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MIWW Chapter 73 Part 1

“Can’t you satisfy the wish of a dying man?”

Dongfang Minghui didn’t know what to do, she stepped towards him and reached out her hand to take that ring but felt that something was not quite right so she immediately retracted it.

The person was infected by the undead and they couldn’t help. What’s more, this information was the valuable information he got after observing his own companions being infected, something precious, how could she take it for herself.

“Little girl, do you know how painful it was for me after I was infected? Everyday the wound is burning to an unbearable point, as if there are millions of ants crawling in and out on top of that there is a craving inside me constantly wanting to devour raw flesh, I do not want to live like this anymore. Help me and relieve me from this.”

“Ninth Sister, since it’s his last wish before dying, you should take the ring.” Qian Wanyu suddenly said, as she spoke, her feet moved two steps and stood in a place not far from Dongfang Minghui near the kid who was tied up, the three of them were in a triangular position.


Since Seventh sister said so, she reluctantly extended her hand.

The sudden change happened in an instant, as she hesitantly stretched out her hand, just when she was about to touch the ring, the other person’s tied hand suddenly turned upward, five fingers turned into claws raised upward and tried to grab the her hand.

The nails on his hands were also black and it could be seen there were scraps of flesh and other nasty things on it.

The rope that bound him had somehow loosened, and his whole face turned fierce as he lunged towards Dongfang Minghui.


The kid who was on the ground took the opportunity to pounce on Dongfang Minghui’s back as well.

What the fuck!

Dongfang Minghui felt really stupid, these people were infected by the undead virus, it could be told at a glance that they were up to no good, just now just from that sob story she actually felt touched to the point of snot and tears falling out and now they were both attacking her…

“You guys are really bold…”

She can’t tolerate it anymore, no need to tolerate it anyway.

Dongfang Minghui’s flying needles and plum blossom nails flew out and at the same time, Little Colour’s vines instantly wrapped the brat and tied him up then repeatedly and viciously slammed him to the ground over and over until the brat became unconscious and laid down like a corpse.

Qian Wanyu’s water thunder whip was also prepared, she just wanted to see what tricks the other side would play, it turns out they wanted to want to hold Ninth Sister hostage, hmph really thinking she’d be a soft persimmon to pinch, he probably only thought of Ninth Sister as a pharmacist but didn’t think she was also a Great Spiritualist, this persimmon was not so easy to pinch.

“Ninth Sister don’t kill him.”

Qian Wanyu’s water thunder whip tied the person in a knot.

Dongfang Minghui obediently put away her plum blossom nails, all the flying needles in her hands were instead inserted into his chest.

“You-” He pointed at Dongfang Minghui incredulously, then looked at the flying needles embedded in his chest then poof, fell to the ground, it seems he fainted.

“So useless.” She kicked him hard a few times, if not for someone pulling her back she wanted to stomp him to death, how dare he try to win her sympathy, and make up such a touching story then suddenly attack her she definitely can’t forgive him.

“Seventh sister, how did you know he had a problem?” Dongfang Minghui asked with a displeased face.

“I told you, where in the world would there be any stupid person that would personally test the drugs with their own body even me with my benevolent heart also wanted to run for my life seeing the undead.” Situ Hao blew his own horn on the side but he did say one thing right, normal pharmacists, even when they were refining something for themselves unless they were extremely certain they would never try random drugs themselves.

“Huh, the story is fake?” Mu Sheng couldn’t believe it.

“Didn’t the Minghui just ask him a question before he told the story?” No matter what the reason was anyway, feeding a living person to the undead wasn’t something someone that had any kindness would do.

So when the other party told his story, he just listened in and didn’t take it seriously at all.

Dongfang Minghui nodded, the other party told the story just to stall for time trying to control the mood of the room but only she and Mu Sheng fell for it…

“Seventh sister, what do we do now?”

Qian Wanyu took off the person’s ring and easily erased the other person’s soul mark, then held it in front of everyone’s eyes and waved it around, “This ring goes to Minghui, everyone should have no problem right?”

“No issue.”

Situ Hao didn’t care, Bai Rou was indifferent, Mu Sheng was of course fine with it since he knew nothing about potions and pills, Li Yunan was of course going to be fine with it,

Everyone was fine with it, so Qian Wanyu tossed the ring to Dongfang Minghui, “Since he said he would give you the ring before, Ninth Sister, it’s yours now.”

“Un.” Dongfang Minghui looked at the crowd and simply said, “Why don’t we see what’s inside first, and then we’ll all split it equally.”

Without waiting for them to respond, she dripped a drop of blood towards it and moved out all the things inside the space ring and spread them out. Before she was not able to accept it, but now after learning what the other party was trying to do it was easier to accept.

“This should be the things he refined.”

She laid all the potions and pills aside, as well as some formation scrolls and such, she looked through them, this person really did have some records of the undead, she raised the book in her hand, “This one goes to me, the rest, Seventh sister you  can distribute it equally.”

