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MIWW Chapter 70 Part 1

Located at the border of the two empires was a dense forest. The level of monsters in it wasn’t very high, but the numbers were many.  The students of both empires’ college occasionally went hunting for magical beasts to obtain magic cores so that they can successfully advance.

This day a small team of six people came to hunt magical beasts, they hunted a group of lower-level magical beasts in the outermost part of the forest, the six people worked very well together, the leader was a Thunder Spiritual Master, the remaining five people were wind, water, fire, earth and light.

Light Spiritual Master’s have always been relatively weak, but a group comprised of them in teams was essential, they could play the role of support as well as information.

“Sister Hao, today’s harvest is good, why don’t we continue to walk inside, maybe we can encounter some third level wind magic beasts.”

The woman known as Sister Hao was the leader of their small group, she divided the energy cores of the magical beasts collected along the way, most of them were earth and fire and water, the wind types they didn’t have a single one same for the light type, but the light type magical beasts were always few in number anyway. As a seventh-level wind Spiritual Master Zhao Lei wanted to collect more for his own advancement, his family was too poor to buy those medicinal plants and spiritual liquid so cultivation was slower.

Sister Hao saw that it was still early and nodded, “Then we’ll go inside, if you can meet a wind type beast, we will all help, if not, you can only stop. When it gets dark, this forest will be more dangerous.”


Everyone expressed no opinion, after resting for a moment, the six people began to rush again.

They went a long way deeper inside, but they didn’t meet a wind magic beast, not to mention that they did not even see half a magic beast’s shadow.


Hao Xiu felt that something was wrong, “Since there are no magical beasts in this place, let’s forget about it today and come back another day to hunt magical beasts.”

“Sister Hao, it’s still early, why don’t we continue to go a little deeper inside.”

“That’s right.”

“Sister Hao, just go in a little bit more.”

Three or four people crowded around Hao Xiu, as the light spiritual master Li Yang gently sniffed, he seems to have smelled a strange smell, “Do you guys smell something rotten?”


Hao Xiu was the first to hear his words, she told everyone to stop, released her spiritual power and felt it.

“Sister Hao, look.”

From the depths of the forest, one, two, three …… people walked out in the blink of an eye, then more came until a dozen people had appeared. All of them with dull eyes, still wearing the clothes of Zilang Academy, some also looked as if they were from Sheng Ling Academy.

This group of people approached them without any consciousness and surrounded the six of them in a matter of moments.

“Sister Hao, look at the one behind isn’t that our senior sister Ting?”

Mu Ting was a senior sister a year above them, she was less famous in Zilang Academy but was an inspirational representative of the commoners, pretty and good-tempered, diligent and hard-working, a cultivation fanatic she would often disappear to train. They hadn’t seen her for almost a month or so, and they all thought she had gone out on a mission, they didn’t expect to meet here.

“Senior Sister Mu.” The water spiritual master Ruo Bing still foolishly went forward to greet her but was grabbed by Hao Xiu, facing this group of strange people, she had a creepy feeling, “Don’t go near, don’t you notice that their eyes are all weird?”

“Yeah, they have a stink on them.” The light spiritual master Li Yang directly used his skills and shone light on them.

As soon as the people around them came in contact with the light system, there was a great decay on their faces, even the skin on some of them fell off exposing the bone underneath which scared all six people silly.

“Ahhhhh, look at senior sister Mu Ting.”

Mu Ting’s beautiful face seemed to be melting, revealing patchy traces of skin, as if all of a sudden from a young teenager to an elderly corpse, Hao Xiu immediately shouted, “Everyone what are you standing around for still!? Run ah!”


“That’s about what happened.” Li Yunan told the story of what happened.

Dongfang Minghui bit her thin lips, her face was slightly complicated, this was something that was meant to happen a few years later, how have things advanced so much. She was happy to have the time and preparation to deal with these things in the future but now she found that the plot was progressing in an unexpected direction.

Sometimes it’s not good to be happy too early.

“Thanks for the reminder, senior brother Li.”

Qian Wanyu facing this love rival her attitude was very frank, instead, she suddenly asked, “Brother Li do you have any good opinion for other members of the team?”

“Since the team is led by you, I have no opinion.”


