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MIWW Chapter 73 Part 2

“Seventh sister, this is a potion that me and senior brother Situ just made, why don’t you let me try it and see if I can relieve his pain?” She just wanted to know if this medicine works or not, if not they could change it.

Qian Wanyu saw the other party looking at her with bright eyes and took the potion from her hand, “I’ll do it.”

“Seventh sister!”

Bai Ruo yanked her back, “Trust her.”

Qian Wanyu walked over, first she drove the four brats to the side, then took the man by the collar, dragged him off the tree, threw him heavily to the ground, and stepped on the man’s chest with one foot.

The other person’s teeth and claws were flailing about and both hands tried grabbing towards her legs.

Qian Wanyu has long been prepared, her leg was coated with lightning, he touched it and was immediately repulsed since he has not yet completely turned into an undead so his body’s sense of pain was still there, he did not dare to touch Qian Wanyu’s leg again.

After that, she threw out the water thunder whip, bound the other party’s hands then while injecting lightning into the water thunder whip to divert his attention she pinched open his mouth and poured a tube of potion into his mouth.


When the other party refused to swallow, Qian Wanyu stomped hard on his chest and he gurgled twice before being forced to swallow the stuff.

“To prevent him from going berserk again, let’s tie him up.”

Li Yunan and Situ Hao stepped forward and tied the man back up. To avoid his claws from scratching anyone, Bai Rou flung some ice elemental energy and froze the man’s two hands. As for the other four kids, after a few of their escapades they no longer dared to underestimate them, Bai Ruo froze their hands and feet and they stood there silently.

Qian Wanyu scrubbed the hands that just squeezed the man several times until her fingers were red.

“Seventh sister, I’ll disinfect you.”

Dongfang Minghui pulled her aside, she poured some alcohol and wiped her hands very carefully, Wanyu felt that this was like last time when she was unconscious, the other party also wiped her hands meticulously over and over again like this.

“Hey, you guys are so careful it’s just a little touch, isn’t this too much?” Situ Hao was curious and came over to look, seeing this girl wash over and over continuously made him feel like it was too much but he could understand.

Strangely enough, Situ Hao looked back at them twice then scratched his head, he always felt that the Qian Family sisters’ relationship was too good, the atmosphere was too flowery and made it seem as if no one else could insert themselves in the middle.

Just when they were sitting idle, a creeping beast dashed towards them, with five or six people standing on it, led by the little guy Geng Shan who just ran away.

“Hey, he really went to get help.” Situ Hao was happy to see the situation change.

Li Yunan held up his fan and fanned it twice with pleasure, “Later, if we have to fight pay attention to the one in light-coloured clothes.”

Bai Rou looked up and continued to polish her sword.

Mu Sheng had a few insights in that battle just now and sat down cross-legged to digest it so he was completely unaware of what was going on.

The crawling beast came to a stop five meters away from them, and Geng Shen leapt down from above, saying in an extremely arrogant voice, “Hey, I brought my senior brothers and sisters.”

Qian Wanyu raised her head and looked at them, then hung her head low and watched Ninth Sister carefully scrub her hands for her, when she was done scrubbing one hand she pulled back her hands, “Go back and wash them for me, now there’s business to do.”

“Okay.” Dongfang Minghui carefully scrubbed ten times, and then wiped down as well. Seventh sister’s skin was about to break but she stubbornly let her keep disinfecting.

She threw the disinfectant into the space ring and gave them a slightly grateful look for stopping her seventh sister.

It was three men and three women, except for Geng Shan who took the initiative to jump down, the others looked down on them with an air of superiority.

“Ugh really the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, that kind of person would have that sort of senior brother.” Situ Hao eyes rolled and he sneered.

“They must be siblings since they’re so much like each other.” Bai Rou lazily added.

“You guys–” Geng Shan was angry but held back and pointed to the corpses on the ground, “Brother and sister, look and see, when I came to see them slaughtering the villagers of this village, they even attacked the children.”

“We wondered where all the people of the village had gone, but you killed them all.” Standing on top of the flying beast, a man suddenly spoke up.

“Did you forget to bring your eyes and brains when you went out of the college?”

Qian Wanyu waved her long whip on the ground, she’d just had an unpleasant interruption and now these fools were acting like they had no eyes or brains, “You all come down and take a good look, standing from up there you can’t even see anything.”

“Brother, what does she mean ah?” Geng Shine asked stupidly.

“It means you guys are blind and brainless.” Situ Hao explained without fear of death, looking at them with a smile, “One or two eyes are blind but is your whole group blind? Can’t you see that this is a group of undead? Or is it that your mission is not them but to come here to holiday in the mountains?”

