s room, you need to wait for her outside.”

Having found her, Qian Wanyu was in no hurry. She followed and also saw Toothless surrounded by a group of little children, playing cheerfully.

She stood there with her arms around her chest, Toothless subconsciously glanced towards her, and once it saw her, he showed his sharp teeth which had a broken part. Seeing that made Qian Wanyu feel good.

Seemingly sensing the other party’s mocking intent, Toothless made more noise, scaring the group of small beans to the side.

“Ow ow ow.”

It called out several times in succession.

“Master, Toothless is screaming, I’ll go see what’s going on.”

Thief Master waved his hand, what he wanted to teach her about the essence of a thief today was also finished, the rest was depending on her own respective enlightenment.

Dongfang Minghui ran out unprepared and only ran a distance of three meters before she saw Qian Wanyu standing next to the stone pillar, she was frightened and could not move her footsteps.

“H-hey Seventh sister.”

Looking at the other side’s emotionless face, she moved backward step by step.

“Ninth Sister, stand still.”


Dongfang Minghui turned around and ran with her legs, very fast, probably the fastest she had ever run away.

Qian Wanyu was really angry with her, her water thunder whip was used to catch up to Dongfang Minghui and tie around her shoulder. Toothless ran from the side and also tried to use its half teeth to bite Qian Wanyu.

The result was a gentle kick to the side by her, then Toothless lay on the ground to play dead.

“Ah ah, Seventh sister, have mercy.”

Knowing that she couldn’t escape, Dongfang Minghui completely resigned herself to her fate, she hadn’t figured out how to explain to Seventh sister about Wei Junlan, she had a feeling that the more she explained, the more confusing it would be, and in the end she might have to give up.

“Little sister.”

A group of little kids gathered around, they were still confused about the situation when they saw the person who claimed to be Seventh sister last time tying up Minghui.

“Heh, it’s okay, my Seventh sister and I are messing around.”

Dongfang Minghui explained.

Qian Wanyu lightly patted her arse, “That so?”

Dongfang Minghui coughed dryly, “Say something to master, just say I’ll leave first.”

Aiya, caught back by Seventh sister, she’s going to be miserable.

“Little sister, Toothless can stay and play with me.” Xiao Mao still missed Toothless, seeing Dongfang Minghui leaving, his face was full of reluctance.

Toothless, who played dead, rolled on the ground and crawled upQian Wanyu’s legs into Dongfang Minghui’s space ring.

“Seventh sister, put me down, I’ll walk by myself.”

Being carried like a sack of rice on Qian Wanyu’s shoulders, the other party’s shoulders were particularly hard, and it felt painful.

Qian Wanyu did not say a word, still walking but the movement of the hand was much lighter.

Seeing that she was about to arrive at the academy, Dongfang Minghui pretended to be pitiful, “Seventh sister, we will be at the academy soon, please let me down. It’s not good to be seen by everyone.”

If she was tied up and brought back to the pharmacy like this, it was estimated that she and Seventh sister would once again become one of the topics of conversation among the new students, her chubby master would definitely make fun of her…

“I don’t care.”

Seventh sister’s jealously was really terrible, the other party didn’t care about hard and soft methods she thought of all, to the end, Dongfang Minghui hung her head and gave a pitiful sentence, “Seventh sister, I was wrong. ”

“Where were you wrong?”

As long as she admits her mistake, Seventh sister will talk to her properly.

Dongfang Minghui counted her mistakes and it was a great number, she had broken many taboos of Seventh sister, no wonder she was so angry, “I shouldn’t have hidden it from you when I went to see Wei Junlan.”


The other party answered extremely coldly.

“I shouldn’t have snuck away while you are fighting Wei Junlan.”

Qian Wanyu’s palm hit her buttocks heavily, and a loud “smack” sound was heard.

Dongfang Minghui buttocks felt hot pain before she realized that it was Seventh sister spanking, she shamefully said, “Seventh sister.”