Everyone was being generous, but she can’t be too greedy.


She divided the things and each person got a few bottles of potions, they were marked with the name and efficacy, scrolls and formations were taken by Qian Wanyu since she didn’t want any potions.

Dongfang Minghui stood aside, frowning to herself as she read the diary. This diary did indeed record some of the things that happened after they came to the village, so that story up to that point just now seems to be true, but the things that happened after were not recorded.

“Wait a minute.” Qian Wanyu suddenly raised her hand, “Did you hear anything?”

Dongfang Minghui released her spiritual power, her ears clearly heard the sound of groaning and whimpering. She listened carefully again and found that the sound seemed to be getting closer and closer, “Strange, why do I seem to hear the voices of the undead?”

“It can’t be that someone has let them out…?” Li Yunan frowned.

The few people looked at each other and finally put their eyes together on the brat lying on the ground, there used to be four brats but now there was only one. It wasn’t difficult to imagine who had let the undead out.

Bai Ruo unceremoniously picked up the brat, “There’s still one, what to do?”

The one lying on the ground was currently knocked out by Dongfang Minghui’s flying needles and Little Colour’s floor slamming from before.

“The poison on my flying needles changes according to the person’s constitution he shouldn’t be able to wake up for now.” After being zapped with a few needles he’d remained collapsed and couldn’t resist. Dongfang Minghui was still slightly suspicious though, “Could he possibly be acting to fool us?”

“It’s possible, just bring him together.”

Little Colour’s vines simply dragged the person on the ground all the way out.

“So many undead, should we just kill them?” Li Yunan’s insistence all along was to kill all the infected people so that more people could be prevented from being infected, if the number of undead became larger and larger, it would be difficult for even them to exterminate all of them.

“Mmm” Qian Wanyu nodded, to subdue them was more difficult, they felt no pain so spiritual power hitting them was like attacking a ball of cotton, she reminded, “Do not be scratched by the undead, it’s too easy to be infected.”

She tied the kid and the infected pharmacist to two large trees.

Situ Hao threw a light ball towards them, the dazzling light spilled down from mid-air, the sight of the undead were probably affected by the light so all of them stopped in place for a while and did not move.

“What are you all looking at me for? Go on.” Situ Hao furiously said, this skill drained at least half of his spiritual power, he spoke at the same time and took out some spiritual liquid from his space ring to drink to replenish himself, he’d probably recovered seventy-five percent like this.

Bai Rou as a warrior and Spiritual Master was powerful on the battlefield, she preferred to carry a large sword to kill the enemies. No, now it was killing the undead.

“Hey, what about me!” Situ Hao was about to kneel down to Li Yunan this kind brother, who had just barged into the pile of undead with a wave of his fan in a dignified manner, abandoning him, the supporting Spiritual Master without any warning at all.

The undead immediately pounced on him from both sides.

This scene was very amusing, just seeing the undead chasing Situ Hao everywhere, Bai Rou sneered, after solving a few around her she took a few steps to Situ Hao’s front, swinging her large sword she split the undead coming at him in two halves.

“Do you want to use another big technique?” Bai Rou snickered.

“Watch your back.”

Bai Rou didn’t even turn her head back as she flung an ice skill directly towards her back, freezing the undead’s feet in place along with his hands, she turned around and slashed the undead man’s head directly.

“Ouch.” Mu Sheng was having a bit of trouble dealing with them and was accidentally smashed by a head that flew across the field, almost coming face to face with the undead’s head. If Qian Wanyu hadn’t pulled him back he would have been the first person to be infected by kissing an undead……..

“Sister Wanyu, why are you here?”

Mu Sheng was slightly surprised, shouldn’t Wanyu be with Minghui? His eyes quickly scanned around and found that there was actually no Minghui.


Qian Wanyu kept an eye on the rest of the battlefield while also paying attention to Dongfang Minghui, who was hiding on a tree.

Situ Hao had Bai Rou to look after him so his situation was better than just being chased around by the undead. As for Li Yunan, he was not only a Thunder Spiritual Master but also a Great Spiritualist of Water, a dual Spiritual Master, he could use water to transform into various weapons, such as a longsword to kill the undead with ease.

Dongfang Minghui concealed her breath and waited patiently for the other three kids to appear. As expected, when the battle was heating up, one of the three who should be the youngest, bent down in the grass and waited for a moment, noticing that the people in the battlefield weren’t paying attention he snuck to the tree Dongfang Minghui was hiding on and tried using his long nails to cut the rope.

Another one then took this opportunity to cut the pharmacist’s rope, while the remaining one was actually looking out for danger.

This was a perfect subdivision of roles, if you talk about it to others no one would believe three kids had come up with this plan.

“Little Colour, it’s up to you.”

Little Colour lazily sat on the tree, this group of kids were not much of a challenge, but its vines still flew from the ground whoosh whoosh whoosh, in the blink of an eye, the three of them were caught by a large net of vines.