Dongfang Minghui looked at the two of them talk, most likely they’d find a suitable group of trainees, their current team of two lightning Spiritual Masters was a strong offensive team, however, she was a support, at most she could carry some things as well, her combat power was negative. Finding more people was ideal for a balanced team.

“Where are you guys going?”

“Ninth Sister suddenly likes the gravity crush exercise program, while there is still time, I plan to accompany her.”

“Right, is there anything else Brother Li?”

She thought about it painfully and decided that there didn’t seem to be much she could do for Seventh sister other than making herself stronger, she just didn’t want to hold Seventh sister back during her future adventures.

Li Yunan thought about it but did not say he would go along, he shook his head.

The three of them went their separate ways, Dongfang Minghui took the initiative to hold Qian Wanyu’s hand, “Seventh sister, do you have any ideas on the group?”

Qian Wanyu was surprised to look at the hands that held her own since yesterday she knew Ninth Sister’s heart, she has never been as relaxed as now, she squeezed her fingers, “I don’t know yet but in terms of today’s events, I think our team needs a Light Spiritual Master. ”

As soon as she heard the Light Spiritual Master, the image that automatically generated in her mind was Situ Hao, she immediately shook her head, “Seventh sister, aren’t you worried?”

Qian Wanyu understood her words, she smiled frankly, “People who truly accept me will accept me unconditionally, just like you.”

Dongfang Minghui frowned, if Seventh sister knew that this trust of hers was from her having seen the original plot… she could hardly imagine Seventh sister’s reaction.

“Seventh sister, let’s reconsider.”


Ever since the last time she had told the dean that she was going out to look for medicinal plants, Situ Hongying had kept this in mind, he had even summoned her into his office on purpose.

“Situ Hao, what are you doing here?”

Dongfang Minghui had just thought of this person a few days ago, and he turned up.

Situ Hao came up to her with a playful smile on his face, looked her up and down, and said, “I didn’t believe the old man when he told me that he had taken you as his disciple.

From a small medicine gardener to the direct disciple of the dean of the pharmacy, this honor was simply the envy of others.

Dongfang Minghui glanced at him fiercely, she hadn’t seen him for a while but Situ Hao was still as crass as ever, “Have you not been to see Blue Star Dream recently?”

Situ Hao touched his nose, “When I went to see him last time, he was staying in the courtyard, but anyway let’s not talk about that how about we talk about you?”


The chubby old man just watched the two of them bickering, the more he looked the better he felt smiling and not talking.

Situ Hao nodded, “Yeah, have you ever thought about how to repay me?”

Dongfang Minghui suddenly realized, this guy was playing this trick, she smiled then followed up, “How do you want me to repay you for your kindness?”

“Just give him your body.” Situ Hongying suddenly said and the two people were really shocked.

Situ Hao immediately retreated and stood at a distance farthest away from Dongfang Minghui, frowning and shaking his head, “I don’t like a body as dried up as hers.”

The other party’s rejection was a happy thing, but hearing the other party call her body dried up, Dongfang Minghui felt angry, she proudly held up her chest and crossed her arms on her waist, this body’s age was only eighteen years old but very well developed, at least it seemed to fit many of her own ideal standards.

“People like you who are always two faced are not my type.”

Dongfang Minghui glanced at the other party with a disgusted look.

Situ Hongying laughed out loud, in his opinion these two were clearly a happy couple, as soon as they met, they quarreled non-stop, even his place seemed to be noisy, if they kept it up maybe they’d grow some feelings heh, “You two do not quarrel, this time I made you come for the matter of Qian girl going out for training. ”

“Old man, you’re not going to ask me to protect her again, right?”

Having experienced the trip to Death Valley, Situ Hao could guess what Situ Hongying was going to say next.

“Master, it can’t be.”

Dongfang Minghui also let out a shocked cry, the reason why she did not consider Situ Hao was completely because the other side of the Light Spiritual Master. This has always been the opposite of the Dark Spiritual Master, it could be said to be an eternal battle of light and darkness, if Situ Hao found out Seventh sister’s situation, it would be bad.

Seeing the two of them with a tangled expression, Situ Hongying’s eyes narrowed into a line with a smile, the two kids seemed to have quite a tacit understanding, “Regarding the rumors of the living dead, I don’t know how much you both know.”