“Cut the crap, if you want to fight then fight let’s see if you are only good at talking.”

After the six of them got off the back of the creeping beast one by one, the beast obediently ran away in the opposite direction.

“Just one battle.”

Qian Wanyu’s meaning was very clear, one battle to determine the winner.

Mu Sheng moved his limbs, he had just realized something from the previous fight, he didn’t expect that he would soon be given the opportunity to practice, “Group battle, or one on one.”

“Group battle.” Li Yunan chose the former.

Qian Wanyu also agreed with a group battle, they had more advantages in a team battle, if they are broken up, one on one, she, Li Yunan and Bai Rou should be fine, Mu Sheng, Situ Hao and Ninth Sister’s win rate was not very high…

Their skills were more suited to assist the team.

Dongfang Minghui touched her nose, since it’s a group battle, she stood next to Seventh sister, the six people’s formation was also very subtle, the three strongest stood in front, in the centre was Qian Wanyu and on her left was Li Yunan and Bai Rou on the right.

Behind, Dongfang Minghui stood in the middle position, among several people, she was considered the weakest so she was surrounded by five people in the centre position, behind Bai Ruo was Situ Hao, Mu Sheng stood right behind Li Yunan.

Six people worked well together, in contrast, the opposite six people was not worth examining, they stood randomly and the centre position was actually Geng Shan.

Geng Shan launched the first wave of attacks, Li Yunan easily blocked the attack and followed up with a large group of water beads, the others were not willing to lag behind and all their skills were launched.

For a time, colourful spiritual power was in the air like fireworks blooming, Dongfang Minghui stomped quietly, she instructed Little Colour to bury traps in the ground, and strands of vines quietly stretched out under the grass. When they went to the opposite side, they were woven into a mesh pattern which no one noticed.

Mu Sheng’s sharp eyes found her little move and let his own little partner Xiao Bai also follow out, just behind the vines, moving to the enemy side and emitting a little of its usual favourite mist.

Situ Hao secretly hid behind Bai Ruo and sent out light treatment to anyone who was injured.

Dongfang Minghui aimed at some of them and fired flying needles if the spiritual power was weaker than what she injected into them, her flying needles could penetrate their body, if the spiritual power is higher, her flying needles could not penetrate, she was just using the battlefield as a training ground as she constantly adjusted her spiritual power and flying needles.

“Focus on the three behind them.” The person wearing light-coloured clothes in the enemy team’s took a general look and discovered the weakness of Qian Wanyu’s team.

All six of their attacks changed positions gathering towards Dongfang Minghui, Situ Hao and Mu Sheng.

Mu Sheng’s skill was similar to Dongfang Minghui’s, and the two of them dodged while barking at their contracted plants, “Little Colour/Xiao Bai, it’s up to you.”

The other side felt the ground shaking and suddenly the position they were standing on shifted.

“What the-?”

They soon found their wrapped up and they couldn’t move.

“It’s vines, they have a Wood Spiritual Master on the team! Geng Shan, you go.”

“Don’t panic, everyone, jump out of the vines and you’ll be fine.”

But just as they jumped, Qian Wanyu’s Water Thunder Whip, Li Yunan’s Wind Flowing Fan, and Bai Rou’s Great Blade attacks all greeted them.

Geng Shan wanted to use fire to attack the vines, who knew that just after sending out a few small fireballs, they were completely extinguished by Li Yunan’s water beads and Bai Rou’s ice energy.

The other side was too busy to resist, so after quite a bit of hand-wringing and with the vine bindings, they could only stand still and be beaten passively. Soon, they found that something was wrong, their bodies were getting heavier and heavier, and their spiritual energy seemed to be on the verge of not being able to circulate.

“What’s going on?”

Eventually, all of them succumbed to Xiao Bai’s mist effect and collapsed.

Little Colour packed them up one by one and tied them up in knots, with only the one in light coloured clothes still struggling but he soon collapsed as well.

“You used poison?”

He struggled to ask.

Qian Wanyu squatted down and patted their faces, trying to wake them up, “Why did you come here from Shengling Academy?”

The six struggled to resist the drug effects but flying needles from Dongfang Minghui shot into them, and soon, one by one, they lost consciousness.

“What’s wrong with them?”

Qian Wanyu glanced at Dongfang Minghui and Mu Sheng and smiled, “Fainted.”

Without even the slightest sense of precaution immediately running to fight people without gauging their strength, this group of people really did run here to die.

“Fainted?” Situ Hao clapped his hands, this group of people deserved a little lesson, he looked around at the people lying around, “Should we just leave them here?”

“Definitely not, if there are still undead nearby, they’d be lying here defenceless, too dangerous.”

They discussed and two of them brought the group to the village.