“If I don’t punish you will you admit?” Qian Wanyu finished and slapped three more times, completely disregarding the location.

She wanted to cover her face and find a hole in the ground to lie in…

“Go on.”

Dongfang Minghui was in a difficult position, her buttocks had been beaten and she had admitted her mistake, what else did Seventh sister want her to say?


“Seventh sister.”

“Go on, say how you and Wei Junlan met and why you two met in such a remote grove.” She had never heard Ninth Sister mention Wei Junlan’s business since they had returned from Yundu City also they had accompanied each other all the time after that.

In the academy, she and Ninth Sister did not see each other often, but they knew each other’s whereabouts, there was only one place where she often went, the dean’s office.

Qian Wanyu really can’t figure out where Wei Junlan and Ninth Sister could have met.

“It was that time when I went to the Library to look for you, she followed me, and later I learned that she was Wei Junyi’s brother, and she said a lot of words to thanks me for taking care of her brother.” Dongfang Minghui confessed very quickly with half truths, “After that it was in the tournament arena, that day with senior brother Li? She sat right behind me and heard how I rejected senior brother Li, after that she told me that there was a way to make senior brother Li completely give up on me so she invited me to the grove.”

Qian Wanyu kept silent, no wonder she felt the presence of a fourth person in the grove…

“Seventh sister, it’s my mistake can you put me down?”

“Why did you run after that?”

Dongfang Minghui’s heart felt weak, isn’t it because she was afraid that Seventh sister would have a  misunderstanding or something if she saw her and Wei Junlan embracing together, in fact she was afraid that Seventh sister would be violent like last time, but she didn’t dare to say that, “Seventh sister, I found out that Wei Junlan is a woman.”


Qian Wanyu put the person down and asked with a grave face, “Seriously? How did you know?”

Dongfang Minghui’s face was full of difficulties. Her five fingers uncomfortable stretched several times, “J-hust before she and I were close, I accidentally hit her chest, but also saw her neck had no adam’s apple… and she did not deny. ”

She accidentally touched the other side’s chest, the result was Wei Junlan was a female disguised as a male. Not sure if they were female in their past life as well.

Qian Wanyu saw her head hanging low like she had done something wrong and withdrew her water thunder whip then said in a cold voice, “Let’s go.”


Once she got back her freedom, Dongfang Minghui’s whole person’s eyebrows fluttered and became much more animated, and she quietly followed behind Qian Wanyu, not daring to say anything more.

When Qian Wanyu released her, she was just a few steps away from reaching the pharmacy.

As soon as they returned to the courtyard, it was already dark and Wei Junyi was no longer there, Dongfang Minghui quietly wanted to go back to her room, facing the pressure of Seventh sister, she was a bit overwhelmed.

“Ninth Sister, you still haven’t told me why you slipped away.”

When she finished cleaning up Wei Junlan and returned to the small courtyard, she found that the person who should be there had actually slipped away. At that time, she was left with a crazy idea to break the other person’s legs so that she could not go anywhere and stay by her side for the rest of her life.

Dongfang Minghui walked and walked, twisted and twisted, twisted for a long time before walking in front of Qian Wanyu, “Seventh sister, are you still angry with me?”

Qian Wanyu’s eyes darkened slightly, raised her hand to hold the other party’s waist, brought her to his side, the other hand tenderly stroked her hair which had produced a leaf from Blue Star Dream, “Flowers to match a beauty.”

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes widened in horror, sure enough, Seventh sister saw everything!

Wei Junlan this bad person really… listening to her was nothing good.

“Seventh sister, listen to me, I can explain.”

“No need to explain, you only need to answer me which hand she used to touch you and where she touched you, hmm?”

Again this tone, as soon as Dongfang Minghui heard this, she could think of that night in Yundu City, Seventh sister had eaten her up so violently.

“Seventh sister.”

Dongfang Minghui immediately wrapped her hands around Seventh sister’s neck and brought herself closer to her, her eyes staring at the other side’s bottomless eyes, “Seventh sister, I like you, only you ok.”