Speaking of which, Dongfang Minghui somehow remembered the strange man she had met twice.

Situ Hao frowned, “There are rumors that there are already infected trainees from Zilang Academy, also this kind of thing is still spreading, but it is not known how serious it is.”

This gossip was similar to what Li Yunan said two days ago. The outside world has had such a terrible thing happen, no wonder the academy was anxious to form groups of students.

Situ Hongying nodded, “I’ve just got the latest news, this strange poison has spread to the civilians of the Purple Jade Empire, so far an entire village of people have been infected, the situation is very urgent.”

According to the time and speed, it seems unusual for it to spread so fast.

“So this time, I asked you to come, mainly to ask you what you plan to do.”

“Master, although this matter has spread from the Zilang Academy and is currently found within the Purple Jade Empire, as a pharmacist, it is important for me to go to the source of the disease to find out the method of suppression.” Dongfang Minghui sighed, if the plot has another accidental thing like that poisonous medicine, she’d be really anxious.

Situ Hongying jerked his beard in approval, “Worthy of being this old man’s disciple, Hao’er, how do you feel about this?”

The other side nodded sternly, but also had a look of righteousness, if he said the ‘no’ word wasn’t that admitting weakness? That little girl who couldn’t even get into the Royal Academy at the start has grown so much in just two years.

Situ Hao emotionally said, “Old man, I’ll promise you alright?”


“Qian girl, this journey he will not only protect your safety you can also let him fight for you.”

Situ Hao heard these words and wanted to run into a wall. His heart couldn’t help but wail twice, this is absolutely a black-hearted old man ah.

Dongfang Minghui wanted to laugh but was forced to hold back and nodded, “Master, I know.”

Coming out of the dean’s office, Dongfang Minghui followed a small attendant. Situ Hao shook his head and sighed, “When are you going to leave?”

“In half a month.”

She had to finish the experiments she hadn’t yet done, determine what the cause of the last mistake was, and make a large batch of pills, just in case. Regarding Situ Hao, she also needed to discuss with Seventh sister.

“I’m free today, let’s go to your place first, I’ll go see Blue Star Dream as well.”

As soon as she returned to the courtyard, Dongfang Minghui winked at Wei Junyi signaling that the other party could go.

Wei Junyi glanced towards Situ Hao and found that the other party was also sizing himself up, and immediately hung his head and left.

“I didn’t expect that after not coming for some time, this little courtyard of yours seems to be getting better and better, now you have even hired a medicine gardener to help look after the courtyard?” Situ Hao had come several times, and it was Yong Xing who led the way. Every time he came, the small courtyard was empty besides Blue Star Dream, there were only a few ordinary medicinal plants.

As soon as Wei Junyi left, Blue Star Dream seemed to have been released from a spell as all the thorny branches on the wall whooshed and shrank back, dancing towards Dongfang Minghui and Situ Hao respectively, it intimately rolled their wrists with the thorny branches, pulling them closer and closer.

“Blue Star Dream, it’s not easy for him to come to accompany you, so keep him company.”

Dongfang Minghui gently patted its thorny branches, and Blue Star Dream obediently retracted all the branches curled around Dongfang Minghui.

“I’ll go back to my room to prepare some things, you keep Blue Star Dream company.”

Situ Hao’s face was a little stiff, before Blue Star Dream was also enthusiastic, but it never shook its branches and curled people up like this, at most it’d shake a little and drop some leaves and so on, now the other side’s branches have surrounded by him.

This enthusiasm… it made him a bit overwhelmed.

Dongfang Minghui felt a little bad, she used her mind to communicate with Blue Star Dream and told it Situ Hao missed it too much, so it should get close to him as well, now seeing Situ Hao’s face, she was about to laugh until her stomach ached.

Dare to say that her body was dried up hmph you have to pay the price.

Back in the room, she read through all the previous notes, plus Seventh sister’s reminder, she subconsciously ground up some of Little Colour’s vine juice and Love Flower’s leaf juice together with Lucky’s leaf juice as well as the liquid of the pig fairy grass. These were all reorganized separately, she tested how compatible they were by dropping some of each into a porcelain vase and soon she found that Little Colour and pig fairy’s grass juice was compatible.

She poured the entire porcelain bottle of the juice all into the space contaminated by the black medicine, and the black mist was swallowed up without a trace by the juice after some tossing and turning as she had hoped.