Several people woke up later and were still a little confused, Situ Hao gave them a playful look, “Hey, you guys finally woke up?”

Everyone else went to cultivate and refine potions, leaving him alone with nothing to do but stay and watch over all the captives. Outside were six normal people, and inside were five abnormal humans, eleven in total.

“What are you tying us up for, let us go.” Geng Shan also did not expect them to lose so badly, as soon as he woke up he found his hands and feet all tied up, his body’s spiritual power seemed to be unable to circulate and he could not help but get anxious.

Situ Hao’s eyes rolled slightly and he thought of a brilliant idea to scare them, “Naturally, I want to turn you into undead one by one, so that we can have specimens for our experiments.”

“The undead!?”

“Yes, like a walking corpse, no consciousness, no senses, no human emotions, how about it? Wouldn’t it be fun to turn you into such a thing?” Situ Hao smiled brightly.

“Ah, b-brother, I don’t want to become like that.” Geng Shan was about to cry with fear, really still a child, talented but very inexperienced.

The other three girls also shivered with fear, they seemed to really believe Situ Hao’s words.

“Come on, he’s scaring you guys.” The one in light-coloured clothes reassured them, he was the calmest one among them, not saying a word since he woke up just scanning around with his eyes.

Situ Hao wrapped his hands around his chest, indeed, this person in light-coloured clothes was the leader of this group, he could not help but clap his hands, sarcastically, “Good good, so there is one of you who is not blind.”

“Please forgive me for offending you so much before, can you let me meet with the captain of your team?”


Situ Hao agreed without teasing this time.

Qian Wanyu came and the small team was also all basically there, “Mu Sheng, untie them all.”

After several people got free, they all stood aside obediently, no longer daring to cause any trouble. The man in light-coloured clothes took a step forward and introduced himself, “I am Li Weifeng, third-year wind department of Shengling College, they are Jin Jing, Tong Mei, Li Zhu, Geng Shan and Qin Fang.”

“We came back to the town this time to stop the further spread of the undead infection.” Li Weifeng stated their purpose, “We are the first wave of trainees exploring the way, next there will be seniors with more profound cultivation coming in batches, the academy has recalled all those scattered students at this moment, I believe it’ll take a few days for them to arrive in Return Town.”

Qian Wanyu nodded, although this incident of the undead was spreading from the Purple Jade Empire, Return town was considered a border town, if the spread of the undead was accelerated, the unlucky ones are the people of the White Moon Empire. It is understandable that the students of Shengling College had to reluctantly take up this heavy responsibility.

“Before I failed to act as the senior brother and believed their nonsense I’ll apologise to you all here, I hope you can accept.” Li Weifeng bowed slightly towards the group.

“It’s okay.”

The fight was won anyway.

Qian Wanyu stood up, “We arrived at this village one step ahead of you, as you can see, the whole village’s villagers have become undead, only the five people left in the room are seemingly fine but one of them has been infected by the virus if we still can’t find the antidote to cure it he will become undead. ”

While she was talking, Li Yunan had already mentioned the people in the room.

Probably because he had been forcibly drugged by Qian Wanyu earlier, this pharmacist from the pharmacist union was not doing anything weird, his eyes were dull and he did not make any noise letting the group of them gawk at him.

“He -” Li Weifeng looked like he wanted to say something, “He shouldn’t be from the village, right?”

Looking at the other party’s dress, face, and many details, they can see the other party’s unusual identity. Qian Wanyu didn’t conceal too much. “He said that he was sent by the Pharmacists’ Union to assist the three empires in jointly developing medicines for the undead.”

This news alarmed Li Weifeng, “Then how did he become like this? Where are the others?”

“As I have just said, everyone else is dead.”

Li Weifeng pointed to the four children in the room, “Those four kids were also infected by the virus?”

Speaking of these four little kids, Qian Wanyu really felt that their mental strength was very scary, if that previous story from the pharmacist was true, the four children had had to witness their villagers as well as their families being eaten alive by the undead… what kind of concept was this?

“The group of undead that you saw before were kept by the four of them in an underground secret passage.”

“Oh my, no way.”

“Captive undead?”

“How scary.”

Li Weifeng’s teammates looked shocked but could only choose to believe it after seeing Qian Wanyu and the others’ emotionless faces.

“Since you have finished asking your questions, shouldn’t you inform us what your plan is next?”

“Before we originally intended to find the villagers to ask about Return Town but since the entire village has become undead, there is nothing more to ask, in order to avoid wasting time we want to rush to Return Town this evening.”

Qian Wanyu looked at their group and Li Weifeng nodded and said, “Very well, your plans coincide with ours. We don’t know each other but since our destinations are the same, why don’t we be companions for a time and go together?”

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