The other people had nothing to do with her.

Qian Wanyu was stunned and the hand that caressed her waist lost a little strength.

Dongfang Minghui grinned, the meat on her waist was so soft being pinched by Seventh sister was painful ah.

“Seventh sister, what you saw in the small forest before was a misunderstanding, I just wanted to solve the matter of brother Li as soon as possible, so you won’t be bothered about it.”

“Say it again.”

Qian Wanyu’s hand drew her closer to herself a little bit, she likes this kind of intimate feeling, the corner of her mouth couldn’t help but come close to her until their foreheads were against each other, with a hint of pleading in her tone, “Ninth Sister, say it again.”


“I didn’t hear clearly what you just said, say it again, say it again, Seventh sister will not be angry.” Qian Wanyu couldn’t help but beg again, what Ninth Sister said just now gave her a particularly unreal feeling, all along she thought she had tied this person to her side by wishful thinking and held her by force.

However, now it seemed different.

Qian Wanyu forehead rested on her with a satisfied smile.

Dongfang Minghui swallowed and said softly with a red face, “Seventh sister, I like you, just you alone, and you are not allowed to like anyone else as well…OK?”


The two of them were so close that their foreheads were against each other, and when Qian Wanyu jerked her head up, her lips brushed against the corner of the other’s lips, kissing her cheek.

Feeling the soft touch on her face, Dongfang Minghui’s heart thumped like a deer in the headlights, her fists clenched, there was some fear and some anticipation of what would happen next, Qian Wanyu stroked her face, she felt more and more that the skin of this face was more and more soft to the touch, she gently rubbed and it would leave some little red marks. If she left some marks on her face that could declare Ninth Sister as her’s how good would that be?

Wanting to act immediately, Qian Wanyu sucked and licked, using all the skills she knew on her face.

“Seventh sister, don’t bite my face!”

Dongfang Minghui shivered, she never thought that one day there would be such a person who actually wanted to leave some hickeys on her face, how can she meet people tomorrow?

“Okay, no biting.” Qian Wanyu’s voice trembled a little, she couldn’t control it, she buried her head right at the other person’s neck and sucked on it, until she sucked out a hickey.

This is what her Ninth Sister taught her as well…

“Seventh sister, don’t do that, we’re still outside.”

As open as the people of the Seven Colored Continent were, they didn’t seem to be so open that two people of the same gender could be together. At least she hadn’t seen people of the same sex walking together openly.

The Li Qin incident was a complete accident.

Dongfang Minghui was already a little nervous, especially when she was doing this and that with Seventh sister, her eyes darted around and suddenly found a shadow standing outside the entrance of the small courtyard, she immediately shivered and whispered, “Seventh sister, someone’s there!”

Qian Wanyu raised her head from her collarbone and looked out of the small courtyard with a murderous look on her face.

Just as she shouted out that someone was there, a black shadow swept past and disappeared in front of them.

“You go back to the house first.”

Dongfang Minghui nodded, she was a little weak in the legs, after watching Seventh sister go after the figure, she sat down on the ground, completely frightened, they were actually seen, if this person directly said it outside, Seventh sister’s image in the outside world image would be ruined.

She sat on the ground and for the first time seriously considered how she and Seventh sister should go in the future, if Seventh sister and her were together, they’d have to give up a lot of powerful figures. If one day, Seventh sister ‘s Dark Spiritual Master’s identity is exposed, who can protect her all around?

The more she thought about it, the more frustrated she was. She suddenly realized that she had nothing, the small Dongfang family was nothing in front of the world’s forces, just a small flick would destroy it completely.

Qian Wanyu lost the person halfway and afterwards, fearing that the other party was playing a diversionary tactic hurried back again, only to find that the lights in the room were not on.

“Ninth Sister.”


Dongfang Minghui didn’t light the lamp, she was so focused before that she completely forgot the way to go after, the more she thought about it, the more she didn’t know what to do.

“Why are you sitting on the ground?”