“So that’s how it is.”

The vine branch given to her by Seventh sister must have somehow been tainted with the grass juice of the pig fairy grass to have the function of destroying the black mist, but why?

She collected all the juice that had swallowed the black mist in the space ring, intending to make pills for next time and give Seventh sister a few of them.

After that she had done an experiment and crushed some of the pig tail of the pig fairy grass into juice, she took a little juice out of the poisonous plant and after it turned into black fog, poured the pig tail juice into it, the black fog was not affected at all, scurrying around in the porcelain vase, trying to escape.

“Little Colour and Pig Fairy Grass.”

She was thinking about a serious matter, Little Colour had been muttering about finding a furnace, and Pig Fairy Grass was just perfect for its appetite, it seemed like a good choice if the two were kept together.

Qian Wanyu came back with Mu Sheng, and upon her return, she found that there was an additional person in the small courtyard and that person she knew about.

“Situ Hao.”

Death Valley, the other party’s light-based healing left a deep impression on her, this person appeared here now so she knew the reason with a slight thought.

“Qian girl, long time no see.”

Situ Hao dared to joke with Qian Minghui, but once he met Qian Wanyu, he did not dare to say any perverted jokes, especially after experiencing the Death Valley, he was more respectful of Qian Wanyu, even with a cliff that high, the other party could actually carry him and move around then take Dongfang Minghui to climb up again. This courage, very humans had it. He had nothing else to say about her but admiration.

“Where is Ninth Sister, why is she not here?”

Situ Hao pointed to the room, “She should be packing up her things or preparing something.”

He then pointed to Mu Sheng, “Little brother, how did you get hurt so badly, do you want me to treat you?”

Mu Sheng was stunned, then shook his head, “No, thanks.”

“This is Mu Sheng.”

“I’m Situ Hao.”

“I’ll go in first and check on Ninth Sister, you two talk first.”

As soon as Qian Wanyu left, Situ Hao returned to his true nature, and he swaggeringly approached him, “Hey, Mu Sheng, why are you hurt like this, you were beaten up, right?”

Mu Sheng took a look at him then nodded, “Yes.”

He immediately gossiped, “Tsk, look at the injury on your face, it won’t heal for a few days. What exactly did you do to deserve such a beating?”

Mu Sheng opened his mouth but it was so painful that he did not want to answer this person’s words. He didn’t do anything wrong, he just wanted to join Sister Wanyu’s small team so that they could train together in the future, so he went to challenge her.

As a result, he was severely abused in the arena.

Situ Hao rattled off a lot of words, only to find that the other party turned his head away and ignored him, he went back in front of him, “Seeing that you are injured like this and can’t even speak, I’ll be a good guy and treat you.”

“Did you find out the cause?”

Dongfang Minghui nodded, she took all the experiment results and showed it to her, Qian Wanyu looked over each one seriously then said, “Since your magic plant and that pig fairy grass are so compatible, just let them stay together.”


Is this Seventh sister’s implying for them to sleep together!?

“Yes, yes, yes.”

Little Colour immediately rolled out from her soul sea the moment it heard that, the fat doll rolled on the ground, sitting on the ground nodding one after another, the vine on its head wiggled and its eyes were blinking and looking at her expectantly.

Dongfang Minghui didn’t know if to laugh or cry, Seventh sister agreed as well. Is this really good?

“It’s useless for you guys to say yes, shouldn’t we ask the opinion of the Pig Fairy Grass first?”

Once they heard about the pig fairy grass, Love Flower and Lucky also ran out to join in the fun, Toothless was not far behind, in the blink of an eye, the room turned lively.

Qian Wanyu was sitting next to her, her hand couldn’t help but caress her waist and encircle her dominantly, watching the group of medicinal plants tossing and turning in the room, although she couldn’t hear them, she saw Ninth Sister’s face making some rich expressions from time to time reacting to their words.

“Little Colour, do you know the meaning of a furnace?”

Every time she heard Little Colour talk about it, she always felt it had a meaning similar to treating the other party as a sex slave.

Little Colour tilted its head for a moment, pointing at Love Flower and Lucky, “It means to be just like them.”

Love Flower and Lucky were currently entwined and very calm.

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