It retracted slightly, and the vines swept them off their feet, hanging them upside down.

“Bleh, they smell so bad.” Little Colour was not pleased so its vine branches danced right through the air, and along with it, the four people hanging upside down were flung around here and there.

Just as it was swinging up and down mischievously, a fire suddenly fell from the sky towards Dongfang Minghui and Little Colour, the flames were fast and had split into two strands by the time it reached them, attacking her and Little Colour respectively.

“Fuck, what kind of person dares to sneak attack me.”

Dongfang Minghui didn’t know if it was because her spiritual power was closer to the wood type, or for some other reason, she didn’t like fire in general. When the fire hit her, she leaned back and avoided it, but fell straight down from the tree, in mid-air, she released her spiritual power to stabilize herself and landed safely.


“A Spiritual Master bullying a few brats, what kind of skill is that.”

Without saying a word, the man released a fireball again and attacked Little Colour’s vine branch, which automatically burned up.

“Where did this crazy person come from!?” Little Colour was angry and retracted several vines, but the vines still wrapped up the four kids and as it dodged the flames it didn’t forget to give them all a good thrashing.

“Who are you? Come down!”

Qian Wanyu had noticed someone sneaking up on Ninth Sister, and after settling the undead around her, the Water Thunder Whip lashed out, the person dodged and quickly released five more fireballs, one after another, in the direction of her and Ninth Sister.

“Looking for death hpmh.”

Qian Wanyu’s water thunder whip flung out directly, spinning in the air and destroying three fireballs, the clash of lightning and fire created sparks shooting in all directions and causing a huge explosion in the sky, instantly drawing everyone’s attention.

The remaining two, Dongfang Minghui tried to break them with her flying needles, but the flying needles directly passed through the fireball, which flew at an unabated speed and was about to reach her.


Bai Ruo flew over with her big sword and cleaved in two directions. Her sword was coated with ice spiritual power so as she cleaved the flames were extinguished and annihilated.

“The rat who hides his head and tail, come out.”

Dongfang Minghui then saw her slash at the place where she felt some spiritual energy fluctuations, mid-air a person appeared under siege from both Qian Wanyu’s and Bai Rou’s attacks as he got exposed in front of the crowd.

The man was dressed in red, very bright red. He had his hands around his chest, defiantly saying, “What kind of skill is it for you to bully one person with more people.”

“Those who sneak in secret are not qualified to talk about others.” Dongfang Minghui was very upset, Little Colour’s vines were burned and she picked them up one by one and threw them back into her space ring, at least it can be used later as one of the excellent weapons against the black fog.

Qian Wanyu looked at her busy picking up the burnt vines and thought it was a bit funny, she summoned the others and looking him up and down said, “Sheng Ling College’s people.”

“And who are you people?” Geng Shan was a little upset that his identity was easily recognized.

Qian Wanyu also helped pick up Little Colour’s vines and gave them all to Dongfang Minghui, she smoothly pinched the other party’s ears and coaxed in a small voice, “Don’t be angry, these vines are enough for you to make many pills.”

It seems right to think about it that way but seeing Little Colour’s vines burning still made her heart hurt.

“We are from the Royal Academy.” Li Yunan finished cleaning up the last undead before returning to the small group, and asked, “Everyone is not hurt, right?”

The crowd shook their heads.

Everyone’s eyes were on this uninvited guy.

“What are you all looking at me for? I say you Royal Academy’s people bully too much even such a small child is not spared.” Geng Shan crossed his arms and said in an unhappy tone, “You guys quickly let them go, or I’ll let my senior brothers and sisters come and clean you up.”

“Is this that sort of fight where if you can’t win you bring your old man and after that invite your grandfather?” Dongfang Minghui didn’t think they’d encounter such a comical kid now, not being able to read the situation yet immediately taking action, although he had good talent this method was a good way to die early.


The group couldn’t help but laugh, this analogy was really appropriate, the kid in front was defeated then immediately threatened to call his senrios.

“Y-you guys wait for me.” Geng Shan only just realized that the other party was being sarcastic, and after stomping his feet in anger, he quickly walked away.

“Do we wait for him?” Situ Hao asked with a puzzled face.

“Why not.”

The people from Sheng Ling should also be here to settle the matter of the undead, and since the other party was from a friendly school, it was best for them to meet up and get to know each other’s situation, if they didn’t get along, it wouldn’t be too late to move separately.


Just as they waited patiently, the pharmacist behind them, who was bound and already infected, went crazy and banged his head against the tree, his sharp fingers thrusting into the trunk as he slammed his head over and over again, until he was full of blood yet he didn’t stop.

“Ninth Sister, he’s too dangerous now don’t go there.”

The other side had tricked her so many times, Qian Wanyu did not trust them at all, much less dare to let Dongfang Minghui get into danger.

Dongfang Minghui remembered the potion in her space ring, she was going to find an undead to experiment on, wasn’t the person in front of her the perfect specimen?

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