Qian Wanyu’s eyesight was very good and she could see clearly, she could also see Ninth Sister’s frustrated look in the darkness, “You are worried about what just happened?”

Dongfang Minghui shook her head, and then nodded, in fact, she did not care about that but it was related, “Seventh sister, what if one day you find out that I’m dragging you down? ”

Qian Wanyu fiercely pinched the other party’s face, “Even if you are, I am used to it anyway.”


Why did she feel that this was somehow wrong, what do you mean used to it! Dongfang Minghui sadly glared at the other party, “Used to it what does it mean?”

Qian Wanyu laughed but did not say anything, she pulled her up from the ground, “Alright, sleep well, these things are not something you should worry about.”

Even though she said so, Dongfang Minghui still frowned, even when she was sleeping, she suddenly felt that what Wei Junlan said was not without reason, how could this issue be solved?

Qian Wanyu squatted down and gently smoothed out the other party’s furrowed brow, waiting for the other party’s breathing to settle down before she exited the room and closed the door behind her.

“Qing Mo, just now I found this.”

Qian Wanyu’s hand suddenly had something extra, a corner of a jade pendant, she went back to her room and took out a jade pendant that had long gathered dust in her space, a piece of jade pendant she had once had as the seventh young lady of the Dongfang family.

The material of the corner of the jade pendant she found was exactly the same as her own, most importantly, even the words engraved on it were the same, two words on the front of the jade pendant – Dongfang.

The writing on the back of her jade pendant was blurred, and ever since she knew she was not a member of the Dongfang family, this jade pendant was thrown away in the corner of her space ring.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she happened to pick up such a similar piece today, she wouldn’t have been able to recall the memories of her past.

“The one just now is from the Dongfang family.”

“It is not possible that it’s a corner of your Ninth Sister’s jade pendant as well, did you not say that the children of your family will have this sort of jade that represents their identity, the front side had Dongfang and the back had the name.” Qing Mo asked curiously, “Look at the back of that to see if there are still words.”

The back of the jade pendant had been worn rather badly, the two words that represent the name should still on the jade pendant, but not on this corner piece.

“Why didn’t you mention the Dongfang family just now?”

Qian Wanyu sighed and shook her head, the two words of Dongfang were taboo for her, well Ninth Sister only mentioned it once, and after that never mentioned anything like going home again, even the second wife Qin seemed to have disappeared from the other side’s mind.

She was worried that Ninth Sister would not be able to bear the pain of losing her loved ones, so it was good to let her be carefree by her side and not have any worries.

“Are there survivors of the Dongfang family?”

Looking at the corner of the jade pendant in her hand, Qian Wanyu was puzzled, Li Jing brought back the news that the Dongfang family was destroyed and the second lady was missing that’s all, how can there be survivors. If it is really the people of the Dongfang family coming to see Ninth Sister they would not hide in the dark, sneaking around listening in a corner, obviously, this person was up to no good.

“If your information network couldn’t find this person, it means that the other party is hiding very deep. The other party even came directly to the small courtyard within the pharmacy, it is clear that this person has inquired about you and your family’s Ninth Sister, be careful.”

“I won’t let him hurt Ninth Sister…”

The next day, the two had just walked out of the pharmacy courtyard when they ran into Li Yunan.

“Senior Brother Li.”

Dongfang Minghui was slightly embarrassed, after all, that image yesterday was so shameful that she couldn’t bear to spit, and the person who started it all did not show up.

Li Yunan, however acted as if nothing had happened, he smiled tenderly at Qian Minghui, and then said, “I think we need to recruit a few more people for our team, the academy will have a task soon


Dongfang Minghui was a bit confused, there should still be some time before the Seventh sister’s small team goes out for training, it shouldn’t be so rushed right?

“Something has happened in the outside world, I wonder if you guys have heard the whispers?”

Dongfang Minghui looked at Seventh sister, the other party shook her head, she asked curiously, “Senior Brother Li, did something big happen?”

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